Unanswered Questions And Unsolved Problems: The Legacy Of The Pinoy People

As a tribute to Rafael Alunan III’s article, I am currently writing this article as both a response and a brief look into the self-defeating Pinoy psyche. As you know, at least based on what the media likes to tell us, we have long been freed from the alleged oppression of the Marcos regime. While yes, considering the fact that Marcos also comes off as quite a draconian ruler, there is still no questioning the fact that the Philippines was a bit more functional, if not outright efficient, compared to its barely functional or altogether preposterous systems and institutions today.


But enough about Marcos. After all, he and whatever changes he brought about, both good and bad, are just history now. What is important is what is happening today and now and what we have to do about it. Look people, whether we like it or not, we now have to clean up the mess our elders have left us in the wake of the many revolutions that have shaken our country. From the corruption that occurred during the reign of Marcos, the collapse of many good infrastructures in the wake of the Aquino administration to the many cases of corruption filed against the presidents that followed. Whether we like it or not, the rampant poverty, ignorance and crime is now taking our nation by storm and our list of options grow smaller and smaller with the passing of time.

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Yes, change is long overdue in this country. I know many who know this. If things continue to go the way they are now, we’re probably going to end up like Cambodia or Somalia. Unfortunately, while I know that most Pinoys can at least sense the wrongness that is inherent in our system, there has been little, if any effort at all in changing it for the better. So why is that, you may ask?

Actually, it’s simple really. Because it’s comfortable. That’s right, the crap we’re in right now is because many of our fellows have become accustomed to the warmth provided by them by our local media. Instead of taking an active stance against the ever growing troubles of the country, the people don’t care simply because the media tells them not to care. However, it has come to my attention that one of the chief reasons why many of our fellow Filipinos refuse to take a stand in matters is because we, as a people hate complexity.

Now if our aversion to anything complex has been ingrained into us by the media, a byproduct of Spanish rule or something that is inherent in Filipino society is something I’ll never know. However, even now that the time has come for us to get our act together and tackle some of these issues, many of us are still too apathetic to even acknowledge the problems we now have as a people. A lot of us remain self-absorbed narcissists which can be easily proven by the large numbers of FB users who load more than a hundred selfies daily or brainless zombies who do nothing but follow celebrities or the aforementioned self-absorbed narcissists.

As a young boy, my grandfather often told me to avoid “making mountains out of mole hills”, this is advice that, to this day, I find very handy when facing problems and challenges. I remind myself that a previous relationship is just that: a previous relationship. An exam is just that: something to test your capabilities and, if you’re really good at it, it may even prove fun for you. Unfortunately, I don’t know if it’s due to the over-emotional nature of most Pinoys, the smallest problem is often made to look like some sort of world-ending disaster.

For instance, did Kris Aquino just lose a boyfriend? Oh, boohoo! Couples break up all the time. Considering the fact that Kris Aquino is a celebrity, it isn’t at all surprising even. But then, why does this even have any relevance for people? Why does the local media keep shoving an old, insecure and sexually addicted woman in our faces and why do people keep lapping up her crap happily anyway.

Considering that this is already how your basic Pinoy thinks, how can they even deal with bigger issues at hand? If Pinoys can’t even get over a failed relationship (which actually is difficult but is insignificant compared to potential national crises), how can we even face the issue of Muslim extremists taking away our lands and China taking over our islands?

As I have mentioned in a previous article, Pinoys are allergic to responsibility. They will go out of their way to dodge difficult questions and indulge in silly fantasies that are at best trivial or at worst detrimental. So while I laud those who continue to fight for justice in our forsaken land, unless we can convince our fellows to care as well.

Sadly, while the BBL and the crimes that the MILF (the terrorists, not the moms) remain issues that clearly need to be addressed by the common people, many are willing to forfeit their decisions and leave it all up to our “leaders” who are anything but competent. Your typical Pinoy doesn’t select a leader that will help improve his or her life, they select those who they think will take care of everything for them or give them everything for free. If this is the method we are using to find new leaders of our country then it only means that we are ultimately doomed as a people.

As we continue to ignore the problems of terrorism and continue to give bandits and murderers free rein under the pretense of “negotiations for peace”, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ll soon be knocking at doors as far north as the cities of Luzon. Please, wake up people, I already said that pretending that bears and wolves don’t exist won’t make them go away but I’m also going to add now that giving them food won’t necessarily make them nice to you. In fact, the feeding of wild and dangerous animals is often discouraged for the very reason that they will probably want more and go after you next.



6 Replies to “Unanswered Questions And Unsolved Problems: The Legacy Of The Pinoy People”

  1. If we all “bury our heads in the sand”, like Ostriches. Hoping that, if we do not see the dangers of Islamic Radicals. The dangers will simply fade away…then, we are all doomed.

    Aquino is too stupid to deal with those Islamic Radicals, China, and Malaysia. His advisers are all “Yes People”…they don’t want to contradict Aquino, for fear of their jobs and their “kurakot”. Roxas, Aquino’s sidekick, and his minions keeps peddling to us the BBL…

    We are being turned into non thinking humans, by these people…

  2. i remember that somebody once said: the filipinos deserve the kind of leaders for the kind of people they are. widespread corruption and unbelievable incompetence feast at the very core of philippine society, from the smallest unit of government to the topmost. and the rest don’t seem to mind when they are thrown crumbs. and it is so perplexing, considering that the philippines has a very high literacy rate, among the top in asia. the filipino psyche may be held as the culprit here, but there are enablers too, like the church for one and the media for always missing the truth train everytime.

  3. Simply lang naman kung talagang gugustuhin matino at effective ang pamamalakad ng goberyno at mga communities. Ang problema natin ay weak enforcement of laws. Sa atin ay pakiusapan, palusutan, kikilan, suhulan, takotan or harassment. Ang sabi nga, who will audit the auditor, who will police the police, who will judge the judge. Yes, I agree, there is a lot of dysfunctionalities in our society. So people just adapt, kanya kanyang palusutan na lang. Pero marami pa rin ang mga nagagawang kabutihan. Marami din mga bagay bagay na nakakainis, nakakagalit, nakakataranta sa araw araw na buhay ng Pinoy. So, what to do?

  4. The situation is going to continue, as is. That is all there is to it !! The fact that no one has tried to stop what is going on in the country is all the proof the thieves that run the country need to know : that no one is going to try to stop them,SO WHY SHOULD THEY STOP ? LOL!!!

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