We Are Letting A Golden Opportunity Slip Away

The Philippines deserves a champion as a president so it deserves Manny Pacquiao . Based on surveys, not only will Manny likely not win the presidency but he may not be long for the race. Philippines ! What is wrong with you? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to elect a real winner.

This headline shows more proof that he is more than a pugilist. He is our savior. Just prop him in Malacanang in May.

It takes cerebral prowess to look out for the Philippines in this big, bad world and I believe Manny Pacquiao has enough cerebral prowess. There was a nasty rumor going around that Manny got his degree from Makati university in only 3 months. University of Makati Vice President for Academic Affairs Elyxzur Ramos clarified that Senator Manny got his degree in 16 months. I feel a lot better now. Most honor students need 3 1/2 years to 4 years to get a 4 year degree and Senator Manny got his in less than a year and a half. Judging by how articulate he is when talking about anything and his knowledge on many diverse issues, why should I doubt the veracity of his degree? Though a certain columnist is far more skeptical than I am.

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So what is world class intelligence without world class diligence?? Manny Pacquiao in his years of public service has proven that he can maintain an exemplary attendance record in both Congress and the Senate. On May 28 2016 he went on record saying a 100% attendance record in the Senate was feasible.  . This article dated June of 2019 shows how close he was to that 100% from July 2018 to June 2019.

We here at GRP believe at various times have declared that Manny’s brain to be even deadlier than his fists. As early as June of 2012 and July 2016. A book written by boxing journalist Tris Dixon directly contradicts GRP findings  but what the hell does he know?? Manny himself countered with “God will take care of me.” Here at GRP we will argue with pastoral letters about the drug war but never about the Almighty’s mandate to take care of our presidential treasure Manny Pacquiao.

Senator Manny’s round house punch has victimized a few foes in the ring but if elected he will erect houses of a different kind.

“I want each Filipino to have their own house,” Manny said in a statement in Filipino. “That’s why I asked for your signatures, so you could be given a free house.”

Who are we to doubt this man? God is taking care of him, he finished university in 16 months, he is extremely attentive to his legislative duties, he starred in Wapakman , he coached Kia Motors  and he keeps his word time and time again. Those houses are as good as built and lived in.

Finally , a winner like Manny Pacquiao knows a winner when he sees one. He went on record as saying If all Filipinos were like Vice President Leni Robredo, he would not be running for president. Manny is running I assume to perfect the Filipino race with Leni Robredo as the role model. Get Real Philippines has a similar deep admiration for Ms. Robredo since our nickname for he is MaSmart. Something to do with Smartmatic and May 9 2016 if I recall.


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23 Replies to “We Are Letting A Golden Opportunity Slip Away”

  1. If Manny Pacquiao or LenLen Rose would become the next president of our country then it’ll be like April Fool’s Day are an everyday routine. Oh God, I would like to go to Mars with Elon Musk and never go back to this motherland. ?

  2. This article was teeming with sarcasm that it suffocates you instantly.

    I get the message and I don’t like it. Sorry. ?

    1. When i started reading it, I didn’t understand the point of the article at first. Then I realized it was posted April 1.

      Personally not really the type to “celebrate” April’s Fools Day so I kind of find everything done on the date by various groups/companies as in poor taste (sometimes even manipulative like what RX93.1 did for Morning Rush yesterday).

      To each their own though.

      I did not bother to finish reading this as it wasn’t made for the actual purpose of GRP (as what I think it is) so no point in continuing in this post.

      A little over a month remaining til election day. I do wonder who the first to “gracefully” step back would be? Lacson is being forced into that spotlight right now because of Atienza so I think the “other candidates” are waiting for him to make a move. But he is stubborn so I think he needs a bit more of a push from someone who has actual sway over him. But his party is already out with not supporting him so my only thought is Sotto will be the only one who can tell him to step back and pick a candidate to support instead to consolidate the bases they’ve built.

    2. You are entitled to like and not like what you want. I guess you enjoy this guy who was a basketball coach and basketball player in the highest league this country has. Microwaved a degree in Makati University, excellent attendance record and concussed and believes he is the best choice to be president. That is ok but my sarcasm in response to the facts is not. To each his own.

      1. It is not really about liking or not liking Pacquiao, it’s about the kind of insults, not criticisms, you can hurl to a man who just happened to think he can help the country by running as a candidate for its future leader.

        We can always criticize him for having the gall to go against the standards or your standards, why not. But to make it appear that he has no worth to even think and express his concern for the country is just out of bounds.

        I only called it sarcasm for want of a better word, really. ?

        1. “…like Manny’s non boxing output”
          And that’s the problem, when you cannot distinguish political stage to a boxing ring.

  3. Manny lives in a hollow chamber with sycophants, con men , cuckoo pimentel, and his own grandeuse delusions.

    At some point, someone will have to tell the guy the truth.

    1. “At some point, someone will have to tell the guy the truth.”
      What truth, that he cannot do a Marcos or Duterte?

  4. Gogs is comfortable criticizing educational background of Pacquiao yet doesn’t bat an eye to the fraud degree of Bongbong Marcos. A pseudo politician BBM is known for his surname Marcos and nothing else. Take away that surname “Marcos” and Bongbong is a nobody. His political career is painted by no other than his father because BBM doesn’t have solid political accomplishments since 1980. It is what Gogs supposed love to criticize just like how he attacked Noynoy Aquino before but Gogs has double standard so he has selective memory.

    Gogs likes to criticize only those whom he is not rooting for, plain and simple, and doesn’t apply the intelligent standards he thrown at Pacquiao for those mediocre politicians like BBM. Why would someone believe in this fraud blogger Gogs? He is hypocrite since time immemorial, I’m telling you.

    1. I have contributed over 150 blogs to GRP to this point. Please since you are such an expert on what I write, find one I devote to Marcos Jr. Pro or con or neutral. This blog was devoted to Manny and please find one. Or shut up when it comes to telling me what I should write about.

      1. Gogs,

        I see that you wrote 150 blogs. As far as I remember, you are an advocate of quality, excellence, and innovation and you like to cite people and country as your examples. Nothing’s wrong with that. They must be the standard. That’s why you also wrote blogs being allergic to low quality, mediocrity and laziness. Most controversial ones are the Filipino nation.

        I wonder why being allergic to all of those, you did not write anything about BBM? You know, since he exhibited low quality leadership, bad management, stagnation, bad economy, dynasty, and lackluster performance in not less than 20 years of his leadership in Ilocos Norte, and he is now proud running for presidency, you did not bother to include him in your blogs? Not even one? I mean you are supposed to write for him since he is timely relevant because he is on top choice now among the candidates according to surveys? I’m not telling you what you should write but I just wonder why you did not write about him. That’s so unusual of you.

  5. Going by the extent of coalition building he has done in the current campaign , Bbm by a wide margin, is the cleverest politician among the candidates.

  6. Nothing special about it. Ordinary politician does that. I thought you’ll give me personal qualities of BBM that makes him the ‘cleverest’.

    1. Well clearly bbm has done better than the other candidates..by far.
      He is therefore the cleverest among the lot.

  7. Actually, Filipinos allowed the golden opportunity to slip away when they gave the Yellow Party a chance to seize control of the Philippines in 1986 (EDSA Revolution), and held it for more than 36 years. This opportunity allowed the Yellow Party to foster countless political and business dynasties that have been fleecing the Philippines of its wealth, and oppressing the masses, even to this day. It’s going to be very hard, if not impossible, to turn that opportunity around and give it back to the people, to whom it rightfully belongs.

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