Survival Mentality makes Philippine Society Nasty


Recent articles, such as that of our webmaster Benign0, have reminded us how the murders we’ve seen lately have long been part of Philippine society. We have warlords, killings and Filipinos who hate each other just for having different ideas. Philippine society can indeed be nasty, and it has been for a long time. But why it is so?


My original introduction to this article was the question of why Filipinos seem to have an inferiority complex, so I will connect it. Filipinos project Pride Pride loudly as an overcompensation for how ashamed they feel about themselves. Why do Filipinos feel this inferiority? Some have opined that it is due to colonial mentality, having been indoctrinated that we are inferior to our colonizers and we still carry the indoctrination today. However, I disagree, since I doubt this supposed indoctrination can last that long in the psyche, and other countries who were colonized did not seem to be hampered by a feeling of inferiority. I propose another reason for it.

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I remember that John and Marsha movie where they were invited to a baptismal party. Guests were expected to give expensive money gifts, such as P100 (huge money at the time). The Puruntongs, being poor, could only afford a measly P10. After the hosts found what the Puruntongs gave, they went on to insult and publicly embarrass the poorer couple. This led to John Puruntong bursting out in anger as a result and storming out. This scene was a social commentary on common Filipino attitudes at the time. But it is still relevant today.

I’m sure some people have heard this piece of advice: “you have to project your pride, because if you don’t, others will put you down.” Filipinos are likely to assume ‘others’ refers to foreigners. But no; this advice was given from a Filipino, to a Filipino, in the context of Filipino society. The ‘others’ were Filipinos. This implies that Filipinos seem to have a natural tendency to put others down.

Perhaps older people (those who were the youngsters of the 1950s and 1960s) can recall stories back then of how they seemed to be in a race for being ahead in “class” or being rich and something like that. How gossip (tsismis) was often used to ruin someone else’s reputation, often with false reports (and naturally undiscerning Filipinos lap these tales up easily). Notice Filipino popular humor: much of it is based on putting someone down or shaming them (which is what Vice Ganda and other comedy bars thrive on). Could this be what Filipinos are really like underneath? Is this their true nasty, shadowy self hidden beneath the layers of “positivity” and smiles?

Are Filipinos Naturally Nasty?

Thus, the explanation why Filipinos feel inferior or intrinsically ashamed of themselves is because they are the first to make others feel inferior. Filipinos are eager to gain the upper hand, even if there is no contest happening. But if they like doing this to someone, there is the logical consequence that others will do the same as revenge. Someone will prevail and make the other feel inferior, and the “loser” harbors the feeling of inferiority of anger along with some hatred. They may even direct outbursts at other people, probably to blow steam, or as substitutes for the enemy who “defeated” them. Thus, the Filipino turns out as a self-imposed hater of the world around them, making them want to beat it. This a self-inflicted condition, all brought upon them by the compunction to “assert class dominance over the other.” It’s similar to this Internet meme:


To finally answer why Filipinos are like this, it is that Filipinos are mostly still in survival mode. They still see other Filipinos (especially those not of their ethnic group) as their competitors for important survival resources. And apparently they see themselves as competitors not only over physical resources, but even intangible ones such as happiness and pride! They believe if one is up, another must be down. If I have something, another must not have it; if they have it, I must take it from them. Let me do wrong to them, but they can’t do it to me. It could ultimately denigrate to this primitive state of mind: if I must survive, another must not. They would reject the modern thinking that leads to the Win-Win Mentality Stephen Covey promotes in his famous Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. This would lead to the low regard for human life Benign0 described in recent article.

To define survival mentality, I once again go back to my example of the well in the desert contested by two thirsty travelers. Under this mentality, the desire would be to either kill the competitor or to dominate them to control the well. Sharing would be out of the question, as they feel that the well isn’t big enough for the both of them. Where killing is avoided, domination would be the dynamic. And with domination, there would be putting down of other people – still a low regard for the lives of others.

Apply this to Nick Joaquin’s saying: the need for face comes from a lack of confidence. That lack of confidence is because Filipinos remain at a primitive level on social needs. If we apply Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy, they are still meeting the survival needs, namely physiological and safety need levels.

Extended version of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Extended version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Some might say Filipinos who are at survival level are the poor. You think only poor people are desperate for money that they may turn to drug dealing? Not so. It applies even to the the supposedly “educated” among Filipinos. These would be concerned with things like “Pinoy Pride,” which at first glance is an issue at the esteem level of Maslow’s hierarchy. However, it seems to me that Filipinos likely treating their esteem needs with the same approach applied to the physiological and safety levels. Meaning, they’re treating esteem issues with survival mentality. They apply to themselves the mentality of someone in poverty, even if they are not actually in poverty (which has been referred to as squatter mentality in this blog). Thus, they fail to have real and meaningful self-esteem.

The common notion Filipinos have about pride is dominance-based, has an aspect of insecurity and fear of being “lower,” and has the further notion of zero-sum (if I must live, another must die, as described above). Even Filipinos who are well-to-do lament “even survival is so difficult these days.” This likely explains why the Filipino’s usually main motivation is to avoid shame, or to shame others they feel are competitors to their happiness.

How Primitive Survival Instinct holds us down

My view will probably rile the humanists, such as those who believe humans are naturally good. In an earlier article, I posited that humans can never be naturally good or evil, and it is decision that make them good or evil. However, some other ruminations lead me to believe that it is easier to be naturally evil – or better yet, that evil is easier to learn, based on the survival instinct I described. My example of the well in the desert implies that scarcity can bring out the worst in people as well as the best. So let me say it this way: hate in the world is a product of man’s survival instinct.

This survival mentality would lead to the issues we see in Philippine society. Parents willing to pimp out their children for money. Filipinos raging against opposing teams from other countries who win against their team. Filipino tribes actually being hostile to each other and seeking to not be part of the same society. Filipino “intellectuals” and “advocates” insulting and bullying people who disagree with their ideas.

If you remember the free softdrink refill in Burger King many years ago, some people would abuse it by bringing Coleman jugs and hog all the softdrink they could. Note, squatters are likely not able to go inside these; “educated” people were doing this. “Educated” Filipinos who are in the drug trade would be doing them to keep having the latest fashions, latest gadgets and flashy cars to be ahead of everybody else – dominance as usual.

Lately we’ve seen the road rage case wherein a man driving a minicar shot dead a bicycle rider he had a fistfight with. In the fight, it seemed the biker had the upper hand. The killer’s pride was likely dented because of this, so he took revenge by killing the other. See how a self-esteem issue applied with survival mode-mentality led to a wrong act. That man with the car is also not poor; that he has a car shows he is can-afford.

On another note, it’s no wonder some Filipinos these days seem open to a return to Martial Law. I’m sure they aren’t ignorant of Martial Law abuses; they know – and they favor it. They likely don’t believe nasty Filipinos can be reasoned with, and must be scared into good behavior. And for them, the iron hand of the governing authority is the best thing to use for this.

If the idea itself scares you, it scares me too. This shows how much distrust Filipinos have of each other. It’s the distrust that leads to a system with so many checks and balances that nothing gets done in the process. It’s a distrust that needs to be addressed. I agree with the more reasonable way of doing so – have Filipinos become more educated and reasonable, and they stop becoming nasty. Some people will be quick to say more education is needed; however ‘education’ needs to be redefined, which I’ll talk about in another article.

Enlightenment Beyond Survival

As our esteemed webmaster Benign0, in his article calling for us to stop blaming colonizers for our problems, said great nations came from societies that stopped being transfixed on survival and went for higher levels of living. They went out to explore. Survival was no longer a major issue for them. Expanding their wealth and knowledge was. It is through being enlightened and having expanded knowledge that the feeling of inferiority was conquered.

Filipinos, even those out of the country like OFWs, rarely explore. They are there for survival – of themselves and their families. Stuck in survival, most Filipinos are unable to appreciate the value of exploring. They are unable to extract the most useful parts from the cultures they are in contact with and apply it to their homeland. Instead, they are used as a milking cow for the captive market at home.

Filipinos, especially the educated classes, need to accept that what seems “natural” to them could actually be the cause of wrongdoing. If survival mentality seems “natural,” then the call for civilized people is to rise above it. They need to reject what seems “natural” to them and realize that they have intellectual faculties help them overcome their nature. They should stop treating of self-esteem issues with survival mentality and, framing it on Maslow’s model, self-actualize and transcend their primivity by being more responsible towards the greater society. Filipinos don’t like the bigger picture when they are more focused on sustaining themselves only. But when they are willing to see the bigger picture, then they are more likely to know the right thing to do.

Addendum: I found this as part of a slide show while looking up something about Filipino workers. The likely Filipino list of priorities using Maslow’s framing.


47 Replies to “Survival Mentality makes Philippine Society Nasty”

  1. “That man with the car is also not poor; that he has a car shows he is can-afford.”

    Maybe the guy stole the car; maybe the guy borrowed the car from a ‘rich’ friend (to show off).

    In short: driving a car doesnt say anything about who the legal and actual owner is.

  2. No one can make you inferior, except yourself. I live and work in the U.S. We minorities and colored people, have to contend with racial issues, in every facet of our lives.

    However, if I walk into a room, full of people, who are racially biased. It is their problem in their thinking…not mine !

    Education, and traveling around the world, if you can afford it, helps you understand other people, and other countries.

    Every country has a unique culture…a unique history; and a unique contribution to our humanity. I do not believe in the “Superior Race” mindset. I do not believe in the : “my religion, is better than your religion” mindset. Any religion, who practice goodness, and respect our humanity, is a good religion !

    Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, may define our contention in :food, shelter, sex, status, etc…however, in our case: it is how we think of ourselves; and how we look at ourselves, and on others.

    Read more about how our consciousness and about how our mind works; and you can understand: how complex, we are as a creature !

    It is only on ourselves, that we can rise above ourselves ! Not looking to others, to pull us up !

  3. Most Failipinos in the Failippines tend to throw your love to the dogs when you become totally submissive to them, but when you want to get out of the heat, they pull you back into the kitchen.

  4. They apply to themselves the mentality of someone in poverty, even if they are not actually in poverty.

    ChinoF, I know your article wasn’t about this, but I think this is a critical observation. Poverty, in my experience, is 80% in your head. Of course it’s physically possible, at any given time, to be short of money: but to maintain yourself in that state, forever, and pass it on to your children, takes consistent mental effort and a lifetime of incorrect decisions.

    Filipinos are endlessly insisting that they are “poor”, or that their society is “poor”, and that all their problems stem from this. Those people who are “not actually poor” are still poor people. They’re poor people with money. They think and act like poor people, and lacking whatever stroke of fortune dropped money into their lap, they will probably return to poverty eventually.

    Some people will be quick to say more education is needed; however ‘education’ needs to be redefined, which I’ll talk about in another article.

    Education is the problem right now: Filipinos are learning their dysfunctional ways from parents and from teachers. The problem here is: how can the blind lead the blind? It’s never going to happen, however much Pinoy Pride you throw into it. As I’ve said many times before: invite the foreigners in. Not the chancers and the pedophiles and the random idiots with money to give away to the pamily, but skilled professionals: teachers, policemen, and administrators who know how to get a job done without letting their ego (or their poor-person mentality) stand in the way.

    1. I actuallly agree with what you say here. State of mind and education are key concepts here. I guess that has a lot to do with the mooching tendencies of many Filipinos.

  5. Good article. I think the self-esteem point is important, because low self-esteemed individuals often need to live vicariously through the achievements of others. An example is the whole country of the Philippines coming to a stop when Manny Pacquiao fights. It’s as if people are rooting for him because they think if he wins, they win. The Philippines, unfortunately, has little going for it. Part of the collective national low self-esteem is, in my opinion, from this. The country does not achieve much so some Filipinos feel low because of this. It’s as if their self-worth is based on their country. The false pride is a veneer for a bad self-image. Pacquiao is like a drug to many Filipinos who are provided with a sense of self-worth through his accomplishments. The problem is HE accomplishes something, not anyone else. Him winning means and does nothing for them.

    Tribalism exists in many countries. People like to feel good and powerful because of what their country does. In the U.S. there are massively low self-esteemed people, who need to live through the United States’ power. For example you have crazy warmongers who get a power trip every time the country bombs another country. These are weak, insecure people who don’t feel any power themselves. Low self-esteemed people are everywhere.

    The survival mode point is relevant because of the extremes that some Filipinos will go to for survival purposes. Ten % of Filipinos live/work outside of the country. Birth control needs to become available so there are not unwanted pregnancies. Poor people breeding produces poverty. I have zero respect for adults who whore their kids because they are total failures as parents. Is there no shame in a lazy parent sending their young kids off to slave away? Education, job skills and goal achievement help build a sense of self-fulfillment and maybe provide some self-worth. Many Filipinos have no goals, motivation or sense of pride in their own accomplishment. How can these people feel good about themselves? They rely on their young kids for survival; if I were them my shame would be endless.

    Filipinos go to dangerous countries to work, often ignorant of what they are getting into. Many Filipinas will whore themselves to any western/ foreign guy who is breathing. There is desperation there. Desperate people are probably not going to feel empowered or feel good about themselves. I don’t think any whore would. Filipino parents don’t appear to teach their kids to strive and do their best in life. Filipinos are not taught to reach their dreams.

    1. Id just like to point out greg that prostitution in this country is 90% domestic customers.
      There are a few foreign bars or bikini bars that foreigners go to. But most of the prostitution here is domestic.
      The real reason whores go for foreigners if they can is because they tip better and might even be looking for a girlfriend.

      Otherwise everythng else you said was correct.
      Parents that whore out their children are monsters and should be locked up and the ket thrown away. They do not deserve the gift of children.
      In my opinion, one of the biggest issues here is the use of manipulation.

      Many familes have kids not for love, not to bring a life into this world. But to help them get more money. I have seen first hand a family use Guilt and manipulation from the one woman i ever love.
      It destroyed her. And us.
      But its so cultural here that this belief the child owes the family for giving them life, that they must forever repay them.
      Rich filipinos do not see this.
      They do not see the stress, the pain the sacrifice many eldest of filipino families have to go through.
      They sacrifice their own happiness, their own lives in the attempt to repay the family for giving them life.
      This is why many whore themselves out or go to dangerous countries to be paid slightly better wages to send home to the slave owners.
      The real reason life is cheap here because many children are treated as cheap labour. From birth.
      Thats why they are in constant survival mode.
      They were always treated and brainwashed into thinking there was no other way to gain love other than offering themselves as a sacrifice for their family.
      Its why i stay single.
      I could not bring a child into this world with that sort of mentality.
      This thinking, this way of life. Creates a cycle of poverty that never ends.

      1. Voice,

        I agree that most people who visit prostitutes are Filipinos. I see old, nasty foreigners with young, attractive Filipinas and can’t help notice this. I don’t see young, attractive 19 year old girls in the U.S. with these slobs; the women are not that desperate here. It’s an example of what poverty drives people to do. I also read that child exploitation is rampant there.

        Yes I have dealt with the way my wife is treated by her family; like an ATM. They have stolen from her, and given her the guilt trips for not sacrificing everything so they can sit on their lazy, ungrateful asses. My wife – not her brothers – is the one treated this way. I agree that many parents have/ use their kids for their own gain. These parents are garbage.

        1. Jim,
          older people have a different life style compared to younger people. Teenagers/adoloscents like to go out and party whereas older people rather go to a museum, art gallery, reading good books and stay at home. You can expect an 18, 19+ year old to stay at home and reading books. Hence, the difference.

        2. You can expect an 18, 19+ year old to stay at home and reading books.

          Should be:

          You can’t expect an 18, 19+ year old to stay at home and reading books.

        3. Yes there are whore girls in every country; however, they are not very common in the U.S. compared to third world countries. Most slob foreigners who are with young Filipinas are not rich. You won’t see 18 year old American girls with 69 year old guys, unless the guys are famous, or doctors.

        4. I see heaps of young women with older men in other countries.
          Just people think they are their kids or grand kids.
          I see it here with richer filipino men all the timr.
          No one blinks an eye.
          Only time people actually notice is when its mix race.
          My father is married to a woman 30 or so years younger than him.
          But she is the same race so no one takes any notice.
          So what young chicks date old guys.
          Not sure how that effects you.
          They been doing that since yhr beginning of time.
          Its natural to want a you g woman for men and its natural for women to want an older man for both security and maturity.

          Actually its only recently people marry within their age barrier.

        5. Voice,

          Interesting I see no 18 year old females with old males in the U.S. I see young girls holding hands with pervert, old males in the Philippines. The only reason I notice it is because I never see it in the U.S. I’m from the Boston area and have also spent time in NY City, Seattle, etc. I don’t see that shit in the U.S. The only time I see it is with guys who are surgeons, CEOs, etc.

          You ask why young girls dating old perverts has an effect on me….it doesn’t. I couldn’t care less. If anything it makes me feel grateful and lucky. Just don’t give me your leftist, fake bullshit about ‘human rights” , when you have no problem with old pervs exploiting and buying young women, because the desperate, young women prostitute themselves due to their families’ pressure or poverty. These ‘chicks’ (what are you, 15 years old?) probably would not do that if they grew up in a decent country, were raised properly and had more economic opportunity. If I had a 17 or 18 year old daughter, and some perverted, old fuck wanted to screw her….well, he would find out real fast that this is not going to happen.

          Yeah, there are older males who marry/date young females in 1st world countries. The males are generally financially stable. Women and men are polar opposites. Women are also more sexually ambiguous than men. Men are far more heterosexual. Young, fit men will not date 68 year old, past their physical prime, fat women – just because the women have money. Many women will whore themselves to any male with money. This is reality, and is a completely different topic.

          By the way, when you say older males provide security, you must distinguish which type of security. An old man will get his ass beaten by a younger man if a younger man tries to attack a girl. The old man can only provide financial security. This will last until he passes, and then she will be widowed.

          Also, the older male is not necessarily any more mature. This is a bullshit poin. The older male is the same pervert that the young male is; the difference is he is more sophisticated about his lying to her, for the purpose of getting her naked. He also feels entitled with the idea he can buy the girl. Donald Trump has this same respect for women, which is why he judges them and buys them based on their looks. So much for ‘human rights’.

        6. Well greg i have travelled the world and have seen it a lot in europe and also a lil in australia.
          Seen it a little in the usa when i was visiting there,doing a lecture in florida.

          Im not here to change your opinion.
          I do not function on opinions.
          Just facts.
          The truth is a twenty year age gap in the us is about 10% of marriages.
          There were studies done in the eu that stayed ideal marriages a woman should be 12 to 15 years a spouses junior.
          Weird huh.
          Facts and all.

      2. Voice,

        I never said there are not older males with younger females in relationships in Europe, or anywhere else in the world. Why is that relevant to the Philippines? You think some study by the EU is factual? An older man having a baby creates more of a risk of birth abnormalities, which is nature’s way of saying old males should not breed. The EU is bullshit.

        You seem very happy about finding any data that show old males date young females. Obviously this makes you happy because it is better for the males. Why don’t you date a woman who is 20 years older? She doesn’t look very good? It’s the same thing with older males, they don’t look good and are past their physical prime. Obviously females are very different than males and many are unconcerned with a male’s appearance. It’s a man’s world, partly because of women. Many females are sexually ambiguous.

        This all has nothing to do with old, perverted fucks trying to screw 17-18 year old(or younger) Filipino females. When there is that kind of age gap, mental illness is involved. A guy who tries to date a girl who is young enough to be his granddaughter, is fucked in the head. I would never associate with him because he is sick. This same mentality is found in pedophiles. Any moral, sane people would avoid the fuck like the plague.

  6. After looking at the hierarchy of needs, I’ve been wondering. Why does a nation need pride instead of worrying about what is on the table and roof on top of the heads of one’s family?

    1. To have some sense of self-worth. If you only exist to eat, sleep and shit then you’re nothing more than an animal.

      1. That’s why in my pieces, I tend to say, as I did in a previous article, one can have a sense of self-worth without pride.

        Also, for me, a nation is better as a piece of land with no cohesive identity or culture. Identities and cultures tend to be divisive.

        1. I have to agree. Pride has always been strange to me, especially when people are prideful about their ethnicity, nation, etc. Pride should be earned; in other words people should take pride in achieving goals. Who cares if someone is Filipino, German or Mexican. They were just born that way and didn’t earn it. What does it really mean?

          If one needs national pride to feel self-worth, one is very weak and needs some major counseling. People should feel some inner-strength and not need it from others.

        2. “Identities and cultures tend to be divisive.”

          I always thought that culture (history, customs and traditions, food, arts, language… ), simply, a way of life, is what unites a nation!

          Can you expound more on your assertion? And what is wrong with pride?

          as defined:

          1. a feeling of self-respect and personal worth

          2. satisfaction with your (or another’s) achievements

          (ex.: he takes pride in his son’s success)

        3. One of my older articles may explain why I believe the kind of pride Filipnos often have is wrong. Basically, as I explained below in the comment about the slideshow, Filipinos want their self-respect to come from being in a greater level or position than others, rather than willing to be equals with others.

          As for culture, your statement seems based on the assumption that one nation has one culture. In practice, nations can have many cultures, and these cultures sometimes do not agree with each other. This often leads to cultures seeking to break away into other nations. Then cultures again break away, and so on. In the Philippines, we have many cultures based on the various tribal factions.

        4. Not sure I quite buy this individualistic point of view. You can take pride as a nation in ways that are not just empty ego stroking. Take the US and Russia when they were the first countries to venture out into space. It’s not one single person’s skills and intelligence alone that made it happen, it’s through the collective hard work of a community, the country. Or even the current Olympics with athletes who push themselves to the limit because they represent their country and want the world to see their worth.

          Granted, these tend to be foreign concepts to a society who’s main priority is just “surviving” with very little aspirations for loftier goals.

        5. Plus with such attitudes, the Philipines can hardly produce REAL dreamers like scientists and entrepreneurs. Only performers and servants instead.

        6. Jin, you are right that collective efforts led to the great achievements that the U.S. and Soviet Union had during the Space Race (of course, look at it in the context of the Cold War), something Benign0 already highlighted. This collective effort was made possible when the people involved threw their egos aside and pitched in to contribute. Indeed, the problem with Filipinos is that they refuse to contribute; they want others to contribute to them. They prefer to just mooch pride from someone else, such as our singers who win contests abroad. That is in fact what Pinoy Pride is. Indeed, because many Filipinos are wrapped up in their individual egos, they are actually pulling our society down. And you are right, they are only good as performers and servants at this level. If this doesn’t change, we stay a primitive wannabe “civilized” society.

    1. Check out that bit about being a hero.

      “encompasses almost all filipino needs”.


      While there are a rare few who actually have what it takes to be a hero, pretending that EVERYONE can be Superman (coupled with the Filipino aversion to self-improvement) and you’ve got a recipe for massive social dissatisfaction.

      1. This slideshow I found is quite a gem. I think it clinches the whole thing well. Everyone wants to be a hero. But the Filipino concept of hero doesn’t seem to be “one who sacrifices for the good of others.” It’s more like, one who is praised, feted, idolized, given what they want, etc., basically lord over others, even if they did nothing. Or just did something like, “I am against politician A/B/C!” Or I liked this post in Facebook. Feeling hero kaagad.

        Another thing that entered my mind: hero = conqueror over others. That’s likely the driving factor behind Filipinos’ views of “heroism” and their actual behavior.

  7. I am an Italian happily married to a Bulaquenya and in my 20-year experience with Filipinos I’ve observed how expatriate Filipinos who have plenty of money that would potentially enable them to go beyond materiality don’t use their money to achieve the upper levels of Maslow’s pyramid The more money they have the bigger their car is, the latest their smartphone is and the more expensive the wine they buy.
    Many Pinoy who live in my country really seem to be stuck at the bottom of Maslow’s pyramid and rarely read or embark in a project of personal development.
    more money simply means more opportunity to meet the basic needs. Self actualization is indeed not a priority for many expatriates.

  8. Many Filipino expatriates have earned so much money that they could be rich by now but because they spend all they earned in “stuff” they ended up broke. You can only get rich if you invest in your personal growth. Those who spend all they’ve got in non essentials are bound to stay broke unfortunately. Going higher in the pyramid of Maslow can give people a much greater chance to develop every aspect of their lives and money will follow like a shadow that never leaves them

    1. Too many dependent relatives and an obligation to help out as payback due to debt of gratitude(utang na loob” from the parents who bore and raise them, if they don’t do this, then the become ‘bad” children(mga suwail na anak).

      1. THE REASON FILIPINOS CANNOT GET RICH. If they do not spread their wealth to their relatives, kins and siblings THEY ARE BAD FILIPINOS.


        How do Filipinos know they are going to heaven? YOUR ANSWER IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED.

        1. “How do Filipinos know they are going to heaven?”

          They know that when the die their body will be brought to a place where there “peace and tranquility”, except for “All Saints Day” where the place is turned into a picnic ground by the living relatives.

        2. But, Sarda, looking at Philippines state of affairs Majority of Filipinos are crooks … there should be very few Filipinos going to heaven …


        3. @Oratio, in your place what do call a place where there is “peace and tranquility”, I think they call it a cemetery, sorry but that’s the nearest heaven I can think of where everyone will go, whether you are a crook or saint.

    2. It is like … having a plastic surgery … if they cannot tweak beauty genes the baby will come out Filipino ugly still.

    3. Filipinos get rich only once.
      Filipinos cannot pass-on their wealth to their next generation.
      Filipinos cannot get rich because their remittances are apportioned to their unemployed unemployeable relatives, kins, siblings
      Filipinos cannot get rich because FILIPINOS DO NOT HAVE COLONIAL MENTALITY.

      The carrier of COLONIAL MENTALITY the last remaining colonists-turned-industrialists able to pass-on their wealth to their next generation because their MENTALITY is good mentality THE VERY SAME MENTALITY THAT IS NOT ABSORBED BY FILIPINOS.


      1. Remittances are apportioned among ang mga kamag-anak na kadalasan ay nagtatambay, nag-iinuman, nagsusugal. If we talk about supporting sick, old and invalid relatives there is obviously nothing wrong there, on the contrary it’s makatao. My impression, as a non-Filipino married to a Filipina is that many kamag-anak ay gusto na suportado sila ng mga nagtratrabaho 12 hours per day na nasa abroad na para bang in other countries may puno ng pera. Sa aking bansa walang puno ng pera. Ako mismo ay nagtratrabaho sa 2 amo at ayaw kong suportahan ang mga kamag anak ng asawa ko na walang balak na pasulungin ang kanilang buhay.

  9. Kung ang pinag-uusapan natin ay supporting the needy family members obligasyon iyan. Pero kilala ko maraming Pinoy dito sa aking bansa na nagpapadala rin ng pera sa mga pinsan na gustong bumili ng latest smartphone. Hindi pananagutan ng nasa abroad iyan. Pagkain, damit at gamot ang obligasyon at para lang yaong mga hindi kayang magtrabaho katulad ng may edad na mga magulang. Bukod dito, as I said, many expatriates spend too much money in big cars, the latest gadgets. Nothing wrong with that pero laging may utang sila at walang savings bagaman nagtrabaho sila dito 20-30 taon.
    Iyan ang aking observation. I am not criticizing, I am just reporting what I observe.

    1. RIGHT! IT IS A FAILED STATE! Due to many factors:
      1. The Failed Fake News promote WHITE-IS-BEAUTIFUL not brown Filipinos
      2. The Failed Fake News run by brown Filipinos promote WHITE-IS-RIGHT !!!
      3. Due to promotion by Failed Fake News run by Brown Filipinos that WHITE-IS-THE-BEST Filipinos lose their sense of nationalism and patriotism
      4. Due to their loss of pride, nationalism and patriotism they’d rather go in diasporaic frenzy leaving their country in drove to surrender back to their former colonists and apply for re-colonization
      5. Once they are accepted as tutelage Filipinos try to shirk whatever Filipino-ness in them BUT STILL FAIL. Their children do not speak their language very unlike to Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans and other neighboring countries. Their children never go out to eat in Filipino restaurants. As you can see only 1st generation Filipinos go to eat at Filipino restaurants. You can never see 2nd gen eating there.
      6. Filipinos fail their country because Filipinos turn on on each other just to be on the top of the rest so they can hob-nob with the Whities and last remaining colonists
      7. Filipinos fail because their fake news are racists and anti-Filipinos. It may appear they are pro-Filipinos but in reality they do not want to rub elbows with them because they ain’t got no class
      8. FILIPINOS ARE NOT LAZY they are industrious if given dignity of their job, respected of what they do and paid equal to what they are toiling

      1. Manny Pacquiao
      2. Miss Universes: Megan Young (American) Wurtzbach (German) Gray (Australian) that Miss International (New Zealand) and other Misses that just do not look like Filipinos

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