How Pinoy Over-Romanticism Destroys Us As Persons

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again and tickets for Star Wars: Rogue One are selling like hotcakes. Indeed, even as a young boy, I have always been a big fan of the Star Wars franchise what with the space battles, lightsaber duels and vast collection of entertaining and interesting characters. And yes, I’d be lying if I say that Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi did not give me wet dreams. Unfortunately however, this article isn’t going to be about Star Wars.

Again, I’m going to take the time to bash my favorite target: The Philippine Mainstream Media.

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Okay, you guys got me. Maybe I am overdoing it but look, after seeing all the posts of people having a “lonely” or “cold” Christmas this year, I really have to speak up. See, you guys are free to believe or feel what you want to believe or feel, but I always thought that Christmas was for everyone (even for the people who don’t celebrate or believe in it) and that it doesn’t mean that just because you’re single means you’re going to be miserable.

Now I have nothing against couples or people seeking romantic interests but, I have to say how much I hate the way romance has overtaken the meaning of Christmas in the Philippines. Of course as it is often the case all over the world, Christmas has become heavily commercialized and the Philippines is definitely no exception. But then again, what I simply do not like is how a combination of the oligarchs, the media and our own twisted values beat down on people who haven’t yet found their better halves in life or simply aren’t interested in doing so. I hate how our mainstream films, TV shows, radio dramas and music constantly churn out that you need a significant other to be happy this Christmas.

For a better idea of what they’re actually doing and what they’re forcing you to believe, here’s what’s really going on:

  • Step 1: Create a popular love-team.
    • Okay, this is not just the first but also the most essential step in the media and oligarch’s plan. Now, it doesn’t matter who they get but they usually go for the pretty looking ones like Kathniel, Jadine or Aldub to create a sense of idealism. Take note that while the relationship might not be ideal, it must at least seem ideal to those who see them so it becomes easier for the oligarchs to do the next step.
  • Step 2: Get said love-team to promote products.
    • They can take quite a lot of forms from clothing to food but the most common is beauty products. These are often shown in the commercials said love-team star in and they subtly imply that the couple got together or are happy together because of said products. These lead to girls who use too many whitening products and boys who use too much hair gel.
  • Step 3: Imply that single people are miserable.
    • This is often done quite subtly but they very rarely use single characters as protagonists in most mainstream TV shows or films even if said show or film is not a romance story. When characters are single, they are either unattractive sidekicks who all too often serve as slapstick comic reliefs or insignificant persons who get killed off somewhere along the way.

Again, all of you are welcome to call me a bitter old coot, but because of this kind of thinking, we only spread bitterness and unhappiness instead of promoting what Christmas is really about: Hope and the chance to become better men and women.


21 Replies to “How Pinoy Over-Romanticism Destroys Us As Persons”

  1. May the Force be with you, Mr. Thaddeus Grimwald.

    I am a fan of Star Wars movies.
    I grew up with them…it made me become interested in Science and Technology field…

    Christmas is now commercialized by business people. It is time for buying; instead of time of reflection and meditation on us, to become better human beings.

    Amidst the sufferings of the Syrian people. We should grieve, why this war has dragged to this so many years.

    Peace on Earth, and Goodwill to men …seems to be a far cry of humanity. We have not yet learned to become humane !

    However, I believe that the Spirit of Christmas is still in the hearts of those who believe in Jesus Christ…

    It is like a seed, planted in the hearts of humanity, waiting to bloom. So that indeed, we will have : Peace on Earth and Goodwill to men !

    Merry Christmas to all !

  2. Long Post Sorry

    To Comment about Christmas: Yeah it is way too commercialized about buying stuff but I looked past that ever since I was young since sure I got what I wanted (most of the time) but sharing goodwill and quality time with your own family is the most important. Even this year I never asked anything in particular what I wanted because I got to work now for it.

    As for Star Wars, I couldn’t relate but I follow Indiana Jones and Back to the Future Instead.

    As for the main point; I agree that our local media is way too focus on couples and overly romanticized plots or romantic subplots.

    Maybe because I grew up differently? I mean i had cable TV when I was younger, I enjoy learning and reading and spend more time with the internet or play a video game than anything else.

    Yes I am single, 25, never had a girlfriend and I am not crying as if my life is incomplete.

    An advice I got from my uncle who got married late told me that Enjoy being single. He did say like a joke and I am totally okay as the only person who can make me happy is only myself for the time being.

    So go forth, Have a Merry Christmas to all!

  3. Yeah, I don’t get how people label you as lonely just because you’re single. As if getting hitched helps the world in any way. If anything, this over romanticising makes people dependent on relationships even before they mature and realise responsibilities. I get that attraction and attachment are part of nature, but it’s also a matter of balancing.
    I’d rather go on an expedition trip than watch anything “romantic” for bonding.

  4. de lima is seeking assylum in germany. i think it won’t be granted ‘cuz it’s not political. she’s running away for her involvement in drugs as protector.

  5. Just because you masturbate alone on valentines dont be a grinch for the rest of us. Keep the stereotypes coming this is what passes for quality writing on grp now.

  6. This ain’t for you, Grim, as it is for GRP in general — so when is that article on our dour leader keeping his mouth shut as the Chinese military goes on reclaiming more of our territory in the Spratlys for ostensibly defensive purposes gonna be produced? Or are we gonna keep on flailing Liberals forever?

    1. Assuming we take on China head-on because of that, we’ll take on them with us and what army?

      Oh yes, I forgot. Our Big Western “Brothers” are there to comfort our crybaby butts. And you know what happens when that thing really did come true? Guys like you would go on about how the pivot thing was a failure because we still cannot stand on our own. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t right?

      So maybe we’d leave that conundrum to geniuses like you because the president is an idiot: So, what are we gonna do about China?

    2. How about we look at the territorial issue in China’s perspective. The PH-U.S. alliance poses a legitimate threat in that region.
      Whose policies have caused the most destruction and aggression on this planet? Let’s ask ourselves, is the U.S. being a big brother to the PH by helping us with the territorial claim?

      1. We should remember that American big business rules the USA. Trump’s come in to balance American big business jaggernaut on US foreign policy.

        It would be naive to equate American big business with the American middle class. Just like in the Philippines, we have the local elite controlling our politicians with DU30 coming in as a fresh air of hope.

        DU30 relying mainly on the China Politburo headed by Xi Jinping may be sacrificed by Xi Jinping to appease American foreign policy. DU30 is walking on thin ice.

        DU30 should know that the China economy is dependent on America and its allies. With a Trump getting increasing critical of China, DU30 maybe be China’s sacrificial pawn.

      2. Is the Chinese government helping us Pinoys by letting the PLA build bases so near Palawan? Let’s ignore the possibility of their military building a base at Scarborough — but come on, you see nothing wrong with this sort of encroachment?

    3. You know, flailing Liberals forever doesn’t sound like such a bad idea…

      But what can be said about “dear dour leader” that hasn’t already been said? Or are liberal butthurts just looking for more validation, again?

      1. When I made that post up I was thinking of the Liberal Party — as a small-l liberal of the sort people the world over now affect to despise while bracing for the rise of xenophobic and authoritarian ideologies, I could hardly afford to wage war against my kin, nor do I really want to. You seem to have declared war upon the Liberal Party as well as liberals like myself, though — I’m sorry you’ll be disappointed, but I’m not picking a fight with you, at least not at that point.

        But anyway — if you haven’t noticed, I’m a Pinoy, and as a Pinoy who has looked askance at certain policies the Duterte administration has pursued thus far, what I would like is less validation that Duterte is really royally fucking things up, not more.

        Because I really, really value continuity and law above all things, and I would like Duterte’s term to end in peace and with whatever goals he has put to the fore, those not inimical to my country’s welfare, accomplished with due force.

  7. I believe, from the very beginning, the celebration of X-mas is all about commerce -so created to gain more clienteles. It’s not even about the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ; they just used him as the main figure to attract people into whatever business endeavours they were into. In fact because of the commercial significance, the celebration of Jesus was purposely made on December 25 as the best strategy to also retain pagans and many other business patrons as it is actually on or around this date they celebrated their own religious festivities.

    “No one knows for sure on what day Christ was born. Dionysus Exiguus, a sixth century monk, who was the first to date all of history from December 25th, the year of our Lord 1. Other traditions gave dates as early as mid-November or as late as March. How did Christmas come to be celebrated on December 25th? Cultures around the Mediterranean and across Europe observed feasts on or around December 25th, marking the winter solstice. The Jews had a festival of lights. Germans had a yule festival. Celtic legends connected the solstice with Balder, the Scandinavian sun god who was struck down by a mistletoe arrow. At the pagan festival of Saturnalia, Romans feasted and gave gifts to the poor. Drinking was closely connected with these pagan feasts. At some point, a Christian bishop may have adopted the day to keep his people from indulging in the old pagan festival”.
    e reading:

  8. Nah, Grim. This Kathniel or Jadine is too cheesy to inspire SMPs to look for love interest. They would rather spend time with their cute dog.

    1. Well the Corrupt/Hypocrite Church and Yellows want them to keep multiplying even if they are unable to support more than 3/4 kids.

  9. Happy christmas from an athiest.
    No, that’s not sarcastic. i will not call for the banning of christmas, nor declare war on it – because i believe that it is a very significant cultural (western) tradition. besides, it brings families together, no matter what faith (believe me because i have a muslim sibling).

  10. Okay, alam ko na hindi naman talaga maiiwasan ang romance sa kahit anong media. Yun nga lang, ang mga telebasura naman, tila yata sumosobra na pagdating sa romance…… -_-

    And is it just me o talaga bang karamihan sa mga Pinoy, wala nang ibang mapag-usapan kundi puro “love, love, and more love” (which, if you ask me, is nothing but “sugarcoated lust.” Okay, call me a hypocrite for saying that; but at least I won’t deny I’m a perv unlike telebasura people who still have the nerve to say they are moral and go “feeling-virgin” mode when the topic of sex is brought up, despite the content of their s***ty shows)? Tsaka kita din naman sa mga telebasura nila, di ba? :p

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