I Will Make Like A Hockey Player And Get The Puck Out Of Here


This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I’ll never look into your eyes…again

The Doors.



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I am so done with GRP . Today I am recanting every opinion I had before. I will leave it up here as a service to humankind. My old blog posts will serve not as a signpost for future generations but as a warning of what you are capable of when you are high on stupidity.

I was wrong. This man is both competent and a leader.

Today, April 1st 2017 I will recant just about everything I have written in this site.
Noynoy Aquino with the help of some hindsight was the best choice for president at the time. It is not like he and his sidekicks will ever see the inside of a court room anytime soon for what they did while they were in power.

Mar is a man of vision, originality and cojones.



Mar Roxas would been a great president if he wasn’t cheated. As DILG he gave us many examples of his leadership and independent thought. What is very understated that he has now been married to that angel Korina Sanchez for seven years now and that alone must say something about the solid character of Mar. To attract and keep that woman in his life makes him the envy of us all who are not married or who are married to lesser women.


It is right there!!! #6 visit the imprisoned. Leila is a living example of the Corporal Works Of Mercy. Yet some of you mock this gem of a human being.


Leila De Lima is an under appreciated public servant who is now in jail as thanks for all her hard work. She stopped that louse GMA from leaving the country and without the aid of silly things like a legal document to counter the SC TRO  For some who think she is too chummy with drug lords l well there is this Catholic framework known as the Corporal Works of Mercy. One of those works is ” visit the imprisoned”. Well that is exactly what Leila did. Prison for her was a nice place to visit but why should she have to stay there?

Doesn’t Trillanes make you proud to be a Filipino? The courage it takes to invade expat dwellings and 5 star hotels. He is the kind of person that can make China cower.


Tony Trillanes, another political figure misaligned by GRP. Everybody keeps bringing up Oakwood ( now Ascot) and Peninsula. I am sure there is a chapter in Sun Tze’s Art of War that will completely justify his actions. Strategy is all about using what you have to take advantage of the situation. Trillanes learned somewhere along the way in his studies at the PMA that he could one day use his eyes to parlay him to freedom given the right jail master.  I am not sure about you but we need that kind of cunning and ruthlessness if we are ever going to get this country back in the right direction.

A Vice President of a nation addressing the United Nations armed only with statistics from newspaper clippings makes as much sense as a photo opportunity of a person waiting for the bus in a place where the bus does not stop.


Leni Robredo is everybody’s favorite punching bag. Why? You should admire someone who is so hardworking and devoted that she goes all the way to the UN just to read to them the New York Times, Rappler and some added hearsay. She is the hardest working woman in show business. Why should someone so treasured be impeached? This GRP makes no sense.


Get Real Philippines is considered FAKE NEWS and who wants to provide fake news? Not me.

I really want to leave this flea bag of a website behind. Get Real Philippines is a source of FAKE NEWS.  Yet I do not want to leave writing behind. I will take my talents to a fledgling website more aligned with my recently developed sensibilities. I will from now own I will see the world through banana colored glasses like Jim Paredes,  Archbishop Villegas, Leah Navarro, Cynthia Patag,  and a host of other fair A website I feel I can help grow into a font of enlightenment for the Filipino and other citizens of the world. A website that will make GRP writhe in my cage of torment. https://bsaquinorules.com/




18 Replies to “I Will Make Like A Hockey Player And Get The Puck Out Of Here”

  1. I dont know in which time zone you are, but its not 1 April yet in the Philippines.

    “Today, April 1st 2017 I will recant just about everything I have written in this site.”

      1. Gogs,
        when I received your comment in my (email) inbox and start reading it, your comment really made me laugh and smile. It was so spot on.

        Since your article was not posted on 1 April (Philippine time), I have to take you up on your words. According to me, your article was posted at approx 11.02PM, Friday 31st March 2017 (Philippine time).
        “I am so done with GRP .”

        So pls clear your desk, leave your cardkey at the recption desk. You have 30 minutes to leave the building.

  2. Wow…it is April Fools Day….what a rant from a penitential “…Tard”…Honestly, I don’t know your retardation…

    I believe, we are all living in a “La la Land”, or somewhat a Fool’s Paradise, called the: Philippines !

    Whatever your mental retardation : YellowTard, DuterTard, Leni RobredoTard, Mar RoxasTard, Porky DrilonTard, Leila de LimaTard, Ronnie DayanTard, TrillanesTard, etc…


    We loved to be fooled many times by these political opportunists…it seems , everyday is April Fools’ Day in the Philippines !!!

    1. According to the late , Professor Albert Einstein , of Princeton University…space is curved; and Time is Relative. Today, April Fools’ Day…Time stood still ! The world stopped turning…and Space become “straight again”…Anybody can travel back time in time , in a time machine, just for today…

      I will ride on my Time Machine, and go back in time (1200 AD)… when the Philippines, was not yet “discovered” by Spain’s Ferdinand Magellan, AKA ( Fernando Magallanes) – not the owner of Magallanes Village in Makati City, Philippines .

      Oh…I was one of those Ifugaos, building the Banawe Rice Terraces…I was wearing , a good “neck tie” between my legs. Somewhat , one of their irrigation technical people !

      I will explain the Theory of Relativity, as per time in a simple explanation:

      When you sit on a hot stove…a second seems to be an hour…

      When a pretty girl, like our GRP web blog writers/bloggers, sits on your lap. An hour seems to be a minute !

  3. yeah it’s april fool’s day, don’t get fooled by trillanes and alejano. they want duterte to file libel case against them. will a libel case filed against them could override their rebellion case which is for life imprisonment?

  4. According to some of those organizing the upcoming “PalitBise” rally, If Leni Robredo doesn’t resign or if she’s not impeached, they’re atleast hoping she might have a change of heart. Everyday seems like April Fools’ day in da Pinas.

  5. Is this an April Fools joke? Oh well, we’re already a joke in this world. It’s more fun in the FAILippines. 😀

  6. why make benham rise a big issue? nobody will claim that. it’s part pf philippine soil. we have to get rid of bad elements first for a country to be a great nation. cleansing is the name of the game. president duterte should ignore his detractors and find out where the pork barrels went. if the recipients cannot show how they use it, then give it back to the people. or sequester their properties in return. that’s fair and square.

  7. The Benham Rise issue is a Diversionary Tactic of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. Their YellowTard Puppets, like Trillanes and Alejano, were ordered by these Shadowy People, to do everything, to impeach Pres. Duterte, and install their Puppet: Leni Robredo.

    Aquino and Trillanes sold the Scarborough Shoal to the Chinese. They even sold the mountains in the Philippines, the Chinese used as landfills.

    Aquino and Trillanes must be tried for Treason and Hanged !

  8. the current ‘palit bise’ rally is hopeless. it’s nothing but a mere comical show. the yellows are just laughing at them the organizers. they should march the people to the gates of the ombudsman, SC, and the senate to oust all yellow detractors to president duterte for a better philippines. they should walk their talk to proved leni pilipinos are not hopeless and helpless.

  9. sometimes we’re thinking it’s better to be a communist country rather than a democratic whose government cannot arrest and jail those who committed crimes to the pilipino people. just let the Reds People’s Court arrest pnoy and his gang for the crimes they did. that’s what the pilipinos want to see anyway.

  10. Just as the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, cheated in the HOCUS PCOS and SMARTMAGIC, to make Leni Robredo, as the “Vice President”. They left a “tool” of people inside the government, that are loyal to them. Where they can use them, and manipulate them.

    They left Ombudsman Carpio Morales and Supreme Court Chief Justice Lourdes Serrano…most of the Judiciary Branch of the government, they can use them as “tools”…

    This assured, that no matter how serious, and worst Aquino and his cahoots, had plundered the country…they cannot be prosecuted and jailed !

    The Aquino Cojuangco Political axis also left some “tools” in the Legislative Branch. Trillanes, Hontiveros, the Liberal Party , Alejano, and their Magdalo Partylist, including Porky Drillon, Hontiveros, Leila de Lima, Bam Aquino, etc…

    These people are used as agitators… tools for diversionary tactics and cover up …

    The most “useful tool” to them is : Leni “The Bobo” Robredo, the Naga Leaks Queen…they can return to power, because of her…

    It is important to PRIORITIZE the removal of Leni “The Bobo” Robredo…impeach Ombudsman Judge Carpio Morales. Impeach Lourdes Serrano. If their loyalties are not to us, Filipinos !

    Remove also Trillanes , Alejano and the Magdalo Partylists…Abolish all Partylists. These people are not elected by us, and they are serving as Legislators !

    Recount all the votes of the Senators…

  11. @ Gogs, OK funny funny funny, LOL !!! BUT seriously, haven’t you ,GOGS, figured it out yet ? Duterte is NO DIFFERENT from GMA, EstradaAquino and all the rest of the lying thieving SCUMBAGS that run the Philippines….they are servants of the Oligarchs and tat is all. The Oligarchs let them steal as much as they can steal as long as they do what the Oligarchs tell them to do.

    CASE IN POINT: What has Duterte done in the year since he has become President? Besides being complicit in ordering the murders of 7,000 of his fellow countrymen, WHAT HAS THE FUCKINGUY DONE? NOTHING, ZIPPO, ZILCH,NADA !!! BUPKISS,SHIT….NOTHING !! THE ELECTRICITY RATES ARE STILL THE HIGHEST IN THE WORLD and energy speculators are STILL becoming Billionaires speculating on the countries energy supply. The Oligarchs are STILL front-running the STOCK-MARKET on a daily basis getting MEGA WEALTHIER while the Philippine massa are getting murdered!!!

    Duterte is a half a step away from declaring Martial Law, something that was predicted before he took office and he will do it, and then YOU, Gogs, will no longer be able to tell your opinion to your fellow citizens UNLESS you are outside the country because freedom of the press,(I KNOW, THIS IS REALLY NOT JOURNALISM).After the initial ‘Honeymoon’ where Duterte raised eyebrows by insulting USA leaders (and then retracting his idiotic statements)and anyone that would listen was treated to his latest idiotic outburst, what has Duterte done? NOTHING !!! The lives of Failipino’s have not gotten better and the rich keep getting richer and this time there is a new wrinkle in the new regime, POOR PEOPLE GET MURDERED in the streets and its all in preparation for the 2nd coming of Martial Law.

    FILIPNO’s have done it again(by putting the FAIL in FAILIPINO’s), FAILED to realize that Duterte is just another lying thieving scumbag lap-dog of the Oligarchs, just like all the rest of the scumbag politicians in the country.THIS COMMENT IS NOT AN APRIL FOOL’s DAY RANT, that SHIT IS FOR CHILDREN. This is a serious comment aimed at one of the writer’s here at GRP who I actually respect, one of maybe three that I still have a reasonable opinion of. …and BTW (SHABU IS NOT METHAMPHETAMINE, DISO-OXYEPHEDRINE is one of the most expensive substances in the entire world and there is not a single street druggie in the FAILIPPINES that can afford to buy it, that shit for sale on UN AVE. in Quezon City is GARBAGE and there is not a speck of METHAMPHETAMINE IN IT, it is all Nail Polish remover and pseudo-ephedrine from cold medicine tablets cooked into a paste and dried into a powder and sold for 100X’s more than shit is worth, IT IS A FAKE DRUG!…**************AND NO OBE DESERVES TO DIE BECAUSE OF IT**********

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