I Will Not Congratulate Rose Fostanes

So I bought a .44 magnum it was solid steel cast
And in the blessed name of Elvis well I just let it blast
‘Til my TV lay in pieces there at my feet
And they busted me for disturbin’ the almighty peace
Judge said “What you got in your defense son ?”
“Fifty-seven channels and nothin’ on”

 Bruce Springsteen



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So proud over winning a contest on a show you never saw? Really??

So proud over winning a contest on a show you never saw? Really??

Sean Anthony plays for the PBA’s Talk and Text. He was with Barako and Red Bull previously. His hard nose style of play has earned him rabid fans as well as a model girl friend. One thing he does not have is the media of his home country fawning over every move he makes. Sean-Sean (as he was fondly called as a toddler) played his amateur basketball in McGill (Montreal) . I was told he is the first product of a Canadian university to play in the PBA. The Canadian press does not celebrate the feat. Canadians care more about Andrew Wiggins,  Steve Nash, Rick Fox and Bill Wennington I will let you figure out why.


Kirk and his family have contributed so much to the community since the 90s. But not Filipino enough for the PBA.

Kirk and his family have contributed so much to the community since the 90s. But not Filipino enough for the PBA.

Kirk Long had an excellent run playing for the Ateneo Blue Eagles.  Not to be outdone by Sean Anthony, last year he married model, teacher and former Ateneo soccer player Cristina “Tata” Garcia.  Extremely ironic because his father in law is Philippine Sports Commissioner Richie Garcia  who is a die hard La Sallite. It is weird how the PBA considers Sean Anthony a “Filipino” considering he was not born here or never went to school here. Yet Kirk Long’s family have been in the country since 1991 and have been integral in the community in terms of education and outreach and he can’t play in the league as a Filipino. One guy does not have one credit on his transcript from a Filipino institution. The other not only studied in Manila for decades but whose family helped educate Filipinos yet the PBA by their rules does not consider him Filipino enough. OK fine.


No birth, no school, no residence but Filipino. Just saying.

No birth, no school, no residence but Filipino. Just saying.

Both Kirk and Sean are accomplished basketball players in the one nation on planet Earth that basketball dominates. Yet nobody cares outside the Philippines. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. They are doing what they love and to a fanatic audience locally. There is only one NBA. The NBA is popular in Ohio, China, Florida, Madrid, Toronto, Manila and other corners of the globe. Filipino basketball is a lot like Filipino food: only relevant to Flipinos. Before you get all butthurt, people abroad say “let’s go out for Italian/ Mexican/ Indian / Chinese / Japanese. The only people who say let’s go eat Filipino are cannibals. Jollibee owes their foreign existence to OFW presence. I love inasal done right. There is just something so wrong about going to Bacolod the birthplace of inasal and to see a homogenized Mang Inasal with even one customer. That may be just me.


So a singing contest in a previously unknown show makes you proud? OK.

So a singing contest in a previously unknown show makes you proud? OK.

How many of you cared or even knew anything about the Israeli version of X Factor?? Anyone? Bueller? I ask the question I always ask and never get a good answer. If something was not relevant last week why does a pinoy winning it make it relevant this week?? Why is the opinion of judges you never heard of in a show you never watched so important to you? How does that add one iota to the self worth of the nation? It was something only the Isrealis cared about. Is the prestige chasing you or are you chasing the prestige? I must have missed the meeting where I was supposed to be informed that Isreali X Factor was supposed to define a country’s self esteem.Where am I supposed to draw the line over what is worth my cheers and applause from the 7 billion inhabitants of this world?

I can understand finding relevance in the American Idol we are used to in this country with judges like “dawg” , Steven Tyler , Paula Abdul, Ellen Degeneres and others who have been on our screens for a few years now. But the Isreali version? I had no idea they had a version. I don’t know the first thing about Israeli television (except Homeland is based on one of their shows) and neither do you. Then why is something on their airwaves and not on yours so relevant?? KSP is truly the root of all evil.


Remember the real life examples I gave you earlier of Sean Anthony and Kirk Long? Let’s reverse the Rose Fostanes story and see how strange it looks. What if an Israeli working for AIM (Makati) won Pinoys Got Talent or whatever gameshow is on locally? Will the Prime MInister of Israel make a statement or anything like what Noynoy’s office did yesterday?   I doubt it. Plus I can imagine the racist taunts from the local audience. Poor Phillip Phillips when he was the only thing standing between “pinay” Jessica Sanchez and American Idol “immortality”.


Our local shows have no prestige abroad. That fact does not deter us from “pinoy pride” for some reason. As if to compensate we suddenly heap instant prestige on shows in other countries. Shows we never knew existed. To the point that the office of the President feels they have to capitalize on this faux pride so they make a statement. That is the state of our national self esteem. I get Sky Cable and there are definitely more than 57 Channels.Two weeks ago none of them showed Isreali X Factor. Even if they did, I doubt you would have watched.


65 Replies to “I Will Not Congratulate Rose Fostanes”

    1. I would congratulate her, friend her in facebook, ask for her number and ask her to speak in our class so she can inspire young Filipinos to do great things like she did.

      1. What an idiot this Bong Cunanan is.

        To quote Johnny Saint: “I would congratulate Rose Fontanes. Doesn’t have to mean anything more than that.”

      2. Just in case you are not being sarcastic Bong.

        Your idea of doing great things is going on a TV show you never heard of and impressing judges you never heard of. Those are truly lofty standards for our youth to aspire to. They might get intimidated by those grandiose expectations.

  1. Should everything we do must always have a what’s-in-it-for-us clause? Can’t we just be genuinely happy that our fellow Filipino won? Sure, most of us haven’t even heard of that show, and most probably, we’ll forget about this in a couple of weeks/months. However, are we not allowed to show appreciation “kasi hindi naman tayo sumusubaybay sa show”? Her victory does nothing AT ALL to improve our country’s esteem, and it sure won’t have any impact in our society, but she definitely deserves MY congratulations for her job well done. Enough of this crab mentality please

    1. The way I see it:

      1) There are way more of you types than there are of me so you are getting what you want.

      2) Go through almost anything I write and the theme is the same: there is so much negavity that exists in this society of real consequnce yet something like this is blown out of proportion to sweep our weaknesses under the rug.

      3) American Idol / X factor / Got talent is not about music but about karaoke. Musicians like Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan, Supertramp would never be caught dead in those shows.

      4) No shortage on this site on my thoughts on the president, for him to cater to the masa by jumping on this bandwagon?? You can look the other way I can not.

      5) thank you for stating your point.

  2. Haha… that guy who posted Filipinos are destined to rule the world is high on something. Filipinos ruling the world? Scary thought. Knowing how we are in our society and government, I would pity the world if we ever did become its rulers.

    1. That’s probably the long term effect of “PINOY PRIDE” – turning egocentrics into megalomaniacs with nothing to brag about.

      1. And they turn into megalomaniacs because a fellow national can sing well. What? Singing makes on rule the world? That’s grasping at straws for self-esteem.

  3. And what did Fontanes sing? My Way? Still that stereotypical karaoke song. We’re actually showing the world that we’re too fond of karaoke and annoying neighbors.

    1. That’s one argument against gun proliferation. You sing “My Way” off key in a karaoke bar and you’re bound to start a gunfight.


    I won’t answer those who get it. Question taken from the GRP Facebook page.

    Glenn Q. Barrometro Well you can’t blame them…. many of our kababayans really do it better compared to other nationalities…. or course, not all….

    I don’t care about the contestants. I care about the people making a big deal out of the contestants. Like the president.

    Theod Tabaniag i just came ccross this comment whew you dont congratulate her? your a mean.

    If I did something, would she congratulate me? Would you congratulate me? Would you take credit for my success? All we have is a TV show judged by people you don’t know saying that she won, that’s it.

    Pagaran Judy Masyado kyong apektado na nanalo si osang sa x factor…dapat maging masaya at purihin dahil nanalo ang isang kababayan natin….crab mentality ….

    So I am supposed to keep track of every “pinoy” all over the world and celebrate with them? Even if they win church bingo?? Contests happen all the time? Don’t you have a life?

    Michael Gregory D. Denosta If her winning the X Factor Israel is irrelevant (which is your point), why talk about it in the first place?

    -because people including the president make it relevant. Yet people die needlessly every day at home and no one factors that into the equation of “pinoy pride”. I guess the negativity doesn’t exist but let’s all whoop it up for a TV show we NEVER KNEW EXISTED.


  5. Alex Compton was born here from an American parents, I believe but he wasn’t able to play in the PBA coz he has no Filipino blood. In the PBA, it doesn’t matter if you’re not a Filipino, one must have a Filipino blood from Filipino parent/s, of course. Can that be right?! Wow!


    Christian Joshbert Rubio Haters gonna hate.

    The same applies to you. KSP is the root of all evil. You seem to hate me for saying the truth that this TV show was irrelevant. What is so wrong with the truth?


    Taco Chilli Atchalt Bastos!

    -huh? I did not impede the path of a pinay in Israel and spit in her face? Manila is the littering capital of the world. People use the streets as a toilet and you are worried about me defining this phenomena the way I see fit?


    Romualdo D Capote Jr Tama Mr. Kyle Bleza Jarabelo.. ang nangyayari kasi ngayun yung iniisip ng tao sasali ako sa competition sa tv para yumaman.. pano pag di ka manalo at pano yung mga natalo.? nawawala yung main issue na trabaho para sa tao ang iisipin sasali nalang sapalaro at yayaman hindi yung mag tatrabaho ako or pag bubutihin ko yung pag aaaral ko or trabaho ko para umangat ako.. also di natin kailangan mag export ng tao kundi nga ating producto.. kagagaling kolang sa POEA just imagine kung mag kano ang kinikita nila kung ang isang OFW ay mag babayad ng 83$ para maka kuha ng exit pass. kung meron tayong 10m na OFW just imagine.. kaaya pala OFW ang pinopromote coz its a Multi million dollars industry… isama mopa yung remitance… we need jobs here in the philippines that na mag papdala ng producto sa ibang bansa.. mgandang hapon…

    an underrated aspect of “pinoy pride” if the Philippines was so great then why can’t people who love it here afford to live and work here? Why is that never in the equation of PINOY PRIDE!!! ?

    Julius Espina point taken,but We are not Cannibals! That’s offensive already,even if it’s a metaphor.

    It was not a metaphor. Who knows I was so high when I wrote this  maybe I mean Cannibis?

    Ann Dela Cruz Liorca ok whose stopping u to congratulate rose? huh always hate and insecurities in the heart of many..

    I choose not to. Because I don’t know her and I don’t know the contest she entered. In the meantime the office of the president decides she is worth more time than whatever pork barrel/ Napoles issue that they put zero effort towards solving and you the public are more worried about me than issues like that. You guys let your elected leader use your tax money to guarantee his desired outcome of a sham trial and you are still proud of this nation and seem to be more angered at a guy who saying the truth. This show is irrelevant yet you give it more relevance than relevant matters.


  7. Wag n kyo mg celebrate ng holidays like xmas independence day. Di nman kayo kasali don. Sumawsaw lng kayo ha haha ha shabu paaaaa

    1. Said the point-missing utak squatter na halatang nangangamatis ang puwet dahil lang sa constructive criticism ni Gogs. But you know what indiot? I do am not so interested on celebrating holidays like Xmas and Independence day in which I always feel them that they’re just another ordinary day because I don’t really feel the true meaning of them unlike indiots like you who just can’t wait for them to enjoy your lazy ass day off.

    2. @”loser supreme”

      Nagpapapansin ka lang, tanga -_-
      at nagbago ka nanaman ng pangalan mo kasi puro basura lang ang comments mo dito tulad mo.

  8. The title of this article clearly suggest that the author is not in the “self esteem” business so what the fuck are people upset about?

    1. These ignorant fools had their “PINOY PRIDE” shattered. This nation can’t take criticisms no matter how good your intentions/how sound your arguments are.

      1. Halata naman talaga kasi na wala kang maibubuga dito kundi puro atake lang at hindi rational discussion e kaya ang mga basurang utak squatter na katulad mo ay dapat lang mawala.

        Still not smart eh emmanuel sevilla?

      2. If you’re just here to SPAM the blog with your TROLL comments then it’s better to DELETE all of them.

        “Small minds discuss PEOPLE. Average minds discuss EVENTS. Great minds discuss IDEAS.”

        And this, folks, are the reason why Filipinos on the net should be HATED. Kakahiya. -____-

        1. Winter Soldier,

          Just to be fair. At least in Jigs case there is some discussion. There are questions and back and forth. Which is way more sophisticated than the garden variety troll talking of absolutes and parroting the last Edwin press conference. Jigs asked why write it and that to me is a fair question. I appreciate your consistent support SW.

  9. And lastly, ‘PINOY’ is more like a kanto word so call us FILIPINOS instead.

    And no, you’re not exposing anything dahil you have no evidence or proof. All is based on tsismis and what ifs. IKAW ata ang nagpapasikat e.

  10. Congratulating her is a simple way of giving credit to what she has achieved in her own skills in spite of the struggles and sacrifices she had been through just to get where she is right now. Unfortunately, this author Gogs does not recognize that and showed an utter disrespect to his own kababayan.

    “How many of you cared or even knew anything about the Israeli version of X Factor?? Anyone?”

    How ironic is that? you seem not to care but you are writing this article. What’s your objective really? are you just sour-graping?

    The Palace was not aware in the first place but knowing it from the media that’s why they released their statement of congratulating Fostanes on her winning in singing contest.

    1. Utter disrespect?? Three judges you never heard of liked her better than 10 people you never heard of. In a show I never heard of? Like I said when I wrote this. Where the hell am I supposed to draw the line? Will I hold it against you if you don’t congratulate my nephew for him being on the honor roll? You don’t know him either? I don’t know this Rose. I don’t know the show. AND NEITHER DID YOU. There I have to say it twice for the hard of hearing. KSP is the root of all evil.

      1. I said an utter disrespect because not only you discredit her accomplishment on your mind which is a sign of envy but you also wrote this article to spread here in facebook just to get an attention from the people which does not even contain any important lesson to learn. You are an absolute KSP as you said which you need to reflect. Why not be happy for her instead? the normal reaction from the normal people is that they’ll be pleased on what she accomplished just like you smile normally or feel awe to a stranger when he/she helped somebody in the street. That’s empathy towards other people.

        Even other nationalities, though they didn’t know the person and the show but knowing they see it from the news, they cannot helped themselves but feel glad especially that Rose story portrayed her strength as a woman and as a human being with dignity.

        If you don’t care at all, then you should have kept this in yourself. I find this offensive because Rose was only giving her best to showcase to the world what she got without expecting what she can get from us (Filipinos) and here you are dragging her down with your own self-centered egotistic piece of mind.

        1. You totally missed the point. Can you please read the other well thought out articles in this website so that you can get the gist of what this article is trying to say?

        2. “Showcase to the world” ? Nobody knew this show existed. Not even you. That’s my point. You didn’t know the show, you don’t know her. Nothing, yet I am supposed to stop everything and acknowledge it. If I was on the street and helped somebody. That is proximity. Again , we all don’t know anything about Israeli TV. Let alone this show. Just like nobody cares about Pinoy tv. Has no bearing. Yet you want me to make all this important when it is not .

        3. @Gogs

          Then why you took an effort to write this article? What is you purpose? if you don’t really care about Rose Fontanes and the show? if this not important to you at all?

        4. Jigs,

          I don’t write to please the masses. If I did, would I be writing here? I voice my personal opinion on pinoy pride and articulate it in my own way. When I see something that doesn’t make sense or is grasping at straws and I can make a case for it, GRP allows me to do that here. Why be proud of someone who you never heard of who excelled in a TV show you never heard of? Many others here make the case that the fact she is working abroad a source of pinoy shame? That this country and culture we are so proud of can not provide jobs and opportunity for its own people? It is one thing if you jumped on the bandwagon 4 months ago. But to only come in when the runner breaks the tape on the finish line reeks of opportunism. Which to be fair is what Malacanang does in lieu of foresight, ability and accomplishments.

          The question is why bother writing it? The show may not register with me but the weenie KSP behavior definitely does. I got news for you. I am not the only annoyed at weenie KSP behavior. You may not agree with me but I am consistent. Bandwagon jumping, weenie KSP behavior and grasping at straws always annoyed me. Whether its Jessica Sanchez , Azkals or the previously unknown Israeli X Factor.

          Believe it or not, the process is fun for me. Not one person argued the irrelevance of the PBA , pinoy singing contests or Filipino food abroad. Maybe because it is true. If you go to the GRP Facebook site there are people who agree with me and people who don’t. These same people who agree with me point to what I wrote and say “this is what I mean and this is how I feel.”. The KSPs look at it and say what a jerk. Wherever you fall in the ledger I don’t care. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I explain that in the end of my last blog post that talks about GRP being a positive website. I am not changing soon so warning you now next time I publish anything here in GRP. You might be better off spending time reading someone who makes more sense to you. Hint: read the tagline of Get Real Philippines in the upper lefthand corner. Have an A1 day!.

      2. “Then why you took an effort to write this article? What is you purpose? if you don’t really care about Rose Fontanes and the show? if this not important to you at all?”

        It’s because of the nonsense and dysfunction known as “Pinoy Pride”. You’re missing the point.

        1. The notion of “pinoy pride” as I see it should be applied specifically like what do we have and achieved precisely in ourselves and our nation that we can be truly proud of. That’s genuine pride. But applying this to a talented singer or boxer like Rose and Manny, I dismiss this as a mere “expression” only and not a genuine sign of attitude.

          I believed that after the victory of these two, Filipinos cheered and shouted “I’m proud to be Pinoy” due to an abrupt explosion of emotions; the joy and happiness they felt during that time… It stops there. At the end of the day, after Rose and Manny hyped, these Filipinos will go back to their own normal lives and daily routines like going to work, business, school activities, etc. Hence the result implies inspiration and admiration only of these two, nothing much of it because singing and excellent skills in boxing cannot be emulated by all the avid fans of Rose and Manny. It’s a gift and talent. What they could emulate from them is the perseverance, hardwork, focus and determination but that does not necessarily follow the idea. What they could do is probably what they can get.

        2. But the question is did they REALLY got the inspiration from those successful Filipinos? I still see them as a bunch of outlaws who can’t follow simple rules. So much for their inspiration.

  11. Gogs, sometimes I felt the same way on other Filipinos, note, Anderson Cooper v. Korina Sanchez. People don’t really watch CNN, but it was a hip trend a little months ago to nod our heads for Cooper. Well, i think it was a stunt for Cooper. that’s media magic. Caucasians do not really emphatize to the Malay race, we just happen to enjoy the public stunts they devour.

    The case of PNOY, on the other hand might be the same gesture. Full of tactics, however, we always don’t have the assurance if our thoughts are correct. Perhaps you could have said that, it is okay for Filipinos to appreciate the success of other Filipinos abroad, to have that split-second pat on the back, that Hey, You’re Filipino, Be Proud. That sort. However, the President might have delivered great exaggeration. I don’t think he needs to do this to Rose Fostanes. This might be your point. If i am correct, I would like to add, that Filipinos, until now, have the American dream implanted on their heads. We always look up to Caucasians – Westerners, and look down on ourselves. So, when a Filipino triumphs, we poke ourselves to have proven our worth. Now, this has become a mentality, you see. It’s society. It is always hard to wake up in a beautiful dream, and that’s what most Filipinos devour like diamonds in the sky.

    I admire your constructive opinion and research. It really is informative, but it seems that it has failed to compel your audiences to your advocacy. See, they think you’re the bad guy. I think, you should assert that you’re not.

    All in all, a good read.

    1. Hunter,

      Thank you for reading and reflecting. A long time ago The Great Gonzo said something on the Muppet Show that stayed with me. “Kermit, I don’t play for the masses, I am an artist”. Or something of the sort. What I hope I have done since I started blogging seven years ago is say something I want to say but say it so it is unique to me. There are travels, likes and dislikes unique to me and I try to put that in whenever possible. The aspect that you mention I hit on several times and is obviously a hot button with me. If the pinoys are so great why does foreign recognition mean so much. It is quite the paradox. Pinoys #1 but we are only proud of what is out there and not in here.

      Speaking of CNN, I wrote something a year ago about CNN Heroes. Every year they put the spotlight on people who have a great impact on their communities. Real acts of philanthropy. Back in 2009 a pinoy was involved and everybody flooded your email and Facebook with requests to vote for him. I wrote something in my personal blog that it so hypocritical of pinoys to celebrate one of their own who had qualities pinoys themselves do not value. Except for one. He was celebrated by CNN so pinoys in typical pinoy fashion jumped on the Penaflorida bandwagon. Ever since then CNN Heroes went on and on. Spotlighting good people doing good thiings. With hardly any pinoy attention taking advantage of the flesh and blood example of what can be done to improve the community. You can infinitely learn more from a CNN Hero than a pinoy singing contest winner. But the pinoys are less about learning and more about receiving attention. Not the first time I said it and it won’t be the last.

      The message that media and the President want to tell you is simple. It is better to be pinoy than to be good. It is better to be pinoy than to be informed. Because if you become the pinoy that they want you to be, you will be more docile and therefore more useful to them. Mark Twain I think said one way to cure bigotry is to travel. Even with all our OFWs pinoys still have that tunnel vision. I love what I do here in GRP. I am glad that once in a while I get to tell a story that is important to me personally even if I know it will not “move the meter”. But at least it is out there.

  12. The only people who should be proud of Rose’s win is her family. It’s her own individual accomplishment on a foreign program, and not the whole freakin’ 95+ million Filipino population’s.

  13. do you only acknowledge singers who sang on a famous tv show? if so, then you’re not fit to write anything that involves talent and skills.. you probably even haven’t heard a tribesman in Philippines that can play their own music so well… go travel and be amazed with what the world can offer rather than sit in front of your PC and ranting about other people’s success.. get a life dude!!!

    1. Huh?

      Did you even read the article? Better read it through so you can comment later.

      It’s good to have enough bullets when you go to battle.

    2. musiklaber,

      Why is winning a contest you NEVER HEARD OF such a big deal?? Shouldn’t awareness be part of the prestige? Oh I have traveled the world and seen people perform. Real musicians who play their own instruments and write their own songs. Learn their craft in bars for years before making it big. If you think someone who sings Bohemian Rhapsody in a show you never heard of is better then that is you. That song was around before she was. You wanna impress me, record and write an album like Tapestry. That is talent. This woman is just a blip. Let me repeat again. A show you never heard of. Suddenly I have to conform to you. Listen to Queen. Freddie, Brian, Roger and John. That was a band, those were songwriters. That is talent. Not somebody who sings a 40 year old song in a TV show you never heard of. It is you who should get a life and you who should get some taste in music and some taste in originality. BTW, read the whole thing.

  14. I enjoy reading your articles GRP and I agree with a lot of them. This one I feel is a bit dumb though. So what if she won a contest she’d never heard of? A lot of well-known actors audition for a movie, but inexperienced newcomers bag the role. Matt Damon married a woman who never heard of him. I applied for a company with services I don’t use but I still got the job. Are you telling me I shouldn’t be congratulated for the same reason? My point is, sometimes, life takes us to journeys and experiences we do not expect so why not enjoy it?

    I too feel your frustrations about the Philippines, but yours has got to be extremely intense hate that you seem to poke holes in every single story that is related to the Philippines and its people.

    1. She won a contest that nobody ever heard of then why chest beat?? Pinoys expect everybody to care. That is my beef. KSP is the root of all evil. That is what is dumb to me. Why does a president who disregards the constitution take time out to congratulate the winner of an event we did not know exist. KSP is the root of all evil. Source of annoyance for me anyway. You can find me dumb for thinking that that is up to you. Pinoys starved for attention because the nation is starving for brain cells. You can not argue with that.

      1. Yeah, a lot of Filipinos are dumb. But to be honest, I don’t think being KSP has anything to do with someone’s nationality. Some people just need attention, that’s all. And that has nothing to do with anyone’s race, ethnicity or nationality.

        Also, it doesn’t really matter whether or not anyone has heard of this contest before. Now that they have, naturally, people just got excited and proud. It’s only natural, really. My work has been featured on magazines before. My grandma doesn’t even know what my job is and what this magazine is all about but she took the time to call me and congratulate me. I believe that’s what happened here – but on a much larger scale. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

        1. Where do we draw the line?? The high school football semi finalists of the state of Maine has a reserve DB who saw the field only on kick coverage. He is half pinoy. Proud to be pinoy. Your grandma should be congratulating you. Thats the point. The president trying to epal on Rose’s win. This is pinoy culture. GRP is about the reality of Pinoy culture. You will see patterns.

        2. Right. I do understand what you mean. But you shouldn’t be saying you are not congratulating Rose Fontanes. She happens to love singing, has talent, joined the contest and won. That’s all she did. She did nothing wrong. She is not the issue. The issue are the Filipinos, including the dumb president, who try to leech off of her success. So saying that you’re not congratulating her for her an achievement that was well-deserved doesn’t sound right. Take it on the people who are making epal, not the people who have achieved something and happened to have FIlipino lineage.

  15. This was an opinion in FB I saw worth sharing. Personally I believe I am doing a good job not if I produce answers but if I make a few people think of more questions.

    Barry Kanel

    I mostly agree with you about the sad reality and hypocrisy of “Pinoy pride ” BUT given that the bottom half of the Philippines is impoverished hopeless and been beaten down for decades, I say they should be entitled to enjoy these small symbolic but ultimately meaningless victories if it helps get them through their difficult lives. Why not? Because they are wasting their energies and being made passive by Showtime and tsismis and gin and pride? It’s a lot to expect the uneducated poor powerless and neglected to rise up against an unfair entrenched armed system and take the reins. They are not desperate enough yet. And the new boss is often like the old boss. And lots of people would get hurt in a real non EDSA type revolution. I have no answers just opinions. The Russian revolution is not necessarily the model here but that was a disaster. It begat Stalin. Phils needs a benevolent dictator like Singapore had in Lee Kwan Yu

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