What is it about Leni Lobredo Being Jovial In The Context Of Death?





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“We’re digging up Lyndon Johnson and we’re running him again!”


A strategy not done literally by the Liberal Party but definitely in the spirit of things. Source :
TOP TEN SLOGANS FOR THE 1992 DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION from the book An Altogether New Book of Top Ten Lists by David Letterman



Maybe the greatest singer/ songwriter ever wrote and sang “ Just remember that death is not the end. “ Well Bob Dylan never met the Liberal Party of the Philippines. For them death is the beginning of a higher elected post in government.  As most  of us say here in Get Real Philippines, pinoy politicians often resort to dead relatives for attention because the living ones match their current output.

Noynoy Aquino in 2010 pole vaulted over his mom’s corpse into Malacanang. His own campaign never mentioned achievement in 12 years as an elected official.  When asked about the  dearth of trophies on the wall, all Noynoy could respond with was that the presidency was his destiny.        Way to deflect the question and confirm your professional inactivity Noynoy. The Noynoy template for success was exploited by Nancy Binay and Leni Lobredo.  The rest of this article is best read with the theme of the movie Parenthood playing in the background on repeat.


Why are you all pissed off when this behavior is par for the course. ?


Recently,  Noynoy’s highest ranking apologist ( if you don’t count Maria Ressa), Leni Lobredo was photographed with her gang of like minded tourists smiling at  the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe as if they were posing in front  of a dormant Mayon Volcano. What a coincidence that they are in an infamous place of a Nazi massacre when in their home country the topic of conversation is Nazi style fact checking on the dominant social network.

Returning to the  preferred disposition of Mr. Roarke of Fantasy Island. Where have we seen this before?? 

Both instances excused by fairer  half of the Sonny and Cher of Noynoy apologists,  Maria Robles.

Where else have we seen this before?


The solemnity of this funeral sure leaps off the screen doesn’t it?

Did Leni ever once fit the bill as grieving widow? Nope too busy in campaign mode already.

If you recall Rico E.  Puno resigned over the events at the time of  Jesse Robredo’s plane crash .      Some people can and will interpret Puno’s lack of personal justification for his actions as taking one for the team. Well whatever your interpretation, Jesse’s widow joined “that team” which can only mean move on nothing to see here, her husband’s death was purely an accident. Maybe it was an act of God since there are no shortage of people that treat the President at the time of Jesse Robredo’s death as their deity.  Look at Leni’s smile at the wake. Visions of rising surveys dancing in her head.





Interesting to note in attendance for this morbid epal pose in Germany  is Jose “DAP” Abad. In the Jewish culture, holocaust is defined as a Jewish sacrificial offering that is burned completely on an altar. In the context of the Filipino taxpayer Abad did the same with their funds when it comes to Corona bribes, Dengvaxia financing and Kris Aquino’s aerial Uber to campaign for Mar Roxas.

When Sen Lacson claims that Noynoy is  not likely to have committed graft in relation to the Dengvaxia   vaccine that has claimed scores of lives to date.      It should be noted that Lacson also believes that Noynoy acted transparently throughout the Mamasapano incident.  He does his best to extend the life of the good faith narrative.    So basically what the good senator is saying is Noynoy does not make stupid decisions. He just trusted people to make stupid decisions and who hid relevant details from him. Somehow those are not stupid decisions.  So Noynoy’s stupidity is tolerable in his eyes.


Death is something that will get all of us eventually. Leni’s chosen gang has taken advantage of death and the illogical pity of the Filipino psyche for a while now to buoy unqualified candidates into high positions who then function as marionettes for the real schemers. Noynoy and Leni are both not the brains of anything. Maybe some of you know Charlie McCarthy. Leni and Noynoy are both Charlie McCarthy that  only got  on Edgar Bergen’s lap because of a timely death.  Now that is something for them to smile about.



4 Replies to “What is it about Leni Lobredo Being Jovial In The Context Of Death?”

  1. A widow who didn’t feel like one but surely felt like a potential trapo. Kinda like Cory (not verbatim): gusto kong maghirap ang mga Pilipino para kamuhian nila si Marcos or PNoy: Namatayan din ako ng ama. No sympathy and full of ignorance and false pride.

  2. Leni Robredo is really a “Bobo”. To pose on the Holocaust Memorial, smiling is unthinkable. This Holocaust Memorial is a constant reminder of the mistakes humanity had taken, when Nazi Germany was ruled by a mad man, named Adolph Hitler.

    Some six million Jews, were murdered in the Nazi Death Camps. Some murdered were minorities, like Gypsies, Slavs, German political opponents, German mentally retarded people (like Aquino/ Robredo’s YellowTards) and others who were opposed to the German Nazi regime.

    The murdered people were murdered by poison gas and their bodies were , burned in the crematoriums.Their belongings, including their gold teeth, were recycled by the Nazis.. The Death Camps were all over Germany and Austria; and occupied countries by the German Nazis. Their crimes were that, they were : Jews, or were against the Nazis.

    The ground of this Holocaust Memorial is a “Sacred Ground”. The place is a “Holy Place”. Since, many men were sacrificed, so that we can all learn our lesson, from Germany’s mistakes.

    It is unfortunate, that we have a Fake Vice President, who posed on this sacred memorial, like a tourist spot.

    She would had offered Wreath of Flowers, to the Memorial, for the Holocaust victims. This is the proper way to honor their sacrifices. We have an immature and insensitive woman, who claim herself to be Vice President of the Philippines, visiting the Holocaust Memorial in Germany.

    We, concerned Filipinos, are ashamed of this Act of Insensitivity, by Leni Robredo. We offer our apology to the victims’ families; to the German people and to the German government.

    1. Noynoy murdering the innocent children trough the Dengvaxia is no different when Adolf Hitler murdered innocent Jews young and old by poison gas.

  3. Those who are critical don’t like being criticized, and those who are insensitive have a deficiency in their senses.

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