Filipino Bishops Exposed As INC Wannabees


This PM came to me the morning of March 29 2019

A not insignificant group of some 130 lay Christian leaders heeded the call. They organized themselves and discerned together the best senatorial candidates to support among the 62 contestants. Since 2015 these Christian leaders from the Catholic, Evangelical and Protestant persuasions have come up with GABAYKRISTO, a set of Christian criteria by which to measure the politicians. They researched the stance of the 62 candidates on various important national issues. They got the profiles of the candidates and they met several times to set up the criteria for screening the candidates. This is a serious kind of discernment circle that the bishops have been calling out.

They call themselves the PEOPLE’S CHOICE MOVEMENT (PCM).

They came out with two layers of screening. The first screening is to vet the candidates on two know-out issues: belief in God and federalism/charger change. They believe that a person who does not have the fear of God in him can easily abuse others. They also believe that the present state of the country is not ready for federalism and charter change. 30 candidates were eliminated on these two knock-out issues.

The 32 candidates who remained in the pool were then subjected to the second screening. They were rated using criteria based on GabayKristo, a guide of 20 specific questions which are divided into four categories –
• Character & Honor,
• Competence & Abilities,
• Faithfulness to public service,
• Faithfulness to God, the Constitution and the laws.

Each of the 20 questions was graded from 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest. The ten candidates with the highest scores were declared the selected candidates.

The following, in alphabetical order, were the selected “10 BEST SENATORIAL CANDIDATES THAT OUR COUNTRY & PEOPLE NEED DURING THESE TIMES” – –

1. Alejano, Gary
2. Aquino, Bam
3. Cominares, Nery
4. Diokno, Chel
5. Gutoc, Samira
6. Hilbay, Pilo
7. Macalintal, Romy
8. Poe, Grace
9. Roxas, Mar
10. Tanada, Erin

Our lay leaders, with the People’s Choice Movement, have done their work of discernment.

Now is the task for all the lay faithful to campaign the deserving candidates so as to counter the money and the political machineries that the TRAPO politicians are using. There are still two months for all to do this particular exercise of the Christian faith.

Bishop Broderick Pabillo
March 25, 2019

I replied:

I don’t care what he has to say and ( name of friend)  please feel free to block me at anytime. The Catholic Church locally has allowed itself to be whored out by a desperate political party that keeps changing its name since they destroyed what they used to have . I will give you some examples and please tell me where the bishops rationally explained the following:

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Anybody knows any self respecting Protestant does not worship in a church with kneelers.

Sereno who is not Catholic in mass and with nuns. Love this !!! Yes use the Catholic voter base . Not bad for a person who is totally against  the Sign of the Cross. That is truly principled.


I got this from Thinking Pinoy.  Samira Gutoc  is prostituting the public worship of the mass to whore votes. Somebody please show me where the bishops condemn or approve this? Cheap attempt to appeal to multiple demographics.

The wheelbarrow proved to be quite effective in the 2016 election.

sexy dancers are more  credible than the Liberal Party . They know who hired them.

TOLENTINO and the Liberals in 2015.  Why are they( Bishops) so selective ? Maybe they were paid to be selective?

When I look at this I can’t help but ask what commandment was that ?

I am the Lord your God, you should have no other  gods before me .



What part in the Bible ?

First, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.

The sins of one political group  are so invisible to them . GALING !!!!Two years ago after attending mass I wrote this.  Whatever happened to separation of church and State ?The bishops could care less about SAF 44 or Dengvaxia because their sponsors won’t let them

Andy Bautista. He only deprived the Filipino of their vote . No condemnation from the bishops . None !! Good Ateneo boy. Ignores his sons and is hiding in the US.

If I think INC block voting is a joke and abuse why is this any different ? Nowhere here did I say anything personal ( to my friend)  But you can not argue that for the bishops it’s very personal.  And if it’s personal what does that have to do with God.

************ end of my reply  March 29 2019  **************

My friend who sent me that BS  post (which is a thinly described liberal party ad paid for by the Liberal party)  had only one reply midway through my counter rant.

Hahaha. At any rate we can still make our our research and pray of course before we cast our votes.

That thing she sent me does not ask for research. It claims to have done the research for us and expects us to be like sheep and follow their prescription. Whatever that committee claims to be wanted those 10 people from the start. Then they came  up  with some B.S. formula to justify the 10 people they want. It is a lot like hiring a pinoy survey company. Before you finalize the rate they usually ask what do you want the survey to say and you pay them to come up with the justification of what you want the survey to said. So that famous D’Strafford survey from three years ago. The only thing new was the name. The technique was not.

Some people like Leni Robredo will champion any trivial cause as long as she doesn’t question how she herself got elected.

Look at their list . They are all silent on the following issues:

Many people have previously questioned Catholic mouthpieces who are just following a very strong political bias.

Do you know why they are silent on these issues?  They only care about issues they can blame on Duterte so that makes anything  they say personal.  Their list reeks of a personal vendetta. The Catholic Church officials are one with their candidates and have been for a long time and want you to believe these candidates have merits outside their clandestine relations. Even during the previous term 2010-2016 they mostly turned a blind eye on the sins of the administration at that time. The Catholic officials that did speak out against  the balding , bewildered, bespectacled  one were not offered main stream media coverage.   Weird how we can have truly defenseless children dying    yet this is the only evidence of the Catholic Church speaking for any kind of accountability .   Of course the list is endorsed by Bam Aquino.  He who spent his entire term cosplaying the uncle he never met who he included in his initial bid for the Senate. Bam apparently is far more academically accomplished than his presidential cousin yet shares the same lack of originality.


Birds of a feather pontificate together


A Google search I did using the terms ” cbcp pastoral letter fake news” produced the results above. How charming! Page 1 results are exclusively composed of Rapple, ABS CBN and the CBCP itself.  A look into the Rappler article dated June 24 2017 shows that this humble website that I have been writing for since 2012 is mentioned.

Fake news for the CBCP means news they don’t agree with.

The other websites they list all seem to defend the Duterte administration and nor do they  list websites fiercely loyal to the yellow cause to the point they function as attack dogs.  Funny how Rappler is not included in their witch hunt and is in fact spreading the fake news list. Rappler faces a host of charges ranging from libel, foreign ownership and tax evasion. CBCP seems to be in too much of a rush to declare certain people fake news.  If Rappler is indeed guilty of dodging local foreign ownership laws wouldn’t any of their publications by definition be fake news since they have a fake foundation? Rappler like the CBCP  mouthpieces no not hide their political agenda very well. For both of them one side is flawless and one side is eternally damned.  By favoring Rappler, wouldn’t they be in favor of media outlets who flaunt the local laws?



The officials speaking for the Catholic Church go through a lot to hide their obvious bias towards the yellow movement whose last president was Noynoy Aquino. They are here to dictate to you politics not morality. They had very little in terms of public sermons for Noynoy Aquino even though he faced accusations of squandering lives and public money.  They also feel extremely offended when their punching bag punches back. This is a personal fight. The bigwigs of the local Catholic Church want you to believe it is really about following God.  I believe in God and I refuse to blindly follow some agenda filled vendetta disguised as a “work of  discernment“. The local Catholic Church is more focused on kissing up to the Liberal Party than respecting their flock as children of God.  If I was fond of blindly following people with a personal agenda who expect me to swallow their proclamations hook, line and sinker. I would read Rappler.







8 Replies to “Filipino Bishops Exposed As INC Wannabees”

  1. The Roman Catholic Church, is irrelevant in our times of Information Technology. It is destroying itself, by its child molestation cases. Children, women, men were molested by pervert priests; and these priests were protected by their Bishops. They have paid millions of U.S. dollars, in compensations to their victims.

    Liberation Theology ideology started in South America, in some Banana Republics. It was because of the abject poverty in most South American countries, who were mostly ruled by Dictators. The Roman Catholic Church was one who promoted this idiotic ideology. The late Cardinal Sin and his Bishops, followed this ideology to remove the late Pres. Marcos Sr. They are now using this ideology to remove Pres. Duterte , and replace him with that imbecile woman, Fake VP Lugaw Robredo.

    Their mantra of following them is following God, is idiocy. Ask about this to some Atheists, who blog in the GRP, and they can explain more of this to you.

    Their choice of Alejano, who is an “Alegago”, fake hero and running dog of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis is absurd. Mar Roxas, who is a crook and a thief; this thief of the Typhoon Yolanda Fund is a nonsense choice. You vote for Mar Roxas, to make him steal more ?

    Let the Churches vote for their own candidates. Let people choose their own candidates… We are all old enough to know what is good for us . Go to Hell Churches, who try to dictate to us who to vote for…. We don’t need your nonsense recommendations !

  2. Those Catholic friars, they never shut their mouth & didn’t follow the current constitution of the separation of the Church & The State. They just want to join the political arena in the Philippine politics & it shows!

    And you know what? On this coming 2019 election, I’ll vote a senatorial candidate who are:

    1) Support the Charter Change from a “corrupt” & “incompetent” unitary government into a federal/parliamentary form of government, plus he/she’ll should insert an amendment/law that the Church Tax will become legal in our country for the said new constitution as what some of these European countries like Austria, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, etc. had done it for a long time:

    2) He/She will allow Buddhist & Hindu missionaries from India, Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Thailand & Cambodia to do their religious missionaries here & let our Filipino people to choose freely on these 2 religions, if they don’t like the Roman Catholic faith, and you know why? That’s because before the Spaniards colonized the Philippines (aka Maharlika) there was Hinduism & Buddhism that was existed in our country, and it was the ORIGINAL majority religions of the Filipino people besides Islam & Animism (tribal religion) as shown on this link about the history of pre-colonial Philippines:

    And what happened to Hindu & Buddhist faith in the Philippines when the Spanish colonialists came into this land almost 400 years ago? Well, they’d suffered from a pro-Catholic purge by those evil colonialists & many Hindu & Buddhist temples were been destroyed & replaced it by the Baroque style Catholic churches in our country. Good thing that our Muslim brothers in Mindanao had fought against the Spaniards so that their faith will be preserved on their region unlike the undefended Filipino Hindus & Buddhists, and that was the sad story of the Philippine history. 🙁

    So its time to shut the mouth of the Roman Catholic Damasos & let the Filipino people learn the truth of their dark sides like learning the history of our country’s pre-colonial past which is IMHO, the Platinum Age of Philippine History and support the proposed Charter Change from our beloved President Duterte! 😉

    #TaxTheChurchNow #YesToCharterChange #YesToFederalism #NoToYellowPolitics #NoToLiberalParty

    1. And yes, speaking of Catholic faith & I’ll just warn it to the Damasos out there, DON’T READ THIS MESSAGE ‘CUZ IT MIGHT OFFEND TO YOU!!!

      OK, here it goes. Recently I’d just posted a question from Quora regarding a dark side of the Roman Catholic Church besides their recent sex abuse scandal & these 3 answers that I found are very true & accurate. And what did the Catholic Church made an “evilness” to this world besides raping women & children inside their “sacred” church for the past centuries? Corruption, genocide & political brainwashing:




      And finally, I would also show this to you another link from Quora on who’s REALLY made a huge mess on the image of Roman Catholic Church for the past 500 years. And who could blame the country of Spain for bringing the dark side of that religion since they’re the 1st country to introduce the GLOBAL EMPIRE and not the Romans, nor the Mongols, nor the Brits, the Babylonians, Persians, etc., etc.:

      I REALLY despise that country since they’re the WORST foreign occupants in our country, much worst than the Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, etc., etc. They’d occupied our country for 333 years & as what I’d mentioned on the post above on how the Spaniards killed, abused, stolen & slaved our pre-colonial/pre-Westernized Filipino people. Our treasures & identity of the pre-colonial Philippines (aka Maharlika) was forever forgotten due to the brutal Spanish Imperialism that brought into our country almost 500 years ago. It’s time to wake up, Filipino people & know this REAL truth!!!

      1. dear friend,
        the Almighty’s Christian tenets have been corrupted/distorted by the RomanCatholicChurch
        by replacing Scriptural truth with man-made
        Vatican laws and pagan traditions ( Papal Bull, pun intended )
        which entirely goes against the grain of Bible-based Christian living.
        the RomanCatholicChurch is an agency of the devil and is not of God
        it idolatrously worships the Vatican Pope and Mary_not JesusChrist the Saviour as God
        although Satan is also making inroads in deceiving Born-Again Christian Ministries
        who are supposed to enlighten lost souls about God’s real plan of salvation
        in the true light of Biblical teaching.

  3. uh, oh !
    Bishop Pabillo has got the qualifying requirements all jumbled-up.
    the parameters should instead read:

    • Faithfulness to God, the Constitution and the laws.
    • Character & Honor,
    • Competence & Abilities,
    • Faithfulness to public service,

  4. I would rather play the “Hurt or Heal: The 2019 mid-term senatorial elections” game than using whatever the effing guidelines these lay Christian leaders used. The Hurt or Heal game is 10 times way better for me.

  5. It should be noted that on the eve of the election (2019) Tagle comes out and denies endorsing anybody .

    CBCP denies endorsing any senatorial candidate
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    Updated May 10, 2019, 6:43 PM
    By Leslie Ann Aquino

    The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), led by its president Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles, on Friday refuted reports that it endorsed a number of senatorial candidates.

    “The CBCP did not make any such endorsement,” he said in a CBCP News post.

    Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles (ALI VICOY / MANILA BULLETIN)
    Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles

    Still, Valles said they continue to appeal to all Filipinos to vote wisely in the coming elections.

    He also asked the faithful to continue to pray for a peaceful, credible and honest elections.

    Last January, the bishops urged lay groups to form “discernment circles” to examine who are the best candidates.

    Heeding their call, lay groups like the Council of the Laity of the Philippines, People’s Choice Movement (PCM), and even the Church’s Social Action Network (SAN) endorsed specific senatorial candidates.

    Their list had one thing in common: eight of the senatorial bets came from the Otso Diretso opposition coalition, one from the Makabayan coalition, and one independent aspirant.

    Endorsed by the groups were human rights lawyer Chel Diokno, former solicitor general Florin Hilbay, Marawi civic leader and peace advocate Samira Gutoc, and Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano.

    They also expressed support for incumbent senators Grace Poe and Bam Aquino, election lawyer Romulo Macalintal, Makabayan senatorial bet Neri Colmenares, former Sen. Mar Roxas, and former congressman Erin Tañada.

    The PCM said its criteria were called GabayKristo (ChristGuide), which is based on character, competence, and faithfulness to God and the Constitution.

    For its part, the SAN said their choice of candidates was in consideration of a bigger threat: losing checks and balances in government.

    “We need to heed the sign of the times: this coming election is critical for the survival of the remaining pillars of our democracy,” it said.

    The Archdiocese of Manila Office of Communications also denied the report that Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle has endorsed a number of Senate bets.
    “What he is endorsing is the process of discernment that each person can do as they prepare and choose candidates to vote for the coming election, as an example made by the People’s choice movement,” Father Roy Bellen of the Archdiocese of Manila Office of Communications told church-run Radyo Veritas.
    “What the cardinal is emphasizing and giving importance is the personal experience of discernment and taking full responsibility of their choices in voting. Thus it becomes a choice that is informed, prayerful and product of discernment,” he added.
    Tags: #MatalinongBoto2019

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