How Dumb Duterte Supporters Are Demolishing Their Own Candidate

Now, before I begin, I’d like to share with you another story… And don’t worry, this isn’t based on the Bible. So, in case you’re one of those who are getting tired of my constant citing of the Good Book, here’s something else to enjoy. The following story tidbit is from the stick-figure webcomic called Order of […]

Pinoy-style morality sets the wrong priorities

Suddenly everyone has an opinion. People who normally can’t be bothered to comment, post, or even glance at any political information you regularly provide are now so involved with what’s going on in the country. That’s good. Despite the obvious bandwagoning typical of Facebook users for the hoped-for ‘likes’ and adulation for their posts, at […]

Bandwagoners: The Real Problem With Pinoy Society

Okay, before I begin, I want to cite three incidents found in the Bible, specifically the New Testament, since a lot of you just love to use it to justify your wrongdoings, bigotry and general stupidity… Scenario 1 Okay, Jesus had just recently begun His career as a preacher in the land of Israel. A lot of […]

Michael Sam Is Gay And Got Drafted By The Rams Now What Is Next?

Anybody who has followed my rants over the years knows I am irked by people jumping on the bandwagon. Because the bandwagon expects entitlement to the world they are intruding. They act like they own the place. I said as much when Pinoys who know little about soccer were shocked at unruly Hong Kong fans. […]

Why The Michael Christian Martinez Case Is A Source Of Pinoy Shame Not Pinoy Pride

  For those of you who will hate me, after reading this whole piece or reading the title of the piece or reading the title of the website please all I ask is you hate me for the right reasons I will not spend this piece trashing on Michael Christian Martinez. Quite the opposite I […]

From Corona to GMA: The Philippine Hate-Bandwagon

We have witnessed in the past months how ex-Chief Justice Renato Corona received the lion’s share of jeers and insults from the Filipino populace in the duration of his impeachment trial. He was accused of a whole bunch of crimes, the most memorable of which is betrayal of public trust, judging by inaccuracies in his […]