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Filipinos are no experts on what it means to be Christian — or Unchristian

The buzz of the week among the hoi polloi of the Philippines’ chattering classes is Malacanang spokesman Harry Roque. Roque who recently contracted COVID-19 managed to get himself admitted into …

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When Anne Curtis-Smith asks “What’s the plan?” EVERYONE pays attention.

Filipinos have been on edge lately as the daily average number of confirmed COVID-19 infections has been breaching 10,000 the last several days. With hospitals bursting at the seams and …

Thank You, Celebrities!

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Carlo Katigbak should resign as President and CEO of ABS-CBN

Carlo Katigbak had one job as chief executive of embattled media conglomerate ABS-CBN. He was paid the big bucks not only to secure the investment of the company’s shareholders but …