It’s More Troll in the Philippines!: PH Online Computer Gaming


Reminder: I decide not to censor some foul words that you will be encountering. I hate filtering words that doesn’t fit the side of my argument. Please read with caution, especially you KIDS.

internet_trollI’m beginning to rage harder now. I just played my fourth match in my game and still lose the game. All of us were doing our best to defend our turrets and inhibitors, but this wretched player keeps on intentionally feeding for the enemy team. He even had the guts to rant that we are sore losers. Heck, if only I can see this player I will rip his stupid throat out of his nose. I am deeply disappointed with this game day. This is my fourth consecutive loss to the game I’m currently playing, League of Legends, and it is all due to players that exhibit such mentioned behavior.

I finally stopped playing for that day. “Maybe, I’ll try harder and play more intelligently tomorrow“, I said to myself. But as I was walking through the dark sidewalks of San Fernando, La Union, I am starting to reflect as to why do players exist in the Online Gaming community. If they had such hard heads (and big egos as well), why do they still play solo on a game where “cooperative playing” should be enforced? Isn’t it that’s a form of idiocy and lack of common sense? Oh, what am I thinking about again? After all, I live in the Philippines, where crab mentality, big egos and bigger prides are endemic in both rural and urban jungles. Internet world, included.

Then I found out one BIG possible reason with this kind of behavior. That tomorrow I am speaking of, I decided not to play and instead become the classic tambay of the net caf̩, an usisero or a spectator of customers who are busy facing the computer monitor of their rented units. Then I became sickened to the sight of realization Рplayers that became the primary reason for my 4 consecutive defeats yesterday are Kids, Uhuging Kids, HipHop Kids who listen to teeny local rap songs, and OSY kids.

In short, KIDS. Children who are supposed to play Patintero or Sipa, reading their lessons for school or doing household chores at home.

They exhibit the EXACT BEHAVIORS of the ones I’ve experienced yesterday. I can’t believe that I am playing with them. All my life I hated kids for no reason, and now I became enlightened as I found the specific reason to hate more these kinds of creatures. But enough rant. Rage aside, I became saddened to this kind of scenario. Youths are flocking to the internet café, ages getting younger as years goes by. Instead of enriching their vocabulary using the computer, you hear nothing but curses and foul words from their mouths because they got pwned from their opponents. Instead of helping their parents to wash their dishes, clean their rooms or beautify their house, they are busy spamming right clicks and keyboard hotkeys to tend for their character’s survival in the game. In rare cases, their parents even barge inside the establishment in anger to drive their children away from this, uhm, hell. But in much rarer cases, they even have the guts to rebut and answer back to their parents. Lame.

On a more specific account, computer addiction and dependence of the individual to the machine is to blame. With the proliferation of internet cafés with affordable hourly rates, kids will automatically choose to play for hours and burn their hard-earned allowances than to sit their lazy buts in school. They are conditioned by an unknown factor that school is boring, and scampering to a nearby computer shop is the solution to their suffering from poverty and the ironic conception of their existence in this country. We can further claim that playing online games for hours are like illegal drugs, it gives you that feeling of high and satisfaction.

But as an old Filipino adage goes, “Anumang labis ay nakakasama para sayo“.

Internet Trolls and Torpid Gamers in the Philippines: Are They of the same Species?

Not that I am being discriminative, but I find their mechanisms to annoy people somewhat similar. Internet Trolls annoy the heck out of your patience by blurting out nonsensical topics, especially when they get burned from losing a side of an argument (you could scour different threads of GRP, if you want. You’ll find many). Stupid gamers insist on what they want, go AFK on a cooperative match, and talk trash if they get killed by the opponent. It can be further characterized by excessive usage of profane language when they only intend to say “Damn”. That single word can be extended to a 6-word sentence consisting of “Aw”, “Tae” and almost any imaginable words of profanity available for them to type in their keyboards with shaky fingers in a limited amount of time. But one thing’s for sure though, they misspell words and speak of nonsense just to prove their point.

I can’t really generalize that PH trolls are tambay kids, nor pasaway players are butthurt trolls neither. But as I realize that I don’t have any concrete proof to prove my theory, that same moment of setting aside my doubts, I became enlightened yet again. With all their big egos and haughtiness, they chose to disturb the harmonious environment of the Internet and the Online Gaming Community. These kinds of (gamer) kids are the exact replica of the growing cancer of PH society – puro yabang at satsat, wala rin namang mapapatunayan.

But how much I try to contemplate these kinds of behavior as rational and as acceptable as what Netiquette needs to impose, their minds are just hard to fathom. After all, they will only troll me continuously in my games, and inside this internet. I really hate seeing people annoying random individuals hiding behind the sense of anonymity brought by their accounts. Their names in both the internet and online game world are inappropriate for a true human to use. Look, 99% of the time, when you will encounter names such as 12769283612, asdjkljfalksfd, fasdffsad, or any totally random combinations of characters just to fit a name in an online game, expect that their performance are crap. Same goes through with trolls, especially here in GRP. How much they try hard to make their names as formal as possible, the manner of communication stays the same – CRAP as ever.

Internet Trolls and Trolling Gamers: Ways to Eradicate these Wastes of Energy

No, you can’t. As much as you want to decimate these lowlifes and turn them to ashes, you can’t just stop them from propagating stupidity and lots of rainbows. Sure, you can avoid them, block them, unfriend them. But you can never wipe them out of existence.

The Internet has become popular due to its freedom from almost anything. From the plethora of sites to choose from, you can store files, upload pictures, share videos or even bash some entities all because you find them stupid, dumb, incompetent or a bitter attention whore. But this magnitude of freedom comes an easy abuse from opportunists – and celebrated by idiots who uses the opportunist to gain some social icon to worship upon.

You think I’m lying? Look at how Twitter and Facebook is used to express an individual’s inner desire to say something out of anything. Even the simplest rant about the summer heat, they freely post it as their status or tweet to let everybody know. Look at how instant chat had developed its functionality, from the measly YM! to the trashtalks that you will encounter at online gaming chat lobbies. Expression is totally free! But since then, this was abused by many.

Troll gamers will shout on a lobby like “Don’t go in room XX cheater scammer vovo” or play solo in a cooperative battle, or insist that they will build their characters as Killers (when in fact it was a full-support Tank in the first place). These game trolls are like the social media trolls – they insist on what they want, gets as much attention as possible through spamming senseless talks, or even insane acts of disrespect and stupidity.

Troll Gamer: Isusumbong kita sa GM kong kapatid! Cheater na hacker vovo weak asa sa props, runes at masteries!
Social Network Troll: Uploads a picture with a “Fuck You SM” Placard in front of some shit building, or keeps on saying “Grace Poe you are the best”, “Team PNoy number 1 sa balota” in some of threads that pertains to social talks.


And now, the end is near. For me, though. Good thing a troll gamer is on the other side of the Fields of Justice, and it’s not the problem of our team if that crazy player decides to feed us up with free kills and gold. Heh, good riddance. Now I can feel good grasping an easy victory after a drought of consecutive losses. But you know what? I can give a comparison between the aforementioned game troll to the likes of AbNoy Aquino, whom we can tell as attention whores.

We can get entertainment and amusement out of people who exhibits stupidity in public.

And the background announcer speaks a single, strong word after we vanquished the opponents’ Nexus.


How I wish eradicating those twits are as easy as flicking dirt out of your skin.


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