An Easy New Year’s Resolution List for Da Pinoy


The Year 2012 has been a freaky year for all of us. The cacophony of calamities, social issues, economic struggles and the “End of the World” scares have made our lives become a little spiced up. To the unfortunate majority, these issues spell havoc. The lucky minority, on the other hand use these events to popularize and enrich themselves further. But hey, did you think about it already? It’s about time that the Earth will complete its 366-day cycle around the Sun again and yet our poor country shows little or no signs of improvement at all! And yet here comes some good news from nowhere to explain that our country, together with Indonesia, had been proclaimed the “New Tigers of Asia”.

Hmm, okay. Another neat propaganda trick it seems. This is quite contrary to what my eyes, or anyone else’s open eyes, see. Look around and regard the filthy surroundings, children left hungry by parents either unemployed, drunk, high on drugs, gambling, or just merely going around scraping trash off nearby dump sites. See the disorganized traffic schemes, unruly motorists, passengers and pedestrians, and whatever you can put to describe our worthless country’s environment. They are awful sights for a country considered a “Tiger of Asia”. It is still a Third-World country where oligarchs rule.

But, by virtue of being the most emotional country in the world, this upcoming year 2013 is still filled with hope and wide opportunities for da Pinoy. Sadly, with this kind of philosophy and the lives that we are stuck with for another three years, there is an imbalanced proportion between the delusional Pinoys and rational Filipinos that marks the difference between the idiots and the not. You can tell it by simply conducting an informal interview barrage on a sidewalk.

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Some people will pray that the coming year will be a good start. Others seem to be pessimistic. In every new year celebration that we meet, resolutions are always made. Resolutions are a bucket-list of goals an individual wishes to fulfill in the coming year. Although the stereotypical character will make these Resolutions unlikely to be followed after the New Year’s celebration, I hold the following exempt to that rule. I recommend that these resolutions be reflected upon and be followed by da Pinoys who will be reading this article. I still believe in individual capabilities for change. All I need to do is to wait for that change to manifest in the people who we hope will take the effort to change. The question now is when?

Resolution number 1: Follow Simple Instructions using Rational Thinking and Common Sense. I think that by just reading and following signs such as “Bawal Magtapon ng Basura sa Kanal” or “Tumawid sa Tamang Tawiran” we will make a huge difference between the intelligent guys and the idiots. One just needs to start small and simple. Following simple rules can take a country to undreamt of progress in morality — and hygiene especially. Or it’s better to use your common sense first before following the orders of someone who says “Stone CJ Corona to death because he stole the country’s money” or someone saying “Believe in me, I won’t steal the taxpayers money. I will just let someone steal it and give it to me later.”

Actually, Resolution Number 1 requires only one thing that other Pinoys don’t have: Reading Comprehension. If signs probibit obviously bad practices like throwing garbage everywhere, any wise Filipino will do so. Sadly, 90% of the populace are Pinoys who lack common sense and simple reading comprehension skills to follow such simple instructions. Apparently, to them, their strong sense of personal pride will be hurt if they submit themselves to such difficult-to-follow rules. If such people tell you to submit yourself to the rule of law, use your common sense and ask them what’s the real definition of rule of law considering they are the ones destroying its essence.

Resolution number 2: Quit being too much of an Emo Pinoy. Once upon a time, a very Emo congregation of Pinoys assembled in EDSA in 1986 to oust someone they considered to be a ruthless dictator. The reason for this gathering was supposedly to restore freedom and democracy in the once great country called the Philippines. Twenty five years later (no, I think it’s 26 or 27 already), and we are still feeling the side effect of being too emotional. It hinders us from seeing the future outcomes of our actions and makes us hypocrites by letting our emotional breakdown overpower logic. It’s classic and keeps on proving itself.

For instance, your popular mother just died of a grave sickness and the whole nation (literally) grieves for your loss. Apparently, your emotional surge suddenly made you think that you should aim for something HIGH to continue your mother’s legacy in the country. Two years had passed and it already makes you think twice and realize that this legacy of your mother is a distraction from your career as a bonafide gamer, car collector, chick magnet and a lazy bum. Result? Incompetence in your job and a track record of delegating someone more stupid to do the job that you are meant to do in the first place.

What’s really frustrating about this Pinoy talent for drama is that, it always draw excessive amounts of sensationalism from groups that are in the business of propagating it; the Media specifically. They are playing well into the emotions of da Pinoy, and they easily captivate their hearts and use it to label such emotional surges as a natural trait to be embraced by the rest of the population. They even had time to celebrate this curse by proclaiming PH as the most Emo country in the world. While some idiots mock countries they perceive as lacking emotions, here I am wondering why countries like Singapore seemingly lacks the most emotion yet economically prosper and had long ago overtaken the Philippines in economic growth? Apparently, they’ve got no time to waste watching overrated Telenovelas and eating up sensational advertisements. Instead they got themselves busy enriching their own country. It’s quite an obvious comparison in economic stature that I don’t feel the need to write those comparisons here.

Resolution number 3: Stop propagating this stupid Pinoy Pride concept. To be honest, ABS-CBN started this concept by the promotional advertisements of their boxers’ free TV boxing match coverage. Look, it even has its own sequels! I think the more sequels this abstract concept creates, the more nonsensical and pointless the essence of this, uhh what should we call this?

If you ask some people residing here in the Philippines about this crappy Pinoy Pride thing and its components, it is unlikely that any of them will give a CONCRETE ANSWER about Pinoy Pride. Why? They will answer something like this:

You: Discuss the concept of Pinoy Pride briefly and substantially.

Pinoy #1: Peehnoy Praihd is wehn Manny Pakyaw wins boksing. Da one who meyks suntuk-suntok da opponent Markehz to bulagta on sahig!

Pinoy #2: Jessica Sanchez you are always number one in my heart! Even though you didn’t won because Philip Philips has a guitar and he’s white, you are still Pinoy! Pinoy olweys number wan!

Pinoy #3: Ewan ko sayo.

See the point? Oh no, this is actually POINTLESS. Pinoy Pride is more of a pampalubag-loob to sorry Pinoys because they need something to make themselves feel superior to the rest despite of their sorry lifestyle and condition. It is a special kind of defense mechanisms that dwells upon the delusional minds of the Pinoy; to make themselves “high and proud” even though they have attained and achieved almost nothing. This delusional state is most seen when Pinoys regard somebody of “Pinoy blood” who has been very successful in their career abroad. Or it could be any native Pinoy who achieves an award and everybody scrambles and gets ahead of the achiever by saying “Prawd to bee Peehnoy!” to get the honor they deserve. What a pitiful sight to behold.

Lastly: Resolution #4: Be a deserving Filipino the Philippines and the World wants to see. Quite simple, and short: Being a Filipino is the exact opposite of da Pinoy in many aspects. A Filipino uses his common sense, not his emotions, in deciding things and making hard choices such as selecting the right leader. A true Filipino exudes humility in victory and defeat. They are not bitterfags who can’t get over to a devastating event that afflicted their well-cultivated abstract pride by shouting “Dinaya kami!” or “Chamba lang yang panalo nila!”. A Filipino means what he says and says what he means. He does not show plastikan attitudes to others. A true Filipino does not let religious fanaticism override his true sense of justice and fairness. A Filipino stands to the strict principle of being a true Filipino by siding with what is morally and rationally right to his fellow countrymen and the country he resides in. He isn’t quick believe someone who says “I am the way to National Prosperity because I have my Mum with me” or “Overpopulation is good to us”. Rather he believes in the balance of life. He know that liars hide behind sparkling words and promises, and he believes that the true evil in his country is in the guys who are hiding behind the mask of being “good” and “holy” by using the name of the Almighty Creator to attain their selfish goals.

Although this list is somewhat “premature” because it doesn’t cover other parts of da Pinoy to change, I think this should be enough for a while. After all, fighting national ignorance starts from a fundamental level.

Change starts within ourselves. Prosperity starts within ourselves. The economic growth of the Philippines starts within ourselves and it does not lie on the hands of a retarded president, a crazy foreigner capitalist or a group of sexually-deprived bishops of the country.

To solve the national problem of excessive ignorance and pride, I think da Pinoys should realize that they ARE indeed the problem of this country.

Have a prosperous year ahead of you, my fellow Filipinos.

9 Replies to “An Easy New Year’s Resolution List for Da Pinoy”

  1. “The life we are stuck with for another three years..”,is a veiled reference to the Aquino Presidency? The complaining done prior to this gem of a comment point to a notion that blaming one person for all the problems that exist in the Philippines is somehow a legitimate reality(and maybe it is,u kno?FOR THE DELUSIONAL AMONGST US) as if they all occurred overnight and that prior to the current regime there was no problems and with the installation of the latest criminal enterprise all of a sudden the place has just gone down the drain,UH,SURE!.
    But the facts are that the problems facing the country have been staring its leaders in the face for generations and despite a few changes in personnel along the way it is stuck at square one…the shit-house! and it is not going to change until a few people with balls the size of watermelons take what is rightfully theirs and decide to share it with everyone else…..but that is not likely to happen.
    Even after events like 1986 the Filipino has proven to be very corrupt, almost as if it is a genetic pre-disposition, and without some sort of altruistic approach tempered by a secularized authority to keep certain religious groups out of the mix it seems unlikely and near impossible. Too many factions of emotionally driven wannabee rulers to effect a real change…so DREAM ON!!

  2. Great Article! 😀 It may have rehashed the fundamental premise that Da Pinoy needs to change, but it still works.

    Hey, a little OT, and since TESV Skyrim won the 2012 Golden Joystick Award: could you do an article comparing Skyrim’s Ulfric Stormcloak with President BS Aquino? I would be delighted. 😀

  3. Freddy,

    I think this site aims to reform Pinoys who are in need of reform, right? Although I find this feat as sort of a quantum leap, there is no harm in trying especially when your cause is pure and just.


    Oh well, I really, really hope 😀


    As it pains me to say, I don’t really have the capability to write your suggested article sine I am oblivious to the interface and gameplay of Skyrim and its comparison to AbNoy. 🙂

  4. (Cue applause)
    True! Now if daaberagePinoyz can just READ this and ACT on it, the Philippines could well start its way towards prosperity.
    I doubt it though.

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