What The PBA And Kia Motors Are Really Saying Hiring Manny Pacquiao

” Now, a staple of the superhero mythology is, there’s the superhero and there’s the alter ego. Batman is actually Bruce Wayne, Spider-Man is actually Peter Parker. When that character wakes up in the morning, he’s Peter Parker. He has to put on a costume to become Spider-Man. And it is in that characteristic Superman stands alone. Superman didn’t become Superman. Superman was born Superman. When Superman wakes up in the morning, he’s Superman. His alter ego is Clark Kent. His outfit with the big red “S”, that’s the blanket he was wrapped in as a baby when the Kents found him. Those are his clothes. What Kent wears – the glasses, the business suit – that’s the costume. That’s the costume Superman wears to blend in with us. Clark Kent is how Superman views us. And what are the characteristics of Clark Kent. He’s weak… he’s unsure of himself… he’s a coward. Clark Kent is Superman’s critique on the whole human race. Sorta like Beatrix Kiddo and Mrs. Tommy Plimpton.”


Bill in Kill Bill Part 2


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So people think those who question Manny's self indulgence and the enablers are crab.

So people think those who question Manny’s self indulgence and the enablers are crab.

Somebody in the GRP Community FB page posted a link to a SMH (shaking my head) reaction  to Manny Pacquaio’s foray into coaching and playing in the PBA. I was shaking my head when it happened back in June.  Manny Pacquaio’s profession is boxing. He was really good at it. Somewhere along the line he snapped and he decided to be Leonardo Da Vinci without the brains. The key question in this thread was is it fair to label Filipinos as stupid based on a “sound business decision” made by Kia ( the team where Manny is player / coach)


It may not be entirely fair to base the label stupid on that sole event but for me it is fair to say that is one stupid event joins a list of other stupid events/ decisions that the Filipino culture is responsible for and contributes to their mediocrity and their irrelevance in the world.


Cheapening our sole professional league apparently is a sound business decision.

Cheapening our sole professional league apparently is a sound business decision.

You may have heard the expression ” She is out of your league !”. What that implies is that a guy who thinks he is the right match for a woman possibly overestimates what he brings to the table or underestimates what level of guy the woman is capable of attracting. I have long ago said that pinoys love using English words but assign their own meaning to them.  In effect ignorant pinoys penalize educated pinoys by being allergic to something called a dictionary. To answer the question if Kia is making a sound business decision let us first look up how the dictionary defines a league:

an association of persons or groups united by common interests or goals (2) : a group of sports teams that regularly play one another



The crux of many GRP submissions makes light of the central paradox of pinoy culture. How pinoys internally have such low standards for themselves yet expect the world to take notice. They will refuse to give world class effort to an endeavor yet they expect the world to pay attention regardless if the result of their effort is not world class. KSP is the root of all evil indeed.

Pinoys historically only care about one team sport which means they already have the devotion. In fact no other country in the world is as devoted to basketball as the Philippines. Pinoys in the back of their minds feel that this devotion entitles them to basketball glory. More of my thoughts on that here.


If pinoys stopped looking for pansin on the efforts of other people who don’t even know them and instead how they can contribute to their community in a positive way I think this country would be a better place. I personally believe that we live in a country of chaos where life is cheap. Part of the reason for that is the country is more fixated on being noticed by the world than it is fixated about improving the living standards of their own community.


Noynoy Aquino is the epitome of the pinoy culture's disregard for intellect, accomplishment, taste, refinement and judgement.

Noynoy Aquino is the epitome of the pinoy culture’s disregard for intellect, accomplishment, taste, refinement and judgement.

There I used the “S” word. Which is key in many of the points that I make about the Philippines and why such a gulf exists between their world class expectations and their reality of not even being a contender in the Asian Games  let alone the Olympics. Everything you need to know about that I wrote here.  Out of 95 million people Filipinos elected a 50 year old nil achiever to lead this country simply because his mother died. He rode in on his high horse and never got off. The guy did nothing with his life and he was rewarded by the voters with the presidency. Once elected he shed all humility and acted like he cornered the market on virtue and wisdom. If that does not speak to lame standards and lame expectations I do not know what does. You elect somebody out of sympathy and not respect and yet you expect to be taken seriously??

“Our fleet is only as fast as our slowest ship”


Commander Adama (Lorne Greene) Battlestar Galactica


Speaking of slow, if Noynoy is our idea of the sharpest knife in the drawer then we deserve to be made fun of and we deserve not to excell in anything where we take on the best in the world. There is a thinking in that thread that Kia made a business decision to allow Manny to be a player/ coach. The person says Kia has every right to do it and if you don’t agree don’t watch Kia. In my opinion that is short term thinking. Having a player/ coach who has experience in neither does not speak ill of Kia. It speaks ill of the league as a whole. Last I looked coach of a team is a position of leadership. A position that requires to scheme, develop players, develop game plans, analyze opponents and make game time decisions that have bearing for the remainder of the contest. Where in the hell did he pick up the experience and knowledge to be able to this at the professional level? Oh and he still gets to play. What’s next elect a president of a country solely because his mom died? Speaking of slow.


I love sports but you couldn’t pay me to watch the PBA. They cater to the baduy. People that want to see Manny perform in something that he has not devoted his life have no standards. They have no concept of conflict of interest . They have no concept of tradition. They are league whose teams derive their identity not from region but from the pinoy concept of epal. They have no idea that the only sport that has a dugout is baseball.  Nobody who is not FIlipino aspires to play there. Nobody who has options will play there. Well if you can’t provide quality basketball be a freak show instead.


Manny being handed two positions in the country’s only pro sport despite never playing said sport speaks volumes to the pinoy’s sense of short cuts, entitlement, KSP and notion of not paying your dues. Basketball is a game but Manny being player / coach of a PBA team cheapens the notion of being professional. The PBA is a bush league and people with standards can see that. I have no idea why it is called a business decision when it devalues every team in the league but then again this is the Philippines. A country where a 50 year old nil achiever gets elected solely because his mom died and yet he is referred to as popular. Like I wrote a year ago. Whether it is politics or basketball, pinoys do not value work. Maybe because in the end they do not value results or quality. This is the Philippines where dignity , elegance and refinement are shunned .

Great scene in Kill Bill that explains how you are thought of.

Great scene in Kill Bill that explains how you are thought of.


Kia Motors hands Manny Pacquiao the coaching position of their team not because he is good but because it will make headlines and draw people to their team. People who have no standards for basketball, people who can’t see though a cheap publicity stunt, people that couldn’t think to save their lives.That is how Kia Motors and the PBA view the Filipino audience. Our media, politicians and the one professional sport we have continuously compromise standards to placate to the baduy. Hiring Manny Pacquiao to coach a “professional” basketball team is Kia Motors and the PBA’s critique on the Filipino consumer. The thing is they are 100% right. Look who is president of the same consumer they are trying to attract?


15 Replies to “What The PBA And Kia Motors Are Really Saying Hiring Manny Pacquiao”

  1. The PBA glorys days are long gone.
    its decay started when somebody had this great idea of bypassing the 2 import limit by hiring Fil-somethings thereby denying a lot of excellent collegiate players from participating..

  2. Jun Jun-Ureta

    The Philippines is a free country. Everyone is free to do whatever he wants within the bounds of law. Manny is just enjoying these privileges. You guys may pursue whatever your heart so desire. No one will stop you not even Manny Pacquiao.

    Actually you are so correct. There is no law giving very crappy service to your constituents after you are elected. Neglect is not against the law. Nice to know you are truly in favor of that Jun Jun-Ureta

    1. it is the TRUE land of the free, indeed. you can piss anywhere you want. you can run for office and freely steal public funds. Take that, Amerika!

  3. Edmon Prieto

    Kia Motors has never put up a basketball team, where new companies normally do in D-league and the defunct PBL as their exposure before they enter the PBA, that’s why that company had no idea when they signed up Manny Pacquiao and turn the pro league into a circus, somehow Pacman’s greed and wanting all the attention he can get, boxing and politics aint enough for him, were mistaken by some as living his own dream, the PBA has set its rules for aspiring cagers before they can make it bigtime, but Pac was given exception, now my question, if Manny was less successful in the sport of boxing, will he make it to the PBA in an easy route, the answer is simply No.

    To paraphrase Dr. Ian Malcolm. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Again KSP is the root of all evil. The PBA, Kia Motors, Manny and all the doorknobs defending him on this thread. None of whom argue the broader points I make here because they can’t. Story of the Philippines, too mesmerized by their idols to see the deterioration of what was a lousy, primitive, uncouth society to begin with.

  4. So Manny might be a bit KSP (especially given his other jobs — husband, father, boxer, politician, religious proselytizer…), and the PBA is indulging him by making him player-coach of his own team. I could understand that much (and would like to speculate if Manny would’ve taken up so many occupations if he didn’t grow up in deep-shit poverty) — but the link between him, his preoccupations, and the doings of and goings-on in the rest of country is at best tenuous.

      1. The game of basketball has a lot of people that didn’t get the positions they have by merit alone. What we see in Manny is unique to him but not an altogether isolated or even wholly unprecedented phenomenon (see: Michael Jordan, Washington Wizard player-coach) in its general outlines.

        To name names (and give examples) from a basketball league that I do have extensive knowledge of — Derek Fisher and Jason Kidd became head coaches of their respective teams (in Kidd’s case, two teams in two seasons) despite their lack of coaching experience. Manny’s case is of course different from theirs, but none of the three had coaching chops before becoming coaches, so protests of merit are moot here.

        1. Give me and anybody with an iota of NBA knowledge a break. Fisher and Kidd at least have been in NCAA and NBA huddles and practices. Both have been floor generals. Of course you will now enlighten me how Manny’s work with a speed bag and sparring partners paved the way for his coaching position. Oh Michael Jordan was never a coach in the NBA either. Go back and listen to your Manny CDs.

    1. “but the link between him, his preoccupations, and the doings of and goings-on in the rest of country is at best tenuous.”-

      the PBA audience does not discriminate so Kia with the blessings of the league put on a freak show since pinoys have no taste. That is not tenuous but tragically true.

  5. Mario Medcino

    imagine if we have 24 manny pacquaio like senetors in the senate. all of them will be absent in the session. hala sige boto pa!

    Exactly all you people that believe Manny should do what he wants when he asked for the vote of the people the expectation is to show up and serve the people not take time away from him to duties to pretend he is a basketball player/ coach.

  6. It was a good BUSINESS descision for Kia Mototrs to jump on the PACMAN bandwagon, its the best advertisement available for what the best money can buy. On the flipside, Manny, the best fighter of our generation on a global scale is and will never be a good basketball player much less a coach in a professional team. Say what people wants to say, but, coaching is all about TEAM strategy based on the basic and experience of organized team sport. People can excel in individual sport but because of ego in their chosen sport, it will take a reverse attitude to be part of a team. I watch his scrimages and team plays and he doesn’t even know how to move much less where to be around the court on an ongoing play. Lacks the basic fundamentals of team participation. Now, i’m not jealous nor do I envy his decision or options, I’m just stating the facts as it presents itself. I still have his respect for being a successful fighter and the best even at his chosen sport and for representing our country in a venue of the best of the best in the world.

    1. Thing is, are you going to establish standards to aspire to or are you going to cater to the KSP in Manny? It is not about paying dues but it is about vanity. That is the wrong message to send to people but hey this is the Philippines. Where vanity and KSP thrive and quality is never, ever aspired to.

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