Anti-Marcos advocates are incompetent, lack foresight and leadership skills


If you want proof that members of the Philippine political opposition are incompetent, lack foresight and leadership skills, just look at the way they handled their opposition to block the burial of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB), otherwise known as the cemetery reserved for the country’s heroes, soldiers and former Presidents. Their actions are quite laughable, really.

In the first place, their petition to block Marcos Sr’s burial at the LNMB came almost three decades too late. What the hell were they doing the whole time? Now they are acting so shocked and outraged that the burial took place without them knowing beforehand. They are saying that, just like “a thief in the night”, the Marcoses carried out the burial in “secret”. What secret are they talking about? His burial, which was supposed to take place in September, was announced in August of 2016. It was only delayed after the petitioners filed a case to block it with the Supreme Court.

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Besides, Marcos’s kin made no secret about their wish for his body to be buried at the site ever since his remains were brought back from the Unites States in 1993, only four years after his exile from the Philippines. The arrival of his body reportedly even had a lavish welcome by thousands of his supporters with women in the crowd weeping. His body’s return should have been a signal for his critics to start mobilising any moves to prevent his family from going through with the state burial. But what did they do? The late former President Cory Aquino who was still alive in 1993 did not do anything. Neither did her son, former President BS Aquino who was also a legislator for years. It is quite baffling why he did not even craft a law to prevent it from happening.

The truth is, anti-Marcos advocates are only good at making a lot of noise. What they are doing now — holding rallies — is pretty much consistent with what they were doing in the last three decades. Prominent personalities release statements like “Marcoses broke the law in holding the burial despite an appeal against the SC decision” as if they want the public to believe that there is already a motion for reconsideration filed at Supreme Court (SC) and make the Marcoses look like they cheated. These anti-Marcos advocates are very good at playing the victim.

Those who were against the burial had 15 days to file a motion for reconsideration with the SC. Marcos’s burial took place ten days after SC dismissed petition to block it. It seems the anti-Marcos advocates wanted to wait for the last day before even thinking about filing for motion for reconsideration. Or they were waiting for someone to do it for them. Either way, they screwed up big time.

The Protesters will not succeed in reversing anything. Had they been more organised, they would have succeeded in blocking Marcos’s burial on the same year the former first lady, Imelda Marcos made her wishes known that she intends to keep her husband’s remains on display in their mausoleum until the government yields to her demand for a burial in the National Heroes’ Cemetery in Manila.

Some ordinary people on the streets make more sense than so-called members of the elite who have joined the protest against Marcos burial. They were berating the students who were holding placards “Marcos Dictator!” with one of the men telling the kids “Sisihin nyo si Ramos!” Indeed, former President Fidel V. Ramos was the one who lifted Cory Aquino’s ban on the repatriation of Marcos’ body back to the Philippines in the first place. It started the ball rolling. So the blame should be directed at Ramos, not the Marcoses. Those who curse Marcos for the Martial Law years should hold Ramos responsible for human rights abuses committed under Martial Law as head of the Philippine Constabulary (PC) since the unit was responsible for the arrest and torture of civilians during that “dark” period. Marcos may not have known all the individual cases of the victims, but Ramos would. Since Ramos is still alive, the anti-Martial Law advocates can still sue him. But they could be waiting for him to die before they realise Ramos is to blame for atrocities too.

Anti-Marcos advocates are not good at analysing things properly. They even blame Duterte and want him to be held accountable for Marcos’s burial at the LNMB. It’s not clear on what grounds though. The Supreme Court allowed it so that means the law is on Duterte’s side.

Some also say Marcos is a true traitor because his burial was held in secret. They compare the “hero’s burial” of the late slain former senator Ninoy Aquino with its large crowds attending his public funeral procession. As mentioned earlier, the date may have been moved, but it wasn’t a secret. The military was there and accorded him military honours along with other attendees invited by the Marcoses. There was even video footage of the funeral rites. And if you think about it, the Marcoses did not need to inform those who were opposed to the burial. Why should they be informed considering they were only going to make a mockery out of the whole thing? That would have been a crazy idea. The Marcoses were obviously smart enough to avoid the drama the protesters would have brought to the occasion.

Indeed, drama is the last thing the Philippines needs after 30 years of drama and emotional outburst from the Aquinos and their allies. Just look at the leaders of the opposition today led by Vice President Leni Robredo, Senators Kiko Pangilinan, Bam Aquino, Leila De Lima and Antonio Trillanes. Their arguments are weak and they don’t possess the qualities of a true leader. They are not on the side of the law. In fact, one can be forgiven for saying they have the word “loser” written all over their faces. They don’t deserve to be at the helm. They even say the 1986 EDSA People Power revolution has lost its meaning after Marcos’s burial at the LNMB. Once again, it’s only now they realise that that event lost its true meaning a long time ago – when it became apparent that the so-called “revolution” was just a power grab by the opposition then. The players just used the people to disguise their agenda. Hopefully, the people are smart enough not to allow themselves to be used again.


84 Replies to “Anti-Marcos advocates are incompetent, lack foresight and leadership skills”

  1. True, Ilda. Akala kasi nila lahat nakukuha sa protesta.Ilang taon ang sinayang nila. Dapat dati pa lang gumawa na sila ng paraan para hindi nangyari ito.

    1. They were too busy stealing right after Cory assumed power in February 25, 1986 what Marcos looted starting with the creation of the PCGG headed by Salonga.

      And they did not change the laws and legal principles like the legal concept that death extinguishes the criminal liabilities of the accused for fear that once the Marcoses and his cronies would be convicted and punished, it would not be far that those post-Marcos power holders would get the same fate as the would-have-been-convicted Marcoses and their cronies.

      And they are talking about the bloodless removal of Marcos ? lol Enrile ran to Camp Aguinaldo because he was so terrified to be arrested and tortured!!!

      There are so many things those post EDSA86 babies still do not know. hehehe

  2. leadership of the yellow cult should lead their so called big rally come nov 25 and show their courage for them not to be called like a scared rats by its cadres. for a few pesos they risking the lives of the needy citizens to rally for themselves. 

  3. The EDSA “revolution” was just a power grab by the opposition. Very true. They grabbed power just to screw everything up, and blamed Marcos for it. Marcos is the root cause of everything bad, including their incompetence and lack of foresight. Ms. Ilda is correct. The opposition should stop playing the victim. Also, they should realize that mob rule does not apply anymore.

    1. Never knew you would support someone who has sexually and physically tortured dozens of thousands and exploit human rights despite all the advancements Marcos has made for the country. You could write a paper on ALL Marcos’s achievements for the country and use that as your basis to support him but you’re gonna let the fact that he tortured people and exploit human rights. Your moral standards are disheartening, ridiculous and disgusting.

      1. Yes, there are human rights abuses during Marcos’ time… in 1972. You keep on insisting that he is the only one behind this while you let anyone who is involved got scoot free, like Ramos and Enrile. And if you think that there are no human rights abuses after Marcos left and applaud things like the Mendiola Massacre and such, perhaps your morals are disheartening, ridiculous, and disgusting a.k.a. EMO.

        1. @ DIO, Nowhere in Y’all are gross comment does he/she ‘insist that he is the only one behind this’. I see this type of commenting coming from Filipino’s, in particular, quite often/all the time. It is as if you want to see something, so imagine you see it, then comment on it to back up your point of view and then stick your chest out as if you have made some sort of valid point.

          In this particular instance you are justifying your delusions with one instance’s circumstances whereas the comment you relate this one instance too cites unknown, but most likely hundreds of thousands of instances and is laughingly incomparable to what was originally stated(the comparison is incomparable)…and the funniest part of it, for me, is you probably don’t even know what a fuckin moron you are.

          This is one stark characteristic of the Filipino psyche that is definitely one that keeps the nation as a whole from making a cllective step forward.It is everywhere you look and, as I stated above, it is oblivious to the people doing it and so when it is pointed out to them they usually get insulted and turn ignorant. WATCH, its about to happen….

        2. ^I’m referring more on Y’all Are Gross’ anti-Marcos rhetoric where he doesn’t even try to be constructive in his argument.

          Unfortunately, you’re actually delusional to begin with. When the time you’re writing up labels and insults on one government figure (including Duterte by calling him a Neanderthal), that is where you’re totally losing your credibility.

          Your comments will be DELETED. Just wait and see…

        3. @ DIO, calling a spade a spade is not losing credibility, my statements hold there ground while you have no counter-argument to offer, only insults.YOU LOSE YOUR CREDIBILITY BY INSULTING ME AND BEING THE TYPICAL ‘FLIP-TARD'(A/K/A FILIPINO RETARD)and accusing me of what you are actually doing (‘DO THE FLIP,MANG!’).

          Not to mention reffering to yourself as ‘god’, when your actually a dip shit.

      2. @ Y’all are Gross

        And now, it is time to look beyond the “evil Marcos regime”. After that fateful day in 1986. Answer me this, how many innocent people were also missing, killed and tortured up until the end of Pnoy’s term? How many billions of dollars have not been accounted for?

        Come on, are you really that near sighted? You can do better than that.

        1. @ JoelD, “Y’all are gross’ comment is on target and within the context of the article. The fact that you do not see it makes you the near sighted one, making out of scope of the article statements.
          U just did exactly what DIO did in the previous comment.Flips are almost all the same.I’ve never seen a society such as what exists in the Philippines, and I have travelled the world.

        2. Who the heck said I supported the Aquinos. STOP ASSUMING I SUPPORT THEM IF I’M AGAINST MARCOS. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING DICHOTOMY. If I’m against Marcos, then I’m Marcos and THAT’S IT. End of story. Love how you start assuming I’m an Aquinotard just because of something I said you don’t simply agree with. Our country’s people aren’t just as simple as that. People have same and different opinions on varying issues. There’s no “classification” that says if you support this you obviously also support this and condemn that. Go get your near-sighted ass realize that.

        3. @ Y’all are Gross

          Did I say you supported Aquino?

          Just saying you need to look beyond Marcos and how “evil” he is.

        4. @Y’all are Gross:

          Why can’t I? Because they were applauded as ‘heroes’ after Marcos was ousted. And sad to say, you and your fellow ilk ate that up.

          All I can say is that you love to circlejerk your argument with your own brand of EMO stuff, half-truths and LOL ‘EVIL’ Marcos.

          Priorities, plez.

        5. Tell me how human rights abuses amd torture are “EVIL” as how you’d like to label Marcos. Cite anything that seems to be a half truth in any of my comments. I am emotional about this, because what the fuck, it’s abuse. Rape. Torture. And at the same time, I’m being reasonable about this. Cite anything that I said as fallacious and I’ll give you the damn sources. Moreover, this isn’t about the damn Aquinos. I don’t really care what they did. I’m talking about all the human exploitations that Marcos did and do you expect the Aquinos can take that back from those people? Tell me how Marcos is not evil. If you think all the advancements he’s done for his country is what makes him suitable to be a hero, I really am sure he made those advancements for the Filipino people themselves. Problem is, they were exploited. It’s like giving a dying person A mansion. It’s like giving a Filipino all the infrastructures they can benefit from but they can’t because they’re imprisoned, tortured, and dead. I AM NOT SAYING THAT THE ADVANCEMENTS HE HAS DONE FOR THE COUNTRY IS INVALID. But c’mon. That over human rights? Whether the Aquinos were revered as heroes or not, Marcos is evil. Who is Marcos beyond the torture, rape, deaths, and incarcerations (WHICH ARE ALL PROVEN)? Tell me something that Marcos did that could make me consider that he may be a hero despite what I just said. I DEMAND IT.

        6. @Y’all Are Gross:

          Oh boy, here we go with the ‘hero’ sentiment. Who says that he’s a hero? He was never consider as that. Ever. You even brought that logical fallacy.

          I need to tell you this – Marcos never had human rights abuses from 1965 to 1971. But instead, you love to play EMO that you point those human rights abuses on one man alone and not the primary actors themselves. Marcos himself could never answer that because the man is dead. However, Marcos never gave a directive to indiscriminately torture Filipinos. Being commander-in-chief does not mean he has direct culpability.

          Even Manila Times columnist Rigoberto Tiglao, who lived and imprisoned during Martial law, stated this: it’s much better to ask Enrile and Ramos about the human rights abuses during that time. Then file a case against them. Enrile was Defense Secretary during that time and Ramos was the head of the Philippine Constabulary. Then you have the nerve to point those human rights abuses solely at Marcos while you let the doers of the deed get scoot free? That’s what I call disheartening, ridiculous and disgusting.

          Please, THINK for once and don’t rely on your EMOTIONS. Geez, that’s the reason of the Failipino’s emo loser state. No responsibility. Always finger pointing. Just like Da Turd Noynoy…

      3. @Y’all are Gross, I guess you were there and witnessed everything, right? You saw what happened first hand? Every time I hear about thousands being killed and tortured I wonder why there are no convictions? I also wonder why Marcos is supposedly responsible for EVERYTHING, but people like Ramos and Enrile walk around free men, pretending to be on the side of the supposedly abused. It’s pretty much like kicking you in the face and then advising you to sue someone else for it. How about the human rights abuses during Cory Aquino? How about all the people who were killed during her ruinous regime? Yet she is buried there? What the fuck did that dumb and incompetent woman ever do for this country? Point out just one thing. If Marcos does not deserve to be buried there, then no one does. You are a misguided moron of the highest order!

        1. Tell me straight up that Marcos didn’t plan or at least have a part on these abuses and crimes that happened during Martial Law. Marcos, having Martial Law implemented in the country for several years is not stupid enough to go on and perpetuate these abuses. I REALLY doubt he was not aware of the things that were happening.He was a dictator. He could do anything he wanted. FVR and Enrile gas their own faults on this. But you can never deny Marcos also has his own faults and dissapointing decisions he made (or in this case, did not make). I am an anti-Marcos supporter. Why attack us for being “silent” and “inactive” during the events that were stated in the article and I personally think this is so because no one ever thought this burial was actually happening. It was just out of the question a from a few years to a few decades ago. And oh my gosh!! Here we go again with the damn Aquinos. I do not support them. I am just focusing on how irrational it is to put Marcos in LMNB. Don’t even blame me for revering the Aquinos as heroes. Who said I did? I’m not going to use your arguement logic but if I did, it’s going to be like this: You shouldn’t blame the Aquinos for the human rights abuses that took place in their time! There has to be someone who was also in power who could have done that to them! The breadth of your arguement towards these two personalities is so thin. Where were you protesting when Cory and the other Aquinos were buried there? Go put a fucking news article or whatever about how the Aquinos should not be revered as heroes. Don’t involve them when someone is trying to focus on how a person is focusing on a person that shouldn’t be a hero. You love to divide the blame towards different people like FVR and Enrile and attack other people like the Aquinos. No matter how much you divide the blame, Marcos will have a substantial part. And if we’re talking about human rights (especially the right to live), I think that is enough for someone to be not buried in that place. If you don’t think so, your morals are very questionable. You love attacking us anti-Marcoses supporters through questioning us in our absences and lack of action in blaming other people and failing to blame other people that were involved. Let me tell you, THIS DOES NOT CLEANSE MARCOS FOR HIK TO BE BURIED IN LNMB. Competence, foresight and leadership skills, as said in the article title, were qualities that did not have the highest priority in values that should be applied regarding this matter. Moral principles alone are enough to not make Marcos deserving to he buried in that place. And every anti-Marcos advocate thinks so. So don’t call us incompetent and lacking in foresight and leadership skills when that doesn’t even help you prove your point. You defend your point by attacking others. That’s not how it works. Tell me straight up. Marcos didn’t have to do anything with the human rights abuses. HE WAS THE PRESIDENT WHEN THESE THINGS TOOK PLACE. WOULD FILIPINOS NOT EXPECT HIM TO MAKE EFFORTS IN PROTECTING FILIPINOS AND THEIR RIGHTS AND FIX THE PROBLEM? I WILL STILL STRESS HE STILL TOOK PART IN THESE ABUSES. HE JUST DIDNT “LET IT HAPPEN”.

        2. @Y’all Are Gross:

          And you just love playing the victim card here with your very long EMO post and even refuse to THINK.

          Someone in the GRP Facebook page posted this:

          If really Marcos had a hand in the abuses during ML, my question is this, why don’t these so called victims file a criminal case in court against Marcos AND THOSE DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE ABUSES INCLUDING ENRILE AND RAMOS AND THOSE WHO ACTUALLY TOOK DIRECT PARTICIPATION IN THESE ABUSES and make them answer for these abuses? You see, all these accusations are media hype. Kung talagang may pagkakasala yun tao, mgfile ka ng complaint mo, wag puro dada at paninira. And if you file a case make sure that you file this in a Philippine court, wag dun sa Hawaii na wala naman jurisdiction sa atin. Former senator Enrile has challenged those who accuse Marcos to file a case in court to prove these allegations, pero ayun tameme sila at puro press con inaatupag. Marcos was never a dictator. His suppression of those who was trying to overthrow the legitimate government was constitutional as per our SC being one of the powers vested in him as commander in chief of the armed forces which is the suppression of lawless violence and armed rebellion. Pakibasa yun 1935 constitution para maliwanagan kayo. Mas maniniwala ako Kay Bobby Rigoberto D. Tiglao than others who. Claims were victims of ML. Mr. Tiglao has said in recent articles he we I e that these activist should tell the whole truth of their activities prior to ML, that aside from joining protest, he was also a member of the urban guerilla unit (a prelude to the Alex Boncayo brigade hit squad of the NPA) whose job what to conduct urban war against the government. Hence, Marcos was right in declaring ML because the communist back then really wanted to overthrow the LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT- kayong mga dilaw basahin ninyo ang revised penal code natin pertaining to rebellion and insurrection. Malinaw na ang ginagawa ninyo eh destabilizing and overthrowing the government. Yan ba ang gusto ninyo, instead of helping alleviate the economy eh pababagsakin ninyo then isisisi ninyo sa president?

        3. @I’M AN EMO TROLL:

          Looks like you see things only in black and white or, in this case, red and yellow.

          Alright, let’s not clear the subordinate officers of responsibility just because they were just “delegated” and there’s a bigger fish to fry.

          Its like saying it’s not your fault you’re a crook because your father before you was a mobster and your mother was a crack whore and it’s only because of their influence that brought you to misery. What a lame irresponsible excuse. Do you do that in real life in work or perhaps even at home?

          Geez, that’s the reason of the Failipino’s emo loser state. No responsibility. Always pointing fingers. Just like Noynoy.

        4. @Y’all are Gross, by your saying it is

          “guilty until proven innocent”.


          By any international standard of law, you are wrong!

    2. @ruben s. hernando. How old were you in February 1986 ?

      The quixotic power grab of Honasan and his godfather would have been more than a week later.

      Figure out why VP Arturo Tolentino holed himself and the Marcos loyalists at the Manila Hotel on June 1986 with the Corona Impeachment defense Mozart Serafin Cuevas then Justice of the pre-EDSA86 Marcos SC swore Tolentino as the Acting President ? Why ? I am sure you do not know.

      Do you know that only 20 push ups were meted to those military personnel with Tolentino? Why do you think ? lol

    3. EDSA was not a power grab by the opposition. It was the people rising against a government that had failed the people. The power grab was from the people. And that happened because those of us who were there were naive.

      We ought now to know better & engage.

      1. @Olle Lucas:

        You can read books, authored by former U.S. /C.I.A. agents.

        U.S. Dept. of State Sec. Shultz, ordered Pres. Marcos, to be removed from power. Some U.S. Navy SEALS, were trained to kidnapped or kill him. The reason was Pres. Marcos, refused to renew, the U.S.-Philippines Bases Agreement.
        Fidel Ramos was a U.S. / C.I.A. agent. Juan Ponce Enrile was a political opportunists. So, these two people, banded together, to work with the U.S. Dept. of State and the U.S./C.I.A.

        The U.S. used Cory Aquino as their puppet. They don’t trust Enrile. They also demonized Pres. Marcos. The Aquinos used their Hakot Demonstrators.

        Ramos and Enrile used some of the Philippine Army troops. The U.S. Air Force, at Clark Air Base, was used to support the rebels.

        Pres. Marcos was asking for transport to go to Ilocos Norte. The U.S. sent a helicopter; with U.S. Gen. Allen in it. They instead took Pres. Marcos to Hawaii, U.S.A. It was kidnapping…

        Cory Aquino emerged from her hiding in Cebu. and, claimed victory …

        EDSA was a myth !

      2. @Olie Lucas Fyi. How old were you in February 1986 ? Were you old enough to care to listen to the Radio Veritas broadcast from February 7-21,1986 ?

        Have you heard the broadcast of a PC Captain Juan Vicente Resurreccion (PMA’78) withdrawing his support to Marcos surrounded by brothers Doy and Jose Laurel and Assemblyman Carlos Padilla of Nueva Viscaya ?

        Are you old enough them to know that Marcos was obsessed with the #7, and he was sort of a psychic and obviously very superstitious so was Imelda?

        Have you read Almonte memoirs mentioning of a Cardinal Sin meeting with then Lt. Col Honasan ? Were you old enough then than Khomeini had just successfully deposed the Shah of Iran?

        When people are terrified and uncertain of what would be coming on the night of February 21, 1986, they are not naive, just some are smart enough to bring the specter of death right in the doorsteps of the opposing elite. This terrifying moment is no different from the imminent threat of a nuclear war.

        Enrile admitted that he was terrified of the idea that he will be arrested and killed by Ver’s men and until now he has not retracted that indeed he was terrified that is why he ran scared to Camp Aguinaldo.

        But have you ever figured out why Enrile retracted in his memoirs his dying statement on the early evening of February 22, 1986 that his ambush prior to the declaration of Martial Law in 1972 was for real ?

        For you to claim that those who were there at EDSA86 were naive is proof that you are ignorant of what really happened on the morning of February 22, 1986.

        I am reaching out to the millennials. What you should demand from the Marcoses is for them to make an apology to the victims of the Marcos Benevolent Dictatorship but never, never and never apologize to the Aquinos !

        I was a victim too of the Marcos Rule but I was not an Ed Jopson arming myself and fighting for my conviction in the hills. I studied Marcos so well that the way to outsmart a legal genius is going straight to UP Law after hibernating from Marcos casino where I spend half of my income buying and reading books on the occult to the psychic.

        Ninoy and the Americans behind him knew Marcos obsession on Modulo 7. He would not have come back on August 21, 1983 under an assumed name Marcial Bonifacio despite Imelda’s plea for him not to come home.

        If you still not comprehend what I am telling you. Figure out why Tolentino (Marcos VP) holed himself on June 6, 1986 at the Manila Hotel and declared himself as the acting President and sworn in by Marcos SC justice Serafin Cuevas.

        Rambotito saved the Cory government by organizing the blockade of the Marcos supporters from entering Metro Manila.

  4. You said it right, Ilda. The Anti Marcos did not study their moves from the very start. For 30 years after 1986, they should have passed a law which will prohibit our beloved former Pres. FEMarcos to be burried in the LNMB…but they missed that point. The law is very clear that as a Soldier and a President, FEMarcos is entitled to be burried at the LNMB. This was concluded and supported/decided by the Supreme Court. What more these antis are crying for? They were caught flat footed and unprepared.
    I think that’s Gods will. After all the truth and the good will always prevail against the evil ones and evil deeds. May the soul of Pres FEM rest in peace now. God bless us all.

  5. On INQ: “why was the casket so small? Were the remains really inside?

    These critics never fail to think ineffectively.FAIL.Seriously.

  6. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus. Note that she did not trash the bus. You yellows should understand.

    And for everybody’s information, the noisy, rally going crowd does not represent the whole country. Most of us would rather have the law followed and instead of going into the streets shouting are working our asses off to be able to contribute with the growth of the country.

    Same goes in 1986, you yellows are quick to say that yours is the voice of the majority. That is so ignorant. Even if you filled up EDSA with shouting trouble making yellow idiot, it wouldn’t represent the majority.

    So shut up already!

  7. A blanket general one-size-fits-all statement about people that are personally unknown to the speaker/writer is always a colossal FAIL.BUT THIS NONSENSICAL TITLE IS BEYOND IDIOTIC:
    As far as a matter of COMPETANCE goes:
    Incompetent? LOL, the title is a ridiculous statement about a matter of opinion, it has nothing to do with a particular lack of knowledge or vernacular or skill set, which is what incompetance is. An opinion can not be and IS NOT a matter of competance.

    It is for this reason that the writer of this article is actually INCOMPETENT.Knowing what something actually is and commenting on it as a matter of opinion is one thing but to call anyone ‘INCOMPETENT’ for having an opinion is outright idiocy.STRAIGHT THE FUCK UP YO !

    GRP admin doesn’t know this? Or does it see its readership as soooo moronic as to actually not be able to differentiate between what is and what is not a matter competance?

    1. Welp, thanks for proving me that you’re an actual TROLL and a DELUSIONAL PSYCHOPATH. That’s why no one takes you seriously about your ad hominem statements.

      If I were you, son, stop embarrassing yourself and set your priorities for once. Or perhaps go and see a psychiatrist… 🙂

      1. @dio

        This idiots come a dime a dozen….

        Naka Ingles lang nag comment na dito. Naka all caps lang Preposterous, mas magaling na sa author.

        What an idiot.

        1. @ Joeld, You have no counter argument just some tagolag bullshit insults. FACE-IT, YOU GOT NOTHING !!! NO EDUCATION, NO FUTURE.

        2. Says the hostile “disente” who thinks that finishing college will obviously make you an intellect. Tell that to Mark Zuckerberg Sakuragi wannabe.

  8. I could keep going, as in having an the title’s opinion about what a Man who was as controversial a figure as Ferdinand Marcos was/is and relating it to a persons personally unknown to the writer/speaker and that writer/speakers ability to judge the capacity of the targetted group’s individuals leadership abilities is PREPOSTEROUS.
    Unknown people’s capacities are simply not quantifiable.
    What garbage this article is, plain as day.

    1. Unfortunately, the time you made an ad hominem attack on the author w/o any good reason whatsoever is the time you presented yourself as garbage, crystal clear.

      1. @ DIO, you got nothin to counter my comment with. My comment is accurate and to-the-point. YOU GOT BUT YOUR IDOTIC INSULT. C’MON, lets hear a real comeback based in a rebuttal, not unsults. WHAT? YOU CAN’T? I KNOW, BECAUSE YOUR JUST A FLIP-TARD.NO COUNTER STATEMENT,NO EDUCATION,NO FUTURE…you and your buddy Joeld, couple of ‘boxes of rocks’.

        You make me laugh!PPPFFFF….

        1. Says the guy who loves to insult Duterte, calling him a ‘Neanderthal thug’. Honestly, your comebacks are more like TROLLING. Honestly speaking, those ‘boxes of rocks’ you’re talking about are those you carry on and keep throwing at those who disagree with ya…

          And nope, you’re laughing…. because you’re choking on your own tears.

  9. @hardy har har

    You comment to refute the statement of the author, and……..

    What is your point? She went through the details of why she thinks that anti marcos advocates are a bunch of incompetent oafs with no foresight and zero leadership. Did that hurt you enough to break your line at the rally and comment here?

    What an idiot…

    1. You read what I wrote? IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE POINT: YOUR THE IDIOT. IF YOU HAVE A COUNTER-POINT TO MY STATEMENT, MAKE IT! Just pointing out what Ilda said is not a point of view or any type of refutation of my statements.

      You got nothing but a hurt-butt and a junor High school education….go back to school, and learn how to refute an argument intellgently.

      1. Awwww, sorry if Ilda hurt your feelings…. Dont worry, you can go back in your place in the rally line now……. Your idiot yellow friends will console you there….

        1. @ Joeld, NO,Ilda did not hurt my feelings.I said your the one w/hurt feelings.Look at what you/I wrote, you are a FLIP, a person that ‘FLIPS’ things around. Its why Filipino’s are called FLIPS’ to begin with.You made no counter statememts to my initial comment,NONE.Just a couple of insults but surely nothing resembling intelligence.

          I made intelligent statements and you came back with nothing but a ‘FLIP’. You do not even understand that you are a ‘FLIP’, and for that, you are truly an IGNORAMUS a/k/a a simple idiot.
          It is the BIGGEST reason that your country will go nowhere and you and most likely everyone one in your blood-line will live EXACTLY as you are TODAY and for the last 50 years. Take a look around, examine what has gone on in your blood-line for the last 50 years. I WILL BET that EXACTLY nothing has changed,maybe a few names, BUT nothing else…and 10/20/30 years from now,your blood-line will be doing as you are today and since 1965.TIME WARP SHIT PAL.

          it wouldn’t be half as bad as it is, if you could only see what has got you where you are, but there are none so blind that refuse to see….and for that reason you are beyond any sort of helping yourself.

          YOU ARE DOOMED to keep goin ’round and ’round on the Marcos/Aquino Merry-go-round and as you get older another generation will follow you (that is if you can figure out how to reproduce yourself) and do it all over again. that saddest part is:I CAN TELL YOU YOUR FUTURE, YOU DO NOT HAVE ONE.


          Nice assumptions, son. As from someone who claims to be ‘intelligent’, your EMO is showing full force; your nature of comments shows a lot.

      2. He already have. You fail to see that you didn’t have any point to begin with due to your obnoxious EMO-inducing trolling and ad hominem statements.

        That’s why nobody wants to take you seriously.

        1. @DIO, I made an intelligent initial statement, you came back with NOTHING intelligent to counter my initial comment.Nothing but a few lame-as-shit insults.

          YOU WILL GO NOWHERE and live the rest of your life in a shithole. I bet you even like it.

        2. @HARDY HAR HAR:

          Spoken like a true TROLL. You just really love to contradict yourself. From attacking the authors thru insults and labels from even calling Duterte a “thug”, do you think everyone will take you seriously?

          Oh yeah, I just want to tell you that psychopaths are always living in a shithole to begin with. Unfortunately, you don’t even realize your own breed of hypocrisy due to your own arrogance.


          Lies. I can easily detect what’s an intelligent argument and what’s an EMO-inducing one by just looking at the style of writing. I mean, it’s pretty obvious.

          Face it: you’re a TROLL. And if you think your view of a future meana to remain the status quo, then perhaps there is something wrong with you.

        4. YEP, just as I THOUGHT. NO COUNTER ARGUMENT, JUST AN INSULT….DIO AND JOELD, you are both idiots.I gave you time to make your counter arguments to my initial comment….and all you came up with were insults. YOU GOT NOTHING. My statements about your present circumstances and your future circumstances,DIK really know, but I’ll bet I am not too far off the mark, and your blood-line? If they turn out like you two? Will be just as fucked as you are.


          Says the actual idiot who loves to call Duterte a “Neanderthal thug”. Unfortunately, son, you’re the one who gets nothing due to your arguments full of bias and contradictions.

          Happy Trolling! ????

  10. beware god loving pilipino citizens being paid to rally for the anti-marcos cult, you are being used by the communist party of the philippines and the LP partisans for their own cause. it’s a final battle between democracy and communism going on. so don’t get brainwashed by these people never again.

  11. What did those anti Marcos Sr. burial did , during those years?

    They were busy selling illegal drug Shabu. They were busy stealing funds from the National Treasury. They were all busy working, with the Chinese Triad Mafia syndicate, that made this country a NARCO Republic.

    They have no political agendas, but themselves.

    These are the supposed leaders who opposed the Marcos’ hero burial:

    Leila de Lima – involved deeply in trafficking illegal Shabu Drug, with the help of criminal inmates in the National Bilibid Prison. De Lima had a sexual relation, with her driver/lover: Ronnie Dayan, her collector/partner of the Shabu drug profits…Dayan is now hiding…

    Leni Robredo – a fake Vice President, who won the election thru SMARTMAGIC HOCUS PCOS. This woman flunked the Bar exams for lawyers. She is clueless, and does not have any program to offer to us ! She is a tool of Aquino and Mar Roxas !

    Bam Aquino – a Ninoy Aquino, Jr. impersonator. This Dude is stupid and ignorant. He authored and tried to pass, a legislation, that advances our Science and Technology, on par with the industrialized country. Bam Aquino is not only stupid, but ignorant about Science and Technology…

    Kiko Pangilinan – husband of Sharon Cuneta; the celebrity, who went to perform in the National Bilibid Prison…Sharon Cuneta, tried to outdo the performance of the Drug Lord: Herbert Colangco. Maybe Pangilinan is one of those protectors of the Drug Lords. He ordered his wife, to entertain them…

    Trillanes – the coup ‘d etat chief, who surrendered, after his failed coup d’ etat. Trillanes is the attack dog of Aquino. He owes his freedom to Aquino. Trillanes is nothing but bark…He conducted a backdoor diplomacy with the Chinese leaders. He was outsmarted by the Chinese. The Scarborough islands became a Chinese military installation. Landfill soil came from the Philippine soil. Aquino and Trillanes sold the Scarborough islands to the Chinese.

    YellowTards do not abide by the Rule of Law. The Supreme Court already decided…and they want their own way. Most of these YellowTards were not even born during Martial Law. However, they are brainwashed by the Aquino Cojuangco Propaganda Machine.

    Enrile and Ramos were the two people, who managed Marcos’ Martial Law. These YellowTards should drag these two people, who are still alive. Torture them, like what they did to their victims !

      1. @Ontheotherhand:

        Definitely No ! I am an OFW working in the U.S., in the field of Science and technology.

        I am married to a British girl, and has three gradeschool children…

        I blog, to help my fellow Filipinos
        be informed, that they will change their mindsets for the better; by using their common sense, which is uncommon in our country.

        I urge everybody to speak up ! Write what is in your heart …share information. So that , we teach each other, and learn from each other…

        Do not say: ” I cannot contribute anything”…

    1. Another YellowTard who opposed Marcos Sr. burial at the Linbingan ng mga Bayani:

      Fidel Ramos – this guy was the Philippine Constabulary Chief, during Martial Law. He was the Chief Jailer. If there were people tortured; he was the one who ordered, participated and implemented the torture…

      He is now very rich, because of corruption. He owns the Seafood City Groceries and Malls in Los Angeles, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Chicago , Illinois.
      This idiot is a thief, and a political opportunist.

  12. The best way to keep something bad from happening is to see it ahead of time…and you can’t see it if you refuse to face the possibility.

  13. Not a fan of Marcos, but the tears of salty Yellows and conyotic scum are so good and plentiful. I bet when they’re all put in Laguna de Bay we can have our own little Dead Sea like the one in Israel.

    Nope, not an ounce of sympathy for most of them. I bet they all trooped to EDSA just to realize their fantasy of staging another elitist coup like the one they did during Eraption’s time.

    They think they can go back to a time when the dugyot Free FB types can act like their faceless Yes Ma’am Ser Types again, handing out their Fraps with heads downcast and dutifully electing the same eltist inbred morons every four years The same shitty class that led our country nowhere for decades.

    Here’s to teargassing the shit out of these people, who seem to be intent on copying their liberal US brethren.

    1. Spoken like a true Filipino. Let’s kill everyone who doesn’t agree with us!

      The sick part is you seem to actually mean it.

    2. I second the teargassing! Most of them don’t even know why they are there protesting. They have no bloody idea about Marcos time. Protesting is just so fashionable at the moment. I’ll show you….with an army boot up your caffè latte drinking ass.

      1. Well, to be fair, protesting and stealing are the only two activities that don’t attract the attention of the BIR, the police, or any of the other 9,568 pointless state agencies. No surprise that both are popular pastimes.

      2. @ JDG, how many of the protestors do you know personally? I bet none of them, and,if so, you really have no clue as to what they know about Marcos time.

        The guy was a fuckin thieving scumbag, just like the rest of the Filipino politicians to come along since Marcos removal, with one critical difference, and you know what Marcos did to make himself different…. so I don’t have to get into it.

        1. Unfortunately, you’re clueless, as always.

          30 years ago, there was just one plunderer. Today, there are plunderers left and right that if you total what has been plundered for 30 years, that one plunderer 30 years ago now looks like an amateur. The national budget during the military rule looks like peanuts now compared to the three Trillion budget of Noynoy’s admin. And yet, they trumpet that Yellows are of Daan Matuwid. Indeed, a lie that is repeated often enough becomes a truth.

  14. @Y’all Are Gross. The mother and son Aquinos with 12 years rule between and the added 6 years rule for Cory endorsed Ramos could have done something to prosecute, and convict Marcos but nothing definitive have they done to convict and punish Marcos.

    Do you have any idea why they were only successful in demonizing Marcos but miserably failed in prosecuting, convicting and punishing him ?

    1. This comment thread is not for you if you’re just going to attack the Aquinos to defend Marcos. Please take time to read all my comments. Thank you.

      1. Why not? Because they are also at fault. When Marcos was ousted in 1986, another political family took over.

        Anyhow, Marcos never had the chance to face the charges against him in a court because Cory banned him to go back here in the Phils. In other words, Cory ruled in fear and hatred of Marcos. And the likes of you ate that up.

        I know that you’re an anti-Marcos guy, but you need to set your priorities straight because EMO-inducing comments won’t get you nowhere. Sorry, but all of your comments are full of EMO and no substance.

        1. Then go ahead and believe that the Aquinos are also at fault. That doesn’t clean Marcos’s own dirt though. Please tell me directly that Marcos does not deserve to be revered as a hero. That is just my point here. Go ahead and protest to the SC that the Aquinos are not heroes so they can settle this. Slamming that Aquino displeasement against me isn’t gonna do anything to disprove my point. Go cite parts in any of my comments that lack substance and I’ll give them.

        2. Then go ahead and believe that the Aquinos are also at fault. That doesn’t clean Marcos’s own dirt though. Please tell me directly that Marcos does not deserve to be a hero. That is just my point here. Go ahead and protest to the SC that the Aquinos are not heroes so they can settle this. Slamming that Aquino displeasement against me isn’t gonna do anything to disprove my point. Go cite parts in any of my comments that lack substance and I’ll give them.

        3. Then go ahead and believe that the Aquinos are also at fault. That doesn’t clean Marcos’s own dirt though. Please tell me directly that Marcos does not deserve to be revered as a hero. That is just my point here. Go ahead and protest to the SC that the Aquinos are not heroes so they can settle this. Slamming that Aquino displeasement against me isn’t gonna do anything to disprove my point. Go cite parts in any of my comments that lack substance and I’ll give them.

          Flawed logic right there. You’re the only one who brought up the “hero” rhetoric. Marcos was buried at the LNMB for being a former soldier and a former President, not a ‘hero’. And being EMO over Marcos isn’t gonna do anything either. Perhaps you need to check your comments and use your BRAINS for once, not to rely on emotions.

        4. An excerpt from Rigoberto Tiglao’s article:

          In all countries and at any point in their history though, even up to this day (even in America with the police brutality against blacks), and because of human nature, human rights abuses are always committed by sadist, sociopath elements of the police and military, especially when there is no other institutional check on the men in uniform, whether it be the press, a functioning legal system, and a parliament.

        5. @ King Crimson, the guy states things logically. Just because Aquino is dirty, doesn’t absolve Marcos. A plain as day ,logical stateent.
          You need to get educated as you lack basic language comprehension skills.


          Just like him, you’re missing the point. He’s so fixated on Marcos that he even fails to realize what he’s getting into with his anti-Marcos bias.

          If being EMO means basic comprehension skills then perhaps there is something wrong with you. I see it.

        7. @ DIO, you’ve made NO statements of fact, and you did your typical ‘FLIP’ toutine and act as if you have some sort of well thought out comment,when all you have are insults. Your make no statements of facts, you make no statements of facts. Your argument is bankrupt, just like your brain.

          Make a rebuttal(Do you even know what one is?) or STFU, my bet is you GOT NOTHING but insults.C’Mon big DIO, lets hear it, a statement based on facts…….I can wait…..


          I already have or perhaps you just wasting your time RAGING while I put things in a better perspective. Unfortunately, since he’s an anti-Marcos schmuck that he is, he wanted to shove it to me with his empty “it was all Marcos’ fault!” rhetoric.

          Hate to break it to you, but EMO-inducing hissy fits and biases can never be considered as ‘facts’. Like I said, it’s much better that if you look on both sides of the story. Sad to say, you’ll always resort to emotional outbursts.



        10. @TROLLY TROLL TROLL:



          You don’t have anything ‘constructive’ to begin with and you’re just trolling. BTW, the usage of caps lock doesn’t necessarily mean intelligence either. Pay at the netshop for once, Einstoned.

          On the other hand, people who went on emotional outbursts got nothing at all. Pure mindless blabber and EMO-inducing nonsense is what you get. Sorry, but you’re totally becoming hypocritical…

      2. Hey Lippy The Lion’s sidekick trollfag. Easy with the caps lock. You are too hostile for a “disente”. Did DIO even shattered your retarded pride? Boo fucking hoo!

  15. Marcos is a Hero. Yes. His enemies are still trembling even though he is dead. They are afraid that once he will be honored, the enemies will be dishonored. Nagyayari na nga. More people respect him than those who don’t. And those who don’t are waking up. Level up na ang laban. Anti lang lagi ang galit, mapusok at mapanira. Hindi ako Pro-Marcos pero hindi rin ako Anti-Marcos. Just weighing the sentiments of the people and the evidence they present.

    1. “More people respect him than those who don’t”, WHAT? I’d like to see a poll both nationally and Internationally on that. I can definitely say that on an International basis, the name MARCOS whan equated with the former Filipino Dictator is hated internationally by almost everyone I’ve ever asked,Filipino OFW’s included. This is a fact I have observed by asking people. NEVER ,not once, was he or his wife,Imelda, held in any sort of esteem/high regard.The fact is, what I heard coming back as an answer to my query of who and what do you think of Ferdinand Marcos ,former Dictator of the Philippines,was VERY BAD,NASTY and ill-willed.

      1. Dahil lang nag tanong ka sa ilang mga tao ibig sabihin fact na yon? Umayos ka nga. Mag survey ka, siguro maniniwala pa kami sayo.

  16. @Y’all Are Gross:

    Excellen English, huh! But that doesn’t make you wise and intelligent. You are obviously so biased and hate Marcos so much that I can imagine your nose blazing. But you are indeed a genuine moron, who believes all the propagandas you’ve read in your elementary books. No textbook, can tell the true story about Martial Law and Marcos. But only those who were there firsthand. Nobody denies that there was terror during those times. But to blame it at one person is absurd. Just ask your old folks (but mind you, not those closed-minded folks like you do) about Martial Law, its evil side and the good side as well, to get true and correct history. One-sided story is poisonous.

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