Putting The Cart Before The Horse: A Serious Pinoy Problem

When I read into history, I can’t help but notice that the Philippines has so little to show when it comes to leaving a mark on the world at large. I mean sure, we have people like Manny Pacquiao, Leah Salonga and quite a few other individuals who are of some worth on a global stage. Unfortunately, these people are simply individuals who have struggled to make a name for themselves and have, despite the odds pitted against them, made their respective marks on the world at large. However, as a people and a nation, we have so very little to show in terms of collective achievements. As a matter of fact, while I hate to say it now, we have actually developed so little in the past few decades unlike many other Asian countries that have advanced into fully industrialized and efficient countries despite starting in the same boat as we have as a third-world country.


There are actually a myriad of reasons why the Filipino people continue to suffer as they do but the chief ones are their mismanaged priorities. That’s right, more often than not, I think that what prevents us from becoming a truly productive and self-sufficient people is our inability to get our priorities straight. While there are many instances of this, I will put here some of the most common and most debilitating of these issues.

We Are Always About “What Sells”…

Ever notice that just about everything on local TV is just about the same thing on a repetitive basis?

That’s because producers only want things that will jive with the masses in order to gain higher ratings. They refuse to approve anything new or unique as they fear that it simply won’t work with the masses. Of course, this is par for the course when it comes to doing business. Unfortunately, the greed of Pinoy producers goes well beyond the limits of practicality. If they can fill a channel with nothing but cash cow shows, they will do it with abandon until there’s barely anything else on.

While I certainly understand the concept of trying to make a profit, I also think that we should try new concepts and things that can lead to even greater profits. After all, the reason there are R&D (research & development) branches in some of the most successful companies in the world is so that they can find ways to improve trade as time goes on.

We Are About Being “Happy All The Time”…

I think that our pleasantry addiction is what is preventing us from finding real happiness in our lives.

Due to the way we’re supposed to keep up the appearance of being happy instead of finding a way to find it for ourselves, we lose sight of what it truly means to be happy. Due to the way our culture seems to want us to smile even when there’s really nothing to smile about, we trap ourselves in the illusion that we’re happy instead of being truly happy in our lives.


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Our contribution to the world is our Stupidity. We elect the undeserving leaders, to lead us.

Appearance of happiness for most people ( the common poor), is “pakitang tao lamang”…in truth, they are hurting inside and their stomachs are grumbling with hunger.

Have anyone here know , how to feel, if you are worrying , where your next meal will come from?

Our leaders, do not know this feeling. Most of them come from rich , landed and oligarchial families…

Let me add a few thoughts of mine on this. 1) And if there is a new idea, our government seem to kill it first At Yahoo! answers I asked the question why the Philippines is not a sci-tech oriented nation and I pointed out the Filipino who developed a machine that extracts diesel from trash. One answer I got thinks that the government ignored the innovation because it might kill the goose that lay the golden eggs. Could be the reason because I heard one claim by another Filipino inventor that a government official approached him secretly to drop… Read more »

When I search for e-books on ‘philippines’/’filipino’ (on legit and less legit sites), interested to learn more about the country, the results are pretty much all related to WWII battles, travel guides or cookbooks. I know I’m searching in English, on non-Filipino sites, but there should really be more going on than that.

“Happiness is mandatory citizen!” The Philippines is essentially the tabletop game “Paranoia” come to life. Social structure, media and government are so heavily manipulated, that society as a whole is dysfunctional. Which is the point of the game. To get your character so high up in the rankings that they can reshape society as they see fit while making sure the treasonous actions of your fellows don’t drag you down or get you killed. Best solution unfortunately, is to find a way to become successful. Win in this twisted real life game of Paranoia by figuring out how your society… Read more »

Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.

Orlando Gomez
Let’s face it. We are NOT that talented and gifted as a people. We are plodders and we should be happy. We are simple people. We are NOT deep and we are NOT achievers as nation. Lets leave it at that. But we are great followers. Madali tayong kausapin. We can be creative if we lack logic. We can be off the cuff if we lack planning. Kirk Hammet, the lead guitarist of Metallica, proudly eats tuyo and is as rich as Manny Pacquaio. He is definitely richer than Lea Salonga. In fact, when Arnel Pineda, joined Journey, Neal Schon… Read more »
[However, as a people and a nation, we have so very little to show in terms of collective achievements.] That us about to change. The PH will be known for the brand “Zaxxun”, our answer to Korea’s Samsung brand. I was interviewed by Samsung lately to work at the heart of their R&D center in Seoul. But I didn’t get in, even with the recommendation of my good Korean friend who heads LSI R&D for Samsung smartphones. So I said to myself “if you can’t join em, —- beat em”. I’m currently in dev stage of a zaxxun robot (microcontroller… Read more »

I notice that most of the inventors like Mr Navarro who invented a method of obtaining fuel from plastic bags have gone it alone. Where is the finance from Government for these wealth making inventions. What probably will happened is the same as happens in the UK, the inventor will have their patent bought out by foreign company who then gets all the profits.