Ukraine will win as surely as Bongbong Marcos will be our next president

Without a shadow of doubt, Ukraine which is in the fight of its life against a massive superpower will ultimately win the war for its right to exist. It’s not a question of firepower, but rather that of wills. Just as how America eventually lost the war to small poor nations like Vietnam and eventually left packing their bags in Afghanistan, Russia does not have as much will-power to fight as the Ukrainians.

Even if we see Russia eventually apparently taking the entire country captive, it will just be a matter of time till they throw their hands in despair with the nagging insurgency and guerrilla tactics of the native Ukrainians – who have the rest of the world on their side. Russian dreams of border expansion and adventurism are just the brainchild of one mad person and will die out as soon that person exits the stage, pretty much like the demise of Nazism with Hitler’s defeat and death. Besides Putin’s entire campaign is borderline lunacy: Why would Russia with with a landmass stretching from Europe to Asia and in possession of all the resources that go with it risk its international standing and economic stability just to gain a negligible piece of land as Ukraine? Well as the old joke goes: Why do dogs lick their balls? Because they can!!!

How this David vs. Goliath spectacle will end is already quite predictable. Too many people across the globe have the collective will to see who should win the game. Japan in the 1940s did have that same vision to impose its Imperial reign across the greater Asian sphere only to find itself getting nuked to submission. Aggressors (deluded or outright evil) ultimately lose in the end.

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Putin has already lost the war even among the hearts of his very own people as Russians exit their country in throngs as if jumping off a sinking ship. Russian soldiers likely have very low morale seeing their comrades die in a fight they don’t believe in. Being seen by the entire world as aggressors when everyone seeks peace even through Olympic games, it is very difficult to wear the Russian flag these days.

There are hardly any winners in wars. Both sides end up losing lives, opportunities and fortunes. As much as we can sympathize with suffering Ukrainians, we should also seek to comfort the common Russian, many of whom are stranded in Thai beach resorts without working credit cards and direct flights back to their country.

Nevertheless the world needs a Putin these days. Aren’t news networks fed up with 2 years of counting and graphing Covid cases on a daily basis? Another story needs to unfold, and can there be any thrilling movies without a villain? What is Star Wars without Darth Vader, or the Hunger Games without President Snow? Without epic battles there will be no heroes, and having no heroes means low scores in Rotten Tomatoes.

Even America welcomes wars, as it fuels its budget for advanced technology and military spending, not to mention even more material for blockbuster-making Hollywood. Just like stock market players, we need those downward graphs every once in a while, or else – where else can you apply the rule of buying low and selling high?

Now let’s teleport 8000 kilometers from the heat of Ukrainian urban battle to the brimming political landscape of the Philippines sizzling in the leadup to the May 9 presidential elections. What’s the analogy between Ukraine’s fight for survival and Philippine elections these days? Just as the surveys are all showing, this year’s elections are already so predictable, if not set in stone. It’s just a matter of time till the sure-as-sunrise winner is formally announced. And for those who doubt surveys, inasmuch as we can be sure these reports are not published by the Illuminati or time-travelers, we all know from past elections that that their sample-based “predictions” are pretty accurate.

Let’s face it: the Bongbong-Sara team will not just win, they will win big. It’s like watching a movie a second time around or watching a film-version of a novel you just read. Still we get so giddy and excited on the build-up to the climax, when we knew all along who eventually wins in the end. So if we all know Bongbong Marcos will win anyway, why vote for underdogs at this stage? Why waste your vote on a sure loser, even if you did believe in what he/she stood for? Three things set the stage for a Marcos comeback to Malacanang:

  1. PNoy’s mega-failures during his term: esp. SAF44
  2. Filipinos’ embrace of strongman style of leadership in Duterte and the mega-infra projects that go with it
  3. Leni Lugaw’s success in making Yellowtardism (no matter the color on the outside) the political equivalent to leprosy

Now the three things that BBM has done right to secure his win:

  1. Appear as the victim of electoral fraud: Filipinos always love to side with the victim
  2. Partner with the Sara Duterte, whose father still enjoys favorable approval ratings
  3. A platform for unity, jobs, energy security, federalism, and greatness

To highlight that last point, what makes BBM stand out among the rest of the presidential wannabees is the word greatness and his rallying battle cry to make the Philippines great again. Whereas other candidates offer comfort, survival, and freebees, BBM symbolizes the highest aspirations of Filipinos (many of whom have left the country in shame over its sluggish development and lack of technological, military and industrial strength) – that one day we would not be looked down as losers anymore among the league of nations.

While people across the world wave Ukrainian flags in support of a people fighting to stay alive, the vast majority of Filipinos will fly their “Italian flags” in a cry for that hope of unity and greatness. And as Ukrainians launch those precision anti-tank rockets on the invading forces, let’s hope the Bongbong ballistic missile does fire up and fly high and take this entire nation up with him…

March 12: Philippines successfully launched Bong Bong II, its first liquid-propellant rocket. Rocket was successfully retrieved from South China Sea.

Хай Живе Вільна Україна! (Khay Zhyve Vilʹna Ukrayina! Long Live Free Ukraine!)

At Mabuhay and Pilipinas!

56 Replies to “Ukraine will win as surely as Bongbong Marcos will be our next president”

  1. There is a pink wave rising. Duterte himself was behind in the surveys in early March 2016. The enthusiasm of the Pink wave is undeniable.

    80000 STRONG rallies. While BBM is performing at empty arenas with Toni Gonzaga pathetically screeching “here me ROAR”.

    Unfortunately, the only roar BBM an muster is cowardice. He is not a brave leader but rather a cowardly lion who could not even attend debates.

    The people are seeing BBM for the chicken shit that he is. Leading indicators says BBM will drop in the next round of surveys and by then it will be too late.

    The Pink wave is gonna turn into a Category 10 hurricane. I will enjoy your tears in May

    1. Your 70k crowd was debunked already using photoshop. Add more light, the crowd gets thinner and gaps show up.
      Bold of you to call bbm a chicken shit when you pinks didn’t show up in the SMNI debate.

      1. You mean that farce of a show organized by the child molester?

        Nice company you keep there. Unity with the pedos for bbm

        1. That issue is for Quiboloy alone. It’s still a debate show, Quiboloy’s personal issue has nothing to do with BBM. let’s all be objective here and focus on what they can contribute for Philippines instead of shallow, non-sequiturs, also your beloved CBCP has child molesters too, you know, your favorite “fake news” lister. By following your logic, we should also dismiss them because they’re pedos. smh

    2. Yes, you will surely enjoy BBM-camp tears this May… except that they’ll be tears of elation.

      Like what dogs can and cannot do…
      BBM chooses to NOT attend most debates because HE CAN; candidates with single digit survey ratings CAN’T afford not to.

      Congratulations to your 80K strong pink rallies. In a country with 109.6M population, that translates to 0.07% of the hoi polloi… mere teardrops in a bucket! Enjoy the teardrops while they last.

    3. Really, do you think the pinkies will have a chance to win this election. Surely, you are being blinded with your hatred and irrational thinking. Can you give me proof if the great Jedi Master PDu30, has something to do with the surveys, I think your force wielding powers is waning. Just go and plant sweet potatoes in your lame backyard. You do not have proof. You call BBM a chicken shit, then you are Rancor Sithspit, “poodoo”—”fodder”

  2. A pink wave riding on an under current of yellow shit and commie scum.
    Nice little revolution you got there, sissy boy.

  3. Eventually, Ukraine will win for its right to exist. That I do not contradict but it would be a very hard and long climb for her to go back to normalcy again. With what Russia did to her, the destruction and lost of lives, the diaspora the war created that displaced millions of Ukrainians, the desire to exist is the only thing that Ukranians could hold on to as of the moment.

    On the local front, a fight is also on-going not only on the right to exist but also on the right to get back to power again. That, of course, relates to the case of BBM as he continues to vie for office which was held by his father thirty or so years ago. If he loses (which is not an impossibility), all the momentum the family was able to draw in to redeem itself and get back to power again all these years would have been for naught. Winning, on the other hand, which the loyalists are currently salivating for, will once again put the family back to where it operates the most in terms of authority and influence .

    As the elections draws near and BBM remains unmoved ahead of the pack, the only question that remains is, with his not so sterling record in public office, can Bongbong Marcos hack it?

  4. I can’t say it is a guarantee for BBM to win. But surveys to give confidence in saying he is “highly likely” to win if elections were held now. His decision not to attend the Comelec Debate I think makes sense, especially when you read Mr Makabenta’s editorial today over at Manila Times about the Comelec debate brouhaha.

    Whether that debate will have any bearing in moving BBM’s levels down in the survey remains to be seen. But since he is not participating, I think it is more likely that the shuffle would be amongst the other 9 only, and if there is a change with BBM’s levels in surveys maybe at most 5% down because those that would vote for him are clearly decided to stick with him.

    On another note, I have this nagging feeling that Ms K. Aquino has actually avoided the yellows/pinks or endorsing/participating in rallies/sorties because of what happened to her brother where everyone (politicians) basically abandoned him when he was sick after they had no use for him anymore, essentially making B. Aquino Jr a pariah. It is my theory at the moment, unless she plans a last minute endorsement saying she was “miraculously” better/healed now. Then it becomes a “sickness” act seeking sympathy while at the same time keeping her in mind in certain mass media outlets. Don’t think it is working though if it was a “strategy”.

    1. I don’t think you will say what you are saying if BBM is not topping the surveys. I mean, it’s after the fact. He leads so it makes sense he’ll avoid a possible fiasco or debacle. Since he’s ahead of the pack, his decision always make sense. In Tagalog, sigurista. No problem with it so long as you will admit that BBM not attending certain debates was his way of protecting his lead and avoid accident.

      Yen Makabenta? I think you quoted a wrong source of information. He’s a Marcos ghostwriter from the past. His article titled, “Comelec plan for presidential debates is grotesque and untenable”, doesn’t even make sense because he was talking of the Phil. copying the US format of debates as a guise actually to cover his stand in favor of BBM.

      1. @Juan Luna – I did point out that since BBM is topping the survey, it really does not benefit him in any way to attend debates because the survey keeps showing the gap is huge. So, that would mean, if he wasn’t and he was neck and neck with 2 of the 9 other candidates, of course the strategy needs to be different.

        Regarding the debate opinion piece done by Yen Makabenta, whether or not he is/was a Marcos ghostwriter, it is odd that it is setup like the primaries instead of the tail end of the campaign season. At least, that’s how I see it. It doesn’t have to be a pro or anti BBM stance in that regard.

        In case you just want to know, I won’t vote for anyone for president or VP. I don’t have a preference, nor has anyone really showed me they deserved my vote.

        In the past, my vote was for Raul Roco, MDS and Gibo Teodoro. They either died even if they were to win or had no hope of actually winning in our country’s political culture.

        1. Got you loud and clear. Regarding Makabenta’s view on elections debate, I don’t see the logic of citing the US example in our own electoral system. They have their way there and we have ours. They have election problems there, worse than ours.

          The only point that I don’t question in Makabenta’s view was the expenditure part which he rightly pointed out.

      2. BBM backing out of the debates was a critical error in this juncture of the race.

        It exposed him for being the coward that he is. Him being sigurista is being a chicken. Not fit to lead the country. There has never been a situation where someone’s cowardice was on full display. All candidates attend the debates.

        So after all this time the one that is truly “yellow” chicken yellow is BBM

        1. “BBM backing out of the debates was a critical error in this juncture of the race.”
          I expressed the same view before that any candidate worth his salt should attend all the debates there is. But the essence of such an idea got lost on me after the surveys were out. BBM leads the pack and not by a single digit. So, as they say in sports, those who lead dictates the tempo of the game.

          Just to remind those who are now jumping the gun for BBM, just hope there’ll be no surprises that would sabotage his run coming into May. ?

  5. Look at that, another blue eyes blond hair white skin supporter who seems to subsist only on western sources. A bit ironic when you mentioned the defeat of Nazism when the very country you support now employed the services of a Neo Nazi group.

    1. Add Al Queda joining the fight against the Russians sponsored by the west. Something mainstream media will not tell you.

  6. Also to compare Ukraine with bbm winning is distasteful even for GRP. I guess that’s what happens when we get the discounted version of benign0 the clown. Even more clownish “hot takes”.

    If anything it’s the kakapampinks who are like Ukraine. Fighting a superior armed force. Fighting for freedom and decency. Even though outnumbered

    1. “If anything it’s the kakapampinks who are like Ukraine. Fighting a superior armed force. Fighting for freedom and decency. Even though outnumbered”

      Oh, please. Don’t play that victim card. Kakampinks are seen as the aggressors here “BBM this and that BS”. Your clownish “hot takes” is no better than the article author either. Maybe if you all stop being playground bullies on the internet..MAYBE major population will give you a chance but you just blew it up. Going on with old, decade black propaganda on anyone is a bad move. You and your comrades should have realized that.

    2. Here’s my clownish hot take on your discounted logic:
      1. kakampinks are outnumbered
      2. elections are won by numbers
      3. therefore kakampinks will lose this election
      You just admitted to outright defeat.

      1. Outnumbered, yes.
        But they have more boots on the ground.

        And they have sharon cunneta, who is worth at least a quarter pounder less than 2 normal human beings.

  7. Putin invaded the Ukraine due to the neo-nazis, khazarians (fake jews), and the US funded bioweapon labs that was admitted by Victoria Nuland. Wake up you sleepy pinoys.

  8. The son rises in the north.

    The flow of history is unstoppable .

    One can clearly see the mark of destiny in his eye.

    Resistance is futile.

  9. Why would anyone vote for BBM is beyond stupidity. He who is a lousy spoiled brat non-achiever. All his promises are only a product of his imagination since he did not translate them into reality in his home town ilocos norte (still a poor province). With his dismal track record both in the executive and legislative branches of government for the past 20+ years, a big doubt he will pursue greatness for the Philippines if he becomes president. All lies and no substance. Hard facts of him as past politician shows he is not incline to aspire greatness as opposite to what this writer is telling us in his blog. And that 6 years of him being unemployed from 2016 and his wife who told the public BBM just decided to run for president in the past 6 months after watching the movie entitled “ant man” solidifes the narrative that he is not prepared for presidency.

    BBM will be another Noynoying 2.0 in Malacanang if he gets elected. Another lazy ass bum and a big fraud. Filipinos will just regret voting for him in the end.

    1. The fact is, Filipinos are going to vote for BBM. It is really very difficult to imagine someone like Leni Robredo being President of the Philippines and, contrary to what you assert, people do see him as someone who inspires greatness. Leni Robredo failed to united Opposition camps that all shared a common desire to prevent a Marcos presidency, and yet she failed. What does that say about a schmoe who fails at building a coalition even among bozos who share a common goal? Imagine then what she will be like in Malacanang — more like a puppet dancing to the beat of her oligarch masters and pulled in different directions by the very crooks who she attempted to “unite” last year.

      1. Thing is, what you don’t like about Noynoy Aquino before, you like them now about BBM. I remember how this website heavily criticized Noynoy with his below average and mediocre performances in government positions and education, like equating Noynoy with the terms below average and mediocrity and telling people here not to get persuaded by sweet talks and promises of Noynoy to aspire greatness when he was still running for presidency. Now comes BBM with near similar level of track record as that of Noynoy’s and yet you are eager to say people should vote for BBM because he “aspires greatness.” You swallowed back what you already spewed.

        If we stick to the facts of BBM’s performances, he is a below average or mediocre guy. Greatness is not in his dictionary. It is beyond his level of understanding. We should not put him to where he isn’t. And our expectation should stick to the facts. BBM was neither great when he was student nor in his political career. His level is just at it. How much more when he becomes president. We cannot expect miracles from him.

        I’m a neutral guy and I stick to the truth.

        1. Oh well. We just didn’t have a decent candidates in today’s election, neither the two rival mainstreams like BBM and Leni does have anything to put on the table other than their brand names or political affiliations. The choice is pretty much limited to those who joined the presidential candidacy. What else the majority voters would do anyway? Some of them would just vote a mediocre guy as long as they aren’t affiliated to Socialist NPA, I think right now, that’s what’s more important for now. I feel like BBM will be just a “panakip butas” for majority aside from him, being Marcos label. No one wants to vote who has a ties to the terrorist groups.

        2. What do you mean by affiliated to socialist NPA? If one is to symphatize with the plights of the poor workers who get meager wages, or those who are homeless, jobless, marginalized in the society and in some instances had a picture of the leftist, will it be enough to label him/her as affiliated with “terrorist”? You need to qualify your answer.

          If you don’t know, BBM was highly instrumental to the passage of Bangsamoro Laws when he was still a senator. The reason why MILF forces, former rebel/terrorist, are silent now while enjoying billions of budget from public funds every year. It was iniated by PNoy but was executed in Duterte’s time. The presidents whom I think symphatize or who affiliate more with the rebels/terrorist are Cory Aquino and Rodrigo Duterte. Cory freed Joma and other NPA leaders, whereas, Duterte gave freebies to those NPAs and Abu Sayyaf surrenderees who gave up their arms in exchange of free housing and allowances from public funds as published by PNA – a government news website. Also, he gave leftist leaders cabinet positions in the past.

          Either government bomb these rebels/terrorist to death or make amends with them for peace or both kill and at the same time negotiate and come up with a compromise agreement. That’s just how Philippine government works in the present and in the past. All the presidential candidates now have that same objective either to pursue peace and compromise something or fight for war and prolong further the animosities between gov’t and rebels/terrorist.

        3. @Jason

          I think I heard a news about Leni being backed by the NPA, sorry if I didn’t specify. Also I’m not against those who sympathize the poor, those are great. It’s just that…are we sure they’re not going to exploit these poor people for their own selfish gains? Maybe that’s just me being too skeptical.

        4. Thing is, what you don’t like about Noynoy Aquino before, you like them now about BBM.
          I think that’s a fair statement. Both sides have the same playbook. ?

      2. @benigno doesn’t really like facts when it doesn’t support his narrative.

        If you read any of his articles it’s just incoherent ramblings of an amateur so called intellectual.

    2. Congress, first term: During his term, Marcos was the author of 29 House bills and co-author of 90 more, which includes those that paved the way for the creation of the Department of Energy and the National Youth Commission. -wiki

      Are these the “hard facts” about BBM being a lazy non-achiever politician?

      If voting for BBM is beyond stupidity, what does voting for Leni make one out to be? Leni’s greatest achievement is reverse-farting through her Yellow skull for 6 years about what the government should and shouldn’t do. Any sophomore student with half a brain can do that.

      Getting a multi million budget just to criticize the government you are working for is what’s beyond stupidity. That’s why BBM’s battle cry for unity makes the most sense. Never again to a co-pilot in top office who keeps kicking and wrestling to grab the the steering wheel. Never again to necro Cory copycats who are all smiles beside their husband’s coffin.

      1. Zaxx,

        Are you a blind BBM follower? a purveyor of fake news? Or just a gullible BBM fan? Where on earth did BBM author those Department of Energy and the National Youth Commission? They are not even mentioned in Wikipedia.

        Well, I fact-checked them and guess what? The principal author of Department of Energy is Sen. Heherson Sonny Alvarez, while the National Youth Commission is Rep. Jaime Lopez according to Senate and House of Representatives websites.

        Surely, you BBM fanatics will engage in fake news just to make this bum BBM looks good or great. And those ignorant fans will easily believe what you said here without going into research if what you stated here are true or not.

        Again, BBM is a lazy ass non-achiever politician. He faked both his educational attainment and political “achievements.” Thus, voting for him is STILL beyond stupidity.

  10. Pnoy was highly functional – as a full retard.

    While bbm fails to measure up, only because of the greatness of the father.

    Otherwise, bbm is at this point is the single most qualified man to be president of the republic.

  11. Leni is a mere twittering puppet.

    People know this, and hence, will never vote for such an idiot.

    Except the 10% who wear pink and are actual idiots.

  12. Not to mention, leni is a spoiled brat non achiever and fake vp.
    All selfies and photo ops and PR hack jobs , no real substance.

    Which is why , no one will vote for leni, dumb as rocks as she is.

    1. @megget LOL

      If you watched the debates, Leni listed off all her accomplishments. There were a lot, especially during the pandemic.

      BBM accomplishments would seem so shallow next to Leni. Is winning the taekwondo really a major accomplishment. BBM is a loser propped up by his power hungry mommy

      The real yellow is BBM. Yellow for chicken

      1. Leni, was basically wasting peoples money, campaigning for herself the last 6 years, and calling it “accomplishment”.

        Useless piece of trash.

        Zero accomplishment.
        all picture taking, no substance.

      2. Lenni is trash.
        Just admit it.
        It is so easy to see.
        If she were not so trashy, she would be easily leading the presidential race having spent 5 billion pesos of peoples money the last 6 years on nothing but noodles and photographs and evil intentions.

      3. DSWD-esque accomplishments. Your beloved Leni also got advanced questions as seen on CNN debate. She gave an answer to a question that was presented to the others AFTER she already answered it.

  13. Leni is dumb.
    Well maybe a bit smarter than the average college student, academic wise, but is basically an idiot when ranged up against the demands of being president.

    Much like pnoy, and mar roxas, who has borne caucasian children to his filipino wife ( how?)

  14. Leni and her boots must not panic..

    There is a game changing momentum the next month, that 10% will become 11%..
    and with proper safeguarding by buang guazon , leni can sustain that 11% until election day.

    That should prevent the wade of martial law 2.0

  15. bongget going to the palace by the stinky river and sara to the boracay mansion is already a done deal,

    the ukraine situation is a different animal, it is fought by bad guys from both sides, the country being besieged is led by neo-nazi supremacist puppets of the west while the so called ‘aggressor’ is a bigger country that says is only protecting its borders but in reality only wants regain its imperial power.

    don’t be too obviously gullible

  16. Why worry if Leni can win via smartmatic like she did in the vice presidency?

    “Tayo na, Remi!!!”

    On the Ukraine topic, the opposing forces are neither good or evil. Pwede ngang sabihing para silang dalawang asong ulol na nag-aaway.

  17. Putin is actually doing the whole world a favor. The “evil” Putin this article is talking about is long gone, this guy is a white-hat double. Ukraine is mafia-controlled and has Neo-Nazis by its side. He wants to cleanse Ukraine and at least make it a buffer state, like how it should have been and he’s going to finish it probably soon. Can’t believe BBM is being compared to that. That’s an apples vs oranges comparison. Aren’t we seeing more earthquakes lately than what it used to? Exactly. It seems Russia is preparing itself because all these elites from Western Europe want to flood their people in Russia when shit hits the fan and is overwhelmed by the upcoming shift. These elites also crave for their resources considering Russia supplies the world with their oil too.

    If BBM abolishes a tax law sure, I would vote for him. Remember Monaco when they abolished theirs? Atong Ang makes about 1 Billion pesos everyday apparently, all that gambling money could have been used as government revenue instead of continuing to fleece all of us with what little income we have.

    By the way, it’s kinda funny and laughable that Covid suddenly disappeared all thanks to politics. Funny how the narrative they are now selling to us is war when Pfizer released all those documents that took a court order to do so but nobody really cares now. It truly was the real cure all along isn’t it? Are you all going to wake up now or are you still soundly asleep not giving a fuck?

    1. “…He wants to cleanse Ukraine…”
      Really, Putin who is accused of mega corruption wants to cleanse an independent and democratic neighbor? Wow, that’s fantastic!

      And that’s how do you it, kill and destroy?

      1. An “independent” neighbor, who wants to bring american and nato menace to its borders.

        Boom.american dick in the face

        1. @Megget the current war between Russia and Ukraine is never about Ukraine wanting to join NATO. Georgia never had any plans to join NATO yet Russia still attacked that country. It’s clear that Putin is power hungry.

    2. Dude, you’re the voice of reason I was waiting for in this thread! I’m happy to see that even here people are thinking beyond these childish local arguments! Good job!

    3. @LohoclaJ is that right? Then why are the Russian protesters arrested? Why is protesting against the invasion of Ukraine a criminal offense in Russia with a penalty of years of imprisonment? Does Russia have the right to attack Ukraine just because they want to side with NATO? No, they don’t because Ukraine is an independent and sovereign country. This war is absolutely Putin’s fault, he even threatened Finland and Sweden not to join NATO as if he didn’t learn what happened in the Winter War. Putin already took Crimea by force and Crimea belongs to Ukraine, not Russia so Putin should also return Crimea to them. He even gave subtle threats of nuclear retaliation to any NATO country which will intervene directly.

  18. You’re analysis of BB was seemingly spot on, but you couldn’t be further from the truth about the Ukraine. The US +nato- embargo on Russia has made that country stronger than ever. They overplayed their hand…which is a good thing, so no one bully can be the biggest! (Yeah, I’m more on a global lvl when it comes to politics. Tnx for the opportunity!)

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