How frustrating it is to be a Filipino practicing democracy


How frustrating it must be to be a supporter of Duterte. To be absolutely passionate for change, so desperate for extreme measures, but have to compromise on so many things with a PR disaster of a candidate. How frustrating it must be to be a woman who believes in the goodness of his heart but cannot stomach the reality of his misogyny. How frustrating it must be to desire so badly to break free of the shackles of an apathetic government and want to use a dirty, filthy hammer just to do it.

How frustrating it must be to be a supporter of Roxas. To be utterly convinced that he’s the lesser evil but be saddled with the fact that he’s a charmless nincompoop who’s bungled too many important issues that it’s extremely easy to turn voters away from him. How frustrating it must be to have a candidate so closely tied with the utter failure of an administration so callous as to have allowed brazen misuse of funds in the most conspicuous places like the LTO and MRT. How frustrating it must be to have to defend mediocrity just to uphold the status quo.

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How frustrating it must be to be a supporter of Poe. To believe in the sincerity of a candidate whom people cannot trust to keep her word, to have to defend the promises of a woman who is capable of swearing an oath and turn her back to it; to have to convince others that one who can abuse the technicality of a basic legal requirement will actually uphold our laws. How frustrating it must be to try and convince others that inexperience jumping into ambition for the highest post in the land is completely well-meaning and not at all the machinations of the oligarchy. How frustrating it must be to try and believe that backing her isn’t just trading one set of masters for another.

How frustrating it must be to be a supporter of Santiago. To know that she is the best, most capable candidate yet grapple with her dismally low popularity. How frustrating it must be to want to throw support for someone with a proven track record but with a completely uncertain future, someone whose heart doesn’t even seem to be in the race at all and who has shown questionable choices in allies.

How frustrating it must be to be a supporter of Binay. To be convinced that a character so devoid of any redeeming qualities should be President, one must either be deeply misguided or completely naive. How frustrating it must be to live in either reality.

How frustrating it must be to be a Filipino. To know that this country deserves so much more yet carry upon our backs the yoke of an ignorant, badly educated, squabbling electorate. How frustrating it must be to yearn for someone great but be forced to support deeply-flawed and wanting candidates. This is our lot as a people, and it breaks us. It tears us apart.

7 Replies to “How frustrating it is to be a Filipino practicing democracy”

  1. How unlucky we are as Filipinos that we have elected a president that all he does is focus on economic number rise rather than doing actual poverty alleviation. Unconcern to shoot the farmers, waste Yolanda donations to political campaigns, underspending the budget intended to benefit the poor, incompetent to solve MRT problems and peace and order is so low. We always elect politicians who always just talk to promise heavens but full of inaction once they are in power. The rich get richer and poor more suffer.

  2. Kensei Yonzon,30 years ago I had the same feeling of frustration as you have now when I was witnessing the Snap Elections unfolded and the drama days after up to the night of the last broadcast of Orly Punzalan on Feb 21, 1986.

    I listened intently to Radio Veritas broadcast and, believe or or not, never slept for straight 7 days from Feb 7 to 14th because accounts of the Namfrel counting at Greenhills La Salle and the blow by blow account how Javier of Antique was gunned down like a pig by Pacificador’s men, how he run hiding inside a public toilet in fear only to have a few more bullets to make sure he was dead.

    We have now less than a month before the May 9 elections and expect a lot more frustrations. to come on election day and after. We are frustrated because we ordinary citizens appear to be helpless with no hope for our country in sight because all our national leaders wanting to lead us do not have concrete doable plans to offer us. All promises but too dishonest to mention to source of the funding of their projects. They do not even mention how this country could ever pay the sovereign guaranteed( regardless of corruption ) government debts.

    The quality and character of our presidential candidates today is the climax of what went wrong after the glorious EDSA86. To me it was glorious because it was the only instance in Philippine that the ruling elite led by Marcos and the Cory led opposition elite could experience bloodshed of unimaginable proportions.

    It was meant to precipitate civil war with the elite Enrile and Ramos dying first, mistahs killing brother mistahs,and expectedly civilian casualties would be in the thousands.

    But Marcos knew the consequences of the early afternoon bombing of Camp Aguinaldo to get rid of Enrile. That was why he wavered and lost the battle of nerves.

    We are again going to that point of no return. This time, with the American presence with EDCA and their interests to protect the South China Seas, expect some violence during and after elections with pro China politicians removed to assure US, Japan, Australia and other countries and international trade free access to the vital shipping lanes.

    A US and its allies naval blockade against the entry of arms to support pro China politicians is expected. Again, as usual thereafter balimbing piliticians will come out by the hundreds and thousand. We might even be under US protectorate. Cheers!

  3. Why do all Failippines Election Posters for Male Candidates have Pre-Pubescent Photographs, with everyone having ‘Bleached Skin?’ – Just asking!

  4. I would have rooted for Miriam, too bad she still wants to retain Imperial Manila hegemoindny with the old excuse of Empowering political clan. She’s just too advance for the mind of the mass that’s why only educated people can relate and root for her.
    Binay on the very first move already shows his an underdog. Because pinoys love underdog, I bet he’s the one who bash himself by the name of Nognog, Pandak so people will pity him. As if he doesn’t look pitiful already. Traditional Trapo to me.
    ROxas is not an underdog but tried so hard to be one that almost everyone can see how artificial his moves are. Trying to be down-to-Earth kinda guy but just can’t out of breeding and lifestyle i guess.
    Poe is…I am very uncertain of her motives. She can be a puppet and she lacks credentials to be elected as President.
    Duterte, well you can’t teach an old dog to quit his habit. His mouth may raise hell and bring down heaven. But his action and charm encompasses all kinds of people from all walks of life. He doesn’t try hard to be relatable because he doesn’t have to. What pinoy loves more than an underdog is a fighting underdog and he really bares down his teeth to everyone to show he means business.

    Hope voters will have higher standards today.

  5. Turn your frustration into a positive aspect.
    Choose wisely, and vote for the best candidate.

    It is a frustrating life; lived by frustrated people; but, it depends on how you see it. The Glass could be seen as : “Half Empty or Half Full”…the goodness , that you can do is : if you can live with it and not get frustrated.

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