On Tricia Robredo’s orders, Yellowtards get down to house-to-house campaign as DESPERATION sets in

A call to action recently issued by Opposition “leader” Leni Robredo’s daughter Tricia Robredo (who is a woman) in a Facebook post has set in motion a desperate effort across the Yellowtard community to hit the road and campaign house-to-house. With just a bit more than 40 days to go, this getting-down-to-the-weeds presumably aims to close the enormous gap between frontrunner and administration candidate Bongbong Marcos’s voter preference ratings and Robredo’s dismal numbers.

Bilang #kakampinkwednesday din naman ngayon, my ask is for us to go out of circles. Lumabas, makinig at subukang makiusap ng mahinahon. Medyo more than six years na ring nakakatempt mangbarda lolz but habaan pa ng kaunti ang pasensya. Be more mindful of comments that do come off as offensive and elitist. Avoid name-calling (ie bobo, bayaran). Maraming nabiktima lang din ng disinformation. Maraming hirap, kumakayod at naghahanap lang ng maiuuwi sa pamilya. Ipaglaban din natin sila.

Sa susunod na 47 days (!), samahan niyo kaming mag-ikot or gawa rin kayo ng lakad with your own groups if you have extra time! Matrabaho at minsan nakakadismaya ang ganitong lakad, pero lahat ng bagay pinaghihirapan. Hataw tayo sa pag-convert sa umaga para mas dumami pa tayong makisaya sa rallies pag gabi 🙂

Translated from Taglish to English: “As part of #kakampinkwednesday, my ask is for us to go out of [our] circles. Get out there, listen, and put in an effort to engage in a sober conversation. It’s been about six years and the temptation to antagonise is there but let’s try to be a bit more patient. Be more mindful of comments that do come off as offensive and elitist. Avoid name-calling (i.e., bobo, bayaran). There are many victims of disinformation. There are many who are struggling to make a living and feed their families. Let’s fight for them too. In the next 47 days, join us as we make the rounds or organise your own with your respective groups if you have extra time! These sorties are labour-intensive and often frustrating but everything worth having requires sacrifice. Let’s go all out to convert in the morning so we gain more participants to join our festive rallies at night.”

Note that Tricia could not even be bothered to compose her call to action in proper language with proper grammar and punctuation. Would you write this way to people you respect? Just looking at this substandard form she applies to issuing her message, it is evident that Tricia Robredo does not think that highly of her mother’s supporters and campaign team members.

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However, the bigger irony in Tricia’s attempts to undo decades of elitism and dishonesty in the Yellowtard “cause” lies in the very language she uses in her message. She calls on her followers to be “a bit more patient” — as if they are about to engage in a bunch of retards (which, evidently, is how they see the people they seek to convert). She also sees most of these people they seek to convert as “victims of disinformation” — further confirming that the Yellowtards see the support base of their rival as no more than suckers who had been lied to or have made their decisions on who to support on the basis of lies. To be fair, she does inadvertently admit that what really motivates her and this call to action she now issues comes down to one thing: to convert voters. In short, after years of belittling people who begged to differ to their points of view, Robredo now makes a call to be nice to them in order to win their votes. A class act indeed.

How effective could this desperate house-to-house campaign be with just 40 days to go? Some simple maths may shed a bit of light on the matter. According to Facebook, Tricia’s post had attracted about 40,000 positive reactions after being shared almost 10,000 times. If, say, every one of these Facebook users heeded the call and worked 16 hours a day (as Leni Robredo says she does) visiting about 2 houses per hour, the effort would collectively cover about 1.3 million houses per day. If they sustain that for 40 days, they would, in theory, have covered more than 50 million houses. That’d account for more than the total number of registered voters! So it is, indeed, mathematically feasible. It will come down to how many of these households would be open to re-considering their voting preferences or partisan loyalties. It would also depend on how skilful the members of such a committed force of Yellowtards would be at articulating their pitch.

According to noted Yellowtard “thought leader” Manuel L Quezon III, the cohort of registered voters who support Marcos that are potential converts are what he terms the “soft voters”. Back when he wrote his analysis of the already-dire situation the Yellowtards faced, he pointed out even “with several months left, his core voters could still be whittled down to deny him the 39 percent he needs to be president”. Quezon worked out in his “analysis” that about 27 percent — or an estimated 9 million — of Marcos’s voter base fit the “soft voter” criteria. Of course, this analysis was done back in January when the Yellowtard campaign had lots of time to back their strategy with a bit of hard science. With 40 days to go, the challenge will be in identifying those “soft voters” to target in a go-for-broke approach that, as Robredo herself puts it, will likely be a frustrating and labour-intensive “sacrifice”.

Unfortunately for the Yellowtards, things don’t look too promising. Of the 40,000 who “liked” or “hearted” Tricia’s Facebook blurb, one would be hard-pressed to find a good enough number who would be willing to get out of their airconditioned family homes, go out to the Payatas and preach Yellowtardism to the masses under the sweltering summer heat. More importantly, it is worth noting that if even a Robredo daughter could not avoid using elitist language in an appeal to not be elitist, what hope is there that the boots on the ground she manages to mobilise from that 40,000 will consist of enough folks who possess enough self-awareness to engage in an authentic conversation with the masa? Good luck is all one can say for now to the embattled Yellowtard campaign. Part of what would have made these elections exciting and intellectually stimulating is if a credible Opposition were in it to give the popular incumbent camp a run for their money. In this case, all Filipinos get is a pathetic trial-and-error Opposition.

62 Replies to “On Tricia Robredo’s orders, Yellowtards get down to house-to-house campaign as DESPERATION sets in”

  1. I wonder if any of their fans will ever listen to Tricia. I hope so. Alot of them are just being toxic at Twitter. Leni and her camp should have done that from the start instead of letting their fans add more fuel to the fire.

  2. no matter how hard Tricia and the rest of the yellow-pinktards do to beg for votes still it can’t convert any votes for leni as what the people are saying tapos na finish na may nanalo na hinihintay nalang namin ang Mayo 9

  3. Unfortunately there are many retarded edgelords who have bought into the fake news sites like GRP.

    The fact that benigno living in Australia is promoting a dictatorship for the Philippines is extremely concerning

    Second your “math” is once again wrong as it doesn’t factor in exponential growth. All Leni needs to do is get the ball rolling.

    Unfortunately sites like GRP keep spewing fake news. In fact GRP hasn’t listed a single reason that BBM is a good candidate. BBM has no platform except for this fake unity crap. So much for being a site for “intellectual discussion”

    All I see is a bunch of incel edgelords circle jerking themselves with benigno at the head.

    1. So, the so-called “incel edgelords” should listen to you? Is that why you are here? Is your TRUTH an absolute? Tell me, how can we have an intellectual discussions when you start with ad hominem? Please be reasonable.

      1. @gman you are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts.

        There’s no such thing as MY truth only THE truth.

        As a fake news site GRP has been twisting the facts for far too long.

        Next your going to tell me you don’t think gravity is real or that the earth is flat. SMH

        1. What are you talking about? Seriously? Why are you assuming that I’m a flat earther? Projection much? Dude, THIS. IS. A. BLOG SITE! It’s all OPINIONS of the author, not FACTS.

          I like how you throw random non-related BS whenever someone called out on your BS. The FACT that you started with insulting (ad hominem) and then wanting an intellectual discussion? Who would want to listen to you or care about what you want to say. That’s not how intellectual discussion works, Darth.

    2. Second your “math” is once again wrong as it doesn’t factor in exponential growth. All Leni needs to do is get the ball rolling.

      If all that was what Leni Robredo “needs to do”, I wonder why she didn’t do precisely that from the very start of her campaign. Even at the start of her campaign, surveys from reputable polling firms were already showing that Bongbong Marcos was WAY ahead of any one Opposition bozo. This is why 1Sambayan was formed — to cobble together a coalition that would field one Opposition candidate representing a united Opposition coalition. Even back then, the Yellowtards already knew that only such a coalition could hope to beat the administration camp.

      As we can see today, greed and hubris won the day and the Opposition vote is spread across several moron candidates. That’s how DUMB the collective Opposition are. You don’t need maths to show that but I thought I’d add it to the article to bait bozos into commenting on the numbers. Looks like you took the bait. ?

    3. Can you posit any objective reality verifiable evidence to substantiate your personal perception? Otherwise, your comment kinda reminds me of one of the best graffiti I’ve seen. While sitting on a public toilet I saw very small writing near the bottom of the door. I had to lean forward to read it—->”You are now sh*tting at a 45 degree angle”.

  4. @gman
    Then let’s have a discussion then. Can we agree that martial law implemented by Ferdinand Marcos was bad for the country? I mean there are countless studies on this FACT not opinion.

    Can we agree that democracy is vital /good and that freedom is the right of every man?

      1. @benigno
        I was also “told” that the earth was round benigno. I don’t know this for a fact. I haven’t been to space to physically check. But we have papers and research by scientists. And I have a basic education.

        There are countless literature on why martial law was bad by historians and academics.

        In fact GRPs main evidence for the opposite argument is GRP itself. You haven’t provided any facts or sources for your arguments benigno.

        And no you can’t use yourself as a reference. GRP likes to cite GRP for its “facts”. Like a human ouroboros but instead of eating it’s own tail, benigno has his head up his own ass

        1. Looks like all you can really come up with is an appeal to authority. That’s just typical Yellowtard. The sorts of people who rely on the “graces” of the Roman Catholic Church to affirm their role as the “good guys” in the “fight” between “good” and “evil” that they have long fooled Filipinos into believing is on-going.

          The only argument you have is to demand that people here read those “countless literature on why martial law was bad by historians and academics”. That’s being a bit lazy, don’t you think?

        2. I can tell you whats good..you and a couple other faggot friends can make yourselves a human ouroborro and stick yo heads up each others ass..leni would like that sort of stupid shit

    1. Well, Former President Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law and that is true and a fact. The cause of declaration? Joma Sison and Maoist Communist Comrades which is also true. What you expect in Martial Law is every rights are suspended, collateral damage are always expected, war is always ugly and everyone is loser. You can blame Former President Marcos all you want but really? Who started this war against government? The Maoist Communists, they started this crap. What follows is pretty much muddled by both political sides, if you can’t trust the Pro-Marcos one, you also can’t trust the Yellow Liberal ones, either. That countless studies you are saying…are we even sure it came from unbiased studies? We don’t need a study that is too one-sided.

      “Can we agree that democracy is vital /good and that freedom is the right of every man?”

      No, democracy is good but that doesn’t mean it has no cons which is mobocracy, every form of government are always flawed because it is man-made. Now, about freedom. That depends of what kind of freedom you are talking about, A law-abiding freedom or chaotic freedom? Because if you think that freedom means you can do whatever you want, breaking laws, stepping the rights of an individual and a freedom to cancel anyone who says otherwise to your beliefs then you spouting, “fighting the dictatorship” comes off as an irony. This is what people like you falls into this pit.

  5. @benigno

    I guess I should go to space too to prove the earth is round? Human knowledge is built upon previous knowledge. It’s why we rely on scientific discoveries by long dead scientists instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

    Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. But worse are pieces of trash like you benigno who purposefully sow fake news.

    Your basically the Philippine equivalent of a neo-Nazi

    1. And now here you are left with no more than quaint clichés. How quickly you run out of ammo. Are you the best the Yellowtards can come up with? If so, then it’s no surprise why their campaign has been hailed as the Dumbest Opposition Campaign in all of Philippine history.

      1. @benigno
        LOL. You haven’t exactly offered any counter argument dumbass.

        Like you’ve written a lot of words but basically said nothing. It’s because your arguments are hollow

        1. “LOL. You haven’t exactly offered any counter argument dumbass.”

          Ah see, evidence here. Benigno is right to say that peeps like you are losing ammo in arguments like these when you attack him with ad hominem. Lols. By stating something like that shows how tiny your brain is in comprehending, just like your “pink” or whatever color your candidate is (make up their mind). Lols.

          Your replies reflect how badly you wanted to be understood, yet only convinces many to not take you seriously because of your convoluted explanations similar to your “pink but truly yellow on the inside” goddess, haha.

          “Like you’ve written a lot of words but basically said nothing. It’s because your arguments are hollow”

          Tsk, tsk, assumptions, assumptions, assumptions, yet can’t counter with solid arguments to face benigno. Anyway, benigno needs no help, he already had you spinning around aimlessly in your room chair like a hapless clueless child that you are, haha. Hey, it’s a free country, you’re free to make a fool of yourself time and time again, lols.

    2. You should shove your head up benignos ass to prove that it is, indeed, a live human ass..like an actual human oroboro.
      Fuck off you know nothing, little child.

  6. @benigno
    I’m waiting for any VALID and PEER REVIEWED sources that say martial law was beneficial.

    Been waiting a longtime benigno. And you can’t produce anything? Like anything at all. And no you can’t use yourself as a reference.

    1. When you challenge people that way, you come across like the proverbial Juan lying with gaping mouth under the proverbial mango tree waiting for the proverbial mango to fall into said gaping mouth — only more self-entitled.

      1. @benign0
        LOL you are such a clown benigno. FAKE NEWS process 101

        1) Benign0 makes a dumbass claim and states something as fact. I.e. saying Martial law was good

        2) People ask for sources to back said dumbass claim

        3) benigno says “Hur Hur Hur your so lazy … why dont you look for the information to prove my own ddumbass claim”

        4) Brainless sheep claps. Profit from fake news.

        1. Maybe you are referring to maria ressa the non-filipino , with her fake fight for press freedom narrative.
          That shit even got her the noble piss prize..

        2. there were abuses during the martial law time, but there were also abuses after the martial law years. From 1986 to 2016, what development can you show? There are still a good many poor people, the rich became richer & the poor poorer, is that what you call, good????

        3. there were abuses during the martial law time, but there were also abuses after the martial law years.
          Umm, that does not sound right. Abuses then and abuses now.

          If they are all the same, what’s the point of your argument?

  7. Why rely on a handful of academics to declare that martial law was beneficial or not?

    In a democracy, it is the millions of people who will declare what is truthful or not.

    Thats democracy.
    What you are proposing, a handful few deciding on what is truth, that is dictatorship.

    1. The Darth Atenean just read but has not experienced the Martial Law years. The majority of us who lived thru the ML years will vote for BBM to correct the lies propagated by the Aquinos, the communists, the vocals in the church and the oligarchs who benefited from the regime change. They were given a chance since ’86 but they failed the people. By May this year, our history will be redeemed from the Yellowtards-version. Hehehe.

      1. That is correct.

        History repeats, mostly because it corrects itself.

        In 1986, history made a stupid mistake.

        In 2022, history will fully make an admission of its own mistake.

        Let the people speak.
        Let the people correct what is wrong.

      2. “The majority of us who lived thru the ML years will vote for BBM to correct the lies propagated by the Aquinos…”
        But the Aquinos are not running. That’s the problem in your premise.

        And if the reason you are voting for BBM is to correct the ‘lies by the Aquinos’, then, you are not voting for BBM himself and his qualification but for something that has no connection with his capability to lead this country.

        Okay, take two.

        1. “But the Aquinos are not running. That’s the problem in your premise.”

          No, it was that family who perpetuated those stories and those who sided with them, mostly the yellow liberals. And it is through them, the belief and myth coming from one side of the narrative perpetuated through decades, which is why Baby M Marcos is considered here having “some baggage”. It is a risk, bearing an infamous surname like that. So even if the Aquinos are not running, their influence has laid the foundation of what the yellows and liberals are (until now, can’t shake off this even though they wasted 30+ years of non-so much-improvements in the country until Duterte started infrastructures (and completing a lot) and improving MRT, LRT, airports, long bridges, highways, started the subway (thank God, much needed, no thanks to imbeciles like Aquinos and others wasting years of sitting down and doing nothing).

          That’s the problem with your not very well thought of conclusion there. Puh-leez. You can better than that.

          Or not at all.

        2. “No, it was that family who perpetuated those STORIES…”
          What ‘stories’?

          The Aquino’s are not running. But I tell you, there is no difference with both tribes, Marcos and Aquino, all their followers are haters and not necessarily for the country but for their own interests. If you want to imagine and hallucinate that you are fighting the Aquinos right now, sure, why not.

          What makes you happy. ?

      3. totally agree with you Justice! Biggest problem with these yellowtards is that they are all blinded by their own biases. They call ninoy a hero but neither his wife or son wanted to know who really killed him. they just expect people to believe them. They cannot accept that that their narrative is all a lie.

  8. In may 2022, the leni pinktards will look up their own asses.and discover an ouroborro has been living there the whole time.

    That us truth.

  9. Call it desperation or whatnot but it’s part of the process. BBM’s children go with him to campaign, VP Leni’s daughters do the same. I don’t see any reason to criticize the move if we base it on common sense.

    BBM is leading the pack, should VP Leni just stay in the house and play sungka with her daughters? Of course, not. With less than 40 days to go, Robredo is hard press to change the narrative that was set by surveys. She has to do something or else everything will be doomed.

    I have no issue on the language or words used by Tricia because it was a simple, basic type of communication done in the vernacular. It didn’t attack anyone nor criticize any party. It just focused on the activity that was intended to be done, that is, to recruit more possible voters on her mother’s side.

    Question, is the situation irreversible? I don’t think so. Surveys are surveys and voting is voting. The two are not directly related. One is an opinion poll or census and the other one is the actual and official counting of that census.

    I believe that VP Leni’s camp, as can be gathered on her daughter’s effort, still believes in the proverb that says, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” And I agree.

    1. whatta speech, here’s my rating for all of that.

      Leni’s relevancy: -2

      Bongbong’s relevancy: +1

      That’s a long speech and all that pero next time susulat ka ng ganyan, ehh, yung ikaka relevant ng lutangmother mo ‘kay?

      1. whatta speech, here’s my rating for all of that.

        Leni’s relevancy: -2 (what’s the basis? Criteria?)

        Bongbong’s relevancy: +1. (what’s the basis? Criteria?)
        What’s the formula to arrive at that conclusion or you just throw it out there just because?

  10. because we have freedom of speech.

    You are free to write here and I am also free to rate on how it made your lutangmother relevant or not.

  11. Formula :

    Leni votes = (10% x no. Of voters x voter turnout ) – (number of rallies x 500,000 ) – ( everytime the stupid fool widow opens her mouth x 10,000 ) – (every post or public appearance by skeletor kris aquinas x 100,000)

  12. I am just curious, was this “call to action” because someone in the campaign team finally decided to stop being a YES MAN that just goes with the flow? Honestly, I think it is too little too late because the “pinks” have already broken bridges and antoganizes those who didn’t plan to vote for Robredo.
    Hard to mend that when you (personally) attacked the voter you want to switch to your side.

    Who knows really. But with a little over a month to go, I feel it won’t be changing hearts/minds anytime soon.

    The more plausible expecation for an actual race would be for the other opposition parties (not candidates) to switch to Team Robredo, similar to what happened with Lacson where his own party no longer backs him as presidential candidate.

    Hard to see the Presidentiable stepping down gracefully “now” so the scenario that can likely unfold is only the party moves their support, but the candidate doesn’t bow to preserve their (semblance of) “dignity”.

    1. I agree, the premise you expressed is also possible.

      But it is still good to know that nobody is relaxing. That the game isn’t over until it’s over. ?

    2. Lol it is BBM supporters who are the most vile , corrupt and disgusting people. They willingly spread “fake news” and misinformation. And do not acknowledge basic facts.

      Like I saw a bbm supporter try to refute a HARVARD trained historian. With what information you ask? From the university of tiktok and YouTube

      Look at benigno who willing spreads fake news and can provide no legitimate sources for his claims. Most bbm sheep are masa, low iq nobodies.

      Unfortunately we all have to live with you. I wish all the kakampinks can move to a separate island/ republic away from all of you. There we can build a just and noble society that truly uplifts the well-being of all.

      I bet tho if that happens we will have a lot of BBM squatters all over the place. HAHAHAHA

      1. Who or what are you even replying to?
        If just want to rant, dont make it a reply because your reply doesnt make sense in context as a reply.

        Now, if you are a kakampink, i thought it was meant to unify as yellow now is seen to divide. Yet you advocate for a separation?

        Anyway, you will believe what you want to believe.

        You and megget arent really contributing to a discussion and more just flailing your arms and making noise.

        Makes visiting the replies to try and see discussions kind of pointless because your type drowns out the proper ones by your constant ramblings.

    3. Here is what noted political analyst Malou Tiquia has to say about this 11th-hour call to go house-to-house…

      In campaign science what they proposed to do in the remaining 39 days should have been done in the first 45 days. Instead of wasting their time in hadouken, wrestling, remaking of Barbie doll, etc. Look at how much they spent in online to do those things. Vacuous!

      1. Glad to see your learning to link references benigno.

        Unfortunately Twitter isn’t a valid source of information. Especially from a no name bbm supporter.

        Gawd benigno even college kids know not to use Twitter as their info source. Clown show GRP

  13. If FVP leni and her followers call me a low IQ nobody, how is that convincing me to vote for FVP leni?
    Is that really the strategy of FVP leni ? To gain no new voters whatsoever.FVP leni must think they have more than enough to win the election.is FVP leni dumb?

    1. When biden gets itchy balls, the FVP puppet flails her arms around and says some nasty shite and dances like a clown.

      Such is the life of american puppetry.

  14. Dicky gordon is another such fappet; except this time he is controlled by a nasty fungus hidden in biden’s left armpit.

  15. So will you still vote for FVP leni?
    Youre at work, writing a fat new contract worth a nice fat commission boom american dick in the face.
    Youre taking a break enjoying a nice warm caffe latte boom american dick in the face.
    Youre in the market checking out a nice fresh blue marlin steak boom american dick in the face.
    Youre at home playing with the kids watching a nice classy tv show boom american dick in the face.

    Inyour face, All day long, baby.

  16. Megget,

    And what is wrong with having a pro-American President?

    Sorry, but your pro-China stance has now been revealed.

    Oh my gosh. You are so Bobo naman. You are not fooling us with your hidden agenda.

  17. Wow, I missed this interesting debate? Damn! lol I should have delayed accessing the article to enjoy reading the comments!

    @Darth mortis gives some interesting points, but the question on the absolutely unquestionable badness of martial law in the PH due to historians’ local diktat is understandable, but carries with it an inevitable weakness common to all histories: relativism & groupthink.

    That’ right: Whether personal or national, history is personal, with not only OBJECTIVE truths (names, dates, locations, etc.), but also SUBJECTIVE components as well (the interpretation that gives the happenings meaning, relevance, and recognition as even note-worthy events in the 1st place!). Being based here in the U.S., I’ve found that reading the U.S. perspective on what few brush-ups U.S. History has had with PH History is quite a trip in itself:
    ● Was it REALLY the the 2nd PH Revolutionary War, the Philippine-American War, just a campaign in the larger Spanish-American War, or the War of Philippine Insurrection?
    ● Was Gen. Aguinaldo REALLY the legitimate 1st President of a legitimate emerging nation declared independent by its own people who actually reside in the land… or a mere illegitimate rebel eager to stop a legitimate deal made with the legitimate, world-recognized owner under international law? So, are we Filipinos right to call him “Pres.” Aguinaldo, or were the U.S. armed forces right in that “Emilio Aguinaldo, Esq.” is enough to flatter him, though such extra respect may not really be needed for a thief trying steal away the American people’s $20mil (or “$683.7mil” in today’s U.S.D., if this calculator is accurate) investment?
    ● And weren’t we taught the PH is the 1st Democracy in Asian History with its claim in 1898? Surprise: The spot is also claimed by the Republic of China (mostly Taiwan, but also mainland China whose government claims to be the successor of the artificially-preserved zombie dynasty in Taiwan) with it’s WORLD-RECOGNIZED claim in 1913! If you really want THE EARLIEST date, we still lose to the Republic of Ezo (now Japan’s Hokkaido prefecture) with their 1869 declaration. So, WHO is the 1st Democracy in Asian History?
    WHICH historians & peer-reviewed articles will make our claim absolutely true?

    Even within national history, there’s groupthink on the narrative, even when others are also credible. For example, why was Gen. Miguel Malvar never recognized as our 2nd President, when even MALACAÑANG (& other another agency) RECOGNIZES he succeeded after Pres. Aguinaldo?
    Also, it seems possible that we’re missing a Pres. Jose Abad Santos, given also-official succession to Pres. Quezon.

    And if you discuss with Indians, you’ll be surprised with what they’re taught: Yes, cases do exist where martial law can be used to save democracy. That’s what happened in India… so their historians & schools say.

    And while I admit that this isn’t evidence that 1st martial law in the PH’s good definitely outweighed its bad, this does does prove that the currently-predominant narrative of PH History isn’t necessarily the only, the absolute, and the infallibly true.

  18. As to @Martial Law: Don’t trust the politicians in Washington. (Do YOU trust politicians in Manila? Don’t be so naïve. At least, you can sue or vote out of office PH politicians.) As a Fil-Am dual who has been here for years, I can say they lie, cheat, and steal as much as their Filipino-counterparts do. It’s just that non-Americans outside the U.S. are just not as used to their B.S. & manipulations. AND DON’T expect Americans to know and care about the f—-ups & abuses outside U.S. borders. (If U.S. media doesn’t report it, it never happened, as far as the masses are concerned.) Allies (ex. Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Muammar Gaddafi, Bashar al-Assad, Ngô Đình Diệm, etc.) are only until their usefulness is no longer worth it. Then, they become “dictators” or “butchers” and/or corpses. (And how are their nations now?)

    Washington used their A.S.E.A.N.-like Organization of American States (O.A.S.) to declare illegitimate the 2019 Bolivian Presidential Election, leading the legitimate Pres. Morales to exile in Mexico. The truth was revealed too late, and it’s even reported by Harvard.
    But does anyone north of the Texas-Mexico border care? lol NOPE, the Bolivians are on their own for that! And all (as per Turkish state-news) for its massive lithium-reserves.

    Venezuela, too!
    For its MASSIVE oil-reserves, as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy (D.O.E.)’s Energy Information Administration (E.I.A.).
    The American majority doesn’t know about the legitimacy here, since T.V. “news” only berates the “regime” there… which miraculously became a “government” again when Washington suddenly need an oil-deal just a few days ago!

    And Syria was invaded to save the people from a bloody dictator, right? lol Right! Look at any maps, and see where U.S. troops are most concentrated. (Hint: These provinces accounted for more than half of Syria’s pre-war oil-output!)

    You seriously to trust Washington? We in the anti-war groups have tried to curb the war, election-meddling, and regime-change campaigns as soon as we detect them… but for so long as the reports are in text-based articles, and not on T.V.-reports, the American populace generally doesn’t know and doesn’t care.

    And just a reminder from the Australian Government’s Trade & Investment Commission, so you don’t under-value our republic:
    「 The Philippines is the fifth most mineralised country in the world, with the third largest deposits of gold, fourth for copper, fifth for nickel and sixth for chromite. The nation’s mineral resource assets are valued at around A$1.32 trillion, but those remain largely untapped. The country’s total land area covered by mining tenements is only 0.872 million hectares or 2.91 per cent of the country’s 30 million total land area. In terms of non-metallic minerals, the country has untapped coal resources estimated at about 2.4 billion tonnes.」
    The hen-house should be 100% entrusted to the strongest wolf for protection, like it will never betray us… ever? (lol As though Washginton never paid for regime-change media against its treaty-ally PH!)

    No, Manila should not be pro-U.S.… or pro-China, pro-Russia, or anything other than pro-PH. Manila should be like New Delhi, playing off Washington, Moscow, Beijing, and the rest of the world for the better deals… not overly-depending on 1 power, and being at their politicians’ mercy. While we can, we should do this and strengthen our national defense forces as much as possible while doing so.

    Let’s face reality: The U.S. is a declining power. I’m seeing it from the inside (Dude, the once-proud Americans are admitting it! The Union is imploding.), while Beijing is rising (for now). The PH MUST prepare, and strengthen itself militarily, economically, diplomatically, etc. while we still can.

    Even if Washington were a good parent, we can’t rely on them forever.

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