Why I Am Not Proud To Be Filipino


Consider this a list, not exhaustive, of character traits that Filipinos need to overcome if they want to emerge as a better society – definitely better than their current situation indicates.

Filipinos are rude, undisciplined and inconsiderate

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The quintessential example of this, of course, is to look at a daily commute and a typical traffic scene in the Philippines. What do they do? They all want to be first; if they spot a chance to overtake, they will. If you drive a car, if you use signal lights to turn or change lanes, a lot of drivers will not let you pass through.

Filipinos are overly emotional

How else to describe a people who elect their leaders based on a perceived sense of “honesty” and because their relatives died? How else to describe a people who are easily swayed by catchy one-liners and slogans and phrases? How else to describe a people who are better at reacting than responding; there is a difference between the two (hint: one of them involves thinking)

Filipinos lack a sense of self-responsibility

Filipinos always need a hero who will deliver them from their self-made wretchedness. A man like Rodrigo Duterte appeals to a people who are unable to appreciate the importance of policing themselves.

In addition, Filipinos have been so used to thinking that someone else will clean up after their own messes, they just leave their trash, literally.

Filipinos rely heavily on external factors and forces for validation

Two words: Pinoy Pride. That all too familiar feeling when someone with Filipino blood is successful abroad. Filipinos back home are quick to latch on to the success of that entity and claim it as their own, or worse, to put it up as proof that Filipinos are great and important members of the world community. And yet, more often than not, the success of that entity is due to his/her own hard work, and not because he/she has Filipino roots or heritage.

By the way, does it sound familiar to you that on occasion, Filipinos pay little attention to their talented countrymen until a foreign entity recognizes that talent? Now suddenly, they’re all over him.

Filipinos take criticism and alternative approaches/points of view very poorly

Filipinos have heard and been told too many times that they need to improve themselves and that they need to clean up their act if they want to get out of their current pathetic condition. They have one general reaction to all of these: indignation. All due to a paper thin ego that is better at dishing out than taking it.

Unfortunately, Filipinos put more emphasis on the tone and the perceived rudeness of the message more than on the actual content. Form over substance. And they can’t even put up proper counterarguments without resorting to Ah, basta! or argumentatum ad hominem.

Why such stubbornness or incorrigible self-righteousness persists, despite the disastrous outcome and results found in Filipino society, is something that has been baffling for many, many years.

Filipinos set abominably low standards for themselves

Pwede na iyan. Bahala na. Continuous improvement is a hard chore for the Filipino because he is forced to think to make it work – something he does not like doing. Mediocre mindset equals mediocre output equals substandard way of life.

Filipinos are lazy and unimaginative

There are many talented Filipinos. However, it seems that the problem is that collectively, their society doesn’t encourage such. What are some common reactions one can get if you try to present ideas to fellow Filipinos?

That can’t be done.
Don’t forget us when you become famous.
You make the rest of us look bad.
Why don’t you for a government office?
Ang ambisyoso mo naman!
Balato ko, ha!

Filipinos harbor a skewed concept of freedom

Filipinos think the “freedom” they supposedly earned in 1986 allows them to do whatever they want, regardless of the consequences. This “freedom” goes hand in hand with their concept of “democracy”. They just go through the motions; elect leaders whose platforms (or lack thereof) they didn’t exhaustively cross-examine, and they express shock that things come out the way they envisioned it to.

The following question remains without a convincing answer until now:

Proud to be Filipino? Of what exactly?

Obviously, Filipinos have been putting the cart before the horse; they feel pride for some inexplicable thing, then they go find something to feel proud of, however small and inappropriate. But true pride comes from a society building things as a collective, from accomplishing things where each member of that society can feel happy and satisfied knowing that they had a part in building that thing or accomplishment. Not just because they share some semblance of “Filipino blood” with the entity who became successful.

If Pwede na iyan, Bahala na, and a culture of impunity are the best that Filipinos can do together, well, they get what they deserve.

826 Replies to “Why I Am Not Proud To Be Filipino”

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! If I may add… If a “foreigner” wrote this, he/she would be reported to Immigration and be deported as an “undesirable alien”.

    1. True. If a filipino wrote this, he/she would be called mayabang at akala mo sinno ka na. nakatikim ka lang ng abroad.

        1. I am Filipino, and I approve this message. We need a tipping point for these changes to happen. Any suggestions?

        2. Too much hate…i think the title of this blog is wrong and it should be change to manilenyo because the characters and enviroment in which the author is describing is specificly referring to manila..i just think it’s not fair because these situations do not happen to most parts of the philippines.

        3. Yes, true true. Did it mention the corrupt government? The people are all about the money… 🙁 Plus, there is tons of crime. And yes, I am a Filipino. I also feel like we copy from America too much. -.- The Philippines isn’t exactly that original. I also believe that we are pretty ignorant.

      1. No offense, Bennadria, but I believe it doesn’t have to take one to go abroad to say what he believes is the ugly truth about the Philippines. There’s no need really to compare other countries with the Philippines. Consider this: The Philippines is considered the most corrupt DEMOCRATIC Country in the world, the 11th most corrupt country in the world, this according to the survey in the news with the most undesciplined people. These are just but a few, not to mention what our supposed elected leaders are doing to the country. Do I still have abroad to know all these? Just you keep lookin’ around, Benn

        1. Funny thing is, PH is proud already for ditching top 10 of the most corrupt countries. IMHO, PH doesnt have vision of being the best.

      2. Sorry for the overlooked, thought addressing my comment to somebody else would be alright….kindly disregard same if it won’t comply with the “rules”. Thanks, anyway.

    2. Agree with all but the first line…
      “Filipinos are rude, undisciplined and inconsiderate”.
      This is mostly true in the cities. But go to the provinces and you’ll see Pinoys are still MOSTLY polite, disciplined, and considerate.

      1. Well good for them. However, this article is not about them but about those failipino’s mediocre mindset and sadly those you’ve mentioned are just the minority.

        1. Well good for them. However, this article is not about them but about those failipino’s mediocre mindset and sadly those you’ve mentioned are just the minority of good Filipinos.

          * FIXED

      2. Yes, not all Filipinos are rude, undisciplined and inconsiderate… Not even in general.. In fact, If you try to live in the Philippines, you will feel how hospitable, loving and respectful we are.

        1. I live in the provinces now —- rude and undisciplined – no Pinoy Pride here Packing my bags to leave again, we are a corrupt ignorant people.

        2. No. I have lived here for over a year, in Manila and as hospitable as people are, they still slam the fuck out of doors, smash on floors and walls at all hours, keep their noisy kids up all night, let their dogs bark all day and night, cats as well… meow meow meow, forever, keep their doors open and blare the tv, sneeze with extreme emphasis, talk way to loud, do minor construction at all hours, even on sunday, idle their cars in a closed garage that is attached to the living space, karaoke all night long, party in common areas of my apartment building, throw their trash everywhere, feed and encourage stray cats that piss and shit everywhere, in the stores they block your way, cut you off, cut in line, smash their carts in to you because they don’t know how to stop or avoid it, move forward while looking backward, let their kids run around with carts unattended, cough and sneeze on open meet displays and when you call them out on any of these things, they immediately get overly emotional and start playing the victim. Almost every Filipino in Manila is a rude, inconsiderate, ignorant asshole. The low IQ of 86 pretty much guarantees this behavior. People with an IQ below 90 have a hard time translating written instructions in to actions. This describes Filipinos perfectly.

      3. Agree with all but the first line…
        “Filipinos are rude, undisciplined and inconsiderate”.
        It is true and you are right that it is common to big cities. But…in Europe we know that it is wrong, in the Philippines people don’t.

    3. “Why I Am Not Proud To Be Filipino”, it didn’t say “why I am not proud to be foreigner”. So no, a foreigner would not write something with “Filipino”, it’s not a matter of “if” but never.

      1. So instead of using a little common sense and grasping the point of my comment, you want to nit-pick? OK… Allow me to clarify for the hard-headed: If a “foreigner” wrote an article LIKE this one, OBVIOUSLY under a different title, and if aforementioned article contained the same points of criticism then “he/she would be reported to Immigration and be deported as an “undesirable alien”… Does that clear it up for you?

    4. How about doing something about it? Get into the education sector, and teach. Join an organization that will touch the young Filipino and do formation work, get into reform. Get off that couch you are lazily lounging about in and do something!
      If you truly care about the Filipino, help. If not, then you have no right to say anything. People like you are part of the problem.
      Dami mong sinasabi wala ka namang ginagawa!

      1. That’s not a good idea. CRITICAL THINKING is what every Filipino needs and the blog is also a source of help.

        Sad to say, if you go into the education sector, the colleges would discourage you to teach CRITICAL THINKING to students.

        Sorry, pero mas malala kapag may nagagawa ga yet it’s still the same shit over and over. That means there is something wrong with yourself. It’s like saying na “Sshh, tumulong na lang kayo”, but what you’re also citing ignorance. The Typhoon Yolanda fiasco is also an example of Pinoy stupidity.

      2. Gigi, how silly of you to assume that the writer is doing nothing. Can’t we write AND help the country at the same time? How sure are you that this person does nothing but blog all day? Don’t jump too fast to conclusions.

        1. Totally agree with what Veronica said! Gigi, you don’t even entirely know what the author does in his everyday life. Who knows, maybe he IS currently doing something that contributes to the betterment of the country! So I say please, do not judge him right away. Instead of firing back negatively at the author, just take whatever he said as a form of constructive criticism. Filipinos altogether can do SOOO much better if they realize the mistakes that they do and start improving from them.

        2. I would like to add, if I may, that that is another annoying trait of Filipinos–jumping too fast to conclusions! One good example is sharing negative posts about something or a person, on Facebook, without even checking first if what they are sharing is true or not! Basta re-post lang nang re-post, it doesn’t matter if what they re-post could destroy a person’s reputation, kesehodang nakita lang nila sa newsfeed nila, kahit hindi nila sigurado kung totoo o hindi, basta mare-post lang nila!

      3. This is a 100% typical reaction from someone with a jeuvenile attitude.
        You blame the ‘one’ person who is pointing out that 110,000,000 people need to ‘grow-up’ or things will always be the same and react with…’Well,you do what all 110,000,000 should’.
        How will one person make a difference when everything is working against their motive. They wouldn’t last 2 minutes in any job as they would be deemed as a ‘trouble-causer’.

    5. Totally agree, yet Filipinos in these comments will argue about it over and over. The ugly truth only becomes apparent after you live in the country for a while. They would sell their own mother for money.

    6. just let people enjoy their culture and freedom and the rest of u can be a slave or a forced laborer (I don’t give a fuck if that’s wrong spelling)

      1. With what’s happening these days, looking at Tonga and the possibility of movement in Cascadia, possibly New Madrid. It looks like we don’t have to worry about cultures as we should be worried about where are we going to get our basic needs. A big paradigm shift could be in the works for the Philippines and I’d rather be ready for what happens rather than worry about this.

  2. like i said. if your ashamed of being a Filipino. go live in another country where you will be proud to be a citizen of.

      1. I am not implying anything but distaste for the whole article. nor am I in anyway justifying it by commenting. you call me emotional because i reacted? who in his right mind wouldn’t?

        1. Implying your distaste is just a repeat of your first comment. You ARE proud of those mediocrities then?

          Did you read the article? How about challenging yourself and TRY justifying your argument. I bet you’ll give up just trying to organize your thoughts.

        2. Distaste of the article? Or are you just an asshurt who can’t handle the author’s harsh truth and just hide your head in a ground like an ostrich? Denial much emotard? Oh look you’re crying again. Just in time because my glass just got empty so fill ’em up!

        3. you judge me like you know me? you don’t even know my real name and yet you are quick to pass judgement on how i think and act and specially what i do for a living and what i do to positively contribute to society and not just bicker. what is there to justify except the author displayed arrogance and obviously has not been exposed to other cultures other than that of his own. that is for you bogart and for the die-hard GRP wannabe DOMO

        4. You can justify it by proving the author wrong. You may site examples of filipino traits that show the opposite of the author’s examples, or disprove the author’s claims by showing evidence of the opposite. If you can not show any of these, then that just means you are satisfied with the mediocrity.

        5. In response to the question “who in their right minds wouldn’t?”

          -a non filipino, most likely…

        6. It’s not about ‘OTHER’ cultures anymore. It’s about how we move forward as HUMANS. Accepting our mistakes and therefore realizing our potential is what it will take for us to evolve as a people.

          And no, you don’t have to tell me much for me to know what kind of person you are.

    1. You don’t even realise you just demonstrated FallenAngel’s points 2 and 5, do you?

      Pinoy Pride!


        1. The meaning was pretty clear.

          Are you saying there was some deep philosophical point, other than ‘lalalala I can’t hear you’?

        2. too bad you can’t read between the lines. “lalala i cant hear you”

          look who’s talking.
          gather round folks… the whole team of get real philippines is here!

        3. Says the emotard who is always asshurt every time he was given facts. And no, your “facts” that you’ll gonna bitch to us is useless. Thank you very much you clown because you make us realists entertain. You should work for the circus btw.

        4. I suggest you go read polandball/countryballs comics, you will need a butthurt ointment when you read how our Motherland is being discriminated as Maidland by Singapore and how we also discriminate other countries. In short tibayan mo sikmura mo at tanggappin mo na may pagkukulang tayo kaya ganito bansa natin

        1. When in desperation, use my words against me. Btw remember what tomas said to you:
          “the authors already gave you the chance to present a valid counterargument to debunk what was written that you happened to disagree with and all you ever did was attack the authors for saying what they did.”
          You better make one now emotard or else time to face the banhammer. And no your replies to him are already invalid. What an embarrassment you really are.

        2. all of people who gives their comment here are the best example of the Filipino’s describe by the author in the article above… think people.. which are you in the above article?

          “Filipino’s always react to the politician of the country, but when election came… they choose not to vote because they don’t want any politician, then when a politician they don’t like win, they will react again and the loop will never end…”

        3. @miei: As Richard Gordon once stated…

          “Filipinos don’t think. They REACT.”

          Then Filipinos ‘react’ about it, saying things like “Mayabang”, “Kala mo kung sino”, etc. Pero totoo ang sinabi niya.

          And then you get Bozo the Clown as a president. You connect the dots…

    2. you’re probably new to this site basing on the dedication you have exhibited in commenting to various articles here in a short span of time.=) no worries. when the initial butthurt subsides, you’ll have your own inception moment when you least expect it. in the meantime—in deference to your statement—go find another blogsite that will satisfy your hunger for positive vaidation on everything that is pinoy.=)

      1. Tomas you are correct. I may be new to this blog but by commenting something contrary to what the author wrote is no reason to shoo me away. That just proves my point that this blog is not about shared opinions, rather by agreed opinions only which is sad.

        however, you are wrong to assume i that i am in need validation for everything good about pinoy. just like everyone else who is reading this, i just browse around and give my two cents… just like everybody else.

        1. “commenting something contrary to what the author wrote is no reason to shoo me away…”

          so don’t shoo people away from the country who do not share your views about being a pinoy.=) just because a citizen has a view of his own culture contrary to the SUPPOSED expectation by the rest does not make his observation less valid and, more importantly, truthful.=)

        2. what is truthful about criticizing a trait shared by people all over the world and singling out his own people?

          and I have said it before and i will say it again. I am just giving my opinion and not expecting to change anything. what you’re implying is every comment here should concur with whatever the author wrote?
          you say that only those that share his point of view matters?

          “just because a citizen has a view of his own culture contrary to the SUPPOSED expectation by the rest does not make his observation less valid and, more importantly, truthful.=)” this should apply to all not just the author and you

        3. And just because other countries and cultures do it automatically absolves the philippines from criticism? 🙂

        4. does it give him a reason to say filipinos are this and that?

          people are people. there are lots of similarities in traits regardless of race.
          did I imply that filipinos are to be absolved from criticisms? never did.

          you seem like a smart person and I know you get what im saying. you just want me to say something wrong or out of line.

          I don’t pretend to be smart. IM just being frank. too bad youthink you can say whatever you want and to hell with what others would think because whatever is written here cannot and should not be argued with.

        5. @mark – or maybe if you can give counterpoints to each of the abhorrent traits the article listed. that would be great. Otherwise you’re just resorting to Gestapo tactics of actually agreeing with what you see except you still want to wallow in denial by resorting to censorship.

        6. sorry what was the topic again? oh right, thanks for steering us out of it in the first place.=)

      2. tomas. there is no need to counter-argue each and every one of the points the author made. I thought i made it clear that these traits are shared by people all over the world. and we certainly do not have “exclusive rights” to own it all. where was censorship implied in any of my statements? where was denial that? and gestapo tactics? was i ever a threat?

        I admire your solidarity as a team. Like a pack of wolves on a hunt. but doesn’t that show how biased your collective intellect has become?

        1. and we keep coming back to not mentioning things just because others have it worse.=) and where did you ever get the idea that i always agree with everything written here?=)

        2. saan niya sinabi na others have it worse, or implied anywhere sa comment na ito? anlayo yata ng sinabi mo mang tomas.

        3. Hahahaha! Sige na nga, sabi nyo e.:) nakakabilib naman dedikasyon nyo sa pgkomento dito abay tinalo nyo pako sa pagbabad sa site nato.:)

    3. Living in a different country doesn’t really rid a Filipino of his/her heritage so I don’t think suggesting this thought was that much of a bright idea. Besides, all the traits mentioned by the author were on point. Can you really deny the facts stated on this article? Rather than viewing this article negatively, people should just ponder on the ugly truth regarding our flawed mentality as Filipinos and act on it. I would think that the author wrote this article as he/she wanted Filipinos to realize that we need to change our ways if we want to see improvements in our country, not to bash on Filipinos just for the heck of it. I am a Filipino but I have yet to be proud of being one.

      1. Mister: the funny part is, people like yourself – who recognise that the author is not just slinging insults but simply wants things to change – are the ones who actually DO command respect. You’re the guys who are going to make it happen. YOU can be proud – not of being a Filipino, but of being a decent human being in the midst of a country going to hell in a handbasket.

        It’s just such a pity you’re in the minority.

      2. I think so too, marius. If you’re not anything mentioned above, you can be proud but normally Filipinos who truly have something to be proud of don’t share this “Pinoy Pride” so rather than bragging about what makes them proud as Filipino, they just do the right thing and share ideas that could lift others out of their mediocre thinking and way of living 😉

    4. Of course you did not say it. Ok so what exactly was false or totally untrue about what was written that you did not agree or took issue with? Maybe if we started there we can debate a lot more fruitfully instead of this futile running around in circles. 🙂

    5. Not all “people in the Philippines” are like that… Let’s classify them as “Pinoys” and “Filipinos”

      The article is more particular on “Pinoys” Filipinos are not like that. I’m a Filipino, I’m not like that, though from my perspective, may mga pilipinong-unggoy (a.k.a., pinoy) na masama talaga ugali.

      In general, kahit naman sa ibang bansa may masasama din ugali, yun nga lang, they are not tolerated by authorities, dito naman sa Pilipnas mga konsintidor ang mga tao dito.

      1. pinoy can be also called as a failipino btw. pinoy is the ghetto version of Filipino like murrican as the ghetto version of American.

    6. No problem. The “pinoy island” is not the only nation on earth, there are many other nations with better standard of living.

      Why should we limit ourselves to just one place? We have the right to travel to other regions of the earth and not be binded
      forcefully to this draconian notion of national “loyalty.”

    7. The author isn’t ashamed of being a Filipino, he merely listed the ugly side of Filipinos that we need to fix. I’m guilty of some of these things and I completely agree with everything he said. It’s easy to run away from these faults and be a citizen of another country, it’s difficult to actually try and address them by informing the Filipinos about it. So instead of telling to gtfo of the country, why don’t you ask yourself what the author’s trying to accomplish first?

    8. lol I appreciate the sentiment, if not the logic, Mark. I know what you’re trying to say because I agree. This article is racism and bigotry at its finest – pretending to be logical and factual. The truth is, it’s only evidence is anecdotal. Hence, the article is just an OPINION piece written to trigger an emotional reaction. It’s very clever actually because if you want to appear logical, you have to agree. If you say, that’s a load of bull you’re emotional. Catch 22 as they say.

      Example: Filipinos are rude, undisciplined and inconsiderate
      NOT TRUE: That type of behaviour is suggestive of herd mentality, crowd psychology, etc. To the author, check it out if you don’t know. Scientific studies would actually suggest that this behaviour is logical rather than rude.

      And the list goes on. In the end, don’t allow anyone to injure your dignity. And I applaud you Mark, for making a stand. I can’t believe other Filipinos would actually agree with a racist who has written nothing but insults. In the UK, that crime is punishable by law.

      1. What on earth are you talking about, Ninja? What you just said makes no sense at all. Rudeness is ‘logical’? Seriously? Does that mean that polite societies have got it all wrong and they should learn from Filipinos how to behave properly?

        Anecdotal? The Philippines is near (or AT) the bottom of every official performance indicator. Are you saying the World Bank, the UN, Amnesty International etc are just reporting ‘anecdotes’?

        As for triggering an emotional reaction: the author’s point is that Filipinos don’t know how to react in any other way. I’m appalled at the number of Filipinos here reacting in EXACTLY the dysfunctional ways FallenAngel points out, thinking they’re being clever. Hopeless. Absolutely hopeless, the lot of you.

      2. Precisely my thoughts too!!! But hey, am too weak to argue.. letting you Ninja and Mark do this… hehe.. author’s “logic” actually are fallacies… may pinaghuhugutan??? You cannot say “Mark is stupid. Mark is a Filipino. Therefore, Filipinos are stupid. Sorry Mark I’d be damned if i used Marius.. hehe

      3. I agree. Its a clever way of filipino descrimination. If you are a filipino living abroad, like me, you wont be as bitter as you implied to be in ur article. Its true that some filipinos are inconsiderate blah blah blah. But instead of writing it in a negative way like you abhor filipinos, Try and not be too harsh about it. I am a filipino and Im proud to be one. If filipinos are proud of someones achievements,so be it. what do you care? I appreciate people and im happy for their success in life. I was once working in the hospital in the uk and There are people who dont even know philippines exist as a country but when I mentioned Manny Pacquiao, I got befriends. It doesnt meant to say i want balato as u call it. Im just proud to be a filipino.

        1. George Carlin will have a word of you:


          I mean, you can never be proud of what you can’t ACHIEVE. I’m also born Filipino, much as you are. We can never be ‘proud’ unless we are put something into. What you’re propagating is a reverse from of racism called ‘Pinoy Pride’.

          Stop playing the victim card and set your priorities for once.

    9. Mark, I am a Filipino and I AM NOT ASHAMED TO BE ONE but I don’t have to live in another country, even if I can, to be proud because I have wronged no one to be shamed of. However I totally agree 100+ 1% captioned statement and I cannot in my own conscience be proud to be a Filipino. There is nothing to be proud of. Do you? Look around you. I’ll give you some for a starter: COA(Commissions OR AUDIT; COMELEC (Commissions OR Elections) PMA(Prepartory Millionaires) Academy. Supposed leasers who wittingly sell a part of the country to the enemies not only for free but with accompanying cash gift, people who sell their votes for a dough or for a song and dance, people joining politics by hook or by crook not to serve but for the money and power that go with it, people who kill people with out any justification but only for money.Here it is always “MONEY TALKS”,Double standard of Justice. Here the rich steal billions of pesos,they get away with it, the poor steal food for their families, they end up behind bars. These Mark are just but a few, there are lots more, just you open your eyes and keep lookin’.

    10. Aren’t most Filipinos itching to leave the country and migrate somewhere? Unfortunately it’s easier said than done. Get off your high horse and open your eyes.

    11. The whole point of this article is to sinply implythat changes needs to be made. No one needs to shoo people away from the cou try. It’s just a simple eye-opener article.

    12. You, My friend, are an idiot and a hypocrite 😉 I am concluding that this article hits you right in that spot. Typical reaction of someone who cannot handle the truth. The Phrase “Filipinos take criticism and alternative approaches/points of view very poor” is definitely for you. You piece of shit 😉

    13. This just proved no 5 ‘Filipinos take criticism and alternative approaches/points of view very poorly’ to be correct. ‘go live in another country’ is saddest and weakest argument they have at their disposal

    14. Oh, wow I wish it was that easy to move to another country and live happily under better government and with better people, but it isn’t.

      And even if I do that, I can’t escape the fact that I’m a Filipino in blood. And that’s probably what the author meant. Use your common sense, how old are you anyway? Your mentality seems… Underdeveloped. Don’t be such a butthurt #PinoyPride example.

  3. Well done, Fallen Angel…

    The 3 most common pinoy signs: Out of Stock, Out of Order, Out to lunch.
    It’s a miracle more companies aren’t Out Of Business!

    So, in keeping with the subject: Pasensya na poooooo!

    1. you are ashamed of being a filipino aren’t you? you said so yourself. im just giving you a solution to one of your problems. like i said talk wont get you anywhere. you need to do something to get your problems solved.

      classic response from a narrow minded , self-righteous, Mr. Perfect.

      and these traits you mentioned in this other trash which is a sorry excuse for an article, also are traits of people from other nations. rude? try going to france. at the airport alone.
      take it from someone who has traveled a lot.

      I have mingled with a lot of nationalities because of my work and all these things you mentioned, I too saw in them. not just in us filipinos. Please…Im ashmamed to be a filipino?

        1. ‘REALAX’ is always a great way to start a bar room brawl, try sayin it to a belligerent drunk in a bar sometime,UM-KAY?

        2. ‘REALAX’ is always a great way to start a bar room brawl, try sayin it to a belligerent drunk in a bar sometime,UM-KAY?


        1. @ Dafuq, u talkin 2 moi ? most places your free to do as u like, as long as u can live with the consequences. So, next time your in a bar-room and some bellgerent drunk starts getting upset, tell him to ‘relax’, and maybe ,you’ll get to live with the consequences.

      1. But of course. Pinoys always need to point out that something or someone else is as bad or worse than them at something everytime they’re targets of criticism. It’s their instinctive excuse for not needing to do anything about their faults.

        1. I totally agree. This attitude is very Filipino. We usually can’t take criticsm. We always let the emotions get the better of us when we should be focusing on how to contructively make things better.
          I for one is guilty for this behaviour (sometimes)☺.

      2. Nah it’s diseases like YOU who are smothering this country not us realists.
        Your bandwagoning of other countries’ faults proves that you are an irresponsible coward who hates to face our country’s issues by sugarcoating them with positives in order to make yourself feel better. You’re not a part of this country’s solution. You’re just a problem. Hell, like I said, you’re a disease. A cancer even. So much for our country’s independence.

      3. I think the title alone put you off already that it made you reply the whole leave the country bit…which made other people think that you were just being dismissive of this article. And emotional because you let your pinoy pride speak. Maybe perhaps a better, less offending title will make people see this as points to be considered. I mean acceptance of our faults is the first step to self improvement. Yes, these traits are seen in other nationalities but we’re talking about the filipinos. And what we can do to improve ourselves. Mediocrity in voting for example. The politicians who win rely heavily on name recall and exposure because a lot of us wouldnt take our time to watch debates and interviews to see how they competent they really are. And we know they do this because majority of the mass who will vote will not care about how well they know their stuff and how competent they are. Jist put a catchy tune and a help the mass slogan and youre probably a shoe in!

      4. Just because there are other countries that are more rude and possess more horrible qualities doesn’t mean we should be thankful for having a bad country. You should look around you so you can understand what this article is saying. God, Mark, your stupid comments are everywhere!

    2. If you’re ashamed of being filipino aka who you are, then are pathetic and stupid. Arabs are the most hated race right now yet they wield their pride like a sword. why are you so pathetic???

  4. You live in Metro Manila don’t you? Your first point is obviously pointed at driver behavior in Metro Manila. Metro Manila is not the only place for Filipinos in the Philippines.
    On your general point on how Filipino’s vote their politicians is obviously pointing to lack of education and what the needs of our countrymen need, which are basic necessities like food, clothing, and money and not how you describe it as a character trait.
    The phrase “bahala na” does not always mean leave it to faith or chance, it is sometimes said “I’ve done everything I can. Bahala na.” It is not fatalism but rather being humble by telling yourself you cannot possibly control everything.

        1. so they’re not allowed to agree just coz it’s doesn’t go with what the author wrote? who’s biased now?

        1. domo suntukan na lang tayo. masyado ka maaangas. yan typical pinoy flaw yan di ba? mayabang at nagpapanggap na inglisero. suntukan na lang. pakita mo tapang mo kupal!

        2. Domo thinks agreeing with the author and bashing Filipinos makes him a better person. Lol

    1. most of us think that the country is NCR only. we thought that what happens in NCR happens also to the rest of the archipelago. lol.

    2. “You live in Metro Manila don’t you? Your first point is obviously pointed at driver behavior in Metro Manila”- are you sure it’s just metro manila?have you ever been to baguio?haha

        1. so jake..hehe you are saying that following traffic rules is part of a culture?haha that’s funny.mema lng jake? (me masabi lang). ako wama (walang masabi) sa comment mong walang sense.

        2. What different cultures when in fact all failipinos in this country do not follow laws at all especially in South Cotabato where the motorcycle drivers never wear a helmet?

        3. pasensiya ka na jake at mga blind followers yan ng GRP. yung independent thinking nila nawala na simula nung na-amaze sila sa galing ng GRP. ergo Whatever GRP writes is absolutely correct and can never be contested.

    3. Been traveling from the south to the north of the Philippines by road and many drivers, if not most, still don’t follow simple highway rules like obeying overtaking lanes EVEN THOUGH there are road signs in every 10km’s or so. It’s worse on the 2 lane 2 way roads in the provinces where bus drivers simply stop in the middle of the road, tricycles pull unexpected u turns, and PUV’s pull over whenever and wherever they want to just because a passenger wants to go down. Aditionally, traffic in the “bayans” get significantly slower because of people parking on the sides of the roads. It’s not a matter of where you drive, it’s a matter of Filipinos’ lack of discipline.

    4. Oh please like imperial manila is the only city in our country that do those mediocrities. Then what do you call Koronadal in South Cotabato with those motorcycle operators using their motorcycle instead of tricycle as their public transport for transporting up to 4 people? There are still lots more doing that kind of mediocrity in this country and I already saw them so don’t just single out imperial manila.
      And unfortunately, a lot of failipinos are using “bahala na” abusively. No wonder why a lot of poor failipino people are still living in the slums in a land that they do not legally own and always remain to be like that forever.

        1. Mark, dude! Kanina ko pa binabasa mga comments mo and the best you can do is to use their words against them. Puro negative pregnant ang content ng iyong counter arguements. Kokopyahin mo lang sinabi nila tapos lalagyan mo lang ng “no” or “i’m not”. It doesnt constitute a valid answer to the arguement.

          Nagrereklamo ka na puro “mediocre” or “mediocrity” ang nakikita mo. Eh yun nga yung topic eh. Naghahanap ka pa ng ibang term eh yun na nga yung term para dun.

          Tama na butthurt mate. Tama na pagiging overly sensitive.
          Mashado kang madrama eh alam mo namang marami kang kilala that fit that description at mas marami ka pang nakikitang ganyan sa kapaligiran mo. Stop being so blind, stubborn, and narrow minded

        2. The only solution/argument you’ve been able to come up with so far is for Filipinos to


          Do you know how stupid that sounds? Think…

    5. This is to confirm that the driving behavior exhibited here exists in other parts of the archipelago as well as other ghetto behavior like cutting in line, building structures on public property, general lawlessness and rude behavior.

      Davao is the exception, but if it wasn’t Martial law there, things would be the same.

    6. How about doing something about it? Get into the education sector, and teach. Join an organization that will touch the young Filipino and do formation work, get into reform. Get off that couch you are lazily lounging about in and do something!
      If you truly care about the Filipino, help. If not, then you have no right to say anything. People like you are part of the problem.
      Dami mong sinasabi wala ka namang ginagawa!

  5. Bill Hicks: “People ask me ‘are you proud to be an American?’ and I say, ‘I don’t know, I didn’t have a lot to do with it. My parents f****d there, that’s about all.'”

  6. What the author summarized are true and we as Filipinos should not be proud of it. However, in the spirit of fairness a d trasnparency, the author should have also listed things that we Filipinos should be proud about. All races are not perfec and share fauls,cultures, and historical atrocities we are not, and will never be proud of. But if you hate being Filipino and leads its non-Filipino detractors in maligning your own race then it is you who should be ashamed of yourself. Just like this full blooded Filipino who hates everything about the Philippines with tbe exeption of Manny Pacquiao. This person claims that he pretends to be Thai because he is ashamed of his being Filipino. He even bragged that whenever his non-Filipino friends throws an insult to anything Filipino, he laughs along with them. And he laughs the loudest. This person pretends to be an international architect but un truth, he is a cook at Krazy Garlic Greenbelt. Now this pretender is obnoxious for claiming to be someone ge is not rather than those Pinoys who claim pride to the success of anyone with Filipino blood.

  7. Stereotype &/or Reality? There’s no perfect Human Being, Society or any Culture in our Planet. The author is right in some degree, mixed with arrogance & hypocrisy.

  8. Mostly true, but I’ve met a few Filipino’s with higher values and beliefs standards than many other humans I’ve encountered.It comes from good parenting, societal structure and is complicated.BUT THE ARTICLE IS ACCURATE,for 90%+ of the population.

    GET OUT NOW,and never return until you are a citizen of another country.NO FUTURE FOR THE PHILIPPINES, could be a big hit song there,its true enough…someone should redo the SEX-PISTOLS song there,Filipino musicians are first rate and are good at imitating things.

  9. the worst trait is the throwing garbage around wherever they happen to go, that is truly acting and being like ,u know,OINK-OINK=pig. Most societies frown on littering severely, if you do that,I dont care where you live or what nation your from…you are a fuckin pig !

  10. Maraming tama sa sinabi mo, ang masama sa Pilipino saludo sila sa foreigner at hindi nila tinataguyod ang sariling atin. Kagaya na lang ng mga performer, mas magaling ang Pinoy pero nag iimport tayo at lumalabas ang dollar ng bansa dahil dito. Maraming mangmang at kulang sa outlook ang maraming Pinoy. Binoboto lang nila ang makapagbibigay ng kaunting ginhawa kagaya ng isang kilong bigas. Sana maging matinik sila kunin nila pero iboto nila ang matinong tao. At isa pa me talangka attitude ang maraming Pinoy. Mas matalino ang Pinoy kesa ibang lahi, hindi lang nabibigyan ng tamang pagkakataon.

    1. No offense, FilipinoPride, but I don’t believe the article IS offensive, nothing FACTUAL AND TRUTHFUL are deemed offensive if they are the REAL truth. TRUTH hurts but it’s the truth and nothing, absolutely nothing can change that and we just have to live with it. If you are a proud Fiipino, what are you proud of, anyway? Besides you don’t have to get hurt, its not your fault.

      1. I think FilipinoPride is being sarcastic. He/she is trying to imitate what was written on the article to prove that it’s true. 🙂

  11. FallenAngel,
    as a foreigner I witnessed, experienced all of the issues mentioned by you, every time I am in Cebu.

    And I keep on wondering what was/is the root of all those issues or where did it all start.

    Secondly, I keep on wondering why I never met a person who said “enough is enough”.

    Every time I leave Cebu (going back home), I am always frustrated, especially about all the inefficiencies.

    1. still you kept coming back after all these frustrations? thats the problemn. you never met anyone yet because you only have been on one city in the Philippines? wherever you may come from are we any different from your folks over there? do you live in a perfect society? give me a break!

      1. Compared to the Philippines, yes we – the Dutch – do have the perfect society. Eat that, Mark. And I do say that in all humbleness.

        1. Grimwald,
          names please. LOL

          I know a lot of Philipine woman who look hot (sexy). But in they themselves dont know what that is. They dont even know how to flaunt hotness. Ask any pinay if she herself feels sexy (sometimes). She probably doesnt know what you are talking about.

          In a country wehere PDA is forbidden, one cant/dont know what sexy is.

        2. “yes we – the Dutch – do have the perfect society.”

          -Then why do you keep going back there-Philippines if we have SUCH PERFECT society?

          -so confused-

        3. Dutchman,
          ik zei “in vergelijking met de Filistijnen hebben wij een perfecte samenleving”.

          Ik begrijp ook niet waarom zij blijven volharden in ouderwetse tradities en folklore. Het helpt ze geen stap verder. In de Filipijnen lopen ze 50, 60 jaar achter met ons. Dat gat zal alleen maar groter worden.

        4. We axed the Laguna floodway project of your cousins the Belgians because it’s a Pinoy trait to not fulfill our end of a contract. Now we’re getting sued yo.

          I think Mr. Haighton keeps coming back here because he has a pending lawsuit from a bad business deal years back. Lol!

        5. Dick,
          You are close.

          I am persona non grata because of one Pinay sued me for “revenge porn”.

        6. Come on, Robert. You’re playing with semantics here and that’s not fair. 😉 You know what he meant. A perfect society implies the lack of need for improvement. You can’t improve on perfection. If something needs improving, then it’s not perfect. Surely you don’t suggest that the Netherlands, while beautiful and efficient, should now rest on its laurels and not strive to do better? Do you deny that some members of your country also make immoral choices, have bad habits, etc? Do you also deny that there are some issues that your country should address (e.g.: the rising depression rate of your citizens)?

          You say that in comparison, the Netherlands is “better” than the Philippines. What constructive and practical advice do you have that would help us grow?

          For the record, I would like to say that the author missed the other stereotype – CRAB MENTALITY – exhibited by many of my fellow Filipinos here.

        7. Ninja,
          You are a better reader (no sarcasm).

          Of course we – the Dutch – are not perfect. But compared to PH, I think we are pretty close.

          I really dont like to use the word “better”, Ninja. And even the Dutch government is not perfect. I would rate them as good.

          You ask me for practical and constructive advice. Pls look around yourself, pls look around in the place where you live. Are you happy with what you see? Or can things be improved?

          My frustrations from my visits to Cebu are caused by the things we do differently in my country.
          I will give you a few simple examples:
          – 3 people sitting on a motor cycle. Yes, very efficient but not very safe. Even against the law in my country
          – A bus being overcrowded where even the aisle is used with sitting passengers. Yes again very efficient but yet again against Dutch laws bec of lack of safety. I guess our lives (bodies) are worth much more
          – a bus trip from Argao (cebu) to Cebu City south bus terminal has a distance of +/- 67km. Why does it need to take 2 hours to cover it? That is really absurd. Why does everybody have the right to use that most important coastal road? Why does such an important road have only 1 (one) lane per direction?
          – Why do you still have walking funeral processions? You are delaying my trip when caught middle in such a procession. Make those processions shorter, everybody can meet at the church and/or cemetary using his/her own means of transportation
          – Why cant girls/women wear bikinis in your country (Me, pervert? No. Let women be really free in what they wear and for sure let them be equal to what guys wear at the beach)
          (PS: pls check that incident regarding St Theresa’s College, Cebu City)
          – Why do (poor) people keep on procreating?
          (PS: pls do a google search about a couple in Argao who got quadruplets while already having 3 kids in 2012).
          – There is no privacy in your country, there is no I (me, myself and I) in your country. It all revolves around US (us being the family) or the other.
          – Pls stop saying you are a simple person. Hearing that is boring. Pls make your life more exciting. And stop accepting mediocrity as THE standard. Raise the bar higher and rise to the occassion. Thank you.

          In short: Mr. Benign0 mentioned it very often here and I do agree with him. The Philippines is/has a dysfunctional society. Maybe he and I differ in how to solve it or where it all started. But for me its 100% true. Does that give me joy? No. As human being it makes me sad and as human being I often feel ashamed.

          If only I knew you better, I would and could tell you what I experienced with pinays during my first year (2009-2010).

        8. Ninja,
          is there one moment in a day you are all alone in your house to take the time to contemplate? Contemplating about the things around you, about your family, about your friends, about your work, about yourself?

          Personally, I dont because Philipino are never alone bec there is no privacy. You just cant leave the living room and go to your own bedroom to start contemplating.

        9. Thanks for the compliment, Robert. Much appreciated.

          I agree with your comments on transport safety. That needs to be addressed – and as quickly and efficiently as possible (though to my shame, I have no idea how to make it happen).

          Regarding your comment about actual distance vs travel time. I would guess (and I admit that I am guessing here) that the issue is finance. How much does it cost to build a road? Astronomical, I would imagine. Is it worth it? Yes. Is it worth enough to divert resources from public education to public transportation? God, I don’t know. Do you? How does one weigh such matters?

          Walking funeral processions. Ah, culture and tradition. I wouldn’t even bother with this one. Such things do change but they take time. We cannot force people to change unless they’re willing to. I can only think that people do this to show how much they care about the deceased – they are willing to walk for whatever distance, rain or shine. It’s like people visiting friends / relatives while in the hospital. Rarely happens here in the UK but is practically expected in the Philippines.

          Bikinis – hot topic. And you’ll find that Filipinas are divided into three camps here. Those who are pro, who are against and who don’t actually care what the others are wearing (like me haha). Filipinas (the ones in my part of the Philippines anyway) are socialiased into hiding their bodies by parents who have been socialised in practically the same way. But I travel so I know that some people go skinny dipping while some people wear burqas to the beach. Have you heard of the burqa ban in Belgium and France? It’s supposed to be for the emancipation of women. I agree with the sentiment but what are the effects? Among others, “According to French-government statistics, rapes in the housing projects have risen between 15 and 20 percent every year since 1999 (http://www.nationalreview.com/article/243587/ban-burqa-claire-berlinski). Again, we encourage change but we can’t accelerate the process.

          Poor people and procreation. That stumps me too. Goodness, I’d like to have kids but I’m not financially able just yet. Education, I think, is key. And we all know that the Philippines doesn’t have proper sex ed yet.

          Privacy – err, what do you mean?

          Raise the bar higher and rise to the occasion – now THAT is a message worth repeating. Better than the above article, imho.

          Re pinays, Robert. I can guess what your experience is about. So I will tell you this, be very very careful with women. We can be cruel. But at the same time, try not to be cynical either. It’s a fine balance that’s difficult to achieve but it’s possible. Just keep in mind that in this case, nationality doesn’t matter. Each woman – regardless of nationality – has the potential to be a man’s dream come true and his worst nightmare…the reverse is also true of course. 😉

        10. Ninja,
          I will go public now and put myself in a very vulnerable position (you may not believe me and kill me for the acquisations)

          My very first experiences with pinays was at a “dating” website (where I also met my later Pinay girlfriend/partner). They (not all of course) asked me for me money. Some even showed me body parts.
          Will I show you body parts – unrequested? Maybe yes but never to get money out of your pocket. And I most likely wont show you bec I have a sense of dignity (not even out of taboo). Let me tell you that I was very shocked about this candyness (showing body parts and asking bluntly for money).

          Having revealed all this to you.

          Every department gets a budget every year. A specific department needs to make choices what to do with it and why. The dapertment of transportation (or roads and highways) must think of the economic disadvantage when roads are NOT upgraded and secondly about the inefficiency (dis-comfort) of keeping everything the way it is.

          Bikinis – hot topic or sensitive topic (LOL).
          Seeing girls and women wearing a bra, T-shirt, panty and shorts while guys wear swimming trunks give me a sense of discrimination (being unequal) and a sense that women are NOT free what to wear. Is it about me (as guy) (not) getting an erection bec you wear a sexy bikini? Wow, come on. We live in 2015.

          Yes, I heard of the burqa ban. The dutch government is in the process to also ban them in public spaces.

          Privacy? That I can have a Skype call with you while you and me are completely alone and not getting interrupted by family members (just one simple example)

          My partner wanted to live together with me in the same village as her parents do. Pls can we live somewhere further away and closer to the big city (outskirts of Cebu City)?
          This was actyually advised by others from the word GO. To avoid family members barging in without proper notification.

          Oh and here is another thing: pls stop with respecting just everybody. My partner’s best male friend – Richard – told me during our very first meet(ing) he respects me. But he didnt know that I am a serial rapist, child molester and serial killer. Again pls raise the bar higher for giving someone respect. Or do you still respect me knowing I am a child molestor? What will it be?
          Respect is something a person has to earn and deserve based on personal achievement. Being a parent, a teacher, an older citizen is NOT an achievement.

          Pls stop using those stupid words like ate, kuya, dai, ninay, dong.

          Pls stop saying that your body is mine (in case we are married or in a romantic relationship). I dont own your body and I dont own you.

        11. Ninja,
          “Again, we encourage change but we can’t accelerate the process.”
          You can accelerate it by informing all your friends (from all walks of life), your parents that using (example) contraceptions is not bad especially if you can inform them that having a zillion babies doesnt make them richer. You can accelarate it by informing all your friends that drive a car that blowing their horns is stupid and doesnt make their trip go any faster. Try and convince them.

          Although, I must admit, I never saw and heard my partner have or had a good, deep conversation with any of her friends and not even with her parents. It is probably a taboo in PH to have a vivid and lively conversation with parents where positions can be opposite. Lets follow our parents bec they are always right, right? They are almighty in knowledge and wisdom.

          I really think its a taboo to go against one’s parents even when the daughter/son has better arguments. Again hiya?

          I really think its a taboo to go against one’s teacher even when the pupil/student has better arguments. Again hiya?

          As long as your country doesnt clean up this mess, your country will stay a poor 3rd world country for centuries to come. Is that what you want?

        12. Ninja,
          would it be possible for you and me to talk about sex? No, not from graphical point of view but more from an analytical, scientific, biological point of view?
          I think that is not possible. How come?

          When I say/write “you” I dont mean you personally. But based on my experiences its very difficult to talk about such topics in your country. I wonder why. Lack of knowledge, lack of arguments, taboo?

          You get my drift?

        13. A dating website? Allow me to reveal my first firm bias. Never believed in dating websites, never will. Yes, I know some people get lucky and find the dream partner through them but in many cases, they end up burned. I don’t know you and I don’t know these women. But no one deserves such treatment. Not you and no, not even these ladies. Such behaviour only makes me think that these women have been raised believing they only have their bodies to work with. So that’s what they use. That’s tragic too.

          Transportation – makes sense. I don’t know what the budget is like for each department. Is it enough? Is it not enough? How long does it normally take to make a decision? I’m afraid I can’t offer concrete suggestions on this. All I know is that in my province, our two key bridges fell one after the other during a typhoon. The city council doesn’t have the 9M needed to build the second bridge so we make do with one. There is talk of a mall owner actually paying for the bridge himself because he’s losing so much in terms of profit due to the loss of the second bridge. I wish I were that rich that I could afford to make things better so quickly.

          Bikinis – yes it’s a hot / sensitive topic. haha But consider this possibility, women in the Philippines are actually free to wear a bikini if they wish to. I wear bikinis all the time. My sister does too – if she can be bothered to go to the beach at all. The fear of getting a tan is her main worry. My mom could wear a bikini but doesn’t for the same reason. She also, according to her, doesn’t have the abs for a bikini. I don’t agree but I won’t force her into wearing something she’s not comfortable in. When it comes to clothes, I say to each their own. 😉

          Burqa ban – these women can’t get a break. If they feel comfortable under the burqas, if they feel naked without them, why take that away from them? Why expose them to the very real danger of rape just because you think they should be liberated? (also not talking about you, personally)

          Privacy? That is quite tough. I don’t know how it works in others but in my family, we just excuse ourselves and lock the door. Clear boundaries just have to be erected. But it can be done without being rude or condescending (no, I don’t mean you). Most people understand that. If they can’t, then be firm.

          Re families barging in. That’s what my Scottish husband also said to me – strangely, about HIS family, not mine. We also lock the door because we live in a small community in Scotland and if you don’t lock the door, a neighbour will just knock twice and then walk in and sit in your living room waiting for you. Again, clear boundaries. 😉

          Being respectful I think is just being confused with being polite. I am polite and civil to everyone. I respect just a few. The lack of good manners is actually a very strong swear word, at least where I come from. For my part, I don’t understand the need to curse or swear just to prove a point.

          Re ate and kuya. I’m an ate myself and quite proud of that fact so I’ll keep using them, if it’s all the same to you. 😀

          Who owns one’s body? If someone wants to give his or her body to a beloved and the beloved in question is fine with that, well who am I to say they’re idiots for doing so?

          But the kind of acceleration you mean doesn’t always work, does it Robert? Again, imagine if you were a Muslim woman and you feel naked with your burqa. To suddenly have that protection taken from you is horrific. Do we take away comfort blankets from wee ones just because we think it’s juvenile to keep on relying on them? Isn’t that cruel?

          Living by example paves the way for change but it does take time. Heck, sometimes it takes a lifetime to change ourselves. How can we expect an entire country made of millions to suddenly transform? Is it possible? Yes. Is it probable? I don’t think so.

          I’ve had debates, discussions, war with my parents because I married late, I don’t want kids just yet, I go to church only when I want to, I got a tan for my wedding etc. It all depends on how much you respect yourself and the kind of family you’ve got. I got lucky, I suppose. Democracy exists in mine – but I have to say that each of us (my parents, me, my siblings) all fought for that democracy. Is it taboo? I don’t know how other families work but mine is pretty cool.

          About teachers – hah! I put up a post here somewhere about that teacher who told me I would never learn English, that no university would accept me and that I wouldn’t amount to anything. Revenge is sweet! 😉

          Sex? Yes I imagine how difficult it would be for a man to have a discussion about sex with a woman in the Philippines. One of my closest friends is a Swedish male so I can have discussions about sex with him. But I don’t think that’s a common phenomenon. I’m afraid I can’t help you with that. lol

          Of course I would like to see my country live up to its potential. That is why I live my life the way I do now. Because maybe if I lived my life the way it is meant to be lived, the ones who know me will also know that they have the potential to do same. Dream big dreams. Love with every fiber of their being. Face every fear. Conquer every challenge. Rise from the ashes, like the mythical phoenix. The Filipino spirit – the HUMAN spirit – has that power. I refuse to believe otherwise. 😉

        14. Ninja,
          When I visited my pinay GF for the first time, she showed me around (or was it to show off?) to all her family members (god’s mother and the likes) as if I was a trophy to be presented. So basically there was no more time left to really get to know each other better. Not even time to get to know Cebu, Cebu City. In a harsh, blunt way that first visit was a waste. And on top of that losing a lot of time to crappy public transport didnt make it better.
          So in a kind of rude way, I demanded from her to have (more) privacy during/for the next visit.

          She also demanded me to do the Mano po to her parents and to all older people in her family. I complied but only during my first visit. I had to do this each time, I entered the house and left the house. Day in, day out. Why is once not enough? I did the mano po with an “empty heart and empty soul” bec I do something against my will and against my principle.

          I just cant respect people that I dont know. We just shake hands, hug and if we know each other long enough we kiss (on the cheeks) as greeting.

        15. Okay,
          so you are a Philipine woman married to or in a relationship with a Scot and you are residing in Scotland, right?

          So do you sent money back home to your famiily (mom, dad, sisters and brothers and maybe even used for uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews)? Why I am asking bec I see this all the time with pinays who live abroad.
          If you do then why are you sending money back home?

          I specifically forbid my partner to do this. Why? I would feel used and abused. And it takes away the self-responsibility of her own family members. It should NOT be the case that either she, I or we work for others. The future is about us (her and me). I am not a ATM. So agian this is also a principle.

          Furthermore, bec most or all Filipinos are so family oriented do you also spend every vacation in the Philippines? Or do you acknowledge the world is bigger than just the Philippines.

          I dont see myself using every vacation to be spend in the Philippines. I still have countries to be checked off my bucket list.

        16. Sorry Robert, can’t say her name. That’s already revealing too much personal information for my part. If I did, people will get a vital clue about my identity.

          But okay, I can at least give you a clue. She lives somewhere in SBMA.

      1. What about failipinos like you? After you kicked-out the americans from Subic, the chinese are now invading our shoals tapos hihingi kayo ng tulong sa kanila? So much for our independence and your pinoy prayd kung isip batang duwag ka naman pala’t hindi mo man kayang ipagtanggol ang bansang ito by yourself. Checkmate inutil.

        1. How do you know I was one of those who kicked out the americans in subic when i used to work there?

          failipinos? wow! e ano ka? pinoy pride? this isn’t about pinoy pride… it’s about WHAT THE AUTHOR’s DESCRIPTION OF BASICALLY EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET and claiming it like only we “failipinos” are guilty of such. . e TAYO LANG BA ANG GANUN?

          domo, you are a smartass, sadly not smart

          ako ang natatawa kasi kapag sinabi ng GRP… yun ang nagiging absolute truth para sa inyo.

        2. @mark: Son, you’re more funnier due to your emotional outbursts.

          Sadly, you’re missing the point.

        3. @ dio: don’t ever call me son. Im lot older that you could ever imagine. it is you who don’t get the point when this turd domo tried to tell me who I am, what i did. he just can’t help being prejudiced. and some of you here keep assuming my argument is about pinoy pride when it is clearly not.
          it is funny when i comment, it is labeled as an emotional outburst. so Im damned if i do and damned if i don’t. I guess this is how you manage to keep people from commenting against an article.
          you all manage to pounce on them even, resorting to expletives. emotional outburst my ass.

        4. Oh look guys. This clown is in denial mode again. Keep us entertained you emo clown because you are already the joker of this site.

          Listen moron, this site is get real philippines not get real world. It focuses about dysfunctional mindset of da pinoys like you. You can’t handle what this site said? Go back to abias-cbn because clearly you sound like you want to hear anything positive only.

          And let’s make things clear since you sound like you’re accusing me of generalizing every single Filipinos in this country: I said “failipino” NOT “Filipino”. Both of them have different meanings because the former is a kind of Filipino who always chooses anything wrong. Capisce? Comprende? If not, obviously you have a major dysfunction in your head. You need a psychiatrist you clown.

      2. and dio you don’t do nicholas cage justice by addressing everybody like that. Son, ya
        need to do your own thang! ya hear?

        1. Translation: hi I’m mark and I’m being a smartass because I’m stupid. *hits himself in the head with a mullet*

        2. you are missing the point by a mile. the ducthmen above mentioned a lot of FACTS and you didnt even bother to oppose his statement. why? because they are all true and based on personal experiences.

          masaya ka ba sa nakikita mo sa Pilipinas?

      3. adeng his observation was based on 1 city alone? does one city reflect who and what a country and it’s people are? im sorry but you failed to notice i disregarded his comment because it lacks merit. and by saying he lives in perfect society, how much more of a lie could that be?

        1. mark wherever you go in the philippines you will encounter the same shit. i am living in canada now, its not a perfect country but its far more better than my own motherland. Filipinos are just proud but not patriotic unlike other nationalities. chinese, vietnamese and indians will beat the crap out of you if you say something not nice against their country. kapag pinoy, wala lang, dedma. just dont say a word that would hurt pinoy ego.

          we represent the philippines and we are part of it. it is our responsibility to change the image.

      4. Mark,
        I am not proud of that. But can I be held responsible and accountable for that for something that happened many centuries ago? At least before my time

    2. @Robert, I agree when you mentioned not to send money to the family. love of family is ok for us, but giving money is not right. they will depend on you and they will abuse you. my family is in the U.S. but I never ask financial assistance. money is no problem for us because each of us has a job.

      1. @Andrew,

        (in case of OFW)
        Based on what I read here in GRP (but not this article) it seems that money sent back home is oftentimes mis-used/abused and that the ones left (behind) in the Philippines get lazy and dont work or dont try to get a job.
        So in that case we are talking about a traditional situation with only one breadwinner.

        (in case a Pinay married a foreigner and living in the country of the foreigner)
        I heard (first hand) that sending back money is very typical to do. This will take away the responsibility of the pinay’s family and becoming totally dependent of the flow of money. This way a nation can never grow into something more beautiful. I often think that such a pinay doesnt love that foreigner but is simply used (or abused).
        But more and more I get to understand that its the oldest daughter’s duty to take financially care (support/sponsor) of her family (her mom, dad and the rest of the “clan”/”tribe”).

        On a side note: I really hope and wish to meet a Philippine girl/woman, who will tell me that she doesnt want to get married and doesnt want to get/have any kids.
        I think it will be the typical needle in the haystack.
        To find the liberated girl/woman who will say “enough is enough” and who really wants to enjoy full freedom without any cultural burden and hazzles. Women power !!!!
        As long as that (girl/women ppower) is not even born yet in the Philippines then they wont be able to grow as a nation as well.

        1. @Robert

          “I really hope and wish to meet a Philippine girl/woman, who will tell me that she doesnt want to get married and doesnt want to get/have any kids. To find the liberated girl/woman who will say “enough is enough” and who really wants to enjoy full freedom without any cultural burden and hazzles.”

          You may actually be talking about my sister or me there. And I am being serious. Our family may actually be 1 in a million here in this country… or maybe one on 500,000? hahah

          We could be the only kids (we were of proper age when we did this, hahah…) who watched porn with their mom (and discussed it afterwards); who talked about sex with their mom and siblings; who talk about politics, the country’s/citizens’/leaders’ behavior during mealtime and during while-away time; who, even if we didn’t have our own rooms, respected personal space; and who do not care a whit about religion. (BTW, I refer to things we did with our mom in the past tense because she passed away in ’07, everything else is what we still currently do.)

          And because of this, I don’t think I’d ever be in a relationship with a Filipino male. SAD.

        2. Hi Sam,
          You know what “AIDA” stands for? It is an abbreviation used in Marketing (and a little bit of Psychology).
          And without you realizing it (or did you?), you used it (on me).

          Can we start a relationship?

        3. @Robert

          Oh, wow~ No. I didn’t realize I used AIDA on you. Hahah~ I am literally laughing here in surprise. I had to look up the meaning behind the acronym.

          A relationship found here in GRP, huh? What a way to start! But why not?

        4. Hi Sam,
          so whats next? “dating & courting” you by serenading (lol).
          So lets meet. Where? Your place, my place or halfway?

        5. Hi, again, Robert,

          It’s probably best to take the conversation elsewhere, no?

          I am not sure if you can view my profile on WordPress when you click my name here on GRP, but you can reach me via email through my LinkedIn. If you can’t, please let me know.

        6. Sam,
          – I cant click on your name here in GRP
          – I searched your name in Linkedin but all I have is your first name (sammie)

          You can find me on LinkedIn if/when you use my name; you can also find me on FB and on Twitter. No matter where you go, you will always recognize me by the same pic (same pic as here).

          Ingat, salamat

  12. eto pa “If Pwede na iyan, Bahala na, and a culture of impunity are the best that Filipinos can do together, well, they get what they deserve”

    bakit “they”? hindi ka ba pilipino?.

    1. So ibig mong sabihin dapat gawin palagi iyang mga nakakabobong ugali ng pinoy inutil? Kaya pala pinagtatawanan na tayo ng buong mundo e.


        1. I believe the writer is trying to not write in the first person point of view that is usually required for students not to use in school papers, essays, reports, etc.

  13. i just noticed lahat “they” not once do I see “we filipinos”

    how much more arrogant can you get? it’s like every else is.. but not you?

    1. Maybe it’s a third party POV, for the formality of the article. I found writing more formal if you use “they”, or “the *subject*”.
      (No sarcasm on my reply)

      1. The third POV doesn’t work in this instance. It only makes the author appear judgmental and racist – which weakens his/her already weak argument.

    2. Says the utak squatter being an entertaining clown in this site. Keep crying bozo because your tears are very tasty.

    3. First of all, what are you even arguing about in this article? Can you give us some points that you are opposing to this article? Because all of your arguments are still vague to almost everyone in here. If you can’t even do that, you’re just proving the article that Filipinos cannot take negative criticism and feedback.

  14. Partly correct but the author forgot to mention that these undesirable traits are also present in any other culture and these do not represent the entire Filipino community.Sure there are bad apples in a bunch but not all.How many times I’ve seen Filipinos with better work ethics, take more responsibility than others,have more sound judgement according to conscience.

    1. The problem with that counterpoint is your above examples are an unfortunate MINORITY among the populace. The majority of the bunch are uneducated, free loading wastes of space who would be better off being part of the Soylent System.

    2. Like Sid said, we’re talking about most of the Filipinos here. You can find undesirable traits on SOME of the people of other societies, but in the case of the Philippines, you find that MOST have these undesirable traits. Take for example something as simple as claygo, you go to a cinema, not just any cinema, GH Promenade, Rockwell, Bonifacio Central Square and you still see Filipinos incapable of cleaning up after themselves. Add to that people littering everywhere.

  15. If everybody only had self awareness. I’m Filipino and thanks to this post I have realized that I am guilty of some and not guilty of most. Which by the way gives me an eye opener to initiate change. Not change in anybody’s life, but change in myself. A change for the better. It wouldn’t hurt to try be a better citizen.

    1. Thank you Kris I know the feeling. I too was once under the spell of pinoy pride but after witnessing and experiencing the full dysfunction of my fellow pinoys, I gradually changed and now know better. If GRP articles were present ten years ago I would have reacted with just sheer emotionalism just like our favorite pal mark.

  16. Filipinos are scatter brained and hard headed. They will never reform, no matter what the outcome.

    We have thieving and corrupt politician. We have a mentally retarded President, who is a “virtual dictator”…

    We have a Congress who is populated by people, who want to fill their own pockets. And, who want to fill it , with their families and relatives…

    A dysfunctional society, trying to grab some successful Filipinos to identify with themselves…

    1. If I would disagree with you, Hayden, it’s on putting finality in what Filipinos can only do and can still be.

      “They will never reform, no matter what the outcome.” If this should be the case, it’ll be useless to be doing criticism and sharing ideas. We’re still talking with humans and not walls anyway but if one turns a blind eye and stop giving honest feedbacks and correcting people’s mistakes, we all here will definitely be living in a sea of human waste and wasted humans, as in literally.

  17. i think mark has all the afforementioned traits that’s why he kept on reacting. he is a perfect example of a an overly emotional filipino. are you a chick trying to find your mom?!haha you kept on crying. hanap pa ng kakampi more!lmao

    1. True. He has a skewed concept of freedom… especially that thing we call freedom of expression kaya sya ganyang overly emotional sa bawat comment article na ‘to, taking it on a personal level, taking criticisms very poorly. Get your act together mark and accept the fact na napapalibutan ka ng ganyang mga tao (kung ayaw mo mang amining ganyan ka.)

  18. As foreigners,we are lucky enough to live or have have spent our formative years in other places,thus giving us a different reference point.We have come from places that are more organized,cleaner,have better job opportunities,infrastructure,education.What is it really like to grow up in the Philippines,poor,isolated,with little or no education,not much knowledge of the outside world? Struggling on a daily basis to make ends meet? Most of us reading this website are well educated I’m sure,wise to the ways of the world,but if you think that most filipinos fit into this category you are gravely mistaken.The vast majority of filipinos are living a couple of generations removed from the stone age,and I dont mean this as an insult.If people arent better educated,and have an awareness of how things could be,by having more exposure to the world around them,they will never be given that new reference point from which change will manifest.How can you be expected to change,if you have absolutely no idea what it looks like??? As far as the authors comments on filipinos being rude,I think this is ridiculous,people are rude everywhere..Awww…..did you get your feelings hurt cuz somebody cut you off in traffic??.would you like to come visit me in Boston?? I’ll open up a can of rude for ya !! GET REAL !! most of the filipinos I have met,both in the Phils.and abroad,are courteous,warm and generous COME TO BOSTON AND SEE WHAT ITS LIKE AMIGO !!

    1. WELL SAID biffa bacon I Come From Upstate NY-and if you said Good Morning to someone you did not know….You would get an answer something like ” Why Do You FU**ING Care”—–Yup Rude Indeed–Thumbs Up To You biffa

      1. Although about two months ago,a tricycle driver got pissed and pulled an iron bar on me,just because i wouldn’t ‘allow’ his unsolicited assistance in moving our luggage from a bus to a taxi…the guy just wouldn’t take no for an answer,until i really had to clear my throat a little….that kind of behavior was a little rude on his part,and he most likely perceived me as being rude cuz i raised my voice….different perspectives…

      2. someone you did not know? you grew up in the states i guess that’s true. mali grammar mo e. i’ve been in the u.s. several times and based on my experience, they are the first one who always greet “good morning”

    2. Well said Biffa.

      Sad to say foreigners have a more positive outlook on Filipinos…

      Agree with you Kris, we Filipinos around the world should act as catalyst for change in our society/ country.

      1. Very excellent point,filipinos who have experienced life outside the Phils.can and should be catalysts for change…,as well as remitting money to their families,why not help them become more environmentally,financially and socially aware…put some real meaning behind ‘filipino pride’….a small paradigm shift in thinking can go a long way !!

    3. YOU are so wrong and we are NOT mistaken. You are simply blind. I too have travel and lived in as many and probably more countries than you and EVERYTHING in the post above is true and I have NEVER seen a fucked up people like Filipinos. The mindset is beyond belief.

  19. OA naman makareact si mark. keyboard warrior. kesyo meron kang globe-trotting na trabaho kung makareact wagas. kung magiging observant ka lang, karamihan ng punto nung article eh tama. makapagsalita ka parang mahal na mahal mo pilipinas, ni minsan ba di ka nagkupal sa kapwa mo pilipino? andami sa pilipino masyado mataas tingin sa sarili. sa simpleng paglalakad lang sa bangketa, me silent rule na ‘keep right’ pero marami kung maglakad parang nabili na nila bangketa. walang pakialam sa paligid. kung sa simpleng bagay, kamote na tayo. ipaglaban mo pa punto mo sa mas malalaking isyu eh di lalong katawa tawa mga pinagsasabi mo. sinadya ko magkomento ng tagalog para alam mo na pilipino rin kausap mo.

  20. @Robert Haighton, And in what aspect made the Dutch society “perfect?”

    Please review the definition of “perfection”

    “Perfection is, broadly, a state of completeness and flawlessness”.

    Are the Dutch people complete and flawless? If you say yes, then you have a big…no HUGE problem up there.

    There is no society that is perfect, sir, never was, never will be. All countries including yours have its share of faults and flaws.

    And the Netherlands is way far from being PERFECT. Never was, never will be.

    1. True. my homeland is not perfect. Its just different. Philippines is different also not perfect. but just because both countries are different it does not follow the other is better than the other.. its really just a matter of perspective. He who grows up complaining and banting and purely negative, will only see negative and can never do or say anything to build or correct. if you understand PARADIGM SHIFTING.. then you see WHATS GOING ON AND WHY IT is so…then dig deep down…WHAT CAN I DO–if you are FILIPINO ask yourself, WHAT CAN I DO….even in a small way to make things happen to make it positive… starts with self. I left my country to be in the philippines and started buying farmlands so I can breath fresh air and sunny air and doing that i give work to starving filipinos..the least i can do…how about you.. stop the blame game and do something foryour race and country by starting with yourself. If only I can grow back home what i grow here in my farm, i would, but i can’t…. so i do here, what i cannot do there….i hope you take the hint.

      1. Filipinos can start by being considerate to one another–don’t spit/piss on the streets; see a line? don’t cut stupid; yellow light–slow down. Its not hard.

      2. @Dutch, your statement below is so TRUE!!!

        “He who grows up complaining and banting and purely negative, will only see negative and can never do or say anything to build or correct”

        Somehow I get the same impression from this article…

    2. Then tell me why Netherlands is more peaceful than our country? Why is Netherlands has a far more better train transport than our shitty mrt and lrt? Why do the Dutch people prefer using bikes, which are cheap, as their mode of transportation instead of cars, which are expensive, that a lot of Filipinos are using it? And no, bitching your sugarcoated positives is invalid. You’re not a true Filipino. Pakitang tao ka lang and also a disease.

      1. Iba ang mentality, ways of living, beliefs, morals, family and national values, attitudes, degree of personal and national responsibility, iba ang pagpapalaki ng magulang at ng komunidad, iba ang focus, iba ang priorities, iba ang mindset, iba ang pinapahalagahan sa buhay, iba ang napagdaanang hirap at sarap, iba ang pagrespond sa pagsubok, iba ang pagppahalaga sa kapwa, iba ang source of happiness, iba ang self awareness, iba ang self confidence, iba ang batas, iba ang society, iba ang adhikain, iba ang history, iba ang haba ng pasensya, iba ang pagmamahal sa/ ng magulang, sa/ng pamilya, iba ang pagmamahal sa bayan, iba ang talino, iba ang paggamit sa talino, iba ang edukasyon, iba ang guro, iba ang estudyante, iba ang social expectations, iba ang pagtrato sa kapwa, iba ang tindig, iba ang pananaw, iba ang paraan ng pagiisip, iba ang pumupukaw sa isip, iba ang nagpapailing, iba ang source ng national strength and pride, iba ang sukatan ng yaman, talino, pagasenso, lakas, katapangan, kalinisan, kapayapaan. Iba. Iba ikaw sa akin. Iba siya sa iyo. Iba sila sa atin. Magkakaiba. Isa lang ang sigurado akong di magkaiba sa ating lahat, ang kagustuhang makita ang magandang pagbabago sa bansa na mangyayari lang kung magsisimula tayo sa sarili. Gaya na lang ng di pagtapon ng basura kahit saan o pagyield sa pedestrians. Maging disiplinado sa malilit at hanggang sa malalaking bagay. Maging considerate sa nasa paligid. Maging may pakialam. Maging aktibo at di nagtitiis sa pangaabuso pnagaapi pangbababa ng kapwa. Maging huwarang Pilipino, maging disiplinado at aktibo.

        1. Tama ka. At yung pagkilala sa mga mali o hindi magandang gawain natin bilang isang bansa ay simula pa lang. Ang kasunod na hakbang ay ang alamin ang mga paraan para matugunan ang mga maling ito upang maiwasan at tuluyang mawala. Ang pagbabago ay magsisimula sa bawa’t indibidwal.

          Ang corny at cheesy pag binabasa, pero yan ang totoo.

    3. Son, you’re actually missing the point. Yes, there no ‘perfect’ society. But those countries that you’ve mentioned? They don’t play victims and they care about their people at the very least.

      The Philippines? Victim mentality is rampant in our society…

      1. Actually, you’ll be surprised. The victim mentality is rampant – yes, even in Europe. It’s insane how people expect the government to do for them what they should in fact be doing for themselves. Ask yourself why depression is highest in these developed countries (Yes, the Netherlands is one of them). Ask yourself why in the most developed nations in the world, the question of attaining happiness is now taking fever pitch. Dutch and Sticksnstones are correct, it’s not perfect – just different. Everyone and everything is different. And I think it’s time that we should stop glorying in the pain of our fellow Filipinos, in their stupidity (if they’re not educated, how could you expect them to know any better?), in what makes them “inferior” to other nations and even to us. Become model citizens, follow the golden rule, hold yourself to the highest ethical standard, walk your talk – progress is that simple.

        1. See that’s you. That’s how dumb and irresponsible you are for pointing other country’s faults as a mask for ours. Escapist much coward?

  21. The good, the bad and the ignorant: As indicated that Filipinos do have the tendency to be rude and inconsiderate, which are largely apparent in traffic and during commutes that not a lot of people give way at all even when they really should and this is regardless of their status of living. (As rudeness is expressed by both the poor, the rich) This is otherwise unfair to the aware that do their best to actually obey and adhere to traffic rules and bystander manners.

    The overly emotional bit is agreeable in terms of the gullible logic but this is not solely reliant on the emotional state of a person but more of being uneducated and sticking to what they know.

    A lack of self responsibility a great case for some of the more abusive portion of the population that actually think that priveleges should be handed to them in a silver platter by the government but otherwise don’t do anything about their situation though this is also unfair to our more diligent countrymen (Which also makes a great portion of the population) that work in extreme conditions, remain stoic and get the job done. A great deal of “normal” Filipinos are actually very resilient and are growth-seekers.

    In terms to the heavy reliance to external forces for validation, I must agree that a great number of Filipinos actually ride the bandwagon of popular opinion that we should only show recognition for our countrymen when they are recognized overseas where to begin with, we should be able to show appreciation for their abilities without the need for an external force. No argument here, a great deal of the population actually rides what they think is general knowledge.

    In criticism and alternative approaches, I greatly agree that not a lot of people actually have room to grow in these circumstances and are directly dismissive when given constructive criticism but as apparent to a lot of people that commented in the comment section, when someone gives out a counter argument to this article, they are as I said “Directly dismissive” just because of the points given in the article but don’t even try to comprehend what others are pointing out and jumping to the conclusion that “They are being emotional” or “Unable to take critcism” when behaving like this is actually “Being emotional” and “Being unable to take criticism” for their own “Consdescendingly more valid opinion”. So much for “Open Mindedness”.

    Filipinos actually set low standards for themselves though if you’ve actually studied and met people from other countries, they’re not so different and this is everywhere. Not just in the Philippines. Also to add that there are capable people in the country that are, as you’ve mentioned that express success due to their hard work.

    Being “Lazy” and “Unimaginative” is a heavy issue here and this portion was spot on as a lot of other Filipinos just leech off others just because it’s easier or they don’t strive to make it themselves.

    “Concept of Freedom” is highly agreed upon but the main case here is ignorance among each other.

    What is mostly displayed in the comment section is a great amount of “Unique Snowflakes” think that they’re somehow better and/or smarter than everyone else that they are given permission to hate on their own countrymen when in truth, a great portion of the populace already harbors this strict thought of hating each other which dampens our ability to grow at all. Failing to comprehend the truest substance of this article at all.

    1. Agree. I’ve noticed that sometimes when someone raises an opinion against an article here, he gets clobbered. I know they have superior argument skills so it really is difficult to present a case. But how can GRP writers help improve the Philippines (or this was never a goal?) when their intelligence seems to have morphed into arrogance and condescension? They seem to be only talking to each other, scoffing at the world around them.

      1. ah.. batman’s batman. Alfred, the stereotypical help… and in real life, we are the sterotypical maids

        we need a lucius fox then?

  22. If we would change the term “Filipino” to “Humans” in every sentence, we wont be having any arguments here. Stop being racist people.

      1. “Racism and racial discrimination are often used to describe discrimination on an ethnic or cultural basis, independent of whether these differences are described as racial. According to the United Nations convention, there is no distinction between the terms racial discrimination and ethnic discrimination, superiority based on racial differentiation is scientifically false, morally condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous, and there is no justification for racial discrimination, in theory or in practice, anywhere.” For once, I would actually quote Wikipedia verbatim.

    1. Except the author wants to address the Filipinos and the only ones arguing against him are the butthurt Filipinos who are probably guilty of all these.

    2. I think we should start abandoning the concept of race. As benign0 said, Filipino isn’t a race. They are people. The concept of race is one of the biggest problems of nation-building. As long as we think only of our “tribes” (Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, etc.) we will feel a sense of nationhood.

      As for the article, it points out a lot of truths about how degenerated our people had become. Heck, even our heroes won’t be proud to be Filipinos because these isn’t the kind of people they fought and died for.

  23. Your an idiot! You describe Filipinos as a whole! The beauty of being a Filipino is that we each have our own unique ways. We may be this and that at times but in the end we are the most accommodating people in the world! And that’s is why we have allot of forein workers accepted in most of the country’s.

    1. Tony, you’re NOT Filipino. We don’t need foreigners like you around here. We have Darna and Captain Barbel as heroes. You and Stark Industries have to pay us 60% of your earnings if you want to do business here just as Wesker and Umbrella did!

      1. EASY GRIM..Your Points are True..Just Sounded Like You Got A Little Blood Pressure Rise There, Just Remember That Foreigners Like Tony Stark Come To The Philippines Because They are Unaccepted Misfits In Their Own Countries, They Con and Take Advantage of Some Poor Filipina Then Think they are Filipino and Know The Philippines Even Better Then The Filipino’s, Oh By The Way I’am American.

        1. Indeed. Perhaps so. I do have blood pressure problems. I buy my maintenance medicine from Umbrella Pharmaceuticals.

          Also, I think you are wrong. Tony Stark has Pepper. I don’t know why he has to come here anyway.

          Wesker comes here because he can have victims -I mean VOLUNTEERS- here for free in his experiments…

    2. Anyone can be hospitable just as much as anyone can be rude. What makes Filipino hospitality any different other than the stereotype they have better grasp of the English language?

      And I dunno about you but I want the Philippines to be more than just a nation of cheap labor. It is demeaning and further impedes development and innovation. The country needs more inventors not laborers and entertainers.

      1. Filipino “Hospitality” is just there to “safe face”–a function of our Filipino trait of “Hiya” and “strong interpersonal relations”. If no one was looking, you’d victimize the one you were supposedly hospitable to.

    3. Yeah right hospitable. But are you really one of them? Or are you just another credit grabber?
      What unique ways? By credit grabbing some Filipino’s achievement and bitch “proud to be pinoy”? Speaking of that pinoy rayd, your hypocrisy is showing for using that name of yours which implies that you idolize Iron Man and not your “sariling atin” local entertainment.
      And yeah right foreign workers. No wonder why a lot of youth are getting retarded, if worse becoming emo sluts and drug addicts because their parents are always away from them.

      1. Yes. I would actually have been more convinced if he called himself “Narda” or something. Sad culture which may become sadder still if we don’t wake up soon.

      2. And from my last line: in case you stupid failipinos will miss its point and whine that I’m generalizing, I said “a lot” not “all”. Don’t know the difference between the two? Go back to elementary and wear a “dunce” hat while learning them.

    4. That’s some real bull shit. Wherever I go it’s the same shit. LOUD FUCKING MUSIC FOR DAYS without a care of others, driving like morons, litter, and the list go on. Its the whole country

    1. These failipinos are nothing but clowns. They are so entertaining so let’s give them some peanuts. No thanks for popcorn if you’ll gonna give me some. I’d rather drink their tears instead.

    1. yes, filipinos are loyal and hardworking, they just need to understand WHY they need to work. and WHO they are really working for—thats themselves and their family. as a foreigner I see that, recognize that and I reward that—its a mutual understanding.

    2. How does it happen, Ed, that such a great people are consistently bottom of the list in any world rankings?

      – Worst airport (#1) on the planet
      – Worst (bottom 10%) place for doing business
      – Worst (#1) country for impunity
      – Worst (bottom 10%) country for corruption

      My goodness, it’s amazing how unlucky you can be when you’re great, isn’t it?

    3. And no wonder why the whole world are laughing at us thanks to insecure, credit grabbing attention whores like you who actually achieved NOTHING.

      1. Like who, domo? Me?

        How do you know I’ve achieved nothing? Have you seen my CV? You have no idea who I am. For what it’s worth, I’m doing rather nicely, thank you. The Filipinos who work with me are also doing rather nicely, because they’re not idiots.

        But what on earth does my personal performance – or anybody else, for that matter – have to do with the fact that 80% of Filipinos fail and fail again because of the mistakes FallenAngel (correctly) has listed?

    4. so can you explain why untill now we are classified as a third world country? is there something special in our DNA that makes us great?

  24. this article clearly show racism .. for me yeah some filipinos are like that.. some are not yet you criticize all of the FILIPINO AROUND THE WORLD are you ashamed of who you are and what nationality you came from or you are the one in your article

    1. No wonder why your name is blank because that is what’s inside your brain. Go back to elementary and learn the difference between racism and criticism you squatter-minded failipino. It’s failipinos like YOU who are being a racist. What do you call on always labeling Indians as “payb siks”, African-Americans as “egoy”, even our muslim Filipinos as “dibidi dibidi”. Hell what do you call on bitching “pinoys are da best than any race in da world” every time some Filipino made his/her own achievements in other countries? Your hypocrisy is obviously showing failipino.

    2. Filipinos are not a race. And just showing that you believe in a concept of race just shows that you are an ardent follower of Adolf Hitler.

  25. My heart bleeds for the part truth.
    We are a country of organized chaos but we never stomp and burn our flag.
    Still proud to be Filipino.

  26. “Why I Am Not Proud To Be Filipino?” Pasensya na sa author ng blog na ito kaawa ka naman isa ka sa Pinoy na may “Crab mentality” ang utak.

    Ikaw yung taong ang nakikita ay kamalian ng kapwa pilipino at hindi ang nagawang kabutihan nito sa nakakarami. Hindi lahat ng Pinoy ay tulad ng ipinahiwatig mo.

    Bakit ba gusto ng mga foreigner ang mga Pinoy? Dahil na appreciate nila kung ano ang meron tayong mga Pilipino. talented, masipag, matalino, mapag mahal, may takot sa diyos, never give up sa kahit anong pagsubok na kahit sobrang hirap at ikamatay nya na naka ngiti parin. Yan ang Pinoy.

    “Filipinos are rude, undisciplined and inconsiderate” Hindi lahat ng lugar sa Pilipinas ganyan. Ang hirap sayo napad pad ka lang sa isang lugar at na experience mo yan, idinamay mo na ang lahat ng pinoy. Maraming lugar sa pinas ang tahimik, maayos magagalang at matulungin na pinoy. Pumunta ka ng Davao kung gusto mo ng maayos at safe na lugar.

    “Filipinos are overly emotional” Super agree ako sayo dito. no comments. ^___^

    “Filipinos lack a sense of self-responsibility” Wag mong lahatin, need lang ng pinoy na may IDOL para makapag bigay sa kanila ng inspiration na mapag buti pa ang ginagawa nila sa buhay.

    “Filipinos rely heavily on external factors and forces for validation” Well, hindi naman lahat, kaya nga dumarami na ang mga pinoy na nakikilala sa buong mundo gawa ng kakaibang talento nila. Ang napapansin mo kasi ay ang mga Pinoy na may “Crab mentality”. Subukan mong wag pansinin ang mga talangka at suportahan mo kung sino yung mga nagsusumikap na mga pinoy para sumaya ka.

    “Filipinos take criticism and alternative approaches/points of view very poorly”

    Filipinos set abominably low standards for themselves

    Filipinos are lazy and unimaginative

    Filipinos harbor a skewed concept of freedom

    HINDI LAHAT NG PINOY GANYAN. Hangat may UTAK TALANGKA SA PILIPINAS NA TULAD MO hindi talaga magbabago ang Pinas. Ang problema mo nagka bad experiences ka sa nakasama or nakita mong ginagawa ng Pinoy idinamay mo na lahat ng Pinoy.

    Hindi mo ikaka angat ang pag hila mo pababa sa lahat ng pinoy na dinamay mo.

    Ibukas mo ang iyong mga mata sa magandang nagagawa ng kapwa mo pinoy at tulungan mo sila sa abot ng iyong makakaya.

    Kung puros kamalian at kapalpakan ang hahanapin mo sa Pinoy talagang utak talangka ka nga at baka magkasakit ka lang sa puso. ^___^

    1. It’s obvious that your nationalism is a fake one because yours is nothing but being a showoff and also insecure by demanding the whole world respect.
      Just like panot, you failipino “nationalists” are a bunch of credit grabbers as well. Pag may nagtagumpay na Pilipino sabay sasabihin nyong “proud to be pinoy” kayo na wala naman talaga kayong sariling tagumpay.
      And no crab mentality is for CRAB PEOPLE. Tastes like crab walk like people. They have a tough shell on the outside but softies on the inside resulting to emotional outbursts rather than rational thinking so it actually applies to telebasura-minded failipinos like you.
      Go back on watching abias-cbn you turd because this site is not for failipinos like you.

        1. Ikaw naman ay puno ng insecurity dahil mahilig kayong mga bobong pinoy magpapansin sa buong mundo.

    2. Hindi naman siguro utak talangka agad kapag pinupuna niya ang mga mali sa Pinoy diba? Mabuti nga may nagsasabi ng mga mali sa atin para magawan ng solusyon diba? Hirap sa kagaya mo willing ka na hindi magbago ang pinas eh.

      1. @DG, ano ang tawag mo sa taong nandamay ng tao sa maling nakita nya sa ilang pinoy na nakagawa ng mali? Kung ikaw ay isa sa nagpapa angat sa image ng mga Pinoy at isang mabuting Filipino, papayag ka bang sabihan nya ng:

        “Rude,undisciplined, inconsiderate, lack a sense of self-responsibility, abominably low standards for themselves, lazy and unimaginative.”

        Dapat bang idamay ang lahat ng Pinoy? Gusto nyang hatakin pababa ang image ng Pinoy, madamay na kung sinong madamay. Edi Utak talangka sya.

        Pwede naman syang mag comment na kung anong masama ang nakita nya pero hindi nya dapat ni generalized na lahat ng Pinoy ay ganun.

        Totoo ang sinabi nya pero hindi lahat ng Pinoy.

        1. Maybe true. Pero alalahanin mo, he’s talking more about the MAJORITY of Filipinos. Alam mo dapat iyan…

        2. You keep on whining that this article is generalizing and yet you still can’t cite any specifics regarding your accusation. Anlaki mong tanga pekeng hapon.

        3. yun bang gineralizing na hinanap mo idol domo?
          1 FILIPINOS are rude, undisciplined and inconsiderate
          2 FILIPINOS are overly emotional
          3 Filipinos lack a sense of self-responsibility
          4Filipinos always need a hero who will deliver them from their self-made wretchedness.
          5 Filipinos have been so used to thinking that someone else will clean up after their own messes, they just leave their trash, literally.
          6Filipinos rely heavily on external factors and forces for validation
          6 Filipinos back home are quick to latch on to the success of that entity and claim it as their own, or worse, to put it up as proof that Filipinos are great and important members of the world community. And yet, more often than not, the success of that entity is due to his/her own hard work, and not because he/she has Filipino roots or heritage.
          7 Filipinos pay little attention to their talented countrymen until a foreign entity recognizes that talent? Now suddenly, they’re all over him.
          8 Filipinos take criticism and alternative approaches/points of view very poorly
          Filipinos have heard and been told too many times that they need to improve themselves and that they need to clean up their act if they want to get out of their current pathetic condition. They have one general reaction to all of these: indignation. All due to a paper thin ego that is better at dishing out than taking it.
          9 Filipinos put more emphasis on the tone and the perceived rudeness of the message more than on the actual content.

          10 Filipinos are lazy and unimaginative
          There are many talented Filipinos.
          11 Filipinos harbor a skewed concept of freedom


        4. @ricky rick:

          Another point misser.

          Actually, you’re very EMOTIONAL and you just love playing the victim card. Typical…

        5. Obvious point-misser is indeed obvious. pinoy nga naman oo ginagamit palagi ang puso hindi ang utak.

    3. there is no such thing as “crab mentality” the truth is filipinos are not open for criticism and super onion skinned. sabihin na natin na hindi lahat ng filipino ay ganyan but the majorities are. nakalabas ka na ba ng pilipinas at nakita mo ang society ng iba?

  27. santo po ata ang hinahanap ng author.

    there a question sa ibaba.. “Proud to be Filipino? Of what exactly?”
    baka pwede pong paki baka itong article na ito


    Opo maraming pintas sa mga pilipino, mraming problema sa pilipinas, pero sinong tao ang wala, sinong bansa ang wala. Kahit po ang mga pinaka mayayaman na bansa sa pag kakaalam ko may may problema o tinatagong baho. atleast ang mga pilipino sa aking stand point ay kahit hirap ay patuloy na lumalaban, may paraan ang mga pilipino kahit ilang beses madapa ay pilit paring tumatayo.

    Kung ikaw po na author hindi ka proud na pilipino. sige mag paampon ka sa iba. hahahaha

    1. So what? The richer countries aren’t fighting hard themselves? If anything, they are doing their best from keeping leeches like Illegals from turd world shitholes from ruining their countries that they worked hard to make better. Don’t try this bull that da Pinas is the only place that is trying to get out of shit. Such poorly veiled “pride.”

    2. Typical failipino trait: sugarcoating anything negative he/she can’t handle by posting anything positive in order to make himself/herself feel better. Escapist much positive pushing failipino?

    3. That article is absolutely f-ing hilarious.

      Hard-working: yes, they are. They’re always out there doing something completely pointless. Out in the provinces, I see people spend an hour every morning sweeping up leaves into a neat pile and setting fire to them. That’s so incredibly stupid I don’t even know where to start: the ecological damage, the pollution, or the sheer waste of time.

      Strong family ties: “It is not unusual that in a single household it would reach up to ten members of a family living under the same roof.” Because nine of them don’t have a job and are leeching off the one who does. Seriously, do Filipinos honestly, truly believe that foreigners don’t look after their families?

      Honesty: “In general, they would prefer to work hard for an honest day’s pay than to find an easier way like stealing or cheating.” This one cracks me up. I’ve met people who profess to be good Catholics telling me the most transparent lies. Roughly one-third think it’s OK to get money for nothing, or from scamming. Perhaps one in ten of the people I meet would meet the Western standard of ‘honesty’ (and to be fair, those few are VERY honest people).

      Religious. Yes, religious, in the same way that ISIS is religious. But not God-fearing or moral.

      Resiliency. Well, they have to be, since they resolutely refuse to recognise what the problems are and fix them once and for all.

  28. I agree that this happens to our country. But how he said it…example “Filipinos are rude, undisciplined and inconsiderate” seems like the writer is generalizing every Filipino.

    We have to remember that in every nation that we will experience something negative but it is always wrong to generalize.

    1. Tama po, ni generalize nya lahat ng sinabi nya, kaya yung mga pinoy na nagsusumikap na nasa daag matuwid nadamay.

    2. Tama po, ni generalize nya lahat ng sinabi nya, kaya yung mga pinoy na nagsusumikap na nasa daang matuwid nadamay.

      1. More of this daang matuwid bullshit?
        5 years later, your so called daang matuwid has turned out to be nothing but false advertising.
        Hell, you guys couldn’t even think of new propaganda just to defend your president from criticisms from his role in the mamasapano incident.

        You guys(malacanang trolls) are going to be out of a job soon so I suggest looking for a real job, solvent sniffers.

    3. Nah just admit that you two are complete asshurts because you can’t even specify exactly what makes the article generalizing. pinoy nga naman oo ginagamit palagi ang puso hindi ang utak.

      1. Hi Domo. Ive been reading the comments section and noticed that youve been replying to almost everyone. While most of your arguments are correct please refrain from saying things like failipinos and asshurt and reply using better vocabulary. The way you use your words make you sound like a little spoiled rich punk who thinks theyre better than everyone else, especially to those who are simply here to say whats on their mind

      2. eto rin (y) so true pero walang justification pano naging tama. domo idol talaga kita…. soooooo truuuuuueee

  29. Typical panic response of the pinoy dysfunction:

    Huwag niyo kaming nilalahat!

    “Don’t generalize us!”

    It’s a standard rhetorical gimmick to pretend to be victims then make false claims of being “unfairly generalized” just to confuse or poison the discourse.

    1. It’s kinda funny how Filipinos call for good things and praises to apply to all of them, yet they scream “Wag niyo naman lahatin!” when it comes to their faults.

      Accepting your faults together and working together to overcome them – that is stuff upon which great nations are built. Unfortunately, the Philippines remains a house divided against itself because its members think of primarily nothing BUT themselves.

  30. Is it just me or this never-ending raci…. I mean country improvement drama turning into a gag-show? We have a shortage of retorter roles and obviously have too much idiot roles.

    I miss the BHP strip. I hope there is a dedicated 4-panel web comic for these issues. Or is Pugad Baboy the closest we can have?

  31. Sa nagsulat nito, kung maka-Filipino ka ngang talaga, sana’y isinulat mo ito sa wikang sinilangan natin upang mas maiparating mo ito sa nakararami. Kulang pa ang isang libro upang sagutin ang tanong mo sa huli. At sa totoo lang sa huli, wala ka namang mababago kundi ang sarili mong perspektibo at kung paano ka makikibagay sa buhay dito sa Pilipinas at kung paano ka makikipagkawpwa tao. At kapag nabago mo na ang sarili mo, doon mo masasabing may nagawa ka para sa ikabubuti ng lipunang ito.

    1. At nasaan na ang progreso ng bansang ito na sinasabi nyo mula sa kakasigaw nyo ng “proud to be pinoy” kada may isang Pilipinong nagtagumpay? WALA! Tapos pag may magbanggit ng kasalanan nyo sabay dadabog kayo’t magdemanda pa kayo ng respeto na totoo naman na bobo talaga kayo.

      1. Hahaha mas bobo ka sa gamit mo ng Filipino. Congrats, you now have a platform where you can openly mock and entire race and get away with it!

        1. Ikaw ang bobo’t tanga. Are you implying that anyone speaking T’boli, Chavacano, Ilonggo, Ilocano, and other dialects of this country are not Filipinos? Filipino is NOT a language.

      2. di mo pala alam yun domo.? ano akala mo national language ng pilipinas ? tagalog huwaaaw. isa kang henyungas

        1. Filipino is the standard register of the Tagalog language.

          That’s why sometimes it’s confusing…

    2. Im a filipina but sadly im not proud to be a filipino..the author of this article is spot on when it comes to the harsh reality of our filipino behavior.. Kung may isang pinoy na narecognize sa ibang bansa, todo sabit ang mga ignoranteng tao..filipinos dont seem to have a sense of individuality where in the success of another becomes the success of an entire country.
      It doesn’t work that way

      They OBVIOUSLY worked hard to be successful and for them to be known in other countries ,why would you , an ignorant piece of shit , go bragging “oh this person is a filipino, IM PROUD TO BE ONE!!!” it reairritates me tbh..do see the idiocracy in our so called “democracy”? For the people who posted “half assed” comments here, you might want to go back to school and try to open your eyes to what is really going on around you ..I’ve encountered everything the author said here, so lol..justify everything the author said with how you react to the criticism being thrown at you..

      Thanks much

      1. And like our retarded president, failipinos bitching their pinoy pride are a bunch of insecure, freeloading credit grabbers.

  32. Maybe the Philippines can be proud of having the “easiest” women to bang for ugly perverts all over the world. The only other country that can rival that is Thailand. At least PH sticks to au naturale…oh wait.

    1. errr~ have you seen porn from other countries?

      i mean there are lesser swingers, gangbangers ( 1 girl 5 or more guys )

      and you said easiest? why do you say that when in other countries, you can already bang someone by just using the phrase, “can i buy you a drink”

      1. Those other countries have rules and regulations they must adhere when it comes to the sex industry. Over in the Philippines, the law only exists on paper. You can get 99% of the girls there just by waving a US passport. No need to buy drinks, presents or dates. 100% free poon at any age you want.

  33. people keep accusing me or my comments as emotional.
    im just not indifferent.
    the author writes an article like this and not expect mixed opinions? and then when they do get a negative remark, the whole team gather around and try to pin down and discredit it by using big words?


    1. Isn’t it obvious moron? You are already whining like a douche in this site that you sound like you demand respect. Lemme guess: you’re just another jon-asshole in disguise sabotaging this site again, are you?

        1. At ano ba ang pinakain sa iyo ng mga magulang mo’t ganyan ka katanga sa pagkaintindi mo sa article na ito? Btw my face on your desperate reply:

        2. sorry. i wont stoop down to your level. domo. once you run of of things to say. you resort to cussing and memes. kawawa ka naman

        3. @mark: TBH, you’re already in a very low level. Overly emotional. Mas kawawa ka…

        4. And we realists will continue making fun of you because your stupidity and smartass mindset is getting more and more entertaining. You remind us of vincenzo arellano except that you are being so hostile to the maximum level. Oh and once again, congratulations for proving this article right after all stupid.

        5. huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! antapang nagbanggit ng pangalan si domo pero siya di niya sinasabi pangalan niya. hahaha marami tlagang matapang dito. at matatalino. lalo na si idol na idol kong domo. ang galing mo nyeta ka!!!

        6. @ricky rick:

          Another example of Pinoy dysfunction –

          PERSONALITIES always matter and not PRINCIPLES.

        7. Cry me a river maggot. Baguhan ka lang dito sa site na ito kaya obviously wala kang alam tungkol sa taong binanggit namin na galing pa sa mga dating articles ng site na ito. Or don’t tell me na magkakilala pala kayo.

        8. so skailangan pala alamin ko kung sino pa yung binabnggit mo? hehe yan ang hirap sayo. puro ka dakdak nagmamagaling at akala mo mas mataas ang pagkatao mo sa pananalita mo. moron? magggot? ano ka feeling kano? and you wish to reduce other’s opinion with your constant shitty talk? epal ka lang. baka ikaw naghahanap ng validation at approval ng mga taga GRP. masyado ka die-hard eh. baka naman gusto mo mag apply sa kanila?

    2. Don’t worry Mark, you’re not the only emotional one here. I feel very emotional here as well. I find it hard to eat now because of how much I’ve been laughing at the comments here, especially yours.

      Oh my goodness my sides! Please no more Mark! I’m gonna die of laughing too much now!

  34. I enjoyed reading the comments more than the article itself. LOL. Everyone’s POV has its truths and false’. Yet so dishearthening that some comments depicts some of the items in the article, right? Come to think of it. Bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan? Guilty! Yan tayo eh! The items mentioned may be applicable to other countries too but the point of the author is what he sees in us in general – sa kanya, sa katabi nyam sa nakilala nya, sa gobyerno at kung sino pa man. No point to argue if so pinoys are not like that or whatnot. Just accept the fact that some are true too, decipher on it, move on and do something about it.

  35. in addition, dahil din sa mga Filipinong tuwang tuwa sa mga ganitong article.

    Ikinatuwa pa na ininsulto ang kapwa Filipino nya, na para bang di sya kasama sa ininsulto. Pinoy ka rin di ba?

    1. Lubog sa ebak talaga ang utak mo inutil. So ibig sabihin pala puriin palagi kayong mga bobong pinoy na wala naman kayong ginawa sa bansang ito kundi yung mga kabobohang isip nyo at hindi nyo naman kayang harapin at solusyonan ang mga problema ng bansang ito kaya dinadaan nyo na lang palagi sa “bahala na” mentality? pinoy nga naman oo nagdedemanda palagi ng respeto. And btw Pilipino ako hindi pinoy. May malaking pagkakaiba ang dalawa.

  36. I’m not proud to be a Filipino, though I do not say that I disgrace my Filipino blood. lol but I don’t believe on what this blog is saying. I met many amazing Filipino living in the Philippines that I play online with. Some of what is written here are true but I met someone, who is not a filipino, that has most of the traits mentioned here in this blog. so therefore, I conclude, it really depends on the person. The environment where they grew up. On how they are raised. So I think this blog not worth believing. haha =D oh, and if you reply something rude in my comment because I’m not proud to be a Filipino, I don’t really care. I’m just here to post whats on my mind, so yeah. don’t bother to comment. I’m not going back to this blog anymore. haha later!

    1. Well good for that Filipino for not doing those mediocrities this article pointed out and I hope he remains like that. It’s utak squatter failipinos like mark here who are being talked about in this article.

        1. At eto na naman ang malaking kuto na ito’t papansin na naman. Go back on sniffing rugby squatter boy.

  37. I just enjoyed reading this thread even if it is – intense but pointless. Bring this guy to Batanes, Bukidnon, Palawan, Dumaguete, Camsur – foreigner who never complained about other country’s culture. Just leave if you want okay, haha. 🙂

    1. But let’s face it, these are tourist destinations. Are you saying we should all just live in these places in order to live better?

      1. No they are not the only places where it is a tourist spot is Palawan. The rest are not. I should know coz I have relatives living in those places. And those are absolutely no tourist spot there

  38. I am proud of being a Filipino like any citizen of a certain country. There is no such thing as a perfect race. Each has a weakness calling for an improvement.

  39. The title of the article is harsh but yes, Reality bites as they say.

    I am proud FIILIPINO 100%. The writer just pointed out the traits that would hinder our nation to progress. Come to think of it all of it are true. The writer pointed out our CONS as a nation.

    /Filipinos are rude, undisciplined and inconsiderate/
    – You see this everyday in the train stations. I was amazed with the Japs when they were struck by the tsunami, amidst the chaos they are still falling in line in the grocery. I assure you, you cannot see that in PH.

    /Filipinos rely heavily on external factors and forces for validation/
    – Take note of the recent Asia’s Got Talent. The name Gerphil, does it ring a bell before?

    /Filipinos harbor a skewed concept of freedom/
    – After 1986, what happened to PH? We cry for freedom for our lives to be better. Did it get better? For some yes but for the vast majority it didnt. Why? Dont ask questions if the answers are too obvious.

    /Filipinos are overly emotional/
    – Cory died. His son ran for the office. He won. There are a lot of better/good candidates for the post. Way better than him yet people elected him because of Cory magic. Majority got emotional.

  40. Isn’t this article a bit stereotypical? I know it’s an opinion statement from the author and I do agree with some of the observations listed down, but what’s the point of the entire writeup?

    Where are the action items or suggested solutions to these problems to make this article a constructive read? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or even someone with great insight to write about the things I read from the author. Probably my fault, I was actually expecting some footnotes or concrete factual examples to backup the entries with real solutions. Rather, I had to read a hateful (but true feedback of course) article hopefully to promote discourse, but sadly lacks content to promote change.

    1. I agree. This article is written to trigger emotional reactions. It is not factual for there are no references. One begins to wonder what goes on in the mind of the author that it can only manage to churn up negativity. I’ll have to paraphrase Big Bang Theory here, “…must be hell inside his mind.” lol

    2. Typical fallback response: Article is not worth reading because it does not offer “solutions”.

      I’m sure you can think of stuff to do by reading this article.

      My favorite suggestions are:

      1. Stop spitting and pissing on the street;
      2. Don’t build structures on public land;
      3. respect lines and queues. Don’t cut;
      4. Read, study, experiment, sell, build;
      5. Save;
      6. Don’t block the streets to have a “magdamagan” karaoke drinking spree;
      7. Learn to give true respect–and not just “hiya”-based hospitality.

      1. Lemme add some:
        – Always follow laws and not treating it as a recommendation.
        – Stop living in lands that you don’t legally own.
        – Don’t throw your garbage anywhere especially in rivers.
        – Do not jaywalk.

      2. @ricky.

        You just don’t see that simple things such as these are what makes a country strong and great.

  41. Complaining without presenting solutions is nothing. Yeah, all of the things the author said were true. But did this post or your comment in this article do anything to improve the county’s situation? Everyone keeps on strongly presenting their points here in the internet but come on, CAN YOU EVEN DO SOMETHING IN THE REAL WORLD? What’s awareness if it’s doing nothing in the real world?

    Start changing yourself if you want to change the Philippines. You can maybe stop commenting rude comments on the suggestions posted above like Mark’s ideas or maybe you can stop being “tapang-tapangan” in the internet by trash talking other Filipinos in social media. Pinagtutulungan niyo ang isang tao sa post which presents ideas contrary to a certain post pero kapag Filipino Pride posts na, hindi kayo maka comment or minsan naga-agree pa kayo.

    Not proud to be a Filipino? DON’T COMPLAIN. DO SOMETHING.

    1. Don’t complain you say? So you’re saying that you are already satisfied about this country’s issues that you don’t want to solve them anymore because you’re always doing the “bahala na” mentality? Are you committing suicide you moron? This article already shows the problems you failipinos always suffer. Kita mo na ngang totoo e but the question is if you can solve them by yourself to change for the better? Or do we even need to spoonfeed you with this site’s solutions but you yourself can’t even take and use them?

      1. I didn’t imply that I am in any way satisfied with the country’s issues. I am just saying that complaining wouldn’t get you anywhere unless you are able to SOLVE THEM. Wow nagsalita ka. Bakit may ginagawa ka ba dito sa Pilipinas? Puro ka lang naman complain. Are you stupid? In what way can “bahala na” make you commit suicide? I am not saying that you use the “bahala na” mentality what I am saying is that you do your share and wag ka magmayabang dito kasi you’re just a single person like me who can’t even do anything by commenting here, rejecting other people’s comments because all you think is about your opinion and calling them moron out of the blue. Kahit na sobrang daming comments pa gawin mo wala ka ring magagawa? Tired of Filipinos? Go fucking migrate to another country. Baka dun mo mahanap yung gusto mong mangyari. You’re asking me if I can solve them by myself. MALAMANG HINDI TANGA KA BA. What I’m saying is kesa magreply ka ng mga “nagmamarunong” mong comments, maybe you could start by shutting up and stop making this worse by trash talking to other people. So anong mangyayari if you show the problem? Titignan mo lang then mag aagree ka? Oh san pupunta yang point mo? If you are so “smart” then why don’t you make a move right now and prove to the world that you are “smart”. Pag nabalita pangalan mo and nagawan mo ng solution yung mga nakalagay sa taas then I will accept that I am inferior than you, otherwise, YOU are the moron here.

    2. Thank God for common sense, Reality! I was actually getting ready to say something along those lines. If this article were written and published in the UK, the author would be decried (and rightly so) as a self-righteous racist with a major superiority complex (yes, the double negativity is intended). It’s incredibly sad to see so many Filipinos actually AGREEING (?!) with the author. I couldn’t believe it! I came back to the Philippines just last month with 10 foreigners who have varying levels of travel experience. Among their comments: they’ve never met a more hospitable, polite, fun, humorous, easygoing and optimistic people in their lives.

      Yes, I am proud to be a Filipino. I’m proud that when tragedy strikes, bayanihan still exists. I’m proud that parents love their families so much that they would sacrifice life and limb if necessary to give them a better life. I’m proud that we as a people know how to get up again after falling off the horse so many times.

      Do we have room for improvement? Oh yes, definitely! But then, what country doesn’t? I live in the UK and while people in the Philippines think life is perfect here, the locals would say otherwise. They have problems of their own. Issues they need to address. Do I love it less because some of their political leaders have actually been convicted of pedophilia? No, because not everyone is guilty.

      To the author, let me say this: stop whinging and start doing something constructive. Whinging has never done anyone any good. Your negativity speaks volumes only about yourself and not about the people you are defaming.

      1. The authors of grp already made countless constructive articles and some with solutions as well but a lot of failipinos still don’t get those article’s points because they’re a bunch of crybabies who wants to hear positive in order to make themselves feel better and nevermind seeing what’s wrong about them that they don’t want to change them. Moreover, they always keep on doing their everyday mediocre lives and expect different results. That’s insanity you know.

        1. I am familiar with Albert Einstein’s famous quote: “Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different outcome.” I agree completely. But this only makes the question even more important: If what you say is true and they’ve written numerous constructive articles (ie: sporting a balanced point of view), what is the purpose of this derogatory article? What does it add to the debate? We all know what this article is talking about. We’ve lived with these stereotypes for so long. We’ve been told again and again that we aren’t good enough. Since birth, we have had to come to grips with the fact that Filipinos supposedly don’t measure to the standard of success that the world uses. So what? We each make our own destiny and our own success. And no one has the right to tell us what we can or cannot do. One of my teachers told me that I would never learn English, that I wouldn’t amount to anything, that no university would accept me. Did I let that come true? No, I applied for and was accepted by the Ateneo, De La Salle and UP – I got to choose where to go for uni. I’ve published press releases and books in English. I got a Master’s Degree in an England-based University and got accepted for a PhD in a Scottish one. We can do whatever we want if we set our minds to it and we can escape these stereotypes – they do not have to be true.

      2. Ok sana ang last paragraph but there are a LOT of flaws in your statement. And even contradictions, at least.

        Only EMO people would find this article ‘defaming’ and very ‘negative’. Kelangan kasi ng negative so para to make concern and point out the problems and make solutions. Kung palaging ‘positive’ despite the reality of what is actually happening, then they will just ignore it and worse, ignoring the problem altogether.

        Kaya sometimes I ask them this: “So you like being in a government whored by media that keeps telling you ‘Everything is OK’ and never to look forward for progress as a society and nation but to be part of a mediocrity?”

        Criticism is not ‘whining’. Just because most Filipinos are now living in their own ignorance thanks to our dysfunctional culture, especially after Marcos left.

        1. I beg to differ. This article does nothing but encourage sectarianism and discrimination. It is negative and defaming because:

          1) It is based on the person’s opinion and not fact. The evidence is anecdotal and not objective. What are its sources? Does it cite any?

          2) It makes overarching statements that are supposed to hold true for 7,107 islands (yes, I know that there are uninhabited islands. I don’t know how many there are so let’s work on the premise that I exclude them from the count).

          3) It doesn’t offer any solutions. It ends with a threat, in fact. “If Pwede na iyan, Bahala na, and a culture of impunity are the best that Filipinos can do together, well, they get what they deserve.” Criticism that doesn’t offer a solution is whinging (or ‘whining’ as the Americans call it) pure and simple.

          Now, if the author had offered something practical, that’s another thing entirely. Example: “Filipinos vote using their emotions but this is one way we can minimise / prevent that from happening.” THAT would make it balanced and I would champion that. Say what needs to be done and how to achieve it. You can’t just point out that something is wrong and then leave it at that. That’s not helpful at all and does more harm than good.

        2. @Ninja: I beg to differ as well. Calling this as to ‘encourage sectarianism and discrimination’ is just another straw-grasping from yourself.

          1.) It is based on his opinion based on his observations and I also have the same observations as his.

          2.) Not just in Manila and Luzon, but Visayas and most of Mindanao as well (Davao City is an exception)

          3.) The solutions are already in this site yet you’re very ignorant about it. Seems that you wanted the author to ‘spoonfed’ you instead?

          “You can’t just point out that something is wrong and then leave it at that. That’s not helpful at all and does more harm than good.”

          Even if I can offer ‘solutions’ (even with the fact that this site -I’m not talking about the author of this blog post- has a lot of them), most Filipinos will just focus on the good and just ignore the problems instead. So what’s the use?

          And if you say that pointing out what’s wrong and leave it at that will do more harm than good; well, you’re just grasping at straws. There’s nothing worse than ‘spoonfeeding’ and ignorance if you ask me.

    3. There ARE already solutions yet there a LOT of people are totally ignorant about it.

      About your last sentence: it also applies to yourself. Simple.

  42. Many of us fight for and boast our freedom of what is ultimately the ability to prove ourselves to other people. It is unfortunate that only a few of us are so free in our joy, we no longer feel the need to prove ourselves to anyone.

  43. In the words of the late Geore Carlin:

    “Pride should be reserved for something you achieve or obtain on your own, not something that happens by accident of birth. Being Irish isn’t a skill… it’s a f*cking genetic accident. You wouldn’t say I’m proud to be 5’11”; I’m proud to have a pre-disposition for colon cancer.”

      1. No. Im just laughing here while you rant about someone’s post. If you’re really brave and if you stand by your comments, i dare you to post your real name here 🙂

        1. Oh look another dimwit demanding someone’s real name. What will you do if I reveal my real name? And what if I don’t? Label me as a coward? Ganyan na ba kayo ka-desperdo para manalo sa argumento nyo inutil?

        2. As Eleanor Roosvelt stated:

          “Smalls minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss IDEAS.”

          Son, you just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote. 🙂

        3. Nah @DIO, I was just trying to provoke him to be “overly emotional” but I guess I failed. Im so sorry 🙂

        4. Sigh @Dick, obviously you didn’t understand what I meant by “trying to provoke him to be ‘overly emotional'” I may have used the wrong “provocative threat” of trying to get what I want. I can just simply tease him of something else, the point is I just like to inform domo (either indirectly or directly) that he is acting just like a failipino. But thanks for the reference though. Nevertheless, Im still focused on ideas not on personalities as the blog implies. Why am I explaining here lol!

  44. Sorry domo for daring you about your real name.
    I was just fishing something from you but im not threatening you or something. i was just bothered about you being a bad-mouthed filipino (or do you really consider yourself a filipino?). It’s ok to post comments but please stop behaving like you once said, utak squatter. You just labeled yourself as another “failipino” that you’re always mentioning.

    1. Apology accepted. About my swearing though. I’m not being a failipino but please understand that this is what I am towards those who are always trolling and missing the point.

  45. I can’t disagree with this article. This my friend is the ugly truth. Let’s look on the brighter side.

    Change is the only constant thing in this world.

  46. totoo ito. pero visible and reality din ito sa iba ding lahi hindi lang sa pilipino. sa nag sulat subukan mo din pasukin sa mahabang panahon ang ibang lahi na may ibang kultura at pag galaw. duon mo malalaman na ganyan din sila.

    1. But of course. Pinoys always need to point out that something or someone else is as bad or worse than them at something everytime they’re targets of criticism. It’s their instinctive excuse for not needing to do anything about their faults.

  47. I just want to give my opinion about the article.
    Yeah, those traits mentioned above are true but maybe the author should’ve added the word “Most” (Most of the filipinos are….) something like that.
    But the message is clear, we filipinos, guilty or not, should start doing something to improve our country. I don’t know how but we should do something about it. I consider myself as guilty of some of those traits and I agree it hurts but there’s nothing I can do but to accept it and do something about it. The author I think just made an article based on his opinions, and nothing is right or wrong about opinions. But something isnt right about the last question, “Proud to be Filipino? Of what exactly?”.
    Consider this example, a soldier and his son. A soldier died in a war. The son is a proud soldier’s son. He is proud of what his father accomplished but he can’t be called proud of himself for he didn’t accomplish anything (yet).
    So you can’t be proud as a filipino if you didn’t do something that you must be proud of as a filipino. I can’t call myself a proud filipino because Manny Pacquiao dedicate his fights for all filipinos. But Manny can be called a proud filipino as well as Sir Rizal because they did something for their country as a filipino. If you consider yourself a filipino, you can be called a proud filipino if you do something good or anything that you must be proud of. Else, if you don’t even consider yourself as a filipino, anything you do will not be labeled as an accomplishment of a filipino, of course. Manny and Sir Rizal considered themselves as filipinos (I think), so they too are proud filipinos. I consider myself as filipino and I obey traffic rules so I consider myself as a proud filipino. You can slap it on someone else’s face (a foreigner or not), if you live in their place, “I obey your traffic rules! And Im a filipino” Lol!

  48. @domo magtagalog na lang kayo nung grimwald. puro ka fuck this fuck that asshurt, asshole. antigas ng mukha mo magtawag ng utak skwater e panay mura nasa sinasabi mo. Bobo!

    1. Proud to be Pinoy yet you still use the ethnically charged name, “Tagalog” instead of the more nationalistic “Filipino”.

  49. This article is entertaining. Your exchanges more so. With respect to the author, most of what he/she said are true; however these traits are not merely limited to Filipinos in general. Human beings are social creatures, to seek validation, to patronize people who they find remotely entertaning, to merely complain and leave it to an external force to do what is right is probably a few of the universal characteristics of humans. Hence, a better article woukd probably have been, “Why i am not proud to be human” haha

    Kidding aside, i can’t also help but agree with what some people have stateted here, that this article is lacking; yes it presented “what is wrong” but not “how to fix what is wrong”, which for me is pointless.

    I for one think that what we as a nation is lacking is discipline and selflessness, the ability to do what is right regardless of the cost, even to oneself. Or this may just be my obsessive-compulsive-dogmatic nature speaking.

    Anyway, yun lang! Chill lang kayo.

    And, dont bash me please 🙂

    1. Uhmm ok.

      Might i add, your comment os not helping. Mayhap it is proving the authors point that we are all children

  50. hmm!i am a filipino i know most of the authors post are more or less true..but i am not ashamed to be a filipino..you guys should’nt be too. even if the authors post shows the ugly side of a filipino we should take this as chance to make our self better so that we still can be proud to be a filipino..

  51. Invalid generalizations.

    And if you’re really convinced of what you’re saying, why not write your real name?

    1. Oh look another insecure pinoy praydist because he wants the whole world to notice him. pinoy nga naman oo utak showbiz.

  52. Di ka proud maging Pnoy Eh, magmigrate ka na kumag, gusto mo ikuha kita ng one way ticket papuntang africa. You weather you like it or not Pilipino ka pa rin. Isa sa mga ugali ng Pinoy ang pagboto at pag idolized ng magnanakaw tulad ni Marcos at Binay… pero ganyan ang pinoy ang bilis magpatawad. Kung gusto mo ng pagbabago simulan mo sa sarili mo di puro reklamo.

    1. First of all, you are proving the point of the author. Second, please state your counterparts of the article because your stand is going nowhere.

    2. NOYTARD ALERT! IKAW ang dapat magbago kasi masyado ka nang nakikinig sa mga hallelujah ng minamahal mong “panginoon” na si noybita. Maging proud pa rin kami sabi mo? Maging proud pala dapat kami na mapasa ang bbl para maghasik ng lagim ang mga muslim extremists at pagpatayin ang mga hindi muslim na Pilipino sa Mindanao, ganon? No wonder why pride is one of the 7 deadly sins.

    3. Sorry to say this but I have been reading some of the comments here and it seems to me that there are comments trying to outsmart the others when what is being discussed is either you are proud or not being a Filipino. If others are NOT PROUD as Filipinos because they have done nothing to be proud of they don’t have to migrate elsewhere and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are ashamed of being a Filipino, those who should be ashamed of themselves are those who steal billions of pesos of people’s money and feed their families with food which should go to the poor men’s table.

  53. Well said, could not have said it better. I observed the majority of this personally in my 5 years in the Philippines. No offense, good this was written by a Filipino.

  54. This is what I love about this article and this website: Walang ginagawa kundi mag-reklamo. Typically Filipino!

    1. brad, tumira ka nga sa metro manila tulad ko at mag-commute araw araw tas kakaltasan pako ng buwis na pagkalaki laki…e reklamo na lang natitirang panlaban ko wag mo naman ipagkait.=)

      at the very least, baka me alam kang mabuti na diko nakikita o nang iba pang mga reklamador dito? mangyaring paki enumerate lamang. salamat.

      1. “e reklamo na lang natitirang panlaban ko wag mo naman ipagkait.=)”

        hahaha sorry, that just made me laugh so hard. (no sarcasm at all – I really enjoyed that comment)

        I’ve read somewhere that beauty exists even in the most tragic places and the only time we cannot see it is when we choose to be blind to it. 😉

        1. well that’s the thing. one man’s paradise is another’s hell . futile to force another one’s viewpoint to another person.

      2. Eh brad anong magagawa ng reklamo mo? Matatanggal ba yang buwis na binabayaran mo? Pakibasa yung post ni Sustainability Ninja sa enumeration na hinahanap mo.

        1. brad, masyado mo naman niliteral yun ‘reklamo’ portion na sinabi ko. yun site na ito mareklamo talaga, at sang ayon ako sa pagiging reklamador nito. dahil ang mainstream media, tulad mong kamot ulo lang at wala halos pakelam sa nangyayari sa palibot. mas matagal pa coverage sa mga walang kalatoy latoy na celebrity kesa banatan at tutukan ang mga dapat ihayag. ngayon kung me problema ka sa ganung pamumuna e sige lang, demokrasya naman tayo e. malamang pag me nakita kang langaw o dumi sa inorder mong pagkain e di mo rin papansinin yun sa takot na mabansagang ‘whiner’. yun mga halimbawang sinabi ko tulad ng pagko commute at buwwis na napupunta sa mga walang kwentang tao para pagsasaan ay sintomas lang ng mas malaking problema na kung tawagin ay kulturang pilino—na matagal nang tinatalakay dito. ok na ba? sige, isip ka muna ng pambara. bukas ko na babasahin at matutulog nako.

        2. Ah may figurative meaning ba yung ‘reklamo’ na sinasabi mo? Hindi na ako iisip ng pambara kasi nasa maling idea ka naman. Yung example mo about sa pagkain iba naman kasi yung context. Nagfocus ka sa salitang whiner na hindi mo naalala na ginagamit yun sa iba’t-ibang sitwasyon. Kung costumer ka, meron kang right to get the things you ordered based sa contract and that’s not even whining, that’s using your right.

          Ngayon media, kamot ulo nalang at walang pakealam? Hello? Sana di ako nagpopost dito kung wala akong pakealam kung anong nangyayari sa paligid. Napunta ka pa sa celebrity na wala namang connection sa point mo.

          Yang buwis mo, naiinis ka sa sistema ng Pilipinas? Just like what Mark said edi lumipat ka ng bansa.

          Oh ayan oh, para may mapagpilian ka. https://www.facebook.com/xolxoldotph/posts/1463132900613088

        3. Obviously you’re implying that you enjoy the mediocrity this country is facing. So meaning if someone from the government killed your mother and father intentionally, you will not still give a damn? Your name must be called “Delusional” instead because that’s what you are.

        4. Come on, Domo. Stop with your implications. You did nothing but to call other people names like a pathetic Filipino yourself.

          Butthurt? Moron? Delusional?

          A perfect example of a “Failipino” yourself.

        5. And another thing, you also show how much of a defeatist coward you are. Ano ba ang tingin mo sa buhay mo happy-go-lucky na araw-araw ka na lang hayahay and always expect different results? You’re using the “bahala na” mentality too much you failipino because you really don’t give a damn about this country’s serious issues. Tapos sasabihin mong mahal mo ang bansang ito? You’re only a part of the problem you dimwit.

        6. That’s because you’re an obvious point-misser. This article already has obvious points and yet you still don’t get it thanks to your stupid delusions that everything will be just fine.

        7. Who are you to tell that I live by the “bahala na” mentality? And you think you give a damn on serious country issues by bashing other people and assuming that everyone is doing the “bahala na” mentality and calling them names? What a pathetic person. You know what? Naawawa ako sayo kasi pilit mong pinoprove sa sarili mo na mas matalino ka sa ibang tao by constantly repeating your arguments kahit na na sagot na sa maraming replies. WHAT A PATHETIC FAILIPINO.

        8. Point-misser? Don’t forget that I said in my previous post that I do agree with the characteristics of a Filipino in this article. (If you know how to read and you DID read first before replying in my first post.) I did not even say that everything will be fine. You’re the one who missed my point. I just said that it won’t get any better by ranting about the bad stuff which is already transparent to people you see everyday. My point is to take a step not to whine. It’s because of your pathetic assumptions and implications which led you to that idea. I think you should look at your brain activity first before you call other people delusional cos I think you’re the one delusional here.

        9. We already told them what’s wrong about their mediocre traits even properly but did they listen? NEIN! They remain being an ignoramus. Spoiled brats even. And no I’m not being a genius here. I’m just saying the obvious. Still being in denial that you are THE failipino eh dummkopf?

        10. We? Napakita mo ba yan? Ang alam ko nakikiride ka lang sa post eh. If you took that step to let them know these “mediocre traits” in the real life, siguro di ka na buhay ngayon. You see, you only live in the internet. Hanggang reklamo ka lang. The world doesn’t need geniuses nor “reklamadors”, the world needs people who can make an action.

          Call me names all you want as long as the world can see how pathetic you are.

    2. Nah YOU are the typical failipino here. I bet nagpapakamatay ka palagi sa kakapila mo sa pagkahaba-habang pila ng mrt araw-araw.

      1. And so? What’s wrong with that? Anong connection ng pagpila sa MRT sa pagiging fail na pilipino?

        And you’re attacking my lifestyle rather than the issue? Ad hominem, if you know what that is.


      2. Here’s my point you moron: tiis ka nang tiis pero hindi mo man naisip na sobra na iyang hirap na nararanasan mo. No wonder why Dan Brown called our country as the gates of hell. And there’s nothing wrong with that you say? What the hell is your major malfunction “realist”? And stop denying that your are indeed a failipino because you are too blind to see reality (and your name don’t deserve to be called like that).

        1. Don’t worry lilipat ako ng bansa. And btw, hindi ako nag-mrt. Gusto ko lang ipakita kung gaano ka kapathetic kasi kesa tirahin mo yung issue by solutions, tinitira mo yung mga taong nagpopost na contrary sa idea mo. PATHETIC FAILIPINO.

        2. Hindi ka nga nag-mrt oo but I’m just saying an example at marami pang ganyan mind you. And look who’s attacking someone opinion as well especially emong’s. Oh the hypocrisy you indiot. Oh look a new word. Sige gayahin mo sa susunod mong reply. Pareho naman kayo ng china e manggagaya.

  55. Just my opinion. Most Filipinos make an argument whenever you express your opinion that is against theirs. Especially when you say it nicely. They never try to open their minds.

    1. I do agree and it is sad. I do hope some Filipinos would just LEARN HOW TO ACCEPT. Then again, an opinion that would result into nothing good should just be kept unsaid because it does nothing to make a person improve nor will it improve any bad situation in hand. Constructive criticism, I think, is not too much to ask.

      1. Yep, I agree. 😀 We already know what’s wrong, what we need now is to take the step forward in righting these wrongs.

  56. Here’s an example of not whinging/whining. Manuel V. Pangilinan. Nabuhay sa mahirap na komunidad. Pero nastuck ba siya dun? Dinikdik ba niya sa sarili niya na mahirap siya? Diba humanap siya ng solusyon para umayos buhay niya? What the post is doing is just stating the obvious and keep on stepping down on us Filipinos. Did it make our country any better? Diba hindi? Eto naman si nagtatapang-tapangan at pacool na Filipino taas noo, agree sa post na to and for what? To step down on your kapwa Filipinos? Aba mahiya ka. Para kang si Donya Victorina sa Noli Me Tangere. For what? Just to get the approval of different people/countries? Na parang “iba ako sa mga Pilipino kaya wag niyo akong ilebel sa kanila.”

    Kanina niyo pa pinaglalaban sa posts na “So you’re saying that you are already satisfied about this country’s issues?” No I am not, pero may magagawa ka ba as an individual to do something about the country’s issues? Then do it. Bakit may nagawa ba yung pagpapakita mo ng kahinaan ng mga Pilipino which is kitang kita naman kahit hindi na natin ipost?

    Self responsibility lang and a stronger government. Tignan mo sa Hong Kong, nagkaroon ng rules na bawal maglitter or magbabayad ka ng mataas na fee. And now, kahit tanggalin mo na yung rule na yun mahihiya ka magtapon or dumura kung saan saan kasi nakakahiyang gawin kung lahat ng tao hindi yun ang nakasanayan. Simulan mo sa sarili mo ng gayahin ng iba. Di yung puro ka reklamo ikaw rin naman sa sarili mo walang ginawang tama.

    Don’t tell me I can’t take criticisms because my comments oppose your post. I am rather thinking to avoid whinging/whining.

    1. para sa akin, ang ibig sabihin ng article na ito ay bago tayo maging proud to be pinoy, mag-isip muna tayo na talaga ba na proud tayo? probably around 50% lang. dahil ako i can say na i’m 50% proud to be luzonian. why 50%? ganito yan.

      kanina lang ung jeep na sinakyan ko eh hindi huminto nung pumara ung mga pasahero kasi naka-green light na at mahuhuli siya ng MMDA. pinag-sisigawan ng GAGO ung driver nung mga pasahero. ung isa talagang naglakad pa sa passenger seat sa harapan at akmang uupakan ung driver ng jeep. nasan ang law dito? ayan. alam mo naman siguro kung sino ang mali. kaya 50% lang ako.

      dito sa article, ito ang ibig sabihin ng writer. probably mali ung title nung article.

      kami dito sa bahay naka hiwalay ang biodegradable (dried at nasa plastic box) at non-bio na basura kahit mahina ang enforcement ng ordinance dito eh talagang gusto ko gawin ito para rin sa environment. pag tumawid ako i make sure nasa pedxing ako. at pag umiihi ako i make sure na i lift the toilet seat para magbigay respeto sa susunod na gagamit. pag may basura ako let’s say empty cup ng mcsundae at naglalakad sa daan at walang makitang non-biodegradable trash bin, hawak ko ito hanggang matapon ko sa tamang basurahan. not becuase it’s the law, but because i care. this is something that i’m proud of. this is the 50% pride.

      so i would say im 50% proud to be pilipino. not 100%.

      1. Then good for you andrew. Next step, influence others and don’t break you good principles in life. I never said I was 100% proud to be a Filipino. Sinabi ko lang na hindi naman siguro tama na puro useless dada at puro generalizations nalang pairalin natin.

        1. Is showing yourself as a good role model bringing good outcomes not enough to be a good influence to others? Or would you like us to do what you’re doing, telling us to do this do that, don’t do this because it’s wrong, do this because it’s right (like spoon feeding)? Una sa lahat, ang unang nakaisip, siya dapat ang gumagawa hehe [kung naunang naisip n’ya kaysa ginawa and not ginawa na niya kaya niya madaling nasasabi]. Pangalawa, you can’t change a person’s behavior, on how he act on things by just presenting to him what’s wrong or right or what should be done or not. He has to think of it by himself, learn. It’ll be difficult for a person to do if it’s not a natural quality of him or he doesn’t believe that that should be what he’s doing. Like what MVP did. He learned and succeeded on his own. The country already has existing rules/laws, very good rules actually. Not being followed because people are blind to their bad behaviors. If you ask people what’s right to do in this country, I’ll tell you they know. Even if it’s not the rule, they know it’s wrong to spit, piss or throw garbage anywhere, to cut the line in a queue, to beat the red light, to occupy a space illegally. But they will still do it anyway because they are blind to those things mentioned in this article. I hope you get my point.

  57. ang napuna ko lang dito. magagaling lahat mag english. pero walang sense ANG SINASABI. domo suntukan nha lang tayo. weeeeeeeee

      1. Dear Reality,

        Joke lang yung sinabi ko sa taas. I read you comments and i admire your objectivity.

        I know some of my comments are irrelelvant pero I just hate it when the “smart” people here treat others with condescension in a futile attempt to prove their intellectual superiority kuno.

        1. Hindi rin makakatulong ang ‘victim mentality’ shenanigans mo. You overly REACT on this article.

          Go figure…

        2. victim? kung victim ako iiyak ako gaya ni domo. joey jojo, i hope you only need to get prescription glasses.

          either malabno mata mo or you cna only read but not comprehend.

          Ad hominem!!!!!!!

    1. Hahaha I wish I could write in Filipino. But you’d probably end up crying with confusion…my skill in writing it is quite poor. 🙁

  58. hm, there are parts of the article that i kinda agree with… but all in all, i don’t think that it’s enough for me to denounce and regret my being “filipino” over… heck, there are far worse places and people and they seem to be fine with the race they are born with… still, kinda slaps you in the face coz parts of it are very true.

  59. This article incites very strong emotions.

    I can’t speak for the others but I feel very strongly about this because I feel that the article speaks truly and I can’t understand why people don’t see it the same way and act accordingly.

    I often wonder why Filipinos can’t behave in a “civilized” way in their own home country.

    It is known that we are striving to become a first world country, yet at the same time the behavior of our countrymen betrays this aspiration.

    IF you are striving for first world status, you won’t be:

    1. rude, undisciplined and inconsiderate
    -The opposite would be true.

    2. overly emotional;
    -we would think before we acted and tried to base national stands and decisions off good information.

    3. lack a sense of self-responsibility;
    – instead we would choose national leaders who are deserving of that position and patronize media that give us good quality programming.

    4. rely heavily on external factors and forces for validation;
    – instead we should develop indigenous capabilitites to create capital and defense materiel.

    5. take criticism and alternative approaches/points of view very poorly;
    – we shouldn’t follow our current national leaders who would go on “beast mode” over perceived slights.

    6. set abominably low standards for themselves;
    – Why not set out to completely eradicate poverty, sytematize transportation, expand manufacturing to the provinces? Most of all, why not set out to rebuild our armed forces and make it capable of displaying power thousands of kilometers away from Manila.
    – Get rid of that “Bahala na” mentality.

    7. lazy and unimaginative;
    – We need more scientists and researchers to reinvent/create processes, materials and things. We also need entrepreneurs and industrialists to make it work. For too long we have focused on retail and services.

    8. harbor a skewed concept of freedom;
    – while technically we are free, we currently live under the dictatorship of the oligarchy.

    It is small, niggly things that make me feel ashamed of our people and myself by extension.

  60. THERE’S GOOD AND BAD EVERYWHERE. There is no culture that doesn’t come with areas for improvement. But should NOT make a person less proud of his/her genes or nationality. Moreso, the statements are ‘generalized’; NOT ALL Filipinos fit into all points. On the other side of the picture are our good traits too – the author must also list them down to be able to present a balanced view.

    1. Yes, but that does not fix the problem if you list the good things or if you state that there are bad traits in other societies/countries? Are we like children where every time we get criticized we also must get praise at the same time? “You got bad grades but at least you are a sweet kid :)”. We are adults and must be able to discuss our flaws so we can change for the better. Do you agree?

  61. Aralin nga natin itong article na ito just for fun.

    Filipinos are rude, undisciplined and inconsiderate: Tama, wala silang disiplina sa pagdadrive kaya dapat baguhin ang systema ng pagbibigay ng driver’s license pero mas tama sana kung ang sinabi mo eh Filipinos are rude, undisciplined and inconsiderate dirvers.

    Filipinos are overly emotional: Marahil nga emotional ang Pilipino pero hindi ito ang dahilan kung bakit nila ibinoboboto ang isang kandidato kundi dahil pakiramdam nila kahit sino ang manalo wala ring magbabago.

    Filipinos lack a sense of self-responsibility: Saan mo naman nakuha na umaasa ang Pilipino na may gagawa ng bagay para sa kanila? Kung hinahangaan man si Duterte hindi dahil ginagawa niya ang trabaho sana ng comunidad kundi dahil ginagawa niya ang trabaho niya bilang opisyal ng bayan.

    Filipinos rely heavily on external factors and forces for validation: Tama ka dito to some extent. Masaya kami kung may mga Pilipinong nagsa-succeed sa ibang bansa dahil nakikilala ang Pilipinas sa ibang larangan hindi lang sa pagiging domestic helper provider. Not for our own validation though but for the country.

    Filipinos take criticism and alternative approaches/points of view very poorly: Sabihin mo nga ang bansa na masaya na macritize.

    Filipinos set abominably low standards for themselves: Totoo ito hindi dahil sa tamad lang kundi kulang sa resources, technology, materials, education, etc. etc. Ex: Nagpatahi ako ng damit sa Pilipinas, hindi perpekto ang linya ng tahi, kasi karag-karag na ang makina kaya sa akin, pwede na yon dahil ang bayad naman eh P700 lang. Sa US $150 ang bayad kaya diko tatangapin kung hindi perfect. get my drift?

    Filipinos are lazy and unimaginative: I feel sorry for you, I really do.

    The following question remains without a convincing answer until now:
    Proud to be Filipino? I don’t like this phrase either, it’s a song of insecure people but I am proud that I was raised in the Philippines and learned how to be compassionate, kind and understanding to other cultures.

    Payong kapatid, Pilipino ka rin kaya imbes na kutyain mo ang bayan mo, tumulong ka na lang na inga-at. 🙂

    1. The author and the other authors of this site are already helping. The problem is a lot of failipinos like you can’t handle them because you are too asshurt to face reality while you always stick with your delusional mindset that everything is okay and expecting different results. I mean really, andami nang dayuhan na kumikritiko sa atin tapos hihingi kayo ng apology mula sa kanila pero wala naman talaga kayong natutong leksyon kaya patuloy pa rin kayo sa kabobohan nyo. Your mediocre mindset is still stuck in the middle ages that you can’t handle criticism you uncivilized simpleton so please read this as well: http://getrealphilippines.com/2014/07/common-irritating-ways-filipinos-react-to-criticism/
      Oh and stop sticking your fake nationalism to our throats you failipino. Palibhasa nauto ka sa mga pinagsasabi sa iyo ng abias-cbn e.

      1. Domo/Dumbass,

        You agree with the author because that’s exactly what you are. Calling others bobo won’t make you smart. I just love it when people like you try to outsmart others to feel good about yourself. Time to change and be humble because you have yet to find something to justify your existence.

        1. Nah YOU’RE the one who should not only be humble but also have humility as well. Sigaw kayo nang sigaw ng pinoy prayd pero sumasabay lang kayo sa tagumpay ng ibang Pilipino’t sasabihin nyong magaling ang pinoy kaysa sa ibang lahi at wala ka naman talagang sariling tagumpay. In short, palamunin. And again, obvious na nga ang pagkakamali nyo na sinasabi sa inyo ng buong mundo pero hindi, masyado kayong ignorante’t nagdedemanda pa kayo ng respeto dahil takot talaga kayo magbago. I mean when will you failipinos change your mediocre mindset? Until we suffer a nationwide nuclear holocaust?

        2. Okay I’ll take away my criticism on your pinoy prayd. However, it doesn’t change the fact that you always embrace mediocrity because you hate change.

        3. wala ka domo. basehan ng defense mo is article din na sulat ng GRP.. how predictable. susunod makiki “george carlin” ka na rin.

          although you do have a good command in foul language, the important things like “what are you really trying to argue about” always gets left out.

  62. wow! too much effort..hehehe..EH DI WOW! PROUD TO BE PINOY! you dont like it? then break your neck! ahahahaha!

    1. Obviously you’re just trolling here. Can’t you do more important matters than your fake nationalism palamunin?

  63. Scandinavian person here. I totally agree with this post but you can’t apply it to EVERY Pinoy. Although I would say that most filipinos i have met (including relatives) have these traits. You have to ask why though. Maybe lack of education? For example, based on my knowledge of North Korea, you can’t really say to the vast majority of the citizens there that western countries aren’t the devil. Most probably believe that the US is ready to invade anytime soon. They just don’t know better. I think you can apply that to most Filipinos. They just don’t know better. And can you blame filipinos for not knowing better? I am saying “they” not as a racist remark, but only because i am not filipino (don’t know how to adress them better perhaps). The politicians definitely know better and they do everything to keep themselves and their colleagues in power. That’s why they “pardon” each other all the time even though the crimes are really bad. And protect their buddies’ enterprises from foreign competition with laws.
    So what DO these politicians do? Well they give Filipinos some Eat Bulaga and wowowee, cheep beer, some cheep snacks and all is well for the majority of the people. Ever heard of “Bread and Circuses”? Do check it out please.

    Anyway back to “they don’t know better”. You can’t really blame them when society in general does not teach them to question things. If someone cuts the line at the cinema, nobody reacts. If they won’t react to the smaller things, how can they react to the bigger things like bad politicians?
    “Anyway, it’s the Philippines” is the usual response. “Why is the new road damaged after only 1 year of completion?” “Anyway it’s the Philippines”. They just accept things as they are. “Why are you lending your uncle more money when he just spent your last loan to him on beer and bbq and never paid back? “Anyway he is my family. It’s the Filipino family values”. They just don’t know better – that’s the best answer I think. They never question things and there are no consequences. The politicians want it like that I think. They control the media and the education. If they say filipinos are “world class” then people believe it. And Filipinos love slogans like that because they think it’s true and marketing firms are allowed to say it even though it might be lie. So the uneducated will not understand that terms like “world class” are untrue. The world stops at the boarders of the Philippines for him/her, or sometimes his/her barrio. You can’t expect them to understand based on what “tools” they have at their disposal.

    Unfortunately, for the country to change for the better, the change HAS to come from the person who doesn’t know better. Why? Because nobody at the top will let his/her power go. It’s “me first” for them. They are 100% not in it for the interest of the people whom they supposedly serve. Which can be said about many most politicians worldwide though, but maybe some are for example 20% in it for themselves. Where do they get this “me first” mentality from just like in traffic, when walking, when falling in line, singing karaoke until 5 am etc? From society and their upbringing I believe. Nobody teaches them to have empathy and show consideration. Because if you do, you will fail. Try waiting for people to get out of the MRT before going in. No? Because you will miss the train if you do :). Try being kind to the Yaya. No? Because there is a risk she will see you as weak and steal stuff from you. My point is that Filipino society almost impossible to fix. If you are a “good citizen”, you will not survive because most are going to take advantage of you. And if you are born and raised in a society like this, you are more likely to be shaped like a “bad citizen” and be a part of the problem too. So when one of these persons eventually becomes a person in power, like a politician, he/she will NEVER have empathy or consideration for the common people. You have to learn how to walk before you run – baby steps first. So kids need to learn to have empathy but it is impossible since society will “eat” you if you have it!

    Please do note that I obviously haven’t met ALL Filipinos but of the thousands I have met, I would say most just don’t know better. Can I generalize? Perhaps! But it is important, i think, to have an open mind towards EVERY person you meet even though you are a bit more cautious because of past experiences.
    There are faults in all societies and in some they are more serious faults.
    English is not my first language so please accept my way of expressing myself.

    1. Eatnoy,
      I disagree with you. In this era, one doesnt get away with “Ich habe es nicht gewusst” (or in English: “I didnt know” or “I didnt know better”). With today’s technology you cant uphold that anymore. We dont live in the Middle Ages anymore.

      1. Some people don’t even have internet, how are they going to get more knowledge about the world? They just text each other on the phones and use Facebook. There is no “spark” that starts in their brains. Someone has to show them the light. I think it is important to put oneself in the same situation: parents have no empathy, education is lacking, you have to watch your back all the time even from relatives etc. I think this has a big effect on Filipinos. Sure, I have been VERY frustrated in the Philippines. Service is bad, nothing really is what it is supposed to be, everything is super slow compared to Scandinavia, you can’t really have a “deep” conversation with most, people are “proud” to be beautiful (no achievement whatsoever) and so on. I don’t blame them but I totally agree with the post and a lot of what you have commented.

        1. you have to have someone disciplined in government to make a change in the Philippines. I can only look at Singapore as a comparison. Lee kaun yew, although somewhat controversial, did good in Singapore, who is now one of the few fully industrialized countries in Asia. He said that discipline comes before democracy and that’s why they have/had strange laws like no bubble gum, or spitting. Unfortunately A new Lee Kuan yew seems like something that is almost impossible come out of the Philippines. The society won’t “produce” these kind of people. You can’t expect a delicious cookie from a poor quality oven right?

        2. Eatnoy,
          we have to accept that we cant accommodate everybody. There will always be “losers”, as in people who are unable to adapt and to adopt and blend in.
          With the number of internet cafes in PH, I dont think many are not able to connect to the internet. Its dirt cheap to surf for an hour.

          Furthermore, pls blame the parents for keeping the poverty alive by procreating while they cant afford those babies. And pls dont tell me they know nothing about sex. How did you know about “bees and the honey”? You know when you stick your little Eatnoy in someone else’s V, that you can get in trouble. Its NOT rocket science. Even the un-educated and the poor cant get away with “Ich habe es nicht gewusst”.

          “you can’t really have a “deep” conversation with most” => agree with that.

          The poor and un-educated have to learn to understand that they themselves are to blame for their own actions. They themselves are self-responsible and accountable.

        3. I must disagree with you there my good Northman Eatnoy.

          You can probably produce something good out of a poor quality oven but you will probably cause an accident first. It’s possible but the methods involved may be horrifying.

          Like they say: “Things will get worse before they get better.”

      2. There is no reply button to your lates comment so i will reply here. Can you really blame them for doing all those things? I mean you wouldn’t blame a person with downs syndrome for not understanding algebra? They don’t know better I think, and nobody teaches them to question things. Nobody accountable for their actions as you truly state. This goes back to nobody questioning anything i think. Couples have another child when they barely can feed the other others they already have. They don’t know better. You know better, and I know! :). They don’t have the tools to act in a better way. Don’t see my stance as an excuse to how Filipinos behave. I am not trying to justify some of their behavior. I am just trying to find a reason to why it is like this. Where is the problem and how can it be solved? This is what my question is. A major letdown is when you actually have constructive criticism, they can NOT take it at all. It’s an insult to them. It is frustrating as they will not accept that there is a problem. “If you change nothing, nothing changes” =/

        1. Eatnoy,
          what do they NOT understand?
          Every time when I stick my penis in a vagina, I can get into trouble. Which part do they NOT understand?

          Its not fair to talk about someone with Down syndrome. You want to compare a Down with a person without being educated? A non-educated should know even more and better then a Down person.

          Robert (Netherlands)

          You can use the “reply” button when you receive my response through your email inbox. So pls check both boxes below the “post comment” button.

      3. Ok i will check the boxes! 🙂

        What they dont understand is that they are getting into trouble when they screw. Their sexual urges are stronger than the outcome of the act. Also there is the bearded man in the sky that tells them to not wear protection ;). So religion is messing with their minds as well.

        The downs example whas to make a point. It didnt go so well i suppose. Would you expect a norrh korean person in north korea to believe that south korea is “more free” than north korea? The north korean has lived under a rock his whole life so you probably wouldnt expect it. Same goes for the filipino but its under a different rock. Dont let the somewhat advanced infrastructure fool you. just because there are skylines and big malls in the PH doesnt mean it stils “insustrialized”. Its still a rock, but lighter than north koreas.

        According to you, why are filipino parents still making babies when they probably shouldnt? What do you think is the reason? What is your POV?

        1. Eatnoy,
          first, what is your involvement with the Philippines?

          Why do Philippine parents keep on procreating? A few years ago, I would have said religion. But now I say its that parents need kids so that those kids will take care of and to look after and to sponsor (financially) the parents when those parents are old. Its part of their culture and is also known as: “Utang na Loob” (kids have to pay the prize for being born to their parents). But parents dont realize that such culture will keep them poor (and their kids as well).

          Every Philippine woman, I know of, married to a foreigner and living not in the Philippines, will sent money back to her family. If and when she doesnt do that she is in big trouble. That money is not only used for her mom, dad and brothers and sisters but also mostly for uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews to pay for tuition, medical bills, medicines and the likes. So the daughter becomes a slave and aa cash cow (also known as the ATM) for the Philippine family.

          Here in Northern Europe parents will encourage and stimulate their kids to leave the nest and spread their wings even among poor European families.

          What also is very rampant is the Philippines is the social control. Its difficult for an individual is to have a different opinion, a different view. Bec before you know it, you will lose friends. The Philippine culture is totally built on fear. Afraid to lose someone or to become an outcast. Their religion is also build on fear (You will end up in hell if you do this and that). And nobody says “enough is enough”.
          Critisizing your parents? Forget it
          Critisizing your religion? Forget it
          Critisizing your friends? Forget it.

          So change will not come for the Philippines, it will only become worse. They are too blind to even see and notice it.

          Eatnoy, they dont have to change for me. I personally dont gain anything from it. But for sure it can make the world a better place if and when they do.

        2. Eatnoy,
          I personally find the Philippine culture to be very complicated (compared to the open western culture). Its very respect-driven and respect oriented. There are a lot of “rules” within the Philippine (family-) culture.
          Its funny bec they make a mess of their own traffic rules and traffic laws. And they make a mess of their own country.

          And all they do is blame the government and the media (TV news, newspapers, TV series etc). They dont look into the mirror.

  64. this the reason, why I wanted leave this country, seriously I’m a Filipino, and I can see is that we are almost lawless here, the mere fact that those Filipino people who can’t accept the truth, are those people who are afraid of change, the lack of self dicipline as well, may batas na nga, di pasinusunod, lagi pang nagapapasaway, we can’t say na nakasanayan na, that is totally idiotic, sumobra na sa katangahan yan, Iknow we get used to things, but these are bad habits that people get used to, and what’s worse is, the media is helping to lessen the people’s IQ, by feeding them the wrong info, this happens around the world, kaya nagiging makitid utak ng mga tao, at napansi ko na iisa lang ang ideology dito sa atin, and please lang, kung may sisisihin sa mga problemanatin ngayon, wag natin sisihin ang gobyerno, sa ating lahat nagmula yan, all of us are accounted for, hindi lang ang gobyerno.

  65. Filipinos don’t have identity. They copy identities as if these were theirs. The problem is every Filipino airs of issues but doesn’t know where to start mending them. To add to colonial mentality, Filipinos are still enslaved by ignorance. Also social politics is as strong as governmental politics. It is a dysfunctional society, so to speak. If things be different, the government type must be changed.

  66. One thing I can say is… wow this forum is so full of butthurt FLIPFAGs!

    Failipinos Loving Incompetence Purposely For All Generations!

    All Ic an say is, I am a Filipino-Chinese and maybe you’ll tell me, “Umiwi ka na sa Tsina!” but the author has a point.

    To be honest, nahiya rin ako sa mga kapwa Intsik ko who do drug dealing. I don’t rally for any Intsik na dapat lang ma-execute.

    Eh sa FLIPFAG, kahit may sala na, cover up pa rin?


    1. However, it may be better for you to take a vacation in Hong Kong for a while. Staying here will give you health problems like high-blood pressure. I already have that kind of problem and I need to take maintenance medication for it.

      So go to Hong Kong for a week or two. And say hi to Chun-Li for me when you see her. 😉

  67. Robert, I am married to a foreigner and yes I am supporting/paying my children’s education and stuff and so is my husband. What’s wrong with that? We are both working and our kids from previous marriages still needs our financial support. My husband is not a Filipino but he’s taking care of his demented mother. Should I be angry that I need to help him out cleaning up pee and poop? Not at all because I came from a culture that takes care of their parents. Having said all that, I agree that Filipinos have yet to learn to manage a country.

    1. Magz,
      when my mom was diagnosed with cancer, I also took care of her (I still lived at home at that time and my dad was admitted at an hospital at that time). But I could only do that after school hours. During the day she was taken care of by a professional medical aid. I am not trained to give medical help and assistance. And I also did the household chores, like cleaning and cooking.

      That you pay for your kids educational bills is part of your task and duty being a parent. But in my country the other biological parent must also contribute toward the kids 50% (that is our law and thats the way it should be; equal responsibility). Even if we didnt had that law, its the fairest to do as biological parents.

      If I would be your partner, I would probably also contribute towards the cost of your biological kids (bec I love YOU), but in fact your previous partner/husband/boyfriend should actually be doing that (and not me).

      I would probably ask to see the actual bills before I would pay such bills.(But thats most likely because I am accountant)

  68. Took a look at most of the comments…very sad as no country is perfect…

    I am a kano (white guy with Dutch/German//French/Irish heritage) born/bred from the United States and very proud of my country but in no way are we even nearly perfect.

    My wife family (very large with 8 children) in the Philippines are all college educated and doing very well for themselves.

    I come from a family of 6 children and only 1 (myself) are college educated and we definitely have many issues compared to my Asawa family.

    My wife is college educated and an engineer and much smarter then I am and also VERY TYPE A which I could use allot more of.

    It really depends on the person and their family as we in the United States and our Western friends can learn allot from the Philippines especially in the area of respecting and taking care of our families/elders.

    I would say to the Pinoys and foreigners making comments here instead of downgrading the Philippines…what have you done to make it better?

    Have you helped put someone thru college in the Philippines? Donated to a worthy charity in the Philippines that gives Pinoys a “hand up” and just NOT a “hand out”.

    Instead of complaining and making negative comments about the Philippines what can we do to make it better?

    BTW, with all the “challenges” in the Philippines my wife and I in 12.5 years still plan on retiring up in beautiful Baguio and to be a blessing to others as much as we can…

    Think about what you can do to be a blessing to the Philippines???

    God Bless


    1. “Instead of complaining and making negative comments about the Philippines what can we do to make it better?”

      pointing out its many dysfunctions for everyone to see and maybe ponder about, for one thing instead of quietly just sulking in the corner shrugging things off because “that’s the way things are” is one. and it’s always funny whenn someone asks “what have you done?” it’s none of anyone’s business what i did. for all you know i did more but that’s beside the point. the point is you tell an alcoholic he is one in order for him to get better. burying your head in the sand hoping he’ll snap out of it by his own volition does not count. and yes, it feels pretty good in my armchair. that’s what it is when you’re preaching to a nation full of backward thinking automatons. deal with it or not, it’s up to you.

      1. Boyet,

        My comments are a call to action not just complaining.

        If you have done allot for friends/family and acquaintances in the Philippines that is GREAT!

        Whether you choose to make that public or private is your business not mine…I personally like to keep my good deeds as private as possible so my reward will be in heaven. Yes, I am a born again Christian and LOVE Jesus!

        I definitely agree we cannot just ignore reality and constructive criticism is great for everyone if they are willing to use it for their good.

        I like to encourage others to do better for themselves!

        In our church fellowship they call me Bro. Barnabas (son of encouragement)…

        God Bless


        1. Michael,
          your call for helping others is inspirational. But can you imagine a world where everyone is capable to manage his/her own life? And in case I need your help, then I will call for your help? Isnt it better to learn people how to fish then to give them fish each day?

        2. Robert,

          Yes and that is why I commented about giving a “hand up” and NOT a “hand out”…

          A hand out is giving a man a fish and a hand up is giving the man a fishing pole or maybe even a boat and a fishing pole and teaching him how to fish.

          Much better to teach a man how to fish then giving him a fish…

          In some situations though you must give him a a fish a few times and also give him the fishing pole and teach him how to fish…

          I see so many successful Filipinos/Filipinas here in the Middle East where I work and back in the USA that I am very upbeat on the Philippines long term…

          Great country overall and lots of potential…

          God Bless


        3. Robert,

          Just a Christian saying that I would like God to bless you more and more in your life…

          I am a Born Again Christian that LOVES Jesus!

          God Bless


        4. Michael,
          I too would like to do much but I will never present myself as god’s personal assistant and sending somebody his blessings.

          I am a born atheist. Although I dont like the word atheist. So I will rephrase my line.

          I am born believer in myself.

        5. Robert,

          Once you have experienced the power and anointing of Jesus Christ in your life like I have you would want everyone to be bless by GOD also!

          It is a wonderful experience knowing GOD and the Holy Spirit indwelling inside of me…

          If you want to discuss this issue more please feel free to e-mail me at mikelkraft@yahoo.com as this is getting a little off subject from what we are chatting about here…

          God Bless


        6. Thanks father Michael but no thanks.

          I am a convinced atheist. I once joined my pinay girlfriend going to a church service in Cebu but I left after about 10 minutes.
          If a priest wants to sell a product, he must make his sales pitch attractive, “sexy” and convincing. He lacked on all 3 accounts.
          I dont like to be dictated how to run my own life.

          Nice try though

        7. Robert,

          I can definitely see we have allot in common.

          You and I both would like to see both Pinoys and others nationalities be self sufficient and that is a very noble cause!

          God Bless


        8. Michael,
          what I would like to see is that the Philippine people will get out of poverty, start being far more critical about themselves and their surroundings and try to lose their religion.

          Pls name me one overwhelming roman catholic country that is not suffering in poverty, Michael? The church is so damned powerfull in this poor country that its religion becomes a hindrance for progress.
          Why did so many priests sexually abuse boys (and maybe girls as well) in so many countries?

        9. Robert,

          I am not Catholic but of the Pentecostal Faith (Assemblies of GOD) so I cannot answer your question about the Catholic church.

          Anyway, I told my Filipina wife about our conversation and she wishes you good luck trying to change the Philippines… smile…

          LORD willing, in the future the Filipino people will elect good leaders and things will change but ultimately that is up to them…

          Great conversation!

          God Bless


        10. Michael,
          I am not on a missionary mission to “convert” people in the Philippines. But its not difficult to see what the real problems are.
          Because of the cultural system in the Philippines, the solution is NOT to be found in the government/leaders.

          It may not have been your “church” where the priests abused those kids. But I dont hear you say that is awful and scandalous. I am sure the “head” of your church is the same pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

        11. Robert,

          I am not of the Catholic faith at all…

          It is a TERRIBLE/HORRENDOUS thing what the priests have done…

          Yes, there are many things in the Philippines that can be improved…but I want to be a positive person and do my part by doing what I can for others in the Philippines and around the world…

          We still have 12.5 years to go before my wife and I retire in the Philippines but in the meantime her and I will do what we can do for our fellow kababyans and other people we come in contact with here in Qatar where we currently work/live and of course in the United States where my side of the family lives…

          God Bless


        12. Michael,
          was it it so important for you (and your partner) to “do good” for others?
          It seems to me that doing good to others is an obsession.
          If I can I will help my family members and my friends but they are very good able to manage their own lives. In short: they dont need my help, nor my assistance. And if it happens, I will never brag or boast about it here or anywhere else.

          You give me the impression that the minute you arrive back home from work, that you land yourself on the doorstep of your neighbours (family members) offering your help.Are you so afraid you end up in hell if you not help others one day? Dont you have any hobbies?
          And since you do brag about it pls be more specific about what you actually do in helping others. Are all those people are really so helpless they need you every single day. If yes then dont learn much and you probably are keeping them giving fish. You must feel really important to them.

        13. Dear Michael,
          I hope that all OFWs have a plan B. The oil reserves in Qatar and other oil producing countries dont last forever. I guess by then those Sheikhs dont need OFWs anymore bec their assetts are gone. I hope future OFWs will think about this.

          god bless you or he doesnt (I dont know. I cant speak on behalf of him).

        14. Robert,

          I believe it would be best to end the conversation now as you seem to want to get into a personal attack.

          Neither you or I know each other personally and neither you or I have to explain ourselves to each other.

          This is way off base from the conversation that we are talking about…

          I am trying to be an encouragement to others and I pray that you will be too…

          Enough said…

          God Bless


    2. @Michael

      I said it before and I’ll say it again, it is sad when foreigners sees the beauty of the “Filipino” and the potential of the people and yet us “Filipinos” don’t…

      Thank you for your objective way of thinking and for having a sense of hope that us “Filipinos” do have a potential for a better future..

      1. Desertlion,

        My wife family 8 of them (I am bragging on them) are a great examples of what Filipinos can do…

        Except for her and I everyone else is back in the Philippines being very productive…we are both here in Qatar as I work directly for the US Army as a Federal Employee and she is a mechanical engineer at large construction firm in Doha, Qatar.

        Her family works in positions such as Professors at UP in Baguio, working for Oracle, working for the UN in Manila and the list goes on…

        BTW, her Dad never graduated college as he did not have the finances to complete college but her Dad and Mother encouraged all 8 children to complete college and along the way all of the brothers and sisters helped/supported each other financially and emotionally…and all 8 now hold college degrees…

        At her Dad funeral last year even though he was just a “maintenance guy” he was highly praised among the civic groups as a family man and also among his children. His children always remembered there Dad telling them to complete their studies…and they all 8 of them have…

        Filipinos can do good…my Asawa family is a prime example!

        God Bless


  69. Paano kaya kung nakalimbag ito sa Filipino? Malamang na kahit iyong mga nagpi-piso net e makaiintindi. Paano makapagninilaynilay sa iyong pahayag iyong mga hindi nakatatanggap ng magandang kalidad na edukasyon, hirap magbasa sa Ingles at hindi na naturuang makialam? Not your fault, but I’m just suggesting 🙂

      1. Direct translation of Ulysses’ comment:

        “What if this [article] was published in Filipino? Good chance then for those using piso-net to understand. How else can you reach out to those who haven’t gotten a good education, have a hard time reading English and haven’t learned to care [about these things]? Not your fault, but I’m just suggesting :)”

    1. For the audience are anyone who can understand English. This article was not written for the Filipino alone.

      And, I agree, it would be better if it has a Filipino translated edition so it can be easily understood by our fellow countrymen who are more comfortable in communcating ith

      1. *Filipinos alone

        *communicating with their own language

        Plus, there is Google translate handy here.
        I truly believe in Filipinos, I mean, every one who are interested to read this article and it’s posts.

        We really cannot please each other, but there’s always a way to reach out. 🙂

  70. Well reality? is there’s such thing as Filipino, as the name evolved from our Country’s name Philippines, which came from Spanish King’s Named Philip.. and besides, our said to be ancestors are really not from our Islands, they were Malaya’s and Islanders in the South… whereas, perhaps the true Filipino’s they say are the Aetas, Agta who lives in a very humble place with a very humble life… If you think you are a Filipino, you might as well say that your an American, cause part of our blood came from them, Spaniards lots of them, Japanese some of them and British few of them… I guess we were so great in imitating those people, we even imitated they’re normal corrupt habits… We just love seeing that we can do better than those foreigners… but hey we did became better in that level… Sadly we do… and at the end of the day, I am still a Filipino… no matter what, not unless I decided to migrate and throw my citizenship in the trash… but I won’t!

  71. Dear author,
    Thank you for summarizing some if not all of our weaknesses as Filipinos.. I have to say they are all true, except maybe for the traffic arrogance. I think they are true mostly in Manila and some major cities. Come to Baguio City and we’ll gladly make way for you 🙂 I really find, while reading ur article, that the truth really hurts, despite leaving out the real reasons why we are a proud bunch – positive values like respecting the elderly, close family ties, etc. However, I’d like to inform u that Pinoys are what u stated them to be because it is a cycle. Pinoys are less educated because the system is designed to make them that way. And the system wont change anytime because Pinoys keep electing them back. Why? Refer to my initial statement. It is a cycle. Good to have read ur reaction on our flaws, not it is time to respond on how to fix these. The country needs intelligent people like you 🙂

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble but I’ve been in Baguio a lot of times and unlike in the 90’s, it’s becoming very congested like Metro Manila especially in Session Road with it’s heavy traffic.

  72. Dear Ollie Fonite,
    so after reading the article what will you say about yourself? Will you change your weaknesses and flaws or …..
    Will you break that cycle or continue keeping the cycle?
    The power to change it is in your hands.

  73. Wow. The arguments in this thread are amazing. However, some comments are pointless and redundant. Anyways, I enjoyed reading. Hope all of you will have a good day!

  74. This is a vast collective group of people that live in a collectivist state. Change is needed but finding the right person to lead is like looking for a needle in a haystack. In my opinion however, I can see how this can hinder being a Filipino and ways the country and the people themselves can make better changes. Unfortunately, behaviour validates one’s up bringing and not all or most Filipinos should be accounted for in this electronic article. Like many third world countries, they all share some and most of the same characteristics and traits. I must say for lack of a better word, stupidity and ignorance. Author, how would you suggest change to your claims?

  75. Wow seems the author has just struck another nerve to the proud to be filipino ( 🙂 ). look at the comment section it probably will become the next commented article next to the dong-yang wedding by ilda or if the stars, the planets and the constellations are aligned it will overtake ilda’s dong-yang article. hahahaha.

    Nice article by the way.

    (I just started to read getrealphilippines a year ago. more power to you guys and more great articles)

  76. Filipinos in other country. They obey and follow other countries rule, unlike other foriegn perverts who come to foreign countries to do their whack job. Filipinos are unruly in the phil because we lack good leadership and dats all .my point is we can do great things and we are capable of doing it because we did that years ago. Phil is big country then. The authors comment is dismissive and biased. It is not true because it is based on other countries ideals. The hell wit them. We should need to fix it on our terms. Good leadershp is the answer an
    d im tellin u wid dis all of the authors comments on us will be non existent.

    1. So what you’re saying is that Filipinos are incapable of behaving well unless they’re whipped into line?

      Surely the solution here is simple: just ask the Chinese to take over and tell you all what to do.

  77. Ironic though that we acknowledge other people’s success as our own but continue to buy and patronize things that arent made by our fellowmen (ex. Products like Nike and Forever 21) and consider local products ‘uncool’ and inferior, also some of these people decide that travelling to other countries is way better than exploring your own, yet claim proud when famous international names visit our country and enjoy it. We do have a twisted sense of Filipino Pride

        1. What does her name got to do with it?

          Do we really need to have a “Filipino” name like Ding-dong, Jhun-jhun, Ton-ton or Tabucsuba?

    1. I see that all the time in stores when products from food to appliances practically boast about their foreign country of origin on the packaging. “Look, it wasn’t made here! It’s actually good!”

      Compare to places like Australia, where products boast of being “100% Australian made” and supporting local industry rather than imports.

    2. In addition to that, many Filipinas say they are proud to be pinay and yet they are not proud of their own brown skin that they always use skin whitening lotions to make them look as white as Americans. Oh the hypocrisy.

  78. Many of you are perfect examples of what this author was talking about in this article. Why can’t you accept our faults and focus on fixing them, rather than just getting emotional and reacting as if there are no faults, just being righteous the twisted way? Exactly what the author is saying! Tabi-tabi po ha pero ang dami talagang bobo lang.

    1. We are part of a system. If the system is not well then we should react about it. Fixing things is futile especially if u dont know what to fix and act self sufficient and say hooray i made a difference. We do this in unison

  79. This article definitely attracted a lot of people it was referring to,especially the ones domo, DIO and wintersoldier keep curbstomping with their counter arguments.

  80. While most visitors to this site are Filipinos, and most of them if not all have taken a negative view of this article, the author must be laughing his/her ass off watching commentators throw slurs at/badmouth each other to prove their point. The author surely has written an article that can spark a debate and make this site rank higher in the SERPS at the cost of our countrymen’s reputation.

    You Mr. Author may say everything that is bad about Filipinos but you can’t deny the beauty that has attracted a lot of people from different parts of the world. The Culture. The Land.

    Not all countries in the world are the same. Each nation and its people are different from others. Philippines was once a great nation but because of the mistakes of our ancestors this country has rolled down into the crevice of poverty and corruption.

    In reality, we are living in a very volatile world. Crime doesn’t only exist in the Philippines. Corruption doesn’t only exist in the Philippines. Wake up.

    We live to survive in this harsh world. Everything you have stated isn’t new to us. Duh.

    1. The Philippines is the way it is because of the crimes of the Filipinos who are alive today. Again: the things you do right now, today, make the Philippines poor and miserable. FallenAngel was giving you some examples.

      Even if your ancestors did make a mess of things, hat are you going to do, wake them up and tell them to fix it? Only YOU can do that.

      And PLEASE stop this nonsense about ‘crime/corruption/etc exists everywhere’. Of course it does. But aren’t you familiar with the words MORE and LESS?

      Nobody goes to the Philippines for the culture, unless you’re referring to the culture of whoring and drinking (and let’s not pretend it’s only dirty westerners who do that). Neither do they go for the Land, whatever you mean by that. Most of it’s covered in trash or under a blanket of smog.

      People go to the very few parts that haven’t yet been destroyed by Filipinos. They eat and drink and look at the scenery, and then they leave.

      You might ask: why do people like me stay there? It’s partly prurient curiosity. Observing Pinoys deliberately mess up their lives is like watching a slow-motion car crash. I’m fascinated by the depths to which humanity can sink, and I like to see how they respond to other ideas and ideals. A few – maybe one in ten – are interested in doing things differently. The rest simply see me as a wallet to be stolen.

  81. Im a filipino..been to diffrent countries…nobody is perfect…even filipinos..some good some bad some responsible some ill mannered some well educated…but at some point we have to accept it..that what was written is true to some of us..i drive around manila and we have been thought in driving school to use signal lights respect traffic rules,keep your lane…simple things like no crossing no littering no jaywalking..i think that the future generation should be taught in school about these SIMPLE RULES,we are proud of our country it is beautiful and we can make it better…accepting the truth is hard but it wil be the best way to improve all of us…we can still do it…

  82. I just noticed that all the articles of this particular author is anti-Filipino. The majority of the people you described are usually the uneducated people you see in the slums found in Metro Manila. Not really different from people found in the slums of other parts of the world. And these people are a minority when compared to the whole Philippine population. So please do not make generalizations on subjects when you do not have any statistical data.

    1. The fact that we still have slums speaks for itself. And I think this particular author is very patriotic–tackling a subject that few would want to discuss. Its really up to you if you would consider this a put-down of the Philippines or as a piece that offers constructive criticism.

      That said, will you take this as constructive criticism and start behaving more politely and stop spitting on the street? Or will you go all in a rage and start throwing ad hominems?

  83. Madami pa din naman mabubuting tao sa pinas. Sa benguet, may open tindahan na walang tindera sa gabi. Pero may listahan ng presyo ng paninda at mayroong box kung saan ilalagay ang bayad. Kaya ang mga ginabi sa pag-akyat ng bundok e may mabibilihan pa ng inumin at light snack.

    Yung byahe namin nung biyernes at linggo from north to south ng metro, mapagbigay naman lahat ng mga driver na nakasabay namin pwera sa mga nakamotorsiklo na bigla na lang sumusulpot.

    Sa fitting room ng herbench nung sabado, 9 ay nagtityaga sa pila, samantalang yung isa babae na nasa isang fitting room e hindi na lumabas kasi ang nanay nya abot ng abot ng ibang damit pag hindi kasya ung naunang sinukat nya.

  84. I think the comments are superficial observations coming from a foreigner who lacks an in depth understanding of the resilience of the Filipino people. Faith in Divine providence coupled with sense of humour and high tolerance of pain and suffering easily trump the “weaknesses” mentioned in the article. It was only 10-15 years ago when the Philippines was labelled the sick man of Asia. Today the country’s sovereign debt is rated as investment grade and no longer dependent WB-IMF loans. Filipinos now patiently wait their turn in bus/taxi/MRT queues. Traffic flow in areas with good infrastructure and traffic enforcement (Global City) is as good as anywhere else in the world.

    Even the infamous traffic in congested roads like EDSA has shown the Filipino’s creativity of taking advantage of meager resources. Where in the world does a U-turn become more effective than a traffic light? There is a hidden order in traffic chaos because it works with minimal accident and road rage.

    There are still a lot of improvements and challenges ahead for the country but I would rather view the current state of play as a glass “half full” and on the way to being filled up.

    1. Yeah right improving economy all thanks to ofw’s remittances. Hey since you said that, why don’t you tell all Filipino ofw’s to stop work from outside our country and work here instead? Good luck for them having low salary and expensive goods and taxes though.
      Good traffic you say? What do you call the intense traffic in Edsa every day and night? And no, no matter how many roads they expand, imperial manila will still suffer from catastrphic traffic so that kind of solution is useless.
      I bet you believe too much on what the local yellow journalism said to you.

    2. “Good Traffic”? Are you blind or just stupid. Having only 7 MRT trains operating out of 25 needed is not “good policy”.

      Get out of your BGC bubble and go to Cubao for 1 week. You’d never survive

  85. just like domo said in one of his comments; he called people who line up at the MRT “failipinos’ commuting for him on public transport is failure. like if you don’t have your own car you are nothing? i bet domo doesn’t even have a house under his name.

    1. Nagsalita na naman ang bobong payaso. I never said that every Filipinos must have cars so that they can never use public transport like mrt. In fact, I’d rather use public transport than our car when I travel within Metro Manila or even walk when it’s in short distances. My point is is that what you call progress when that kind of system is already obsolete making more Filipinos suffer with that? Atake ka nang atake sa site na ito palagi namang palpak. Too desperate to sabotage this site much moron? What will you gonna attack to me next? My parents?

      1. ikaw mismo nagsabi gusto mo -copy paste ko yung sinabi mo?
        ? boplaks ka nga talaga

        —domo– in english means dumbass

        1. Oh look now you just went full retard again. What’s the matter? Did you actually read my explanation? O pinapakita mo lang na isa kang dakilang mangongontra dahil ayaw mong aminin na isa ka na talagang talunan dito mula nung inatake mo hindi lang ako kundi pati na rin ang mga hindi sang-ayon sa iyo lalo na sina benign0 at Ilda? Hey do me a favor: why don’t you make your own blog about what makes this site BS and that failipinos like you must always enjoy mediocrity while expecting different results and hope that something good will really happen? Wag ka nang dumada pa’t gawin mo na kasi halata namang nagmamagaling ka dito e.

        2. At ano ibabalik mo na naman sa akin yung sinabi ko sa iyo? Iyan lang ba ang kaya mong gawin bobong payaso? Ang hina mo.

        3. the truth is domo… and i say this with all the love I can muster. all you do is attack those that don’t agree with GRP. you seem to be infatuated by them and has a grand delusion that one day…your overzealous devotion to their cause might actually land you a spot among them.

          you know… like the odd kid trying to fit-in… that’s you. now who’s the asshurt?

        4. @ricky: Hate to break it to you, son, but the truth is… you’re just missing the point and what you’re doing is borderline stupidity.

      2. As much fun as I had reading your ” comments” it has gotten too old too quickly… you sure can dish it out but you cant take any. whatever attempt of insult you throw at me after is just gonna be for others to read so save yourself the trouble.

        para hindi ka na umiyak.
        in what universe do i plan to sabotage this site? wala ka na maisip at dun bumagsak ang conclusion mo?
        ngayon filipinos hindi na failipinos?
        and I have no intention of saying anything against your family. they have suffered enough putting up with you.