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Manifesto of the Yellowtard Wet Dream

It’s a bit sad to see Philippine Opposition “activists” and partisans looking longingly overseas as their counterparts in other countries mount impressive mass protests on their city streets. You could …

Glitz and Glamour

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It Will Be So Quiet In The NBA Bubble Maybe You Can Hear Them Talk About China

    2020 so far is known for two stories 1) COVID 19 2) George Floyd . Let’s talk about every pinoys 3 favorite letters, I know it is not …

Poor little rich Kakie Pangilinan

Money Talks

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Carlo Katigbak should resign as President and CEO of ABS-CBN

Carlo Katigbak had one job as chief executive of embattled media conglomerate ABS-CBN. He was paid the big bucks not only to secure the investment of the company’s shareholders but …