Will the Philippines become the next Hong Kong or Taiwan, Province of China?


Hundreds of Chinese vessels are swarming Philippine-claimed Pag-asa Island like an army of ants feasting on a helpless slowly dying Maya bird that’s lost hope. It’s just a matter of time till China will have gained de facto control over the entire Philippine-side of their nine-dash line in the South China Sea (SCS). And all the Philippine government can do is cry out “the intrusion is illegal” before the hardly impressed ears of the whole international community.

For a government that doesn’t even have the political will-power and muscle to eject squatter shanties on its local soil, there really isn’t much to hope for on this slowly sinking Pag-asa Island. Wake up guys, Duterte won’t be riding on a Japan-made Kawasaki jet ski; it was just a figure of speech made in jest to entertain you all (Note: literally, a jet ski will not have sufficient gas to get there.)

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo through  the Joint Marine Seismic Undertaking (JMSU) effectively gave China the green light to start claiming territories in the Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) for the purpose of extracting gas reserves and projecting their hegemony over the sea called by their name.

Then it was Noynoy Aquino who lost Scarborough Shoal close to Zambales through that disgraceful naval standoff that left our Navy vessel coming home empty-handed. That’s the prize a little boy gets for arresting a handful of Chinese fishermen in the area.

Now is it Duterte’s turn to lose something?

Malampaya gas field off Palawan supplies roughly a third of the electricity demand of Luzon. It is a ticking time bomb. Filipinos have until the early 2020s to start building a replacement, before the current offshore facility gets to critical near-depletion levels by 2024.

Otherwise, if we keep putting off long-term planning compounded with a faithful follow-through in action, a crisis of mega-proportions, similar to Metro Manila’s recent water shortage, will come knocking on our doors.

Filipinos should be trembling by now, especially since news is out that China has just successfully constructed their first offshore deepwater rig in SCS to supply LNG to the mainland (Yep, reading Chinese online news like the link provided might help Pinoys snap back to reality).

Filipinos have two choices: Welcome back America or Fully embrace China

One thing is clear: War is not an option. And a China-vs-Philippines head-to-head collision is out of the picture given our pathetic military stats:

Military Stats: China vs Philippines (nationmaster.com, 2014)

  • Air force > Combat aircraft 1,500 vs 55
  • Army > Main battle tanks 9,000 vs 0
  • Budget 166 US$ BN vs 2.9 US$ BN
  • Navy > Aircraft carriers 1 vs 0
  • Navy > Amphibious warfare ships 27 vs 11
  • Navy > Corvette warships 15 vs 11
  • Navy > Cruisers 0 vs 0
  • Navy > Destroyers 27 vs 0
  • Navy > Frigates 48 vs 3
  • Navy > Nuclear submarines 3 vs 0
  • Navy > Submarines 40 vs 0

Filipinos can choose either of the two:

Ask America to come back into the picture. Bring back the balance of power. The Philippines cannot defend itself. It’s military is hardly even enough to contain the local insurgencies. It’s budget is prioritized in favor of offering freebies to lefties rather than securing confidence in  fundamental national defense.

Or embrace China and simply change our outlook: what most refer to as invasion or intrusion, we can instead call investment. As Senator Raul Manglapus once jested in Confusian fashion, “IF rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it.

China has strange ways of holding claim to new territories and the basic technique works with hardly any bloodshed or guns firing. Recall how China already began naming undersea features in Benham Rise on the Philippine Sea (east side of PH)? It’s like the proverbial frog getting cooked 1 degree Celsius at a time without even noticing it.

Words are alive (Zaxxun Creed line 3.c). All that China has to do is repeat a statement enough times and it becomes brick-and-mortar reality. Just recently, they made a powerful statement of unrivaled historical claims over SCS that finally made the Palace put out the Hague ruling card for the first time in Duterte’s term.

So is the Honeymoon over? Likely not. There’s this good thing about being a “Province of China”: quality of life. Letting China in will effectively solve the infrastructure and services woes in the country in terms of energy, traffic/transportation (esp. rail), communications/internet, and water supply, as we become the recipient of massive investments in factories and industries, raising the technological level of Filipinos and pulling out many from poverty through job creation.

It’s like how fish and vegetable vendors in a local Palenke (wet market) will be in protest when a huge air-conditional SM mall rises in their area.  The outrage soon dissipates as they wake up to their new cool and clean reality of shopping convenience.

On the other hand, letting America back in by setting up bases might look good for maintaining our “national sovereignty” in SCS/WPS. But it’s a false sense of pride because the Philippine military is not providing the defense shield, but a foreign power (against another foreign power). It’s hardly any different from being a province or state of that superpower. Then the commies will be back in the streets crying “Tuta ng America.

It’s up for Filipinos to choose between which illusion/delusion they will opt to believe and pursue. Either way, Filipinos need to swallow their Feenoy Fried dipped in Jollibee ketchup, with either American Coca-cola or Chinese Herbal Tea as panulak.

Filipinos may one day wake up with 50% of their Pinoy children running around their schoolyards having Chinese blood (aka Chinoys), but who cares – by then the country will be looking as clean, green and developed as Singapore, right? And as I’ve said before, there are hardly any pure-blooded Pinoys around these days anyways: You can even ask PNoy, Duterte, Bong Go, Bongbong and Cardinal Tagle if they agree.

Then after being a “Province of China” like Taiwan or “Special Administrative Region” like Hong Kong for 40 years or so, we can regain our true independence, graduating with a formidable set of 20 submarines in our fleet. Now that’s what witty locals in the vernacular refer to as “Utakan lang yan!


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  1. Throughout history, more has been lost to over-eager zealots than to mediocre slackers. A slacker leaves well enough alone. A zealot, a true patriot or company man, will keep pushing and pushing and pushing until the situation is screwed up beyond all recognition. If not properly motivated and constrained, a zealot is the most destructive force of all.

  2. Not sure if this article was a response to my comments elsewhere?

    As you implied, it’s already a done deal. Filipinos might as well just get used to it, because it’ll probably work out quite well.

    I don’t think China realise what an utter pain in the ass Filipinos are going to be, though. It’ll be like babysitting a class of 100 million spoiled six-year-olds. I suspect China will have absolutely NO compunctions about dealing out as many ass-whuppings as are required to instill some discipline (Americans, in contrast, tend to recoil from that sort of thing).

    Anyway, the US won’t bother coming to the defense of the Philippines (a) because they wouldn’t know how to (b) because there would be no geopolitical benefit and (c) because Duterte has told them quite clearly that their help isn’t wanted.

    More importantly (d) China and the US are already making arrangements to divide the spoils. It’s not the Cold War anymore. You are 100% correct that it’ll all be done with words and smoke-and-mirrors, and both China and the US realize that the Philippines is big enough for everyone to get a piece. Actually, it looks like at least two of our Asian neighbors will be getting in on the act – just watch, it’s going to be an interesting show.

    The Philippines is going to be diced up like sashimi, and Filipinos have nobody but themselves to blame. Whining about how unfair everything is, while failing to do anything constructive about it, has never got anybody anywhere.

    1. So we suffer and the Chinese (or, because this is China, just the Inner Party and its corporate affiliates) benefit.


      1. You’re not going to suffer. The Philippines is about to become a proper country, and you’ll all benefit enormously. Of course, being told you can’t just live in squalor and/or run riot causing trouble does embody the Pinoy concept of “suffering”.

        And it won’t actually be the Chinese. They’ll be hanging the Sword of Damocles over your heads, but it’ll be other Asians running the country. Or trying to. If there’s one thing Filipinos do extraordinarily well, it’s undermining any attempt to make life better.

  3. 70 years ago, China had invaded Tibet and it became a Province of China & the exiled Dalai Lama doesn’t want his former country to become an independent sovereign state. At the same year, China had almost invaded the entire Korean peninsula & became the Chinese province during the Korean War (1950-53) but unfortunately that peninsula are still divided by the 2 Korean states thanks to the US interference during the war.

    And now the question is if China will invade our country & they want it to become a Chinese province, will the Philippines (aka Maharlika or the ancient Chinese called our country as Ma-Yi) to becoming the next Tibet or the next Korea? Who knows what will be the end result but in the end, Philippines are geographically, demographically & politically divided and our country is now the Poor Man of Asia.

    Just like what Sen. Ping Lacson said on his TV interview on CNN Philippines just two weeks ago and he said that “Pasakop na lang tayo (we should be invaded instead).” That’s the order of the day.

  4. During the previous administration of Pnoy Aquino; the Scarborough Shoal was grabbed by China. The mountains in the Philippines was used a Landfills to expand the Islands, and made it into a Military Base.

    Prior to that; Pnoy Aquino ordered “Trililing” Trillanes, to go for a “Backdoor Diplomacy”, many times. Conferring with Chinese leaders secretly, without even the knowledge of the Filipino people,. Former Sen. Juan Pone Enrile, then asked , “Trililing” Trillanes, if he is acting as the “fifth coloumnist” of the Chinese. Arrogantly, “Trilinling” Trillanes, did not tell anything , of what had taken place in his “Backdoor Diplomacy” with the Chinese…

    It is unusual that Pnoy Aquino, sent, “Trililing” Trillanes, to do foreign affairs diplomacy…this idiot: Trillanes, had no education, training and experience in foreign affairs. He is a “coup d’ etat” artist and scammer, who was elected as Senator by the stupid Filipino electorate. He is the “running dog” of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis…

    After the “secret backdoor diplomacy” of Trililing Trillanes. China began grabbing the Scarborough Shoals, and using the Philippine mountains, as landfills. We want TRANSPARENCY of what took place in the “Backdoor Diplomacy” of “Trililing ” Trillanes. We want the transcripts of his conversations with the Chinese…Let the “chips” fall as they may. If we need to arrest these two Jokers: Trillanes and Pnoy Aquino, and other crooks, for selling the Scarborough Shoals…then we have to arrest them, and file a case of treason. If they need to face the Firing Squad. So be it !

    We can be militarily strong by our alliance with : the U.S. , Russia and other Southeast Asian nations. We have to develop our military capability, like Israel. Taiwan is an independent country. China was not able to invade it; Hong Kong is a semi independent Province of China. The Chinese “Dragon” may be terrifying, but it is not as it looks. Vietnam contained the Chinese “dragon” for many centuries…until now.

    Unless, stupid and corrupt politicians, like Pnoy Aquino , Trililing Trillanes and the rest of our crooks, will sell us, and our islands and other Philippine territories, thru “Backdoor Diplomacy”…we can remain as independent state like Israel !

  5. Lol.

    I can’t if this article is fucking comedy/satire or an attempt to try to be serious..

    I never expected that fat, overweight cheetos dust encrusted loser zaxx to have a funny bone in him, now I regret ever potentially contributing to him having a comedy career.

    This view on geopolitics is woefully inadequate (Like most of the half-way solutions advocated here). This cynicism is also big gay (Much like the atheist loserdom promoted here).

    Most tend to forget that Japan is the real sleeping dragon in this scenario (If you didn’t know, the Chinese are afraid of going into a Naval War with Japan and the Nihonjin could use an ally in the Pacific that could help it be a great power again rather than a half-way vassal of the globohomo liberal west. Duterte has done good about that bit). Most also tend to forget that the Chinese model can’t ever rely on outright colonization (Because that would wreck China in a much more fundamental way than a war would. Also, they’re more interested in resources and partnerships than they are in re-enacting American and Spanish designs. That also means that, for all the cucks who want to claim bullshit like no pure Filipinos [As a people undergoing racial palingenesis, this point is as bad as claiming that someone who isn’t over 80% white isn’t pure white. Which ignores culture, history, and genetic interests. We’re not so removed from animals as you delusional intellectuals like to think we are.], that you won’t get your wish for a 50% racially miscegenated nation of mental illness patients.

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29855805 (The science you faggpts claim to love so much proves you wrong)

    Let’s also not forget that the bug elephant in the room here is also Russia and the fact that thanks to Duterte, we’re more of a regional partner than a serf. This woukd have been far different and far worse under that mongoloid shitskin Mar Roxas.

    Seriously, taking any of the Yellow Westernized Liberal Left’s talking points as being anything other than the delusional ramblings of a bunch of boomer faggots who think America is some savior as opposed to the slaves of Jews bent on making Hell on Earth via Liberalism because they’ve deluded themselves into thinking they are saving the world is utter comedy on the level of South Park.


    And Taiwan’s probably going to be independent soon. Seeing as the current Chinese system can’t maintain itself (Also why the Mainland need to go full Nationalist Empire already and ditch Communism)

    TL;DR : Just another day in the misinformed, desperately lost land of faggot intellectuals known as getrealphilippines.com.

    1. And how do you think China overtook Japan to become the premier Asian economic Behemoth it is today?

      They build mega-factories at the drop of a hat, and quality is not even an issue anymore . If you’ve never tried a Chinese manufacturing subcontractor – it’s lightning fast: concept to prototype, to final product. Can Filipinos even make plastic molding machinery?

      Misguided nationalism is the only thing keeping the prosperity from the Chinese “Triad” (Mainland, HK, Taiwan) from really pouring into this country.

      Chinese are building what Japan failed to achieve in WW2: an Asian co-prosperity sphere.

      Look at your Malls, food chains and airlines – largely controlled by Chinese. Try boycotting anything Chinese-produced and you’ll end up living like a caveman.

      Even ASEAN online retail giant is actually controlled by Chinese Alibaba. I use Lenovo and iphone- manufactured in China. Huawei equipment is likely behind our internet connection now.

      And ASEAN’s leader Singapore is actually a Chinese satellite nation. As marius already mentioned, it’s already a done deal – China effectively has PH by the balls; Filipinos just don’t get it yet.

      I’m not being anti -Filipino. I’m just making it easier for the average Pinoy to swallow their Jollibee chickenjoy despite the fact that Chinese marketing ingenuity is behind it all.

      Instead of thinking of it as forced insertion/rape, just call it “capital infusion”. Squatters will be a thing of the past if PH simply embraced China. I assure you – you can still dance tinikling and vote for Sara Duterte as your next president (Chinese don’t give a damn).

      1. “it’s lightning fast: concept to prototype, to final product.”

        Of course it’s lightning fast when you’re you’re skipping R&D and you’re just cloning everything!

        1. why of course, Copy Version
          this business practice is called “eliminating the middleman”
          you namesake clearly spells out this SOP procedure .

      2. “Instead of thinking of it as forced insertion/rape, just call it “capital infusion”. Squatters will be a thing of the past if PH simply embraced China.”

        … and we won’t.

  6. Gosh, reading this further, I can smell the soy soaked faggotry that actually takes the mainstream media lies seriously.

    You really like taking it up the ass and getting raped, now do you, zaxx?

  7. You protect your own home, it’s basic as that. Because it’s more than just the land or territory. Any nation would do the same. Only fools believe that borderless globalism BS.

    1. I’m a globalist. An internationalist. Globalism doesn’t involve invasion (creeping or otherwise), Orwellian doublespeak, or intimations to authoritarianism. It does involve free movement for workers and those wanting to work and settle here, but that is not the same as a willingness to lie down and get raped.

      1. You should have thought of that 50 years ago.

        If the Philippines hadn’t isolated itself, North Korea style, in a little bubble of racial-superiority nonsense (“Pinoy Pride”) you could have actually developed an international economy. Filipinos would be respected. You wouldn’t be “OFWs”, but simply part of the mobile international workforce.

        But you didn’t want that. You weren’t interested in the way the world ACTUALLY works. Like political ideologues everywhere, you wanted the world to work the way you believe it SHOULD work. You plunged yourselves into a cesspit of failure and corruption, and the fate of failed, corrupt states is to be occupied by more powerful ones. Hard lesson learned, I’m afraid.

        1. Racial superiority what?

          We don’t look at ourselves the way white nationalists do at themselves; “Pinoy Pride” is frequently abused and misdirected, but it is there to highlight what we’ve done and accomplished, or what people coincidentally Pinoy have done and accomplished.

          It most certainly is not to exalt us above others. The actual hell?

        2. The list of things that Pinoys have done and accomplished is very short indeed. I hope you’re not going to start telling me about Agapito Flores’s light bulb and engines that run on water.

          Nationalism is ugly whatever your skin color. When you’ve got nothing to be proud of as a nation, it’s just pitiful.

          The reality is that Pinoy Pride is a wonderful tool of repression that your own government uses against you. It’s taught to you from your formative years, so that you never even question it. If you’re Proud of what Pinoys have “done and accomplished”, you will dismiss foreign ideas out-of-hand. Which is exactly the result that’s needed to keep Pinoys poor, ignorant, and compliant.

  8. picture this:

    gleaming high-rise buildings transforming the Guangzhou urban skyline vs.
    decayed and derelict Detroit neighborhoods

    spanking-new Beijing International Airport
    vs. antiquated JFK/O’Hare/LAX air terminals

    Chinese tourists splurging on branded luxe items in HongKong and jetting globally
    vs. Americans living on tattered motorhomes streetparked in California

    Chinese entrepreneurs buying into blue-chip US investment markets
    vs. drug-addicted homeless Americans littering the streets of SanFrancisco

    feature-laden Huawei phones performing at 5G speed of light
    vs. lacklustre, extortionately-priced AppleiPhones made in China

    Chinese high-speed trains operating on trans- continental networks vs.
    self-igniting, crash-prone Teslas as well as Boeing 737 800 MAX 8 “flying coffins”

    China’s international cooperation, trade and commercial activities chronicled in history
    vs US track record of inflicting wanton violence, death and destruction
    very much like how the Bible clearly describes:

    “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:” – JOHN 10:10 KJV

    need i go on ?

    1. Tibet. Xinjiang. Social credit. Xi Jinping Thought. Xi Jinping himself — a man so petty he gets triggered by people calling him “Pooh”.

      But let’s stop listing down the have-nots.

  9. I’d found this article on quora.com, and surely our country would really loose the war against other countries like China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc., etc.:


    Kaya sabi nga naman ni Sen. Ping Lacson, magpasakop na lang tayo. At least our country will definitely gonna loose the war due to again, being the current “Poor Man of Asia”, our country is an archipelago type of country divided by so many geographical, demographic and political differences, Filipinos have lack of discipline in order to win the war against the foreign invaders and corruption in our government as what I’d said on my comments on this another topic regarding on defending our country’s territory: https://www.getrealphilippines.com/2019/04/attention-filipinos-only-a-strong-military-gives-substance-to-real-national-pride/

    Kawawang Pinas! Much worse than Golden State Warriors blew their 31 points lead against LA Clippers on Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs. 🙁

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