Pinoy Pride Euphoria  Over An Olympic Gold Medal Singular

WALDORF You know, I love French singers.

STATLER I love French fries.

WALDORF French fries? I don’t get that.

STATLER You didn’t order any.


Muppet Show 109 

A GOLD MEDAL!!! The world is coming to an end according to my timeline. The Philippines never had one. The irony of celebrating novelty 97 years seems to escape people. If you pay attention to what we write here, our common theme is that pinoy pride often comes at the cost of pinoy brains.

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That one gold medal is supposed to erase the goose egg  pinoys  got in London, Australia, China, Greece, Barcelona, Seoul and a ton of other Olympics where we got no medals. While doing some Google searches in preparation I ran across a curious headline that had the words : Philippine Olympics Gold Medal 1988.

Usual pinoy KSP headline. I wonder if Ben Kritz wrote it. They counted a demonstration sport medal as a gold medal. Show me a nation that even mentions their Olympics demonstration sports medal 32 years later  and I will show you a nation that has no success in the actual Olympics.

When you are starving for Olympics success / attention then this will have to do.

I did not write this for clicks. Nobody else will point out that in the Philippines, the passion is in the celebration and never in the preparation. Look at the Olympics sports and show me the passion nationwide for those sports in the years where are there are no Olympics. Maybe it is expecting too much for the Philippines to “act like you’ve been there before” because they have never been there before. Nobody asks why it took 97 years. Well no shame in being on par with Bermuda. 

I had at least one angry person tell me celebrating the first ever gold medal in 97 years is appropriate behavior. You can look at it that way. The glass is 1% full. Allow me to play devil’s advocate or maybe just remove advocate.  Why do other countries routinely win at least a dozen medals every Olympics and we only got the first one in 97 years? Look at the pinoys going nuts now, all that energy. If they transplanted the energy we see in celebration and pour that into preparation then I am sure we would have gotten to that first gold medal sooner.

The Olympics is a strange place to be planting the pinoy pride flag. The country routinely leaves the Olympics without a medal. They bask in the glory of demonstration medals. If that is not a metric for low standards then I don’t know what is.  The Olympics should be a place for pinoy humility but we know pinoy humility is as nonexistent as pinoy DUI law enforcement. Japan gets 41 medals in a single Olympics ( 12 gold 8 silver 21 bronze) . I don’t choose them because they got the most medals , I chose them because I want to take away the pinoy excuse of genetics.

As I wrote nine  years ago ,   Pinoys  care about the preparation about as much as they care about discipline and following rules.  They will jump on the Olympics bandwagon when the horse is out of the barn. Ask Michael Christian Martinez . Nobody cared about him including the government until he was carrying the flag in the opening ceremonies.


One gold medal in 97 years. WOW!!! You are enjoying it the same way I would enjoy Jollibee if I was stranded in the desert alone and hungry for two days. The Philippines popped their cherry when it comes to an Olympic gold medal. They are also looking at it with the objectivity of a 15 year old when they go through it literally. I guess for some there is glory in popping your cherry at 68 years old.  Celebrate away.


We know the pinoys can celebrate over the most minute of baby steps. They don’t get a steady diet of Olympics medals because like Waldorf and Statler ,  they didn’t order any. You order by being as passionate as your opponents at home before you earn the honor of being passionate on the Olympic stage.  Medals come to the passionate. I only see passion in the Philippines in celebration and a few basketball games.  You know there are some countries that minimize their celebrations because they expend their energy preparing for the Olympics . Like Japan. I guarantee you they are not going nuts over one gold medal.

51 Replies to “Pinoy Pride Euphoria  Over An Olympic Gold Medal Singular”

  1. It might be an unpopular opinion or thought as well, but I really don’t get the Pinoy Pride for the gold. Or the statement some make that she made them proud to be pinoy.

    I found it odd and actually improper.

    If anyone should be asked whether her win makes her proud to be a Filipino, it should only be Hidalyn who can speak about it, no one else.

    As those who jump on the bandwagon had no hand in her training and her effort to get the gold.

    If they believe watching TV to support and “praying” for her win is “effort”, then I would just beg to disagree. The mere fact that people only come out of the wood work only after she has reached the pinnacle, and not throughout the journey, I find disgraceful.

    I never posted about her win, nor do I bother to post Pinoy Pride about her win. It doesn’t make logical sense to me.

    One thing I expected pinoy to gain from Hidalyn’s gold medal is not pride, but understanding that there is not replacement for hard work and effort. She is clearly goal oriented, just as our other Olympic athletes who are doing the best. They might stumble and not reach their goals, but what matters is they tried and did their best. Unlike those who just say “Don’t wanna, it’s hard”.

    1. The Pinoy pride and “Proud to be Pinoy” comments are humiliating, like what are they proud of? It’s her accomplishment that she earned a gold medal, it’s an individual accomplishment.

    2. I don’t feel so alone. There is this paradox. A gold is supposed to be worth so much yet and it makes people feel good yet this is the first one ever after such a long time. Why are others so dominant and we are so useless? Our society does not care about sports as much as other societies do but you wouldn’t know it looking at Pinoy pride. There is no pride in work for many of these people but they will gladly chest beat on someone else’s medal. The passion is in the celebration not preparation.

      1. WOW!!! You take somebody not registered with the Philippine Olympic team, not trained by the Philippines , does not work here, not educated here and wearing the flag of another country , whose medal counts towards another country and you take credit. I am curious, do you consider the money that Jeff Bezos makes as your own? That is so pinoy of you. Your cerebral prowess is exactly why this website exists.

        1. Gogs, that’s typical credit grabbing, a Fil-Am winning something in Olympics and people like him will say “Proud to be Pinoy” despite that athlete or Olympic player representing a country which is not Philippines.

        2. No Data. You get it . Nowhere in the piece do I belittle the athletes in 2021. OK so they show it can be done. Yet we have always seen that intense celebration over the smallest things. Nobody cared to ask why it took so long. Also I said this very earlier in my story.

          If you pay attention to what we write here, our common theme is that pinoy pride often comes at the cost of pinoy brains.



      Congrats Philippines! The World is now seeing that our time has come. We are now emerging as a World Power.



      I need you to read what I wrote again and understand it this time.. Then I need you to look the following concepts/ facts:



      delusions of grandeur
      lack of perspective
      the medal count of Germany in the 2016 Olympics
      the medal count of the Philippines in the 2016 Olympics ( you can add the gold from 2021)




      You can see this is how I believe you grasp vocabulary. 



    2. I think you’re just trolling. Any person in the right mind knows that Philippines is not even close to even becoming 1st world let alone a world power. This country has so much arrogance and ego, huh? Only few are humble.

  2. Pinoy pride isn’t about bragging when we’re obviously lagging on other things. In one way it’s just an exaggerated emotion. The fact is some Filipina or another can really do it.

  3. Gogs,

    You’ve got big individual pride of yourself. Same goes this question: why are other people great, famous, billionaires, and succesful in their own professions and you are not Gogs? How did they do it but you still cannot Gogs? Are you doing great today? If yes, what are your achievements that are considered in the category of Gold?

    Ask yourself these questions before you demand others to be great. If you think others did it, why can’t you? What’s wrong?

    If you are a loser and lousy in your life Gogs, then you don’t have the right to demand others to be great. Or else nobody will believe in you. If you find being great or considered being the greatest as a very difficult and complicated feat to accomplish, other Filipinos may feel the same way as you do.

    1. You can project what you want to me but I will not scream ” proud to be pinoy !” . I did not vote for a guy for president because his mom died. I do not brag about demonstration sports. This place is about my opinion and my opinion is “The Olympics is a strange place to be planting the pinoy pride flag. “. If you disagree with me fine. Wow two medals right now in one Olympics. Go ahead and go outside and be proud to pinoy. If pinoys were more humble maybe they would be more productive. Sorry, I am not as blown away as you.

      1. I will celebrate when there’s something to celebrate and i will be sad when something needs to be sad about. That’s how normal people should react.

        You, on the other hand, is someone who is bitter and weird. I think you have mental disorder.

        1. Gee Doctor. I will take that under advisement.

          “The Olympics is a strange place to be planting the pinoy pride flag. “

        2. You are weird because you are loud when the Philippines is not winning more medals but when the Philippines did win more in other sports event you are quite. I haven’t seen you here criticized “pinoy pride” when the Philippines won 149 Gold, etc. 387 total medals and ranked no. 1 overall in the Southeast Asian games in 2019 beating Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam among others.

          Filipinos were so loud at that time and I’m sure they occupied most of your social media feeds. Not sure if you were hiding that time Gogs? Am i right? huh?

        3. Gogs,

          Who made you the judge on what Pinoys can and cannot be proud of?

          If we are happy celebrating a fellow kababayan, what is so wrong with that?

          You think we are wasting our time? But is that any different that most Americans wasting their time on reality shows or playing video games.

          Life is too short to hate. If we want to be happy about something that you do not care about, then just leave us alone.

          If someone wants to spend his whole day watching Ja-Mill or Ivana prank videos, di hayaan mo sila. Ano ba talaga ang problema mo Gogs? Bakit galit na galit ka sa mga Pinoy?

        4. Warning: I will be deleting comments that have different author names but the same IP address (which I did just now) and retain only the most recent one.

          To avoid this, make sure you use the same name and refrain from posting using different identities.


  4. Why would that be weird??? There is less interest in what you want me to comment about. You can’t tell me even Filipinos put equal stock in SEA Games compared to the Olympics . I have zero memories about any SEA games so why should I waste my time writing about it. I like to write about things I care about. Olympics : Mark Spitz, Mary Decker Slaney, Ben Johnson, Flo- Jo, Elizabeth Manley, Nadia , Michael Jordan, Bobby Knight, Bruce Jenner before he became Caitlan. I can’t rattle off SEA games participants. Why waste my time?

    “If you’re proud to be pinoy clap your hands!”

    1. Sure. Because you cannot accept Pinoys are winning golds than you can imagine in any sports event, including team sports. Filipinos were so hyped that time celebrating most especially in social media. And yeah we clapped our hands for our athletes who won medals in that year. And also to Diaz now who won gold recently. What are your achievements in life that you wanna share for us if there’s any that athletes should emulate about since you demand Filipinos to be great? Maybe we can get some inspiration from you? Seriously, what do you do?

      Why care to write about the Philippines when you are not Filipino by heart? You get insulted everytime Filipinos celebrate winning in any sports event and feel slighted when Filipinos are flashing that “pinoy pride” instead of just enjoying the moment like other Filipinos. Filipinos are your greatest annoyance isn’t it? Yet you still enjoy it? Do you enjoy getting annoyed seriously and still find it pleasurable to write about it? I think you are so killjoy. And being a KJ makes you KSP here. You are oblivious not realizing yourself you are flashing your KSP and Pride here. And yours also are considered pinoy KSP and pinoy Pride Gogs. Albeit opposite than the usual. That’s still pinoy pride.

      1. Don’t you see the irony?? You are so proud to be pinoy that you insist I care about the SEA games An event that even Japan does not care about. Why is this about me?? This is about the low standards of the pinoy and waste of time celebrations for hitting a very low bar. You make it about me. Make sense by the next reply . Otherwise make your own proud to be pinoy blog that I won’t read. You really think personal shots at me are endearing? WOW 2 medals and the world is going to end.

        1. Hahaha of course it is SEA games. Japan isn’t included. So you belittle the athletes of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam?

          This is about you because you are the one who wrote this one. Still waiting for your reply if you did great in your life and what are your achievements, otherwise I will assume you are a mediocre person who just like to whine everything about the Philippines but didn’t work hard to be great yourself.

          You think winning medals in any international sports competition is low standard? Your blog has low standard so I assumed you exemplifies mediocrity yourself than the pinoy athletes who won.

          I bet you will read if ever I write a blog about pinoy pride because you sooo love pinoy pride annoyance yourself that you get annoyed and at the same time enjoy it. You are a real weirdoo.

          If you demand greatness from Pinoys, make sure you exemplifies that virtue in yourself for us to follow suit. Or we will just dismiss you as a living lazy hypocrite who is only good at whining. That’s the deal.

        2. There is an unwritten rule in show business and in sports. The more pinoys dominate the less the world cares. It is like that in movies and basketball. This blog is about my opinion on pinoy culture. Nobody here talks about their personal life just their personal opinion. Pinoys are too busy being proud to care about things that require education and discipline. Look at pinoy TV and movies. Cater to the baduy. Since you are making this about me. Then don’t blame me if you can no longer respond to this thread. Olympic gold is worth 2 million SEA gold medals. No memories of the SEA games just like nobody outside of the Philippines cares about the PBA. I cared enough of your opinion so don’t bother replying. Enjoy the SEA games and its irrelevance to the world. And the MMFF that they have to force down our throats. I bet you are proud of that.

        3. Gogs,

          I don’t like most of pinoy movies but I like and am proud of pinoy athletes winning medals in international sports competitions. That only means they did great and I celebrate their winnings. If that celebration is tantamount to “pinoy pride” as an insult, I don’t think it is proper for you to be killjoy. Any country and the fans/citizens/nationals of that country are celebrating when their athletes are winning. Some even go beyond fighting other nationals for their athletes. So that feels being human. As for you who isn’t happy when Pinoys are winning and dismiss it here as low standard is misplaced. You are a hater. That’s it.

          In NBA team basketball just like the recently concluded Bucks vs Suns finals, Bucks fans were so hyped and proud and they celebrated and had a party overnight even if they won championship only after 50 years. Suns fans, on the other hand, flashed that pride in their team getting into the finals for the first time in franchise history and it continued even after losing to Bucks. In comparison to Philippines winning gold medal now since 1924, Pinoys reacted the same as the reactions of Bucks fans when they won championship. And here you are dismissing it as something so wrong and something pinoys shouldn’t be proud of. You are out of your mind, Gogs. No way you are normal.

      2. Let’s accept it Jason, most of the Pinoys who claim that they’re proud to be Pinoys whenever a Pinoy wins something in Olympics and international sport events have inferiority complex that they feel the need to be proud of something and most of them are also hungry for 1st world validation. You can celebrate but why are you even proud to be a Pinoy? What is there to be proud of? What are you proud of?

        1. We celebrate like “Mabuhay ang Pinoy, Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!” I’m proud of pinoy athletes winning medals. I don’t think there is wrong with that as what Gogs trying to shove here.

          I don’t include politics when it comes to sports competition. Even if I don’t like our government, I separate this as another discussion.

        2. Jason, you can be proud of Pinoy athletes winning medals but being proud of being Pinoy just because of their accomplishments is not really good because their accomplishments are personal accomplishments, not accomplishments as a race.

        3. I’m proud of pinoy athletes winning medals and am also proud being pinoy if we are winning. If we are losing I may feel disappointed but I can accept that fact and move on. I won’t condemn myself being pinoy for that matter because no matter what I do, and wherever I go, I always go back to being Filipino. So I have to accept that fact, unlike Gogs who abhors Pinoy culture as if he didn’t become part of it in his lifetime. Just because you like foreign elements and shows like Gogs doesn’t make you one and be a part of them and doesn’t give you the license to be better than most of pinoys. You look at yourself in the mirror and you can say to yourself that you are still a Filipino. Black Americans always go back to their colors and their country of origin in Africa, which is not really as great as USA. But by recognizing that fact, they didn’t diminish their being black, instead, some of them built their good fortune and legacies in USA, a country of emigrants (mostly from Europe) dominated by white people. Being pinoy isn’t a hindrance to be great at all if one really aims to be great no matter the race, and one can be stupid no matter the race.

          Pinoy athletes’ accomplishments are also the accomplishments of the Philippines because they represent the country in olympics. They wore the Philippine flag when they compete and they are authorized to act on behalf of the Philippines. Such that when Diaz won the gold, the announcer shouted “Philippines, the gold is yours!”

          Gogs, love to cite Japan as one of the winningest country in Asia. He didn’t cite Japanese names to point out invidividual accomplishments in olympics. He cited Japan as a whole. So what you said as personal accomplishments will only happen when the country is not attached to it. But that is not going to happen in public international sports competition.

        4. Jason, their accomplishments are personal accomplishments. Yes, the Filipino athletes represent the Philippines, it’s a win for the Philippines but those are still not accomplishments of us Filipinos as the Filipino race. Saying that their accomplishments are accomplishments of the Filipinos as a race or the whole Filipino race, then it would be considered a credit grabbing already so we can’t chant “Proud to be Pinoy” when a Filipino athlete wins a medal in the Olympics because it’s embarrassing. I’m just happy that the “Proud to be Pinoy” trend is no longer as rampant as before when even if a person with the tiniest Filipino blood wins something, people will chant “Proud to be Pinoy” even if that person is representing a country which is not the Philippines.

        5. You said it “it’s a win for the Philippines” thus, it is a win for the whole country and the Filipino people.

          What do you really mean when you said accomplishments of Filipino race? Do you mean that each Filipino should each contribute in reaching a certain goal for it to be considered an accomplishment of Filipino race the moment it becomes successful? Is that really possible? If that’s what you meant, cite one example because I don’t really know such a thing exists.

          Pinoy pride is the same pride other races such as americans and europeans showed when their fellowmen win and celebrate. They also have American pride, UK pride, France pride, etc. Seems like you are clueless to that. Their joy is the same as our joys and Pinoys feel like they are very proud of their race when their representative wins, especially in sports competition because we feel that we are family and we are one. That’s the normal feeling.

          If all Filipinos have the same mentality like you and Gogs that frowned when pinoys are proud of their racial family of nation in times of winning, then other nations will never believe in us as a nation. Never. Good thing almost all Filipinos are still normal .e

        6. Listen you, we didn’t do the accomplishment, Hidilyn did the accomplishment, not all the Filipinos. Claiming that her accomplishment is the accomplishment of all the Filipino people is credit grabbing. Besides, I don’t see Americans and British flooding the comments sections with “Proud to be American” or “Proud to be British” comments and I don’t see French people flooding the comments sections with “Proud to be French” comments, we did not win the medal, she did, we did nothing to help her. If Philippines is really good at something worthy of being good, such as German Engineering(like shown in this article ), then maybe we can be proud of being Pinoy, just maybe. But right now, we have to abandon the false sense of pride because right now, we really have nothing for us to be proud of the country, nothing. Chanting “proud to be Pinoy” when a Filipino athlete wins in Olympics is just a false sense of pride. I would choose German Engineering over Pinoy pride anytime because nothing good comes out of pride, especially false sense of pride.

  5. So is Gogs clarifying that he is actually concerned about the state of sports in the country and not belittling the athletes? Was he trying to be subtle all along?

  6. I’m proud of Filipinos who are able to contribute to their own culture. It’s not that complicated. A lot of the ugliness is not exclusive to Filipinos. We take/adopt and copy from others, don’t we? Although it’s hard for a people to succeed with constant interruption.

  7. We get it. Will you listen to someone whom you think is only fooling you? When that supposed something really is nothing more but just about the self… to impress? We all read between the lines…

    Gogs’ has problem trying to get his message across because he too has a problem concerning his own. He gives us clue about what it is:

    “I LIKE to write about things I CARE about. Olympics : Mark Spitz, Mary Decker Slaney, Ben Johnson, Flo- Jo, Elizabeth Manley, Nadia, Michael Jordan, Bobby Knight, Bruce Jenner before he became Caitlan.”

    Hypocrisy… credibility… or both and something more?!

    Just take a look back of his past works and it will give you a picture of what Fogs really is all about and what Logs do cares most about.

    Togs is a confused Pinoy whose PRIDE IS IN REVERSE and one who couldn’t contain his own overflowing narcissism. Truth is Rogs is simply a freeloading hypocrite of the GRP brand.

    There is this paradox though. Cogs doesn’t feel so alone.

    No Data, his apparent new disciple, another pinoy poseur posturing as a World Citizen whose dream of a better lifestyle is an entitlement but unfortunately couldn’t have that move for now… he announces it now and then.

    Tsk… tsk… neo-colonial third-world pinoy pretenders, not invited nor even wanted yet proud to be someone else, representing another country which is not Philippines.

    It’s amusing, both non-achievers with zero contribution, Fogs and Na Da are hungry for 1st world validation.

    1. Zero contribution?? Just because I can name people who excelled in the Olympics ? Sorry even pinoys who are not relatives of the participants barely remember the SEA games. Anyway this may be your only public shot at me till the next blog I do. My point is very simple. Proud to be pinoy is a chant used for anything no matter how insignificant. Now – wow a new discovery, a gold medal. If pinoy pride was so good why is this a novelty. Anyway argue the points I make and not how you fantasize what meth den I occupy. Why do you guys zero in on a guy you believe makes zero contribution? Because you been so proud to be pinoy that I described you accurately. I have been writing here 9 years. I have been consistent. Pinoys grasp at anything to be proud of. They only care about basketball. You already took your personal shot at me since you can’t argue with the points I presented. Wow 1 gold medal and I should change my perspective on how I describe the euphoria of the BADUY.

    2. Accusing people of having “zero contribution” without knowing them is really nonsense because a working person and a person studying in school to be able to get a good job are already contributing to the country no matter how small it is so your argument is invalid.

  8. What does it take for a country to succeed? Citizens who dedicate their efforts to the glory of their country. If a person doesn’t even have a sense of national identity, where does winning begin? If you abandon your own what makes you think you can be an asset to another?

  9. Let’s sic on some the fact that Hidilyn Diaz hired a Chinese coach to help her, and let’s say that helped her win the gold. On other sports, note how basketball fans root for Tab Baldwin to coach the national team because he brings some foreign (and, actually working) ideas for game plays. Then, behind Manny Pacquiao’s success, there’s Freddie Roach. This seems to indicate problems with Pinoy coaches. I heard from many opinions that the problem could be their complacency. They only focus on coaching showmanship and not actually winning. Maybe the coaches don’t think Filipino athletes could win but the foreign ones think we can? That seems to be a familiar situation.

  10. Isn’t that the beauty of collaboration? When we try to build ourselves, what are we really doing it for? To become of value and significance to the whole, isn’t it? Not really winning over an opponent for the sake of defeating him? Something that only applies to the ego and when competing for a prize.

    1. The problem is many people wouldn’t probably support the athletes then when they win medals, then the people will comment “Proud to be Pinoy” and Pinoy pride comments as if they never refused to support the athletes. Can’t people just support their athletes with or without victories and for their ability to play?

  11. Yes how dare Filipinos have a normal reaction to an athlete representing the Philippines winning a gold medal at the biggest stage.

    This writer is really trying so hard to downplay Diaz winning a gold medal just so he can justify to himself in bashing the Philippines.

    1. Do me a favor and please answer this question: are Pinoys yabang or humble when it comes to athletic achievement? You do know the world does not care about Pinoy athletes. The problem is Pinoys feel the world should care . One gold medal ever is my point . The pinoys did not invent the gold medal. Name one country you respect athletically that has ONE GOLD MEDAL EVER . You can’t name one . Yet you expect the world to care . Japan got 27 in 2020/ 2021 . My math tells me that is 26 more than the one gold medal the Philippines has EVER . In Brazil Japan won 16 gold medals. That is 15 more than in one Olympics than the Philippines EVER. Please enlighten me where all this yabang comes from? Nobody cares about Pinoy basketball. The only sport capable of drawing something that resembles a crowd in the whole country . Nobody cares about Pinoy artistas who are also yabang. Go ahead be baduy and maingay. Only the baduy care. KSP is the root of all evil and all incompetence. One gold medal EVER in the entire history of the Olympics and instead of being humble you are mayabang.

      1. Gogs,

        Certainly, the pinoy pride/yabang/kabaduyan/KSP etc. live rent-free in your head 24/7, and you regularly are enjoying such excruciating and irritating thoughts about pinoys in your head for many years.

        You might be a super human. No ordinary man can contain those thoughts for many years and still be well and kicking.

        1. Gogs, he isn’t! No superhuman will ever have one’s pride in reverse.

          Gogs is a confused superpinoy loser and generally your usual consumer captive fan and a worshiper to an imagined race he thinks and wishes he ought to be a part of… even if, in truth, to them, he does not exist. He is an orphan and unwanted. He is strange… a lost boy?!

        2. If Gog’s has money and if he is honestly hating the pinoy race, he should change everything about him: from his pinoy name, to his pinoy physical form, and to the extent of abandoning his pinoy family, pinoy relatives, and pinoy friends, and the Philippines, then live in a country where he can be proud of and be happy. I mean, why is he still talking about pinoy atheletes when they do not suit his own “standard”? And which he said above “the world does not care about pinoy athletes” yet he keeps talking about pinoys in his articles. Gogs is a confused one.

          Gogs, how many medals do Pinoy athletes need to gain before pinoys are entitled to celebrate and be proud of? We become proud of every pinoy win in international competition or even in local for that matter. We become sad when we lose. In short, we live in the moment. After that, we move on in our own lives. Other nations were celebrating every single win that they have: the argentinians partied all night and flashed to the world they are proud of their team winning the world cup, cleveland cavaliers and milwukee bucks respective residents, on the other hand, partied in the streets and made noises on live TVs when their teams won the championship for the first time after many years. I mean, that’s a normal reaction coming from a victory, yet you want pinoys to be deprived of such emotion and just react like nothing happened? You are one big killjoy Gogs, one big killjoy. Just stop or forever be a KSP here.

        3. Really Jim? Why are you using to ad hominem? I’m very surprised that ad hominem is still allowed in grp. Ad hominem degrades the quality of discussions.

        4. @No Data: First, you need to tell what you consider as ad hominem. And while you’re at it, shouldn’t you ought to show us even one post of yours – a personal written post pertaining to whatever issue here in GRP – that clearly demonstrates such convincing level of quality of engagement in a discussion? Shall we hold our breath?

        5. @Jim ad hominem means directed against the person instead of the issue during arguments. Your use of personal insult degrades the quality of the discussion. Stick with the issue. Calling gogs a loser and saying that he’s an orphan and unwanted are just low. It’s better for people not to comment at all than to post comments which throws petty personal insults against the person you want to debate with instead of sticking with the issue. In fact, there should be no personal insults in debates.

      2. “Do me a favor and please answer this question: are Pinoys yabang or humble when it comes to athletic achievement? ”

        They react the way any other nation would when an athlete of theirs succeeds. Nothing out of the ordinary really.

        “You do know the world does not care about Pinoy athletes. The problem is Pinoys feel the world should care .”

        In what way?

        “Name one country you respect athletically that has ONE GOLD MEDAL EVER . You can’t name one .”

        The Philippines, like most other third world countries, is not a nation where gold medals are a given in every Olympics. If Malaysia were to win their first gold medal, I guarantee they would react the same way.

        “Yet you expect the world to care .”

        I have no idea where you keep getting this point.

        “My math tells me that is 26 more than the one gold medal the Philippines has EVER . In Brazil Japan won 16 gold medals. That is 15 more than in one Olympics than the Philippines EVER.”

        That is because Japan has the money and resources to win those amounts of medals. The Philippines, and most other nations, do not have that luxury.

        ” Please enlighten me where all this yabang comes from?”

        Human nature that I’m sure every other country possesses.

        “Nobody cares about Pinoy basketball. The only sport capable of drawing something that resembles a crowd in the whole country . Nobody cares about Pinoy artistas who are also yabang. ”


        “Go ahead be baduy and maingay. Only the baduy care. KSP is the root of all evil and all incompetence. One gold medal EVER in the entire history of the Olympics and instead of being humble you are mayabang.”

        I’m pretty sure even if the Philippines won 100 gold medals you’ll still find a way to bitch and whine about it. After all, being a pseudo-intellectual is all you’ll do and all you’ll ever be.

  12. @No Data:

    You haven’t realize it just yet but it’s obvious that you’re being cluelessly inconsistent and so full of irony yourself.

    If ad hominem means as something “directed against the person instead of the issue during arguments”, why is the same not an issue to you when directed towards an entire people?

    You see, you clearly did not raise your arm in protest when your Master Gogs referred to an entire people:

    “I described you accurately… I describe the euphoria of the BADUY”.

    I can also randomly pick a statement from your end to represent something similar:

    “This country has so much arrogance and ego, huh?”

    “… most of the Pinoys who claim that they’re proud to be Pinoys …. have inferiority complex.”

    Do you really mean it when you said, “there should be no personal insults in debates”? I bet there’s more of that in your other posts somewhere.

    If Pinoy Pride means credit-grabbing, then, why is invoking the achievements of the West and identifying with it be any different?

    Why do both true-blooded pinoys, master Gogs and disciple No Data, seeking exemption? Have both of you contributed something of value that you can consider yourselves especial?

    If master Gogs and the apprentice No Data claim an imagined right to castigate an entire people as a community that do not care (while they themselves do not either), why do both of you invoke an outside community of champions that you have no relevance to speak of from nor any contributions to brag about its achievements?

    Isn’t that just plain hypocrisy, pure narcissism and absolute arrogance? (Now, is the statement being an insult, an ad hominem?)

    Is Master Gogs being called a loser because he is a loser an ad hominem? Master Gogs claims he’s been doing it for years yet he still fails to be convincing to so many except for one… the singular golden convert Mr. No Data. Why is that?

    Is describing a black panther being black an ad hominem?

    Lastly, just to illustrate this: A spelling champion student is the one telling fellow students and teachers, “I am proud of you because you are proud of me!”

    How should the group of people take it lest they’d be accused as credit-grabbers? Reject her statement, admonish her (like how you do both) because her thinking is flawed?

    Since the self-declared duo have appointed themselves as the true guardians of high standards here in GRP, maybe they can simply teach us how!

    We stick with the issue…

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