Proud To Be Pinoy Because Of The Achievements Of An Assistant Coach !!!

If I have reoccurring themes in my blogs they include:

When these topics converge I can’t help but remember my password to GRP so I may regale you with my musings. A lifelong friend who also follows various sports loves to troll me on all these pinoys that have supposedly hit “the big time”. Earlier this year he alerted me to Yuka Saso who did win an LPGA major tournament. The problem is gone are the days that sports shows in the US cared about people like Annika Sorenstam, Michelle Wie, Se-Ri Pak, and Lorena Ochoa. Saso is doing relatively well but I never heard of anybody else on the leaderboard. The LPGA does not move the needle like it once did.


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Let’s go from something that once moved the needle to something that never moves the needle. Friday morning that same friend sent me a GMA news report of some pinoy coach who is on an NBA team. As usual pinoys exhibit the only Shakespeare work they collective know . ” Much Ado About Nothing.”

Let’s go through the facts. The NBA season ended the moment the Milwaukee Bucks won Game 6 of the NBA FInals vs the Phoenix Suns July 21. Since then they had the NBA Draft and Free agency. At no time does any head coach get a chance to shine other than Mike Budenholzer. Training camp starts Oct 21 2021. Nobody cares about training camp standings. The Summer League is even less relevant than the NBA preseason. Pinoys though starved for that precious currency of pansin are celebrating the win of a team in Summer League who did not even make the 2021 playoffs. The playoffs that concluded exactly a month ago.

Like I have said in many blogs before. The pinoy relishes recognition in the irrelevant. I have never heard of a nation brag about any medal in an exhibition sport. Much less 32 years later. I have never heard of a country expend so much media time on a teenager trying to win a singing contest who had never been to this country let alone educated here.  I have never heard of a country that looks at the selection of the pope not for religion or even gambling but for national pride.  So why not seek that golden currency of pansin  in one time of the NBA season that is even less relevant the exhibition season?

It has been 24 days 11 hours 43 minutes and 21 seconds since the Philippines won their first ever gold medal and if you are reading this, then the world is still here. Anybody else find it amusing that all the proud to be pinoys posted Diaz’s feat in social media to other people who were posting the exact same thing? They were probably trying to brag to other nationalities who win gold medals regularly. I had to deal with all the vitriol hurled my way for injecting a dose of reality in this festive occasion. One gold medal in 2021. The country of Mark Spitz won 7 gold medals in the 1972 Olympics. Some other country named Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals in Beijing. I am being facetious to hammer home the point I made last time: The Olympics is a strange place to be planting the pinoy pride flag. If the nation deserves a meltdown what about these individuals who got at least half a dozen gold medals in one shot not 97 years?

I kind of understand pinoys dying for the elixir of pansin watching the NBA post season and the Olympics. They see Luka Dončić bringing pansin to Slovenia. They see Giannis Antetokounmpo who comes to the NBA via Greece/ Nigeria win the NBA Championship against a Phoenix Suns team with from Dario Saric from Croatia. A US Olympic team who seems to get more attention when they lose beating a French team with NBA player Rudy Gobert. France got the Silver Medal. Australia the Bronze. The irony is in the heart of hearts of the proud to be pinoys. They honestly believe the PBA is better basketball than in any of the other countries mentioned in this paragraph not named USA. As I said before somebody like Quinito Henson still has a job trying to convince pinoys of that.

Only the Philippines will advertise a team that has missed the playoffs 14 straight years using the word “champions”

So the Philippines never had a homegrown player make an NBA roster. They are irrelevant in this summer’s NBA playoffs and the Olympics. Pinoy pride as we know it abhors a vacuum . Basketball is the only team sport that resonates. Where must all this pinoy pride go?? Why not to an assistant coach who is in a tournament even less relevant than the exhibition season? Show him with a shirt saying “champions” and a medal I did not know existed. Oh one more thing. I checked the Kings website  where they list two assistant coaches and five assistant coaches for player development. That is eight coaches in all.

Do you see Jimmy Alapag’s name anywhere? Might be easier to find Noynoy Aquino’s accomplishments in his 2010 election resume.  Never let the facts get in the way of a chance to yell at the top of your lungs “Proud to be pinoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!” To paraphrase Much Ado About Nothing: Pinoys do love nothing in the world so well as basketball – is not that strange?

26 Replies to “Proud To Be Pinoy Because Of The Achievements Of An Assistant Coach !!!”

    1. Unlike the people who are so proud to be pinoy, you know the answers to these 2 simple questions: 1) what sport are pinoys obsessed with? 2) what is their contribution to that sport on the world stage? Bonus question : who cares about Summer League?

  1. Whatever you say against Filipino Gogs, we don’t listen. You think you can influence our minds by writing like this, not even a miniscule of it. We don’t owe you greatness in whatever standards you have since you don’t show any greatness for us. You have big words but you are too afraid to walk the talk. All you have achieved here is simply to whine, nothing more beyond that.

    You are like gay, a man trapped in a woman’s body. You, on the other hand, are a foreigner trapped in pinoy’s body. So sad of you. You are doomed forever. You are wierd because you care to write about the Philippines when your heart is not in it. Seems like you care too much about us. Thanks, but we don’t need any of your advice because this is not best for us. We are not moved not even inspired by you.

    Let me tell you why we are proud of someone who is a pinoy achiever; it is because we treat every pinoy who cares about the country as our family. Perhaps you don’t know what family means. You said “KSP is the root of all evil” well, you are one of the most KSP and killjoy pinoys I have ever known. I laugh at your hubris. You don’t prove anything, boy.

    1. ” we don’t listen” yet you out of 41 responses to my blog glorifying one gold ever in history you had 9 replies. Maybe that’s the problem.

      1. The problem is you are wrong but you don’t want to admit that you are stubborn. We will continue to admire and relish every achievement of Filipino whether big or small whether you like it or not we won’t follow what you say against us.

        “Pinoy pride” really lives rent-free in your head for all eternity Gogs. Whether you consider that as a blessing or a curse I leave it up to you. But I think every pinoy pride you hear you feel itch in your body. You will live with that. While us, we live while enjoying what we think is enjoyable at the moment without being killjoy.

        How you continue to care and put so much time and effort for pinoy pride into writing which you said “nobody talks/cares about” means you care for us a lot but we don’t wanna swallow what you care because how you think you care for us which is wrong we don’t wanna follow.

        1. whether big or small whether you like it or not

          There is a Chinese proverb that says,

          “If you want to know what water is, don’t ask a fish.”

          By the same token, if you want to know what baduy is then don’t ask someone yelling proud to be pinoy!!!! You say I am wrong. Yet you are the one ecstatic over ONE gold medal and a saling pusa wanna be NBA assistant coach. As long as I am in Philippine society , I will be inundated with baduy behavior. And you wonder why there is only one gold medal in history and zero influence on the NBA game. Pinoy media is baduy because they know their audience. You might think I am wrong . That’s okay. The baduy don’t appreciate me and I don’t consume their TV and movies. Neither does the rest of the world. There is no law against being baduy. There is no law against one gold medal ever. Proud to be pinoy !!

        2. By saying you are in Philippine society, I wonder what are you doing here? Why are you still here? You contradict yourself so much by staying here. How awful is that gonna be. I won’t be surprised if you declare yourself a hermit hiding somewhere in Philippine cave or high mountain (just getting lucky having some internet access) just to dodge away from the baduy society of pinoys. I expect you enjoy yourself in that set up.

          The more you hate us, the more you care about us.

  2. Gogs’ view of Pinoy pride seems to be coming from his own arrogance. If we go by his logic on this, it’s ridiculous and needless for anyone to root for their kababayan. If fellow Filipinos are misbehaving in a foreign territory, who do you think has the responsibility of calling them out? If Gogs has no sense of relatability, then he should find a planet where his ideas about this topic make sense.

    1. Pinoys brag about a “championship” as I state here about a month after the real championship of that sport. Only because a pinoy is somewhat involved. A pinoy not even on the website on the team and I am arrogant? I am an honesty broker. I point out if something is not a championship. I point out 1 gold medal ever is not great. You may call that arrogant but just shut down your PC and walk outside and yell ” proud to be pinoy!!!!!”

    2. How is that arrogance? In fact, that false sense of pride spawns arrogance, it makes some people who have that pride that most Pinoys are better than foreigners or they think that Pinoys can’t be defeated when every person can be defeated. That false sense of pride is nothing but arrogance and ego.

      1. It’s a celebration of achievement by people you can empathize with. It’s a basic cultural function. Where is false pride in that? If you think it’s all about kayabangan then that’s on you.

        1. That basic cultural function is a false sense of pride. You don’t have to be proud of your nationality to be proud of someone and his accomplishments. When an American Olympic player wins a gold medal, you don’t see Americans spamming “Proud to be an American” in comments sections.

          “If you think it’s all about kayabangan then that’s on you.” you’re wrong because it’s also arrogance. Some say that Pinoys are the best and Pinoys are the greatest because of the so-called pride but race is the best, every person has different skills regardless of his/her race. A race doesn’t define skills and so on. You want proof that it’s kayabangan or arrogance? Try to criticize that false pride and many of them will get angry or get offended which shows arrogance or ego.

        2. In short No Data. The mindset of

          Basta Pinoy Da Best

          Which is a cult many do not realize they belong to. Low standards , put up with lack of quality and lack of achievement and just yell “proud to be pinoy!!”. There is an R word and a P that is used for people who live by that mentality.

        3. What is your understanding of race when you say that it’s irrelevant? Jose Rizal had some thoughts which the Filipino ought to reflect on. One is displayed at the lobby of the National Museum of Anthropology. He says: “To foretell the destiny of a nation, it is necessary to open the book of her past.”
          And perhaps that includes everything from victory to defeat.

      2. No data, I mostly saw “congratulations” in comment section, not “proud to be pinoy.” The latter you can rarely see but even if it is true, it is not meant to be serious and you just exaggerated it just like Gogs who also likes to spot a “germ” in a 99% clean cloth.

        Every Filipino achiever deserves congratulatory message from fellow Filipino if he represents the country. That’s how a family of nation should act. If you bash us just because we are proud of our fellowmen, you are a killjoy because in reality, every victory big or small deserves a celebration by the family. That doesn’t imply we are the only best, thus arrogant. We just celebrate.

        We live by the moment. We live in every moment. I don’t know if you understand that in a journey. I think you are not engaged in any sport or competition your whole life. In any sport, individual/teammates celebrate wins either big or small. Either championship or silver or bronze as long as each individual/team win they celebrate. We just act what’s proper what we saw in a moment. It is not that hard to understand.

        Gogs always likes to recognize shortcut victory but doesn’t want to take part in a painstaking process in reaching such victory. That’s why Gogs mentality doesn’t work. He provides goal but doesn’t provide specific details in reaching that goal. That’s not objective science. That’s bullshit.

        1. Jason, do you have to involve the nationality to be proud of someone for having significant accomplishment? Do you have to be proud of your nationality just because a fellow countryman wins an international sports event or something similar? Being proud of the nationality just because of someone’s victory in an international sports event is really embarrassing.

        2. Yes, I’m proud of it because that’s my identity and every nationality has an embarrassment experience not only exclusive to Filipinos. I can’t control every single Pinoy’s failure but I won’t hesitate to give credit to where it is due either big or small, significant or insignificant. What’s embarrassing is that you don’t know how to appreciate. Showing appreciation to pinoy’s achievement is one’s showing of being part of a family of nation.

  3. It only highlights the inferiority complex made worse by a validation-seeking mindset that marks the actually practiced Filipino culture. The country certainly will never get better that way.

    1. “more mental masturbation and self flattery from the most bigoted writer in grp”

      So yelling proud to be pinoy over the smallest thing that nobody cares about is not mental masturbation?? Look at what the world cares about in terms of music, food, movies, sports , television and the written word. Look at the pinoy’s place in it and look at the proud to be pinoys . I doubt there is a bigger disconnect. I guess that is not mental masturbation. Looking at pinoy shows and movies we know you don’t need your “mental” capabilities , assuming the pinoy audience had them to begin with.

    1. You don’t know him???? He won the “championship” . He was an assistant coach. An assistant coach not even on the website. But who cares?? Proud to be pinoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This might be politically incorrect, but i have never seen/heard the type of media coverage for the paralympic games as I have witnessed in the Philippines.

    I am not against the media coverage, i just find it interesting as it is not really covered in other media markets, but it seems to be getting relatively extensive coverage in the Philippines.

    This also could be related how there are no other sports currently taking place in The Philippines because the country has few to any decent ideas (and execution) about how to execute sports during a pandemic.

  5. Coach Kugiyama said in Carlos Yulo’s Japanese documentary, “Filipinos are 2 hours late in training. When I told one of the athletes to leave (because he didn’t qualified), he just left. A Japanese will stay and and will say, “I can do this, please let me train.” Coach Kugiyama continued, “These athletes have idols but they don’t want to reach that level. They don’t want to learn something new.”

    Should we just admire someone for their accomplishments? By some unseen force HD won over Qiuyun LIAO of Team China who’s World Record in IWF is 129kg Clean & Jerk, 2kgs heavier than HD’s 127kg in the recent Tokyo Olympics. But this is the first Olympic Gold Medal of the country so I won’t contest that. HD’s win is clean and no cheating done. I’m proud for HD.

    We can eliminate mediocrity by setting an example to others specially the young ones. I always give my best at work. Always strive for excellence.

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