DESPERATE Yellowtard campaign gets a morale boost from the latest Pulse Asia March 17-22 survey report

First they tell us that the survey reports of reputable polling firms like Pulse Asia, Social Weather Stations (SWS), Laylo, and Publicus Asia are “unreliable” and even “misleading”. But then when the latest such report published by Pulse Asia (for the period covering the 17th through the 22nd of March) showed Yellowtard candidate Leni Robredo’s preference rating going up nine percentage points and administration candidate Bongbong Marcos’s score going down by four, suddenly these surveys are all god-sends. The results are now evidently something the Yellowtards could pat themselves on the back about seeing that Robredo spokesperson Barry Gutierrez now crows on Twitter, “The survey numbers are starting to reflect what we have been seeing on the ground all along: the massive crowds, the fierce passion, the untiring commitment of Filipinos from all walks of life, coming together to rally behind Leni Robredo’s bid for the Presidency.”

How much more can the Yellowtard campaign do to further chip away at the 32 percentage point lead Marcos still enjoys over Robredo? With just 30 days to go, the only option for Robredo’s yellow-turned-pink mob is to campaign harder. The alternative — finding an innovative way to deliver clear conversions — seems to be outside of the reach of the stunted intellectual faculties of the Yellowtards. For them, campaigning harder, comes in the form of a belated house-to-house effort. However, as desperation sets in, infighting erupts. A noted Yellowtard marketing “expert” points out on Twitter, “yes, H2H can be effective, but given the very short period of time left, can H2H reach all 65M voters in all the islands? that won’t happen. hence advertising is what will reach them.” And what sort of advertising does she propose? Well according to this same “expert”, “attack ads are the most effective in taking down survey leaders like [Marcos]. with so little time left, this is best to do.”

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But then, according to an even more influential Yellowtard honcho, venerable Robredo daughter (who is a woman, by the way) Tricia Robredo, the campaign over this ever shortening homestretch should do better than that. “It’s been about six years and the temptation to antagonise is there but let’s try to be a bit more patient. Be more mindful of comments that do come off as offensive and elitist. Avoid name-calling (i.e., bobo, bayaran),” Tricia encourages her followers to apply to their efforts.

What’s a Yellowtard to do? They are subject to conflicting guidance from their revered “thought leaders”. One such particularly-rabid “thought leader” is disgraced former Commission on Elections (COMELEC) commissioner Rowena Guanzon. Guanzon has a storied history of demeaning people who disagree with her. Just last year, she had challenged people to debate her but made it clear that she would only entertain people who “graduated from UP Law or Ateneo Law” — supposedly two of the Philippines’ most prestigious law schools. Recall too that Guanzon also blocked no less than the Dean of Mindanao State University Law School Alizedney Ditucalan himself after he responded to Guanzon’s challenge by citing the case ATTY. MANE vs. JUDGE BELEN (A.M. No. RTJ-08-2119), from where he points out how “the Supreme Court reprimanded a judge for bragging her UP law diploma”.

The clock is ticking and the Yellowtards would latch on every morsel that could nourish their rapidly flagging morale — even to the extent of suddenly embracing surveys from reputable polling firms that they had, just weeks ago, rabidly discredited for daring to apply some science to show that they were clearly losing this race. What could they do differently? Whatever they decide and whatever unlikely brainwave they might come up with to campaign smarter and not just harder, it would likely be no more than a case of too little too late. The Yellowtards had years to observe and learn from what had effectively been going on right under their noses. Sadly for them, they did such only in the last two to three months essentially wasting both time and effort.

16 Replies to “DESPERATE Yellowtard campaign gets a morale boost from the latest Pulse Asia March 17-22 survey report”

  1. You sure it’s Leni camp that are desperate and not yours benigno? What a clown show. There’s no analysis whatsoever.

    32 point lead for BBM. Given that Leni is has momentum if she gets another 9-12 points and BBM falls by another 4-6. That lead is halved. One more big push to the election and Leni wins.

    H2H is effective because it can cut through all the fake news sites like GRP promote. Fake news garbage GRP with benigno who lives in Australia

    Get rekt!

    1. Get rekt..
      sounds like something one bugger would say to another..a buggery slang..

      Are you active in that community?
      Are you into that buggery ? I mean, dont be shy its 2022 its ok to admit it..

      No one here will judge you..

  2. I told you fools a PINK wave is coming. This was BEFORE the grand rallies and the H2H. Get rekt.

    BBM losing would be the funniest thing ever. And the most embarrassing loss in Philippine politics ever. He should have attended the debates instead of being chicken. Now no more debates to attend as BBM goes on the inevitable slide.

    @megget will go reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Your tears will be delicious

    Benigno still lives in Australia

    1. But you will suck it, though?

      I mean, dont be shy about it..just a yes or no will do…

      Will you suck it?

      To celebrate your little itty bitty pinky wave over there..

  3. In fairness to the pinktards, they have done quite well.
    Massive rallies got them to 20%..with even more massiver rallies with lots more showbiz people and a lot more boots on the ground, and house to house “tokhang” or toktok-hangyo campaigns, who knows? They might even get 28% to 29%..

    That wont be enough to defeat bbm sarah, but nice effort there.

    You guys can pat yourselves on the will be an efo deflating defeat, for sure, but somehow you’ll get over it..

  4. Life will go on for these off a few anti bbm tweets, message a few friends, join a few rallies, suck a few cocks..their lives will go on , despite an ego deflating defeat in may.

  5. @megget

    It’s good you have so much free time to post here with your dumb ass takes.

    I guess being a whore for the BBM crowd pays well. Hope that dick sucking is worth the money megget

  6. Yea life feels good when youre on the right side of history.

    For you,dont worry it will be ok soon..just suck it up youll feel better by june..then youll be back to firing off a few tweets, joining a few rallies, sucking a few cocks..just like before.

    1. @Megget
      LOL your the one DESPARATE to taste it

      I will drink you tears when the legendary PINK WAVE destroys you and your fake new narative. This web of lies helped by benigno who lives in Australia. There is a reason why the CBCP designated GRP as a FAKE NEWS site.

      You are a brainless sheep. Your words are venom and have nno meaning. Because you are a dumbass easily manipulated by the BBM crowd into accepting FAKE NEWS as reality

  7. Oh Megget, little dumb megget. Little idiot megget.

    Maybe if you use other proper news sources instead of FAKE NEWS you will be better informed. Its too bad , its YOU on the wrong side of history. The wrong side of DECENCY.

    The wrong side of the PINK WAVE that will CRUSH you and bring salvation to the God forsaken land that is the Philippines. Wash away the final stain of the marcos legacy.

    1. a few proper news articles on rappler, look down on a few bbm people, make a few comments to degrade the marcos legacy, suck a few goes on for you..

      1. @megget
        It is you. Who is in the business of the sucking of the cocks.

        You think your so clever. But you are saying fake news. As it is obvious that it is you who sucks dick

  8. Old man Marcos destroyed the Philippines. And now after the hard work put in by democratic leaders like cory and pnoy, bong bong returns to destroy the country again.

    Don’t let them do it. Ignore the fake news GRP. Vote pink

    1. Oh! You are a LGBT faggot dilawan pinklawan.

      Marcos years were golden era. Aquino years are the darkest.

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