The Original TNT Boy

Monday May 9, 2016.  A day that will live in infamy. I remember that night very clearly. I was compelled to hit refresh in my Ipad several times an hour to see the election standings. This continued all throughout dawn. I have no personal data to back it up but it was surreal to see the Bong Bong Marcos lead slowly erode and to see Leni Robredo overtake him like a horse race  from a TV movie. That internal twinge is of course subjective but what can not be argued is that on cue Leni’s vote count gained on the Marcos lead. She won every hour from a certain point on. If it was a typical random sample wouldn’t Marcos win at least one of those hours?  Not too long after my gut feel that something was a wrong, this story appeared that provided a possible explanation for that fateful day.


You have someone who keeps claiming they are legit and the one person in charge of that “legitimacy” was exposed for undeclared $$$ then he himself is on the run.

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I do my best to try and separate fact from gut feel. Let us fast forward to August 2017. Grace Poe not exactly known as yellow assassin questioned the financial institution where Andy Bautista  alleged had in the excess of 30 separate accounts totaling over a billion pesos. Granted it seems like her sights are more set on the institution that was earlier a mystery to her than grilling the head of COMELEC with undeclared wealth. What is rich is that despite all the scrutiny that we should give a high profile public official like the COMELEC chairman, he thinks that it is OK to be the “family treasurer.” 


Winning for Leni despite being behind in the early going was a ‘snap’. Apparently so was making the yellows forget a person who may have cost a fair election ever existed.

Nothing annoys me more than all these people telling you to vote wisely and voting based on values and showing up at the polls yadda yadda yadda. None of them have the guts to say that the last time we were in this position nationally that our votes were possibly compromised by the same people who are running the show this time around.  Leni is touted as our vice president and despite all the smoke around COMELEC with undeclared cash, missing officials, deadbeat dads, drenched ballot boxes and yet we all think voting in 2019 will be worth a damn when so much is unanswered from 2016??  Voters Education for 2019 should consist of one lesson only. The votes for Vice President in 2016 did not count. See you in 2022!!!!  This myth we have “ Juan Vote“. Nobody cares too much to investigate if we have no vote.


Leni has the position of VP because she allegedly won in  May 2016. There were allegations of cheating but without a doubt we know that Andy Bautista does not want to be found. In the meantime we have someone with zero humility and zero brains possibly  masquerading as Vice President for almost three years.


Look at the U.S. People still have their hands in the air with the idea that Russia (external threat)  meddled with their election.  Locally we have an election body chair  ( internal threat) who we all know was linked to the president at the time and the standard bearer of the incumbent party. He was found with money that was undeclared on his SALN in a place where most people would not look or know where to look. He never once gave a coherent answer to why this is the case and before you know it, he  is nowhere to be found ( maybe in the closet with the one who appointed him) and for good measure ignoring his own kids. Someone should get 80s band Devo and teach him some discipline.

No yellow is comfortable talking about the Andy Bautista saga. Then again we all heard the rumors of how he is into pain.

In six years, this may be the one promise Noynoy delivered on. With the help of Smartmatic and his now missing friend Andy Bautista who is probably hiding in a dungeon somewhere.


Three years later, not too many people remember Noynoy grandstanding that he would prevent Marcos from getting power. He said

”   and if there is anything I can do, that will not come to pass…..  I don’t want a repeat of the problems we went through especially from 1972 to 1986,”


How sure are we  that some time mid day of May 9, 2016 that Noynoy in Malacanang fearing public retribution of atrocities he, De Lima, Garin, Drilon, Abad et al did not execute his own Order 66.   This Business Mirror article goes into detail about  violations Bautista  could be responsible for that may have allowed Noynoy’s last gasp as President to happen.   Noynoy apologists love to quote the phrase ” never forget”.  Apparently that catch phrase does not apply to one Juan Andrés “Andy” Donato Bautista . ( try saying that five times fast)


Noynoy promised something and delivered. In the words of Barry Manilow “Its a Miracle”. Unfortunately the miracle worker who helped Noynoy is hiding with Waldo.


Is the Filipino worth voting? All those people who rather we shut up about Andy Bautista don’t  think so.

For all the noise made by the opposition about anything they think they  can use politically: measles, inflation ,kissing, swearing,  the one subject that serves as a very effective STFU pill is the subject of Andy Bautista.  Monday May 9, 2016 was a day that the Filipino vote did not count. No self respecting yellow will make noise about the point man that day. All the undeclared millions that were not in his SALN and conveniently kept in an obscure development bank that even the Great Grace Poe has never heard of was a no fly zone for the yellows what more his flight to freedom and anonymity to the US. Why should they care about Andy ” Christian Grey” Bautista?

From all that we know happened, we are so quick to dismiss the possibility that something really stinks?

We have a former point man of the elections with undeclared wealth who has gone missing to the point that he even ignores his sons. The same political party that  once celebrated his appointment, currently pretends he never existed. That classic pinoy indifference when they rather care about beauty pageants.  Based on everything some of us care to look at, he only cost the Filipino people their vote.  That is all.


9 Replies to “The Original TNT Boy”

  1. Wahaha, I had to laugh when you called Bautista TNT Boy.

    I also remember that article that answered “Where are the Marcos Millions,” and one of the answers was, there was corruption in PCGG. That’s yet another thing to ask TNT Boy about.

  2. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis has been in power for more than 30 years. They are worse than Marcos Sr. , in their hold for political power.

    They claim themselves to be : martyr heroes; saints and noble people. In truth, they are the worst thieves, scammers, political opportunists and fraudster.

    Benigno Aquino III, used the crook, former COMELEC Chief, Andres Bautista, with his HOCUS PCOS and SMARTSWITIC, to steal the 2016 National Election. They put , the imbecile fake Vice President Lugaw Robredo in position, as their puppet. Some Senatorial candidates also were elected, who are not supposed to be elected..

    Our elections are now a joke. The COMELEC is an institution of frauds. And some of those elected officials are fakes.

    On the other hand, the people who committed the national election frauds, are running around free. The crook and fraudster, Andres Bautista, is hiding in the U.S., enjoying his loots. These people has “hijacked” the will of the Filipino people. and, we accept and tolerate them. What a country !

  3. Noynoy’s political vendetta against any and all of his perceive enemies has not helped this country one bit, and the useful idiots that gather round the Yellow banner just enabled his “Daang Matuwid” hypocrisy scandal after scandal, he might have had great International PR because he subscribed to the same political order and agenda as them, but he was incompetent, only credit to him is the the K-12, but he bungled the logistics on that when there was a lack of teachers, training, classrooms, and books.

    And lastly, people should be honest to just say that you should vote based on your personal interests that helps you, greater good shenanigans be damned.

  4. The FILIPINO never figures it out. What the REAL TRUTH IS: MARCOS and AQUINO are just PUPETTS of the real MASTERS. The arguments they have between their families are just a commotion to take the masses minds off of the reality of the situation the “FUED” is masking.

    I AM A ROMAULDUEZ and you are an AQUINO////”, SOUND FAMILIAR ?

    GET A FRIKKIN CLUE ALREADY !!! the CIA/U.S. Dept. of State runs the country Internationally, to the rest of the world, and the Philippine Oligarchs run the country Internally.

    any questions ?

  5. Never Forget these words of comfort that go to the hearts of all Filipinos who feel cheated, disenfranchised, outsmarted or deprived of justice by the past administration…

    “Eh buhay ka pa naman, di ba (You’re still alive, anyway),” -PNoy


    Former Presidential Commission on Good Government Chairman Andy Bautista is part of the Pandora papers list of individuals with offshore accounts.

    The abogado appeared in the Trident Trust records as a Baumann Enterprises Limited incorporator.

    Bautista’s name is associated with the said British Virgin Islands company that was first registered in 2010 before it was reincorporated in 2017. The abogado was also involved in a controversy with now his estranged wife Patricia Paz Bautista the same year. She claimed she has found bank books and documents pertaining to his undeclared wealth worth 1 billion.

    Previously, the abogado’s wife named Baumann as one of the companies he owns. Later that year, Bautista who was COMELEC chair then resigned from his post and left the country.

    In a statement given to the press, the former COMELEC Chair denied that he has any ill-gotten wealth or that he has stolen from the Philippine government. The abogado stated that they have not dealt directly with Trident and that the accounts they have were opened upon the advice of the Bank Of Singapore in their attempt to pool all of the family’s assets together.

    Oh what a tight spot to be in!

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