Ferdinand Marcos laid to rest with the quiet dignity a former President and soldier deserves


Former President Ferdinand Marcos was finally laid to rest at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) yesterday, the 18th November 2016. The “secret” funeral rites caught everyone by surprise and sent the usual anti-Marcos mobs on an eleventh-hour protest frenzy. The funeral itself was a dignified affair involving full military honours.

The dignity with which it was conducted would have been the very reason why it had to be kept “secret”. Filipinos after all, specially those associated with the emotionalism of the Yellow camp, are not really known for quiet and dignified politically-motivated funerals. The fact that a Supreme Court ruling junking their petition to block Marcos’s burial at the LNMB demonstrates that even institutionally-applied rules do not move them. Indeed, flamboyant necropolitics has come to characterise the last 30 years of politics in the Philippines because of a culture of political emotionalism that routinely trumps logic and rationality.

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Anti-Marcos “activists”, their minds imprisoned by their inbred notions of what they consider to be “right”, cannot seem to comprehend the thinking behind having to keep the Marcos funeral low-key. In fact, there really was no “secret” behind it. The intent to bury Marcos at the LNMB was, itself, 30 years in the making with successive Philippine governments over those three decades not implementing any concrete measures to prevent it. Furthermore, it formed a key part of the campaign platform of current President Rodrigo Duterte who, as even the most rabid anti-Marcos folk admit, did deliver on that promise.

Politics is a tough game. Those who are most clever win. The 30-year journey of the former President’s remains from Ilocos to the LNMB involved exceptional astuteness, patience, and strategic acumen on the part of the Marcos family. The stealth funeral we saw yesterday was a tactical execution that rightly-so blindsided everyone. Indeed, whilst the anti-Marcos people use the word “blindsided” like it was a bad thing, from another more objective perspective, it can be regarded as an exemplar of quiet achievement that, yet again, reveals just how inept and disorganised the anti-Marcos mob is.

While the anti-Marcos mobs think in terms of 15-day “grace periods” for appeals and temporary restraining orders (TROs), the camp of the Marcoses and that of President Rodrigo Duterte think in terms of decades-long timeframes in the manner with which they execute towards their goals. That sort of long-term strategic execution acumen results, in the case of the latter, in an excellent urban community such as Davao City and, in the case of the earlier, final closure and peace for a man who was a Philippine president and a soldier.

[Photo courtesy Manila Bulletin.]

53 Replies to “Ferdinand Marcos laid to rest with the quiet dignity a former President and soldier deserves”

  1. the burial of marcos at the LNMB is a win against communism. the final battle is over. Marcos is the only president who defended his country against communist take over. he’s a real pilipino with love and care for his country.


    1. Well, anything to the left of Marcos — mere critics, political opportunists, diehard patriots, Moro separatists, even actual Communists — would’ve been a Communist.

      Pity them.

  2. FEM acted and made decisions in his capacity as president. That, I think reasonable people can agree upon. Atleast that issue was symbolically settled through his burial in LMNB as a former soldier and president. It was a complicated part of history that a legal procedure wouldn’t be sufficient to resolve it. Well, atleast people can have sound discussions about it.

  3. And not a word for those who suffered under the Marcos regime. Or are they all — down to the last person — butthurt ingrates, or despicable liars, or even diehard Commies (which is ironic given Duterte’s moves with the CPP-NPA-NDF)?

    1. It’s a mixed bag. I can tell that even most victims who suffered under the Marcos regime prefer to play victims instead of doing necessary things of seeking true justice because it’s the easiest way to do. Neri Colmenares is an example of this.

      And there are a number of these Martial law victims chose to move on because they realized that if they let their emotions get the better of them, they would never realize what’s really going on.

      1. So what are victims of state oppression supposed to do instead of “playing the victim”, especially in this day and age, when a certain authoritarian-loving president is imploring his countrymen to forgive whatever Marcos had done in his twenty years as leader, and when it seems history’s about to get rewritten?

        1. Investigations, file cases on those who are responsible, use of forensic science, etc. There are the records from Amnesty International and the records from both Camp Crame and Camp Aguinaldo regarding people from the military and the police who committed these human rights abuses. Include Ramos and Enrile on the list since they’re the primary players about these abuses.

          And if you take off your EMO glasses for once, perhaps you should know about whatever Marcos have done, both good and bad. The problem is that you’re only focusing on the bad side up to the point that the man was demonized left and right.

        2. File cases, DIO? In the Philippines? You have actually been to the Philippines, right?

          And you do realise 30-50% of Filipinos dismiss Amnesty Internation etc as liars and tools of imperialism?

          You are probably correct that victims of Marcos have no recourse. That doesn’t justify mocking them.

          As for that business about “focusing on the bad things and ignoring the good things”, frankly, that sums up the whole problem with the Philippines. Doing half a job is often worse than not doing the job at all, because you’re left with something that doesn’t work, but you’ve still spent a shitload of time and money on it.

          If Filipinos would focus on the 90% of things that they’re doing wrong instead of the 10% of things that they’re getting right (usually by accident than by design) the place might look a lot better.

        3. File cases, DIO? In the Philippines? You have actually been to the Philippines, right?

          And you do realise 30-50% of Filipinos dismiss Amnesty Internation etc as liars and tools of imperialism?

          You are probably correct that victims of Marcos have no recourse. That doesn’t justify mocking them.

          I ain’t mocking them, which I am pointing to most of them That’s why you get people like Neri Colmenares. And how can Amnesty International being tools of imperialism whereas they were an international NGO?

          On the other hand, there are a number of Martial law victims who chose to move on because they realized that they would never see what is really going on if they let their emotions get the better of them.

        4. And how can Amnesty International being tools of imperialism whereas they were an international NGO?

          Well,quite. But I’ve noticed Filipinos will happily believe all kinds of bizarre nonsense. Just listen to Duterte ranting about how everything is the fault of foreigners. I’m not sure whether he really believes this himself, but he’s sure struck a chord with the electorate.

          Seriously, ask around. You’ll find some interesting opinions.

          There are a number of Martial law victims who chose to move on because they realized that they would never see what is really going on if they let their emotions get the better of them.

          I’m not so sure about the ‘because’. I would guess people who suffered under Marcos are more aware than most people that the last 40 years has just been a re-run of history. They know how stuff works. Those who have moved on realise that there will be no retribution, no justice, and no improvement in the Philippines, but they realise it’s futile to fester over something you can’t change.

        5. I’m not so sure about the ‘because’. I would guess people who suffered under Marcos are more aware than most people that the last 40 years has just been a re-run of history. They know how stuff works. Those who have moved on realise that there will be no retribution, no justice, and no improvement in the Philippines, but they realise it’s futile to fester over something you can’t change.

          And even the post-Marcos presidents and personalities didn’t even care about these people; they’re just using them for their own agendas and selfish interests. Anthony Taberna said it best that his friends and colleagues who suffered during Martial law even admitted that the corruption, abuses and stupidity is much worse after 1986.

          I still stand by my statement. And still, I’m not referring to ALL Martial law victims, most of them. You got people like Rigoberto Tiglao and then you got people who act like Neri Colmenares.

  4. Very well said Mr. Benign0. In pernes the Dilawan will not be called Mobs for nothing. Wala silang nagawa sa Bansa kundi ang kulimbatin ang yaman ng Bayan at ipag bebenta sa mga Oligarchs yung infra Projects ni the late Pres Marcos. Nauto lang nila ang Sambayanan trough Massive Propaganda. Para silang mga Pohtang Pokpok na gumanda lang dahil sa makakapal na make-up.

    Salamat na lang at nagkaroon ng Social Media at nahimasmasan ang ilan although marami pa rin ang Bulag sa Katotohanan at madaling Mabayaran.

  5. keep fighting yellowtards ‘cuz you all have to do is to protect millions of pesos you pocketed from the people’s tax money and if you loss your fight it’s all gonna be sequestered back and might include your properties.

  6. Those who died while trying to make our world a better place, didn’t actually die, they proved some points. Our job is to notice them and continue from where they stopped.

  7. When it comes time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home.

  8. We have to understand it is hard for the families/relatives of those who suffered the worst during Marcos rule to just forgive and move on. I don’t understand why the family of Marcos did not just decide to bury him in Ilocos Norte where he is venerated. And the victims would not have felt being insulted and hurt again. Now this issue will continue to divide the nation. The overall interest of what is good for the country should be the main consideration NOT of a single family, the Marcos family.

    1. Hate to break it to you, but most of the victims are at their own fault. Instead of doing necessary means in order to seek true justice, they just stand their and play victim and blame games because it’s the easiest way to do. And in case you don’t notice, these poor victims are even used constantly by the Yellow Camp for their own selfish ends while while they sitting there laughing at them and sitting in their aircon rooms counting their PDAF.

      I just want to tell you that there are a number of victims chose to move on; because they realized that if they let their emotions get the better of them, they would never realize what is really going on. I believe you do…

    2. Let’s get something straight. Even as the Marcoses have asked, and would ask for forgiveness, would the victims and anti-marcos groups forgive? Would they accord the Marcoses a fair trial?

      1. Well, if forgiveness entails letting him be buried at the Libingan — well, no, most likely not.

        Not that I would find fault with that myself — forgiveness is fucking hard.

    3. @hero If only the post Marcos presidents from Cory down were really serious in giving justice to those who suffered under the Marcos Rule, then they should have created a Truth Commission to bring out the facts, to look at culpability and responsibility of those Marcos followers from Ramos and Enrile down to those low level military and police offices in the human rights violations with the sitting President giving amnesty or pardon to those who told the truth.

      The problem with post Marcos leaders is they did not do it but instead relied on the Marcos hate syndrome to increase their political stock. They demonized Marcos to cover their failings.

    4. I don’t understand why the family of Marcos did not just decide to bury him in Ilocos Norte where he is venerated.

      FEM’s dying wish was to be buried in the LNMB. If I’m not mistaken, it was also mention in his will. The Marcos family only decided to honor their late father’s wishes. Don’t mistake it as an arrogant move.

    5. The real score for not granting justice for those claimed victims was Cory’s policy regarding about the Marcoses – banned them upon returning to the Philippines to face all the allegations, and now, they are still crying for justice. This more disgraceful on the side of the so called victims – refusal of justice by the Cory administration. That’s why there’s no foster peace and healing among those Martial Law victims. And regarding about the burial in Ilocos Norte, former VP Binay submitted a recommendation to Pres. BS Aquino about the Marcos issue, he vehemently denied the said recommendation. Two Aquino Presidents against a DEAD Marcos, they both FAIL to deliver the needed action to stop the Marcoses burying the old man in LNMB.

  9. If Marcos was buried in Ilocos Norte, his family would have gained huge political mileage by showing humility NOT arrogance. One can NEVER go wrong by being humble and this could eventually catapult Bongbong to the presidency. What a waste!

    1. Do you know what’s really a waste? It’s you people who are whining and moaning about this.

      Burying Marcos on LNMB is in no way meant to insult those who died during the Martial Law era, but to simply uphold the law. That same law, incidentally, did not say that he cannot be buried there nor did it define the word “hero” the way you wanted it to.

      Better for you to grow up, kid.

      1. Unfortunately you cannot force the victims and their sympathisers to accept your line of reasoning even assuming it is the correct one. But had the Marcos family agreed to bury him in his native town this would show humility on their part and would have gained the sympathy of the majority of neutral observers. I expect most would say “Nagpakumbaba na nga mga Marcos ayaw pa rin patawarin. Buti pa doon na tayo sumama sa mga Marcos” This issue is not really a matter of law but how most people feel about it especially the victims and their sympathisers. The Marcos family has everything to gain and nothing to lose by burying him in his home province.

        1. What is sad is some people using “Martial Law” “victimhood” as a sort of privilege and entitlement. As if they have a monopoly on being a victim and using that as emotional blackmail against those who disagree with their anti-Marcosis. No wonder they’re losing sympathy whether or not their grievances are legitimate.

          Anti-Marcos groups aren’t interested in “healing” or “justice”. They just want revenge and a monopoly on the narrative which is clear to them by now that it’s gradually going against them. Shame on the anti-Marcos crowd using the dead as political and emotional propaganda.

  10. Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sr., a true soldier and a war hero was finally laid to rest in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

    Politics in our country is dirty and strange. The Aquinos’ used the Marcos Sr. issue , to cover their own corruption and incompetence. They made themselves heroes and saints. They put shrines on themselves. Their nasty faces are in our currency. They named airports, stadiums and government building for themselves. They demonized, Ferdinand E. Marcos , Sr., as the personification of evil…

    These YellowTard rabid followers, they brainwashed, with the help of the Roman Catholic Church, grew up with knowledge that that the Aquinos are heroes and saints. The Aquinos removed in the history books; Filipino soldiers who fought and sacrificed, during World War II.

    The Battle of Bataan; the Death March from Mariveles, Bataan to Capas, Tarlac, were removed and are not taught. The sacrifices of Filipino guerillas in fighting the Japanese occupiers and Benigno Aquino’s KALIBAPI collaborators were not taught.

    These YellowTards are just like the followers of Hilary Clinton. They cannot accept defeat. Instead, Hilary Clinton’s followers: riot, they rally and they cry tears , because of Hilary Clinton’s defeat.

    Why not move on ! The country has a serious illegal Shabu Drug problem. Drug Lords were protected by Aquino, Mar Roxas and Leila de Lima. The Chinese Triad Crime syndicate is operating in our country.

    We all have to MOVE ON…a chapter in our history is now closed…history will judge the Aquinos and the Marcoses. They will also judge the roles of Enrile and Ramos…

    And here, the Aquino and his Hakot Demonstrators YellowTards are using the Marcos Sr. burial issue, as a diversion !

  11. Taxpayers to shoulder Marcos debt until 2025 – Ibon

    More than 20 years have passed since the late president Ferdinand Marcos was ousted, but governments after him continue to honor questionable debts his regime incurred.

    This was the lament of the militant think tank Ibon Foundation, which said Marcos’ debts will continue to haunt Filipino taxpayers for the next 19 years.

    “As of 2005, the outstanding balance of of Marcos’s foreign debts stood at around $926.72 million or more than P48 billion (at $1:P52). Following the country’s loan schedule, taxpayers will pay for the foreign debts of Marcos until 2025, 39 years after he was ousted from office,” it said.

    Ibon said 33 percent of the country’s total borrowings during Marcos’s term did not go to infrastructure development projects or social programs but was pocketed by Marcos and his cronies.

    This amount translates to more than $8 billion, and the bulk of these may have come from foreign loans, it added.

    But the group stressed that the Marcos debts are clearly illegitimate and onerous loans that benefited the private interests of Marcos and his cronies.

    Of these, it said the largest and most glaring is the notorious Bataan Nuclear Plant with $1.8 billion dollars in interest repayments alone since 1986, and $110.8 million more to go.

    “The Filipino people continue to bear these debts at the cost of being denied the right to access basic social services,” it said.

    On the other hand, Ibon scored the Arroyo regime for claiming to implement “fiscal reforms” to address its deficit and debt woes, without resolving the debt problem.

    It said the basic problem is that the national debt is bloated with illegitimate loans such as the Marcos debts.

    “Instead of implementing anti-people measures to deal with its deficit problems such as new and higher taxes, the government should instead reform its debt management policies, starting with a review of the debts incurred by Marcos to determine which of these are illegitimate and therefore not the obligation of the Filipino people,” it said.

    OH EDI WOW. mga pro-marcos pa. akala mo andami nagawa puro utang naman inabot ng Pinas. Magnanakaw hanggang sa huli.

    Marcos sins are greater. Marcos family lives a luxurious life from stolen/plundered money.

    This issue is never about forgiveness, the good deeds, or the Aquinos! This is about the preservation of truth and the endless pursuit of justice for Martial Law victims. #MarcosNOTaHero

    1. As expected from an EMO-inducing sycophant.

      If Marcos sins are greater, think again.

      “THREE DECADES since the bloodless revolution. THIRTY YEARS! What an opportunity to blot out a name equated to dictatorship, plunder, greed and abuse. The Filipino people had THREE DECADES to render an influence, powerless. THIRTY YEARS. THREE DECADES.”


      30 Years is all it took for China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia to overtake the Philippines. The war ravaged Vietnam will overtake us in 5 years. And now, it will take 50 years for the Philippines to even reach the status at which these countries are now, assuming the Philippines corrects it’s course today and assuming it can.

      30 years of trying to hide that Marcos was not unique in Asia. Dictatorship was the zeitgist of the time, and Marcos looked like a kindergarten in terms of brutality and plunder compared to the dictators of China, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, South Korea, and Indonesia. 30 years of writing half truths in history.

      30 years of glorifying EDSA1, which indeed the world admired. 30 years, other countries did not need the admiration of the world; they just gradually and QUIETLY made the transition from military rule to democracy. Now, other countries have proven EDSA1 was a stupid move, and they cannot stop laughing. And they won’t stop laughing even this 2016, as we will vote again the lesser evil.

      30 years of propaganda and half truths. Now, the people are free, but stupid. The most dangerous lies are those that are nearest to the truths.

      30 years, they had all the chance to make the Marcoses accountable, and 30 years they have failed. And now, they want the Junior Marcos to apologize in lieu of their failure. What a convenient way to cover their miserable failures. Indeed, the most dangerous lies are those that are nearest to the truths.

      30 years ago, there was just one plunderer. Today, there are plunderers left and right that if you total what has been plundered for 30 years, that one plunderer 30 years ago now looks like an amateur. The national budget during the military rule looks like peanuts now compared to the three Trillion budget of today. And yet, they trumpet that Yellows are of Daan Matuwid. Indeed, a lie that is repeated often enough becomes a truth.

      30 years ago, there were projects left and right. Today, there are projects left and right, but they remain in the drawing boards, instead of being implemented as before. And yet, they call that development. Indeed a lie that is repeated often enough becomes a truth.

      30 years ago there was heavy foreign borrowing to support projects. Today, we are back to heavy foreign borrowing to support non-existing projects, but just to flood the system with cash. Thus, we have a glut in real estate, a car industry driven by low interest credits, a consumer market driven by easy to get credit cards, five fold smuggling, and gambling, illegal or not. Of course, what is obtaining is a BUBBLE economy, and they call that the fastest growing economy. I call it a donut economy as it is empty in the middle. If a hostile administration takes over in 2016, of course, they will burst that bubble economy so that the next administration will have a hard time bursting the lies and bubble of 30 years. That is the truth and not a lie.

      30 years ago, there was controlled media. Today, the media men, who lost their jobs, are back with vengeance. There is free speech. They just make sure the Yellows have the loudest speech. Who needs free speech when your speech is drowned out anyway.

      30 years ago, there was curfew. Today, you can move at night, except there are criminals waiting for you. What the hell, I might as well stay at home.

      30 years ago, there were strikes left and right, but Marcos would not even dare busting the labor unions. Today, there is industrial peace, but there is also ENDO; the busting of unions have been made complete.

      30 years ago, there was poverty. Today, there is poverty, but there is CCT. The yellows want the poor to remain poor by teaching them mendicancy. It is the institution of pauperism, so that oligarchs can be institutionalized.

      30 years ago, there was no technology. Today, there is technology, and the Yellows say we should be proud of this. So, we pay the highest energy cost, the most expensive pokey internet, the highest taxes, the lowest SSS benefits, etc. Why? The Yellows have the illusions technology came from them. They live their own lies.

      30 years ago, there was one man rule. Today, the yellow rules, and no one man rules, but that is only so, so that people will not know who can be held responsible for all the lies that have been perpetuated all these 30 years.

      “This is about the preservation of truth and the endless pursuit of justice for Martial Law victims.” – Unfortunately, most victims would prefer to play victim and play blame games rather than doing the necessary means of seeking TRUE justice. Ang habol ng karamihan dito ay SISI at hindi HUSTISYA because it’s the easiest way to do. With that, you get people like Neri Colmenares.

      And here’s another thing: most of these victims are also seeking REVENGE more than justice. And the worst part is that the anti-Marcos crowd used these ‘victims’ for their own selfish ends rather than helping them.

      Please stop being an EMO loser and try to look at the bigger picture.

    2. The usage of ‘eh di wow’ means you’re actually butthurt. You’re not contributing anything to this discussion but grasping straws and EMO tendencies.

      Of course, Yellowtards like yourself would never understand…

  12. When did the Philippines was free of debts?

    The Philippines was always a debtor nation. Debt was incurred during the Marcos , Sr. , , , administration. More debts were incurred during the Aquino administration; and other administrations. DAP , PDAF and Pork Barrel bribery were used by Aquino to steal these money..,this is the reason we have runaway inflation !

    As U.S. President- Elect Donald J. Trump had stated: “Let us bind the wounds of division…”

    Martial Law victims are Aquino’s bogeymen. The Aquino Cojuangco Propaganda Machine has brainwashed EDSA Filipinos of these falsehood, to make themselves, heroes and saints…

    To be mired in the past, and whining about what happened in the past is STUPID. Only YellowTards will do these things.

    Let us all move on, and hand in hand , build our country !

  13. let’s see how many paid rallyist the yellow dynasty can afford for their nov 25 rally? these for sure coming from stolen people’s money which includes the loot of antonio luna. the good news is, the supreme court’s 2012 decision on Hacienda Luisita will be implemented soon according to secretary Mariano. thanks goodness the people has awaken. bad deeds won’t succeed.

  14. Marcos has become the greatest, most bemedalled and most decorated war hero in WW2 thanks to Maharlika after he is laid to rest; yet, all of his medals (27 to 33 of them) are all real, not fake.

    1. Son, perhaps take your TROLLING to somewhere else because you’re not making any sense either.

      Perhaps if I reply you about your comment, perhaps you will reply with a TROLL comment.

  15. Too bad he never went to jail,LIKE MANY PEOPLE THINK HE DESERVED.Too bad he never gave back the money he stole and his family gets to keep what he stole from every single Filipino alive since 1965. This is akin to a pardoning of this Man’s crimes against the Filipino people.If the Filipino people are too stupid to see that, they are doomed to keep being ruled by people just like Marcos…..and it is not too hard to see that this is a fact. Every single President since E-CRAP (IDK enough about Ramos to comment) has been an outright thief/criminal.

    It is easy to see, that the Philippines is just fucked and happy to be so.

    1. Of course, he never went to jail because Cory never allowed him to. He never had the chance to stand in trial. But anyway, you’re fine with that.

      You keep on overrating that he never gave back the money yet you fail to realize that the Marcoses are ready to settle the matter. But people like you are too stubborn that you never even bother to listen either. Why is that?

      Unfortunately, the Filipino people are already doomed after 1986; yes, the people are free but stupid.

      It is easy to see, that you’re just grasping straws. But what do I expect from an EMO-inducing psychopath like yourself would understand?

    2. Too bad he never gave back the money he stole and his family gets to keep what he stole from every single Filipino alive since 1965.

      And I hope not. That is because you want it to be stolen again by none other than the other crooks who are roaming around. Then you’re gonna blame it again on the Marcoses when that happens.

      Nice TROLLING btw…

      1. @ Funny Valentine: You just said that ‘I WANT’. You know NOTHING about me or what I want. Marcos deserved far worse than what he ended up getting….and his family certainly doesn’t deserve any of the MONEY THEY STOLE FROM THE FILIPINO PEOPLE.

        This has nothing to do with’WHAT I WANT’, you IDIOT.

        1. Welp, signs of being EMO BUTTHURT. Says the guy who loves to overrate that while totally fine of the post-Marcos people that they stole even more and worse, they even rob the public BLIND for over 30 years!

          What’s their best crime? To convince you that Ninoy is a hero, that Cory is a saint, and Noynoy Aquino is a capable leader than Marcos. Sad to say, you and the rest of your fellow idiots ate that up.


          Lies. You’re so fixated only on one tainted surname while you keep on ignoring the people after him who did much worse. And they were even revered as ‘heroes’. And of course, you and your fellow idiots easily fell for it. I’ll keep on stating that unless you let go of bias. That’s also being arrogant.



        Another set of… lies. I always had an intelligent comment as always and yes, you’re actually EMO butthurt since you’re only fixated on Marcos as if everything is his fault. You’re no different to these ‘Martial law crybabies’ lurking and whining around.

    3. You have a misleading timeline – President Marcos oath-taking ceremony was in December 30 1965, how could you say that he already stole on that day while the next day was a New Year’s Eve?
      Too disgraceful that Cory banned the Marcoses upon coming back in the Philippines. Marcos was willing to face all the allegations towards them and to stand trial to find justice for all the crimes against the Filipino people.

  16. Is the Marcos burial protests a veiled plan to bring down DU30?

    With Enrile on the side of DU30 and Ramos the most virulent visible critic of Marcos burial, is the country on the way to a Syrian like civil war?

    China and Russia behind DU30, with Soros solidly behind the world’s unbridled free enterprise economy goading the local oligarchs to oppose any change of the status quo the coming days and weeks are really exciting, hope not terrifying.

    Maybe Trump has to come in.

    Will anyone figure out and connect the following ? –

    Ateneo University President Jose Ramon Villarin in his exhortation to Ateneans to join the demonstrations against Marcos’ burial wrote:

    “Patuloy natin kilatisin kung saan tayo inaakay ng Diyos sa panahong ito ng kasaysayan. Ang Diyos ang siyang nagpalaya sa atin noong tayo’y mga alipin ng Ehipto. (“Let us continue to discern where God is leading us to at this stage of history. It was God after all who freed us when we were slaves in Egypt.”)

    I am reminded of Ayatollah when the West led by the US ousted the Shah of Iran.

    1. @NGEK,NGEK, you were in Teheran when the Ayatohllah ousted the SHAH? The ASSAHOLLAH was not backed by the West, YOU GOT IT ASS=BACKWARDS.OMG !

  17. “MAS MALALA PARIN ANG NANGYARI SA REHIME NG MARCOS kumapara naman sa mga naganap makalipas ang 30 dekada. kumpara nyu pa. with statistics. bigyan nyu ko numbers. statitics base sa perang ninakaw nila, bilang ng mga taong namatay at tinorture sa panahon nila. may naibalik ba sila sa mga perang ninakaw nila ha? may pinanagutan ba sila sa mga pinatay dahil sa kasakiman nila? puro utang lang kaya naghirap yung mga sumunod na mga presidente eh. dapat lang silang sisihin. SA KANILA NAGSIMULA ANG LAHAT. PANGUNGURAKOT. KATIWALIAN. tsaka ano ba ginawa nila sa libo libong namatay? nagSORRY ba sila? PINANAGUTAN ba nila yung mga taong namatay? MGA SAKIM ANG MGA MARCOS, oh ano, paglaban nyu pa yang diktador na iniidolo nyu #DiBayaniSiMacoy #NeverAgain #HeroMoMukhaMo #MagnanakawAF”

    “Tawagin niyo na kaming bias, bobo, bayaran, dilawan at kung anu-ano pang insulto, hindi pa rin nun mababago ang kasaysayan. #MarcosNOTaHero”

    “Pati ang sumunod na henerasyon na hindi pa ipinanganak noong martial law, naghirap, dahil nagbayad tayong lahat sa bilyun-bilyong pisong ninakaw ni Marcos na inutang sa International Monetary Fund.” –NERI COLMENARES

    “Encouraging seeing young people making a strong stand against Marcos burial in LNMB #MarcosDiktadorHindiBayani” –KAREN DAVILA

    “Yung admission of guilt unang una ang liit liit ko nuon paano ko iaadmit e hindi ko naman alam” -IMEE MARCOS
    “Well if you people think that she lied on that interview, you are wrong! I firmly believe her when she said ang “liit-liit” pa daw nya noong panahon ng Martial Law kaya wala syang alam. She was referring to her brain. #BotoxniImee TuitionniSandro PERANGBAYAN”

    “Millenial Luigi Almuena who made Marcos effigy says he did not need to live through Marcos years to understand atrocities of Martial Law.”

    “It’s sad to say that some people are just loyal to the Marcoses just because they are geographically and demographically related to each other.””

    uhhhh, kaya po naghirap ang bayan natin ay dahil sakanya. Dahil po sa bilyun bilyong pera na inutang nya kung saan malaking pursyento dito ay ninakaw lang nya. Kaya rin po sa mga sumunod na presidente sakanya ay naghirap ng sobra ang pilipinas, yang mga dilawan na yan hmpp, dahil buong term po nila, sinusubukan po nilang bayaran ang utang natin na hanggang sa ngayon ay hindi pa rin po buo. #asankbayanko

    Sir, kung kayo po ay nagttrabaho ngayon, malamang sa malamang eh nakakaltasan kayo ng tax. Di dapat ganyan yan kalaki kung hindi lang nagnakaw ang mga Marcos. Maaring di ka pinatay, pero hanggang ngayon, biktima ka pa din. File ng case? Kaya nga nabuo ang PCGG e.

    Actually nagfile na po ng case ang PH noon pa. Nanalo na nga po this year lang. At andun na nga tayo sa pagbawi sa mga ninakaw nya, proven na nagnakaw siya at ang pamilya nya, pero itinuring parin syang bayani ngayon at nilibing sa LNMB. Kaya po nagpprotesta.

    Google lang po.


    “Republic v. Sandiganbayan, G.R. No. 152154, July 15, 2003
    Basahin mo pre. Para medyo informed yung opinions at sarcasms mo. Yan yung sagot sa hiling mo na sana “may naisampang kaso laban sa mga Marcos.” Di nga lang naisampa eh. Decided pa. Kasi kung naisampa lang ang hiling mo, marami yan. Baka patay na tayo pareho di pa natin nahahalungkat lahat.

    Dun din sa hiling mo na batas, meron din. 1987 Constitution pre. Basahin mo yung (1) text nito mismo, at (2) kung bakit ito ginawa o sinulat. Di lang basta batas yan pre. Saligang batas. Highest law of the land. To which all laws must conform.

    Ngayon baka sabihin mo/nyo na nagdesisyon na ang Supreme Court. Well oo nga. Pero di naman ibig sabihin noon di na kami pwedeng maging critical about it. Especially na may Motion for Reconsideration pa dapat pero pinangunahan na ng libing para maging moot and academic yung case. Di ko na i-expound.

    Imconfused with the truth *_* halos lahat ng mga kakilala kong matatalino, mga cumlaude etc puro anti-marcos. diko alam kung san galing pinaglalaban nila. at kung anong resources nila sa mga hinaing nila. taz yung mga UP pa isama nyu narin faculty dun. yung iba di ko alam kung nagfefeeling matalino nalang at makasali lang sa flow. i dont know where to stand, if being neutral is valid, count me in. and im sorry for not being well-informed.

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