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Leni Robredo’s long-overdue EUREKA moment: “we” are not the “only” good guys!

It seems “vice president” Leni Robredo, presumptive “leader” of the entire “united” Philippine Opposition, had finally found it in her blessed heart to engage in a bit of inward reflection. …

Glitz and Glamour

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Opposition reliance on Rabiya Mateo to deliver political messages proves their lack of leadership

Filipinos’ obsession with beauty contests seems to be at a zenith nowadays with this year’s Miss Universe contestant Rabiya Mateo put up as a national hero by legions of fawning …

Apology accepted Ms Angel Locsin

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Filipino nurses aren’t paid well because there are just TOO MANY of them

Why blame the problem on the President immediately? Because it’s an election year. Thus it is easy to see the motivation behind PhilSTAR columnist Boo Chanco’s piece today “Show some …