Archbishop Villegas Believes That Duterte Is The Only Person That Deserves A Pastoral Letter

The following pastoral letter was read at the church I regularly attend. This was 8AM February 5th 2017.


Read the full pastoral statement of the CBCP on drug-related killings below.

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Beloved People of God
We, your bishops, are deeply concerned due to many deaths and killings in the campaign against prohibited drugs. This traffic in illegal drugs needs to be stopped and overcome. But the solution does not lie in the killing of suspected drug users and pushers. We are concerned not only for those who have been killed. The situation of the families of those killed is also cause for concern. Their lives have only become worse. An Additional cause of concern is the reign of terror in many places of the poor. Many are killed not because of drugs. Those who kill them are not brought to account. An even greater cause of concern is the indifference of many to this kind of wrong. It is considered as normal, and, even worse, something that (according to them) needs to be done.

We are one with many of our countrymen who want change. But change must be guided by truth and justice.

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We stand for some basic teachings. These teachings are rooted in our being human, our being Filipino, and our being Christian.

1. The life of every person comes from God. It is he who gives it, and it is he alone who can take it back. Not even the government has a right to kill life because it is only God’s steward and not the owner of life.

2. The opportunity to change is never lost in every person. This is because God is merciful, as our Holy Father Pope Francis repeatedly teaches. We just finished celebrating the Jubilee Year of Mercy, and the World Apostolic Congress on Mercy. These events deepened our awareness that the Lord Jesus Christ offered his own life for sinners, to redeem them and give them a new future.

3. To destroy one’s own life and the life of another, is a grave sin and does evil to society. The use of drugs is a sign that a person no longer values his own life, and endangers the lives of others. We must all work together to solve the drug problem and work for the rehabilitation of drug addicts.

4. Every person has a right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Society has ways and processes to catch, prove guilty and punish perpetrators of crimes. This process must be followed, especially by agents of the law.

5. Any action that harms another (seriously) is a grave sin. To push drugs is a grave sin as is killing (except in self-defense). We cannot correct a wrong by doing another wrong. A good purpose is not a justification for using evil means. It is good to remove the drug problem, but to kill in order to achieve this is also wrong.

6. The deep root of the drug problem and criminality is the poverty of the majority, the destruction of the family and corruption in society. The step we have to take is to overcome poverty, especially through the giving of permanent work and sufficient wages to workers. Let us strengthen and carry forward the unity and love of the family members. Let us not allow any law that destroys the unity of families. We must also give priority to reforming rogue policemen and corrupt judges. The excessively slow adjudication of court cases is one big reason for the spread of criminality. Often it is the poor who suffer from this system. We also call upon elected politicians to serve the common good of the people and not their own interests.

7. To consent and to keep silent in front of evil is to be an accomplice to it. If we neglect the drug addicts and pushers we have become part of the drug problem. If we consent or allow the killing of suspected drug addicts, we shall also be responsible for their deaths.

We in the Church will continue to speak against evil even as we acknowledge and repent of our own shortcomings. We will do this even if it will bring persecution upon us because we are all brothers and sisters responsible for each other. We will help drug addicts so that they may be healed and start a new life. We will stand in solidarity and care for those left behind by those who have been killed and for the victims of drug addicts. Let us renew our efforts to strengthen families.

Those of us who are leaders in the Church should strive to push forward or continue programs that will uplift the poor, like livelihood, education and health programs. Above all we will live up to — we all will live up to — becoming a Church of the Poor.

Let us not allow fear to reign and keep us silent. Let us put into practice not only our native inner strength but the strength that comes from our Christian faith. Our Lord Jesus promised us: “You will have affliction in this world, but take courage, I have overcome the world” (Jn. 16:33).

“What will separate us from the love of Christ? Will anguish, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or the sword? No, in all these things we conquer overwhelmingly through him who loved us.” (Rom. 8:35,37) Yes, indeed, “For the Spirit that is in you is more powerful than the spirit in those who belong in the world.” (1 Jn. 4:4)

As we commemorate the 100th year of the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, let us respond to her call for prayer and repentance for the peace of our communities and of our country shrouded in the darkness of vice and death.

Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help, Pray for us.

For the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines

Abp. Socrates B. Villegas, D.D.

Archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan

President, CBCP

January 30, 2017

On the bright side , the time it took to read this letter was shorter than the usual sermon so that was a good thing. I will not argue with the commandment Thou Shall Not Kill. Still, like many things we are given in life, it is not what is said but what is not said that we should be concerned about.

We, your bishops, are deeply concerned due to many deaths and killings in the campaign against prohibited drugs.
The life of every person comes from God. It is he who gives it, and it is he alone who can take it back.

Please show me the pastoral letter where you show your concern about the many deaths and killings performed by the drug lords themselves. Please show me the pastoral letter where you chastise previous administrations for allowing drugs to mushroom to this point. I am just guessing here but if we did an audit of your donations, how much of your haul originates from wealthy donors with connections to the illegal drug trade?

The use of drugs is a sign that a person no longer values his own life, and endangers the lives of others. We must all work together to solve the drug problem and work for the rehabilitation of drug addicts.

I agree with the first phrase. What you leave out though is the willingness of a person to defend their illegal drug business with firearms is also a sign that “a person no longer values his own life, and endangers the lives of others. ” Maybe I have the wrong perception but this is not the type of person who will willingly submit themselves to rehabilitation if the government asks nicely. That type of person is most likely to shoot the person doing the asking.

Let us not allow fear to reign and keep us silent.
The opportunity to change is never lost in every person.

Where was this pastoral letter between 2010-2016?? If you recall at the start of the Duterte term, hundreds of thousands of people involved in illegal drugs voluntarily surrendered out of fear of what was to come. My theory was this mass surrender was motivated by the fact Duterte has something his predecessor never had and that is a track record. Noynoy Aquino talked about “walang corrupt walang mahirap” ad nauseam. Here is a guy who was 50 years old when he told the country he was the best choice for president. A combined twelve years as a Congressman and a Senator. He did not have one law to his name in those 12 years. He was never known for one deed in his life. Not one signature move in his adult life despite being a member of the lucky sperm club. Yet his campaign promise was that he will get rid of poverty and corruption?? What is worse is this predominantly Catholic country believed him. I know the faithful are often referred to as “the flock” as in flock of sheep but this is ridiculous.

Do you believe for one second that Mar Roxas would have struck one iota of fear in drug dealers?

Prevention is the best cure. As Sun Tze put it in the Art of War “to subjugate the enemy’s army without doing battle is the highest of excellence” Don’t you think that Duterte deserves some credit for subjugating the enemy’s army without doing battle? He got those initial wave who surrendered to “confess their sins”. That is what this is about right? Asking for mercy by admitting what you are. Owning your own baggage.

I understand worshiping Jesus Christ is part of your job description. Noynoy Aquino could not possibly be mistaken for Jesus Christ. Or can he?? I ran across this quote in an obscure website called Get Real Philippines:

Noynoy as I have said many times before, lived the first fifty years of life much like the way Jesus Christ lived his twenties. There is nothing recorded. If he actually did something worth noting we would have heard it none stop in his campaign.

“I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way.”

Colonel Jessup – A Few Good Men ( 1992)

Some people want the omelette but feel the eggs should not be cracked.

Let me play “Devil’s” advocate. Here is Noynoy, a guy who did nothing but promised everything. A president who I assume help encourage the drug epidemic that you say is not being dealt with by the moral standards that you preach in this pastoral letter. You acknowledge there is a mess because you say so in the letter. I want to see the pastoral letter where you blame the guy who messed up the room. All I see is a pastoral letter of you complaining about the guy who is cleaning up the mess. Isn’t prevention the best cure??


One thing you can not pin on Noynoy is the death of any drug dealers. You can’t pin any effort to solve the drug problem on him either.

The mere fact that thousands surrendered at the infancy of Duterte’s term tells us a few things: 1) these people existed and had no desire to surrender or cease their evil ways under a Noynoy administration. 2) actions speak louder than words. Duterte was voted in despite being “only ” a mayor because he has a twenty year resume of walking the talk. In 2010 did corrupt officials resign in the thousands because they cowered under the ” Walang corrupt walang mahirap slogan ? They did not. Noynoy did nothing about it before he was president and he did nothing about it after he was president. What Noynoy Aquino did give us was a dog and pony show in 2012 at the expense of the taxpayers. Corona was removed as Chief Justice because adult senators resorted to picha pie arguments. That and 50 million incentives per yes vote of course courtesy of the taxpayer.  In a country where 1 in 4 people live in extreme poverty I did not see a pastoral letter about that.

So the poor are victimized by the war on drugs and were all peachy when there was no war on drugs?

I am looking for evidence where you publicly called out Noynoy Aquino from 2010-2016. Whether a pastoral letter or anything else. Let us go back to his walang corrupt , walang mahirap mantra. He did not get rid of either which was no surprise to me. I have said in the past that only three scenarios that could have existed for a pre presidential Benigno Simeon Aquino:


  1. He was corrupt like every other senator and congressman. The Alfred E. Neuman Approach. What Me Worry?
  2. He was not corrupt, saw the corruption in others and felt it was not his job to stop it. The Doris Day Approach. Whatever will be will be.
  3. He did not see any corruption because he was too detached and disinterested from any kind of real work to be aware what his colleagues were doing. The Sgt. Schultz approach. “I see nothing!”


As I have said earlier, I am one of the flock. I am not a lapsed Catholic. I know what they teach. I think a good student is one who can sniff out hypocrisy emanating from his teacher. A teacher must be consistent. Noynoy promised something he did not deliver. Your letter is proof that corruption problem plagues us today. The pope (your boss)  said “the corrupt should be tied to a rock and thrown into the sea”. So either Noynoy is not corrupt or start looking for a rock and some rope. Where is the pastoral letter?

Noynoy claims that the Pope was not referring to the Liberal Party when this was said January of 2015. I guess all those charges you are now facing were “trumped” up.

Is it safe to say today Noynoy was full of empty promises? That phrase empty promises I hear at least once a year when I go to church. When I hear it , the pledge mentions Satan by name. That bozo gave a false promise to get elected and was the president for six years of a Catholic nation. There are currently pending cases for graft , multiple homicide  and malversation. President Duterte is only doing what he promised to do. Noynoy Aquino on the other hand seems to come up empty in his promises department. Doesn’t he compare favorably to Satan? Even just a little? Doesn’t Satan in a barong holding office by the Pasig River warrant a pastoral letter? Maybe in your eyes it does in 2017 but how about six years earlier?

The situation of the families of those killed is also cause for concern. Their lives have only become worse.

Once again I agree with the tone of this statement. Families are hurt. Nowhere in your letter do you address the families of law enforcement whose lives are at stake when confronting well armed drug distributors. You don’t even ask for prayers for police that are doing their duty and try to minimize the damage of drug dealers. Drug dealers have high powered guns for a reason. They expect to kill anybody who gets in the way of their drug dealing. Sorry but people like that are too irrational to spell rehabilitation let alone participate in it. Yes worry about their lives but they have chosen their fate but who they associate with and the methods they choose to “preserve their livelihood”. What does the Bible say in Matthew 18:8 ? “And if your hand or your foot causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life crippled or lame than with two hands or two feet to be thrown into the eternal fire.”. It seems to me this pastoral letter is more concerned with the hand that should be cut off than the safety of the rest of the body that did not choose a livelihood of the drug trade.

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

“The nicest part of it all is meeting the people in the service. The guys in uniform are like cops and firemen. They’re basic, solid people, and they’re in the business of risking their lives for people they don’t know.”

Tom Clancy 


The drug trade harms guilty people and innocent people as you say. I just wish you also showed some concern for those who are tasked to slow down the drug trade. This is not Star Trek where you can set your phasers to stun while your opponent’s phasers are permanently set to kill. Yes I get it, you hate Duterte. Shouldn’t you also hate people who helped the drug trade flourish too? Where is the Pastoral letter there?


Drug dealers dying on the job is an innovation of Duterte.

A Time for Everything
For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:

2 a time to be born, and a time to die;
a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;
3 a time to kill, and a time to heal;
a time to break down, and a time to build up;

Ecclesiastes 3

Drug dealers have killed ever since drugs have been regulated. Unless I have lost my grip on reality, rival drug lords kill each other’s people no matter who the president is. Translation the deaths have always been there. All the press did was publish those statistics July 1, 2016. So all that Duterte gets stuck with the carnage bill. For all the numbers that the press throws out they never show how they arrive at that number. All anybody cares about is the number. I guess people never died dealing illegal drugs during the regime of Ramos, Marcos, Cory, Noynoy , Gloria and Erap. Nobody published those stats then.


I believe in respecting life unfortunately not everyone has the same respect I do. But hey turning the other cheek is a great idea. Long live drug dealers.

It is completely naive to believe that you can damage the illegal drug trade which is populated with armed thugs with your “R” word. ” People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. ” George Orwell. While I do believe in prayer there is also a saying that God helps those who help themselves. Face it. Even Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas do not believe you. If they did , they would walk into a drug dealer’s den, only armed with rosaries and yell “Rehabilitation!!” Mar and Noynoy were never accused of killing drug addicts. They just left them alone. Which for you is a better solution unless you can show me a pastoral letter.

There are some people who believe that drug dealers and the Liberal Party are mutually exclusive.

This letter is full of reminders about teachings of our faith and identifying sinners. I am wondering though if this letter and the author are  not committing the sin of omission.

17 Replies to “Archbishop Villegas Believes That Duterte Is The Only Person That Deserves A Pastoral Letter”

  1. Here is how I read it the letter:
    The CBCP is afraid to lose all 3 million (were it 3 million drug users/pushers as mentioned by Duterte?) as followers of the RCC (because they are dead). They will lose donations that people will give after each church mass/service. That is a lot of money. So hence, the CBCP wants the killings to stop. Nothing to do with Aquino. Just self interest.

  2. The pastoral letter of Bishop Villegas representing the CBCP further validates the common perception that Bishop Villegas and the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church of the Philippines love the perpetrators of crimes caused by the lucrative illegal drug trade more than the victims.

    There is an obvious logic to it. The millions of families and lives destroyed do not have money to donate to the Church compared to individuals who earned billions and billions of profits from the miseries, destroyed lives and families and future of Filipinos.

    Dead people can can donate money to the Church, right ?

    1. Bob. The letter has everything to do with Aquino as it is clearly biased. Who were instrumental in propelling the Aquinos to power? The Catholic Church, of course. Remember EDSA 1? Payback. Is that what you call it? Ever since they have formed a perfect partnership, a mutual one, so to speck, that goes like this: scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. To believe otherwise is just naive.

  3. the previous liberal administration had no budget to fund any legal defence for 9000 OFWs in jail overseas, yet it had a budget to host the APEC meeting in Manila which would have run into billions of pesos.

    maybe that’s the legacy left behind – all Potemkin village, with nothing behind it, with the poor and homeless whisked away to be out of sight and out of mind.

    maybe ordinary folks just got sick and tired of ‘show pony’ politics and decided to try a draft horse instead?

  4. Making sense of a protest doesn’t matter , it just has to appear politically and morally correct. Does it even occur to them that fighting the drug cartels later would lead to even more killings? That is, IF we could even fight them later on. Do they even comprehend the fact that as we speak, those in gov’t themselves are already part of the drug cartels? Oh, that’s right. The idea seems inconceivable. We couldn’t even call the rebels what they really are until they butcher some more soldiers. Shall we, as westerners would, call them moderate terrorists?

  5. “The life of every person comes from God. It is he who gives it, and it is he alone who can take it back. Not even the government has a right to kill a life because it is only God’s steward and not the owner of life”.

    Based on the statement above by the CBCP/Villegas, we are strongly reminded by the Church to follow God’s Commandment number 6 which says “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. And it is so because it’s God who commanded us “not to kill” we are not allowed to kill even the worst and evil criminals on this planet, right? Right and wrong!

    Let me explain. RIGHT because God is speaking here to us individually to avoid premeditated, unjustified killing – murder. Meaning we should not put the law into our own hands because of rage since it will only result in more bloody/evil outcomes. Let the law enforcers handle it, let them run the show in this regard – effectively without prejudices. And God, if we take a closer look God even ordered a mass killings in the name of justice when He ordered Joshua and his people to kill every man, woman, and child in Canaan? What crime could be so great that entire populations of cities were designated for destruction?

    God also told Moses that the nations that the Hebrew were replacing were wicked. How “wicked” were these people? The text tells us that they were burning their own sons and daughters in sacrifices to their gods. So we see that these people were not really innocent. For these reasons and others, God ordered the destruction of the peoples whom the Israelites dispossessed.!

    AND WRONG BECAUSE IT IS VERY CLEAR that God even ordered the extermination of entire cities, BUT He did so in righteous judgment on a people whose corruption had led to extreme wickedness, including child sacrifice. Did God destroy the righteous along with the wicked? In an exchange with Abraham, God indicated that He would spare the wicked to save the righteous. He demonstrated this principle by saving righteous people from Sodom and Jericho prior to their destruction. The charge that God indiscriminately murdered people does not hold to critical evaluation of the biblical texts.

    Meaning, humans are allowed to “kill” in the name of justice as He had shown to us in several instances in the bible in order to protect the righteous ones and preserve human society. And, I may add, if we only look deeper at commandment #6 as the basis, then it is also wrong to jail or to punish those who break all other commandments- dwelling on very the premise that it’s only God can kill, then it also only God that can punish those who steal or break commandment #8!

    My verdict? CBCP Priests like Villegas are all fucking crazy and doesn’t understand what the government really wants to solve when it needs to reinstate the death penalty law!

  6. Yellow journalists, priests, they’re all the same. They’re influence peddlers. They make money by acting as rabble-rousers-for-hire.

    The Church knows it’s losing its grip on the masses. But they have to maintain the illusion that they still have influence. If they don’t, the “donations” of interest groups will stop. So the Church needs to ride on every issue to stay in the news. EJKs, death penalty, whatever. That pastoral letter last weekend was advertising. A demo of the supposed clout the Church still has. There are a lot of anti-Duterte suckers out there who still might bite, out of desperation and lack of other options.

    Yellow social media pages are doing the same as the priests. They’re trying to advertise that they have a following, to attract financial support from groups who are sore at the Duterte government.

    The irony is that it’s the pro-Duterte bloggers themselves who are stupidly helping the yellow FB pages get attention. Sasot, Thinking Pinoy, and Mocha Uson keep talking about the yellow pages, so now the FB numbers of those yellow pages are going up. Most of the traffic is coming from Dutertards bashing the admins of those pages, after reading something on one of the pages of the pro-Duterte bloggers. The fools just don’t get it. The more they go to those yellow pages, the more attractive those pages become to anti-Duterte financiers, and the more resources those pages will have to attack Duterte.

    The pro-Duterte bloggers just don’t know how to choose their battles. They react emotionally whenever yellow trolls attack them, instead of using their heads. The yellow FB trolls are provoking them on purpose to get them to react, and each time, they walk right into the trap. The guy who makes the videos Mr. Riyoh was the only one who saw through the yellows’ scheme, but seems he’s disappeared.

    1. Tim Kook,

      Spot on. I hope the CBCP (and their sheeple) reads it and ponders on it. It is sad that being the vicegerents of God on earth the priests are the ones who show ignorance about God’s law as written in the Bible. That’s because they read and translate the Bible literally. They just do not and cannot read between the lines, hence the confusion amongst themselves. And they have preached the Bible literally since it was written. Would they, then, change their views about Bible verses for the sake of clarity and to avoid confusion? The priests and the likes of them have earned power and wealth doing what they do best – lead their sheeple to the wrong path by twisting the words of God.

  7. Question: How many Filipino Catholic priests will dare to go to Singapore & follow their strict laws there & then make a “pastoral letter” addressing to the current Singaporean president & prime minister in which it contains their protests against death penalty & their inhumane penalties & punishments somewhat similar to a pastoral letter made by CBCP President Socrates Villegas? I say they’ll ended up in a prison just like what a Singaporean teen blogger/activist Amos Yee did.

  8. The “Pastoral Letter” belongs to the trash can…Bishop Villegas, should be concerned of his :pedophile priests; his womanizing priest; his homosexual priests; etc…

    I did not see any “Pastoral Letter” from the Roman Catholic Church, during the : Hacienda Luisita Massacre; Mendiola massacre; Mamapasano massacre; Maguindanao massacre; Lumad massacre; etc…the Roman Catholic Church was silent. Bishop Villegas was silent !

    So, Bishop Villegas jumped into the conclusion that the Philippine government is exterminating people ? In the “Pastoral Letter”: “any suspect is presumed innocent, until proven guilty…” This includes Pres. Duterte. He is presumed to be innocent of murdering drug dealers, until proven guilty.

    Who are dealing in those Shabu illegal drugs ? They are high government officials, like : Leila de Lima and Mar Roxas ! I don’t believe that Aquino does not know about these drug dealings, under his nose.

    The late Sec. Robredo was rumored to be murdered; because, he was investigating this drug trade…

    “You see the speck in your brother’s eye; but you don’t see the beam in your own eye”…Jesus Christ had stated. So, Bishop Villegas…remove first the beam in your own eyes; so that you can see and remove the speck in your brother’s eyes !

  9. In the FB version of this post.A fake FB account designed solely to spam accuses GRP of being fake news.
    Pert Cabatana 1) You have no argument just a one sentence accusation. 2) your FB profile has no friends. 3) In your FB profile you quote that ultra successful campaign Oras na for that limp wristed Mar Roxas . 4) Mar Roxas has yet to liquidate his ginormous cash advance. 5) Your FB profile is a one trick pony glorifying Noynoy and Mar and insulting Duterte. 7) GRP is not a news site just a site that the Yellows hate with a passion.


    I am so proud to have your attention since you are a miserable POS who worships that do nothing Noynoy. All you can do is quote Donald Trump. You did not lift one finger to defend the arguments showing your idols are useless. One insult. No proof. That is all you got? Go back to organizing their wedding.

  10. Failipinos in the Failippines are so enamored of equality, they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.

  11. the hypocrisy of the catholic church never ends. they have to be in power again, a government like LP that they can control. People already awaken and realized how stupid noynoy Aquino who never contributed any single law in our country. whose mind is only in vengeance. This people should never be allowed to regain power again. Noynoy doesn’t care the poor, he doesn’t care anybody but himself. A disturbed man indeed and so his party…

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