A Decent Choice for President in the 2016 Philippine Elections…

You know what? I’d really like to call myself a political pundit or political analyst, but I know I am not.

I’d like to kid myself now and then just because I think it’s funny as well as harmless anyway. We all play games with ourselves and being aware that one is yanking his or her own chain is an assurance of not having fallen into some kind of delusion.

I know that I don’t know anymore than the average person who scrolls through political news on their timeline. I have no “intel”, studies, surveys, or FGDs to cite to back any of the views I may have about political developments. I don’t subscribe to a particular political philosophy or have some kind of fixed system that gives me some super special kind of political insight.

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I have no talent at all when it comes to writing the type of super baloney that would land me a mention by the President of the Republic of the Philippines in his final State of the Nation Address.

All I have is a plain kind of figuring, an internet connection, and about twenty friends on Facebook who either feel sorry for me enough to read my posts. What scares me is that I may actually have friends on Facebook who think I actually make sense and without telling me, have lived their lives according to what they think I advised them to do — that’s how religions get started!

Now that I’ve given you fair warning that I am no expert at all and shouldn’t be taken seriously, let me tell you about how I think we should go about choosing who to vote for as president in the 2016 Philippine elections.

I know Benign0 might re-issue Platform Plez and as much as I love that idea, I know that most people won’t get how important it is to scrutinize a candidate’s plans for the country.

Much as I want to believe the guys at PCIJ when they said that “the poor vote is a thinking vote”, I doubt the guys that make a living driving tricycles with asthmatic children actually understand why they are poor beyond the obvious fact that they were born poor.

The PCIJ article cites Focused Group Discussions as the basis for claiming that the poor vote is a thinking vote… Wow!

Apparently, what I know about how poor people think after more than 4 decades of actually interacting with them on a daily basis doesn’t count for diddly squat.

Then again, I have to ask… What did the guys at the Institute of Philippine Culture (IPC) of the Ateneo de Manila University (the ones who conducted the FGDs) mean by the term “thinking vote” when they applied it to the poor? Of course, every one thinks but there are all sorts of types of thinking. So, the question really is not whether the poor think, but rather, how do the poor think.

If you want a taste of Ateneo baloney, here’s an excerpt from the article:

“The poor ranked education, experience, platform, and track record as among the most important criteria for choosing candidates.”

What a laugh! I am not being condescending guys, please don’t take it that way. It’s just that I know the poor are also known for what is called “pakitang tao”, which refers to how people behave in order to get a reward or approval. So, I wonder, really, if the FGD accounted for that.

Barring that pakitang tao behavior was accounted for, what sort of thinking actually leads people to vote for people like Erap or Bong Revilla or Grace Poe? Did they ask these poor people to cite the platforms, experience, and what not of these politicians? What were the answers?

Here’s the crucial point and sorry if I had to take this round about route: If we want the politics of this country to change, we should put more time and effort in equipping the poor with a means that would enable them to make smarter voting decisions.

Just how that can be done is something I really can’t figure out right now…

So, how do we manage to pick a decent choice for President when the 2016 elections comes around?

16 Replies to “A Decent Choice for President in the 2016 Philippine Elections…”

  1. I thought you would cite a decent candidate. Misleading title. This article is about “These Atenean Folks Are As Clueless In Conducting Studies As We All Are About Where To Find A Decent Philippine President”

  2. Mr. Paul Farol; we do not want the “decent choice”. We want the “Best Choice”, in 2016. Please read and review the previous Articles and Blogs of Web Blog Writers and Web Bloggers in GRP. They are telling Us something…as ways, to find the “Best Choice”, for 2016.
    Many will resist change; because it will affect them. So, they want the “status qou”…

    I do not believe in the “thinking poor”…”thinking poor” thinks only, where the Next Meal will come from; not who to vote for as the “Best Choice”, for President in 2016.

  3. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. Next time, go all out and write in Lucifer on the ballot.

    1. Well if we’re going PCOS, even Lucifer’s vote would be stolen.

      See as long the same people vote, the result will be the same: it will be just a pissing contest of popularity.

      Out of the three currently aspiring to be the king of the land, Grace is the worst of them all. Both Binay and Roxas are terrible, but at least their goal is clear: make sure not to get their family or friends’ assess toasted by the next administration. Grace on the other hand is running on the mere egging of people around her, basically Noynoy 2.0. She still clings to FPJ’s name to the point she’s using Poe. She has little to no experience to lead and managed people.

  4. It’s quite simple how poor people decide on who to vote for president. Whoever is their HERO to save them – that’s the main criterion. If not the hero himself, at least you have to be a descendant of the hero.
    Cory – hero to save PH from dictator; wife of hero Ninoy
    Ramos – hero of people power revolution
    Erap – hero of mahihirap (Erap para sa mahirap)
    FPJ – hero of PH action movies (however. Gloria won because of “hello Garci”
    PNoy – son of Cory (who just died – making her twice a hero)

    And I’m quite sure when Manny Paquiao runs he’ll win by a landslide coz he’s the Hero fighting in the world stage for pinoy pride.

    So who will be the likely winner this 2016? answer is …. Grace Poe (for the same reason as why PNoy won). Daughter of FPJ the hero.

    Plataporma is just for the intellectuals like people here at GRP – who are obviously outnumbered. The poor voters don’t give a damn

    1. If your prediction/analysis is right and Grace Poe did won as Pres, hope we have either BBM or Duterte as VP or they will be appointed as Cabinet Secretary including Gordon, Bayani, Alunan and Gibo.

  5. And as to the big question WHYYYY??? (which is the mystery question in this article)
    They’re voted #1 because…
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “Because this nation SHOULD be great again” (nimrodjames)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “I just hope and pray that he will be like his father, great and a true man. honest and firm . intelligent and simple. ” (aceryansm)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “I voted Marcos because its necessary!!!” (aldrian13)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “He is the best candidate so far.” (leekasfer)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “He must cotinue the legacy of his greatest father and the excellent president of the philppines ferdinand marcos” (cainambulaong)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “I want my country to be great again!” (ethereal)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “He will our country great again” (thonthon17)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “I believe his guts, power, knowledge and charisma influenced by his father ; former great but fooled by yellow people president Ferdinand Marcos. I believe he can make the Philippines great again.” (awawaw)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “A man with vision for the country and has a great loved to the Pilipino people. ” (liki05)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “He is the right person for everyone.. He has a good heart for people rich and poor, he has a brain that he uses well, he has the capability, he is very clever, and most of all he is the best amongs th” (angelic)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “The one with heart” (filipinas)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “I want him to continue his father’s legacy, his father was a true leader, greatest and smartest leader in our country ever” (jamezmike)
    Rodrigo Duterte: “Politics is not a job but a duty, a duty to serve. anyway governance is just a common sense, he said..” (engineerjoroz)
    Grace Poe: “Female” (votez)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “Like his father, he has the true love and dignity towards filipino people and for the country.” (hemzkie)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “Like father like son” (agalanido)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “He has the political will :)” (pauz1)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “Has done a lot of things already how much more if he will be the president and its time to regain the panatang makabayan at heart” (sweetieann)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “Wish like his father; and all plan of his father will become reality and not a dream” (gioharmonwel)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “He is the Continuation of the Great Vision of FEM, hindi pa nga siya presidente nadama na ang malasakit niya sa dami ng itinulong niya sa bansa.. llalo na kapag naging presidente na siya! ” (bagonglipunan)
    Rodrigo Duterte: “He supports federalism as an alternative form of government system.” (mrgam)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “Nakikita ko sa kanya ang pagmamahal at malasakit sa ating bayan at higit sa lahat may paninindigan..” (milbert_bustill)
    Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: “He will be a great leader. ” (sheriimi)

  6. Vote for Thaddeus Grimwald’s/ Hyden Toro’s candidate: Kardong Kalabaw…you will not be disappointed.

  7. If it is not painfully obvious that the next President of the Philippines will do the EXACT same thing as the last 3 have, you are just blind,deaf and dumb.
    Why do Filipino’s look at who the President is as something that is going to change their destinies? Master your own destiny. Stop looking for someone who, doesn’t give a shit about you, to do it for you.

  8. Show me an honest Filipino Presidential candidate and I will show you a guy who is either going to be corrupted or end up in a plane at the bottom of the Mindanao Sea.

  9. Dagdag lang sa post ni zaxx. Here are some examples on how the “poor” think (collected from news website and facebook page):

    On post about Mar Roxas being endorsed by PNoy:

    “Thank you Mr. President. Your endorsement of Sec. Roxas, you have indeed selected the best man for the job. He is decent, bright and well educated. You could have not selected a better person.”
    “‘Yan ang Pangulo ko. Mar Roxas for President!”
    “Hindi ‘yan e-endorse ni Pres kung hindi siya tiwala. Basta boto si Pnoy do’n ako.”
    “Kung sa kanila lang ni Binay na corrupt, kay Mar na ko.”
    “Mar Roxas has no record of corruption, the best choice for President.”
    “Mar Roxas for President 2016!”
    “Kagaya ni Mr. President, maaasahan at hindi corrupt.”

    On post about Chiz Escudero quitting as Senate finance chair:

    “Corrupt din ‘yan. Palibhasa ‘di napili ni Aquino kaya nagawang issue.”
    “Ang galing mo Chiz! Kudos!”
    “Is Chiz running as VP under Binay? Is Grace positioning now to be VP of Mar?”
    “I love <3."
    "Better late than never."

    On Binay's cry about cyberbullying:

    "Pakamatay ka na nognog korup!"
    "Ang kapal talaga ng mukha nitong mga Binay na ito, sila na nga ang nagnakaw sa bayan sila pa ngayon ang sumisigaw na binuu-bully sila. Baka kamo mukha kayong mga bubuli!"
    "Binay, you're not the victim, you are the villain in the Philippine society."
    "Kahit ano po sabihin nila tiwala kami sa inyo. Binay2016!"
    "Mga utu-uto!"
    "VP BINAY you will end up like CJ CORONA if you will not ADMIT n RETURN some of your NINAKAW. Believed me sooner or later you will be an EX-CONVICT like your close friends. FILIPINOS were SICK enough to know that our TRUSTED politician like you BETRAYED our trust n confidence."

    On Poe-Escudero tandem:

    "hay naku! escudero never left binay's camp. the reason why he is pushing for a poe-escudero tandem is because he knows that in a 3 way fight ( roxas vs. poe vs. binay), his master (binay) will win"
    "Wag na si Chiz! Grace Poe sincere and credible like FPJ. Vote for her."
    "Waste of time the two of you who lacks experience."
    "Sen. Grace, mag-isip-isip, magdasal."
    "nag aalangan siyang tumakbo as VP ni Roxas kasi makakalaban niya si Chiz sa pagtakbong VP"
    "I guess all you need is charm ei."
    "Ambisyosa at Oportunista! Perfect tandem! Happy days are here again! Freedom day for Jinggoy, Bong, Enrile and Napoles! Lapit na, kapit lang!"

    "Here’s the crucial point and sorry if I had to take this round about route: If we want the politics of this country to change, we should put more time and effort in equipping the poor with a means that would enable them to make smarter voting decisions."

    Agree po ako. Salamat po at pinunto n'yo ito. Kaya po mababaw mag-isip ang mga tao dahil panay kababawan rin po ang pinagbabasehan nila. Kung mediocre ang mamamayan ng bansa at mediocre din ang paraan ng pakikitungo sa kanila, eh panay mediocrity nga lang po maaasahan natin. Ultimo mga may mataas na pinag-aralan nagpapamudmod ng impormasyon na hindi makakatulong para mapalawak pag-iisip nila at manapa'y ibinababa ang lebel ng kanilang edukasyon sa kapasidad ng mga taong hindi nag-iisip kaya ang resulta, mga isyung walang kinalaman sa kung paano tayo makakapagluklok ng magaling na Pangulo o kung paano maisasalba at mapapaunlad ang bansa to first world country.

  10. so here are the candidates:
    Mar Roxas – Liberal Party
    Plaltform: daang matuwid
    System: presidential system

    Jejomar Binay – UNA
    Platform: Free School for poor kids, free cellphones to senior citizens, etc.
    System: presidential system

    Not Decided:

    Rodrigo Duterte
    Platform: clean the congress then shift to Federal-Parliament. Full support on education, teachers, farmers, law enforcers/army.
    system: Federal Parliament / Semi-Presidential Fed-Par

    BBM – meritocracy / federalism – same with duterte

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