Take this in the true spirit of the beginning of this new month  as well as my lame attempt to provide balanced coverage of the top 10 senatorial choices announced by CBCP ‘s Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo. The same Bishop Broderick Pabillo who two weeks ago wanted the faithful to lay off social media.  

I will share with you possible thoughts running through the minds of these sterling individuals  who were able to pass the rigorous standards as laid out by “a not insignificant group of some 130 lay Christian leaders” .  These are possible thoughts from us , on the outside looking in.  These are possible thoughts, hopes and maybe even fears as election day draws near. These possible thoughts that may prove them worthy of the People’s Choice Movement’s endorsement since they have the set of “Christian criteria” : Character & Honor; Competence & Abilities; Faithfulness to public service; and Faithfulness to God, the Constitution and the laws desired. I do so with the full spirit of the publication date.   Remember, in the immortal words of Al Capone ” we laugh because its funny and we laugh because….. “.

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1. Alejano, Gary

the whisky selection of Salon De Ning sure is lacking.

2. Aquino, Bam

None of you realize how hard it is to capture the Ninoy look 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

I like the color of this shirt.

3. Cominares, Nery

Living the dream!! One can have his cake and eat it too! Being hard core leftist with the endorsement of the Catholic Church is not an oxymoron in the Philippines!

4. Diokno, Chel

In 2022 if he was the running mate of  Bam they could collectively be known as bombshell.

Literally something you do not see every day.

5. Gutoc, Samira

…… I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church , the Communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sins and the resurrection of the body and life every lasting. Amen.

6. Hilbay, Pilo

It’s election time. Time to prove  sincerity and have his points of view challenged by the Filipino voter and unblock those 4.5 million .Then again he is not thought of as Ken Dryden for nothing. 

Romy and a vendor having a good laugh at the idea of Hilbay unblocking the blocked


7. Macalintal, Romy

Step 1) unwet all those ballot boxes Step  2) see Bong Bong .

8. Poe, Grace

will continue what her father started. From this day forward   will be known as Alisong Salonga

9. Roxas, Mar

wonders who to ask to drop out on the weekend of this election? Is it too late to run under ” Daang Matuwid”?

With others who are made of the stuff desired by the People’s Choice Movement

10. Tanada, Erin

sure dodged the bullet with that woman




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5 Replies to “Get To Know The 10 BEST SENATORIAL CANDIDATES”

  1. It is April 1st….is this an April Fools Joke ? These candidates, who are Jokers, and endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church…can really make us all laughing, till we fall to the ground.

    Macalintal, is the “slimy Attorney”, of that imbecile woman, Fake VP Lugaw Robredo.” Macalinta”, may have slimes in his brains, with leeches sucking his slimy brain, that he cannot distinguish between: Honesty and Dishonesty. Why Oh why, he ordered the obstruction of the 2016 VP recounts; by immersing the ballots in water….is there a better way to cheat ?

    Bam Aquino is really mentally retard; who used plastic surgery to look like that fake martyr and hero: Ninoy Aquino, Jr. If you don’t have brains, you can use your “Fake Looks”, to compensate it, and get elected as Senator.

    Grace TraPoe….I have not seen any good accomplishment of this woman; except being a running dog, to promote the political agenda of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis.

    Mar Roxas for Senator ? Again this crook, and thief of the Typhoon Yolanda Funds; has still the nerve to run and campaign for Senator. The Roman Catholic Church, may have a distorted view of “honesty”; if it sees this scumbag and crook, as honest. It is no brainer, that their church is full of priests who molest children , and rapes women.

    What are the platforms of these candidates, that they endorsed ? What can they do for us, so that we could elect them ? They must show us their public service records. Calling them : honest, loyal, godly, etc…do not matter to most of us. My carabao can beat them in terms of : honesty, loyalty, godliness, etc…

    Anyway, Happy April Fools Day !

  2. OK, here’s my “opposite” sides of 10 Senatorial Candidates who we could vote for the upcoming 2019 Election:

    1) Bato dela Rosa – former PNP Chief & BuCor Director

    2) Sonny Angara – the son of the former senator Edgardo Angara of whom he should had been our country’s president in the 1st place.

    3) Atty Larry Gadon – he hates the BOBO (The Idiots) like the Yellowtards & the Commies.

    4) JV Ejercito – (almost) not related to Erap unlike that Diokno (and I don’t know if he’s related to the former Dept of Finance Secretary but they have the same surname). :\

    5) Dong Mangudadatu – a true Muslim believer & a brother of Maguindanao Governor Datu Esmael Mangudadatu

    6) Bong Go – ang Pambansang Photobomber (sorry Torre De Manila). 😀

    7) Francis Tolentino – just like Bong Bong Marcos, he was cheated by another Yellowtard candidate & a drug queen in the 2016 elections.

    8) Imee Marcos – the daughter of former president (and even a movie star) Ferdinand Marcos.

    9) Raffy Alunan – former DILG Secretary during the Ramos Administration & he’s more competent than Mar Roxas

    10) Koko Pimentel – Let’s go for a FEDERALISM!!!

  3. yes, i believe in the Holy Spirit of God
    but, the “Holy Catholic Church” ? ? ?
    please get your thinking sorted on that one

  4. Talk about blind faith in a political group that already proved themselves unworthy. Especially that wretched woman who’s willing to lose her soul in denying the Filipinos’ votes. What is the Church doing with its power?

  5. If they derive their power from the morally dependent masses, then their natural allies would be the Dilawan— along with the olig. elite.

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