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House of Velasco Vs. House of Romualdez for Speakership

Right off the bat, I don’t expect too much bitterness in the rivalry for House Speakership should it be between just Congressman Lord Allan Jay Velasco and Congressman Martin Romualdez. …

Glitz and Glamour

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Why “First real Pinoy Marvel hero” Wave (a.k.a. Pearl Pangan) is unhealthy for Filipino Pride

First Filipinos latched on to “heroes” who were actual real people — like Manny Pacquiao and, before him, the late former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. Many more, past, present, …

Money Talks

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Why are Chinese workers WORTH MORE than Filipino workers in the job market?

For all the noise about the growing number of Chinese workers flooding the Philippines, very few “activists” have raised this most important question of all. Why do Chinese workers attract …