So Where Is The ‘Straight Path’ Headed?

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is 2015. Just a few more months from now before 2016 comes along and we will be given the opportunity to select a new leader that can lead us to progress. The problem is, so far though, where have we gotten to in the past few years? Just where has President Aquino’s “Straight Path” led us? Did anything really change since we gained a new president in 2010? And if there is, was it really of any help to the common Filipino? These are just a few questions I’d like to ask those who support the LP or Liberal Party of the Philippines…

Truth be told, the LP, the media who supports them and the myriad Filipinos who are beholden to them insist that positive changes have indeed occurred what with the rise of our GDP and the alleged development of our economy but one can attest that only so many even notice these changes. Now I am willing to admit that I’m not actually an economist and I know just about zilch when it comes to doing business but I can say that not only has our situation as a country not improved, but has in fact gotten worse.

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Now, I don’t really know what goes in the minds of the LP or even if they have minds at all but I think it really is time to put an end to the foolishness that runs so rampant in our country. The media may try to cover it up, but there’s no hiding the fact that the country’s situation is just getting worse. I don’t know what President Aquino is planning as well as what Mar Roxas (his successor) is up to, but I have a strong feeling that it won’t be for the betterment of the country as we know it. Now, before you react, here are some points I’d like to present that you can think over before you go and defend the “Straight Path” made by President Aquino which, to my opinion at least, has never helped the Filipino people as a whole.

The Worsening Traffic Situation

My friend Paul Farol has already said his piece here in his article but I’d like to share my own opinion on the matter.

Didn’t President Aquino say that: “Traffic is a sign of a booming economy.”

If that’s the case, then I can guess why he hasn’t done anything to improve the situation and probably doesn’t even care at all about the worsening traffic in many major cities in the Philippines like Manila. And even if he did present something. they turned out to be minor solutions that can be compared to putting a ban-aid on a gunshot wound. At the end of the day, the traffic solutions the LP presented were only for show and probably a means to alleviate the rage of furious motorists because they failed to do anything about the INC when they protested in EDSA and caused hellish amounts of traffic which happened fairly recently.

It’s been many years since President Aquino came to power but so little has actually changed when it comes to improving the preposterous condition of our roads. See, it just rained hard as Paul Farol said but the roads became utterly flooded and inaccessible. If the so-called “Straight Path” is already a failure when it comes to fixing or maintaining our roads, what more can we expect when it comes to governing us as people.

Many years have passed but our MRTs, which are actually a considerable help to our traffic problems, are still in a deplorable condition. The best they could do was get Mar Roxas into a section of the train that is reserved for women and children and it looks like that’s all we can really expect. Forget the fact that the MRT’s seem to break down on a weekly basis, the only thing that seems to be important is that Mar Roxas got on an MRT and it probably doesn’t matter for his supporters if he isn’t going to do anything to improve or even just repair the train he’s on. As far as Mar Roxas is concerned, as well as his endorser President Aquino, as long as he gets on the train, it’s problem solved and that the passengers should even be thankful that Mar Roxas graced them with his presence.

The Increasing Number Of Victims Of Violence

It’s really sad to note that almost two years have passed since Typhoon Yolanda laid waste to the Philippines but many are still struggling to get their lives together after their homes and livelihoods were destroyed in 2013. When asked by Anderson Cooper about what really happened, Mar Roxas could provide few comforting or even coherent arguments. When asked just recently about what was being done for the Yolanda survivors, he not only failed to answer but walked out on his audience.


Now let’s go the SAF 44 that President Aquino is trying desperately to forget. I know that for some of you this may be old news. But what really hurts is that President Aquino seems to be trying with all his might to sweep the 44 dead policemen under the rug and pretend that he had nothing to do with what happened. Not once did he ask for any kind of apology for the violence and death that occurred and even went on to negotiate with the terrorists who murdered the fallen cops.

And just lately, there are the Lumads of Mindanao who are under the threat of genocide. It’s horrifying to think that, as we speak, there is an indigenous people out there who are in danger of being wiped out. Unfortunately, it seems that the LP couldn’t care less and ABS-CBN, the primary media support of the LP, has not even reported any details on the incident. It’s as if they don’t want people to know that people are dying because of the government’s utter incompetence. As of now, it seems that the Lumads are still safe in their respective evacuation centers but then, we have to wonder what will happen when things take a turn for the worst. Will they even make a move to protect the Lumads who are at the mercy of terrorists or will they be neglected and forgotten like the SAF 44.

The Ever Deteriorating Minds Of The People

I think I know what you’re thinking:

“There goes Grimwald again, attacking the media!”

But let me clarify something to you. It’s because of the media that people in the Philippines become less and less intelligent and practical. It’s because of the media that there are now more and more cases of teen pregnancies and broken families. It’s also because of the media that people nowadays don’t care about more important issues like the threat of terrorism and the death of the Lumads.



Now, let me ask you, where do you think the “Straight Path” is actually headed?

For the love of whatever deity you worship, wake up!

17 Replies to “So Where Is The ‘Straight Path’ Headed?”

  1. Failipinos shouldn’t blame others for the conditions they endure; Failipinos each have the freedom to follow which path they desire in life.

    In a blunt straight-forward sense, the Failippines is all fucked up!

    Solution: Nuke ’em all! Free for all melee.

    1. I agree, d_forsaken. Filipinos will readily point the accusing fingers at their corrupt politicians; yet, they’re the same ones who voted for these clowns in office. ALL Filipinos need to admit to themselves that their corrupt politicians also came from the same country they came from. Therefore,

      ‘if the Philippines is corrupt, then the Filipinos are corrupt; if the Filipinos are corrupt, then the culture is corrupt.’

      It’can’t be any other way.

      So, any Filipino who deny they’re corrupt or part of corruption in the country–directly or indirectly–are delusinally lying to themselves and others, and the real reason they cannot solve their nation’s problems.

      1. That’s right. In a democracy, the character of popularly-elected leaders reflect the character of the people who voted for them. That’s the whole point of democracy — to elect leaders that mirror your values. So it’s really quite simple:

        Filipinos deserve their politicians.

        1. @benigno0. But if you try to get our people to admit that “Filipinos deserve their politicians,” thend you’ll have a fight in your hands—for the simple reason that Filipinos do not want the delicate glass bubble of their stupid sense of “PINOY PRIDE” inside their heads shattered.

          If you multiply all these “PINOY PRIDE” by 100-plus million people (roughly the general population of Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad), you’ll have what I call,

          ‘HAMBOG NATION.’

        2. When it comes down right to it, Filipinos will go for what they know, politicans and voters alike. So its kahambugan with nothing to show for it.

  2. “It’s not the destination that matters; it’s the journey itself is what’s really important.” — a would-be retort from a staunch noytard

    Roughly quoting from a straw-hat pirate aside, it wasn’t exactly a “joy ride” either; futile/show-face attempts to curb corruption, lack of a solid resolve against disasters (natural or man-made), and the endless goose chase for what the incumbent administration perceive as “roadblocks” for their “straight path”. Such is the BS Aquino’s presidency in a nutshell.

    “Daang Matuwid, dere-deretso sa kawalan/bangin/kangkungan/impyerno/dagat ng basura.”

  3. a lost cause, the Philippines. As each year passes and especially the last 6 years, it becomes obvious that if there is a cure for what is happening in the country, no one in power is looking for it.
    the country is caught in a downward spiral that is hopeless and getting worse.
    How that horse-tooth jackass can even suggest that the country has gotten better since he came to office, is beyond arrogant. It is as untrue as the virility of a jackass and about as useful.

    1. UK Ray,

      There is a cure for what is going on in the Philippines. However, no one wants to step up to bat because he (or she) is afraid to risk losing what he’s worked hard to build–even if what he built is based on long-term detriment to the country and people.

      This is the reason why Filipinos are known to have a “One Day Millionairre or a “Kanya-Kanya” [self-serving] mentality.” They (Filipinos) simply don’t care about their country and each other, and think only of their own welfare.

      I’m including myself among those people I’ve described above because I’m a Filipino. And ‘whoa’ to those Filipinos who deny the truth about themselves. Denial–and pointing accusing fingers at each other out of pride–is the reason why the Philippines cannot move forward as a nation.


      1. @ Aeta, There is nothimg wrong with looking out for ones self and especially now with the way that poverty is enveloping the entire archipelago. Everywhere u look its the same thing…..the place is fucked and someone has to profit, DONT FEEL GUILTY if it is you that profits. The others who do? don’t.

        1. UK RAY,

          My family and I always have our “Bug Out” gears ready in case the “shit hits the fan” in this country.

  4. Poverty should also been discussed. Despite the booming Economy, the poverty rate in the Philippines is still high especially when you compare it to the neighboring countries who have done a better job lifting the population from poverty. Unfortunatley The Philippines ranks pretty low when it comes to inclusive growth.

    1. Poverty is high in the Philippines due to rising cost of living (inflation rate), which can be atttributed to the growing “consumer mentality” of these demographic groups–elites (local and foreign), Balikbayans, OFWs, and tourists—whose spending habit is raising the gap between them and the poorer sectors (the majority) of the country.

  5. The “Daan Matuwid” or “Straight Path” goes directly to their “pockets”. Then, to their foreign bank accounts. For us , ordinary people, the “straight path” goes directly to the “bangin”, or into “The Gates of Hell”, or into the abyss…

    Aquino, Roxas and the whole LP machinery party have fallen very short of the expectations of people. What they were selling, before the election, were “tanso” or frauds.

    They cannot solve the country’s problems. They use the ABS-CBN Media, to blare their propaganda to people. Sanitizing the news; that everything is going well in our country.

    As for the economy. You just walk thru the Squatters area in Metro Manila; and see how people live. You go to the market, to buy food and your basic needs. See how much your monthly pay can buy.

    We don’t need those : Statistics, economy terms, etc…we just have to open our eyes and understanding. The reality does not coincide with their claims.

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