3 Big Reasons Why I’m Still Not Voting For Manny Pacquiao To Be A Senator


A round of applause please for our very own Manny Pacquiao for his latest victory against Timothy Bradley. Indeed, he truly deserves some congratulations for his efforts. However, truth be told, while I admire his skills as a boxer and see his philanthropy as definitely helpful to our people, I’m still more than a little reluctant to vote him into power. After all, the position of senator isn’t really as easy as it sounds and, as far as I can see, Mr. Pacquiao just isn’t qualified for it. I will go as far as to say that I understand his good intentions but these simply aren’t enough to make him qualified to be senator.

Anyway, before you react violently again, here are my three points on the matter:

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He’s Not Competent

Okay, before you say it, yes his philanthropy is something to be admired. His willingness to donate money and other resources from his own pocket is something truly amazing. This is especially helpful to our countrymen who have been devastated by Typhoon Yolanda and are still left floundering by the officials who are supposedly tasked with looking after them.

Unfortunately, his philanthropy isn’t really enough to make him qualified to be a senator. Truth be told, being a congressman and senator is about “legislation” or making laws. Manny Pacquiao’s intents and efforts are actually better recommended for a mayor or governor. After all, making laws has very little to do with actual philanthropy.

Here are three things that highlight Manny Pacquiao’s incompetence in politics:

  • He has only attended a total of 4 sessions in congress. Okay, he says that once he becomes senator, he won’t be an absentee anymore. Now where have I heard that line before? Why didn’t he do his best when he was congressman and attended more meetings? If he was truly serious about being a politician, perhaps he should eschew some of his other activities and interests. After all, being part of the legislative branch of government is about making changes for the greater good and sometimes, the greater good requires us to make sacrifices and, in Manny Pacquiao’s case, perhaps his career in boxing, singing, acting and basketball.
  • He approved the BBL without understanding its implications. This is probably the most hilarious part of his career as a congressman. He supported a bill that he probably didn’t even bother to read at all and then, when he found out that his province was actually included in the deal, he hastily pulled out his support. It’s tantamount to not reading a contract properly and signing it anyway then quickly pulling out when you realize that you’re giving away your house to charity. Now, it would be okay if he wasn’t an issue of national importance but unfortunately, he seems to have treated the situation casually and carelessly. Passing and/or approving laws one does not understand can prove to be quite devastating to the country and Manny Pacquiao will end up doing more harm than good to the country.
  • All his academic achievements are “honorary”. Similar to President Aquino, many of the degrees that Manny Pacquiao’s academic achievements are “honorary” which means he didn’t earn them the way he should have. Unlike Shaq O’Neal who genuinely made an effort to study and earn his degree, Manny Pacquiao either asked for a degree as a personal favor or outright just bought them. An “honorary” title isn’t the real thing and is more or less just a decorative title rather than one that’s earned.

He’s A Bit Of A Hypocrite

Of course, who can forget the time when he compared the LGBT community to animals? Now, the issue is pretty much over since he already apologized for the incident. Nike even stopped sponsoring him as a response to his callous choice of words. However, as much as I’d like to bury the issue, there are still some things that need to be said:

Why isn’t he calling out his corrupt political allies?

It’s sad really because while he likes to talk down to the LGBT community for being “sinners”, he has not once called out the other members of the UNA party list who are well-known for their questionable activities in politics. Even in the Bible, Jesus himself went out of his way to bash the scribes and pharisees (who more or less count as lawyers and lawmakers of his time) for their hypocrisy and often avoided being involved with them as he knew that they would probably just use him to gain more power over the people. Manny Pacquiao, on the other hand, has played right into their hands and is willing to be used by individuals like Jejomar Binay (another rather suspicious fellow) for their own political gain.

Worse still, while Manny Pacquiao insists that LGBT people are “sinners” but he himself is guilty of some of the sins enumerated in the Bible like gambling, womanizing, getting tattoos and wearing clothing made from different fabrics. Has he not read the part about “he who has not sinned can cast the first stone”?

He’s Not Cut Out For Politics

Before I continue, I’d like to stress that yes, his works of philanthropy are deeply appreciated. However, this does not automatically make him qualified to be a senator. Again, being senator is about “making laws” and not simply handing out relief goods. If he really wants to help, perhaps he should instead consider running for mayor or governor as that will allow him to take a more “hands-on” approach in helping the common people.

However, if one were to ask me, he should just ditch the whole political angle altogether. He has everything he needs to help the Filipino people after all. Wealth, power, fame and good health have been granted to him in abundance by the Lord. Why does he still need to associate himself with dirty, selfish and all too often incompetent politicians if he really wants to help the Philippines? If he really wants to help, all the resources he needs to do so are already with him.

As my counselor once told me: “If you really want to be good and help others, do you have to wait to win the lottery? Why not do it now? If you’re only going to be good after God blesses you, then you’re not worthy of his blessing at all. If you want to be a good person, be a good person now so that when God finally blesses you, you won’t just be good, you’ll be better.”

27 Replies to “3 Big Reasons Why I’m Still Not Voting For Manny Pacquiao To Be A Senator”

  1. I agree . I cannot vote for manny p. Those people around him will used him in their own political ambition and corruption in many ways.

  2. I agree, Manny is more suited in executive-type job: mayor or governor. being a law-maker doesn’t really suit him well.

    Far better – he should just forget his political ambition.

  3. The comment about ‘waiting to be blessed’ reminded me of this silly joke (modified for a Filipino audience):

    Juan is taking a rustbucket ferry to IloIlo when the ferry disintegrates and throws Juan into the water. Bahala na, he says to himself. God will save me.

    By and by a log drifts past. Juan briefly considers grabbing onto it, but then rebukes himself for his lack of faith. God will save me!

    A while later a Chinese trawler comes over and throws him a line. Go away, you filthy heathens, shouts Juan. God will save me!

    Finally an American helicopter spots him and sends down a guy on a rope. “Away with you, imperialist oppressors!”, howls Juan. God will save me!

    Shortly after, Juan is eaten by a shark.

    At the pearly gates, Juan is terribly upset, and respectfully asks God what he did wrong during his life, that God thought his life was not worth saving.

    “What are you talking about?”, says God. “I sent you a log, a boat, and a helicopter, didn’t I?”.

    Filipinos are blessed every single day. They just get all pissed off because God doesn’t give blessings in cash.

    1. haha I really like this one. But I’m afraid I get a wrong message from this one.
      It appears that the people is suffering from a new kind of illness. Which is both worrisome and annoying at the same time.

      Going back to the article, indeed that he should just stay clear from politics. There’s a lot of ways that he can help the people other than getting dirt on his hands by being a politician.

    1. Where money lies, honor dies. I don’t want Manny Pacqiuao to lose his honor in politics.

      #PrayForManny #PrayForPhilippines

  4. This is a reasonable explanation why I too don’t want Manny Pacquiao to be my public servant. He has been active in sports for too long but not on politics.

    I may respect Manny for fighting and winning for his people and Philippines but politics would be a different story because it is hard to impress everyone.

  5. The very thought that he is running for a post in government that requires the utmost intellect despite being a boxer.
    A friggin B O X E R!
    Goodness, and his reason is that he has a f u c k i n g heart?????
    And pure intentions????
    So you mean to say he is gonna use his fu cking hypothalamus and its associated parts of the brain which aren’t really the ones used for rational thinking to be a legislator?
    Legislation which should be at most times be objective not subjective.
    The “heart” is the most subjective aspect of our being. Next to penises.

    1. Does his brain still work, given all the blows he has received to his cranium???

      No wonder he is reduced to mouthing biblical platitudes…his ability to think has been dulled by years of taking punches to the skull. Retirement should already be due, unless he wants to be like Muhammad Ali nowadays, hobbled by Parkinson’s disease

  6. To Quote what Marius said,

    Filipinos are blessed every single day. They just get all pissed off because God doesn’t give them in cash.

    Hilarious !

  7. Amen…Amen…Rev. Grimwald. You can serve your country, or humanity; by being in your position right now. Manny Pacquiao is a great athlete and a great boxer…we are proud of him, for putting our country to be known to the whole world.

    Politics and Legislation are for educated , and informed individuals. To be a politician, demands a lot of brain power. Although , most of our politicians have no brain power. They have “hand power” to steal from the Pork Barrels.

    Look at Lito Lapid, who is barely educated. He was elected as Senator. Did he make any difference in his term as Senator?

    Maybe, Pacquiao has good intentions. However, intentions are not sufficient enough, to make you a good and effective Senator.

    Why not concentrate on your charities, Manny Pacquiao? You will be more effective in that field…

  8. One more reason: No need to vote for Manny ‘coz practically speaking he doesn’t need our vote (now at No.5 out of 50)

    Latest SWS survey:
    Drilon 45
    Sotto 42
    Pangilinan & Lacson 37
    de Lima, Zubiri, & Pacquiao 31
    Hontiveros, Osmeña, Recto, & Gordon 30
    Villanueva 28

    The front runners in other surveys have their ratings in bold here:

    They too don’t need your votes.

    Your votes will matter for those marginally making it to the magic 12: will you vote for Alma Moreno or Isko Moreno? Mark Lapid or Edu Manzano? (it seems the power of showbiz name-recall is losing its power).

    Of course you can always choose highly competent but sure-ball clear losers (many of which are independents) – but that’s if you want to throw your vote away. When they lose (as expected) – you can always say “at least I voted based on my principles, and did not contribute to the winning of the undeserving.”

  9. Porky Drilon is leading…maybe people enjoy being robbed by Pork Barrel thieves…most of those leading are Pork Barrel thieves.

  10. Pacquiao will have fun to box with Senators in the Senate. 1 vs 11(minimum). If he wins, no need to debate him. That’s all. Sign the bill men. You lost!

    1. Why not put a Boxing Ring on the Senate Floor?

      Porky Drilon will become the Referee…Pacquiao will box, with those who oppose his Seante bills….

      Mar Roxas would become his “water boy”…since , Mar Roxas will surely lost the election. Aquino would become his cheer leader. If he would not be jailed…anyway, Aquino could watch in jail , and cheer Pacquiao…

  11. Can you imagine the precedent that this would entail?

    Richard “Alden Richards” Fuckingburger for governor of Laguna

    Anne Curtis as Senator!!!

    Look on the bright side, I was going to work the latter premise in the background of my planned short story taking place in a near-future Manila

  12. Popular Failipino culture is a place where pity is called compassion, flattery is called love, propaganda is called knowledge, tension is called peace, gossip is called news, and auto-tune is called singing.

  13. There must be a separation of the Church and the State and religious fundamentalism should not encroach on the secular affairs of the State.

    Pacquiao is the dangerous zika virus of religious fundamentalism.

  14. The fighting Senator from the Philippines, a moniker that tarnishes our Country’s global reputation. Tragic for those intelligent and hardworking Filipinos abroad to be part of a nation known for electing unfit, unqualified, and inept individuals to run it. Pacquaio is just plain stupid, no ifs nor buts. Gone were the days of Diokno, Yulo, Avelino, Claro M. Recto Jr.,Tanada, and Salonga to name a few. Drilon is a coward for allowing Pacquiao to fight comparing himself to the latter. Hello?! He is an international icon with massive impact. His actions affect the reputation of the nation and its citizens.

    Why can’t Pacquiao be like Bono and Madonna who contribute their time in performing humanitarian acts abroad? Vox populi will be the downfall of this Country. Let not our idiotic brethren drag the silent minority and this nation to lowly depths of nitwittedness and reproach. Today, being a Filipino is a joke.

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