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All bark and no bite: Will Leni Robredo REALLY stand up to Duterte as his EQUAL?

That remains to be seen. Then again, on second thought, hasn’t Leni Robredo always been on a campaign against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte? From Day One, “vice president” Leni Robredo …

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Martial Law Crybabies feeling validated by mention of Imelda Marcos in Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

Philippine Opposition Netizens are abuzz over the mention of Imelda Marcos’s shoe (or shell) collection in an episode of the fourth season of Netflix series The Crown. The scene features …

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Carlo Katigbak should resign as President and CEO of ABS-CBN

Carlo Katigbak had one job as chief executive of embattled media conglomerate ABS-CBN. He was paid the big bucks not only to secure the investment of the company’s shareholders but …