One Man’s Poison Is Another Man’s Royal Wedding


Mass media knows what you want manipulates you by giving you what you want.

Mass media knows what you want manipulates you by giving you what you want.

This is television, that’s all it is. It has nothing to do with people, it’s to do with ratings! For fifty years, we’ve told them what to eat, what to drink, what to wear… for Christ’s sake, Ben, don’t you understand? Americans love television. They wean their kids on it. Listen. They love game shows, they love wrestling, they love sports and violence. So what do we do? We give ’em *what they want*! We’re number one, Ben, that’s all that counts, believe me. I’ve been in the business for thirty years.

Damon Killian in the Running Man

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I finally have an angle on this obnoxious wedding. Read anything I ever wrote about pinoy culture whether it’s politics or entertainment. Anything you see is a reflection of what the audience wants . The wedding was not about a joyful union for friends and family. It was about self promotion and epal. Noontime television is what it is because people watch . Simple as that. People love that stuff. The dancing, the singing  and the jokes . It represents their ideals , aspirations and values . Makes you well up deep inside with Pinoy Pride don’t it?


Who cares about lost lives?? We have some superficial show biz event with some perverse perception of a "best man".

Who cares about lost lives?? We have some superficial show biz event with some perverse perception of a “best man”.

This wedding causes the stir it does for the simple reason that it fascinates people. When you fascinate a lot of people there is money to be made. I could care less about getting facts straight when it comes to pinoy showbiz weddings. I am just here to justify an alternate point of view and just maybe attract readers who like to think. If things are happening it might be good to ask why they are happening and who is making them happen. Let’s take a high profile pinoy wedding from years gone by: Assunta de Rossi married an unassuming gentleman who by all indications is a model husband. That was a spectacle apparently. Was it a made for television event ? Were the wedding expenses perhaps subsidized by the fact that it was a made for TV event? These are things that might factor in when trying to make sense of the whole thing.


Historically High Profile Weddings are for the KSP and those willing to provide the attention to the KSP.

Historically High Profile Weddings are for the KSP and those willing to provide the attention to the KSP.

One man’s poison is another man’s bacon.

Kermit the Frog shortly before he gets pulverized by Miss Piggy

Pinoy showbizness is essentially baduy people producing content that entices baduy people. Content that is ignored by the rest of this world in this age of globalization. The pinoy artista is just as globally relevant as pinoy basketball and pinoy cuisine. If you are not an OFW then there is no relevance.


Tolentino in charge of both slow moving traffic in Manila as well as forcing Pinoy movies down the throats of vacationing people during the month of December.

Tolentino in charge of both slow moving traffic in Manila as well as forcing Pinoy movies down the throats of vacationing people during the month of December.

This is just commentary on what is there. What is there is moronic. Reality is a reflection of the community’s values . Which is tragically institutions like ABS CBN and the Metro Manila Film Festival. Does anybody else find it weird that the spokesperson who everybody blames for the lousiest traffic jams in the world is the same spokesperson for the lousiest films in the world??  Francis Tolentino, proves his versatility by overseeing two aspects of this country no other place cares to emulate.


Low standards for entertainment translates to low standards in the ballot box.

Low standards for entertainment translates to low standards in the ballot box.

Whether its local television , the Metro Manila Film Festival or the elected politicians the Philippines is not exactly a breeding ground for MENSA members. In order to get noticed and to win the hearts (and the wallets) of the local population the message has always been clear: never overestimate the discretion and cerebral faculties of the audience you are trying to reach. Whether it be ratings, box office receipts or votes. The culture is dumb and the fools that keep it all going could care less. Those same fools hate GRP because of Colonel Jessup’s immortal words.


The least qualified gets to be president. Consequences of an easily amused public.

The least qualified gets to be president. Consequences of an easily amused public.

The intense  interest in this wedding and the subsequent venom directed at anyone questioning it says something about us. Just like when Noynoy was elected in 2010 , the people have spoken and the people are dumb.

33 Replies to “One Man’s Poison Is Another Man’s Royal Wedding”

  1. It’s the biggest most extravagant publicity and marketing stunt ever pulled on Philippine television by a major television network, involving no less than the country’s head of state itself.

    It is so irritating to see nimrods spout their usual mindless tripe

    “Pera nila yun pinaghirapan”,
    “dream wedding nila yum”,
    “inggit lang kayo!”

    yet fail to see the event for what it really is, a marketing gimmick, a publicity stunt, an investment and money-making scheme to boost ratings and revenue in the long-run.

    Ang bababaw.

    1. I didn’t even expect this issue to garner so much public reaction. The GRP does its usual thing on providing social commentary and criticism on whatever current event comes along. But the reactions were indeed resounding.

      Ganoon ba ka passionate mga Pilipino sa mga iniidolo nilang celebrities? Why in the hell can’t they showcase the same passion when it comes to issues that truly matter and truly concerns their future and well-being?

      Again, ang bababaw talaga.

      1. I’ve been reading and commenting here for some time now and when I saw 1,000+ comments on Ilda’s post I couldn’t believe it.

        Most missed the issue entirely, letting things boil down to “inggit”. Seems that Ilda sorely overestimated the intelligence of the couple’s fandom and underestimated their “rabidness” – frothing at the mouth over any [perceived] insult against their idols. Any public figure is supposed to expect criticism for whatever they do. I think it is the fandom that was more affected by the article than the actual participants.

        1. It irked me a lot, but then I should’ve expected it and not reacted with such disdain. Fan behavior is usually like that. They take any affront to their idols rabidly. As passionate as it is stupid.

          But then again, they would never wake up from their stupor if they are always treated gently.

    2. Blah, blah, blah, it’s commercialized, blah blah blah, extravagant, blah blah blah, publicity stunt, blah blah blah.

      It’s all that, yes, but do tell someone who’s never had a problem (overt, covert, blatant, insidious, whatever) with extravagant commercialized publicity stunts from birth, indeed seeing it as a side effect (what? too strong?) of capitalism colliding with democracy — what’s wrong with it (“it” being publicity stunts in general and the “royal” wedding in particular)?

      Because unless one asserts that all commercial products are devoid of cultural or some other palatable value (which is something you would have to be culturally numbed to swallow), all this complaining about tripe is really beside the point.

    3. To be honest, I don’t get why these fans defend their idol. It’s not like their idol will thank them for defending him/her. They’re not gonna care anyways.

  2. If this was all marketing for ABS-CBN, then it was a good business move for them. I wonder how much they made from it? What was the ROI? Who knows, but it certainly caught a lot of attention. Not by me. Don’t even know who this couple is, at least until the press coverage of it took place. And I gagged. It’s not like it was any royalty I cared about. Just some tasteless display of wealth, and some very, very insecure egos.

    I will however say this: the press gobbled it up, and shoved it down our throats, and those of several million people. And when the press does that for some insignificant people, it just goes to show what idiots they are. Transparency? Don’t they ever have anything better to show us?

  3. PDI, what a very nice placement. I see what you did there.

    Most Pinoys need an a brain reboot (ergo, electrocution therapy) and train them to think critically. Otherwise, one cannot reason with someone who is living exclusively in their own version of fantasy.

  4. This is too much, you are posting too much about the wedding and it defeats the purpose. You can’t blame the couple for our country’s poverty because you can’t stop poverty.

    I am not an advocate nor a fan of these power couple, but I don’t see anything bad about the wedding because:

    – GMA can use it as a marketing tool to advertise their sponsors, especially the ones endorsed by Dingdong and Marian.

    – The president’s involvement in the wedding may not affect our economy.

    – The couple used their hard-earned money to make the wedding happen, which I think 2 years worth of savings?

    Why don’t you just stick to your favorite topic which is poverty and corruption in the Philippines instead of posting these crap?

    1. I’m more inclined to believe GMA bore the brunt of the expenses. I always see people claim the couple shouldered all the expenses from their savings.

    2. What’s it to you if other people want to write and analyse the event?

      The couple used their hard-earned money to make the wedding happen, which I think 2 years worth of savings?

      First, there’s information going around that GMA spent 100 million for the wedding. If true, that means the couple didn’t spend for the wedding. So therefore, their fans can’t keep using the defence that “they paid for it using their hard earned money”. Even if it’s not true and the couple did spend their own money, I personally do not want regular Filipinos emulating this kind of obscenity. The Philippines is a poor country and promoting excessive spending is not good at all.

      1. Look at the excessive self promotion during election campaigns. Reality check we are a poor country. Someone is paying for that. That someone is us .

    3. Power couple? Maybe you meant product? Managed by brand managers to ensure they continue to make money for the corporation?

      One thing I hate when I visit youtube, when you have your default location set to Philippines, recommended vids upon landing will typically be: 1) kris’ latest scandal, 2) vice’s latest boo boo, 3) marian’s latest brawl, 4) charice and other kabakyaan. I’m Filipino too! But I can’t afford to waste time on dumb shows! Show me something else!

      I’m sure these recommendations come from some algorithm. Meaning – these are the actual highest search queries coming from the Phils. Kabakyaan is really so pervasive. Big media, anong ginawa mo sa utak ng mga pinoy?

  5. Well, nothing is more despicable than the excessive coverage of abs cbn on Rico Yan’s death. This wedding is of course just a mere manifestation of how network wars have deteriorated. We consume them with gusto. A rather unfortunate vicious cycle.

    1. A rivalry is supposed to bring out the best in you. But in this culturally bankrupt place ABS CBN and GMA 7 have to out baduy each other to get more baduy eyeballs. What do the critics expect? People can be baduy and not expect to be criticized for being baduy??

  6. From the GRP Facebook page

    How can you guys be such heartless pricks? To call people morons, baduy, idiots, stupid, and every other derogatory terms just because they enjoy watching mainstream movies or noon time show is just unfair in every sense. A person’s intellect, attitude, or culture is not defined by the simple things he enjoys. I, personally, do not watch noon-time shows or telenovelas, because I easily get bored. Does not make me intellectually superior to my friends who are engineers and architects who enjoy watching these shows after a long days work from construction sites? No it doesn’t. I think you guys are being way too unfair and cruel to your countrymen. Instead of ranting, bashing, and whining about every little fault in our society without offering any proper alternative to the current system, why don’t you guys become teachers and make sure the younger generations will never become like us (In case your baseless assumption is proven correct and we are that bad people). I guess most of you won’t do it though. You’d rather be pseudo-intellectuals, self-righteous activists, and Don Quixotes instead of being members of the academe and create real changes to our society.

    Sad Socrates

    Like • Reply • 42 • 4 hrs
    5 Replies • 2 mins

    I love people who don’t read what I said but yet come out with detailed and coherent comebacks to why I am wrong. My main point here even if all you did was look at the pictures and read the captions is that we have low standards when it comes to what will amuse us and it comes out in our choice for public officials the public has low standards for them. And what do you know during that lame wedding, the lame president is “best man”. I included a copy of his “accomplishments” compared to his opponents in the 2010 election where he emerged victorious. Dumb won in May 2010 and dumb won December 2014. And the newspaper headline captured our baduy values for all to see. They can do all that I agree but don’t deny me my interpretation of it especially if you don’t read that interpretation in full. I wrote this so call me a heartless prick which may be accurate. Don’t blame anybody else in GRP.

  7. More from the GRP FB page

    @GRP never ever write/say negative thoughts to showbiz people, You are making the Filipino Masses very furious. Our Current Affairs is very showbiz oriented! Once you go against the showbiz people then you are marked by the “well informed” viewing public as bitter, hater, charlatan, and futile. Entertainment won vs Information. Effects of the #yellowpropaganda, #enoughyellow

    Bryan Yu

    Like · Reply · 18 · 4 hrs
    2 Replies · 2 hrs

    Like the Filipino masses ever care about a guy who uses 40 year old Muppet show episodes as a reference. You do have one thing right, if you are looking for yellow propaganda I am a great source for it.


    Oiram Agrotsa
    Like · Reply · 7 · 4 hrs

    Only in the Philippines! That’s why, I never watch Phil movie produce since I started to evaluate of the content, relevancy, quality of films in technical and more has lacking of values, and as a results VERY CHEAP! It’s now 37 years I have not spent my time to watch Tagalog movies including TV Tagalog films or series.

    Jo Belches Racaza

    Like · Reply · 6 · 3 hrs

    move on a-hole, ur making ur blog so useless that I am willing to answer back your posts and make it viral.

    porke namention ka lang sa gmanews post ka na ng post ng walang kakwenta kwenta.

    Paolo Acelajado
    Like · Reply · 5 · 3 hr

    I love you too

    Somebody who comments on a ‘baduy’ is “baduyer” …. At least they are being recognised internationally…. So they are not baduy… Unlike you #GRP na ni recognition wala….. #poorGRP

    Earl Keen Burgos Beswayan

    Like · Reply · 5 · 3 hrs

    Appealing to pinoys working overseas just because there are crap opportunities in their land of birth is not being ” recognised ” (sic) internationally .


    Marilyn Banares

    Like · Reply · 4 · 3 hrs

    “Don’t let the door hit you in the butt”- Art Williams

    Get Real! You do forget that the reason you are here is for the Ph to unite and step up to direction. Lol. You too much anal-ize and bring gossip instead.

    Je’em Navarro

    Like · Reply · 4 · 3 hrs

    BRING GOSSIP? Calling pinoy entertainment and pinoy voters and politicians moronic is not gossip. It’s called stating the obvious.

    Laki ng inggit mo sa ksalang ito inde kba naimbitahan?,,

    Ruel Namuco

    Like · Reply · 4 · 4 hrs

    Intelligent comeback Einstein. I barely have enough gift budget for people. I care about let alone practitioners of baduy shows I will never watch even if you gave me a TV with no cable. If they bottle your intelligence , where can I get some?

    1. Yeah, thank Christ for the internet (eg youtube, netflix) i’d rather watch pewdiepie play video games all day long rather than this bullshit.

  8. We are all critics here. I assume the author of this blog can become a good public official or even a president. Your good in pointing out what’s wrong in our country.

      1. Maybe your not “baduy” enough to garner votes. But in your own point of view, are there other ways in selecting an official who can serve our country effectively? You might think I didnt understand your point in your article but I guess your the one who doesn’t understand my comment. Those officials that you are criticising are not just dumb people to be on their position. Arent their educational background and credentials not enough to assume office? It doesn’t mean just because our president is surrounded by celebrities all his decisions are base on it. We can criticize them as much as we want to, but if you’ll be given a chance to take his position do you think you can do better?

  9. I’ve said it many times but what has GRP actually done to our country’s cause besides constantly whine in every article they post? The is like the nth article about the wedding and they still feel compelled to act like superior beings despite apparently making fools out of themselves. Since they love to pick on private individuals and their money, I wonder how they would behave if they spent 100M PHP on any event. The funny thing about GRP is that they are so opinionated that they don’t have the guts to admit their mistakes. How does that make them any better than those politicians who don’t have the balls to admit their involvement in pork barrel funds and other corrupt allegations?

    Ernesto Nuguid

    Like • 4 • More • 5 hours ago

    We are not superior beings but do we counter conventional media yes. When you say ” private individuals and money” it is always a high profile individual who has been exposed by some other media so don’t blame us. Speaking only for me. To the eternal asked question : What has GRP ever done?

    Why do you expect GRP to “do” something for the country when Noynoy despite being a senator and a congressman and being from a prominent family did zero for the country yet he gets voted for president. You guys heckle us and whatever but not once do we ask you for your vote so we can spend your taxpayer money. Not once.

    If your cause is to exterminate showbiz idolism among Pinoys, then condemn also these “baduy” jejemons who constantly “adapt” Vice Ganda shits and acts. Enough of those senseless “gaybar” style jokes

    Wyitt de la Torre

    Edited • Like • More • 4 hours ago

    A blog will never exterminate showbiz idolatry among pinoys . What it can do is help people, on the Fence .m decide either way pro or con.
    People can do what they want but there are consequences to any decision. Just like there are consequences to taking a stand while blogging.

    Kuya Anong almusal mo ginisang ampalaya feeling ko lunch mo ay sinigang na bangus at Ang dinner mo Paksiw na gg!! ksi Ang bitter mo n Nga nag mamaasim kpa!!

    Nancy Fernandez

    Like • 2 • More • 4 hours ago

    What part about “never overestimate the discretion and cerebral faculties of the audience “ don’t you understand ? I don’t watch this guys , they are of no value to me and yet you claim I am bitter??? Does not compute .

    Whats wrong with pinoy basketball? Die hard nga ang pinoy sa basketball compare to other countries..we have the greatest heart when it comes to basketball..tra one on one na lng lol..pinoy ka pa rin..malakas crab mentality mo lol

    Christopher Parrenas

    Like • Reply • 8 hrs

    What’s wrong with pinoy basketball??? We are the only country devoted to basketball. It is our sporting identity and we don’t achieve. It’s the only team sport we care about in the schools and playgrounds . The best athletes in other countries play soccer or medal in Olympics or play baseball. And they still beat us in basketball. What heart? Why pick a subjective quality ? Because you are justifying losing. To be crab I would have to be discouraging their success. There is no success to discourage. PBA is the most baduy league in the world . Nobody comes to the Philippines looking for talent. Nobody. Here is a hint: like what you like and enjoy what you enjoy but if you are lousy at it compared to the rest of the world don’t use marketing slogans like “puso” to obscure the fact you are lousy at the one sport your population devotes itself to.

  10. GRP, why not also focus on the good about the Philippines and it’s people? Hwag naman panay negative please!

    Karen Benmaho
    Like • Reply • 1 • 10 hrs

    Huh??? This country celebrates the irrelevant and does not value life and you want us to focus on what is good when the nation as a whole focuses on the superficial?? The nation is star struck and never “smart” struck. That is why I included that PDI headline where they have the headline of 31 dead with the useless president’s smiling face above it. A useless president that the baduy elected. The same baduys you resent me focusing on. Look at the nations values. If we decide to expose them for what they really are, why do you resent that?? Please see Colonel Jessup statement.

  11. hopefully the little banter with grp will at least have an inception-like (for the better) effect to first time visitors who came with guns a-blazing and emotions overriding their sensibilities.

  12. More from the GRP Facebook page

    … you know what GRP? if u cant stand living here in the Philippines with all the dumbness that it gives then better leave… if you are out of the country then stop being sooo rude… you know ala ka ring pinagkaiba sa ilang Pinoy na sobrang liit ang tingin sa masa… cguro naman alam na alam mo na may malalim na dahilan kung bakit ang mga masa e ganun ang mentalidad… ang hamon ko sa yo GRP kase yaman din lamang na mahusay ka, bakit di ka gumawa ng platform
    para magkaroon ng isang makabuluhang inclusive growth ang bansang ito… hindi tayong mga Pinoy ang pinaka kupal sa mundong ito… di man mahuhusay ang mga Pinoy at kahit baduy ang Pinoy iba pa rin ang Pusong pinoy… cguro natatangahan ka sa rason ko? pakialam ko… kahit bobo sa paningin mo masaya ako sa buhay ko… ang ikinagagalit ko e ang mababang pagtingin mo sa kapwa mo Pinoy pero ano na ba nagawa mo o naiambag mo para sa Pagbabago ng bansang ito

    Joncy Mendoza
    Like · Reply · 34 · Yesterday at 07:48 · Edited

    Your output is not going got change if your input is not going to change . You can’t have Jollibee mentality and expect Outback steak. As for your better leave command many people are . I don’t understand pinoy pride . So proud yet they have to go elsewhere for a living in often menial labor . Proud of what?? Being baduy? All this wouldn’t be bad if pinoys were known for their humility but they are not . They elect an unaccomplished slacker whose only claim to fame was a dead mother and he has no humility. Pinoys obsessed with basketball yet proud of 1-4 . Symbolic of the disconnect between their pride and their reality. Thing is you guys get pissed at me for pointing it out.

    As for making a platform who cares ? No one. Noynoy just had to be baduy and keep showing pictures of his dead mom and he won. That is a game that is in the hands of baduy pinoys and you expect me to play that game ?

    You ask what do I do to improve this place? First of all many of the baduys are content with being baduy. There are a few who want to escape their cage of baduyness and those people sometimes turn to Get Real Philippines. There is no more noble cause than that.

    AND SO… WHAT IS IT TO YOU? eh ganito kami ngaun … mahal namin ang dongyan… it is the only couple for today na walang halong kaek ekan… so kaya mo yan? from the blood and sweat they pour out love… so ano sa iyo?

    Rosario Avila
    Like · Reply · 3 January at 16:04

    You love them??? Guess they love you back. I always know I am outclassed when my critic speaks jejemon. The language of the cerebral. Somehow baduy is coverted to love . You should patent the formula .

    Hay pinoy masyadong mga pintasero, masyadong pa class. Eh ano kung baduy? Nakakamatay ba ang pagiging baduy? Unahin mo muna yang dumi mo sa mukha gaga , nagpapa class ka trying hard ka din naman na mapansin yang article mong walang kwenta!

    Nell Jun
    Like · Reply · 13 hrs

    You admit it is baduy and that is progress. To answer your question your little artista story book mentality permeates into the nitty gritty of the reality of running this country. To refute your last claim that nobody cares about what I wrote let me paraphrase my philosophical idol Jeff Spicoli ” if you’re here and I’m here , doesn’t it make it our time Mr.Hand?? ” The fact that you are here and assuming you are not a regular totally contradicts your conclusion.

    It is better to be “Baduy” than to be a corrupt one. Don’t be a’s part of our pinoy culture

    Chinkee De Asis
    Like · Reply · 3 January at 16:18

    oh for you Chinkee De Asis , life is so simple. To be baduy means never having to say you are corrupt. Can i so humbly suggest that the corrupt adopt baduyness in order to continue feeding their corrupt vices? You might be open to that possibility .

    Pag cheap at baduy masamang tao na? cheap at baduy din naman ang tmz at gossip girls. Di lang pinoy tv shows ang baduy at cheap. Sa mga nagsabi nun, wag na kaung tumira dito sa pinas, di namin kayo kelangan. Mga crabs…

    Jeffrey Turbolencia
    Like · Reply · 3 January at 12:30

    No one is saying baduyness does not exist anywhere else on planet Earth but for pinoys it is their bread and butter. If it’s not baduy prove it . If it is baduy accept it. You don’t seem to be capable of either. Crabs pull something back. No other culture accepts the unique brand of pinoy baduyness.

    You’re the one who should “Get Real” dud.
    Dongyan wedding is none of your business, move on. Go back where you are good at, making blog that is socially relevant.
    I think the Admin of this page is a die hard Angel Locsin fan haha

    Junior Arsing
    Like · Reply · 14 hrs

    When you comment on fluff that supersedes “31 dead” on the headline of the newspaper of “record ” aren’t you being socially relevant ??? Btw , you busted me. I am the Angel Locsin fan. I used her picture in this entry from two years ago .

    Sometimes it is difficult to listen or read on perspectives that are different from yours but that’s how you learn and with a very diverse world and globalization we need to be open to other opinions. I do not understand why people will unfollow GRP just because they write against this over indulgent wedding…

    Loraine DeBoom
    Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 04:00

    That wedding captured the imagination of the population . If they were looking for praise they should accept the minuscule accompanying ridicule. To paraphrase something I heard in a Russ Meyer movie Loraine, I won’t have an opinion on your stamp collection if you don’t display it for all to see. This was on the front page of the paper. Picture of the lovely couple with their mascot . Sorry but to resent people having an opinion of something so public is the gateway to communism . Judging by GRP FB followers i see us gaining more than we lose. People can of course follow or unfollow we have no control over that. Correct Loraine, those same people won’t unfollow if we kissed Dingdong a$$. I bet that would be the harbinger of the exodus.

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