Leni Robredo is not fit to be Vice President of the Philippines


Camarines Sur Representative and Vice Presidential candidate Leni Robredo is a woman. She emphasizes this every chance she gets. Even when she was in the company of men during the Vice Presidential debate, she exclaimed, “May the best woman win!”. She may have said it in jest or may have been trying to be cute by showing off the fact that she is the only woman in the group, either way, it fails the ‘So What?’ Test.

Leni Robredo should start criticizing President BS Aquino if she knows what's good for her.

Leni Robredo should start criticizing President BS Aquino if she knows what’s good for her.

Robredo could also be trying to raise the flag for women in a country still pretty much dominated by men. In saying that she is a woman, she seems to be reminding women to vote for her because she is a woman. I don’t know about other women, but I don’t judge people based on their gender; I judge them based on their merits.  

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While Robredo is an accomplished woman – having both an economics and law degree under her belt and now seems to be focusing on being a public servant – there are other women who are more qualified to be Vice President than she is. The problem is, they are not visible because they were not picked up by people with the campaign machinery to raise their profile. In other words, other women more qualified aren’t as useful to the Liberal Party as neophyte Congresswoman Robredo is in raising its flagging popularity among the voters. Why Robredo? Because she is the widow of a much-loved former public servant.

Truth be told, if it weren’t for her late husband’s death, former Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo, the Liberal Party would not even think of asking her to run as Mar Roxas’s running mate. She became the perfect bait for voters who like the picture of a “grieving widow”. But before that, we recall that it was the neophyte Senator Grace Poe who Roxas first asked to run as his VP. While Poe was still taking her time deciding whether to say yes or no to the offer, Roxas ran around like a headless chicken, desperately scouting for a VP that he will like and would like him back until a so-called civil society group started trumpeting Robredo’s name around.  

The point is, Robredo was just a shoe-in for Poe. Robredo must have realized this because it took a lot of convincing for her to agree to run as Roxas’s VP. It was obvious that Roxas was not into her in the beginning. Robredo wasn’t into Roxas either. She was quoted as saying “The vice presidency is not an option for me” and that “she is more interested in running for the Senate or seeking re-election”. At some point, she even hoped that Poe would eventually agree to run as Roxas’s running mate so that she wouldn’t have to.

Robredo admitted that she is still hoping that Sen. Grace Poe will agree to be the running mate of Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas II in the 2016 national elections.

“Sana. Hanggang wala pang announcement, hindi pa kami nawawalan ng pag-asa na somehow magkakaareglo din,” the lawmaker said.

Poe is the top choice of the Liberal Party’s Roxas to be his vice president for the 2016 polls.

Robredo’s kids were also begging her not to run as VP. Her kids were smart enough to know the cost of doing so. But the pressure on Robredo to agree became heavier the longer Roxas didn’t have a running mate as the filing of certificate of candidacy got closer. President Benigno Simeon Aquino was also wooing her (after he failed to woo Poe) in front of the media. Several backdoor meetings later, she finally agreed.

The sequence of events that led to Robredo agreeing to run as Roxas’s VP says a lot about her and the people she hangs around with. She showed her lack of conviction in agreeing to do something she didn’t want to do. Her weak side was also on display when she allowed members of the Liberal Party to bully her into agreeing to run for VP under their banner. Leni Robredo is allowing herself to be used by the men from the Liberal Party. As a woman myself, that is not something I can condone. She’s falling for their cheap flattery.

After wishing Poe would accept the Liberal Party’s offer, Robredo later became Poe’s staunch critic after some people started raising Poe’s citizenship issue. Robredo criticized her openly and suggested that Poe not run for the Presidency:

For me, it’s a major issue that you’re running for President and yet at one point in your life, you renounced your Filipino citizenship

A lot of people have noted Robredo’s sudden change of attitude towards Poe. Robredo increasingly became one of Liberal Party’s attack dogs. Lately, she is focusing on attacking her Vice Presidential rival, Senator Bongbong Marcos. In the recent Vice Presidential debate, Robredo kept using the atrocities-during-Martial-Law angle against Marcos Jr. She does not have anything against him except “Martial Law”. She even said during an interview with journalist Karen Davila that “the Marcoses should be perpetually disqualified from running for public office because of magnitude of abuses, wealth they stole.”

Robredo has become irrational, indeed. It was the late former President Cory Aquino who failed to prosecute some of the top architects of Martial Law. She had no choice but to become allies with them after they helped oust the late former President Ferdinant Marcos Sr. Robredo should look at other players during Martial Law who are still alive today. Marcos Jr was not in a position to stop the atrocities committed by rogue members of the military and police under Fidel Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile respectively. It’s baffling why Robredo is singling him out. As GRP blogger Add reminded us, Robredo’s own father benefited during the Marcos years. Her late father, Antonio Gerona was appointed as Municipal Judge by Marcos Sr in 1980. She can’t deny that she lived a good life then.

In the same interview with Karen Davila, Robredo said, “government failed in instilling in the minds of people why EDSA (revolution) happened. A lot of people have forgotten”. That’s another irrational view. As a lawyer, she should realize that BS Aquino ruined the memory of EDSA. BS Aquino’s disrespect for the country’s already weak institutions, especially when he allegedly bribed members of Congress using pork barrel funds into doing what he wanted, is the reason EDSA became irrelevant today.

Until Robredo starts openly criticizing BS Aquino and his incompetent cabinet members for their shortfalls, the voters will see Robredo as a weak person and a mere pushover. Those are characteristics I do not want other women to emulate. I do not want Robredo to represent us women lest we be mistaken as weak and easily duped. No, Robredo is definitely, not fit for the Vice Presidency.

[Photo courtesy PhilStar.]

293 Replies to “Leni Robredo is not fit to be Vice President of the Philippines”

  1. Let’s see. She is epal, believes in necro politics, has pictures of herself taking public transit, only served one term in Congress and she says that Mar ” I have to ask Noynoy permission to blow my own nose” Roxas is the best choice for president. What is not to like??

      1. TROLL. 😛

        Bongbong is more of his own man and he never brought his parents during his speeches, unlike Abnoy who always did that.

        P.S. change your username to ImAFaggot. 🙂

        1. Yup, he is his own man alright with the $10 Billion Dollars of the Philippine’s money to back him up. With that money, he can be his own woman as well.

        2. BBM is so proud of his father’s legacy, actually he keeps mentioning it whenever he was asked by media… so shut up and learn the history of BAD
          Makoy’s legacy..

        3. Bobong Marcos is never his own man…he is a mama’s boy. The reason why he never mentions his parents in his speeches is because they are internationally-recognized crooks while PNoy’s parents are considered heroes by millions of pinoys.

        4. @Duwag or @duwang or Mr. Goff, typical to most of Filipinos, emotions prevail than your good minds. My neutral take here is Bongbong is NO different than Pinoy. BBM is way below FM’s competence and intellect while Pinoy is as well way below Ninoy’s ingenuity.

        5. Hahaha Obserbahan mo si BBM… Miski pananalita at porma ng tatay nya GINAGAYA nya… Mga bukada nya rehearsed lahat. Panuorin mo mga ambush interview sa kanya, kamot ulo pag di nya kabisado ang linya o sasabihin nya hehehe

        6. kinahihiya kc niya ang tatay at nanay niya kaya si Bongbong ayaw magapologize. But he should apologize.! WHY? BECAUSE HE WILLINGLY ACCEPTED HIS INHERITANCE WORTH HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS MILLIONS OF PESOS FROM DICTATOR MARCOS, his deceased father.

      2. Says the yellowtard who believes on the sins of the fathers. Why limit never again to the marcoses dimwit? Because your “great leader” noybita says so?

        1. Bongbong willingly inherited the sins of the father by becoming the legal executor of the monies. He legally files court cases opposing the recovery and distribution to the people.

        2. @Wee:

          Baseless accusation, weenie. However,

          But, If I go by the info then, which I will admit may be outdated, I think the Marcoses were eager as much as everyone else to settle the matter. Most of their accounts are frozen, so the earlier the matter is settled, it will not only be the country benefitting, but also them.

          Beyond that I cannot say more without sounding stupid. The negotiations have been very complicated, and good part flies over my head. Portions that include gold is a big dispute because even if it was Marcos who found the treasure, government lawyers are saying Marcos is only entitled to a finder’s fee. But, this is also the portion which the Marcoses are using to prove not all their assets.were plundered.

          The short answer is that if they may not be issuing clear statements, I think the desire to settle the matter is very much there since that is what they showed during Ramos time.

          Son, I think you’re clueless

      3. Bakit makikisakay e surname naman niya yun. Ikaw, huwag ka sumakay sa lrt na pinagawa ng magnanakaw, huwag ka dumaan sa slex, nlex, San Juanico brdge and other bridges, huwag ka magpagamot sa heart, lung, kidney centers, pgh, huwag ka pumunta sa PICC atbp, dahil pinagawa lahat ng magnanakaw yan.

        1. Pera ng mga Pilipino ang pinag pagawa sa mga sinabi mo kayat may karapatan sila na gamitin yon. Kapag nagpagawa ka ba ng bahay sa arkitekto at contractor ay hindi mo ba titirahan yon. Kaya magisip isip kayo.

        2. Tax payer kami at di personal na pera marcos yan bakit kami di dadaam at magpapagot sa mga binanggit mo. Ano man ang naipagawa nya nung panahon nya. May ambag ang bawat mamayang pilipino dahil sa tax ng taong bayan ang ipinagpagawa nyan.

        3. pera ng tax payer ang ginamit pampagawa jan at pinapambayad na hanggng ngayon eh hindi pa tapos bayaran. sana nga sa inyong mga loyalists na lang singilin yung mga hindi pa bayad na utang since inaako ninyong parang yung idolo ninyo lang ang nagbayad.

        4. @Nina Garcia, di dahil porket pinagawa nya lahat ito out of people’s money, then he (FM) now has the reason to suck you and the rest of the Filipino people to hell. Dahil dito OK lang sa inyo na botohin at ibalik ulit si Marcos. Binay did the same thing. He feed the Makati people with all the goodness during the first years but suck them to hell before their term ends. Completely the same pattern isn’t it?. For Christ sake’s, a lot of you people are illogical. You could hardly differentiate the logical thing from the other. No wonder why you always ended up choosing crappy leaders (i.e. FM, Estrada, Arroyo). Unfortunately, the product of “gadget” loving society than book lovers. We got to re-educate ourselves pa more.. It’s our sense of responsibility if you want to expect a so called “pagbabago” sa bansa ninyo.

        5. Pera nga ng mga Pilipino ang ginamit ng mga Marcoses sa pagpapagawa ng mga establishments na yan. Pero atleast sila may napagawa e yang Mga Aquino na yan. Simula ng mag edsa revolution at maupo yang si Cory lalong naghirap ang Pinas. Tumaas lahat ng bilihin ultimo kuryente ginawang private. My god! Buksan naman natin ang isipan natin. Di porke ginamit ng mga Aquino ang simbahan e sakanila na tayo papanig. Tandaan nyo, the spaniards also used the churches para pahirapan ang Pilipinas. Open your eyes everyone.

        6. Lyn,

          These Yellow Party-supporting Fliptards will never see all the good things that the Marcoses have done for the country and its people because they’re enamored by the facade of high-rise condominiums, SM malls, Jollibees, and other Chekwa-owned establishments.

          These Fliptards see this massive urbanization as progress, without realizing that only the Yellow Party Chekwas are benefitting from it, while the Fliptards suffer in poverty or forced to work abroad as OFWs. It really is “Fucked [not Proud] to be a Fliptard.”


        7. Miss Nina, saan ba nanggaling ang perang ginamit at pinagawa ni Marcos sa LRT,Sa SLEX, San Juanico Bridge & Other bridges, Slex, Nlex San Juanico Bridge & other Bridges, sa Heart Center, Lung & Kidney Center PGH, PICC, Heart & Lung Center PICC, di ba pera ng bayan iyan at hindi nanggaling sa bulsa ni Marcos, bakit kapwa mo Pilipino huhusgahan mo ito na huwag gumamit at makinabang sa mga ito.dito?Huwag ka naman maging bias, lahat tyong mga Pilipino ay may karapatan gamitin at makinabang sa mga pinagawa ni Marcos dahil di niya pera ang ginamit sa pagpagawa ng mga ito, ang kusuelo lang natin siya ang naging instrumento para mapagawa ang mga ito at siya ay maalala ng mga Pilipino na naging instrumento para mapagawa ito , ito ay pinagawa ni Marcos para sa lahat ng Pilipino gamit ang pondo ng bayan,

      4. Idiots. Kung magnanakaw ang mga marcoses bat di nyo hulihin. Mga tanga. Puro kayo bintang. Pag aralan nyo ang history. Puro daldal puro bintang wala namang napatunayan. Yan si Robredo tatanga tanga abogado pa naman, pano ba nakapasa yan. Panay ang bintang kay marcos nasaan ang ebidensya? Di nyo na lang tinggnan kung anong nagawa ng mga Marcoses sa Pilipinas. Yang pinagmamalaki nyong Aquinos walang ginawa kundi lokohin ang taong bayan at magnakaw.

        1. Sus kung ikaw nanakawan ko ewan ko lang kung mapakulong mo ako. Wala kwenta justice system natin. Sympre nabusalan ng milyones na nakaw ng mga marcos.

        2. @leon maria de leon:

          Sympre nabusalan ng milyones na nakaw ng mga marcos.

          Milyones? Without even realizing that BILYONES ang ninakaw AFTER Marcos left?

          Alright, let’s go on-topic.

          You’re still looking for that hidden wealth of Marcos eh?

          Let’s say in Chicago there ruled Mafia A led by big boss A. They ran the underground business for years. Then came Mafia B which rose to dethrone Mafia A, with boss A dying of his wounds after the gunbattle. The good intelligent son of boss A was left an inheritance of “dirty money” accumulated by the illegal business of the former Mafia lord (boss A).

          What should the son of boss A do with the inheritance?
          A) use it for legitimate business
          B) return it to the current Mafia in power (boss B) who now operates the illegal business in the city

          So tell me, what makes you think BBM should surrender what’s in the secret banks to the yellow camp? (Note: assuming he does have control of them)

          If you found a thousand pesos dropped by a thief, would you give it to the lost and found corner of the police station manned by corrupt cops?

          Think. You would do the same if you were in BBM’s shoes. You can redeem wealth obtained illegally by putting it to good productive use.

          Any kind of Marcos inheritance is water under the bridge. Don’t hope for any of that lost wealth seeing the light of day. Time to move on and just earn your next peso the hard way like Henry Sy does – I don’t hear him clamoring for Marcos wealth.

          Time to stop all the cry baby shit. The next thing you’ll find yourself doing is demanding a piece of Henry Sy’s empire because he’s too rich.

          Go and start cleaning toilets – at least you’ll start earning something. Wala kang mapapala da pahabol ng kayamanan ng ibang tao. Wala, zero, nil.

        3. Leon maria de leon,

          Your ignorance is only superseded by your stupidity. If you add all the facts together, the Yellow Party and their Chekwa business alliances stole more than the Marcoses, destroyed our Fliptard-owned businesses, monopolized our economy, and compelled our people to become OFWs or turn to a life of crime in the last 30 years. Of course you won’t understand what I’m talking about because your brain has been fed too much “Pinoy Pride Chicken” by these oligarchs through their “Proud to be a Filipino” propaganda.


    1. Sabi nga don’t judge the book by its cover. Sino ka para manghusga. Nasubukan na sya sa province nila. Bakit di natin sya subukan sa national. Kung hindi mag perform edi ibasura natin. Ikaw ba yung 1st job mo alam mo na agad ang gagawin mo, pinag aralan mo rin muna at nagtyaga para makuha mo ang style ng work mo di ba. Ganun din yan sa public service. Lets her perform her job then judge according to her performance. Hindi yung di pa nag uumpisa alam mo na palpak. Sana ikaw na lang ang kumandidato.

    2. So what if she rides public transport?I go to Sorsogon regularly, before by SUV Fortuner, hard sacrificed for 14 hrs. I would never again and since has always used aircon coaches, more confortable and relaxing. So dont make it an issue Ikaw ang pa-epal. Robredo is not lie you most in politics.

    3. Please think before you make some negative comments. How about you, what you can contribute or offer to our mother nation if you keep on whining without factual basis or proof?

  2. There was no EDSA revolution…there was a U.S./C.I.A. sponsored coup d’ etat by Enrile and Ramos. The “EDSA revolution” was a term used to justify the C.I.A. sponsored coup d’ etat.

    Robredo has no good tract record, as a Congresswoman. What legislation and laws, she had enacted and passed to solve our problems and benefit our people?

    What are her platforms? What solutions can she present to us, to better our country’s conditions.

    We have many problems. And, they demand immediate solutions. Leni Robredo is too weak to face these serious problems facing our country.


    The Vice President position is a “heart beat” away from the President’s position…Choose wisely!!!

      1. If you are not reading the news Toro, she passed 9 laws in 3 years. Better that the other vp candidates you are talking about. Cayetano for 16 years in senate only had 4 laws passed, marcos is the same 4 laws in 12 years and even chiz. So who do you think is not doing their job?

        1. That is why when she was ask what is the position she wants to hold when she becomes vp, she want to handle the poverty problem and help the poor. In the senate you have a limit, not like in the vp. You can have a position wherein you can really help the needy. If you will compare her to the other senators that is running for vp, she performed better. Same question why are this senators running for vp? Because they didn’t do their job when they are in the senate. How can we trust them when they only made 4 laws in 16 years? Why can’t leni run for vp, if she made good when she was in congress? for a change this senators was already in the position for years and didn’t do anything to uplift the lives of our people, wherein leni did it in naga, she made a lot of projects in naga to help the poor. If you will also check the saln of this senators, from the time they where voted in the position to present, their saln increased. Some 300% and others increased by as much as 14M. So do you think they will do better for our country? When we all know that the salary of this senators cannot give them that much growth in terms of income. So how come they earned this much while in the position? we deserve better than this. Leni, saln is down by 3%. This is the first time i saw a politician where in her/his saln did not earned even by 1%. That is why i decided to vote for her regardless if i don’t like mar. But i know she will do better.

        2. @Raymond dob:

          It is not just passing laws. It is the Quality of laws; not the Quantity of Laws, that you passed. They must solve our problems and benefit the Filipino people.

          What did Leni Robredo do, to solve the country’s unemployment problems?

          How about the ever increasing Squatters in Metro Manila and other

          Why is Leni Robredo supporting the BBL Law? A law that will finance the ISIS/MILF/Al Queda.

          How about the many massacres that took place under Aquino and Mar Roxas watch? What did she do about them?

          Was she a recipient of the Pork Barrel Bribery, to remove/impeach CJ Corona?

    1. your first sentence is more than enough for me to disagree. it is a shovenistic discrimination. Are you from Iran? leni Robredo is a perfect vice President for Rody Duterte! because that is what my heart is telling me- same reason why i am choosing Duterte as President!

      1. Why is leni a perfect candidate for you? Because her husband died? I bet you’re the samefag who voted noybita because his mother died. bobotante nga naman oo masyado sa “pwede na iyan”.

      2. I totally agree with you Benhur Bautista. Leni Robredo is mostly capable more than any male counterparts. Stop all your nonsense guys who are against Robredo. You are simply showing your sheer jealousy because your doggy did not win.

    2. you should research about her accomplishments, it’s free and I already did just some weeks after she filed her candidacy. baka mapahiya ka sa sinasabi mo. I say no to immediate solutions, solutions should be systematic and long-term

      1. @kley just like Leni said in a debate she plan a one doctor in one family?how can she find at least 1.5 million of doctors unless you and liberal rock stars will volunteer? Its more easy to make bills and pass laws but its difficult to implement them.executive position is different from lawmaking.kaya nya bang I handle ang mga problema nang milyong pilipino araw araw?bong bong Marcos has experience in both governance and passing laws for 20 years.kahit matalino ka pero walang diskarte baka mabaliw kalang?

      2. You are correct Kleyrr. Ilma`s talk is full of rubbish. You can see how she is trying to define her doggy candidate should have won. hahahah I honestly feel sorry for so many highly educated journalist can make comments like this.

    3. i voted of Digong and Leni, because these two are the most qualified tha all the their respective opponents… and i’m happy it went that way… i just hope people will judge by what they did on their previous positions and their SALN… doon pa lang makikita mo na kung nagsisilbi sila ng totoo at hindi nanloloko… karamihan sa mga kalaban nila ay may bahid na ti mo talaga masikmura… di ko alam kung bakit hanggang ngayon ay ibinabalik ang mga marcos sa kanilang respective positions… may mga bagong mukha na karapat dapat… hwag pong isara sa iilang sikat na at alam ng may bahid sama na sa katawan ay pinipilit pa ring iboto… Ang bansang INDONESIA po ay nagiging smart po pagdating sa pagpili ng kanilang mga leader… mga common tao po ang kanilang biniboto at hindi mga luma na kilala nilang may kalokohan… ayun, umuunlad na po ang Inodonesia… (marami po akong kaibigang indonesians at naikukuwetno nila na most preffered nila ay mga matitinong kandidato.. at ako pag naikwento ko na ang pilipinas ay napapa-iling sila kung bakit maraming tao na hindi pa rin nagiging responsable pagdating sa kanilang kinabukasan… AYUN PO!!! ANG KINABUKASAN PO ANG ATING ISIPIN PARA SA IKABUBUTI NATING MGA PILIPINO…

      1. Absolutely correct. 100% right. Leni deserves to be the vice president. I rather vote an unblemish woman without derogatory marks than an arrogant Marcos who came from a well known genocidal culprits and thieves. Never to any Marcos again.

        1. @Protacio J Wow. You again are one of those idiotoc Pinoys who never knew what marcoses did to us. Arrest them or sue them if you have evidences on your accusations. You are just like robredo, bintang ng bintang sa mga Marcoses ng mga kasalanang kahit kailan di naman napatunayan. Sobrang tagal na ng issue na to hanggang ngayon di pa din ba tayo nagigising sa panloloko ng mga dilaw na ya. Oo magaling si Leni. Marunong sya. Pero sana nag isip muna sya ng tamang papanigan. Di pa ba obvious, Leni is just one of the Aquinos puppets. At isa pa kung talagang malinis ang pagkapanalo nya bakit hndi nya patunayan. Buti ang pandaraya nya may ebidensya ang pagbibintang nila sa mga Marcos asan ang ebidensya? Tsk.

    4. Obviously, you’re a poor student of history as shown by your total ignorance of events before, during & after the EDSA revolution. Your ignorance is further multiplied ten times by your complete lack of knowledge of Leni Robredo’s track record as congresswoman. In short, your stupidity is enormously nauseating.

    5. @99Toro007Hyden777999.99 WRONG. FM is a strong US ally. He (FM) runs the nation’s business under Uncle Sam”s skirt. Your country became the best US “strategic” base in the region because of FM’s colossal ties with the US. @Sirch is absolutely correct. “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU @@99Toro007Hyden777999.99 to judge an honest & professional woman. Why couldn’t you empower Filipina women to help run the business in your country. This country is beautiful if not tainted by your “crappy” minds.

      1. @Albert Morales:

        F. Marcos Sr. was an ally of the U.S., until he refused to allow the extension of the U.S. Bases agreement.

        I, Hyden Toro is just one of those suffering OFWs, who float the Philippine economy. Have I not , the right to speak my mind? These government officials are like parasites, living on my hard earned taxes…

        Leni Robredo, an honest and professional woman? Where did you picked up, that title for her? She is gloating, like a Bitch , while she was proclaimed, by the COMELEC and Porky Drilon, as the winner…

        Why should I empower Filipino women to run the country? Where did I get that Power of Entitlement?

        This country is beautiful? All I see are the : squatters; crooked politicians , stealing from my taxes; cheating politicians conspiring with the COMELEC/SMARTMATIC /Feudal Oligarchs stealing elections; Filipinos voting with their feet, to become OFW slaves.

        What a beauty indeed!…mga magnanakaw ng kaban ng bayan, at magnanakaw ng eleksiyon !

  3. Here’s another “messiah” figure being lauded like a saint just because she’s married to a “hero” who for all we know was assassinated by the very people she’s praising for the so-called straight path of governance. Guess commuting is that herculean a task these days that it trumps all other basis for qualification. =)

    1. Sorry, she is better than the other vp’s. First let talk about cayetano. Cayetano promise that they can solve criminality in 6 months, but in his term in senate, he only had 4 laws passed in 16 years as a senator, BBM, same 4 laws in 12 years, chiz same also for 16 years. So how can i believe their promises if they cannot even do their job in the senate. Robredo, 9 laws passed in 3 years only. So tell me who’s better?

      1. I wholeheartedly believe Leni is a good woman with good intentions. I, and many other people, just don’t believe she will be a good leader in this chaotic and problem-filled country. Her campaign is funded by LP, rich businessmen, and powerful families. I don’t think she’ll be able to say no to these people when needed. And I’m sure the leaders and future leaders of this god forsaken country will need to say NO to them in order for us to prosper. She’ll just be a puppet and a poster-girl for LP. She just doesn’t have the iron will like the other candidates. Should the president die or get impeached, she’ll be the president and I feel like she’ll just be eaten alive.

        She’s better off in the senate, not as VP

        1. Well said, Red!

          Her role will be limited in VP post. She won’t be able to implement her policies anyway especially when the President has his own policies in mind. She’ll just be limited to one assignment. She should stick to being a member of congress where she can reach her constituents.

        2. if you are in a third world country you will always be a puppet otherwise you will not gain support. setting aside, who do you think is the best candidate for such position? i dont think BBM is a better choice than LENI. she may not have the quality you are looking BUT she is not the trapo type among the bet for VP. in my personal opinion since i want changes in the system, i will chose LENI. if something happen to tue president and she will become the president its still OK coz even leaders of 1st world countries rely on their advisers even the late dictator FM has his own advisers.

        3. she is too raw for the vice presidency post. Poe is more hard stanced than her. I see in her only her political ambitions, too excited to get to the highest post of the Country.

          SHe makes people believe she is the down to earth creature that she is taking the bus and all – so plastic.

          Eventually she will expel her true colors.

        4. Well @Red I agree with you when you said a chaotic and problem-filled country needed a strong leader to move on. BUT there could never be success with any strong woman nor a man if you Filipinos could hardly work together as ONE. Being a half- Filipino, I could easily see that through the human makeup of Filipinos.

      2. Leni is the best among the vp wannabes… watched last Sunday’s vp debate,she is composed and collected and her would be solutions to our social issues make sense.

        1. very true ma’am. i was a little nervous for her, actually. i know she’s good but her opponents, they are senators who are experienced in public speaking and grandstanding, and lying and so, i was like, please Lord, help her. so i was really happy that she won the debate. she proved to us that you don’t need to shout to deliver your point. you just need to be sincere and, of course, you must know what you are talking about, hindi lang base sa figures na bigay ng staff mo kundi higit base sa personal mong karanasan sa pakikisalamuha sa mga tao na gusto mong pagsilbihan. at yun yung hindi mapepeke doon. the people know who’s talking real and who’s talking sh*t. alam ng tao kung sino ang nangangampanya lang at kung sino ang tunay na nagpiprisinta ng plataporma.

          some say that leni is still “hilaw” but i believe otherwise. and the debate has proven me right. even the very talkative chiz e natameme kay leni. yes, she is a newbie to politics but definitely not a newbie in public service, which i believe is the more important thing because public office is first and foremost public service.

        2. @Beaux

          You exaggerate too much. The rest of VP candidates were not shouting and lying during the debate. I didn’t hear Chiz, BBM and Honasan shouting. What did they lie about anyway?

          Yes, Leni is HILAW. She is just new in congress but now she wants to be a VP? She’s only fooling her supporters when she says she is not ambitious. I’ve got news for you. All politicians are narcissists and ambitious. The reason why she said “yes” to running as VP is because she wants the post too.

        3. Yes, Leni is a wannabe. She keeps saying she doesn’t have ambitions of being a President and admits that she is not qualified to be one. But the Vice Presidency is just a heartbeat away from the Presidency. What if something happens to the President? Then we’ll have Leni who doesn’t want to be a President and admits to not being qualified to be a President. What a joke!!!

      3. Best woman to be uto2x. Anu stand nya mga issue ng bayan when its masterminds are liberal party members? Nganga.aligaga.9 laws or bill or revision of the old laws…we have more than enough od the laws already.enforcement is what we need. Its not the type of Leni who can do it…we need an ironfist, a strongwilled and political will to do. Not the tuta type that when told by panot to attack marcos then she barks. Yolanda.mrt deals.pnp patrol overpriced.dap.pdaf anomalies are now liberàl’s own version of amassing wealth. Leni is silent in all of this? Why oh why??????????

        1. Rb, ung kasi ang trabaho nya sa congress. Gumawa ng batas. Sadly, ung mga sendor na gusto natin failed to deliver. Look cayetano 4 laws in 16 years? How can i believe him to help duterte in solving crime in 6 months when he can’t even do his job in the senate, marcos same 4 laws in 12 years. Wow, and how much do they earn from doing that? Every senators saln from the start as a senator to present earned more than a million? So if they are not corrupt, how can they have that earnings, wherein a senator has salary only of around 50 up if im not mistaken. For your information as a congresswoman robredo had a lot of projects in naga for her constituents and he made a lot of progress for naga. Do you think that if we really want change we can change the president and at the same time not vote for the trapos that has been serving for more than 10 years and we the people are not getting the service that we deserve from them? Robredo is only 3 years in the position but she made 9 laws, including how to improve the pnr sytem, and had a lot of projects for naga, we deserve more.you pointed out 9 laws and revision an a lot of laws. Un na nga, the other vp candidates, cannot even do their job as a senator so why do we vote for such a lousy work?

        2. By the way i might vote for duterte and vp is leni. To balance everything. Even duterte knows the capability of leni that is why duterte in an interview wants to have leni in his government. i don’t know yet, but wild guess more on the advocacy of leni which is improve the lives of the poor which she has been doing in naga even she was not a congresswoman. She helps the poor and give her service as a lawyer for free. If you will check her saln, she lost 3% because she told in an interview her daughters are still studying. One thing a principal can in a school in philippine science highschool can attent how down to earth leni is. She tried to enroll her daughter in that school, but the exam in finsh already and her daughter was late for enrollment. The principal told leni we can still make exemption for her daughter. But what leni told her shows her character. She told the principal, no, i want her to have it on a normal process. No special treatment. So that is why her daughter missed out one year and enrolled the next year. You can check it in philippine science. It is a true story. Kung ibang politician yan. Wala kailang i accomodate sila. Pero leni wants no special treatment for her family. Even in ateneo, her other daughter is studying there..she comes there as simple as she is. No bodyguards and unnoticed. Totoo rin ung nag bubus talaga sya. Kahit di pa sya congresswoman. Kasi nga sa naga simple lang pamilya nila. You can she that pag pumunta kayo ng naga. Even the late jesse robredo, simple kasi nag lalakad lang sya sa kalye ng naga ng naka tsinelas.kilala sila sa naga na simpleng pamilya.

        3. @Raymond

          Can you take Cayetano out of the equation already? Both Cayetano and Leni are not fit to be Vice President. Period.

          It’s not about the number of laws, it’s about character too. She’s a pushover. She can’t even criticise PNoy and his incompetent cabinet members. She doesn’t have the balls to do it.

          Of course you are going to say she had the balls to criticise Bongbong. That’s so easy especially since BBM is their favourite whipping boy. Leni is just like a broken record actually. She’s just echoing what the rest of the NeverAgain advocates are saying. She doesn’t have anything against BBM except Martial Law.

        4. she is too raw for the vice presidency post. Poe is more hard stanced than her. I see in her only her political ambitions, too excited to get to the highest post of the Country.

          SHe makes people believe she is the down to earth creature that she is taking the bus and all – so plastic.

          Eventually she will expel her true colors.

        5. Lahat tayo uto2 kasi nagpadala tayo sa kwento sa social modia mapa-dilaw man yan, mapa-DU30, o mapa-MARCOS camp! Leni is ok as a person. DU30 is ok as a mayor. Marcos is a different story as he has his own motive why run for the second highest post (tanga ka o nagbubulagbulagan ka lang kung di mo pa rin gets hanggang ngayon). Meanwhile, the moment Leni and DU30 decided to run for a national post, nilamon na sila ng systema-ng mga taong nasa likod ng kanilang makinarya. Kung alam nyo lang yung totoong istorya kikilabutan kayo. Kaya don’t choose sides. Nobody is PURE. These people are already corrupted. Our country is run by a FEW opposing sides with their own interests to protect! #GetRealPhilippines and Brace yourself for the next 6 years!

        6. Thats true Rb. Sana mabigyang pansin ni Leni yan. Patunayan nyang gusto nya talagang maglingkod sa taong bayan.

      4. @raymun dob just like Leni said in a debate she plan a one doctor in one family?how can she find at least 1.5 million of doctors unless you and liberal rock stars will volunteer? Its more easy to make bills and pass laws but its difficult to implement them.executive position is different from lawmaking.kaya nya bang I handle ang mga problema nang milyong pilipino araw araw?bong bong Marcos has experience in both governance and passing laws for 20 years.kahit matalino ka pero walang diskarte baka mabaliw kalang? KAYA mag pass nalang si leni nang laws at so bbm ang mag implement nang tama. D ba mass effective?

  4. More than two decades filipinos have forgotten what happened during martial law. Truly filipinos are forgiving especially when a family had billions to spend changing the course of history. Only in the Philippines that plunderers continue to win elections. Money is God in our country.
    Why are you not criticizing Manny Pacquiao who is running for senator. Is he fit as a senator?
    Atty. Leni Robredo is an economics graduate of UP and a lawyer is not fit for vice presidency? first timer as congresswoman but accomplished more than those representatives who were elected more than three times. Who are you to judge her?

    1. The article is all about why leni robredo not fit as a VP and all you bitch are nothing but martial law? Are you yellowtards really THAT desperate to fool us with your yellow kool aid? So does that mean that you are a criminal then if your father is a murderer?

      1. Oh btw why do you wanna vote robredo? Because her husband died just like what you did for noybita because his mother died. You love necropolitics do you failipino?

        1. We will vote for her because the other vp candidates that you prefer cannot even do their job properly in the senate. Robredo as a congresswoman beat all of their accomplishment as a public official in 3 years.

        2. @Raymond Dob

          Gimme a break the Robredos—especially Jesse–are not “saints” as the media paints them. Non-moronic residents of Naga know how Jesse supported monopolism of businesses of the Chinese businessmen in that area that’s why, despite the so-called mirror image of “Singapore” kuno in Bicolandia, Naga CIty is still in the dumps. So please enough of the sainthood of these two as they are clearly TRAPOs like THE REST.

          Pinaandaran lang kayo ng tsinelas at pagko-commute, kumagat naman kayo kaagad. Mga uto-uto.

        3. randall flagg, why? Are you supporter of the villafuertes? Are you a naga resident? If not, then why should i believe you, because i am from bicol and my tito’s are living in naga. Di ako uto uto. Kesa naman iboto ko ang mga senador na hindi magawa ang trabaho nila sa senado. Bka ikaw, kasi di mo alam na mga iboboto mong senador eh nagbutas nG bangko sa senado. Cayetano ka ba? Marcos? Malupit nag increase ang saln sa pag upo nila. Pinag aralan ko sino iboboto ko boy, kaya kung ikaw hindi ka nagbabasa wag ako. Mas marami ako tinimbang saka ako namili ng iboboto. Kaya ikaw ang wag magpaandar.

        4. @raymond

          randall flagg, why? Are you supporter of the villafuertes? Are you a naga resident? If not, then why should i believe you, because i am from bicol and my tito’s are living in naga. Di ako uto uto

          Whatever you say boss. NO amount of reasoning will persuade you anyway. 😉 btw, keep reading GRP. there’s hope for you yet.

        5. BTW Raymond, if you like how Naga is looking the way the Robredos did it, you must really have LOW standards on things. =) And no, the Villafuertes are just as worse as the Robredos.=)

        6. Randall, at least he is helping to the people of naga, especially the farmers in improving their lives. Ikaw what did you do for our country? At least she is serving the poor. You can check her accomplishment in 3 years. If you are not happy, then you have a problem. Because she can do as much, we also need to contribute. I don’t want to vote for the senators na they cannot even do their job in the senate. Yes they are good…in grandstanding…if you are not happy with her accomplishment…look at the senators that is also running for vp. Then compare what they did during their time in their position…

        7. i am from naga and i have voted for leni in 2013 because she’s really competent. i knew that she will represent us well in congress. and she did not fail us.

          if you’re going to ask me, i really wan’t leni to remain as our congresswoman or better yet run for mayor of naga. she has done a lot for the people of her district especially the marginalized sectors of the society not only now that she is elected congresswoman but even before that, way way back. and she’s very approachable. if you see here like in the public market or in her kids’ school you can just approach her and talk to her, ask for help, anything. no bodyguards, no secretary, just her.

          so, now that she has already made her decision, that is, to run for VP, although, like i said, i want her here, i will still of course support her not only because she is a kababayan but mostly because i know first hand that she is competent and has a good heart especially for the poor and that she will make a good vice president.

        8. If she’s good, why is she hanging around with bozos in the Liberal Party? Here’s something that you might not be aware of: PNoy did not even confirm Jessie Robredo’s position as DILG secretary. He died with the title “acting” DILG chief. Meaning, PNoy did not believe in him. It was only after he died when they started praising his name. What a bunch of hypocrites. And now Jessie’s widow is acting like their puppet and attack dog. Here’s the news article about Jessie’s appointment:

          How Robredo was not confirmed DILG chief

          MANILA, Philippines – Placed “under evaluation” by President Benigno Aquino III and bypassed twice by the Commission on Appointments (CA), former Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo died before he could be confirmed as secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

          National and local realpolitik played key roles in the delay of his confirmation.

          President Aquino held the interior and local government portfolio before naming Robredo as “acting” DILG head in July 2010.

          In September the same year, however, the Palace did not seek the confirmation of Robredo and 2 others — Ramon Paje of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and Rosalinda Baldoz of the Department of Labor and Employment — before the Commission on Appointments, according to a Vera Files report.

          Vera Files’ sources said the President and Robredo, although allies, had differences that surfaced during Aquino’s election campaign.

          The Liberal Party is using Leni and she is allowing herself to be used.

        9. Being a congressman is different from being a VP. She is way over her head. She should have stuck with her instincts and not agree to run. She’s a single mother and has three kids who are still at school. Why would she even think of running for a high post at a crucial time in their lives? They are going to end up as dysfunctional individuals because their mother is exposing them to politics, which can be very ugly.

        10. Yeah right raymond dumb and she always failed the BAR exams. Oh btw your candidate is an absolute hypocrite. She keeps on blasting bbm for martial law when it’s enrile and ramos, who is endorsing her, the masterminds of that. Moreover, her father is an ally of marcos sr. Are you paid yellowtards on desperate hostile mode again?

        11. @Raymond

          …look at the senators that is also running for vp. Then compare what they did during their time in their position…

          BBM trumps everyone. No contest. He’s light years ahead of the competition. She’s also good at grandstanding. Very convenient to have someone do photo ops about your daily commute now and pass it off as “humility”. =)

      2. Just need you to understand your last question, so does that mean…

        1. Bongbong is not a criminal, what we need to accept is that pres marcos corrupted the exec,judiciary, legislative and used the military to suppress the peoples basic right to live.

        2. Bongbong is not a criminal, president marcos ordered the suspension of writ of habeas corpus, thus resulted in the disappearance of thousands of people protesting against his rule.

        3. Bongbong is not a criminal, president marcos looted the treasury and enriched himself, his family and his crony.

        4. Bongbong is not a criminal, all that i mentioned i experienced and saw during martial law and documented by authoritative agencies, historians, writers and social scientists, domestic and international bodies.

        Ito ang dapat tandaan, pres marcos never did the killings himself, during his term, he made it all by manipulation, and military rule, pero sya ang may gawa lahat nito.

        Economically, marcos controlled all businesses for his benefit and his family.

        Behest loans he got for himself not for the countrys progress.

        Lahat ito ay documented, hindi ito mga data lang na puede mong makita pag nag google ka.

        Tahimik ang 1972 to 78 dahil pinapatay lahat ng dissent, si marcos may utos , using the military.

        Bongbong is not a criminal, president marcos is his dad, go vote for him.

        1. Are you saying that “that the sins of the father should be passed on his offspring and not to be judged on his own sin”? Is that it?

          Congratulations, son. You just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote.

        2. Emo faggots like you are totally missing the point:

          1. What we need to accept is that on the other, Martial law is also a necessity due to the growing Communist insurgency two years prior 1972. But it was tame compared how Noynoy Aquino corrupted the exec, judiciary, legislative for his own benefit and such.

          2. He ordered the writ of habeas corpus, yes. But are he doing things himself? No, he wasn’t alone.

          3. The Marcoses were rich at first before those claims were put on the pedestal. Nothing compared to 30 years of continuous looting from the people after him. In other words, post-EDSA presidents made him more of an amateur by comparison.

          4. And of course, you would say that. Because as the saying goes, “history is written by the victors.” Unfortunately, you have no balls to ask the likes of Alex Magno, Kit Tatad, Bono Adaza, Rigoberto Tiglao, and even Teddy Locsin, Jr.; these are people who were in the thick of the original anti-Marcos movements, they are questioning the MOTIVES of this new anti-Marcos movement that you are currently in.

          Eto rin ang dapat mong tandaan, he never did it himself. Siya ang may gawa lahat nito? Puleez. Why don’t you ask the likes of Ramos and Enrile, with the latter being the architect of Martial law himself.

          Right, he controlled all businesses for his benefit and his family… and for the benefit of the people! When those businesses returned to the so-called “owners”, they indeed enriched themselves and not people. And then you have the nerve to complain about high electricity bills and such? That’s insane if you ask me.

          Correction: behest loans he got for himself AND for the country’s progress. In case you don’t notice, Cory never even borrowed money to give back to social services either!

          Lahat ay documented… basta it ay galing sa biased sources tulad ng ABS-CBN, Inquirer, and other pro-Aquino source. Nice trolling, faggot. 🙂

          And yet Martial law was lifted in 1981. Again, I want you to ask Ramos and Enrile. And with all due respect: mula 1965 to 1986, walang human rights atrocities si Marcos. Unang taon ni Cory as president, may Mendiola Massacre.

          The last phrase makes it ridiculous due to your lame emo faggotry. Look, the current president of South Korea is the daughter of the late dictator Park Chung Hee. So what are you trying to pull? Damn straight pure faggotry right there.

          Here’s my advice, son: take your FAGGOTRY to somewhere else.

        3. If you’re even a catholic, why do you believe on the sins of the fathers when it’s against what The Bible wrote? Practice what you preach emo katoliban!

      3. An apple never falls far from the tree. Just like a person can be afflicted by the same disease because of his genetic makeup. Or if BBM is adopted, his ways can be influenced by the way he was reared. No more to corruption and extrajudicial killings. #neveragain!

        1. Sorry, but that concept only applies for fruits, not people. And BTW, the current president of South Korea is the daughter of the late dictator Park Chung Hee. Did she end up just like her father? As of now, no. Wow, such logic.

          And if you think there is no corruption and extrajudicial killings AFTER Marcos left, then you’re very delusional.

          #NeverSayNeverAgain, faggot! 😛

        2. Unfortunately, son, what you’ve said is nothing but a fashion statement.

          I’m sure that you jumped for joy when innocent, hungry farmers were met with bullets and laughed like a madman with this hashtag:



        3. @ling first,the Bible never said it was an apple but a fruit.yung apple at nakuha mo sa super book? Hahaha.2nd.all have sinned and come short of god’s glory.d lang po mga Marcos may disease kundi tayung lahat. 3rd,no more corruption? You better tell it to your big boss from liberal party.no more igmorance.# newagaim

    2. You obviously did not get her point.
      So I will give you a check list of what people should admire of her and what not.
      Woman – check(because they aren’t that common)
      Has a degree – check
      Engages in necropolitics – big “X” because seriously why? Why?????? It is taking advantage of the normal drama watching pinoys dumbass’ “hearts”. Take note of the “drama watching” as I am not generalizing the every day pinoy.
      Liberal party – big black mark because the “X” cant even fit my imagination because fuck LP thats why they are quite brazen in all the shit theyve done. She will end up being used most probably.

      Just saying. If she would become her own person and act like an uncommon politician(the ones that behave like BBM, Miriam, etc.) then she might seem more competent. But she lacks political experience, so its probably too early for her.

      And Pacquiao is not fit to run for he is seriously suffering from a messiah complex and what is worse is that he isn’t smart. Not saying he is dumb, he just isn’t smart.

      Marcos Jr. is a plunderer? I don’t know about that nor do I care because among all the candidates and most of the politicians, he is the only who is looking forward. He is the only one who thinks properly of what to do. And look at Ilocos, why is it the people there keep loving their family? Its the results of their leadership.
      #Neveragaintolettingyourheartthink #dumbassesmustdie

    3. Yellowtards have no issue, but “Martial Law”…we are in a situation worse than “martial law”…

      You can see the: DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, Laglag Bala, etc…

      Aquino, Roxas, Robredo, and the Liberal Party want to pass the BBL Law…a law to give territory to the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda. They want also to finance the terrorists.

      Compared to Martial Law. Aquino and Roxas were failures in the Typhoon Yolanda relief effort. Now, the Typhoon Yolanda relief fund is missing. The way the Mamapasano massacre heroes were treated by Aquino and Roxas , was deplorable. Calling the massacre a “misencounter” is deplorable.

      Martial Law was far, compared to what Aquino and Mar Roxas did to the country.

      How about the Hacienda Luisita massacre? The Mendiola massacre? Other massacres? All unsolved…

    4. She may have passed the criteria required for the VP post but it doesn’t mean she is fit for the job. Just because she has an economics and law degree doesn’t mean she is fit to be a VP. I heard she actually failed in the bar exam a few times before finally passing it. That says a lot. No wonder she doesn’t understand that some provisions of the BBL are against the constitution. No wonder she was pushing for the BBL’s passing.

      The VP is a very important role. If something happens to the President, she has to take over. I can’t really imagine her as a President. She doesn’t even want to be the President. Can you imagine a VP who doesn’t want to be President? Then you have a person who is reluctant to do a very difficult job. That’s like a repeat of Cory Aquino Presidency – a very tumultuous Presidency. No, thanks!

    5. @ Pablo baka nadala kalang sa propaganda nang Aquino? Marcos family is facing more than 900 cases. Filed during Cory admim but most of them acquitted and some are pending.puntahan mo yungh mga korte para malaman mo kung bakit?
      Regarding leni dahil ba sa academic backgrounds she is better than the rest?no doubt many so called brainy people fail to become effective leaders.lawmaking is not leadership.leadership requires experience.who among them have governed at least 100,000 people? Can she handle the 50 milyon people? She better be a teacher and lawmaker.

    6. Marcos were never found guilty as they were also acquitted in the international courts. If they are really the ultimate plunderers of this country, why did the Aquino never had the chance to have at least one of them imprisoned just like arroyo and her cronies? Now, if Leni being a UP grad and a lawyer is fit for VP, how much more with a man who attended Wharton, Oxford in Univ of Pennsylvania, Worth School in England and La Salle? With Marcos’ having served in the Executive and Legislative branches of government?

      1. er … no, they weren’t acquitted, Gian. Various countries have ruled that the money was stolen, and various banks were ordered to return it. A lot has been paid back (of course, it instantly disappeared again – this is the Philippines).

        Aside from that, the World Bank does keep records of the loans it makes (believe it or not!) and it is absolutely confident that it lent a few billion to Marcos. And, furthermore, it is still receiving interest payments for said loans. Why do you think the country needs so many OFWs sending US$ back home?

        Of course, there’s no point explaining this to a Filipino. You’ll believe black is white if your elders and betters tell you to, right?

        Anyway, I suspect the whole sorry episode arises from the Filipino misunderstanding of the concept of a “loan” – as in, “can you borrow me 5000 pesos”? The word “borrow” does not mean “give”.

        1. To add, no money ever left the Philippine coffers. As you say “loans”. If you understand how big money loans work with sophisticated accounts with big banks and their banking systems, First of all you guys keep talking about Marcos as if he was not the genius that he was. your level of thinking falls short of his. You forget hoe intelligent this guy was. No money ever left the Philippines. 10 billion dollars is too small for him to do all that he has done. Yes labor is cheap in the Philippines but still all their projects were costly. Again you have to understand the banking systems that he was working with. Maybe, this is the reason why other courts have said that no money was stolen. Other nations that decided against them may have been influenced by you know who. However the lady was not found guilty in the “you know who” country. Anyway, A lot more than 10B had been developed from the FM accounts, even under different names for security reasons. Some of the profits from the monies collateralized by just FM’s credit line(backed by the personal assets he holds and they may also be from the Filipino People’s assets, hard to really ascertain), were returned to the Filipinos in the forms of the projects and other benefits Remember that there were still other projects planned, some even left to the Cory Aquino Administration, but FM’s plans were abruptly interrupted by EDSA revolution. Anyway, copies of the infrastructure projects were made available to us by the Cory Aquino Finance and Budget departments and former officers of FM’s Admin confirmed these. It is unfortunate of course that even Cory could not complete some of these and “DEFINITELY” not by Noynoy, and he was noted to be a loan addict by some of his cohorts. Now the only way some more of the monies may be returned is if another Marcos is elected to higher position to clear their name. Unfortunately this is not going to happen because all the powers that be don’t want the people to get these. Monies will only be released to benefit the Filipino people in forms of humanitarian services and projects. These were also the instructions of the Vatican as it is followed by the “LOI” that FM left. Martial Law had to happen for whatever reason. However it was lifted afterwards. Unfortunately, it victimized a lot of ideological Filipinos. If FM really was such a horrible dictator, would he have lifted it. The only way that Marcos could be taken out is if there was a revolution of the masses. If Ninoy did not insist on coming home then, would there be a revolution of the masses? I believe that Ninoy was sacrificed. By whom, that remains to be answered because not even the two Aquino administration has any answers as to who the perpetrators are.
          Now is Leni fit to be VP? On the surface NO. Will she be able to handle all the goings on of a really diverse and cruel political jungle of a government that the Philippines has. Even Duterte may not be able to do the things he wants to do. One reason FM has such a complicated security on the monies he left behind, is the many forms of corruption there is in the nation.Masiadong marami ang kurakot. Hindi makapagkatiwalaan. She is an Economics major and she doesn’t have her own mind. She keeps harping on the Marcos wealth as being the Filipino’s. She better go and review how to grow money and economy and how to handle the corrupt people she has to deal with. She may have passed or got laws passed but that depends on the extent and gravity of the laws proposed. Also dependent on the majority of legislators voting, and you know there are a lot more LPs in the Legislative bodies than Marcos’ or Cayetano’s or the others. Remember that in the Philippines there’s color coding when it comes to political parties. So, she should not make statements that make her look like she’s weak and unintelligent.

    7. Ayan napunta na naman sa martial law and usapan, pabalikbalik na lang, pati si pacman napasama dito. Sabagay ganyan din si leni, pilit na paulit ulit na sinasama ang martial law pag nagsasalita. Baka mas magaling pa mag isip si Pacquiao kaysa kay leni.

  5. Leni Robredo is so pathetic that she seems foolishly following the footsteps of the PANOT PNOY’S PROTÉGÉ, GRACE TRA’POE LLAMANZARES. THE ITCH OF POLITICS has permeated her ego and thought that she could win the election with the help of the Aquino oligarchs machine by attacking Marcos, Jr. See, TraPoe is second in the manipulated survey…so with Leni. The Oligarchs machine is talking, by placing them second. Obviously both Duterte and Marcos, jr have their campaigns in great magnitude number which you don’t see from leni’s and TRA’POE’s. Leni should refrain from flagging her only platform…the MARTIAL LAW which had benefited also her family!!! SAYANG UP GRADUATE pa naman, siya! Her EGO SUPERSEDES HER INTELLIGENCE AND COMMON SENSE….WHOA…NO VOTE FOR YOU MADAM!!!

        1. Pansinin mo ang sinabi niya kung tama tungkol kay Kim Wong, “Buti pa si Kim Wong ibinalik ang pera kahit hindi kanya”. Ang mali dun ‘kahit hindi kanya’, hindi nga kay Kim Wong kasi kaya binalik,. Kung pera ni kim wong e bakit niya ibabalik. Parang walang sense ang sinabi niya. Napapansin ko na hindi tama ang mga sinasabi niya.

  6. Marcos fact: Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and family can’t set foot on US soil because they refuse to pay the $2 billion judgment against them won by 10,000 victims of human rights violations during the Marcos dictatorship. They were cited in contempt by a US court. They were ordered to pay a fine of $100,000 per day for the 10 years between 1995-2005 – and counting – that they refused to pay that judgment. And they must still pay the $2B judgment itself.

    1. U.S./C.I.A. used its court to destroy those against them. Gen. Noriega of Panama was jailed on trumped up drug charges.

      U.S. invaded Panama, because Gen. Noriega wanted to nationalize the Panama Canal. The U.S. wanted to control Panama Canal.

      Same happened in Iran. The U.S. and the British used the Shah of Iran, to control the Iranian oil. Ayatollah Komienie took over, drove away the U.S. and British. Then, nationalized the Iranian oil.
      The U.S. frooze the Iranian assets in the U.S. Pres.Obama, recently returned the frozen Iranian assets; in exchange for Iran not to develop nuclear weapon.

      U.S. use its U.S. Courts to demonize its enemies. Marcos was demonized by the U.S./C.I.A. He was also tried in U.S. Court.

      How would you think, if we put and try, Pres. Obama in Philippine Court?
      It is ridiculous…YellowTard thinking…

    2. Who told you that yellowtard? Your beloved yellow journalism propaganda machine by your beloved aquino-cojuanco mafia? Why are you on panic mode now? Because your malakanyakanyang’s payroll is on the line? Keep weeping yellowtard.

    3. Ang $2B ay nasa gobyerno na ng Pilipinas, bineverify na lang kung sinosino ang mga human rights victims kaya hindi pa binibigay.

      1. They really need to verify the victims of the Martial law that is why they were saying that they alloted a 10billion pesos from the Government (daw) for the Human Rights Victims under Martial Law. Nalito na ata kung sinu-sino doon ang totoong victims at yong mga gawa-gawa lang nila kaya nga hindi pa ma release ang pera.

  7. Stupidity at its best!

    Leni para sa maLenis na panunungkulan….

    “Your words is just a dust that wind can blow.”

    There’s a saying:” In every man’s success, there’s a woman behind. In every man’s failure, there’s a woman in front” – anonymous.

    Kaya tumigil kayo…success in Naga cannot only give merits to Jesse, but to his loving wife and to all the constitutients of Naga. People in Naga are more cooperative and very supportive.

    1. “In every man’s success, there’s a woman behind. In every man’s failure, there’s a woman in front”

      Honestly, son, the late Lee Kuan Yew would disagree with that. :))

      Anyhow, you’re missing the point.

    2. Does that mean someone who must lead in our country needs a vagina? Are you really a guy or a feminazi? Because what you bitch here says about your character. Aminin mo na lang kasi na gusto mo iboto si leni dahil lang namatay ang asawa nya katulad nung binoto mo si noybita dahil namatay ang nanay nya. Ang hilig mo at ng mga taga-Naga (not all though) sa necropolitics ano bobong pinoy?

      1. is vagina a requirement for the vice presidency? no, definitely not. but balls are. and leni has balls. she proved it during the vice presidential debate. barahin ba naman sina senators chiz at bongbong? badass di ba?

        by the way, i’m from naga, and to tell you, we’ve been convincing leni to run for mayor way way back. so, its not really necropolitics. we call it trust and confidence. we know for a fact that leni is very much competent and has a good heart especially for the poor that’s why we are giving our full and undivided support to her.

        1. @Beaux

          Leni doesn’t have balls. She can’t even criticise PNoy and his incompetent cabinet members. The only thing she is brave enough to do is persecute BBM because that’s what her party-mates have been doing for years. That’s not even bravery because she is acting like a member of a pack of wolves – ganging up on someone. The minute she starts criticising PNoy, Mar, Abad, Abaya and all the other bozos in government, that’s when I’ll say she has balls.

        2. Baaaw are you denying necropolitics when you’re forcing her to join the elections only because her husband died? Ang hirap kasi sa mga bobong pinoy na katulad mo masyado sa “pwede na iyan” mentality.
          And that balls is not being hostile that your candidate is desperately attacking bbm in order to make her win. Did your parents taught to be malicious and vindictive?

  8. Leni Robredo passed HB 19: Full Disclosure Policy

    This act will require the full disclosure of all information on fiscal management from all national government departments, bureaus, agencies and other instrumentalities, including government-owned or controlled corporation, and their subsidiaries and local governments. This act will also provide penalties for violations of the said requirement.[41]
    HB 3237: Freedom of Information

    This act will strengthen the right of citizens to information held by the government.[41]

    1. Hah! PNoy promised to prioritise the passing of the Freedom of Information bill when he was still campaigning but changed his mind when he was already in office. It boggles the mind why Leni can’t even call him out on his broken promise. Is she scared of PNoy? She doesn’t have the balls to criticise him.

  9. si leni ay magaling at matino. siguradong may mas magaling na babae kaysa sa kanya. siguradong may mas matinong babae kaysa sa kanya. ang kaso lang e hindi naman sila kumakandidato sa pagka bise presidente ngayon. so, paano natin sila iboboto?

    2nd choice si leni. gayun din naman si Pope John Paul II o si Pope Francis. Gayundin marahil ikaw. ikaw ba ang 1st GF ng asawa mo? kasi kung hindi, e hindi ka rin 1st choice. pero ibig bang sabihin inferior ka kaysa doon sa 1st GF niya? hindi naman di ba? ang importante ikaw ang pinakasalan. ganoon din ang kaso dito. ang importante ngayon si leni ang kandidato ng LP. at dahil magalinjg at matino siya, karapatdapat siyang iboto.

    galit ang ilan kay leni sa pagiging kritiko ng martial law at sinasabing sinungaling siya gayong ang mga historian at ang academe na mismo ang nagsasabing totoo ang mga karahasan, pagpatay at korapsyon sa panahon ni marcos. malaking pamilya at partido ang kinakalaban niya pero dahil nasa panig siya ng katotohanan malakas ang loob niya. she’s taking a stand on issues. hindi katulad ng ilang mga kalaban niya na nagpapaka-safe masyado para lang walang maoffend, para lang hindi mabawasan ang boto. nagiging totoo lang si leni sa kanyang sarili at pinaninindigan ang kanyang mga pinaniniwalaan.

    panghuli, sa tinging ko hindi pushover si leni, may respeto lang siya sa kanyang partido. may partido siya, at bilang miyembro ng partido may mga sinusunod siyang prinsipyo ng partido. kahit sinong may partido ay sumusunod sa napagusapan ng partino. hindi exclusive sa LP ang ganyang kalakaran. kahit sa USA may ganyan. hindi lang kasi siguro siya traydor tulad ng ibang kandidatong politial butterflies o katulad ng ibang may napag-usapan na tapos iba ang susuportahan kasi mas mapagkakaperahan.

    at least si leni hindi bayaran.

    1. at least si leni hindi bayaran

      Very funny. Naging bayaran siya when she’s now part with the Liberal Party.

      Your point?

    2. Well does LP even have principles? They seem really self-centered and self-righteous to me.

      Yes she may not be paid but she is endorsed as their VP!
      That is payment in itself because their machinery is strong.

      And P-Noy won the 2010 elections mostly from sympathy votes because his mother died and some people actually rhought the Cory administration were one of our good years. Leni’s husband died some years ago and was praised as a good politician, coincidence?

      This is me being objective.

      Me being subjective now:
      – LP is not a massively corrupt person, its a deviously corrupt party. Not saying that other party lists aren’t but think about it, LP has the most power for a while so just do the equation.
      – The president is an underperformer(mainly because HE HAD THE SUPPORT OF THE PEOPLE BUT HE CONTINUES TO NEVER DELIVER) and has zero sympathy for the people and his cronies are corrupt as all hell.
      – Mar Roxas is an underperformer and unpopular, the only reason I see him doing well in the polls is either their machinery or people just do not want a Duterte or Poe or Binay presidency and they lack information on how shitty Roxas has been and his remarks.

      And yet Leni supports this party. That is why I cannot trust her, not unless she leaves said party when she wins, I do not know if she can but that would make me smile.
      That and she is a newbee to politics and HER ADS ARE ALWAYS MENTIONING HER HUSBAND THIS AND THAT EVERY 2-3 SENTENCES.

      1. leni supports LP because it is her party, the same way chiz supports his party, the same way bongbong supports his party, the same way alan supports his party, the same way gringo supports his party. so, is it a bad thing? i dont think so.

        leni benefits from the machinery of LP? Yes! the same way chiz benefits from the machinery of his party, the same way bongbong benefits from the machinery of his party, the same way alan, benefits from the machinery of his party, the same way gringo benefits from the machinery of his party. so, is it a bad thing? i dont think so.

        Assuming, for the sake of argument, that PNoy and Roxas are underperformers. Does make it leni an underperformer too? Even before she entered politics she was already very active
        in community organization, helping the poor, the underprivileged sectors of the society. and when she was elected congresswoman in 2013 for the very first time, she was able to pass several very important bills, some of which had already been signed into law.

        and yes, leni (used to) almost always makes mention of her ramon magsaysay awardee husband,jesse (watch cnn vice presidential debate, she never mentioned of jesse). what’s the problem with that? if jesse is alive i dont think he would mind. it was jesse himself who said that his moral compass had always been his wife, leni. she was also his political adviser. so, leni is not just some trophy wife for jesse. leni is an economics graduate from UP, an accomplished lawyer, and she knows things. and this is probably why she joined LP. this is probably why some politicians in power are afraid of her.

        si leni ay matino at mahusay. si leni ay karapatdapat maging bise presidente.

        1. She joined the LP, the oppressor of the Filipinos! That makes her what? Tell me. Oops, never mind.

      2. I suggest that you read some papers. But be open-minded. You will see how our economy grew under the Aquino Administration.

        1. Unfortunately, you’re actually close-minded since it was all started under former president Arroyo while he is just taking all the credit. Oh, and our economy is a bubble.

        2. Yeah right growing economy when it was arroyo who made that possible while your retarded pwesident is being a credit grabber. Oh wait. Did you even feel the improving economy? If yes, then you are indeed a richfag who is only benefiting with that and not all Filipinos who most of them are still working abroad. And what papers yellowturd? You mean the likes of abias-cbn, crappler, oinquirer? Well who needs to be open-minded now when you always rely too much on your beloved yellow journalism propaganda machine of your beloved aquino-cojuanco mafia?

    3. “at least si leni hindi bayaran”

      Then tell me why she joined to be a vp candidate when in fact she doesn’t want to in the first place? Oh I get it. Because the liberal party paid him and using her husbands death.

      1. granting, for the sake of argument, that LP has paid leni to run. so what? does it make her less competent? does it change the fact that she has been in service of our poor kababayans for decades already? no.

        for the record, i don’t believe that LP has paid leni. LP is supporting leni, giving her the machinery she needs. that’s understandable because she’s part of the LP. what’s wrong with tha?

        1. Yes, being paid to run, if that is what they did, makes her untrustworthy. And that means she is not fit to be in a high position in government.

          If she is honest with herself, she should acknowledge the fact that LP only approached her because they know a lot of the members of the public can be emotional and irrational especially when someone dies.

        2. I bet you’re watching too much telebasuras thanks to that rebuttal of yours drama queen. If she is indeed less competent, why is she always attacking bbm with nothing but martial law brouhaha? Oh don’t tell you’ll gonna be above the law now and insist that bbm is indeed guilty when the international court already said they’re not you malicious accuser!

        3. And I bet you are also one of those idiot aquino followers who wishes noynoy aquino to run for presidency nevermind his dysfunctional mentality only because his mother died.

    4. panghuli, sa tinging ko hindi pushover si leni, may respeto lang siya sa kanyang partido. may partido siya, at bilang miyembro ng partido may mga sinusunod siyang prinsipyo ng partido. kahit sinong may partido ay sumusunod sa napagusapan ng partino. hindi exclusive sa LP ang ganyang kalakaran.

      Leni respects her party mates? Tsk tsk…that is why a lot of voters will not vote for her. If she had any sense, she wouldn’t even be a member of the Liberal Party. Most of the members of the Liberal Party only care about staying in power. They don’t care about the public. In just 6 years, Noynoy Aquino’s record of failure is now worse than all of the Marcos years

    5. @Jim

      Why is Leni even focusing on Martial Law when it was already lifted in the 1980s? Why is she singling out and blaming only Bongbong when the architects of Martial Law are still alive today? BBM wasn’t directly in charge of the military and police during Martial Law. It was Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel Ramos. Leni should blame them for allowing atrocities to go on. But does she have the balls to call them out?

      Magisip naman for goodness sake.

      1. Sadly they will never think because they’re drama queens who watches too much telebasuras and always uses their heart instead of their pea-sized brain.

    6. Very well said. Sa punto de vista ng manunulat ay hindi karapat dapat si Leni sa mga sumusunod na dahilan: 1) kalimitan ay ayaw pasakop ng mga babae sa kapwa babae. Mas gusto nila na lalaki ang mamuno ng bansa kaysa sa babae, 2) dahil sa angking talino at ganda, pagiging simple, sinsero at maka Diyos ni Leni, maraming babae ang talagang maiinggit sa mga katangian niyang taglay. This type of public servant (Leni) only comes once in a lifetime. Not even Cory or Gloria comes close. She is the kind of person every woman and every leader should emulate. Malinaw na malinaw na ang manunulat ay maka BongBong. Nakapanglulumo at nakalulungkot isipin na ang isang BBM ang magiging Bise Presidente. Wala na tayong kadala dala. Binababa na natin ang ating pagkatao kapag tinangkilik natin ang mga kandidatong nagpahirap sa maraming Pilipino at inabuso ang kaban ng bayan.

  10. Leni is for congress or Senate as Is Alma Moreno is for City council.
    Her leadership is so weak that LP will only take advantage of her! Her patriotism is to LP who financed her candidacy!!

    1. You should have heard her speak during the debate. By her statement, you can measure her courage and strong personality.

      1. Oh you mean her “debate” against bbm which is nothing but ad hominem hostility? Pareho kayo ng kandidato mong oportunista: dakilang drama queen. Ang hilig mo sa bastos ano bobong pinoy?

  11. Yes encarnacion. Ms. Leni already authored a version of foi bill in congress. Like chiz, but much better version. Wherin every government transaction should be posted on the government website. Not like the senate version wherein you need to request for it. leni, has always been the advocate of tranparency even before she became congresswoman. That is why she deliver, what she promised.

  12. I think the person who posted this really don’t know who is Leni Robredo and maybe blinded of how she knows Bongbong Marcos. Out of all the VP canfidates only Leni was able to prove that in short span of time in congress she was able to do her assignments and duty as a law maker and as a public servant not unlike BBM and chiz who have been in politics for many years but didn’t even tried to look down to what their people are suffering from. But Leni even she was not in politics before she was able to extend her time to the people who really needs help, the people who are actually hoping that the government will know what they need but sadly all these politicians are only busy focusing on their self-inrerest, busy focusing to their next level in the government but Leni just wanted to serve the people of this country to the best of her experienced and knowledged. And I do believe that only Leni can do the job of being a VP, the only person that will uplift the masses from poverty. So #LabanLeni #WomenforLeni #MyVPisLeniRobredo.

    1. That’s the problem with yellowtards like you. Always choosing the lesser evil because you hate discipline and prefers seeing rainbows instead of reality. Anong tingin mo palagi sa buhay drama queen telebasura?

    2. who says we hate discipline? we love discipline. that is why we are very disciplined people. that is why we don’t need someone to discipline us because we are already very much disciplined. you see, discipline is a personal commitment. kung hindi kayo disiplinado e kailangan nyo nga talaga ng magdidisiplina sa inyo. then, that’s you, definitely not us.

      secondly, it doesnt mean that just because we’re not into ironfist leadership e hindi na kami nagiging realistic sa buhay. positibo lang kami. mahirap na nga ang buhay negatibo pa tayong masyado, e ano nang mangyayari sa atin? pagnegatibo tayo lagi sira ang diskarte natin. kaya dapat positibo lang. naranasan ng pamilya kong literally magdildil ng asin pero nakaraos din. naranasan kong maglakad ng ilang kilometro makapasok lang sa eskwela pero nakapagtapos din. mahirap, oo, pero basta positibo ka may mararating ka.

      for the record, we dont see democracy as lesser evil. we see it as good that is why we are choosing it.

      1. You’re missing the point. Hindi pwede basta “Think Positib” lagi. Unfortunately, most Pinoy would take it more as a means to make themselves “feel good” and would say everything is fine. That’s not how we do things.

        You love DISCIPLINE? I’m very sorry but yours is more on individualism and such. If you look even further, you will be disappointed because most Pinoys are not like you or even your family. Go figure.

      2. Please read these you positive pusher because you’re too fatalistic for using your “pwede na iyan” mentality again:

        You love discipline you say? Your candidate can’t even discipline herself when she’s resorting to ad hominem towards bbm instead of being classy.

    3. Are you kidding me? Bongbong Marcos saved the country from being dismembered through the BBL. You probably don’t realise that because you do not understand the implications of passing a law that is unconstitutional. PNoy wanted to give parts of Mindanao to a rebel group and was even prepared to pay them billions of pesos every year from public funds. Leni even supports the BBL, which is strange considering she is a lawyer and supposedly knowledgeable about the constitution. What makes you think BBM did not accomplish much? Here, read this:

      Accomplishments of Bongbong Marcos as a Senator”

      1. Tama po kayo. Taga mindanao po kasi ako, whch is I’m from Zamboanga del sur, nangangamba nga po kami na kung sakali man na maipasa ang BBL pano lang kami mga kristyano, I’m not referring to all Muslims but posible pong mapasakanila ang buong mindanao with billions of budget pa nga. Buti na lang at sumalungat si Bongbong Marcos.

  13. grabe halit ng iba kay leni napapa wow ako ..INGIT yata tawag dyan. isa lang masasabi ko sa inyo. alam nyo kasing malakas na sya at mananalo sya kaya . ngayon binibigyan nyo na sya ng atensyon hahahha. mahirap sirain ang taong walang bahid ng pagiging makasarili at utak ay magpayaman sa salapi ng taong bayan. si leni lang ang nagsasalita ng totoo sa mga vp candidate. ngayon kungbkay bbm ka or chz o allan.. iboto nyo nalang sila kung yun ang alam nyo na tama para sa posisyon na vp. pero para mag salita pa kayo ng kung ano ano mukha lang kayong tanga kasi pinipilit nyo isubo ang maling pagkain sa bibig ng may bibig. kainin mo yan dahil sayo yan. para sa amin na buo ang suporta kay leni di kami kumakain ng BASURA..sakit ba sorry 🙂

  14. Yellowtard spotted.

    Actually, you are very glad that innocent people were gunned down at Kidapawan.

    Be honest, simpleton. 😉

    1. ano problema mo sa dilaw? sa gumahasa ng constitution dati para mapanatili ang sarili at pamilya sa poder ng 20 taon wala ka problema. bulag.

      1. So what you actually prefer is a government whored by media that keeps on telling you “Everything is ok” and never look forward for progress as a society and a nation but to be part of a mediocrity.

        30 years after is much more worse than 20 years. Mas bulag ka because you’re an Aquino apologist. 🙂

      2. Such hypocrisy you have for using Bible names as your username in order to make you feel holy when all you did is being so hostile here. What’s next, you’ll gonna use the words of The Bible katoliban?

  15. A former professor of Leni told me that if not for Jessie she will not passed the bar exam which she took 2x. She passed because Jessie intervened, spoke to the higher authorities to pass Leni. And is it true also na “pinikot” lang nya si Jessie? It is not also true that she worked for PAO as per her claims. Nagaueno’s also knows that the couple has hidden wealth from their corrupt activities.

    1. Nagaueno’s also knows that the couple has hidden wealth from their corrupt activities.

      Hmmm . . ., well, if Leni’s rating will go higher, expect a sudden expose of their hidden wealth. After all, joining Philippine politics gives you free thorough, background check.

    2. Naga is a dump because under Robredo’s term he coddled the Chinese businessmen who hold monopolies on most businesses on the city. Malls like SM City were the only outsiders that seem to have penetrated the city and made good business there. Hell, just go to Naga and see for yourself what a backwater place it really is. That’s why it’s confounding as to where that Singapore comparison came from. Every politician is corrupt. But there are those who give back to the community and those who just take everything without a single cent going back as a form of service. The Robredos are the latter. “Humble commuter” my ass.

    3. Leni’s actions and pronouncements belie what she and her supporters are trying so hard to portray – a decent, intelligent, honest persona. Bbm is far more decent, he did not resort to mudslinging. Anyway, she’s only relevant to the LP and to the paid yellow troll brigade who are so insensible. Such bigots. They should all be shipped to Syria. These yellow trolls are such pests and they will not contribute to the rebuilding of an oppressed nation.

  16. GRP na tuta ni Marcos, basahin mo nga ang ibang balita. Kinondena din ni Robredo yung masaker sa Kidapawan at pinagbibitiw pa ang mga pulis na kasangkot.

    Bago pa man puamsok sa pulitika si Leni tumutulong na siya sa mga maralita. Pati mga magsasaka sa Sumilao na nagmartsa sa Malacanang sinuportahan din niya.

    Siguro iba ang magiging view mo kung hindi Liberal Party si Leni Robredo.

    1. “Kinondena ang masaker” E si PNoy kelan nya kinondena?

      Huwag mo naman sana sabhin na walang kalokohang ginawa yang walang silbing panot na yan. =)

      Yan tayo, e. Aminin na nating lahat na kahit tumae pa si PNoy sa pitsel ng tubig na iniinuman ninyong mga dilaw e abwelto pa rin yan sa inyo.

    2. Does that make you a paid hack of the malakanyakanyang miscommunications group then? What about your retarded pwesident? He didn’t even condemn the past massacres happened during his term but instead he just show “sympahyy” by smiling like a little kid?
      And does bbm’s putting up of wind energy for cheap energy still makes him a criminal then? You yellowturds think that shit is always gold for you eh? Well enjoy eating more pagpag failipino. You deserve it.

  17. She is an amateur who got drowned in the system too fast. My problem with Leni is she don’t have a concrete platform to show. She is trying to play with people’s emotions with obvious kaplastican. I can’t take another Cory Aquino. We can’t afford to train her while she’s in the office and obviously this one will be hard to train, she follows her party like a cult and believes them to the point of lying.

  18. The Philippines needs pro-active, strategic thinkers as leaders.

    PNoy is a reactive thinker. Leni is the same as PNoy.

    BBM is a proactive thinker, as well as strategic by nature.

    No need to believe me. ….By yourselves, just observe the two VP candidates by their pronouncements and interviews using said criteria, and you will know whom to vote.

  19. those who knew LENI will fight for her coz they knew who she is. people who are making comments against LENI and her late husband jessie are just speculations, again no need for arguments. anyone is entitled to its own opinion. as a fellow bicolano and neighbor of the robredos i can say it straight knowing how they live they are educated and well mannered family. walang ere at kaepalan sa buhay. yes being n the LP may be another reason but jessie is an LP. will you support her if she is an LP member but run under other party? will you do the same comments if she is not from LP?

    why dnt you make an article about other candidates who nust collect their salaries without attending sessions in both senate and congress? why dont you create an article about all the candidates with their strong and weaknesses? why single out leni whom you dont know personally? its a shame right!

    1. why dnt you make an article about other candidates who nust collect their salaries without attending sessions in both senate and congress? why dont you create an article about all the candidates with their strong and weaknesses?

      There’s a search bar in the middle part of this page to the right. Feel free to use it.

      You’re welcome.

    2. Please search the articles on this site if you want to see your candidate’s “enemies'” criticism. Jeez you should have get lost from this site if all you bitch here is your telebasura-like reasoning because small-minded dimwits like you don’t belong here.

    3. @jengr

      Excuse me, what speculations? The article provided quotations and links to the news items that refer to issues and statements made by and about Leni and her husband. I didn’t make them up. You can click on the links and read for yourself. PNoy didn’t even trust Jesse enough to confirm his appointment as DILG Sec when he was alive. Leni also requested for heightened security for his condo after Puno tried to break in.

      No one is saying they are not “educated”. Of course they are. Leni does appear well-mannered but some things that come out of her mouth does not make any sense. She attacks BBM for atrocities during ML even when BBM was not in charge of the military and police back then. She said the Marcoses should not be allowed to run for government. Why? They have no criminal record in Ph. How come she is only advocating against the Marcoses now and not when BBM first ran for the senate or when they first got back from the US?

      I wouldn’t have a problem with her if she ran her campaign based on her merits. She thinks she has to badmouth her rivals in order to win. I am not going to let her get away with that.

      1. “PNoy didn’t even trust Jesse enough to confirm his appointment as DILG Sec when he was alive.” Actually, it is the Philippine Senate that confirms cabinet officials. The President only appoints them. They become permanent appointees once they are confirmed by the Senate. I agree with you. Leni may not be that seasoned. But as a lawyer, her educational attainment is better than that of Bongbong (who had to fake his degrees), Trillanes or Gringo Honasan. Her values are way above the likes of Chiz “the snake” Escudero. And if sincerity and “heart” is a criteria, she has a lot more of it than Grace Poe (who sounded like a trapo during the INC rallies). More importantly, she knows her limitations unlike Grace Poe. She can do the job. She has my vote.

      2. That is a good one! One of the best comment I’ve read so far. Well, truth of the fact is… when they (the yellowpus head & Roxas) had a closed door meeting, they offered her something she cannot refuse! 2B is a lot of money and knowing Leni-gaw and her ambitious character… it posted as an awesome opportunity. Does everyone here (excluding you IIda) knows anything about what had really happened to the good late DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo? If you yellowpus does not know anything about it… better shut your filthy trap! I hate stupidity and ignorance!!! The likes of you can never contribute anything good to our deteriorating Country! All of you are just evil mongers!

    4. Jengr, birds of the same feather flock together. The sitting govt is LP and look how they are oppressing the Filipinos. Btw, I passed my licensure exam the first take, your oppresor Leni I heard had to re-take, lol!

    1. Eto na naman tayo sa ‘ikaw na magaling/tumakbo’. Wala na bang bago?

      Mas magaling talaga si ilda ke Leni ang tanong pag tumakbo sya iboboto mo ba?


    2. So inamin mo rin pala na isa kang dakilang talunan bobong pinoy? Wala ka na bang iatake sa amin kundi iyang gasgas na spiel mo inutil?

  20. dont criticize the robredos because they did good in their job,it does not matter if the late robredo was not confirmed as DILG secretary but for sure he did a good job,hindi rin sila magnanakaw,Naga city was 4rth class before & become first class in his term.people just vote whom do you like pero wag na kayong manira kasi parang talangka yan,iboto nyo na lang yung gusto nyong kandidato.lahat naman ng candidates may nagawa yang mabuti sa bayan kahit papano.

    1. What’s the matter yellowtard? Can’t handle our criticisms towards leni because you’re a a fanboy? You hate criticisms because you hate to see your idol’s improvement do you? And so what if she did something good? Does that make her a great candidate then. pinoy nga naman oo masyado sa pwede na iyan.

    1. And defending the corrupt Aquino/Cojuuangco clan that leads the current Philippine Congress as the biggest crime syndicate in Asia? People like are indeed STOO-PID.

      Your post is a sign of being butthurt.

    2. Where is your evidence that the marcos are indeed guilty when the international court already said they are not? Ang hilig mong lumabag sa batas ano idiot aquino follower? Bumalik ka nga sa old west para naman patayin ka ng isang outlaw.

      1. I like your comment… those who tongue lash the Marcoses really does NOT know an iota about the best ever President of our Country. They are probably just using information they got from someone who is equally stupid as themselves or they were brainwashed by a yellowpus supporter. I know a lot of the truth about what really happened… I am very close to the family of Apo Lakay and the Romualdez… so to you who are just picking informations from God knows where or just plainly ignoramus or tsismosos and tsismosas… use your head! Think! More so, try and research and not just pick your teeth while listening to some hear-say! Ok?

  21. domo,alam mo naman siguro kung bakit nagkaroon ng edsa revolution,sa palagay mo ba yung idol mo great?
    ang yaman yaman di naman bill gates.kung di ka naman nakikinabang mag isip isip ka nga kung mahal mo ang pinas!

    1. Kaya nagkaroon ng EDSA Revolution is because in the 80s the opposition is gaining ground and the economy was affected. the turmoil just before the death of aquino was in full swing. the momentum was in favor of the MAKIBAKA group.

      In other words, political turmoil.

      Go figure.

    2. Yeah I already know why your fake revolution occurred…because the oligarch and aquino-cojuanco mafias hired hakot crowds like you in order to bring down marcos with his so-called “evil mindset” (when in fact the “revolution” is peaceful because marcos ordered his men not to kill youvand not your cory magic fantasy) and so those mafias will take over this country by making more Filipinos poor which is happening today. Pa-Pilipino pa ang pangalan mo pero halatang wannabe naman.

      1. Oh at malaya na tayo kamo sa dikaturya sabi nyong mga yellowtard? Anong tawag mo doon sa pinasa ng bobo mong panggulo na cybercrime law na para hindi sya batikusin online noong araw pa naman ng pinasa ang martial law nitong 2012? Limitado lang pala para sa inyo ang demokrasya? Sino na ang mukhang demonyo na palaging tinitira nyo kay marcos ngayon bobong pinoy?

  22. randall engot,kay duterte bilib ako,maybe he will be a good president pero sa bise mo ewan ko sayo engot ka talaga,di ka nag iisip!

    1. Ay disagree ako dyan. Wala sa kalingkingan ni BBM si Leni. Puro pacute at pa humble lang alam nyan. At ayon sa napakagaling na analysis ni Mr Tiglao sa kanyang column na di maintindihan ng mga tulad mong dilaw na mangmang:

      And who was with Aquino’s gang in the House of Representatives who passed the BBL after just a few hearings? Candidate Leni Robredo, smiling ear-to-ear in a souvenir photograph of the House committee that approved the bill.

      Robredo, an NGO lawyer, does not seem to the self-delusional type and she appears to be intelligent enough to know she does not have a chance to win, except through massive cheating, which Aquino’s forces, however, are not likely to do for her as they know they would have to focus all their resources on Manuel Roxas’ presidential bid.

      So why is she running? I don’t have a doubt in my mind: For the funds of it, understandable really, considering her late husband was their family’s principal breadwinner.


    2. Oh look at your hypocrisy yellowtard. Voting a candidate who is slamming your yellow mafia’s candidate. Sino na ang engot at hindi nag-iisip ngayon idiot aquino follower?

  23. I kinda like her. But why? Why oh why did she allow the Yellow camp to USE her? What a waste. She could do more if she run for Senator instead.

  24. maybe duterte and robredo is the better tandem to improve the lives of the filipinos and no other!para di na kailangan ng pcgg dahil walang hahabulin na nakaw sa gobyerno!

  25. SWS! Yes surveys are not 100% reliable. Yet they are the next best thing. Maybe 99%. That’s where campaign contributions are based. Yipee for Robredo!

    1. You’re missing the point. But you have no idea that SWS was owned by friends and relatives of the Aquinos/Cojuangcos so in case you don’t notice, they’re biased.

      The next big thing… of manipulation. Too bad you’re too gullible to realize it since you’re an actual faggot.

    2. Oh sws, the survey of the aquino-cojuanco mafia. Yep you are a yellowturd alright because you are proud to be a moron ever since you’re a sperm cell.

  26. Lida Lida smart ka nga but you’re character is down…parang lahat na article against Leni kaw Gumawa…sayang pero I vote for the best Kay Leni ako…mas kilala sya sayu eh ..sino k ba? Pa kilala k Nman bka maging senator ka sa galing mo manira! Leni for the win….gawa k Nman ng article sa iba galit n galit k Kay Leni eh remember ang Puso ba wal magkasakit! Eh saka di k Nman Nya inaano…eh di nga kilala site na to eh sayang di mabasa ng iba hehehe..

    1. Di nga kilala, basa ka naman ng basa. Uwi ka na at humagulgol at mukang si Bongbong na magiging bise mo.=)


  27. kung magaling at matino ang bise nyo,bat ang yaman,saan galing,sabihin nyo sa kanya,isauli na lang kagaya ni kim wong para malinis ang pangalan nya,di tulad ni duterte at robredo umangat kahit walang mansyon,naayos ang mga lugar nila ng di nagnakaw kahit hindi 100 % perfect

    1. I think you’re clueless and trolling at the same time, son. Besides,

      While they have done nothing to attain closure and while they sit in their aircon rooms counting their PDAF, they wait for Bongbong to apologize and return whatever money his father plundered. Why would he do that? So that PCGG could plunder them again? They claim they have recovered half of the USD 10 billion, how come they have not paid a single Martial Law victim?

      They should be careful what they ask for. They are not dealing with a stupid guy. Just because he has a maligned family name does not mean he is stupid. Given the chance, Bongbong will write the history for them, they should not doubt that.

      Sabi ni Bongbong about that matter, let the courts decide. Balak nga ni Ferdinand Marcos na ibigay ang 90% ng kanyang yaman thru a foundation. At sino ang kausap niya? It’s none other than late Salvador Laurel. Pero ang ginawa ni Cory? She refused.

      P.S. next time, change your username to Fail! Because everything you post is EPIC FAIL! 😀

    2. Obviously you’re watching too much telebasuras which are nothing but evil elites. Ganyan ka na ba talaga kabobo dahil iniiral mo palagi iyang drama queen mindset mo yellowturd?

  28. Unfortunately, your username suits you perfectly because you belong to the KSP crowd led by none other than Abnoy Aquino. 🙂

  29. Isa lang ang masasabi ko. Anong feeling mo kung ang magiging manager ng company mong pinagtatrabuhan for 20 years eh baguhan lang at ala masyadong experiences. Tapos ikaw natagal k ng nagtatatrabaho para mapromote for that position pero cia pa rin ang naging manager dahil kilala ng may ari dahil malakas sa may ari. Kaya kahit di pa masyado nalalaman siya ang kinuha at dahil kinakawaan din ng may ari. Ngaun ano mararamdaman mo.

  30. Leni has heart but she is just being used by the Aquino administration.

    The fact that she said that “If she becomes Duterte’s VP, she will resign at the first day”. Do you think by what she said she has any plans or platforms they she thought by herself and not just the platforms of the LP?

    If she really wants to help the country, Mar Roxas or not she will be willing to help the president and the government to make the country a better place. Right now she is just a puppet of the government because her late husband was a good official and is using his image for their own good.

    Think before you vote..

    1. you read that article from the Adobo Chronicles which is a satire website. Leni did not say such a thing. you are misinformed. But i voted for BBM for the simple reason that Leni ran under the most corrupt party – letting them use her – na turn off ako.

  31. kumusta dyan mga BBM supporters,gusto nyo ipatigil ang PPCRV counting,may balak kayo ano? ha ha ha alam na!

  32. The face of an evil woman. Nagpapagamit na lang. If your husband is alive, he won’t let u get used by the Aquinos. Pweee!

        1. [Correction]


          They’re all evil; just like us. I just want the most evil one to put some hurtin’ on our arrogant and self-serving ways. and get us in line to think and act as one nation—instead of as “every man for himself.”

          Marcos Sr. did; and so would his son, had he not been cheated out of his victory.


        1. aero,

          They’re all evil; just like the us. I just one the most evil one to put some hurtin’ on our arrogant and self-serving ways and get us in line to think and act as one nation—instead of “every man for himself.” Marcos Sr. did, and so would his son, had he not been cheated out of his victory.


        2. aero,

          When I look in the mirror I see me, I see you, and I see every aristocratic (hambog) and self-serving (makasarili) Failipinos. I guess we’re all one and the same. If you try to deny that truth, then I know you’re lying your ass off to protect your over-sensitive (pikon) Pinoy Pride.


  33. I don’t agree when people judge/condemn people because of their surnames. We can not blame them for the sins of their ancestors. I hate it when i hear someone says, Oh he is a Marcos, so he is bad. so Pnoy’s Grandfather was a “Makapili” a traitor, that means Pnoy and his siblings are all traitors? I was one of those who joined the 1986 people power revolution in EDSA 1986. But after that i realized, the Aquinos were no better than the Marcoses. BBM returned to the Philippines with the family and was given a chance to serve as an elected official. Well I can’t remember him being involved in scandals/corruption cases duriong his years as a public official. He has done good things for the People in the north. Maybe he can redeem the Marcos Name by not doing the same things as his parents did. It is not his fault that he is a MArcos, or that he was the recipient of favors during that era. I’m sure if anyone of you wss a member of the Marcos family during that time, you would have enjoyed it and not question how your father or mother ran the country.

  34. nalungkot naman itong si imelda (nice name) at hubby nya. (na di naman mga pinoy citizen, mga taga-sydney itong mga ito eh) natalo (hinde dinaya DAW) si BBM. #toughluck #neveragain

    1. Mas nakakalungkot ang mga taong tulad mo. Ad hominem attacks are only for cowards like yourself.


  35. She will be definitely become a puppet because she’s weak. To the ambitious lady i did not ever see your sincerity at all. Niloloko mo ang mga Filipinos. Are you that happy jumping in joy? Alam ng lahat kung ano ang plano mo since day 1 coz its loud and very clear that you are not interested for that position, alam mo rin na that you are not capable. But then what happened? And sorry to say that i do not trust your evil face…maybe its better na bumaba ka na lng hangaan ka pa ng mga tao.

    1. As a matter of fact, Robredo’s supporters are some of the nastiest people on the Net. They dismiss those who have differing views as paid hacks or irrelevant. They also try to shut down their opponent by divulging personal information. They are a lawsuit waiting to happen. Someone even told me to shut-up. This is quite ironic considering they are also staunchly against Martial Law. The irony of what they are doing – denying me my right to speak – escapes them. I had to tell one of them to enjoy the feeling he is experiencing because it is temporary. I had to explain to him that the feeling of pleasure derived from the misfortune of others means he has an unhealthy mentality. The poor soul seemed lost.

      Source: http://getrealphilippines.com/2016/05/leni-robredo-vice-presidency-curse-blessing-filipino-people/

      1. Well. well @Dick S. O’Rosary I see that this crappy behavior are pretty common among Filipinos regardless of their colors Yellow nor Red. A lot of you people doesn’t have the modesty, decency or humility to discuss things right where different parties with differing views respect each other. A lot of you doesn’t have the nerve to listen to what others has to say and work it out from there. This culture is yet so “immature” hence the product of poor, incompetent and corrupt leader. What you sow is what you get.

    2. @Leni

      Excuse me, this article was written before the election, before Leni cheated…este… was selected…este…elected.

      And btw, we’re not bitter. We’re sad for the death of Philippine democracy.

      1. @Ilda the death of your country’s democracy was a mere product of your so called “Wild and baseless imaginations” pretty common among Filipino folks. How could the real democracy sit in in a country who easily believes on “hakahaka” and confirms that the so called “multo” is really true. Come’on people. That’s completely a NO- BRAINER. Anything baseless wouldn’t fit with Science. You might want to say that “in this kind of country, democracy will never work” because a lot of you people doesn’t even have a clue what TRUE Democracy is. Democracy did not succeed in this country because YOU abused it.

  36. those reasons among many others are what I have in mind why I didnt vited for her. I am a woman also, so I have deep respect to my fellow gender and I would like to see them successful and empowered, however with Leni as an example just make woman less deserving of any respect an credibility. So no she does not represent the good population of highly respectable and credible women, much more she is not deserving to run nor govern as a VP!

  37. Its because you have hatered in your heart that you blended with the truth what BBM can do to our nation, I have a high reapect of this man and il pteach my new generation how to be a better person, study more history for a better understanding and cause I did that and thats why I die to adore the marcoses.

    1. Congratulations to you, too, for verifying that the Failippines will continue with its long-standing legacy of graft and corruption, and how “fucked up” we Fliptards really are.

    2. May mga report na may dayaan, pero parang hindi mo pinapansin?

      Congratulations, you just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote.

  38. Pilipino!

    We Fliptards really are on selective seeing, hearing, and thinking, aren’t we? Leni Rebredo won because the Yellow party in power rigged the election results in her favor. The Yellow party media (ABS-CBN and GMA) also conspired to downplay the cheating allegations to keep the international community from looking too closely into the matter.

    All these Yellow party members (Aquinos, Cojuangcos, Lopezes, Gozons, and other Chekwa business partners) have a lot to lose–in terms of money and power–if Marcos were to win; so they broke every laws and rules in the book of a fair election. There is really nothing sacred in this “fucked Up” country, where the crooked can be made straight and the straight can be made crooked.

    We are the definitely the laughing stock of the whole world. We should all be “Fucked [not Proud] to be a Fliptard.”


  39. helo to ol pro and anti marcos, have you experienced the cruelty of martial law or been born during that time???…you are bashing and defending ferdinand marcos of his declaration of martial law, what he did during that era, the cruelty and injustice he did…actually you were not born during that era nor experienced the effects of martial law to the philippines and to the filipinos…you are only looking on one side of the coin, the negative side of martial law…be fair, look the other side too, the development side…martial law is not all about cruelty, injustices, killing, etc, but also accomplishments, marcos regime had more development compare to other presidents, from cory aquino down to the current president, noynoy aquino…i am against abuses of some military men during that era but do love marcos what he did to the philippines particularly on the matter of economy and development…

  40. labas lang po ng ebedensya ng dayaan,wag puro publicity,file na ng kaso,para pag napatunayan,di alisin ang nanalong vp at palitan ni bbm.halos karamihan kasi sa natalo na di matanggap,natalo daw?

  41. After reading some of your articles, your replies as well as your baseless hatred and bias over Robredo, I have concluded that this site along with its writers are a pro Marcos propaganda arguing on baseless ideas like “Leni is not fit to be a President, she is vindictive…etc.”

    It also goes to show the character of this Ilda writer who obviously have a crooked idea of truth and morality. It is depressing to see people who have turned out to be like this. Corruption has obviously taken its toll on you guys that you have turned into madness.

    1. Baseless hatred and bias? Just the opposite actually.

      Unless Leni Robredo will defect from the Liberal Party, she will be relevant. As of now, she was considered as a ‘puppet’ for Yellowtards like yourself

      If you take off your Yellow Glasses completely, you will able to see the bigger picture and finally realize that the author is not biased. Unfortunately, you fail to see the corruption from the past 6 years under the Aquino administration where it was nothing but blunders, blame games and incompetence. And whether you like or not, she’s a product of cheating.

      I want to leave this here:

      In the meantime, I hope Leni delivers something for the people. Most Congressmen who have worked with both Leni and BBM say that Leni is an amateur compared to the professionalism and management capability of BBM, so I don’t know what she will deliver. But, Madam, you have to deliver something for you had the most expensive campaign using DAP funds. That’s our money, Ma’am. Delivering something does not mean being atat na atat of the position for that is all what you are now from somebody who was reluctant at first. Aahh, what transformation Trapos can do. PNoy has now devastated whatever legacy his parents had. Don’t do that to your husband for people have a way of getting back as shown by the repudiation of Daang Matuwid in this 2016 referendum, and not just karma.

  42. di pa ako pinapanganak laganap na ang corruption sa government,from top to bottom,lahat ng govt agencies,it’s the system,the people,nakatanim na sa karamihan sa atin at kalakaran na yan,kung matino ka ikaw ang kawawa,kasi wala ka ng pera,ikaw pa yung makakasuhan,ire re assign o kaya magigi kang floating status or matatanggal sa serbesyo,sa ibang bansa yung mga tao mataas ang morale,karamihan di talaga nagnanakaw at pinapalakad ng maayos ang system,kung nabahiran man ng corruption ora mismo nagre resign kaagad voluntarily,itong mga uupo ngayon specifically yung incoming president at VP maganda ang record,give them a chance,wag yung batikos kayo na kung akala nyo sila na yung pinaka masamang tao sa mundo dahil lang natalo yung bet nyo,wag nyo isisi sa tao yung mga kamaliang nagawa ng mga previous administration kasi wala namang perpekto,mas maganda baka makatulong pa tayo kung gawin natin maayos at tama ang mga trabaho at ginagawa natin kung saan man tayo konektado at para na rin sa sarili at bansa malay baka yan na ang umpisa ng tutuong pagbabago kasi kung karamihan sa atin magiging ganyan at matuwid baka maging maayos ang pinas in the future.

  43. at saka i respeto na lang natin yung desisyon ng tao kun sino ang nanalo,hayaan na natin ang process,kung nadaya di idaan sa proseso,wag yung kung ano ano ang sinasabi kasi tapos na ang election,move on na tayo,kung sa tingin nyo di respetable yung tao,e di para sa sarili na lang para naman magkaroon ng real change,kasi kung attitude talangka tayo e di aasenso ang pinas.yun namang dalawang incoming na highest position e wala namang bahid ng pagnanakaw di tulad ng ibang politician dyan kaya give them a chance,kasi sila na yung uupo at wala ng mangyayari kahit ngumawa tayo,sila na yung uupo.

  44. leni is really not fit for vp better bbm but duterte is not fit for president and better leni than both of them.. bbm & duterts..

  45. During LP Campaign only few people ang nagpupunta sa rally nila unlike sa rally nina escudero at marcos…tapos ang nilalangaw na rally bigla nanalo sa election? sinabayan lang ng fake pulse asia survey para kunwari matgaas na ang rating… iyon pala marami nang ballot ang may shade na….ulol

  46. Leni Robredo WON FAIR and SQUARE JUST LIKE DIGONG DID. GET OVER IT ! ! ! ???????????? For those who keep defending BBM: YOU and I, and ALL our family members WILL BE SHOULDERING (through our taxes) what they STOLE from our coffers UNTIL 2025 bec they were just BORROWED! Yes, that’s the money Imelda, Ferdinand, Bongbong, Imee, Irene and their descendants SPENT to live LAVISHLY their whole lives!

    1. And yet not a single conviction against the Marcoses despite the 900 cases filed about the supposed “stolen wealth.” Anti-Marcos groups keep relying on myths, conspiracies, speculations and the one-sided biased media narrative as if they were gospel truth.

      Here’s another angle that’s been conveniently overlooked for decades. Pick your poison.







      Not until the proper investigation of COMELEC & SMARTMATIC is over, madam. There’s no getting over the spectre of electoral fraud over that “fair” win will make anyone (and not just BBM supporters) “GET OVER IT”.

    3. Anna,

      You wouldn’t now what “fair and square” means even if it’s screwing your brain out. You’re stuck in your own delusions of mega shopping malls, high-rise condominiums, and imported “mestizo” actors/actress on Philippine television and movies.


  47. If I am confident of my strength as a woman, as a potential political leader, if I know the Constitution so well, I would never, never join with the Liberal Party because then I could not convince the people that I possess a Good Moral Character as basic stipulation into vying the Vice Presidency.

    1. Judging by the length of your comment, you are either trolling or a sh__ for brain failipino.

      You get real by stating real proof for your above statement. Note that i said real proof, not from wikipedia, or guiness my friend….

  48. I agree that robredo will never be a good vice president, first she was chosen to do that destroy all credibility of all yellow enemies. she will function as minion under the instructions of the yellow oligarch. in order for her to be trusted she should stand on her own no matter what expense if she is hoping for more career in politics. BUT, if your being promised of millions and will never be hungry until her death then she will never change and forever will be a minions of the yellow oligarchs. that’s the SAD truth.

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