Filipinos don’t need a helper. They need a LEADER

Here’s the whole trouble with the way the Philippine Opposition make their value proposition to the Filipino people: they insult them by constantly making them feel like victims. It seems they remain in a state of denial over the stellar approval ratings Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte continues to get year in and year out, survey after survey.

Since Duterte became a force to reckon with, the Opposition led by the bleeding-heart Yellowtards (the partisan bloc loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan) clung to their tired old mantra of “helping” the “less fortunate”. That spiel obviously no longer works. Thing is, it is obvious to everyone but the Yellowtards. They seem to have learnt nothing in the aftermath of their catastrophic loss in the 2019 national elections where not one in their coalition of eight prayerful senator hopefuls won a seat. These ill-fated erstwhile “senatoriables” carried on ad nauseum waxing poetic about “social justice”, “human rights”, and “equality” all of which were hopelessly abstract to the Filipino voter. On that nebulousness of their campaign “platform” alone, the Yellowtards evidently sought to insult the intelligence of Filipino voters with drivel utterly irrelevant to their day-to-day lives. That too was obvious. Not to the Yellowtards, however.

Filipinos don’t need help. They need to be led. They need to be led down a direction. This is the other thing that is obviously missing in the recipe of failure the Yellowtards keep cooking up — direction. What is it exactly that the Yellowtards propose Filipinos look to? Ask that question and all you will hear from them is an insulting answer: “freedom from tyranny”. There is no “tyranny” from which Filipinos need to be “freed”. The Yellowtards are, in essence, swindling Filipinos of their votes and precious attention spans with these imaginary promises.

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Filipinos have had enough of having their votes scammed by this old Yellowtard sales pitch. Elections are just around the corner. Could it be possible that we will be hearing these same slogans from the Yellowtards once again? I’d bet good money that this is exactly what Filipinos will be getting. The same old Martial Law Crybabyism. The same old ghost stories about dead “martyrs” and war-on-drugs “victims”. The same old “US-(insert current Philippine President here) Dictatorship”. The same old Yellowtard bullshit.

In the last couple of decades or so, Filipinos have gained a lot of self-respect. They no longer want to be dependent. They no longer see themselves as the perpetual charity cases they once were. They are a people looking to step up to that next level befitting that of a modern secular democracy — a people that could hold their own and confidently do things their way.

They don’t want to be helped. They want to be led. They are looking for a leader, not a servant and, certainly not a wet nurse. Can the Opposition present to the Filipino people a person they could regard as a leader? That remains to be seen. For now, all they could come up with is “vice president” Leni Robredo. And that is why they continue to be the national laughingstock. Robredo is unable to see the healthy self-respect Filipinos now come equipped with to face the future. This is why she continues to insult them with her grandstanding about all the “help” she presumes to give her people, all the while dragging down the entire Opposition with her.

16 Replies to “Filipinos don’t need a helper. They need a LEADER”

  1. “Give a man a fish…he will have one meal…Teach a man, how to fish…he will have many meals in his life”…from a Chinese Philosopher…

    The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, with the YellowTards; feed the mindsets of Filipinos, with “mendicant mentality”, fake heroes, fake saints, Martial Law false narratives, etc…

    They have no political platforms , to present to us, voters, on how they improve our lives; how to solve the problems of the country; they do not give us informations of, what they will do, if they are elected…

    Their candidates are the same people who ruled us, in the thirty (30) years of Aquino Cojuangco era.
    These people are crooks and corrupt…

    Lugaw Robredo, is irrelevant…since she won the Vice Presidency thru cheating in the COMELEC HOCUS PCOS and SMARTSWITIK…and Former COMELEC CHIEF, Andres Bautista is still hiding as a TNT in the U.S., enjoying his bribes from the multiple bank accounts; given by Aquino and the oligarchs…

    They have to clarify all these things, before they can convince us to elect them again…since they have no shame on themselves !

      1. Why do you think that? I only see and look at North Korea & China. The only thing it creates, is making the population act/behave like robots without any individual aspects making that person unique.

        Those people cant make decisions on their own because they were never taught to do so. Same with religious people. They cant think for themselves; they always need a bible to make decisions. Sad, very sad.

        1. @Mr. Haighton:

          Our God, is not a dictator, like Kim Jung Un …he does not act that way…we, the believers have our own free will, and our God respects our free will !

    1. Communists/socialists said the same thing too, all that stuff about classless society and all. Yet the drive towards their “ideal” society resulted in the rise of dictators and millions dead.

  2. You could also argue that what Filipinos need is totally different from what Filipinos want.

    They want a host – a generous, perpetual one. And if it decides to die or stop giving, it’s the host who is the evil one.

    1. @Robert Haighton:

      Our God loves all His creatures; gay or not…we still cannot understand, homosexuality…I don’t discriminate people, who are different from me…it is bad to discriminate people, on the basis : of race; of the color of their skin; of the color of their hair; religion ; ethnicity; of their tribal affiliations; sexual orientations, etc…

      Are you a bigot ?

      1. According to Google translate:
        Bigot = a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

        When those opinions are based on facts, I am not a bigot.

        Pls stop using “we”. Use I instead or are you speaking on behalf of people I/we dont know about? Pls describe who all those people are.
        If you dont understand homosexuality then pls read about it and make it happen that you will understand it. It will make you richer (in knowledge).

        1. @Robert Haighton:

          I write what I want to write…I use the pronoun, what I want to use it…if you agree : Thank you…if you don’t agree: thank you.

          Okay, we use the word :”Prejudiced” to gays…instead of being a : “Bigot”…

          I am not gay, but , I believe , we must be tolerant on all kinds of people…

          Does this satisfy you, Sir ?

  3. The transition from the current administration to the next needs to be addressed. In about a year and a half, Duterte’s term will end.

    It’s not about succession or perpetration of power. Will the next president continue on the proper direction?

    I fear that without this, everything will just go back to the way things were.

  4. Part of knowing the direction is making up your own mind. Does the plan eventually make the people independent? Because this current one pretends to arrive at that goal, but ends up creating more burden for itself.

  5. This reminded me of a post that goes the other way and how leaders are seen as being overrated. Looking up to leaders is negatively described as the people’s Juan Tamad nature at work. Simply, it did not see the leaders’ power of uniting a collective towards a goal.

    1. That’s just an idea that sounds good in theory. The best man always wins at any cost. That’s a simple lesson from nature!

  6. Yellowtard and Visionary appear to be antonyms; so likely no candidate Leader material from the Opposition Camp. Filipinos need visionary leadership – one through which they just won’t survive, but thrive and move up to the next level. Unless we get our act together and produce the right type of leaders, we will continue to see neighboring Vietnam zoom right past us in every way possible…

    Vietnamese set to get richer than Filipinos this year — IMF

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