Manny Wanting Time Off Is Only One Problem


Much has been made of Manny Pacquiao’s promoter claiming his star client wants to ignore his Senate duties to fight some more.  Manny Pacquiao if anything is very consistent. He does everything half assed then makes excuses which his intellectual followers easily buy. The reason Manny does a lot of different pursuits ( singer, politician, actor , basketball player ) with sub standard results is the same reason why a dog applies his tongue to his own testicles. Because he can.


Pinoys are not known for their discretion when it comes to music (Ann Curtis) , actors (Richard Gomez) , sports (PBA, Gilas) and politicians (Noynoy Aquino ) . What Manny lacks in talent, work ethic , dedication and brains he makes up for in versatility. He can suck in all those fields simultaneously. Pinoys love Manny and Manny is in the perfect place since his admirers prioritize attention over quality. Manny is so representative of the Pinoy pwede na mentality.

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Manny rarely graced Congress with his presence yet Pinoys voted him into the Senate thinking truancy is a quality desired in a Senator of the Republic. So I am not sure why Manny is the target of people’s wrath. The same voters that gave us people like Drilon, Revilla, Aquino gave us Senator Manny Pacquiao. Garbage voters vote in garbage politicians.

CONAN: You are a big guy. Not just a tall guy, but a big guy.
Did you ever think about playing football?
CHARLES: You’re crazy.
I’ve been blessed.
I haven’t had many bad days.
I played football once in my life.
They’re just finding out 30 years later you’re going to have head issues and body issues.
I knew after one day.
I don’t want to do that every day.
CONAN: You got hit that hard and you say this isn’t happening.
CHARLES: I said we’ve got to do this again tomorrow?
I quit after one day.


Nobody who knows basketball will ever accuse Charles Barkley of being soft. Yet he describes his only day in high school football practice as a very bad day in his life with few bad days. 


OK, so we established that pinoys have low standards and Manny is no exception. Most people will focus on the fact that Manny is playing absentee politician again. My first reaction is the voter knew this when he was in Congress and they decided to reward him anyway with a promotion to the Senate. No wonder Noynoy considers the public his bosses. They are just as dumb as he is.

For all the white hot Manny fans, does this ever seep into your brain that this will be the price he will pay or is paying already?

For all the white hot Manny fans, does this ever seep into your brain that this will be the price he will pay or is paying already?

My second reaction is one you will never hear from the KSP pinoy. People are too obsessed with the question can Manny fight they never give any time to the question should he fight. Even after the dissection of the life of the Greatest after his recent demise, very few pinoys show any concern for the long term health of Pacquiao. They might if they paid attention to other sports that don’t involve a hoop or even cared about boxing history.  The NFL had to pay millions to their former players for concussion damage.  Awareness for concussions is at an all time high with the movie starring Will Smith .  Even Freddie Roach  whose case of Parkinsons is in full display to the world might be a preview of what is in store for Manny because of his extended boxing career.

Twenty years ago there were doubts if Ali could even light the Olympic torch. Imagine what his life was like till he died this year? Is there a possibility of Manny being like this at 54? Look at Freddie Roach now.

Twenty years ago there were doubts if Ali could even light the Olympic torch. Imagine what his life was like till he died this year? Is there a possibility of Manny being like this at 54? Look at Freddie Roach now.

Yet the pinoy will always be pinoy. Who cares about the long term future of one man as long as he gives us more chances at “pinoy pride”?? The guy wants to destroy what little brain cells he has left by fighting more fights. What’s wrong with that? Come to think of it , most pinoy politicians either don’t have most of their brain cells or rarely use them for anything good so the Senate may be the perfect place for him.

Time will tell if scenes like this will cost Manny in the future if it has not already.

Time will tell if scenes like this will cost Manny in the future if it has not already.

Floyd Mayweather really practiced boxing as a sweet science. I doubt Manny can spell sayans. For all the insults hurled Floyd’s way by the pinoys when he defeated a secretly injured Manny, Floyd may well retire undefeated at 49-0 without much of a toll on his body and most importantly his cranium. Floyd was athletic enough and smart enough to avoid Manny’s blows and landing twice as many when they faced each other last year. The best strategists understand risk / reward and picking spots. Manny on the other hand is not known for his cerebral powers as well as his attendance record.


I was talking to my doctor down at the hospital
He said, “Son, it says here you’re twenty-seven,
But that’s impossible
Cocaine… you look like you could be forty-five”

Jackson Browne


Pinoys for the most part are not aware of concussions because the only team sport they follow does not have any concussion stories. They have no idea who Dave Duerson,  Junior Seau,  Mike Webster and Justin Strzelczyk  are. Webster in death had a body that the doctor could not believe was only 50.  Duerson shot himself in the heart while leaving a note that his brain should be examined. You miss out on fascinating stories when basketball is the only team sport on your horizon.

I played football for o

In previous contributions where I mock : a) Azkals fans not knowing the culture of the sport they profess to follow.  b) Gilas delusions of relevance  c) jumping on the Christian Martinez bandwagon  d) the immaturity of the PBA e) Gilas reliance on an epal culture.  f) stupidity of considering Aundray Blatche pinoy  In many cases I am accused by pinoy pride chest thumpers of knowing nothing about sports. Well I have watched NFL football, MLB baseball , NBA basketball and NHL hockey all in person , all those leagues have no direct rivals in their respective sports. I have seen professional soccer. In the Philippines , there is no significant amateur soccer that the locals watch. With no well supported amateur or professional soccer leagues I have no idea how you think you can be relevant globally with mongrel Filipinos who are not good enough to play for their real country where football is a religion? I bet you my detractors can only counter with the fact they saw James Yap play live.


Each time Manny steps in the ring so that the KSP pinoys can hope for this scene brings him closer and closer to CTE. Happy now ?? What cost for pinoy pride?

Each time Manny steps in the ring so that the KSP pinoys can hope for this scene brings him closer and closer to CTE. Happy now ?? What cost for pinoy pride?


All most Pinoys care about is Manny raising his gloved hand and the Philippine flag in the background. A lot of pinoys don’t value brain cells and that is evidenced by what rates on TV , what media sells and who they idolize. I love to write because I enjoy going against the grain and I enjoy reading in between the lines. Media in this country is not there to inform , they are there to give you what you want to hear and to attract an audience. I don’t care if my audience is twenty people as long as they are twenty people who can handle the truth. The truth is all Will Smith’s character in the movie was asking you to tell. Tell the truth.  Unfortunately if you are looking for the truth from a Filipino politician you are in for a long search. Manny Pacquiao despite his feeble record as a congressman believed he would make a good senator. He may already be showing signs of CTE . What is the excuse of the Filipino voter?




This post loving dedicated to my dearly departed workmate Jeffrey who was  in the minority with me believing pre release that Wapakman was an exercise in fatuousness. 

14 Replies to “Manny Wanting Time Off Is Only One Problem”

  1. Ghie Marcos Ortiz “There is no truth to media reports that I’m planning to take a leave from my Senate duties just to fight again atop the ring. I want to make it clear—my priority is my legislative works.” — Sen. Manny Pacquiao

    That’s from GMA News.

    When you pay someone to represent and promote you, what comes out of their mouth might as well be coming out of your mouth.

  2. In a lot of ways he’s a fighting cock forced to fight until there’s nothing left in him. I don’t really like the guy, but pondering about how he’s shouldering the exceedingly high expectations of his fans and the abuse and stress he goes through, I can only pity him.

  3. There come times in Failipinos lives when they do things that they don’t understand. They confuse themselves, they might even logically oppose their impulses, and yet they act on them anyway.

  4. Tang ina manny di ba nangako ka noon na magfofocus ka na lang sa politics after your “last” fight? Sinabi mo yun sa harap ng media. Trapo ka na din mag-isip siguro sinungaling ka na din tulad nila. Buti na lang hindi kita binoto kundi laking sisi ko na masasayang yun sayo.

  5. Filipinos are dumb voters. So, they elected a Senator, who had not even finished elementary grade. Pacquiao simply does not know or understand legislative agendas in the Senate.

    Pacquiao is a boxer, turned politician. Sure, his brain is damaged , because of boxing.

    Anyway, we elected people with damaged brains, like: Aquino, Mar Roxas, Lito Lapid, Porky Drilon, etc…this is the reason, we have a brain damaged country, with mostly brain damaged people…

    Pacquiao cannot decide what he wants to be; he is a boxer; then he wants to be a Senator. Now, he is elected as Senator; he wants to be a boxer again !

    Watch out, if he will run for President. He may get elected ! That is the nightmare of every right thinking Filipinos !

  6. first of all he must pay his arrears in taxes almost more or less 3 billion pesos and going up on interest. what a jerk! see what the yellow constitution did, no qualifications to represent the people everyone is qualified for highest post in the government.

  7. Much as we wanted t change the system demagouges like Manny Pacquiao, Porky Drilon, Leila De Limaw are the ones that will ruin the electoral victory over the Elites. If you put Leni Robber Redo in the soup then we have a complete recipe for disaster. The bobotantes deserve people whom they elect for they are still enthralled to telebasuas mainstream media shovled up their collective throats! Let us dance to the tune of economic decline!

  8. I like that film Concussion from Will Smith. Even before that I’ve seen a documentary League of Denial.

    I like watching the NFL and this make me disgust the league for hiding this issue for so long.

    So I pay my respects for players who were and are experiencing long-term effects of repetitive head trauma.

    Mr. Senator Pacquiao should know this film too. If he wants to generate income by fighting in the ring again, then he should know better if this helps better for PH.

    Pacman should help us flourish sports and other charity projects, but I guess the only thing he knows how to help is to become a frequent absentee.

    1. PH’s future depends on the state of the brain cells of it’s future president. So yes; Manny’s gray matter matters.

  9. The praise for Mayweather is rediculous. Mayweather wins because boxing judges do not judge correctly. Back in the old days when boxing was not a joke, judges would give scoring preference to the fighter who is the aggressor. Boxers who run and sit back would be penalized. Many boxing fans do not know the sport well, and think Mayweather is great because he’s undefeated. First of all, he lost to Jose Luis Castillo at light weight, so the 0 losses is bogus. He should have been penalized for running and would have lost some fights. If you are in defensive mode 95% of a fight, and aren’t penalized for lack of action, there is a problem with judging.

    He beat Pacquiao by clinching and running. He was a coward as usual, and did not move forward. The fight should have been a draw. Manny is rich and lost his fire many years ago. He should have retired. He was not motivated in this fight and did not attack, and use head movement like a 28 year old Manny. He also never dropped Roach, who doesn’t teach good defense.

    Mayweather is a dodger, who has fought once per year for years. Who cares if you’re undefeated anyway, if you put your title on the line that infrequently. Put him back in the 1930s, when boxing was real, and see how he does when they fought 8-10 times per year, and penalized non-aggressive fighters.

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