Get Real Post Terms of Service

This page articulates the terms of service applied in the management of Get Real Post. Our aim is to provide as best and as fulfilling a user experience for our visitors as is reasonably possible. These terms were developed with this aim in mind.


1.1. Content class hierarchy

1.1.1. Main ideas

These comprise the main point being raised or put forth by the author of the subject content; i.e., the author’s purpose for the publication of said content. The main point is the essence of the author’s message; the delivery of said message to the recipient (the Audience of said content) being the outcome of the execution of the intent of said author in publishing said content. Said outcome (successful conveyance of the message and its main ideas to its audience) is evident in and inherent to the unit of published content being a collection of the supporting concepts and terminology used to articulate its message.

1.1.2. Supporting concepts

Supporting concepts are the elements that comprise the thought framework that provides structure to the main ideas presented in the subject published content.

1.1.3. Terminology

These are the words and phrases that describe concepts used in structuring and articulating the main ideas being conveyed in the subject published content.

1.2. Authored content – Content published by recognised authors and contributors of Get Real Post.

1.3. User-generated content – Content published by users and visitors of the site who are not recognised authors and contributors of Get Real Post. User generated content includes commentary, excerpts from trackbacks, and any other content that may be published on Get Real Post using interactive features and functions that may be made available in the future.


2.1. Rights reserved by site management. The owners, administrators, and editors of Get Real Post do not necessarily endorse messages or concepts articulated in user-generated content. The Get Real Post may monitor user-generated content randomly and reserves the right to remove any such content for whatever reason without the consent of the publisher.

2.2. Discretionary principles applied. Whereas the rights articulated in Point 2.1 can be invoked at the discretion of site management, the following principles shall guide their application:

Assertions, messages or ideas may be articulated in user-generated content on Get Real Post as long as:

2.2.1. These are substantiated or explained by the user using his or her own reasonably coherent or consistent logical constructs or frameworks;

2.2.2. These defer to tenets and concepts upheld by established religious or ideological doctrine which the user shall specifically cite; or,

2.2.3. These refer to a cited published document or artifact.

Questions on and challenges to content published by an author can be loosely categorised along the lines of the content class hierarchy described in Section 1.1. of this document and attract the following general sentiment (enclosed in parentheses) from the Editors of Get Real Post:

2.2.4. Questions on and challenges to main ideas (strongly encouraged) – These are based on counter-assertions or counter-arguments that approach the main idea from, say, a completely different angle, different perspective or, a different outcome in the synthesis of the supporting concepts of said main ideas.

2.2.5. Questions on and challenges to supporting concepts (encouraged to strongly encouraged) – These follow the same principles as above (Point 2.2.4) but work at the level of the conceptual pillars of the main ideas.

2.2.6. Questions on and challenges to terminology (tolerated to encouraged) – These are seen to be of value to a discussion if the commentor can demonstrate a strong context surrounding the line of questioning and/or challenges being put forth. There is a big gray area between pertinent questions on terminology and quibbling over it. Generally, quibbling is intuitively recognisable and will be dealt with on a case-to-case basis.

2.2.7. Name-calling and unnecessary labeling (using single words or encapsulating phrases to describe a person without qualifying use of said words or phrases within the same unit of publication that these appear) is strongly discouraged. Promoting a healthy environment that encourages inclusive participation in the discussion is a key principle that guides governance of user-generated content in Get Real Post.

2.2.8. Use of profanity and other offensive forms of expression – We would like everyone to exhibit his or her wit without resorting to gutter talk. Consider that one of the most successful comedians, Jerry Seinfeld, is able to make people laugh without swearing. Get Real Post administration does not consider use of profanity necessarily bad. We simply recognise that it takes a certain rare wit and maturity to swear without coming across as crass or lacking in imagination.

2.3. Exercise of powers of moderation. The owners, editors, and administrators of Get Real Post will at their sole discretion exercise the following forms of moderation to enforce the above principles and guidelines:

2.3.1. Deletion of offending user-generated content.

2.3.2. Deletion of offending user accounts.

Individual administrators and editors enjoy full discretion as far as the extent of leniency applied in the exercise of the above measures. As such, the extent of said leniency is not subject to any specific or explicit guidelines. Actions taken by Get Real Post administration are always considered final.

Individual Get Real Post authors enjoy the right to exercise the action defined in Section 2.3.1 (Deletion of offending user-generated content) within units of published content that they authored and published.


3.1. Contribution of authored content. Visitors and users may submit content for possible publication in Get Real Post through the following process:

3.1.1. Register as Get Real Post user (click here). You will be provided Subscriber access to the site by default.

3.1.2. Request upgrade to Contributor access to the site by emailing

3.1.3. Once your account us upgraded to Contributor, you will have access to the content submission facility of Get Real Post.

3.1.4. Content submitted by contributors are subject to review and approval for publication by Get Real Post owners, administrators, and editors. Categorisation and tagging of user contributions will follow the internal editorial guidelines of Get Real Post.

3.1.5. Get Real Post administrators may revoke or downgrade user privileges at any time at their sole discretion in response to any arising circumstance that may warrant such actions.

3.1.6. Contributors are personally accountable for the quality, accuracy, and originality (lack of any infringing material) of the content they submit to Get Real post.

3.2. Complaints, suggestions, and any other messages pertaining to the experience of using Get Real Post may be sent to

3.3. These Terms of Service (the main content of this page) may be copied in its entirety for use in other websites and blogs (with any reference to Get Real Post replaced) provided that the owners or administrators of those sites explicitly cite Get Real Post as its original author and a link to our site included in the citation.

3.4. Read our Privacy Policy here.

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  1. Hello, Benign0,

    I wish to write articles pertaining to the state of love life of most Pinoys here in the Philippines, and how it mostly contributes to their lack of success. Do I qualify? 🙂

      1. Thanks, man. Though I really can’t find that page where I can actually publish the article. Where can I find it from here? (Literal directions) 🙂 Much appreciated.

  2. Can I re-published some of the articles in a newspaper in LA? With all the proper acknowledgement of original author and post a link in your site?

  3. Hello, I have been reading your blog for quite some time now and, frankly, I’m amazed. It feels good to know that there’s still some hope for the Filipino people yet. There are still people with enough wits to know that everything ISN’T alright even when the media insists that it is.

    I would like to join your little outfit if you would be willing to accept me benign0. I will send you a sample article shortly.

  4. Mabuhay ka Benigno. I am all for this enlightenment revolution you started. It’s time to cure ignorance and stupidity. I want to help rehabilitate the drowning system.I’d like to publish articles that would expose the root cause of the problem and would recommend solutions based on the relevant work-around applied by other countries. Will you let me hop-in?

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