Five things that are wrong about Leni Robredo’s campaign for President

Philippine Vice President Leonor “Leni” Robredo is going to get a rude shock when she loses the 2022 Presidential Election to former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr (BBM). She’s going to be shocked because she is living in a bubble. Her supporters and allies from mainstream media are hiding the truth from her — that the voters do not like her and do not want her to be President.

Her supporters probably choose to protect her from the reality on the ground because they are afraid she might lose her motivation to run for President. They need not worry. It is very unlikely for Robredo to give up the fight against BBM. Aside from Robredo being dense, this fight has become personal for her. It will be embarrassing for her to lose to BBM after he lost his electoral protest (it’s more like the electoral tribunal sat on his protest until it got stale) against her in the 2016 elections for Vice President.

It’s going to take a miracle by the name of Andres Bautista or some sort of divine intervention from Uncle Sam to stop a “Marcos return” to Malacanang. BBM has been consistently at the top of popularity surveys, enjoying a very big gap between him and all the other nuisance candidates. Yes, everybody else — including Robredo — are nuisance candidates. Robredo in particular has become the country’s laughingstock because of the antics she performs just to attract voters. Her PR team is evidently not the best and the brightest of the lot. They make her do silly things in their misguided effort to get the C and D crowd or, in their own words, the “bakya” crowd on their side. They really got it all wrong. There are a lot of problems with Robredo’s campaign strategy. Let us enumerate them.

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1. Robredo’s PR team comes up with the lamest ideas to sell her to the public.

Her PR team made her appear in various TikTok videos where her goofing off in these had disastrous consequences for her campaign. She’s tried being a stand-up comic with her VP tandem Senator Kiko Pangilinan, she’s tried performing a Hadouken against words, and she’s guested on a social media show hosted by a supposedly popular dude who just made her look stupid. All of her performances and guest appearances were cringe-worthy. They only made good fodder for meme creators feasting on her vacuousness.

2. Robredo’s rabid supporters are elitist.

A lot of Robredo’s supporters are either socialites or social climbers who want to be like the socialites. These people are self-righteous and expect the rest of Philippine society to think and behave like them. They also claim to be pious and decent. The problem with their behaviour is they turn off the “bugoy” or rugged crowd. Their attempts at trying to reach the people from the lower classes just comes across as condescending. Proof of this is when they gave out small packs or rice with fish sauce for making congee or “lugaw”.

What kind of people comes up with stuff like that?!? It’s an insult to people who don’t have anything to eat or to those who need to eat more nutritious food but just can’t afford to.

3. Going from yellow to pink was the first and worst decisions Robredo’s team made.

They wanted to make a statement by changing their colour motif but the only statement this made was to prove that the yellow colour or the Liberal Party brand is dead and could not be revived after two successive losses in previous elections.

4. They don’t learn from their mistakes.

Robredo’s camp is the very definition of stupidity. They keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result every time. Robredo’s campaign manager seems to only want to spend the money allotted for advertising and PR companies as fast as he could. Those people are laughing all the way to the bank while making Robredo look like a fool.

Really, these people should have learned from Mar Roxas’s PR stunts. However, they instead tried to copy his failed campaign strategy.

5. The main problem with Robredo’s campaign strategy is Robredo herself.

She is just not cool. Granted that her PR team does not give her much to work with, Robredo’s execution is simply pathetic just the same. A natural performer can actually pull off corny stuff. Robredo’s performance is just too forced. It is just not her. She wants to appear comedic but her timing is bad. The average man on the street does not buy it.

Robredo is too dumb to realise too that she is being made to appear stupid in every one of these PR stunts. She is basically the problem of her campaign.

* * *

No one from Robredo’s camp is prepared to admit that despite being the Vice President and having been the Darling of the Media for six years, Robredo is still not popular with the voters. Their top honchos blame everything and everybody else except her, her PR team, and her supporters for their dismal popularity ratings. Robredo is simply a hard sell and no amount of money poured in to PR companies and advertising agencies can help her.

28 Replies to “Five things that are wrong about Leni Robredo’s campaign for President”

  1. She is so lame. She worshipped Noynoy and she is exactly like him. No accomplishments yet so arrogant over nothing. They both ran with Mar Roxas who amounted to nothing beyond bringing Noynoy’s scarves and water on stage. She hates being called FVP yet totally silent about the absence of Andy Bautista. She elected zero senators in 2019 . She was the backbone of the Liberal Party and look where they are now. I do have one big reason you can’t trust her but saving that for my space when I finally contribute another blog to GRP.

    1. “She is so lame. She worshipped Noynoy and she is exactly like him.”
      And that’s scary, remember Noynoy won the presidency. ?

  2. Come may 2022, the battle will be manny pac vs bbm.of course bbm wins, and manny loses by millions of votes.
    And the writer is correct; all the rest will be nuisance candidates in the face of the marcos juggernaut..especially the pink widow leni, who will compete with pink lacson for last place.

  3. Lugaw Robredo, is doing everything to win the Presidency…unfortunately, the Aquinos , who cheated for him, thru Andres Bautista are not there anymore.

    So, the political show must go on…let us see what will happen !

  4. I agree on No. 1. Robredo’s campaign team were all over the place. When people run around doing everything confusion follows. And that is what’s happening with the Robredo camp. This was very obvious especially in the Hadouken video ad. She was presented and acted stupid in that video. On the other hand, since the campaign was doing simultaneous promos of her in social media, in fairness, they were able to hit the marks on some stunts they did. Pics and videos showing her doing tasks together with the people is a plus. Those images of her showing how ordinary she was resonates with the masses. I’m sure the team is now doing some readjustments.

    No. 2, is off. It talks about her supporters as elitists not specifically her. It’s kind of conviction by association which is really not fair. All presidentiables have elitists for friends or followers. Robredo is not a unique case.

    And what’s with the lugaw? It’s food. It may not be food for the millionaires but it is for the masses. Drop it, nothing’s wrong in giving and sharing.

    On no. 3, the color change can be criticized both ways. The view that it formally declared the Liberal Party brand dead have some sense to it. Why change color when you already have an official one?

    No. 5 is true. I attribute it to the strategists around her. They made her do a lot of things for promotion but they forgot she has limitations. One good thing about it though, is her fans and followers don’t mind it while the critics will not let it pass.

    It’s true that BBM recently tops the surveys but the danger is still present because of the disqualification protest hanging over him. If he pass that challenge he’ll be in a comfortable position going election time. Again, there would still be some surprises if the current trend continues in his favor. So, everything is still fluid, as they say.

    I don’t subscribe to the idea that all, except BBM, are nuisance candidates. That’s a clear stretch. One, nobody, except, I think one, qualifies as nuisance in the candidates’ list. Saying everybody is a nuisance is like saying we only have one candidate. We still have a race to run next year. Let’s wait for the result before declaring a winner. ??‍♂️

    1. The packet of rice in plastic sachets is not environmentally friendly and it’s not the same as instant noodles. The ingredients to make lugaw is incomplete. If you neither have the money nor the resources to cook the meal, then the packet is useless.

  5. Or she could join the other side..its not too late.
    the tide of history has turned, and cannot be stopped by any man..theres no shame in it.ramos and enrile did it in 1986, and did it again quietly back in the last decade..better a turncoat than be on the wrong side.

  6. As much as I like to share similar sentiments, I can’t help but think she’ll win like Biden did in the US. Sure, BBM may be leading now but when the election is rig- I mean fortified, very few will be against it for the very same reason why the disqualification case may very likely go through regardless of any thorough investigation: The “Marcos is evil” mantra is engraved very deep especially to those who can definitely do something about the election.

  7. That’s a Donald Trump mantra. The party capable of rigging Philippine elections is whoever is the incumbent is. Sure, the Marcos and Duterte loyalists, like Trump, have a ready alibi in case they lose the elections. Not good. ?

    If Leni wins it only means the ghost of Marcos is still within us. ?

  8. Tell me why BBM is a good candidate for the presidency? I have been searching for reasons to justify voting BBM this may but with him not attending public debates and looking at the cases against Marcos, especially the unpaid taxes it is becoming evident there are better candidates for the position?

    1. Bbm is good,
      because all the others are garbage.

      Not just garbage, but trashy garbage.

      Isko – serviced some showbiz faggots
      Lacson – tried to be a soldier, once
      Manny – punched in the face for a living
      Leni – husband got killed
      Leody – closed down a few factories

      So its either vote for no one, or vote for bbm.

  9. Bbm is good,
    because all the others are garbage.

    Isko – serviced some showbiz faggots
    Lacson – tried to be a soldier, once
    Manny – punched in the face for a living
    Leni – husband got killed
    Leody – closed down a few factories

    BBM – ??????????????
    How good is he if the description on him is BLANK?

    I asked that because those who oppose BBM could interpret what you wrote like this: His description is blank because that thing atop his shoulder is empty.


    1. say what you want about BBM being blank or whatever.

      Here is my relevancy result for your post.

      Leni’s relevancy: -1
      BBM’s relevancy: +1

      1. I did not say BBM was blank. It was Megget who posted that suggested BBM is blank.

        Your relevancy result looks like you’re favoring Leni. Why? In the other post, you gave BBM +2, not it’s just +1.

        Tell me, is BBM slipping or Leni gaining?

    2. Bbm – son of a great leader and president, schooled since childhood in the arts of war, diplomacy, leadership,and myriad affairs of the state.educated in the best schools, here and abroad.
      Served in local government and the senate for multiple terms.
      Inherited from FEM, and also built upon, a vast political network.

      Is vastly more intelligent than the average internet troll, especially the stale and stupid pinktard faggots.

      When you meet the man, i am certain you, pinktard fool, will shudder and get down to your knees and beg for forgiveness like the pink faggot that you are.

      1. Bbm – son of a great leader…
        schooled since…
        Served in…
        Inherited from FEM…
        Is vastly more intelligent…

        Now, where’s the accomplishments?

        1. Juan Luna,

          Where are Cory and NoyNoy’s accomplishments aside from from fostering countless political and business dynasties, that fleeced the Philippines of its wealth by monopolizing every economic sectors in the country in their favor, while brainwashing the masses to resort to extreme means (become OFWs and engage in criminal activities) to patronize the “Big Business” wheel of oligarchy that these “Heroes of the EDSA Revolution” have created?


      2. Jirah,

        Prince or no prince, a Machiavellian leadership is what the Philippines needs today, to wrestle power away from the political and business oligarchs and elitists (a.k.a. “Heroes of the EDSA Revolution”), who have been monopolizing the government and economy for the past 36 years (1986 to Present).


  10. Being vastly intelligent, of course he cant be bothered with trivial school boy details.
    As he has more use of his brain for solving big country problems

    1. Megget,

      And the “big country problem” is how to wrestle the rights to their own country away from the political and business dynasties, that the Yellow Party has fostered in the last 36 years (1986 to Present), back to the people.


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