Bandwagoners: The Real Problem With Pinoy Society

Okay, before I begin, I want to cite three incidents found in the Bible, specifically the New Testament, since a lot of you just love to use it to justify your wrongdoings, bigotry and general stupidity…

Scenario 1

Okay, Jesus had just recently begun His career as a preacher in the land of Israel. A lot of people were impressed with the way He spoke, preached and carried Himself. It was then that people began to believe that He was the chosen “Messiah” that would lead the Jews to a brighter future. Soon, thousands upon thousands of people followed Him, believing that He would save them all from their troubles.

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But then, one day, Jesus saw how many people were following him and decided to confront them about their intentions.

“Hey, why are you folks following me?” Jesus asked them. “Are you following me because you think I’m going to perform miracles for you? That I’m going to amaze you with miraculous spectacles? Well, I’m sorry because that’s not why I’m here. If you guys just decided to follow me because you want entertainment, then I’m sorry to disappoint you because I’m not here to entertain you.”

When the people heard this, almost all of them left leaving only a handful of people who would go on to become Jesus’ disciples.

Scenario 2

Jesus had just recently performed a miracle wherein he fed thousands of hungry people. Realizing that other people might come looking for him because of this, he took his disciples and ran, or rather rowed away, across the Red Sea to where people might not be able to pursue them. This wasn’t because Jesus didn’t want to help people anymore. This was because he knew that people would only want to rely on him rather than on themselves for food.

Scenario 3

I’m sure you guys know this one.

When Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem, people were overjoyed at his arrival. They went nuts, bringing with them palms which they waved in the air towards the man like it was nobody’s business. They hooted and cheered Jesus’ name and probably partied really hard after that and, more likely than not, telling their own stories of how they came close and touched the Messiah. Of how they came to greet and welcome the savior of the Jewish people, much to the derision of their rulers, especially the Romans whom they saw as foreign oppressors.

But then, the scribes and pharisees came out of the woodwork and accused Jesus of blasphemy. “Heretic!” They cried, saying that his words and actions would destroy the foundation of their religion and nation. They had him arrested and planned his brutal execution. After Jesus was tried and condemned as a “heretic”, the same people who welcomed him into Jerusalem cursed and spat at him when he entered the city again, this time as a prisoner to be killed. They followed him as he dragged along his cross in the streets of Jerusalem, hurling both insults and stones until he was brought to Mt. Calvary to be executed through crucifixion.



I was born a year after 1986 and wasn’t around to see the big revolution everyone seems to be clamoring about. However, I can’t help but notice that while those in high positions during that year remain in high positions, nothing ever really happened to those who did all the work in the crowded streets of EDSA. Indeed, based on what I’m told, the big church leaders like Cardinal Sin (the man should really change his name, if you ask me) just gathered up people to protest for “People Power”. At first, they probably just came because the people in charge were going to give them money. But then they saw that more and more people were doing it and they thought: “Heck, if you can’t beat them, join them!”

And the rest is pretty much history…

Bandwagoners. They’re everywhere in this day and age. Being a “nerd”, I’m often ambivalent towards the people who follow a given fad because it’s the cool thing to do. After all, after a fad passes they go back to their normal, largely indifferent selves and go after something else. Sure, with all the hype that superhero films are getting these days, everyone seems to want to be an expert on comic books and video games. However, trust me ladies and gentlemen, when all this excitement blows over in the next decade or so, comic book and video game nerds will go back to being nobodies to common people who will just find them “weird” again.

However, while I’m often amused by pop culture bandwagoners, I have no love for political bandwagoners because they have no real “loyalty” to their chosen candidate. Besides, politics isn’t entertainment, that’s another thing that majority of Pinoys simply don’t get. Sure Captain America and Iron Man might entertain people, but they’re just entertainment. However, the ongoing debates between Mar Roxas, Jejomar Binay, Grace Poe, Rodrigo Duterte and Miriam Santiago aren’t just entertainment guys, they’re the people who’re going to rule over this country for the next six years. What’s worse is that there are those of us who just see the upcoming elections as just one big “cockfight”.

A good way to see the kind of bandwagoning mentality our countrymen tend to have is why nobody seems to be interested in supporting Senator Santiago just because the surveys (which are really biased anyway) says that she has little chance of winning the election. Also, I can’t help but notice that a lot of people might be clamoring for Duterte right now because he will bring change to the Philippines but I can only wonder if they will continue to support him if he starts cutting back on the activities they find enjoyable such as littering, cutting in line and causing all kinds of traffic regulations. Indeed, I often worry that a lot of these rabid supporters of Mayor Duterte will suddenly turn on him once they realize that he isn’t going to put up with their dysfunctional behavior. Just putting this out there guys…

15 Replies to “Bandwagoners: The Real Problem With Pinoy Society”

  1. Good points but lemme just comment on your last paragraph particularly the one about Miriam and her lack of support. Sure there are some who withhold their support due to her poor performance in the surveys. But there are people like me who thought twice about giving her my vote because of her lack of effort.

    Her lack of effort is mainly due to her health problems, I get that. But hearing her personally when she was with BBM in Ilocos, it sounded awfully like she was saying goodbye. It’s almost as if she only ran just so she could have a louder voice to endorse BBM and Duterte.

  2. Don’t be surprised Grimwald, it seems to be in the nature of Filipinos. Heck, let’s not look at politics just look at basketball; Filipinos follow the teams who are hyped by the media. In the 90s, it was the Bulls, then the Lakers, then the Heat and now the Dubs.

  3. If ever it’s necessary to ride the bandwagon, it’s done with one leg swinging out and eyes scoping the fields.

  4. Riding the bandwagon is that subliminal need to be with the winner. It takes some conviction and persuasive skills to be with the generally perceived loser.

  5. I’m still searching for those Heat fans after 2014. Two years later, they all went west and became Warriors fans. I will leave you to ponder that.

  6. Mr. Grimwald: It is called “Fad”. You do and follow what is “cool”, as the new generation calls it. EDSA, which was U.S./C.I.A. , way of removing leaders, they don’t agree with; was just a “fad”, during that time. It was “cool”, to be there demonstrating with the “Hakot Demonstrators” of Cory Aquino. It was “cool”, then to be photographed with nuns praying , infront of soldiers.

    Now, the “Fad” has passed. People are now bored with the incompetence and corruption of Aquino and his cahoots. They want Duterte. Dutertards will be like the Aquino’s YellowTards. They will be bored with Duterte. A few years from now, they will start looking for a politician, who can Excite them, again. The cycle goes on and on, as our world turns.

  7. >> ..New Testament, since a lot of you just love to use it to justify your wrongdoings, bigotry and general stupidity

    I dunno grimwald. So far I’ve met maybe three Filipinos who have (a) actually read the Bible and (b) understood a single word of it.

    The rest of them think turning up for mass qualifies them as good Christians.

  8. As a Filipino, I had to fight and resist the urge to gape, gawk.. even pry into events that do not involve me in any way. For the most part, I seem, now, to be winning this game. As a Filipino, I also strived to overhaul my sense of propriety.. in conduct, conversation and sense of humor.. and tried to be more reserved and respectful of others’ privacy. In this, the effort is still a struggle. I tend to think that this effort is not so much to be just like a refined European, Asian or American, (Central and South Americans included), but rather, to be somewhat more thoughtful and civilized. I also tend to think that this is not a bad thing to aspire to.
    Would it be presumptious to think that we all should learn how to be more reserved and just keep off of others’ space? Would a crowd, so disposed, have laughed at Mr. Duterte’s sick jokes.. or, would Mr. Duterte himself have attempted such a cheap trick? Filipinos of a bygone era, for the most part, were such people as I wish we all could become.
    Sent from my iPad

    1. indeed! with the internet and all the technological advancement, filipinos today have practically regressed into moronic barbarians.

  9. Bandwagon is common throughout the world. Like in the author’s article the setting was in Israel. And if we will put the setting in the Philippines it seems like the time hasn’t move yet to the 21st century.

    In my opinion people never really learn fast enough. But in the case of the people in this archipelago, it seems that they never really want to learn from the past mistakes.

    I’ve been in many places staying there for a time long enough to know their way of life. But to be honest, I am never been so interested in other places except the Philippines. This place is unique in some ways.

    They clamor for change and complain a lot for the slow paced, but the truth is they are really afraid of changing. They don’t want to change at all. Asking for a change is just a fad for them.

    And that keeps me wondering why?

    1. They clamor for change and complain a lot for the slow paced, but the truth is they are really afraid of changing. They don’t want to change at all. Asking for a change is just a fad for them.

      And that keeps me wondering why?

      And yet every time I see Duterte posters saying “prepare for REAL change”, I want to laugh maniacally at Pinoy ignorance

      1. I highly doubt it. Their “REAL” change is highly unattainable in a six year period. I mean, look how much time it takes for the current Administration to finally Finnish the bidding for the additional train coaches for the MRT?

        I have not yet seen any candidate that really has the will and wits to go against the bureaucrats and the economic elites to implement reforms.

        1. Unfortunately, most Pinoys don’t even know what they are talking about or what they are fighting for. Their way of thinking is so simplistic. They talk loud and proud about their SAVIOR Duterte, and that they strongly believe he will bring the “real” change to the Philippines INSTANTLY on his own. Their idea of “real change” is so ridiculous and unrealistic. I read this stupid post on Facebook saying: “MIRAKULO yan si Duterte.”, which is one good example of how Pinoys think.

  10. Sure, with all the hype that superhero films are getting these days, everyone seems to want to be an expert on comic books and video games. However, trust me ladies and gentlemen, when all this excitement blows over in the next decade or so, comic book and video game nerds will go back to being nobodies to common people who will just find them “weird” again.

    Hahahaha damn right Grimwald. While watching the Warcraft movie trailer last week, I heard some guys behind me say” Hindi ba sa DOTA yan?” Hahahahaha. For me, it’s just surprising (and funny) to see people nowadays become interested in videogames (especially in the extremely popular clash of clans), because in my personal experience, people who love to play videogames are “weird” and unpopular with the “normal” crowd.

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