Ninoy was Dead Wrong: The Filipino is NOT worth dying for

Did the fake hero utter a lie when he said: The Filipino is worth dying for ?

Let’s do a little thought experiment: Recall that Filipina who was on death row abroad…Yes, Mary Jane Veloso, who was arrested and sentenced to death for smuggling heroin into Indonesia. Let’s have a show of hands. Who among you would volunteer to take her place so she could live?

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Even giving your left kidney for your neighbor or relative is already something hardly anyone would consider, how much more sacrificing your one and only life for a Filipino stranger? One would not even offer to lose his/her 2 eyes (which one would value at a billion USD a piece) in exchange for the life of any politician (not even for Duterte or Pacquiao).

So really, was Ninoy serious about giving his life up for “the Filipino”? Best bet is… he just wanted to sound patriotic, and with such a quotable quote under his belt, actually earn him a place in the Pinoy hall of heroic fame (should any misfortune happen along the way).

For someone too rabidly infatuated with political power, fame and glory, why would he forfeit his life for fellow Filipinos? For a man willing to kill Filipinos to get to the throne or be so reckless enough to weaponize the communist cause just to wreak havoc, mayhem and destruction on Pres. Marcos’ administration, you will begin to doubt such a noble declaration of self-sacrifice.

This Ninoy guy was too hungry for satisfying political ambition, dying for anyone would be the last thing on his mind.

Before we dig deeper, how do we measure worth? Typically, it’s about output. If you’re a lazy scumbag, people would call you worthless. If one were a creative genius like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, then such a person would be a national treasure. And up to how high a value does it make something or someone worth exchanging your life for?

What is a Filipino’s intrinsic worth?

  1. Productivity. If the metric were per capita GDP, a typical Filipino is just 5% that of a Singaporean. Filipinos are among the least productive in Asia. So if worth is based on economic output, Filipinos are way down in the list of worthy humans that can be called assets rather than liabilities.
  2. Skillset. Singing, dancing, humor, serving – yes, we are good at a lot of things. Are Filipinos imbued with so much skill, talent and intellect they are actually worth dying for? We are best known in the international marketplace for producing bananas. Pinoy-original products involving intelligence and creative design can hardly be named. The Philippine Jeepney? Nah, forget it.
  3. Awards and Medals. Show me a Filipino Nobel laureate? Who can come forward with an Olympic gold medal? 100M+ strong and nothing to show.

So yes, that famous line by Ninoy was likely all just for show, or the guy was just outright lying through his teeth. If he knew for sure a bullet was coming for him at the tarmac that day he never would have taken that flight back to the Philippines.

The fact is: Filipinos are NOT worth dying for. (Well maybe for resource-rich Philippines – yes; but for the residents?) Are we such special and rare specimens of the human race to be worth preserving? Ask Donald Trump of Jack Ma if they would die for a Filipino. Who in the world esteems Filipinos that highly to actually die for them? With his categorical denials, not even our national hero Jose Rizal was actually willing to face the firing squad for the revolution he unintentionally ignited.

Sorry to rain on your parade (esp. for Yellow folks), but all this celebration for a man who was actually a traitor and a terrorist all for the grand delusion of Presidential glory is a complete waste of time and attention.

If you want Filipinos worth dying for, try learning rocket science with ambitions to fly to Mars. Probably by then, people will scramble to become human shields just to protect such a high-value asset. And finally, while you process this article (in probably denial stage), here’s the breaking news of the week…

Vietnamese set to get richer than Filipinos this year — IMF

36 Replies to “Ninoy was Dead Wrong: The Filipino is NOT worth dying for”

  1. “Filipinos are worth dying for….” It is a stupid political statement made by Ninoy Aquino, because, he was caught of being a founder of the New Peoples’ Army ; and was involved in the arm shipments for the commie revolution, thru the MV Karagatan, on the coast of Palanan, Isabela.

    Ninoy Aquino; Jose Maria Sison; Bernabe Buscayno alias “Kumander Dante” ; Victor Corpus; and the rest of the commies; were sentenced to death by “firing squad” by the late Pres. Marcos.

    So, Aquino just stated the sentence: “Filipinos are worth dying for….”, a stupid political statement. Because , he was due too die in a firing squad…

    It was his political ambition to become President , that was worth dying for…It was Aquino’s desire to protect the Cojuangcos’ ownership of the Hacienda Luisita, in which his wife is a part owner; that was worth dying for….not you, me, or any of the “ignorant Filipino”, who were worth dying for…

    What a person do, is more truthful; than what he says !!!

  2. Is this a projection of your own lack of faith in yourself? Nothing personal. It’s just a direct question to let you clarify your position.

    1. @Stargzer:

      My position is for the truth; not for any political party or political ideology , or any tribal and regional affiliation, etc…

    2. Don’t get me wrong. We’re not saying Filipinos do not have any potential for excellence. It’s just a matter of giving them the right conditions and guidance to do so. Carlos Yulo, the world-class gymnast, was trained in Japan. Manny Pacquiao trained under an American boxing coach (Roach). Dado Banatao the Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur went to Stanford.

      The common denominator is the fact that foreign assistance, aid, management, capital or even blood needs to be injected into Filipinos for them to amount to something. As negative as the article may appear, provoking Filipinos to jealousy can actually work for them to get their act together and become a world-class force to reckon with.

      1. “Giving them the right conditions…”

        And even then still you do not wish for a socialistic approach like free education, free universal healthcare etc.

        1. Well it depends on what type of socialism. Free education is fine for those who deserve it (like scholarships). State-sponsored health care should be prioritized for those who strive to maintain healthy lives free from drugs, smoking, and alcohol. Filipinos tend to become abusive of any grace given them. When resources are limited, invest wisely. And normally those who are good at investing are foreigners or Filipinos exposed to the first-world mindset.

      2. I don’t know if jealousy is a good motivation. Anyone who has the potential to create value can be reasonably generous. Seems it’s another thing for a society under scarcity and greed. Can any Filipino amount to “something” without foreign aid? It’s naive to think that they haven’t been trying. Setting the conditions is relative, but it’s certainly something that should elevate us.

      3. There’s the small matter of Return on Investment. In a free market, capital flows to where returns are perceived to be highest. The question Filipinos need to ask themselves is whether or not they (as individuals, as a people, as a nation) are in a position to compete for that capital/investment.

        1. That’s probably why they keep injecting cash into the system. Return on Investment won’t amount to much with a noninclusive economy. Not to mention the effect it has on the quality of production ( If ROI is the determining factor)

        2. Another question Filipinos should ask themselves is if they are attracting the right type of investment/capital. Where are the investments that produce info- and technology-driven products/services? With a consumer-driven economy, the country generally becomes just a money pit for “should-have-been capital” to flow into an ever increasing number of mouths to feed. We have Ninoy’s ushering in of Yellowtard rule to thank for the utter lack of vision beyond rights crybaby-ism. There is no real strategy for getting from A to B, because nobody has a clear idea what point B even looks like.

      4. Zaxx, let’s hope you be eventually right about “provoking Filipinos to jealousy”. They often fall short in the “take action” part. The action they take is usually either destructive – they drag others down instead of pulling themselves up – or not sustained, where they get roused but end up waiting for someone else to take the initiative because of “hiya” or “katamaran”.

  3. Hoo boy. What a sour graping article. Yes in fact he DID die for the Philippines out of his love for the country. He warned reporters to be vigilant because he knew his life was in danger as he boarded that fateful flight back. That is the very definition of bravery and patriotism. After all these years people still cling to their hero-  Marcos the dictator and his family. One of the proudest moments of being a Filipino was the bloodless revolution in EDSA. We had our own tense hours in Baguio as we protected the breakaway soldiers at the   Lady of sorrows cathedral. Humans, no matter how poor or insignificant have intrinsic priceless value. To measure it using GDP or productivity only shows the low morality and materialism of the author and all who agree with him.

    1. @Pidru Gonzales:

      Ninoy Aquino, died as an expensive “political gambit” of the NPA/CPP…. The commies; the YellowTards; the Aquino Cojuangco political axis; the Roman Catholic Church “liberation ideology clergy; the oligarchs; the U.S./C.I.A; and other political opportunists in Marcos’ inner circle; baited Ninoy Aquyino to come home, to grab the Presidency…he was informed that Marcos is too sick to govern…

      “Definition of patriotism and bravery ” – My Ass ! It is more of political opportunism, and Aquino was a stupid and reckless political opportunist…

      “EDSA Bloodless revolution” – a YellowTard Shit…It was U.S. /C.I.A . coup d’ etat; with Fidel Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile, as the primary tools of the U.S./C.I.A. Marcos was against the renewal of the U.S. Bases Agreement…this was the reason , he was removed by the U.S./C.I.A. and the U.S. State Department under U.S. Secretary of State, George Schultz…

      He was warmed by Pres. Reagan , not to use force and his armed forces, against the EDSA rebels…

      This has nothing to do with GDP or materialism. It has all thing to do with the search for the truth…

      The more we remove ” EDSA bloodless revolution”, from our history , the better. ..because it did not happen. If you are a YellowTard addicted to EDSA ; and the sainthood of Cory Aquino; and the heroism of Ninoy Aquino…
      I cannot help you with your delusion…

      EDSA was a “fucking” , U.S./C .I.A. coup d’ etat !

    2. It was easier to take advantage of public perception in those days. It wouldn’t make sense for there to be such a thing as die hard yellow loyalists. Unless you think otherwise?

    3. Pidru Gonzales, I really hope you are joking because Ninoy never loved Philippines and he was never a hero. While Ninoy was a senator, he didn’t work and he didn’t even do anything to help the country or people, he was just a slacker, like his son.

      Did Ninoy donate to the poor? No.
      Did Ninoy feed the people in need? No.
      Did Ninoy build structures which helped the country? No.

      All he did is speak against Marcos, that’s all, he’s all talk so how did he become a hero? Is it just because he got assassinated at an airport? If I get assassinated at an airport, will I be a hero too? Marcos warned Ninoy not to come back to the Philippines because some people want him dead. Besides, Ninoy was already sentenced to death via firing squad because he’s one of the people who helped Joma Sison found the NPA terrorist group but Marcos reduced his sentence for the sake of their fraternity brotherhood.

      The EDSA Revolution is a big failure and Filipinos should never be proud of that. Sure, Marcos is corrupt but the EDSA Revolution proved that the revolutionary government which overthrew him is more corrupt than his government.

    4. Ninoy’s “bravery” is as fake as the current official occupying the OVP. It’s as shallow as that of any other regular Pinoy who “braves” the streets of M. Manila with the threat of getting their head blown off by a random hitman on a motorcycle. If he was so brave stepping off the plane, why was he flanked by a contingent of security escorts? Why did he have to use some back door entry through the tarmac to evade crowds? True bravery is the capacity to face certain death, not just risking life and limb to the slim possibility of a fatal encounter while availing of the best security services.

      And if you truly believe in his statement “The Filipino is worth dying for”, then please go straight to the NATIONAL KIDNEY AND TRANSPLANT INSTITUTE (East Ave. QC) and donate both your kidneys to priceless Filipino human souls on the waiting list. The fact that you CANNOT do it only amplifies the huge disconnect that exists between the actions and words of those who peddle Ninoy’s laughable farce heroism.

      1. if its okay to meddle inbetween. Wasnt that particular statement made by Ninoy about sacrificing for the idea, the concept of a great filipino nation? And not really about sacrificing oneself for the individual. so i think your argument about donating ones kidneys is really off target.

        1. “I have asked myself many times: Is the Filipino worth suffering, or even dying, for? Is he not a coward who would readily yield to any colonizer, be he foreign or homegrown? Is a Filipino more comfortable under an authoritarian leader because he does not want to be burdened with the freedom of choice? Is he unprepared, or worse, ill-suited for presidential or parliamentary democracy?
          I have carefully weighed the virtues and the faults of the Filipino and I have come to the conclusion that he is worth dying for because he is the nation’s greatest untapped resource.” – Ninoy Aquino

          What Ninoy really said

          Yup, maybe there’s that 1% poetic chance the pronoun “he” there was not referring to a brown-skinned human being. You’ve got great kidneys pal. Just try to pee right on target next time.

        2. Isnt it a fact that he was aware of the danger of an assassination attempt on him if he chose to come? And still he chose to go ahead. it was not just a “slim possibility”. He knew it and took the risk. Not many would take that risk.
          Or am i wrong?

    5. Hate to break it to you, son, but Ninoy died for his own political ambition that he would go for the Reds to topple down Marcos. You keep on yapping about the low morality and materialism that you’re accusing the author of but totally clueless about how EDSA 1 greatly damaged our national psyche.

      For the likes of Noynoy and Kris, Ninoy’s quote “The Filipino is worthy dying for” means that every Filipino should suffer, just like how Ninoy suffered. Because the world owes them big time. What you’re looking is a dangerous mentality.

      1. you cant deny that he died for what he believed in…

        I dont understand, what have they (Noynoy and Kris) done so that the world owes them big time?

        1. Now you’re wondering why they can’t even move on about the Marcoses because they keep on yapping about it, thus they allowed the continued suffering of millions of Filipinos. Noynoy and Kris are so petty, childish, immature, and self-absorbed that they perceive the world revolves around them.

          I remember Kris’ interview with Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx upon on the release of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 six years ago. And I was like, “Oh god, is this really an interview?”

          And of course, there’s Noynoy and his antics, showing how retarded and incompetent he is (unlike the anti-Duterte shrills who loves making up shit) that he will go with petty grudges, blunders and blame games. I remember what he said on one of the SAF44’s kin “Namatayan ako ng ama, kaya patas na tayo”. And his refusal to go to the late Joker Arroyo’s funeral really irks me despite the fact that Joker really helped his mother Cory. His reason? Joker Arroyo’s comment of his government being a “student council.”

          Noynoy, Kris — the whole clan are out of touch with Filipinos from the very beginning. They’re acting as though the Marcoses are still in power and they are still being persecuted. If it’s not the Marcoses then the Arroyo’s.

  4. Filipinos are rude, arrogant, prideful, inconsiderate, have crab mentality and disobedient to the law, are people like that worth dying for? Absolutely not and I will never die for those people.

    1. Replying to my own comment, only 10% of the Filipinos are decent and good, the rest are like that. If we want to be close to even “worth dying for”, we need to get rid of those bad attitudes.

      1. ” we need to get rid of those bad attitudes.”

        NoData, how do you get rid of these? The filipino society is based on individualism, selfishness, self-centred, low taxation etc.

        1. That I do not know. I just get rid of those attitudes but I can’t change other people. What I hate the most about almost all Filipino people is the crab mentality. If you get a promotion at work, most of the Filipino co-workers will get jealous and complain a lot to the company or the boss to make sure you don’t get the promotion. It’s really a shame. Even if you work in other countries, the people who will do this to you are fellow Filipinos.

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