The Filipino Thirst for Foreign Blood

Like some traumatic childhood memory that couldn’t be shaken off, colonial mentality still remains deeply lodged within the Filipino psyche despite decades of independence from his tall light-skinned masters. There’s no denying it: the Filipino’s awe over anything foreign still lies ingrained within his/her genes.

Digging deeper, is there really a valid ground for this much frowned upon feeling of lowliness in local natives? Is there truth to the assertion that Filipinos are in any way a lesser breed than foreigners?

Take a look at the native Philippine dog. Why is it that the native askal is less atrractive, smaller and dumber than the Great Dane or German Shepherd? Our native dogs are hardly known for learning fancy tricks, growing to be stout & furry, or taking on large roles like herding goats or detecting contraband.

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Then look at the native Filipino – small, dark, and with facial features more closely resembling villains/monsters than the main actor/actress of a movie. Not only physically, but also culturally (values/mentality): laziness and lack of discipline & initiative are attributes that generally run in the blood of Filipinos from birth (like some kind of original sin/curse passed down through generations). And those who excel are, more often than not, the few exceptions rather than the general rule.

Embracing our Inferiority

Perverse colonial mentality: Skin whitening products sell like hotcakes in the Philippines! (Source: Belo Men Facebook Page)

Perverse colonial mentality: Skin whitening products sell like hotcakes in the Philippines!
(Source: Belo Men Facebook Page)

It’s time we face it. Its time to stop lying to ourselves and accept the fact “the emperor has no clothes.” Local Pinoy stock is simply inferior in almost every way. There has been a notion that “original” products meant foreign made, and “local” was synonymous to inferior, fake or lame imitated versions. Somehow, the low level of quality in products made by Pinoys also applies to their very own genes and mentality.

Trying to deny Filipino colonial mentality and awe at the foreigner is like comparing a locally made owner jeep with a Lexus NX SUV, and trying to convince oneself that the former is more aesthetically and technologically superior than the latter. In like manner, one need not be an expert connoisseur of men’s looks to judge who between Rody Duterte and Donald Trump is more handsome.

A fresh native Pinoy graduate from College would usually ask himself “which company can I work for?” But a Chinese-blooded Chinoy would ask himself “what kind of business should I start?” Even in the area of business and dreaming/thinking, local Pinoys are inferior – they think small “sari-sari store” while Chinoys think gigantic “mega malls”.

Look at what constitutes the Philippine showbiz industry, mostly half-breeds with a large degree of foreign physical attributes like a tall nose, fair white skin, and an imposing stature. Do you think the AlDub pair are 100% native Pinoy? Just look at their facial features & skin complexion and think again. And do we need to touch on Ms. Wurtzbach (winner of the 2015 Ms. Universe pageant)?

Foreign Blood Infusion

If Pinoys lust the physical traits and qualities of foreigners so much, to the point of applying skin whiteners and having plastic surgery (if they could afford it), why don’t they just inject foreign blood it into their system?

After hundreds of years of colonial rule and consequential interbreeding, no Pinoy you see walking down the street or riding the LRT is pure anyway: so might as well go all the way in diluting the native Pinoy blood that runs through our veins. Only a handful of Pinoys are pure indigenous natives (Aetas, Lumads), as few in number as the native American Indians who used to populate North America.

The Philippines is headed the way of America in becoming a nation of immigrants and mixed blood. If you go to California, you will notice that the population is a wild blend of almost every race of humanity just peacefully living in harmony: you have Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Arabs, Europeans, and Africans all just intermingling/intermarrying with each other like some giant multicultural fruit shake. In fact, this is what makes Silicon Valley and Hollywood such successful melting pots of technology and talent.

This will likely be the future of the Philippines if we simply welcome foreign blood into our society and gene pool, rather than deny and reject it. Besides, how many of us would deny being proud we have some foreign blood – be it German, Japanese, British, Spanish or Chinese? Let’s not resist it; let the inherent colonial mentality work for our benefit instead by allowing us to transform to become a better breed.

Hybrid is High Breed

In livestock breeding, hybrids have the distinct advantage of getting the good traits of both original parents; like a pig can get the immunity traits of the local parent and the large body size of the imported parent. Hybrid Pinoys resulting from the intermarriage of a local Pinoy and a foreigner brings about several advantages to the offspring.

A. Cultural. The offspring gets the friendliness and warmth of the Pinoy parent, while adopting the superior mindset and values of the foreign parent. This is equivalent to the mindset transformation OFWs get when they are forced to adopt the values of first-world countries they assimilate into.

B. Financial. Foreigners are often viewed as a ticket out of poverty, not just for the Filipino partner, but as well as the rest of the immediate family. Foreigners are often viewed like walking ATMs or insurance policies. They fund the housing, education, and daily expenses of the Filipino partner’s children and close relatives. Somehow, it helps bring in capital into the country, circumventing the 60/40 ownership restriction.

C. Genetic. Having foreign-looking physical features is something looked up to in Philippine society. It is a ticket to jobs and careers for one’s children, otherwise not open if they looked like ordinary natives. To be a flight attendant, a sales person, a showbiz personality, a basketball player, a news caster or a politician – stunning good looks are always a plus factor, if not the key factor.

Wonder why South Americans keep winning beauty pageants? There is just something with the mix of white Europeans and tan-brown native Indians that brings about a pleasant outcome to behold.

One foreign guy described many Pinays as shrimp – great bodies, just don’t mind the face. Well, if the face of the problem, might as well get it fixed correctly with those much coveted German or British facial features. Mind you, plastic surgery is not really the best solution. It would be sad to see children blaming a parent for how they look.

As the rate of outflow of Pinoys is growing, we should welcome any growth in the number of foreigners opting to get into the Filipino society and bloodline. We should make it doubly easy for foreigners who want to settle in the Philippines and make this their new home. One day we may all wake up to a Philippines where the typical Filipino on the street looked like a bronze-skinned Brad Pitt or Megan Fox, with every form of halfy – half-German, half-Korean, half-Indian.

Marrying a Foreigner – a Good Choice for your Children

Marrying a foreigner will be for the general good of Philippine society, and your gene pool. It will dilute the “dumb gene” that is inherently present in Pinoys, who are generally lazy and anti-intellectual in nature. It will even raise the chances of our country finally achieving that elusive Olympic gold medal.

Conyo problems: Beauty idealised by Philippine media is far beyond the reach of most ordinary Filipinos. (Source: ShowbizNest.)

Conyo problems: Beauty idealised by Philippine media is far beyond the reach of most ordinary Filipinos.
(Source: ShowbizNest.)

It may be ironic how comfort women decry the fact they got forced into the sexual act with Imperial Japanese soldiers, whereas now Filipinas are scrambling just to get laid by the descendants of these Japanese – to secure for themselves a better life. But this trend is actually leading to the rise of Filipino offspring that will not only seek to merely survive, but moreover excel – being handed down the Japanese superior mindset.

Like shopping for a car, it’s a free country. You are free to choose what style, brand and color you want. Do you want a black Nissan SUV or a blue Volvo sedan? – take your pick. Marriage is no different, depending on what kind of children you want – you can go for a foreign partner that fits the bill on your agenda:

1) Future basketball player or athlete – go for black muscular and agile African blood like a Michael Jordan
2) Future singer – go for blood with a solid booming voice like that of Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti
3) Future businessman – go for North Asian blood (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
4) Future Beauty queen – go for European, Australian, or American blood
5) Future IT professional – go for Indian blood

In today’s age of the Internet and social media, the barriers to meeting people all over the world have crumbled. We live in a world that is becoming increasingly intercultural and interconnected. Finding a foreign partner can be as easy as a few chats on Facebook.

It’s not only for the Philippines. The dwindling population of European and North Asian countries is a threat to their very foundations and survival, it’s time for Pinoys to give them a helping hand in providing what Pinoys do best – help them in multiplication (Who said Pinoys aren’t good at math?)

So if Pinoys are gonna multiply like rabbits, might as well multiply with good and excellent stock. So keep churning out those high-breed hybrid Pinoy offspring – and keep the engine of Philippine society going.

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111 Replies to “The Filipino Thirst for Foreign Blood”

  1. WOW, this is some brutally honest article. I don’t think it’s a parody or satire. It is also my experience as a white man that Filipinas crave mixed babies to “improve the race.” That’s exactly what they told me; “improve the race”! I was shocked to hear that but soon I learned that they mean it. It may not be politically correct to hear it and it may hurt the feelings of Filipino men since Filipinas are the ones who end up mixing. However the reality is that there are many Filipinas who think just like this article described it. As the population growth increases and the economic progress is not felt by most Filipinos this desire will be stronger. However the access for whites to marry is limited: US navy has no more base there and the number of whites are declining world wide. Also most new Filipina OFW are not able to work in white countries. They end up in Arab or other East Asian countries with very limited exposure to whites.

  2. Wow, what petty insight into race, did u ever know of a circumstance of a Filipino observing lazy westerners suck into government support, produce children suck on child benefit and treat them badly??? Its because no Filipino dare write about this. Did u ever not consider a foreigner actually falling in love and vice versa and made children all for the sake of wanting to have a family? And maybe its your demise of intelligence they end up having good looking children and you aim your “reckless judgment” to the mother who just “wanted to improve our race”?..its is very fair to say..Dont write anything just basing on books produced by other people or stories of SOME Filipinos, you ARE not very diverse and fair writer in that sense..try to turn your neck perhaps on the other side and consider to write whats happening?? Did u think that all Filipinos upon gracing the light from womb has their distinct path to life? How utterly empty judgment & knowledge u have! Pls do yourself a favour, enjoy life and be happy for people around you, accept society has evolved and it boils down to many reasons and not JUST the ones you wrote. Good observation however very shallow judgment!

    1. Shooting the messenger, ha? You should channel your frustration at Filipinos this article is talking about if you wish. Shooting the messenger is really coward thing to do.

        1. Maybe you should realise that most Filipinos are not like the OFW. Kanos are exposed only to this minority and have no idea about the majority that this article is all about.

  3. I empathize with the sentiments of those targeted by this article. I see that having a foreign-sounding surname can be a golden ticket to great opportunities, but also a burden on how to live up to them as well.

    In fairness, my late father looks very Filipino – dark skin and all – but so does Alden Richards’, as per my friends’ eye-witness accounts. However, I do have a great-uncle who bears all the characteristics of the stereotypical Spanish Mestizo – big nose and blonde hair.

    I have learned to use my quasi-foreign genes to drive myself towards excellence, to be the best where I apply myself. To all those who picked on my during my childhood, calling me “Nazi” and “Hitler”, I pray that they are happy with their pathetic little lives.

  4. Just look to the right, under “Money Talks,” and check out my article, “Filipino Views about English Speakers.” Also look at the comment by Lemnemonic. That basically explains the reason for the “thirst for foreign blood.” It’s really a thirst for money.

    1. True but that is only part of the story. My impression that Filipinas want white fathers for their babies first not Korean, Chinese and Japanese and other Mongoloid race people.

      1. Perhaps. It may be an attempt to secure some “pride,” but I’m pretty sure the main motivation is much money, which in turn is perceived to lead to a “comfortable life.”

        1. According to my Filipina wife; if the foreigners – Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian and white – have the same amount of wealth then the white man will be the Filipinas first pick. Not all the time but most of the time.

  5. That requires foreigners to not care enough about their kids’ futures to give them a better chance abroad. I wouldn’t raise a child in this culture.

  6. “Cogito Ergo Sum”…means :”I think, therefore I am…” Filipinos who are OFWs are laid by their foreign masters. They produce half breeds. There is only a small percentage of pure Filipinos. Go to the mountains; you will find: Aetas, Dumagats, Lumads, etc…they are the “katutubo”, and maybe the pure Filipinos.

    Half Breeding produces good children. While in breeding produces defective children. We would not have, Miss Wurtzbach, as Miss Universe, if she would have been a “katutubo”.

    I don’t despise the “katutubos”, because my ancestors may have came from them. I am only speaking on the basis of realities.

    If you want to improve your genes, or genome. Go for it. Marry a foreigner. Or get laid by them.

    However, we now have the Science of re-engineering the genes of people. Maybe , you can do it in this alternative way.

    1. First of all one of the only reasons you would think this is becais we were colonized. Once we throw off the burden of colonialization. You find there is nothing wrong with the Filipino racs. We should be our own people. Proud and everything. It’s only racists bastards like you who think we need to mix

  7. when another aggressive, oppressive nation (like that ole bastion of democracy – USA ) wages war with another nation (like the PH where you and i are in and contemplating what went wrong), strikes them deep at their cultural roots, strikes them hard at their language, their historical reserves — their (like the PH) ability to develop, to identify themselves and to prevail are neutralized.

    and to further maintain that status, the victor would present themselves as messiahs by building back what they have destroyed ( roads, schools and bridges with their names on it) and by giving them aid (either by loans or supplies). wash, rinse, repeat, and after a long period of time, the captives of this jedi-mind-trick already learned how to love those messianic masters who are trying to save them from the very suffering that was given to them.
    the lesser breed / greater breed mentality is an erratic, subconsciously-coded mindset that are passed down like family heirlooms. you and i know there is no such thing as lesser breed. lesser and undeveloped minds – there is.

    1. There is a difference between the races that is genetic. BLacks love to say that white men can’t jump. Meaning whites and East Asians just don’t have the genes for skeletal muscles to be top athletes like blacks are in general. They are generally better athletes because of that. The NBA NFL all becoming black because they are superior athletes because of genetics. The same can be said for IQ. There is connection between IQ and race as well. Whites and north East Asians are the highest.

      1. @Atilla the Hun:

        There are best people and good people in every race. There are high IQs in every race. There are also low IQs, in every race. Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, used the race card, to promote his Nazi political agenda.

        Every race is different. Every culture is different. There is beauty in the differences in them. We must appreciate, every people on this Planet Earth, no matter, what country, or culture, they came from.

        Classifying people, because of their race is not a good way to judge people.

        1. If blacks have better genetics for athletic performance vs. North East Asians and whites in general than we have to accept the idea that there could be a genetic difference in terms of IQ between the races as well. If blacks have a genetic disposition than whites/North East Asians also have genetic disposition for higher IQ. Not every one of them but in general.

      2. So called Blacks are far more intelligent than we get credit for and are superior in all aspects because God made us that way, This may be way over some head but its all Biblical. Genesis 25 : 23 And the LORD said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger. 24 And when her days to be delivered were fulfilled, behold, there were twins in her womb. 25 And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau. So the so called White man ( ESAU ) is not actually White but Red, or pinkish but pink is a derivative of RED. As for the So called Filipinos, you are the seed of Japheth which of Antiquity was Brown people.

  8. dude people are free to choose their preferences don’t dictate and control people what to like and what to dislike because it goes against your personal views and preference

    1. I am not dictating anybody. I am giving an opinion, regarding bigotry.

      You can be a bigot, or not a bigot. it is your choice.

  9. I’d agree with the general view that interbreeding tends to produce better children generally.
    I also agree with most of this article except the recommendation to marry an Indian.
    Indians have an even lower average IQ than Filipinos, and surely one of the main reasons a Filipina would want to marry a foreigner is to secure a better future for herself and her children.
    Marrying someone from another third-world country seems like a case of ‘going from the frying pan to the fire.’
    Filipino/Indian children are probably not going to have either a bright brain or a bright future.
    Girls, don’t do it!

  10. You make it sound like Filipino Men can get a foreign woman easily. Newsflash, they’re in the bottom rung of the desirability factor, even amongst the already sex disadvantaged Asians. There are reasons why you never see much Pinoy AMWF pairs on the streets.

    1. Forgot to add that this is such a thinly veiled Eugenics article I’m sure Josef Mengele would be glee with joy reading this.

    2. You are right I seldom see a Filipino man married to a white women. Being part of the Filipino community for 10 years I know 2! One is married to a Colombian hispanic white and the other is to an American white woman. That’s all.

        1. And because they are in to their own culture. That is often not compatible with western culture. Filipino men seem to be Westernized on the surface but under they are living in a tribal world. They love it, it gives them more right than women and more pass for bad behavior. White women will definitely not give them a pass.

        2. The reason is very simple. White women usually prefer a man who is taller than themselves. Many white women are taller than Asian men.

      1. Atilla, in the Philippines itself, it’s actually European women (Russians, British, Germans, French, etc) that are driving the budding AMWF scene here! Not the Americans! This is going by personal experience/observations (and that of those coming from people I personally know)! And I personally know a few dozen people who’ve personally had AM/WF experiences (whether in the form of casual sex or in serious relationships) in this country. While it’s still not as commonplace as the reverse (we possibly might not live to see the ratio fully equalise), it’s not as bad as it used to be! I think it will get better going forward on this front!

    3. This is mainly due to 2 reason, IMHO: economics and the media.
      Economics – The male often come from richer/more developed economies (US, UK, Germany, Australia, etc) vs females from developing/3rd world ones (Thailand, Philippines, Colombia, Ghana, etc). Hence, less AMWF than the other way around.

      Media – The most influential medias in the world are controlled by mainly white males. They’re not gonna promote Asian males. In a twisted way, they often promote Asian females.

    4. I beg to differ – going by personal experience and observation! It’s definitely not as hard for a Filipino man to score a white woman in the Philippines as it used to be! I come across more of these couples these days out and about than I did a decade ago. Plus I am meeting more and more local men who are involved in/were involved in relationships with white women (or white women who have/had local male partners) every year right here in this country! I began to notice this pick up sometime in the late 2000s/early 2010s!

      In my personal circle of contacts, I know more people (local men/white women) who have had the AMWF experience (whether as a ONS/FUBU or as a dating/engaged/married couples) than there are fingers on my two hands! Granted it’s still not as much as the reverse, but it’s definitely far better than in the 1990s/2000s! You just have to know where to look!

      Plus not all white women are the same! Just because American women are not hooking up as much in the Philippines doesn’t mean other nationalities are not! European nationalities like the Russians, British, Germans, and French are demonstrating a much greater willingness to give it a try – based on personal experience/observation (and that of those from people I personally know)! Hell even Anglo nationalities like the Australians and Canadians are more open to such possibilities here than their American sisters!

      1. I don’t agree. See white/black coupöes. It’s not uncommon to see relationships between African men and European women.

        1. Stefan, if you are referring to PT’s post on economics and media with what you just wrote, then you got a point and even I will agree with you there…

  11. about interbreeding, they say that intelligence comes from the mother. hence, even if the woman is white but not that intelligent, then there’s a possibility we’ll have average thinking kids. i stayed in California for a year. i see stupid people everywhere from different races. i even encounter whites begging for a dollar from me.

    but i’ll date Bianca King all day everyday. 😀

  12. this article is very provocative and written in general context. of course, there is always an exception and i would ask, does everything here matter? i am married to an American— he has a life-i have a life; he has his money-i have my own money and this has never been an issue to us (maybe, i have more); i did not marry him for his looks nor for anything because i have loved him for who he is and i am pretty sure, both of us are beautiful (he is a mixed Greek and Irish and i have distinct Filipino-Spanish features); i am not even using his surname to add-up to who i am. truly, it’s no big deal to me that i am married to a white guy, maybe, it’s big deal to him that he is married to me, hahaaaha! 😉

    1. Funny how you are trying to downplay the message of this article but it is a great importance for you no matter how you are trying to hide it. It is just so obvious!

  13. Confucius say: argue for your limitations,and sure enough they are yours….

    Personally I think filipinas are some of the most ravishing,alluring and wholesome women on earth….

      1. Too bad most thinking people will definitely not take that as something of an authoritative fact but as something more of just a narrow, shallow, opinionated perspective and selective observation coming from an arrogant animal!

        1. Yes it could be true among the professional OFW crowd that most Kanos are exposed to outside of the Philippines. Go to the squatters and the karga tapas villages and the mountains and so on where most Filipinos live… pick their brain to see how intelligent they are there.

        2. Mr. Attila The Hun!

          Why would you invite Mr. Bannister, who has a “strong Mensa IQ of about 180”, and choose for him to visit the places of the under-privileged, un-schooled, under-educated and test their intelligence? (Why not try the Academe or the Business Group, the Art World and Sciences Community perhaps?) Those marginalized people obviously do not posses the adequate education and denied other opportunities for growth due to poverty! THAT IS NOT CLEVER THINGKING… BIG TIME! EPIC FAIL!

          BTW, if you are to be in a place outside of your comfort zone and when things being equal between you and with those people, you will realize that your intelligence will not give you an edge over them. These people are survivors and despite of certain deprivities in life they are somehow smart… street-smart! And in the mountains, our local natives will surely have you eat their dust in the area of tactical survival!

        3. Nero: The vast majarity of the filipinos are not from the Academe or the Business Group, the Art World and Sciences Community. The underclas’ intelligence could be improved by education and that is true but to a certain point only. Just a white or Filipino could improve his athletic performance to a point but will not match the athletic performance of blacks in general no matter how hard he tries. Not even performance enhanced drugs. Genetics are the limiting factors. Your underclass Filipinos have common sense and can easily outsmart most visiting nice but naive Kanos. I agree with you they have that advantage. However once Kanos learn the culture and they truly understand Filipino thinking and culture to the fullest than the game will be over.

  14. My heart no longer felt as if it belonged to me. It now felt as it had been stolen, torn from my chest by someone who wanted no part of it.

  15. Call me whatever you want, but I will never go for a white man. Nope! Foreigners are okay as friends & acquaintances, but when it comes to a partner(boyfriend or husband), I’m sticking to a Filipino man. Hehehe

    1. Better for you since most (not all but most) of the whites who go there are the misfits anyway. The typical normal white men will not go to the Philippines to get married. This way you save yourself some disappointment, unless you just want support. Internet would be your only option and that is bad news for Filipinas who want a typical normal white guy. The navy base is gone and OFW today can not work in white countries so you would have no access to normal whites anyway.

      1. Whether he’s a normal, a loser, or a misfit white male, IDGAF. I just don’t dig them, and never have. A normal Filipino man trumps any normal white male in many aspects. That’s just according to my taste, so…

        1. Whites in the USA do feel the same as you about your race as you feel about them. Here is the statistics about white men marrying outside of their race. Out of 100 marriages only 2 is with non-whites and 1 out of the 2 is with an Asian women. As you can see whites are really not crazy about Asian women either. The whites in the Philippines really are not representing the majority whites and their taste. For them a normal white woman trumps any normal a Filipina in many aspects. I give you the link to the statisitics
          “White Americans were statistically the least likely to wed interracially, though in absolute terms they were involved in interracial marriages more than any other racial group due to their demographic majority. 2.1% of married White women and 2.3% of married White men had a non-White spouse. 1.0% of all married White men were married to an Asian American woman, and 1.0% of married White women were married to a man classified as “other”

      2. Dear Attila,
        I am probably one of your so called misfits. There are – white – men who dont want/need to marry. And why do you keep on talking about support? Arent there any pinay women who can (financially) support themselves?
        (Most) women in the west want to make their own money so that they are NOT dependent on their partner.

        1. Most Filipinas who are interested in white guys in the Philippines want support not only for herself but for her family as well. They also prefer to get married and have mix baby. I’m not talking about the professional OFW. The well to do Filipinas in the Philippines most likely will not date whites anyway.

        2. Hi Attila,
          the facts (mixed babies, support for her and her family) you mention are very well known to me. What happened with love and falling in love? But it all has to do about money?! And what would the contribution be from the pinay to the actual relationship (married or not married)?

          On a (very) serious note:
          Any relationship between 2 people is revolving around those 2 people. They are the future. So those 2 people have to invest (not only monetarilly) into that relationship to make it work. If one is lacking in doing so you have all the ingredients for a future relationship that will fail, resulting in a possible divorce leaving the poorest even more poor and without the custody of that kid.

          So my lesson for all pinays would be: start investing (time, effort and money) in your relationship.

      3. Regarding your comment about the superiority of the black athlete: In certain sports they do indeed excel but not in all for there is a propensity to compete in sports that primarily are associated with running and jumping and physical contact. And yet, very few dark skinned athletes find their way into the National Hockey League Some have and did well but most do not know how to play the game because it is looked upon as a northern game suitable only for people who hail from the lands of ice and snow. Judging one’s potential by the colour of their skin rather than their character and drive to succeed is a recipe for disaster for it eliminates the vast majority of people leaving only a very small percentage of the people from such groups as possible success stories.

        1. They may not like playing hockey or skiing or ping pong but if they did then they would dominate those sports as well. The fact is that they are genetically disposed to be better athletes.

  16. Good Lord, what crawled up your ass and died.

    Speaking as one of your “hybrids” (i’m very multiracial— on both the Filipino and Spanish Side), here is where your article went wrong—

    1. Askals – I call myself a mongrel; because on my mother side— we have lines of american, Spanish, Indian and Chinese intermarried into each other. To the point that we look like a UN convention every reunion. My father is two kinds of Spanish. I always thought it was cute to recognize the toughness of this particular dog-mix as Askals are actually clever creatures, they need to be to survive the cruel streets of this city (and crueler chances of being eaten, even if its illegal. Survival rules and all that). Did you ever factor that in? And the comparison is awful as purebreed dogs are INBRED— they get siblings and parents to mate with their children. Now, is the analogy worth the insult? Ew.

    2. I maybe multi racial af but i always identified as Filipino, even if it gets racist backlash at work all over the world. Even if my work is far larger, complicated and done with Filipino teams (we are an outsource) — we actually develop scribbles from self professed designers who have no clue how to turn their drawings into construction documents. This is true architectural design development, it’s done here, in Metro Manila, with Filipina LADIES spearheading a multi-discipline company, as our work encompasses both local and foreign projects. I do realize its less of a generalization in your article, but your article spits in the face of every one who has built something like this.

    Ps. All my training is Philippine based. I may have worked all over the world and not once have I stepped into a foreign university.

    3. Chinoys can be as lazy as everyone else. FYI, a real Chinese family will send their children into employment to be trained by someone else— then come back and PIRATE the methods they have learned to progress their own businesses. They may be forward thinking sure, but it stems from the same opportunistic seed.

    4. You’re dangerously close to propagating a eugenics theory, with hybrids. Remember WW2. Segregation. Hands cut off by colonizing communities. Kissinger’s, Nixon’s and Thatcher’s decree of no new Japan’s in the 80’s. So many disgusting examples, all on the internet.

    5. If you got off point, why didn’t you use your brain and actual facts to get to the point, as I assume you’re not including yourself with your sweeping comments.

    It may be that we are so apathetic and our culture is slowly dwindling in IQ points. I despair of it myself. But the key, as in logical key, is to identify the root cause and fidn the probabilities we can stop, yes? This, what you’re doing, isn’t helping anything unless all you’re after is a sensationalist bite. And maybe I’m being maudlin about it but I used to like this site until most writers just started flinging biased inane opinions on some background they feel is clever instead of actually opening a forum for intelligent change, as what journalism is all about, in its purest form. But you’re new. I have hope. 😉

    1. Twisky, I want to commend you for taking the time to categorically neutralizing this “series of opinions” from the OP. Undeserved, butvery gracious of you, nonetheless. I have visited the provinces of your country on a few occasions and find Filipinos far more friendly than those in my own country. (there’s no room here to expand on that).I have read these (OP) opinions in a thousand different wordings(ie-cookie cutter basement comments)on the “net” and have my fill of it. Dropping a dead horse in someone’s lap is what this OP is doing here-there’s nothing constructive-regarding offering solutions-just borderline troll. Quite frankly it’s down right insulting and of no value to anyone of a healthy thinking mind.

  17. “Ariel Pineda” X “Britney Spears” = Future Hybrid Ms. Universe from PH…

    Who needs kilig-feigning Aldub guys, when authentic breed-mixing Cloud-Niners rock!

    Congratulations Roldan and Pauline! More power to the hybridization of the Filipino race.

    Hey, why so many butt-hurt detractors? Even “Zimmerman X Duterte = Sara” didn’t turn out so bad…

    To all point-missers of this article: try looking under the hood of your Pinoy-pride jeepney, and if you can show me one with a Pinoy-made engine, I might start to believe you.

    I understand race is a really touchy topic – I didn’t get as many Ad Hominems for an article than this one. Of course there are exceptions to the general rule – of course there are a few lazy Chinoys or a few homeless white men or a few CAD-proficient Pinoys. Give me a break. But who designed the CAD software you are so proud to be a mere user of in the first place? Ans: FOREIGNERS.

    Maybe, we should just let our lovely native Filipinas do the talking…

    Why Filipino Girls like White Men – by Travis Kraft

    And to Robert Haighton, my answer to your first comment is a resounding “+”. As Superman-wannabe Travis concluded – Opposites Attract.

    Let the natural law of Physical/Chemical attraction take its course. The hybridization of Pinoy genetic makeup is something not even the gates of hell can prevail against. Cheers!

    1. Not surprised you totally missed my point either. I should not be surprised since there are gaping holes in your fact finiding, if you even tried to do so. Sigh.

      To explain, in item number 2 I wasn’t talking about the program (though we do use it, as ARCHITECTS not draghtsmen)— I was talking about the company built by FILIPINA women. Not Hybrids.

      And Saraos used to be all pinoy made. But I hate jeepneys, it’s not even an invention I’d be proud of. I’d say more the extraction of fiber optics from coconuts used by Intel whose idea birth was from here, but of course you might not know anything about it. And lovely kesong puti. Dirtless Ceramic Porcelain. Etc. Research. Facts before you pontificate. Read before reacting. You might learn something.

      And yes, race is an touchy topic, for the main reason that it should not matter yet to people with narrow views and a dangerous irresponsibility to human opinion at large do.

      1. @twisky, Let me help you out…Pinoys don’t design/make engines; they just use “wag-wag” from old Japanese junk.


        Jeepney (wiki):
        …engines and chassis from salvage yards (usually the Isuzu 4BA1, 4BC2, 4BE1 series diesel engines or the Mitsubishi Fuso 4D30 diesel engines)

        Now let’s see how Foreigner’s make cars:

        Lexus Manufacturing- car marking

        One exception though, I actually did find a Pinoy-made engine:

        stirling engine made in philippines

        …which is laughable in comparison.

        So you simply just have to concede that Pinoys are way behind; or I may have to get into your other topics like kesong puti, coco products, paso,… which I don’t think will prove anything to support “Pinoy superiority over foreign tech” anyways.


        Conclusion: Without the injection of FOREIGN technology/innovation, FOREIGN capital/investment, FOREIGN mindset/values/ideas, and yup even FOREIGN genes, this country will remain way down at the bottom of the food chain.

        And those great FILIPINA women you’re talking about – I can bet they already have foreign blood running through their veins (10% Spanish/Chinese at least), which only proves the point of this article.

        The good thing about knowing Pinoys are inferior is that we will strive to catch up. Look at Korea, they caught up with Japan and are now the leading Electronics Maker in Asia. They did it through a lot of infusion of foreign tech.

        So the intention is not to put Pinoys down, but to show that we need all the help we can get – even if it takes the infusion of foreign blood in the process.

        1. I think we need machines that make machine parts. If im correct it cuts metal using water pressure or something. Just like in the ironman movies that big fridge-looking thing. Or just a big factory with robotic arms. I think we have it already.

          But to me, we dont need foreign blood or anything like that. We just need to nurture our kids. Help them discover their aptitudes/strengths. Eventually these people we look for will be found among our human resources. sadly most of them are lost (drug addicts, criminals, etc). such a waste of human talent. Another problem we have now is the “brain drain”. Our best and ablest people are employed overseas.

        2. We don’t need any foreign blood to “catch up.” I mean look at Japan. They went from meeting the Western military powers who had guns and canons with bows and swords. Look now their the leaders in the world with their advanced technology. They didn’t infuse any foreign blood into their society. In fact them and the Koreans are a very homogenous yet prosperous country’s. We don’t need “better genes.” Why don’t you go join the Neo Nazi party or some crazy physco organization where you can voice your crazy racist opinions.

        3. Japan was exceptional- they were and are a highly disciplined people. Words like precision and accuracy ran through their blood so to speak. Ang tanong: May disiplina ba ang Pinoy? Just admit that you need help – esp. foreign help, to fix the pervasive dysfunctional mindset.

  18. Daniel Dingel water-fueled cars again?! All you Pinoy Pridists, are you aware that Daniel Dingel committed Estafa, and DOST Philippines declared Daniel Dingel’s “invention” a hoax?!

    1. It’s not about pride but finding out about the truth. Judge Rolando How of the court’s Branch 257 ruled in favor of Dr. John Ding Young of Formosa Plastics Group. Mr. Dingel died in 2010. And we are not privy to the specifics of the whole story.

      Here is that story of Mr. Daniel Dingel from a PDI Report by Allison Lopez:

      Inventor, 82, gets 20 years for ‘estafa’

      By Allison Lopez
      Philippine Daily Inquirer
      First Posted 03:11:00 12/20/2008

      Filed Under: Crime, Automotive Equipment

      MANILA, Philippines—Daniel Dingel, 82-year-old inventor of a “water-powered car,” has been convicted of “estafa” [swindling] and sentenced to a maximum of 20 years imprisonment by the Parañaque City Regional Trial Court.

      The court also ordered him to pay $380,000 in actual damages.

      Dingel, who has never revealed the secret to his invention, which he began in 1969, questioned the verdict but said he did not mind going to jail at his age. As of late Friday, he remained at large.

      “‘Hindi ko naman kailangan ng pera’ [I don’t need the money],” he said. “I had bigger offers but I never took them. I never asked the government for a single centavo … I just want to help.”

      Dingel was found guilty of taking $410,000 from Dr. John Ding Young of Formosa Plastics Group, a Taiwanese company, which gave it to him as research and development funds.

      The decision, written by Judge Rolando How of the court’s Branch 257 and released on Dec. 9, said Dingel defrauded Young when the inventor failed to fulfill his obligation of developing his “hydrogen reactor” and creating experimental cars in 2000.

      Veteran lawyer Frank Chavez, who was approached by Dingel on Friday, said he would immediately appeal the court decision before it became final on Christmas Eve.

      “I am taking up his case and will see to it that his conviction is reversed,” Chavez said. “Mankind will benefit from his invention … How will we know his secret if we put him behind bars?”

      Chavez, a former solicitor general, said he was impressed when he rode Dingel’s “water-powered” Toyota Corolla sedan.

      Preliminary understanding

      In his testimony to the court, Young said his group eagerly approached Dingel in November 2000 after hearing that he had discovered a way to extract hydrogen from ordinary water to power his 1996 Toyota Corolla.

      The unique device — a “hydrogen reactor” resembling a 12-volt battery — impressed the Taiwanese when Dingel demonstrated how it powered and fueled the car’s engine. They were also told that fuel from water had clean emissions as it did not produce carbon the way gasoline did.

      Convinced that the invention was genuine, Young and his group drew up a broad outline and signed a “preliminary understanding” with Dingel for several projects.

      On Nov. 30, 2000, the inventor flew to the Formosa Plastics Group headquarters in Taipei and received $30,000 in goodwill money and $20,000 for research and development after signing a joint venture agreement.

      No replies

      Young said Dingel asked for $300,000 to buy three cars to be used as prototypes for the invention when he returned to the Philippines.

      He said that after receiving the money by wire transfer, Dingel avoided replying to his emails on the progress of the project and instead sent copies of letters from other foreign investors offering Dingel larger sums of money.

      Young said that in September 2001 Dingel declined to sign the amended agreement when he was asked to go to Taipei to discuss mutual concerns on the project.

      Young said he kept his end of the bargain by sending another $60,000 in additional funds for R&D as stated in the joint venture agreement.

      He said it was then that Dingel began ignoring his communications. He said he sent demand letters for the return of $410,000 were but Dingel did not give the amount back.


      In his defense, Dingel said he backed out of talks with the Taiwanese after he was pressured to divulge details of his project, which he said he refused to do to protect his invention.

      Dingel said that after touring the plant in Taipei he was invited to become the company’s consultant and was asked to tour Formosa Plastics Group plants in Texas. He said he declined for fear for his life.

      “‘Tumanggi ako kasi alam ko may pinatay na imbentor ng water-fueled car’ [I declined because I know another inventor of a water-fueled car had been murdered],” he said, referring to Stan Meyer, who allegedly received threats from oil companies and was allegedly poisoned in 1998 because of his pioneering invention.

      Dingel admitted signing the joint agreement but said he did not know what he was signing at the time. He said an envelope containing $30,000 was given to him in appreciation of his consultancy work and $300,000 was remitted to him only as an incentive for submitting his drawings and designs.

      The court found Dingel guilty of misappropriating the funds he received from Formosa Plastics Group.

      Judge How said Dingel admitting that he received the funds and documentary evidence from Yung, such as the joint venture agreement, showed that the funds were given for “specific purposes.”

      “Mr. Dingel did not use the money for the purpose it was intended,” the court decision said. “…He excused himself from producing or developing the prototypes allegedly after entertaining the notion that his invention would be stolen. Since he thought of it, he should have returned the money to Dr. Young and told the latter to forget his invention.”

      The decision said that instead of returning the money, Dingel withdrew $375,603.89 from his bank account and left only $500.

      “He admitted withdrawing the money after learning that a suit had been filed against him,” it said. “His act of immediately withdrawing the money indicated bad faith on his part.”

      Judge How said Dingel failed to support with evidence his claim that he had earned the money and therefore had no obligation to return it.

      He said Dingel’s reasoning that he did not read the joint venture agreement before signing it was “too flimsy to be given an ounce of consideration.”

      “He did not purchase the three cars, [he] did not work on his research and [he] did not develop the invention … Mr. Dingel’s misappropriation of the money has no doubt resulted to damage and prejudice of Dr. Young and the FPG in the sum of $380,000,” the decision said.

      In an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Dingel said he was still willing to sell his biggest secret — on condition that the buyer would hire 200 Filipinos and their families.

      He said the royalties to be paid to him would go to a foundation he would set up for the poor.

      The Department of Science and Technology has dismissed Dingel’s invention as a hoax. Edited by

  19. Pacquiao dynasty, please read.

    Why Filipino Boxers would benefit with the infusion of foreign blood…

    Introducing the Boxing Champs of Ukraine (& they even got Ph.D degrees):

    Vitali Klitschko (nickname: Dr. Ironfist)
    Total fights 47
    Wins 45
    Wins by KO 41
    Losses 2

    Wladimir Klitschko (nickname: Dr. Steelhammer)
    Total fights 68
    Wins 64
    Wins by KO 53
    Losses 4


    Do we even have to talk about the PBA, with the need for imports with height restrictions & foreign coaches?

    And remember Akiko Thomson (Filipina with American and Japanese blood) who did us proud in swimming in the international arena? (far better performing than our local-blood semplang divers)

    In addition to discipline, foreign genes will contribute greatly towards the goal of becoming a Super-state (Major World Power):


    Noong unang panahon daw sabi ng ating mga ninuno nang nilalang ng Diyos ang mga unang tao , walang mga ilong.Napakahirap huminga ang mga tao, ang hanging ine exhale at ine inhale ay lumalabas at pumapasok sa bawat lagusan na makikita sa parte ng katawan. Halimbawa sa dalawang tenga, magexhale sa kanang tenga at i inhale naman sa kaliwang tenga, subalit laging nagkakaproblema kapag nababarahan ang mga tenga kaya nahihirapan ang mga tao na makarinig.Kung sa parteng ibaba naman hihinga ang mga tao, sa parteng likuran na kung tawagin natin ay p_ _ _t, kapag exhale at inhale ay kakabagan sila at kadalasan kapag inilabas nila ang hangin ay may masamang amoy.Naawa na ang Diyos sa paghihirap ng mga nilalang niya, kaya umisip siya ng paraan, naghulma siya ng isang parte ng laman na ikakabit niya sa katawan ng tao, at tinawag niya itong ilong.Ipinadala niya ito sa mga tao sa pamamagitan ng napakalaking barko.masayang sinalubong ng mga tao ang pagdating ng isang napakalaking barko na punong puno ng ilong.Palibhasa ang mga Amerikano ay sadyang napakalaki, mataas at mabilis tumakbo kaya sila ang unang nakakuha ng ilong at ikinabit nila sa gitna ng kanilang mukha at sila ay maayos nakahinga. Sumunod na kumuha ng mga ilong ang mga British, German, Chinese, at iba pang lahi.Ang mga pilipino noon pa man ay taklay na ang katamaran ay nagpainot inot pa, si Juan Tamad ang sabi”mamaya na tinatamad pa ako”Baka maubusan tayo ang sabi naman ni Aling maria, “Bahala na ” ang sabi ni Kulas.Sumigaw ang isang Amerikano sabay kaway sa mga Filipino” Hey Filipino guys, come on, get your nose down here”Saka pa lang tumayo ang mga Pinoy, nagsikuha ng mga ilong nila at ikinabit sa mukha, naranasan nila ang maayos na paghinga. Tamang tama ang kulay sa kanilang kulay ng katawan, napansin lang nila bakit kakaiba ang ilong nila sa ibang nasyon.Pango ito, kasi nga huli sa pagkuha ng ilong nadaganan na ito.Sabi ng nakakatandang si Aling Juana, makuntento na tayo kung ano ang nakuha natin, pasalamat tayo sa Diyos sa ibinigay niya.Pasalamat tayo sa ilong na ibinigay para makahinga tayo para mabuhay.

    Ito ay isang kathang story ko lang…. i hope matawa kayo…hope this will make sense too… wag tayo mahiya na tayo ay pango, Pinoy tayo eh….

  21. @Anglo-Irish, I think infusing Indian blood is a step up for many Pinoys. Indians (Napalese/Pakistanis) are known for their aptitude in Mathematics/Sciences/Programming, as well as in Business & Management. Just ask them to cut down on their garlic consumption and I’m quite positive many Pinays will be flocking to get Indians as well.

    And if you look at the BEFORE-SURGERY face of the guy mentioned in the above nose job article, he actually had a nose Filipinos would long ( 🙂 ) to have.

    I wonder if he wanted to look more Filipino after his divorce that led him to even think he even needed a nose fix in the first place.

    Indian looks rival those of South America and Hollywood:
    Sushmita Sen – Miss Universe 1994

    BTW, Pinoy physical insecurity is not as much as to the shade of their skin or their height; it’s mainly with facial features. When a newborn comes out – everyone will quickly greet the nose.

    Not sure why, but maybe because Jesus was a Jew, and Padre Damaso was Spanish. Even Rizal needed foreign blood for his descendants in marrying a European. Too bad Rizal Jr. didn’t get to see the light of day.

  22. I find it unsettling that these types of discussions come up throughout the world, of how one is better than the other.
    After all do we all not live on the same planet, we all bleed red blood, we all have the same organs as each other.
    we should not be named Australian, Filipino, American, asian, white, black or any thing else, we should all be TERRANS and learn to live together as human beings.
    For not only are we killing each other off but also destroying the planet we live on.

    1. Hear! Hear!
      All of the bickering you do here is for naught. Maganda pa ang natutunan ko sa Full Metal Alchemist kaysa sa mga inaatupag nyong pag-awayan. “All is one, one is all.”

    2. Correct, but who went around the world renaming people? Conquering lands and naming them after themselves ? Fact : There are 18 name ions on this planet everyone has a Biblical name Example So called White man is Edom or Edomites, descendants of Esau

      1. funny but where I came from it was the Mongols who committed the worst genocide. Half of the population were simply exterminated by the Mongol hordes. My country was completely turned into a wasteland, women raped and and taken as sex slaves by the Mongols. Eastern Europe were screwed by Mongols bit just Hungary and that is the same race group (Mongolian or Mongoloid) that Filipinos also belong to. Now should I generalise and hold the Mongolian race collectively responsible for the crimes committed against my people?

        1. Attila, So I will know how to address your comments better what is your nationality? Are you Chinese decent?

        2. If you are Chinese, You call them Mongols, But in fact they are the Seed of Moab the son of Lot. ( Genesis 19:30-38 ) you are not Japhetic, you are of Shem. The Epicanthic fold or Mongoloid features due to Lots daughters sleeping with their father after sodom and gomorrah was destroyed, And yes they committed one of the worst genocide in history, Your people was killing Israelites that was in that land, Chinese are no different than the Filipinos when it come to acknowledging your true roots. Yes I am saying it, backed up by facts, The original Chinese were Black people, You have murdered, ostracized and damn near whipped them out totally, but they are still there Your boy Genghis Khan is portrayed as a Asian when in fact he was a Caucasian from Ireland.

    3. @Michael Bedford, The article is about mixing the blood of different races together in harmony – hurting. let alone “killing”, anybody has in no way been implied.

      It’s all about helping each other: the whities help the brownies improve their physical and mental attributes, while the brownies help the whities replenish their dwindling numbers.

      PH society is already one big pot of colorful menudo; the more variety the better:

      PS: I just went through the list of dishes, and found “moron” is actually a Pinoy dish, LOL! Yeah sure – keep gobbling it up guys, and make my day.

      1. Why should filipinos help white folks exist ?why not let them die off then they would not have to deal with your insults,

        1. I was thinking about the same about the Mongol race which the Filipinos also belong to. Since they committed the wort crimes against my people the Hungarians and Eastern European nations almost exterminating us. Maybe I should think the same way as you: why should Easter European whites help Filipinos? Why not let them die off so we don’t have to deal with their racist insults?

  23. This is White Supremacy at its finest. The Article at the end reveals the TRUE POINT ( The dwindling population of European and North Asian countries is a threat to their very foundations and survival ) Yes Mother Nature is at WAR with the European and North Asian. You cannot reproduce, You are dying out, The Sun is Killing you You Have no Melanin, In Nature anything born without Melanin dose not survive. To the Wise it is very funny that you MOCK the filipinos then pretty much BEG them to help you Exist…(Pinoys give them a helping hand in providing what Pinoys do best – help them in multiplication) hahahahahahah!! It dose make the Filipinos that try to be while look foolish, As you see Its best to Love yourself…They belittle you but deep down they want to be You….

      1. There is no White person on the Planet, So called Whites are actually RED, or Pinkish Your blood shows through your skin. take a piece of white paper and place it on your skin (simple) color 101. That lack of melanin is the reason why you are are a Negative population growth rate and now simply begging the brown nations to help you exist. here is a scripture for you. Genesis 25 : 25 And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau. 26 And after that came his brother out, and his hand took hold on Esau’s heel; and his name was called Jacob: You are Esau or Edom or Edomites, Idumea, Why was Jacob holding Esau heel?? 2 Esdras 6 : 8 And he said unto me, From Abraham unto Isaac, when Jacob and Esau were born of him, Jacob’s hand held first the heel of Esau. 9 For Esau is the end of the world, and Jacob is the beginning of it that followeth. So you see…Your time is just about up….We got next !!

  24. Question, why are all the sales people at nice stores and all the movie actors basically white. Why does a person need to attach a picture to a job application. Yes some countries like China are worse, but to say discrimination based on looks does not happen here is an downright lie, The sad part is this is mostly the truth here in the Philippines. Every expat knows someone that has been offered marriage, because of the money.

  25. Walang kinalaman (o baka meron???) sa article nyo, pero ASPIN (asong Pinoy) ang updated na tawag sa native nating mga aso, at PUSPIN (pusang Pinoy) ang mga native nating pusa.

    Ipalaganap nyo man lang yan, GRP, utang na loob.
    Suportahan nyo man lang ang PAWS kung hindi nyo kayang suportahan ang ibang aspeto ng pagiging Pilipino nyo.

  26. Oh this article is, seem ridiculous, with a serious background.
    The tragic history of the Philippines, founded by the deeds of their tormentors, the Spaniards, Americans, Japanese, and English is the predominant cause of mentality.
    Of all the worst has remained.
    The corruption of the Spaniards, the brutality of the Spaniards, Japanese and Americans, crime and law by the Americans.
    No one claims the Filipinos are inferior.
    Nevertheless, there are noticeable differences from other nations.
    And very striking is a kind of envy, which swells like wildfire in the collective subconscious of the Filipinos.
    Oh yes, the people from the ‘1. World – nations “are envied, and you will in all circumstances the same prosperity. However one wants to make any effort, and does not really contribute anything to improve their own situation. It disregards that just get these people hard, and this prosperity difficult for flat and long work. The Filipino sits during the same time rather be with a few bottles of “Red Horse”, “San Miguel” and “Imperator” and let the days pass.
    Whereas the mentality lived by their own parents, friends and relatives is an example of this process.
    In addition, a Filipino does not want to give up his own convenience. In addition, Filipinos confuse education with imagination. No wonder is, but suggests a day that the Philippine educational system an “excellent things” was.
    However, since the question arises, why Filipino workers come for the most part only as a laborer, worldwide, for use.
    As Europeans and German are the Filipino women with exotic charms, however, learn to know after closer this charm loses very quickly, at the latest when the character is revealed.
    The foreigner will be described in articles considered as a springboard out of poverty, so to speak, as a milking cow.
    But, a marriage according to civilized notions is not the financing of the entire families – clans.
    Our own experience with the “System” family in the Philippines have taught me to keep a distance. Men who despise true education, and prefer an improvement of their situation by fleeing into “religious” to seek spheres, which is not helping. The mixing of “European” breeds with the Filipinos helps nothing.
    The own attitude to life, the deposition of the traditional rituals of corruption and petty crime are the first step in the right direction, which in turn requires education ahead. And if we are honest – while Filipinos consider foreigners as their potential victims, as long as the races may intersect as they want. The result will always be just a PNOY because nothing changes at the base, namely the attitude towards life, morality, education, and thus the character of the individual.

  27. Interracial marriage and the USA. Attila, Zaxx and anyone else who uses Wikipedia as an reference is wrong on this subject. Here are your true facts. 28 percent (which is 1 out of every 4) of all new marriages in the USA are interracial marriages. This fact is brought to you; straight from the US census which is stated as a source from the outdated Wikipedia article you use as reference. PS by the way, people still consider the USA to be a white nation of people when it is now become a nation of Hispanics. Outdated information equals outdated thinking based on false facts.

  28. Here is your fact links by the way. Link

    I have said this before official goverment links should be used for research, which is the university and college standard in the Western world not an website like
    Wikipedia that anyone can add material to.

    1. It increased by 28% and not 28%! Big difference! The research does not provide any breakdown on white men marrying non-white women. Among all races whites are the least likely to marry outside of their race as per percentage to the entire white population and not in absolute numbers. This is the only data I found in your linked research: “Overall, 10 percent of opposite sex married couples had partners of a different race or Hispanic origin. States with higher percentages of couples of a different race or Hispanic origin were primarily located in the western and southwestern parts of the country.”

  29. The Failipinos thirst for foreign blood because they are essentially ashamed of the way they look, and they want their offspring(s) to be treated like aristocrats (have a chance of becoming a movie personality or a beauty pageant contestant)when they go to the Failippines.

  30. More accidents and more violence are best for more or less inbred or miscegenated Pinoy brains! Let’s import more brain-damaged abnormal promiscuous more or less inbred or miscegenated aliens from [other countries], and breed and export more brain-damaged abnormal promiscuous miscegenated Pinoys to [other countries]! Profit! Proud to be promiscuous Pinoy master race!

  31. I would like to add for the most part this is true, with some exceptions. Having traveled back to the Philippines in over 35 years I’ve noticed many changes to the culture. For the most part most of the ones I’ve encountered are either hateful of me, look down on me or some just think I’m Chinese. I’m not sure why they think I’m Chinese, not every Filipino has wide almond shaped eyes? I don’t have a stubby nose so why all that hate and criticism. My skin color is more whiter than the average Filipino but that don’t make me Chinese does it. I sure would like to think having grown up in Canada for over 40 years I would think Filipinos have learned to be more accommodating to their fellow Filipinos. Just because I’m dress neater, wear nicer clothes having worked hard in another country and being a citizen of that country doesn’t make me any less a Filipino than most of the ones in the Philippines. Can anyone answer me this question, why are most Filipinos hateful of fellow Filipinos that had grown up in another country because of their hard working parents hated? Yes it’s true that most would like the western traits but only if it was with a Caucasian, blacks, or other nationalities. They figure having those traits make them more sexually appealing and for the most part it’s this part that they find most attractive. Yes the physical appearance is nice to have but also they find western or Caucasian influence is much more sexually appealing. So it’s not enough to have worked hard and immigrated to another country for these people it’s also having the westernized physical attributes that make them feel more inclined to treat foreign mixed blood with respect and awe.

  32. It’s a common misunderstanding among Filipinos that’s all is done by “blood”. So the author himself fell for his Filipino roots. Fact is, scientists have not yet figured out what is done by nature (genes, not blood) and what by nurture. But it’s likely that the inability of Pinoys to do business is a nurture issue. I observed Pinoys attempting to do business and I think I know the main reasons why they fail.

    a) Lack of common sense
    Common sense is clearly something you can learn. Foreign kids learn it from their parents. Pinoy kids learn it if their single mom marries a foreigner. Pinoys who are OFW for longer than the usual 2 or 3 year contracts learn it, especially if they have to interact a lot with non pinoys.
    b) Inability of thinking ahead
    You urgently need something? You go to the next mall and try to buy it. But frequently you hear “Sorry, out lof stock”. Because refill of stocked goods is nor ordered in advance. You can observe the same in Pinoy families.
    c) No experience to handle funds
    In Pinoy households all financial issues are handled by the wife only. No responsibility for the kids. How can they learn?

    There is another mistake. Beauty pageants are usually not won by Europeans they are mostly won by Central and South Americans. They are usually mixed race, they have genes from native Americans (descendants of ancient Asian migrants) blacks (descendants of African slaves) and whires (descendants of European coloialists)

  33. Philippine population according to race/descent:
    11% Chinese Filipinos
    0.4% other ancestries (Arabs, Indians, Italians, Portuguese, Japanese, Koreans, White Americans, White Australians, White Canadians, White Brits, White Irish, White New Zealanders, etc.)
    1.8 % Spanish Filipinos
    1.8% Latino/Mexican Filipinos

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