Attention Filipinos: Only a strong military gives SUBSTANCE to REAL national pride

There is a good reason why countries all over the world spend billions developing and maintaining military capability. It is because military force has always been and continues to remain the only real way to defend national interests. Unfortunately for the Philippines, Filipinos beg to differ. It is quite evident that Filipinos have never seen the value in projecting substantial military power. As a result, the Philippines’ military capability suffered a sustained slide to degeneracy over the half century since independence was granted by the United States in 1946.

The reality, unfortunately is that having a strong military is what gives true substance to national pride. In this sense, Filipinos’ sense of national pride is hollow at best when one considers the laughable military capability they wield.

It is one thing to possess sufficient military resources to meet defense needs within the Philippine mainlands and coastlines. Yet, following major disasters such as the 2013 calamity wrought by typhoon Haiyan in 2013, for example, the Philippine military was found to be sorely ill-equipped and unable to rapidly deploy where its services were most-needed. As usual, foreign military support saved the day for Filipinos who contributed nothing but their victimhood to efforts to manage the unfolding humanitarian crisis at the time.

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It is, to add insult to inadequacy, another thing to project military power well beyond one’s mainland and onto seas one claims to be part of one’s sovereign territory. This, in essence, is what Filipinos and their “activists” are asserting noisily but without the military capability to back their talk.

Filipino Opposition senatorial candidate Gary Alejano exhibits Philippine naval superiority on the South China Sea.

To project military might over territories claimed by Filipinos across the South China Sea requires a real navy and not the donated one the Philippines has maintained for decades and certainly not one made up of little boats manned by former mutineers turned senatorial candidates in this year’s elections. But in much the same way Filipinos positioned themselves in the 2013 Haiyan disaster, an appeal to victimhood is all that underlies the Philippines’ call for global attention to what’s going on in the South China Sea.

But, really, weak countries like the Philippines continue to exist only because powerful countries allow them to. A world order supposedly ruled by “international law” is no more than a glossy pretense. No less than the United States itself has, time and again, demonstrated that its own national interests trump United Nations “resolutions” any day. Military might is the only real currency in international “relations”.

For its part, the only reason China is not moving faster and more menacingly than it already is in the South China Sea is because it is wisely considering the possibility of military action by countries like the United States, Japan, and Australia that pose real threats to its goals. The Philippines’ efforts at “diplomacy” is really no more than a quaint side show.

The very same Yellowtards and commies who spent decades demonising Filipino soldiers are the same morons who now think quaint activism will vanquish enemy forces occupying Philippine territory.

It is therefore interesting that much of the noise being generated around the “issue” of Chinese incursion into the Philippines’ “assets” in the South China Sea is coming from “activists” who had made names for themselves demonising the Filipino Soldier and anything to do with anything military for that matter. One wonders what sort of outcome these commies and Yellowtards are expecting following the pickets they mount before the Chinese embassy. Do they really expect China to be moved by these little soirees?

Military chops trump bleeding heart ‘activism’ and victim rhetoric any day.

Perhaps Filipino “activists” need to spend a bit more time getting better acquainted with their “enemies”. Indeed, as University of the Philippines chancellor Michael Tan observes, China is doing its own homework…

China is watching the Philippines. I’ve seen Chinese books — not translations but original work by Chinese scholars — on various topics about the Philippines, all the way up to our Catholic churches’ architecture. And once, during a visit to China, I watched a television documentary with the most amazing details about the Japanese military and the Philippines . . . not dating to World War II but about the current situation in the West Philippine Sea.

Perhaps, rather than merely keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, Filipinos should take this as an example and learn about who and what it is exactly they are dealing with.

26 Replies to “Attention Filipinos: Only a strong military gives SUBSTANCE to REAL national pride”

  1. Wow, is that Gary Alimango, Trillanes’ sister? He looks pathetic showing some muscle sitting down, perhaps afraid of the “waves” that could topple him. But then, the photo shoot was probably in a swimming pool. Or maybe in a room where there’s a stationary sea background similar to pictures in this video I found on YouTube ( at 0:59, 1:07 and 1:10 marks).

  2. The problems on the Philippines then & now on why we’re the so-called “Poor Man of Asia” are because:

    1) The Philippines are deeply divided & separated both geographically, demography & political in nature. The best example of this kind of problem was around at the time of Philippine Revolution (1896-98) when some of the island provinces of our country are fighting for an independence against Spain but on a different tune. Rather than the entire Philippines (aka Maharlika) uniting for an independence but a regional/ethnical/island type of independent sovereign states that the Filipinos at that time wants to have it like the Republic of Cebu, Republic of Negros, Republic of Palawan, Islamic State of Mindanao, etc. And no wonder, Dr. Jose Rizal refused to joined the Katipuneros led by Andres Bonifacio is because not just he doesn’t want a to use violence to fight against Spain for an independence but also how Andres Bonifacio & his fellow Katipineros would unite the entire Philippine archipelago. Unlike in China, which is a land-typed country that is easily to unite their entire country no matter how many people, races, cultures & languages they have, its a walk in the park for sure.

    2) The Filipinos are dumb & lazy bones since we’re living in an uncomfortable tropical climate zones unlike in China which is a temperate country that they have 4 seasons in a year. If the Filipinos would try to invade the entire China, then take a look at what happened to the Napoleonic led French soldiers & Nazi Germans had tried to invade Russia before, it’ll be the same situation to the Filipino soldiers when we gonna invade China & we’re gonna be killed by the Chinese Winter rather than the Chinese armies, bombs & bullets.

    3) Lack of discipline among the Filipinos, and of course, this is the most important thing in the military especially when there’s a war.

    4) Of course, the never ending CORRUPTION in our government. And when there’s an existing corruption, that means the military budgets of the AFP will go bankrupt & there’ll be no money to recruit new soldiers especially when they’ll become a war veterans when they’ll reach to their senior age in which they need bigger pensions for them, and then there are no warships, no guns, no cannons, no tanks, no high tech equipment, etc., etc.

    In other words, PHILIPPINES WILL BE IN DOOM because of these 4 problems that we’re facing then & now. Unless if a miracle will happen like the faithful Filipino Catholics are praying for World Peace but I don’t think that might not work as well since the Communist China forbids religion:

  3. These same armchair communists who deride the “Military Dictatorship of Martial Law” but are happy to goad China into a military confrontation because they see it as a convenient weapon against the current administration, there’s also the hidden factor of the interests of the US in the region, Obama’s “Pivot to Asia” truly worked wonders for the Philippines when Noynoy gladly took up his offer and played proxy by confronting China and his delusional fantasy that the Arbitration by a non-binding court paid by various organizations and backed by the US would magically push the “Chinese bully” away from a piece of rocks that the average Filipino didn’t give a damn about till the media told them to be angry about. Corruption and apathy has killed the country’s ability to protect it’s borders, Might makes right, but the priorities are skewed by these political and media hackjobs, and lack of introspection by the average citizen, should the country really go back to the previous Foreign Policy that gave us nothing but headaches? because would you rather be a coward who’d rather be robbed and murdered by his fellow countrymen every day than “invaded in the future” by a foreign power that has no interest to conquer a third world nation that’s divided? the constant self-contradictions, the unrealistic expectations, and hypocrisy too tiresome, these crabs who’d rather bring down the entire country than share and strengthen it.

    1. Some closet Yellowtard said that Noynoy even fought for the territorial issue with the West Philippine Sea and I’m laughing my ass off when I read that.

      These idiots failed to realize that Noynoy himself created that mess along with Trillanes and his shady antics. Just to get brownie points from Obama.

  4. Alejano, who is an Alegago, has photo ops with some ocean background, on a banca…not even in a warship that was donated by the U.S., that was originally bound for the scrap yards. If Alegago, would think, with his “thick skull” ;you cannot simply win a war, or defend a territory by photo opportunities, or by noisily demonstrating to your perceived enemies.

    You win war by : strategy, tactics and logistics. Advanced military equipment brought by advanced technology, gives you a military advantage…this has been proven in the World War II, having the U.S. and its allied forces win over Japan and Germany, and its axis allies.

    Israel is a good example…it is a small country, but has a developed military capabilities to defend itself against its enemies, surrounding it. It has a good research and development for its military equipment It manufactures its own military equipment.

    So, Alejano, aka: “Alegago”. Stop being a nonsense nuisance…your “bravado” will not stop China from grabbing Philippine territories !

  5. isn’t before the indonesians and malaysians came to the philippine island, china sea is already there? So it belongs to china!

    1. ….to whom do we want the control of china sea? China will never give it up to Malaysia. That’s why they’re there on guard.

  6. Honestly, guys, it’s game over already. Much as Indonesia was carved up by foreign powers because it was weak and corrupt, the same thing is scheduled for the Philippines. The Chinese military are talking about this openly because they know there’s absolutely zero chance of resistance from Filipinos. From where I’m sitting it looks like it’ll happen in the next 5 years or so.

    At the moment there seems to be arrangement under negotiation between China and an international consortium: China knows it wouldn’t be able to move in unilaterally without blowback from the UN, however ineffectual that might be. The general attitude is that the Philippines is too valuable a piece of real estate to be left in the hands of 12-year-old children with nothing to do except make more Filipinos.

    This should actually work well for all concerned because of the geography of the Philippines. Basically, Filipinos will be able to decide who will enslave them, which is a bit of a step up from the previous 400 years of ignominy. What worries me most is that there are big commercial influences here: China being China, there’s a possibility that unrestrained mining and logging will be permitted. But if that doesn’t happen, it should all be a big net positive for Filipinos. Of course they’ll lose their “freedom”, but that’s exactly what the doctor ordered, really.

  7. The US military might will be nothing if their culture proves to be inferior. At the rate they’re going they will probably fail at their own equipment.

    As with China, one can only plan and sustain it to a certain extent.

  8. Actually from what I have observed here in Rome, Italy, where we have a huge community of Pinoy as well as Intsik, the Chinese seem to overpower Filipinos even when it comes to “suntukan”….

  9. The only fighting chance Filipinos have in a head-on collision with the Dragon is if the latter agrees to the following rule: Only second-hand Corvette warships allowed.

    Military Stats: China vs Philippines

    Air force > Combat aircraft 1,500 vs 55
    Army > Main battle tanks 9,000 vs 0
    Budget 166 US$ BN vs 2.9 US$ BN
    Navy > Aircraft carriers 1 vs 0
    Navy > Amphibious warfare ships 27 vs 11
    Navy > Corvette warships 15 vs 11
    Navy > Cruisers 0 vs 0
    Navy > Destroyers 27 vs 0
    Navy > Frigates 48 vs 3
    Navy > Nuclear submarines 3 vs 0
    Navy > Submarines 40 vs 0

    From the looks of those numbers, at least it’s pretty clear Filipinos have embraced the digital age with wide open arms indeed.

    China, leave Pag-asa Island alone, …OR ELSE (ehemmm)…!!! (or else what Mr. Alejano?)

    1. the Chinese are in and around Thitu Island for purposes of OBSERVATION, not INVASION.
      in light of renewed AFP-US military cooperation shown by recent BalikatanExcercises
      the Chinese take note what form of military equipment/facilities are being deployed on the island
      _a matter of grave concern that threatens their national security
      in the contested maritime area.

      get real, Filipinos
      China has A LOT TO LOSE by invading the Philippines
      from its centrepiece Belt and Road Initiative
      to its prominent international standing that propels its rise to the world arena.

      there is NOTHING NEW nor STRANGE about this geopolitical exercise
      Russian trawlers are always present in the Atlantic Ocean
      monitoring rocket launch events from Cape Canaveral, Florida
      notably during the Apollo Space Program era.

      in the same vein, NATO recon aircraft regularly probe Russian anti-aircraft missile defences
      along its geographic/maritime borders and their surrounding airspace.
      FrancisGaryPowers’ CIA U2 spyplane was shot down by Soviet SAMs
      during its recon flight over the USSR during the 1960s.
      USN destroyers regularly sail the Black Sea to reconnoiter the Crimean Peninsula
      and conduct “Freedom of Intimidation” patrols on the SouthChinaSea to irk China.

      and to glean from fiction:
      a scene from the spy thriller movie FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE
      shows Bond’s Turkish chauffeur/security detail
      casually informing him about their vehicle’s movements being tailed by Bulgarian agents:
      “The Bulgars, they watch us, we watch them.”
      yes, LIFE GOES ON.

      HONTIVEROS, CARPIO, CARPIO and DEL ROSARIO and their deluded kind
      ought to get some real-world education
      by way of poring over RobertLudlum/TomClancy literature
      instead of always watching B-listed horror flicks/Korean tele series
      they’ll find that they could sleep better at night.

      1. “the Chinese are in and around Thitu Island for purposes of OBSERVATION”?!

        Hmmm… aren’t we just fooling ourselves?

        Josie’s obsevation position, I think, is being challenged highly and contardicted very clearly by the Chinese Foreign Ministry through its spokeman Lu Kang:

        “The Nansha Islands (the Spratlys) are China’s territory, which is backed by sufficient historical and jurisprudential evidence.”

        (And with what “sufficient historical and jurisprudential evidence” exactly?!)

        “For thousands of years, Chinese fishermen have been fishing in these waters in the South China Sea.”

        “Their rights should not be challenged.”

        (get real, Filipinos?)

        This national issue’s ought to be shared by us all and not to be limited, reduced or confined by the competing forces among the Dutertards and the Yellowtards as a political issue.

        While as we laugh about Mr. Alejano’s publicity stunt, we’re also reminded about the President’s promise of jet-skiing to the islands and planting the Filipino flag and declaring the islands as ours!

        1. China relies on the infantile fantasies of the likes of Josie in order to get the job done. Fortunately for them, the majority of Filipinos are as deluded as he/she is.

          Before the end of the next decade, Filipinos are going to wake up and find that the Philippines is being run by (and for the benefit of) foreigners. Not a single shot will have been fired. It won’t actually be China as such: as I said earlier, it’ll be a consortium of private interests, but China will be pulling the pulling the puppet strings.

          Filipinos are still living in a world where Tribe A’s leader hits Tribe B’s leader over the head, runs around in circles hollering, and proclaims himself the new leader of Tribe B. They haven’t noticed it’s not the stone age anymore. China in particular has been pioneering takeovers-by-stealth since roughly 1980.

      2. For some real-world education, this josie, who’s an obvious show-off, ought to know the difference between fiction and reality. He/she should try to minimize poring over RobertLudlum/TomClancy literature and start digesting what the Chinese are really up to as far as those islands in the West Philippine Sea are concerned.

        In a TV interview in Beijing, Major General Zhang Zhaozhong, a well-known military expert, talked about the situation of dispute between China and the Philippines in the West Philippine Sea.

        Zhang Zhaozhong, on China’s “cabbage” strategy to “recover” islands occupied by Philippines:

        “… we have begun to take measures to seal and control the areas around the Huangyan Island, seal and control continuously up till now. In the over one year period since then, there have been fishermen in the inside. Our fishermen are often there because there is lot of fish there. Fishermen go there in large ships and then sail small boats in the lagoon to fish. They can have shelter in the lagoon when there is a typhoon.

        “The fishermen conduct normal production there. In the area around the island, fishing administration ships and marine surveillance ships are conducting normal patrols while in the outer ring there are navy warships. The island is thus wrapped layer by layer like a cabbage. As a result, a cabbage strategy has taken shape.”

        He added:

        “We should do more such things in the future. For those small islands, only a few troopers are able to station on each of them, but there is no food or even drinking water there. If we carry out the “cabbage” strategy, you will not be able to send food and drinking water onto the islands. Without the supply for one or two weeks, the troopers stationed there will leave the islands on their own. Once they have left, they will never be able to come back.”

        Read more:

        1. butt-hurt much, Atong?
          don’t be like marius crybaby as i resolutely stand by every word i say
          without much as acting in a grandstanding way.

          your false accusations against everything Chinese stinks every inch
          like a Bolton-Pompeo-Rubio- flavoured Crapola
          where in fact things go the other way around.
          the West has STOLEN MORE from China since time immemorial
          from the early forays of Euro-industrial spy MarcoPolo
          who learnt of Chinese tech inventions that were later introduced to the West such as:
          Paper Making 105 A.C.
          Movable Type Printing 960-1279 AD.
          Gunpowder 1000 A.D.
          Compass 1100 A.D.
          Alcohol 2000 BC-1600 BC.
          Mechanical Clock 725 A.D.
          Tea Production 2,737 BC.
          Silk 6,000 years ago.
          ChineseNoodles which later gave rise to spaghetti dish
          to the OpiumWars waged by Britain during the mid 19th century
          leading to the pillage of the Old Summer Palace, Beijing,
          and the annexation of HongKong.

          check out this news reportage to clear the cobwebs from your brain:
          WITH RUSSIA and CHINA By Bill Van Auken 20 January 2018

          for the umpteenth time
          those fishing boats moored around Thitu Island
          MONITOR military-related activities on the island
          that might be used to launch offensive operations
          against PLA forward island defence chain stationed at the South China Sea.
          _a matter of grave national security concern for China.

          to ascertain the sincerity of “DramaQueen”Duterte’s world declaration
          that “he is crossing the Rubicon”
          and that the Philippines is now dealing with new strategic partners
          namely Russia and China
          singing “President Xi and Me Against The World””Goodbye USA!”
          posing before cameras beside XI like a jilted lover
          who has found a new boyfriend.

          Duterte also earlier claimed that he would put a complete end
          to the Balikatan Military Exercises for good.
          apparently Trump has tickled his ass the right way unlike Obama
          vividly shown during that happy phone conversation.
          which is why Duterte’s fart is again blowing in the opposite direction
          annoying the Chinese whether Duterte is true in his word, or not.

          yet despite its tangible military assets emplaced all over the SCS
          that could have blasted Thitu out of the water anytime
          China judiciously chose to use its brain and not its backside.

          in fairness against your prejudiced view of China
          Chinese government tolerates Filipino illegal laborers that work there
          without threat of prosecution/deportation.
          it allows for the opening of job prospects for
          Filipino teachers to ply their trade in the mainland.
          Filipino OFWs enjoy economic gains while working in HK
          that translate into healthy growth of Phil foreign currency reserves.
          to say nothing of the sizeable financial assistance granted by China
          towards the rehabilitation of war-torn Marawi.

          it’s time the light shone on your clouded mind, Atong
          that China’s global pursuit is geared towards world economic development
          mainly through its centerpiece Belt And Road Initiative
          focusing on a BUILD, BUILD, BUILD agenda
          in contrast to homicidal US BOMB, BOMB, BOMB mantra
          firing Tomahawk missiles first, instead of asking questions
          to get verifiable answers to controversial issues.

          the USD 1 to PHP 50 exchange rate is a glaring testament
          to UncleShithead’s continued relentless fucking of
          “staunch ally” Little BrownBrother/Sister
          Juan de la Cruz/MariaClara in the butt
          since that phony July 4, 1946 independence day celebrations.

        2. When it’s actually Major General Zhang Zhaozhong’s own words above, as himself quoted, what “false accusations against everything Chinese” exactly are you talking about?

          And with this issue of Chinese encroachment and continued occupation of the Islands in the Spratlys in the West Philippine Sea, why the louder, deeper concern and inclined interest for the Chinese as a personal policy, as to even come up with a statement position on the issue, implying that, it’s “a matter of grave national security concern for China”? I hope you’re true as you seem!

  10. Military force is another element of power. It provides a nation the capability to impose it’s will on another nation through the threat or use of violence. Military force also provides a state the capability to resist another’s coercive actions. The types of military forces required will depend on the state’s physical characteristics and its enemies’ capabilities. A landlocked state has little need for a navy. If a nation’s opponent has a strong air force, then the nation should have strong air defenses.

    The size and composition of military force available will dictate the types of operations a state may conduct. A landlocked power with no navy will never dominate the seas. A state without an air force or navy today will have great difficulty projecting and sustaining military forces over great distances. A strong army with no ability to move to another area has little impact on foreign policy, except on protecting its homeland.

    The technological sophistication of its weaponry versus that of an opponent’s will provide a state an advantage or disadvantage in projecting its will. All other things being equal, a state weapons that can kill an opponent’s soldiers faster and more efficiency that those of the opponent’s has an advantage. Of course, rarely are all other things equal. Technological superiority can provide an advantage, but it cannot guarantee success.

    Technology will also affect the state’s ability to sustain its forces. Commonality of the civilian and military technological base will enhance logistical capabilities by making it easy for civilian industry to provide military forces the equipment needed.

    The location of military forces with respect to the theater of war and the enemy is another component of military power. If the military forces are near their warfighting positioning, their deterrent and warfare capabilities are greater.

    The degree of civilian control and willingness to employ military force prescribes the manner in which a state may employ its military power. This point relates to the national will element of power. If the will to employ the military force available does not exist, the military force has no utility. No power results from the simple existence of the military force. Power results from the will to use military power, or at least an enemy’s perception of the willingness to do so, and the capability of that military force to defeat all enemy.

    Available reserves limit the duration of combat a state can endure. Once all the trained or trainable men and women are casualties, a state cannot continue. A state’s manpower pool always serves as a limit on the size of the military force it can raise.

  11. wow that !
    a barefoot Flip-version Rambo brandishing a deadly flagpole and a really menacing t-shirt
    racing to do battle aboard his flimsy wooden boat.
    Alejano couldn’t have embarrassed himself more by going through this lame photo-op.
    it speaks volumes about this mutineer’s vacant Intelligence Quotient
    and sheer incompetence now being put on grand display
    effectively making him unsuitable for any form of government posting.
    i wager the Chinese are already rendered dead by this woeful stunt_laughing !

    it is an undeniable truth that the AFP is equipped with “Hollywood prop” armaments
    going hand-in-glove with Katipunero-era military training.
    its inutile shortcomings ignominiously exposed
    during the fight against ragtag Maute terrorists.
    a glaring result in the AFPs morbid predilection for acquiring junk from the USGov.
    beholden to their gay and drug-addicted American heroes
    who murder Filipino prostitutes at will
    in order to avail of cheap sexual pleasure derived from these poor devils.
    these clueless Am-Boy mil-procurement bureaucrats inadvertently overlook the fact
    that Yanquis offer them nothing but SUN-DRIED CRAPOLA
    ( not that all different from US Foreign Policy )
    freshly-baked from the desert garbage heap at Davis-Monthan scrapyard
    which AFP procurement imbeciles are willing to swallow by the throatful.
    BLIND to the fact that the US COULD ANYTIME
    CURTAIL the re-supply of WORKING PARTS to these equipment
    should the Philippines refuse to become its SLAVING WHORE
    in giving UncleShithead a quickie whoopie whenever he itches for it.

    a telling reality best demonstrated in the recent arrest of
    Wikileaks’ whistleblower JulianAssange in London
    who had brought to light every form of abominable criminality that the USGov perpetrates.
    “owned” British politicians as well as that Ecuadorian RAT LeninMoreno
    performed exactly like two-bit slutwhores that they were
    in dutifully obeying unlawful US orders.

    i look upon the whole thing as UKPM TheresaMay and the Queen of England
    both willingly lifting their dainty skirts aside
    opening their “demure” legs far and wide
    and extensively extending their esophageal cavities
    to generously entertain Donald Trump’s wildly thrusting abasement
    of both their superior and nether gaping orifices
    culminating in a DNA – drenched/excrement-stained paroxysm
    liberally squirted all over their ugly, worn faces.
    their decayed bodies wrack and contort in uncontrolled convulsions
    while mindlessly squealing that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW !

    to extract a scene from a QUANTUM OF SOLACE Bond movie:
    BOND TO LEITER : you go to bed with anyone you like
    LEITER TO BOND : including you, brother !

    Russia and China both willingly extended their helping hand
    especially during the trying times of the Maute terror attacks and its aftermath.
    these countries produce robust military equipment in mint-condition manufacture
    with build quality surpassing that of American rubbish
    sourced directly from US desert scrapyards
    in the manner that a Huawei phone easily outclasses an overrated AppleiPhone
    or a Kalashnikov supremely outperforms a shitty Colt M4 carbine.

    it does not take a genius to decide which country the Philippines
    should procure its military weapons with spare parts/training from.

  12. In order for China or any other country to fuck off, you need to have the military might that will make them think twice before messing with you. Playing the victim card won’t get you anywhere.

      1. marius, or whether this is his/her real name, gender or sexual orientation
        speaks largely from experience.
        his/her uncontrolled “crybaby” ululations on this forum are so intense,
        it can be overheard from outer space
        ‘about time this person wiggled out of his/her diapers and face reality as it is.

        1. yawn.

          Typical Pinoy response. No logical rebuttal, so go for the ad hominem (and just make stuff up if you don’t know anything about your target).

          The things I’m writing about are well-known outside of the cosy little bubble that Pinoys enclose themselves in. Carry on pretending the outside world doesn’t exist if it makes you feel better. You’ll be saying “eh di wow” and laughing like idiots until the moment Chinese tanks roll through the gates of Malacanang.

          wow that, marius!
          i see that you are a vivid follower of the ShakeRattleAndRoll horror movie series
          first on cue holding his/her popcorn/Coke seated at the front row
          every Manila Film Fest screening.
          teee-heee !

    1. If mutually assured destruction doesn’t imply enough, then we’re really not going anywhere. People build all this wealth and might for what?

  13. Hey, benign0, there is a gulf between condemning Pinoy soldiers and condemning their derelictions of duty, their atrocities.

    But perhaps the true test of visible national pride is a military strong enough to commit atrocities with impunity. That, it seems, is right up your authoritarian alley.

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