A Final Lash Of The Whip As Holy Week Ends

Okay, it’s Easter and it seems the end for Holy Week 2015 for the Philippines. Before this Holy Week ends and we go on with our day to day lives, I’d like to add this short article as final words for our people (specifically the Christians) who will readjust to their regular schedules. After all, they say that Holy Week should be a time of reflection, so here’s one more thing you should reflect on before you go back to your apathetic and oligarchy saturated Pinoy life. Of course, this isn’t just for Christians though, anyone is welcome to read and gain wisdom for what I’ve written here. This is more than just a religious rant ladies and gentlemen, this is a rant that also includes you because you will probably be affected in some way or another.

judas_iscariotAmong many Christians, the story of Judas Iscariot is a well known one. He was one of the twelve apostles and is quite infamous for betraying his friend Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. His reasons remain hotly debated to this day with some going on to say that his betrayal allowed for the death of Jesus and the eventual salvation of mankind. However, the most prevalent thing about him was his act of betrayal and is widely hated because of it. I don’t know about our Non-Christians readers but majority of Christians ultimately recognize Judas Iscariot as the archetypal “traitor”.

The clearest thing remembered about Jesus and Judas was that the latter was willing to sell his friend for a measly 30 pieces of silver. In those days, 30 pieces of silver was the basic price for a slave. It could probably get you a guy that can carry stuff for you or at least a hale and hearty meal. But 30 pieces of silver wouldn’t afford you a hot slave girl or slave boy and it wouldn’t afford you a good home. At best, it could get you through one day with a full stomach and probably a place to stay for one night.

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The same can be said for the measly bribe politicians during elections are willing to offer our dumbstruck fellow Filipinos. It doesn’t matter if it’s five thousand pesos, five hundred pesos or just plain fifty pesos. It won’t be enough to let you make major changes in your life. Worse yet, you only end up betraying your fellow Filipinos to the greedy, ruthless and selfish oligarchs that run the country and will continue to run the country if you don’t stop voting for them.

It’s amazing really when I hear that most Pinoys say that they hate “traitors” when many of their own leaders are traitors who are guilty of betraying their own people. By allowing politicians to bribe you into voting for them, you are essentially betraying your fellows by selling them into the hands of brutal oligarchs who have time and time again raped, robbed, brutalized and killed them for their own gain. By accepting bribes and voting scumbags into office, you are no different from Judas Iscariot who allowed his friend Jesus to experience a slow and agonizing death the same way that your countrymen are experiencing a slow and agonizing death at the hands of self-centered oligarchs.

Happy Easter everyone and may you find many eggs!

7 Replies to “A Final Lash Of The Whip As Holy Week Ends”

  1. there’s also another theory about how judas is the most loyal and was actually ordered by jesus into betrayal for the salvation of mankind to get under way. it was such a distaseful assignment that only the most trusted in the circle was called for it.=) but then again who the hell knows.

  2. Judas is an interesting character to me.

    On the one hand, he’s blamed as a traitor and kills himself for his sin but on the other hand, if God’s plan was for Jesus to die, than how can one really blame Judas if he was destined, by divine will it seems, to betray Jesus?

    God gave us free will yet if there really is a divine plan, then we don’t really have free will if our choices must conform to this plan; “predetermined” if you will.

    I’m just shooting the breeze. Matters of religion and theology I know little of.

    1. Yes, we do have freewill but God is omniscient. He also sees what decisions we will make in the future so he probably has plans based on the people’s choices and action. How can He chose to die for us to save us from death or hell if He know not that we’re all going to sin and at every turn we’ll be prone in making a bad or wrong decision, succumb to our evil side thus we’ll all end up suffering and be thrown in the everlasting darkness? But I’m sure hindi pakialamero si God, in that hindi Siya makikialam sa atin if we don’t want Him to where we don’t even recognize His presence and godliness, in that lahat ng actions natin kokontrolin n’ya and every outcome should be based on His designs otherwise this freewill made no sense. I think God foresaw Judas selling Jesus over 30 pieces of silver coins and that choice is based on Judas own freewill. See, kung pinakialaman N’ya si Judas sa desisyon N’yang iyon upang hindi Siya mapako sa krus, there will be no salvation. See in Matthew 27:42 people mocked Him saying,

      “He saved others,” they said, “but he can’t save himself! He’s the king of Israel! Let him come down now from the cross, and we will believe in him.”

      Can He be called God if He would choose to save Himself and show no means of salvation for humanities? How can he be a fair God if He didn’t understand His creation by suffering more than they suffered? And that means of salvation, it’s still based on our own freewill or choice how we use or look at it. But as it is, God really is good having shown good examples and sacrificed Himself for our own good.

  3. Hey Grimwald…Have you read the Gospel of Judas Iscariote? It is in the Christian Gnostic Bible.

    Okay, most of our leaders, especially Aquino are Judas Iscariotes. They are trying to sell all of us to the Islamic Radicals, for a piece of land in Mindanao.

    In the Province, where I grew up; there was a show during Easter (before the “salubong”); where people hang the efiggy of Judas Iscariote…with tongue sticking, and then, burning him.

    Let us do this to Aquino, and his YellowTard minions, who are betraying us with BBL Laws…hang them and “burm them” also…

  4. Starting over is an acceptance of a past we can’t change, an unrelenting conviction that the future can be different, and the stubborn wisdom to use the past to make the future what the past was not.

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