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[a-2018_05_27] – New theme installed. Nested comments now enabled.

[a-2018_05_25] – Plugin that manages nested comments feature disabled due to a recent plugin update that started causing server issues. Non-nested comments are a limitation of the current theme being used. As such, we are currently evaluating alternative theme options and may soon be migrating to a new site theme that supports nested comments.

[a-2017_02_10] – Comments hidden by default to improve page load time. Click on the “Load Comments” button to unhide. Also added a dedicated Recent Comments Page showing the 30 most recent comments along with 100-word excerpts for each.

[a-2017_01_29] – Successfully completed installation and testing of new responsive theme for Get Real Post. This theme optimises GRP for viewing over most devices and screen sizes.

[a-2012_07_25] – Over the last couple of days ending today (25 Jul 2012) we tested a new comment facility – Jetpack Comments which integrates login/registration for commenting on GRP from popular social networking accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Though the user interface was excellent, its function was inconsistent across a variety of browsers (comments sometimes did not appear or, when replying to an existing comment, did not nest within the the intended discussion thread). We’ve disabled the feature for now and will test future releases of that module as they come out.

[a-2012_06_28] – Some IP addresses known to be sources of spam and used by troll accounts issued by Skybroadband (Philippines) have been blacklisted from commenting on Get Real Post. Content should still be visible otherwise. Some legitimate visitors that share the same IP addresses may be impacted. Please contact your ISP if you feel you have been unfairly affected.

[a-2011_08_29] – Mail server not functioning properly. If you are experiencing issues registering an account, send us an email at quoting the user ID you used to register so we can reset your password.

[a-2011_04_14] – Deactivated Subscribe to Comments Reloaded widget v1.6 for now
Mail server seems to not be functioning properly and therefore subscribers to comments in specific articles don’t get notified by email whenever new comments are posted. Will investigate and post an update later.

[a-2011_04_08] – Set post URL structure to date-month-post_name mode.
Posts shared under the previous URL structure (domain + post number) will still work as these refer directly to the post ID. However, all Facebook “Share” and “Like” stats which refer to the old URL structure have been reset to zero as of today (08 April 2011).

[a-2011_03_25] – Testing Subscribe to Comments Reloaded widget v1.6
We recently installed this widget to allow visitors to opt to receive an email notification whenever a new comments is made on articles of their choice. We’re currently testing it and would appreciate feedback on how well this feature is working.

19 Replies to “Site announcements”

    1. Attention all users: GRP will be undergoing a server upgrade at 7am (Manila time) tomorrow (Wednesday). The site won’t go offline but a snapshot of the site at that time will be taken and then be used to cutover to the new server version so any changes post that snapshot (such as new comments) may be lost. We will post another announcement when the server upgrade is completed and operations are back to normal. Thank you.

  1. ATTENTION ALL GRP USERS: The site will be undergoing a migration of its database over a 24 hour period on Wednesday the 29th May. Some comments you post within that period may be lost during the move. Please make sure you save your comments on a separate document so that you can repost them if they do not make it across. There will also be no new articles published over that period. Thank you for your patience.

  2. REMINDER: GRP will be undergoing a database migration which may result in disappearance of any new content added by users over the 12 hours starting about 6:00am Manila time Wednesday, 29th May 2013. Please ensure that you save your comments in a separate file in case they don’t make it across to the new server. Thank you for your patience.

  3. GRP SITE MIGRATION UPDATE: Migration of GetRealPhilippines.COM to the new server is complete. The site is already accessible on the new server. However, full propagation of all content across the new server may take 1-2 hours but in some cases may take longer.

    This means that during that period anyone who tries to access the site may randomly get either the old IP address (which will take them to the old site) or the new IP address (which will take them to the new site). Any comments posted may therefore end up in the old server and get lost once the propagation process is completed.

    Our records show that only comments posted up to 4:02 pm (Manila standard time) the 29th May 2013 made it across to the new server.

    Thanks again for your patience.

    1. You are obviously a butthurt fliptard that won’t accept an criticism whatsoever. So, since when is telling the truth anti-filipino? You stupid trolls really need to brush up on your logic.

  4. Hello. I got curious when your FB suddenly appeared on my newsfeeds. Your articles are thought provoking and definitely caught the attention of many people. We can even see the exchange of ideas, bashing and at times, bad-mouthing. I don’t agree with all of your articles, but just like the name of your website, people need to GET REAL on the things that are happening in our country. We need to step back and do some reflection rather than react on the things that are being written here. The truth hurts, but what hurts more is when we don’t do anything to improve our outlook for our country and for ourselves as a people. I know it’s more elegant to write in English. Maari po ba nating isulat ang ibang mga artikulo sa Pilipino. Your website and fb feeds might get more mileage if we appeal to the masses. Just a suggestion.

  5. I like your new site design. Facelifts do keep things fresh, but there is one thing I miss from the old site, a “previous article” and “next article” button.

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