Why Filipinos embrace Duterte’s War on Drugs


You don’t simply “oppose” extrajudicial killings (EJKs). You find the root cause as to why Filipinos tolerate it. The trouble with hipster “human rights activists” is that they believe being all emo about EJKs will move ordinary Filipinos and suddenly turn them into druggie-sympathising new age crusaders.

That’s not gonna happen anytime soon. The sentiment that motivates Jesuit-educated “thought leaders” tapping their quaint thoughts onto their iPads from their ivory tower offices and the Filipinos who, everyday, take jeepneys, buses, and trains to and from work, have to live in housing developments not fortified by armed private security guards, and have to deal with police corporals (and not police generals) when reporting a crime is literally a world apart.

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The uppity concept of “human rights” sits well in a mind conditioned to believe that justice is an entitlement. In contrast, for the average Filipino schmoe, “human rights” is a mere fashion statement they only see mentioned through a TV screen. The reality on the ground is that the Philippines is an inherently unjust society so much so that even small incidences of Filipinos doing the right thing or simply treating people fairly make for big news stories.

Big news stories of do-gooding Filipinos are celebrated because they are backdropped by a vastly bigger landscape of ill-bred behaviour (at best) and banal criminality (at worst). The fact that most middle-class houses in big Philippine cities are ring-fenced by hollow-block walls topped with shards of broken glass and that every Seven Eleven store includes an armed security guard as essential staff attests to the sort of society the Philippines is. Filipinos, as a rule, don’t trust each other and lack any confidence that the other will do the right thing left to his devices. This is a country of routinely-breached contracts, baldly broken promises, and stunted potential.

Indeed, in a society where justice (delivered swiftly, fairly, and by the book) is more the exception than the rule, it is easy to get ordinary folk to see the merits of more radical approaches to getting things done — maintaining jeepneys as the nation’s public transport backbone, using Senate “inquiries” as proxies for court hearings, relying on Eat Bulaga to educate the nation’s youth, and, yes, resorting to vigilantism to keep crooks off our streets and front doors.

The big picture is a bitch when presented to a society of small minds where a Heritage of Smallness shapes the political discourse. The Philippines is fertile ground for injustice — because Filipinos are not sticklers for regarding the law as a key pillar of their way of life. They made their bed but are now, funny enough, loath to lie upon it.

[Photo courtesy Chicago Tribune.]

57 Replies to “Why Filipinos embrace Duterte’s War on Drugs”

  1. I actually agree with you.
    But i think the real reason is everyone wants to believe a lie.
    They want to blame crime on drug users.
    When in actual fact high crime and corruption has nothing to do with drugs or its use.
    Until this country and culture realize crime has everything to do with poverty and an outdated class system people will continue to believe that drugs and their use cause crime.
    Truth be told the majority of violent crime in this country is fuled by alcohol not drugs but hey, that does not fit the governments current objective and its hard to focus on the evil u already know and not the one u know hardly anything about.
    These are not opinions these are facts.

    1. Same thing can be said with this whole EJK outrage fad. It’s become a fashionable activist cry nowadays because these “activists” simply don’t like Duterte. There’s no deeper reason than that, because Filipino thinking doesn’t go down that deep.

      1. He hard not to like as he is funny.
        But due process has always been my battle cry.
        I do stand by human rights advocates.
        They only want whats best for all humans.
        Not sure what is so wrong with that.
        As i have said. I was in thailand in 2003 when this exact same drama was played out there. I know how it ends.
        Quick gains with long term problems, xero reduction in drug addiction. Zero reduction in crime. Just more murders.

      2. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with human rights advocacy and, as a matter of fact, I am a big fan of it. What I am calling out here is the selective and inconsistent nature with with which it is upheld by institutions and shouted out by activists in the Philippines.

        Arroyo’s human rights, for example, were violated for six years by BS Aquino and his attack dog Leila De Lima but it was never called out by the same activists you see pumping their fists today. And, more evidently now, you see the very same activists making summary conclusions about the circumstances of the homicides being reported in the papers today — as if they possess the authority to rule on the degree of and existence of premeditation in these cases.

        So, yeah, it all comes across as hypocrisy on a national scale to me. Amusing though. Even in the furthering of their most noble crusades, nothing but Filipinos’ intellectual bankruptcy is exhibited.

    2. Sixty percent of crime in the U.S. is drug-related, so you are incorrect. Most crime where I live is meth/heroin-related. Drug addicts are worthless garbage, and will lie, cheat and steal to support their loser lives. They are riff-raff.

        1. Facts? According to your link, 60% of crime is drug-related, as in perpetrator was on drugs at the time. The association has been made clear. I never said 60% of crime was committed to acquire drugs. Again, drug users are garbage and whenever there is drugs, there will be significant crime. Drugs and crime are related because the useless riff raff who use drugs have no self-respect, are usually on welfare and don’t value anything – but getting high.

        2. Alcohol is a drug.
          If u use that u too must be garbage.
          Get rid of drugs and crime is still a problem.
          Its just facts not opinions.
          Ill say it again. Other than the crime itself of illegal drugs the true stistic is only 17% of people convicted of crimes is illegal drig related.
          Over 40% of violent crimes were alcohol related.
          That leaves 37% of crime that is not related to drugs or alcohol.

          The17% of the drug related crimes were not violent crimes.
          Most were to get money for the hogh price of illegal drugs.

          Drugs are scape goated into being the reason for crime.
          Its socioeconomic, nothing to do with drugs.

          Here are some facts on meth.

        3. To equate shabu with alcohol is just idiotic. I have never heard of anyone snatching or robbing someone to buy a bottle of gin. That aside, you have to drink massive amounts of alcohol for a very long time to become an alcoholic, which still does not make you go out and commit crimes to buy more of it. What you are talking about are people maybe losing control in a fight or an argument while being intoxicated. That is a completly different thing.

        4. @ Jim DA GRIZ ,you’ve NEVER heard of an ALCOHOLIC robbing,killing or committing a crime to buy a bottle of Gin? Where do you live,under a rock? Alcoholics will do whatever it takes to get their booze,ANYTHING. its just a fact and I have seen it.

          and BTW, when is everyone going to realize that ‘SHABU’ is not even an illicit drug. Methamphetamine HCL is way to expensive for Failipino’s to afford. The crap they are putiing up their nose’/ass’s or wherever they are putting it is nothing more than the active ingredient in cough medicine.It is called ‘Pseudoephedrine’ and its not illegal anywhere.It is mixed with garbage that comes in bottles with skulls and crossbones on it and makes people’s teeth rot and generally makes them bat shit crazy in a short period of time.
          You’d be nuts too if you snorted watered down strychtnine W/A TINY AMOUNT OF PSEUDOEPHEDRINE IN IT TOO..

      1. Yes alcohol is a drug. I don’t see the same connection between crime and alcohol. I have the same low opinion of drunks as I do drug addicts.

        1. Same here. The difference is that because alcohol isn’t illegal, we can’t just imprison drunks. No worries though, public drunkeness is being curtailed in this administration through the imposition of liquor bans and curfews.

          The message is this: Drugs (including alcohol) are a menace and will be curtailed.

  2. All of what Benign0 says here is actually corrrect. Really, if broadcasting companies want people to actually care about these EJKs, I suggest that they start showing more wholesome and intellectual programming so that people may start to think their way. Broadcasting companies can’t just continue to broadcast smut and at the same time, expect people to be outraged with all these killings. They have had a hand at making Philippine society the way it is now, and its now just biting them in the arse.

      1. Tv shows r for entertainment only.
        To consider them to be for education is scary.

        If people can not differentiate between tv and reality then what we really have is people trying to live a fantasy.
        To many people do get their morals from tv shows and movies.
        They r not reality nor is reality tv.
        At some point people have to grow up.
        Problem also is too many families use television as their baby sitter.
        No wonder the countries culture is in decline.

  3. relying on Eat Bulaga to educate the nation’s youth

    A TV program featuring debates by students on issues such those raised here at GRP should dethrone stupidity-inculcating Eat Bulaga.

    We can call the noontime show… “Common Sense for Pinoys”; any idea on who can be the host? It will also be a good venue for schools to showcase their students’ caliber.

    The very source of Filipino dysfunction needs to be weeded out / uprooted for this entire culture to evolve. Cutting blades of grass won’t fix the problem.

    1. “Common Sense for Pinoys”

      I just tried typing “common sense” into Google Translate to find out if there’s a Tagalog word for it.

      There isn’t.

      1. Just because Google did not provide you any that wouldn’t mean that there isn’t really!

        You can just go and simply ask a local. It’s easier! It’s “sentido kumon”…use it!

        1. You can just go and simply ask a local. It’s easier! It’s “sentido kumon”…use it!

          Yes, I found that one. It’s quite obviously not “real” tagalog though, is it? It’s a loanword. Loanwords, in any language, are used for foreign or unfamiliar concepts.

    2. Zaxx,
      I do get your point but it wont work.

      Your country is not that much different from mine. We have the same TV programs (more or less).

      Different markets, different products.
      This actually means that people from the lower/lowest class will NOT watch – lets say – mind provoking programs.

      And you know what? We keep that difference in place. Nobody is bothered by what THEY watch. So from that point of view, I really dont understand all the fuzz and buzz. There is a difference in what ‘attracts’ me in a TV program but if/when I start talking about that to someone not of my ‘class’, I get the expected answer. Hence, we dont bother. Not even in the media.

      I would say focus on your own class and on your own future. It saves you a lot of energy. Be practical.

      People with hardly any years of education beyond their ‘ears’ have a different outlook on (their) life.
      You (GRP) really puts too much energy into it as if you can let un-educated people join high profile, highly educated prigrams. Forget it. Waste of time and waste of energy.

  4. At least once I totally agree with that writing.
    Education is not only coming from TV, what about school? What about teaching the teachers? Because the reality is that even teachers are so poorly educated that there is no hope that kids will learn anything.
    Encounter recently a 7 year old kid educated abroad that know more about anything than any hight school educated Filipino…

  5. Good points in this article. The human rights bullshit is a trendy, do-gooder phenomenon. You cannot have human rights when there is rampant corruption, and things being covered up. Human rights is a pie-in-the-sky notion that governments don’t care about. Governments are corrupt and only care about their own power. They will do what is necessary to keep said power.

    Most bleeding hearts who talk human rights are hypocrites. They wear clothing made by slaves in the 3rd world, then lecture people about how righteous they should be. This makes them ‘feel’ good, because they either know and pretend they are not/ don’t care that they are/ or are in denial that they are full of shit. These same leftist goofballs support politicians who are responsible for massive amounts of death, war and human suffering. These same frauds will also usually support prostitution, even though it is linked with human trafficking. They also love porn, which is another industry that is rife with degradation of humans, usually women. Hey bleeding hearts, go spew your fraudulent and fake BS elsewhere, will you? You are not fooling anyone but yourself. Go buy some more designer shoes made in some shithole sweatshop, and buy more porn that shows women being hit, slapped and choked while they are gangraped on film. Yes, you are so ‘liberal’ and good.

      1. You must be European

        Most porn depicts violence against women. If it’s a respectable company, with just photos, I don’t see a problem. Seeing as you appear to have little respect for women, you probably don’t care about the promotion of violence against women. The EU doesn’t seem to mind, either.

        You care about ‘human rights’ – but think it’s ok for humans to buy other humans? Prostitution is about degradation and it is linked with human trafficking. I believe it should be illegal – but it cannot be controlled without strict laws and enforcement. Pimps and johns (and most whores) are dirty riff raff. The prostitutes who are runaways, abused, homeless, pimped, etc., are not necessarily at fault.

        1. Pro whatever people want to do as long as they are not hurting anyone else.
          But in your mind i somehow have zero respect for women?
          Not european champ, try again.
          Humans have the right to do what they want to their own body.
          Most prostitutes love sex, get paid well and are not bought or sold by anyone.
          They rent out their time just like any other person working any other job. Be it a carpenter, hair dresser, actor, masseuse or whatever.
          Stop being such a 20th century prude and just live your life champ. Do not dictate to others how they should live theirs nor deicde, without zero knowledge of a person, that they must have zero respect for women.
          Some countries have prostution legal, no need for whatever crap u backward yanks see, to think are great laws when in reality your country has more people in jail per population then the rest of the world.
          The only thing that links prostitution and human trafficking are countries where it is illgeal, hense highly profitable.
          Kidnapping women and keeping them as sex slaves is not prostitution.
          Thats called kidnapping and rape.
          Just so u are aware.
          Prostution should not be illegal. Its proven it is unethical and unmoral to do so.
          Who are u to tell people its ok to work in a mine and risk your life every day, or any other number of high paying dangerous jobs, but prostitution should be illegal u say?
          So american and religious and opinionated…really crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s on your generalized race aren’t you buddy.
          Why dont you tell the philippines how they should run their country next, after all…..u love it when foreign nationals tell u what is wrong with yours lol.

        2. Voice,

          For someone who attacks me for moralizing, you sure as hell like to moralize the Philippines, and tell Duterte how to run the country. You like to impose your fake ‘human rights’ BS on the Philippines.

          When did I tell Europe or any other country how to live? I would never go there and have zero interest in living there, Canada or anywhere else. I am not in the business of telling other countries how to make laws. Stop using conjecture to create false arguments.

          Most prostitutes love sex? Yeah right. Most prostitutes around the world are marginalized and their poverty/family causes them to sell their bodies. Many of them do drugs, likely because they are miserable. A very high % of prostitutes are beaten/ raped by their johns. Many of these women lack opportunity. A prostitute doesn’t sell her body? What the hell do you think it is? Sorry, you are the backward one, for supporting it, which has a history of colonialism and reverts back to a time when women had no rights. Their lack of opportunity caused them to sell themselves. Prostitution is women and girls selling their bodies like a commodity; no different than people selling Coca Cola. I have evolved past the 18th century and don’t believe in primitivism. You’re the backward one.

          I am not religious, so don’t bother. Your leftist, European-like philosophy condones child molestation. People with your mentality don’t have a problem with young girls being screwed by old males. You also don’t seem to mind sex tourism, and the colonialistic exploitation of humans. Yeah, those foreign males who go to Southeast Asia for sex have your support.

          Legalizing prostitution does not help trafficking. A high % of prostitutes are underage; therefore, much of it is illegal because it’s statutory rape. Read a book by Rachel Moran, who is a former Irish prostitute. She is an activist and speaks out against prostitution, which she describes as being raped for a living.

        3. Greg,
          jut FYI: my country has legalized prostitution in order to get out of the illegal scene and keep track and monitor human trafficking. And now the prostitutes (or their pimps) have to pay income tax. IT now is far less shady (the business).

          Do I defend prostitution? No. I am just sharing this info with you.

          In Denmark or in Sweden they are now in the legal situation that they (the government) want to prosecute the visitor/client (and make it a crime but only for the visitor/client).

        4. Nah greg. Im good buddy.
          Ill point out again, im not european.
          Just well travelled.
          Ill point out again, making prostitution illegal is what causes the majority of violence towards prostitutes.

          U want me to read a book about a woman who chose to be a prostitute then latter regretted it and called it being “raped for a living”?
          Personally sounds like she made her choices, regretted them and now blames men for them.
          If u have evolved so far past me, why are u not showing it in any sort of progressive thoughts or behavior!
          U claim that most prostitution is from underage girls?
          This is complete bullshit.
          Proven wrong time and time again.
          Numbers pulled out of the air to get funding for campaigns to make money.
          If u r going to spout opinons as facts, link somewhere that backs up your opinions.
          Unlike you i have actually worked within the industry helping prevent and helping abused children to recover.
          I know your opinions are bullshit.

          Here have a read.

          If u r going to keep commenting on things u obviously have little knowledge about, well i can not stop you.
          As an american you do so love your opinion and regardless if it is true or based on facts you will think it is true regardless.
          Just because you think something sounds right does not make the facts or data wrong.
          Just your opinion, like most americans, is wrong.

      2. Voice,

        You can make up logical fallacies all you want, to create a decoy from the topic. Saying I am American and arrogant is one. You never answered me because you can’t. This all began because of your moralizing Filipinos, who are sick of drugs and crime. You couldn’t care less about human rights. You don’t care about people at all, except druggies and other garbage. Stop being soft and admit it. Why don’t you look into the mirror before you speak, and realize you don’t know everything. You think you do because you think your opinions are facts. Leftists live in their own reality. Logical fallacies do not detract from factual arguments. I criticize American foreign policy often, because of its problems. I am not a law-maker, and I am not in the business of tellling other countries what they should do. You are the one telling Filipinos what to be angry about. This is nonsense, of course, because you just follow the corporate, establishment media narrative. There were ‘human rights’ abuses before Duterte. You just like drugs. You don’t care about other rights issues.

        You are an anti-American bigot, who attacks a whole country, without knowing them. Tell me, what are the things Americans are all wrong about? Don’t tell me foreign policy, because that’s globalist government, not people. The people have no control over the corrupt duopoly. The leftist neocons, like Bush and Obama, do not represent America. Their wars are immoral. I don’t support either major party, by the way. Most importantly, America no longer exists. Everything it could be, ever was, is gone. The law is not followed by the corrupt politicians. No law= no country. America allows more immigrants in than any country in the world, though. That’s because America is the least bigoted, most generous country. Tell me, how many impoverished people does your country let in? Americans give more to charity than anyone else.

        Why won’t you say where you’re from? Are you ashamed? What are you hiding? I bet your country of origin will shed light on your progressive, twisted love of human suffering and hatred of human dignity. What does your country do to help the world?

        You do not deal in facts. You cite BS articles that anyone can find to support their opinions. Left-wing organizations have an agenda. It is a fact that a high % of drug dealers/ addicts are involved in crime. It is a fact that people make bad decisions and are fully responsible for their behavior. You blame crime on drugs and poverty because you like making excuses for bad behavior, because of your wishy-washy, loony mindset. Progressives do this so their happy-feely worldview will be met. You don’t want people to be judged for bad behavior (except women), because you want a blameless world; that way people can do whatever they want. You have a weak mind and cannot tolerate blame. In my country, people who do drugs are supporting the drug industry that is responsible for murder and other crime. The addicts don’t care.

        I am not a progressive because I am not a suicidal ignoramus. Progressivism is another term for Communism/Socialism/Marxism. Progressivism caused tens of millions of deaths over the past century.

        Your mindset is causing rape and murder all over the world. Radical Islamists are being let into European countries, and they are murdering. Interesting, you are silent about that. Are the recent murders – as well as rape epidemics – just my opinions, wiseguy? I bet you will say,” You know nothing about this and don’t deal in facts.” Islam is probably the greatest form of slavery in the world. Your progressive types have let them immigrate and the leftists attack anyone who criticizes the Islamists. See the trend? You progressives just hate to criticize bad behavior, because it’s ‘mean’ and ‘unfair.’ Go ahead, live in your fantasy world and deny what I just said about Islam.

        Interesting, you criticize a prostitute for her poor decision and say she is blaming men. Then, you blame drugs and poverty for crime, instead of the people who made bad decisions. Well, there’s your selective judgement. You have a low opinion of women, and high opinion of drug dealers/addicts; makes sense. Yeah, maybe she does blame the men for raping her. Yeah, you sound very evolved. You pander to criminals so wouldn’t care anyway. Are you a Muslim or fundamentalist evangelical?

        I never said most prostitution is from underage girls. Speak correctly if you are going to cite me. I said much of it, internationally, involves them. Keep in mind countries have different laws related to what defines underage. Why would I care about NAASCA? They aren’t the FBI. It’s just an organization, not facts. I don’t care about non-legitimate ‘data’.

        If you make excuses for bad/ irresponsible behavior, you will get more of it. In my country the Socialists have made drug addiction an ‘illness.’ As a result you have millions of people who are on drugs, more all the time, and they are paid by the government for being addicts. They get free medical care, free food, etc. The drug problem here is worse than ever because the progressives, like you, have enabled it, made excuses for their stupid behavior, and encouraged it through welfare. Strange how you criticize America despite its extremely forgiving and humane treatment of druggie garbage. Maybe you are criticizing yourself, then. That’s what leftists do. Crime, drugs and disease all go up because of their tolerance for bad, irresponsible, lawless behavior.

        1. Bit of a rant huh.
          Somehow u decided i hate women.
          Threw in muslim terroism that i must obviously agree with and spouted off a lot of opinions with zero facts.
          Truth of the matter america had a rather high drop in crime up until extremely recently.
          One thing is for sure, they do not know what is spiking the higher than average crime spree this year.
          Perhaps u know better than the experts.
          Quick call them and tell them u have worked it out all by yourself with zero data and a whole bunch of assumptions with nill evidence to back it up.
          I can read between the lines.
          Facts does not rule your thinking. Fear does.
          U said a high percentage of the prostution involes under age girls. ( added internstionally just now in your rant). I quoted just one article that proves u wrong.
          Would u like me to quote 100 more?

          Drug addicts are scape goats. Nothing more.
          Majority of drug users are not criminals.
          A small percentage of users become involvled in crime.
          There is not direct correlation between drug use and crime.
          If there was actually evidence of this you would hear it a lot more often.
          They used to yell and scream that drugs caused crime to the older generation.
          That old tell a lie often enough it becomes truth.
          And then people started actually gathering data. Discovering that this was not just wrong but a complete fabrication.
          Now u think because the facts do not coincide with your beliefs that they must be wrong.

          Wait wait wait.
          Progressive = communism?

          Ok dude.
          Your are obviously off your meds.
          Can not argue with crazy.
          Enjoy your own reality of your own making.

          As far as the muslim insurgency problem in europe…well this is getreal philippines.
          Not get real europe.
          Are all those muslims taking drugs and murdering and raping in the Philippines?

      3. Articles from illegitimate sources are not facts; learn proper research methods before you cite NGO garbage. You can find any crap on the web.

        You say I have not stated any facts. Refute these for me: 1) drug users commit crime at high rates; 2) radical Islam is causing a rape epidemic in Sweden and Germany, among others; also, Muslims are committing a vast majority of terrorist attacks 3) drug addicts in the U.S. are on welfare, and taxpayers have to pay for their medical care, food, housing, etc., causing a burden on society. Go ahead, wiseguy, refute any of the 3 facts I just stated.

        Go off my meds? I don’t take any prescription drugs, illegals drugs and seldom drink alcohol; don’t need to because I am mentally strong and disciplined enough to handle life without being high. You are the drug supporter, so maybe you should get off the drugs.

        Do I believe that marijuana ought to be legal? Yeah, probably. Should drug users be executed? No. Should their behavior be tolerated and rewarded, as in my country? No. You penalize and discipline irresponsible behavior and reward good behavior. I personally know a nurse who works with drug addicts and they are total assholes as people. They get free shit from the government and spit and yell at the nurses, while making demands. You probably don’t work in the medical field, so wouldn’t know this. I have worked in an environment where they were care for, so I know this as well. They are generally scum assholes who have zero respect for themselves, or anyone else. Your naivety regarding fixing crime is typical of a leftist. You have emotional thoughts not based in reality.

        Tell me, what will stop innocent people from being prayed upon by the drug maffias? You have unrealistic visions, based on happy-feely ideas. Corruption in drug-ridden, third-world countries makes any due process or anything else resembling impossible. Your fluffy ideas may work in Belgium, not third-world messes. Maybe you should think of the victims for once.

        Tell me about all the poor immigrants that your country lets in. I want to hear about it. Tell me how your country is so much more generous than the U.S. Still won’t tell me where you’re from? You must be filled with shame. You are a coward who hides behind a computer and won’t admit anything.

        Yes there was a significant drop in crime in the U.S. recently. This is due to the proliferation in concealed-carry firearm laws. Many more people own guns, so the crime goes down. As far as the recent spike; I don’t have the answers – but I’m sure you do with your NGO sites. There are certain things that are not measurable, such as Obama being an agitator and using rhetoric to incite black people to attack the police. This has only happened since Obama was president. His speeches feed the perceived injustice. The media is also to blame. The media covers a Caucasian cop shooting a black man, even though it is very rare. Twice as many Caucasians are gunned down by police – but you won’t hear that on your left-wing, propaganda networks.

  6. I love your posts and truly makes sense.

    The buttplug of all this ish the iniquity and apathy that exists in our modern era.
    This is a fine example of why we are exactly what we watch. Because there are so many dead minds in high places, they think pittance and prayer can resolve everything. But we’ve been doing that for so long already! It’s tiring, so we resolve the best way possible..

  7. “It’s become a fashionable activist cry (re EJKs) nowadays because these “activists” simply don’t like Duterte.”

    EJK outrage as a fad?! Perhaps… this is only true as far as the so called “fashionable activist” are concerned.

    But, simply, every killing is a perennial outrage! Even if we take Duterte (does it matter whether one is for or against him?) out of this equation!

    The Filipinos’ collective embrace on Duterte’s war on drugs is just a perception. Those who surrendered, out of fear of their lives, acted only on their impulse to survive. I have yet to hear from the regulars of GRP bloggers to seriously declare that they are all-out for EJKs!

    Take this critical ambiguity of a Duterte fan, just short of his true admission of his real stand re EJKs:

    “zaxx says:
    July 29, 2016 at 3:25 pm

    To date, there are now 316 fatalities in this war on drugs under Du30’s watch:

    It’s killing time, Rody tells LGUs

    Btw, John3:16 was once flashed as an ad during Super Bowl in USA, and people didn’t have a clue what it meant. That’s how far Americans have diverged from their founding fathers.

    Anyway, my point is the part of the news that says

    Despite the public clamor against the spate of killings of suspected drug pushers and users, police authorities have yet to receive any formal complaint from relatives of slain suspects for possible abuses and violation of human rights by police operatives.

    Are Pinoys simply too lazy to even file charges??? Or do they know “wala ring mangyayari anyways – tanggapin nalang ang kapalaran”

    The fact Pinoys are totally resigned to the reality of killings as a normal part of life and Do Nothing speaks well about how broken the judicial system in this country is.

    After SAF44 and massacre of journalists in Mindanao, the people may have already lost all hope of getting any justice- esp the poor.

    When I see a picture of some dead corpse- it could be fake or real, but it seems I’m getting so used to it I almost feel apathetic- as in “who cares?”

    So flashing all these pictures in public may not be good for us as a society. We’ll end up manhid. Is that the direction we want to pursue?”

    Sensationalised photo of ‘extrajudicial killing’ victim splashed on Inquirer front page

    What is clear to me is our collective desire to end the war…that we all want this war on drugs to succeed!

    1. The Filipinos’ collective embrace on Duterte’s war on drugs (employment of “kill! kill! kill! method”) is just a perception.

  8. I would really be interested if more people were killed within the last 30 days, than in the same period last year. I doubt it. It’s just that every single killing (from even the smallest provicial barrio) is now picked up by the media and automatically put into the Duterte drug war column.

  9. My family had lost a family member, because of this Shabu Drug Trafficking…

    My cousin’s murder is still unresolved, after three years. The Police came investigating; after the investigation; nothing is heard from them…

    Would you try to convince me, that these : Drug Pushers, Drug Traffickers and Drug Lords, need a sympathetic ear from me, for their Human Rights ?

    Damn, let those Vigilantes blow their heads off. We don’t need these scums in our society.No way to stop these scums, until all of them are eradicated, by any means.

    We are already a Narco Politics country !

    1. My family lost a child due to someone talking on a phone while driving.
      We should kill all mobile phone users.
      Lets just form a mob and do vigialante style justice.
      Fuck justice, lets have our revenge.
      So what if many r innocent of any real crimes.

      So what you are saying hyden is the real problem is not drugs.
      But a failed justice system.
      But fuck it, lets kill people, that will fix it.

      Not really sorting out the REAL problem is it. But people in general are not about fixing things that are broken.
      They want action now and screw the consequences.
      Vigilante justice will lead to more crime then the crime u want the to prevent.
      How do i know this?

      1. Time and time again. People will turn matters into their own hands until the justice system in our country is fixed. If cases have decisions without delays within a year and have the police really do their job. People will then trust the system. Until then you’ll just have to pray until the dust settles and the good men are still standing.

      2. Why do you conclude that all the murders are done now, are done by vigilante justice?

        There were killings, murders and massacres, during the Aquino’s term. No one shouted :”vigilante justice”…

        Common sense indeed is rare in a YellowTard. If someone is murdered, they shout: “vigilante justice” and “human rights” !

      3. @The Voice of Reason:

        Your family is full of retards, like you; talking on a phone while driving…

        Then, we ban mobile phones, because, they kill, while you are talking on the mobile phone while driving ?

        Common sense is indeed lacking on YellowTards. Aquino has mental illness. I think, his YellowTard minions have also mental illness !

        1. Im guessing reading comprehension for you hyden is right up there with your scores on rational thinking huh?
          Family member was killed by person operating a vehicle and talking on a phone, family member was not responsible for being run over and killed by the driver.
          Honestly the complete drivel that comes out of your fingers onto this page gives my eyes verbal diarrhea just reading it.

          No one has concluded anything other than there has been reported, to date over 700 ” salvage murders” has been counted so far from the 1st of july.
          Its not rocket science hyden.
          Its just called rational thinking.

          But let me dumb it down for u.
          President campaigned saying he would do what he did in davao nationwide.
          Comon knowledge and has been admitted by duterte himself that he controlled the dds in davao.
          There has been a 700% increase in ” salvage murders ” since dutrete took office.
          these known vigilante murders in davao by the dds and these ” salvage murders” share similar victims, perpeetraors and murder weapons.
          President has openly informed the public it is ok to kill drug users.

          So can u explain to me where your break down in critical thinking lapsed?
          Is it around the time u were repeatably dropped on your hear aw a child?

  10. Ordinary Filipinos are fed up with drugs and drug pushers tearing society down.

    No doubt Mexicans also praise Duterte since they too have problems with drugs and drug pushers.

    1. @The Voice of Reason:

      You wrote that a family member of yours, was killed while talking on mobile phone.

      If Duterte had said that he will kill those Drug Traffickers; then, why not investigate, if he really killed them…

      To me , I have no sympathy on those: Drug Traffickers, Drug Pushers, Drug Lords; and anybody, who has to do with selling and manufacturing, Shabu.

      If their heads are blown off; I will never shout :Human Rights!…those for whom , they addicted with their illegal Drug, Shabu , have Human Rights, too!

      YellowTards agenda in GRP, is to defend the illegal/crime activities of Aquino, De Lima, Mar Roxas, Porky Drilon, and the Chinese Triad Drug Mafia crime syndicate, in addicting Filipinos with Shabu !

      They had the Pro Pinoy website, for many years, in which they mutually admired each other, and especially , their YellowTard Master: Aquino…now their website is closed. So, they are here spewing their nonsense !
      They are here at GRP,also, to rationalize the criminal behaviors of : Aquino, De Lima,the Drug Lord Generals, their crime affiliates, etc, during their terms in office…

  11. And the impression the less-informed have is that the killings only happened because Duterte took seat. So they want to blame everything on Duterte, and make that as a reason to oust him. They’re willing to ignore that murders like this have been happening since post-WW2, thanks to warlords lording it over their territory. That’s a ridiculous move.

  12. I remember one incident where two soldiers were out in the public market to buy food, then they were killed by the NPA. There is another instance where the NPAs are asking revolutionary tax from people and once these people doesn’t pay they will kill them. These are some of the examples of human rights violation committed by the CPP-NPA-NDF. But sadly there is not a lot of people demanding justice for the extra judicial killing committed by the reds. Here we can see just how bias they are.

    1. Npa are rebel soldiers.
      The two soldiers were killed by rebel soldiers?

      Not really the same thing as gunning down a tricycle driver in the middle of the street for gettting high is it?

      People actually have been asking the philippine government for years to destroy the NPA.
      Governments have tried for years to do so.
      Not sure where u thought this story has any bearing on ejk killings of non military citizens?

  13. To answer the question posed by the title of the article:
    1) Because Filipino’s are dumb.
    2)Because Filipino’s are so fucked they like to see people who are dead and even more fucked than they are.
    3)They have nothing else to cheer about.
    4)Because it appeals to their basest instincts and shows that the society has not really quite developed a mature attitude about how to deal with the nations probems, so just fuckin kill it.
    5)Because Filipino’s are dumb.
    6)Because Filipino’s are dumb.

    1. “Because Filipino’s are dumb.

      Wow, that’s a rich accusation from someone who can’t even spell “Filipinos” right.


      Ang husay!

  14. “Why Filipinos embrace Duterte’s War on Drugs.”

    Because the illegal drug trade keeps the masses preoccupied with the pettiness of dealing with this cancer of society (instilling fear among the people and corrupting the very fabric of society), while the oligarchs rob the country blind of monopolizing its economy and fleecing its natural resources.

    Prez Duterte is right about “winning the hearts of minds” of the military and law enforcement personnel through the improvement of the quality of their lives, so they’ll become loyal to his cause of exposing and eliminating high ranking officials and businessmen who are masterminding the illegal drug trade.

  15. “The trouble with hipster “human rights activists” is that they believe being all emo about EJKs will move ordinary Filipinos and suddenly turn them into druggie-sympathising new age crusaders.”

    Basis? Have you made genuine attempts at engaging people who speak out against human rights abuses for you to conclude that they are nothing but hipsters who believe what you said they believe? Or are you simply boxing them into a stereotype because nuanced writing demands more thought and effort?

    “The sentiment that motivates Jesuit-educated “thought leaders” tapping their quaint thoughts onto their iPads from their ivory tower offices and the Filipinos who, everyday, take jeepneys, buses, and trains to and from work, have to live in housing developments not fortified by armed private security guards, and have to deal with police corporals (and not police generals) when reporting a crime is literally a world apart.”

    Again, the convenient generalization and patronizing name-calling. To be fair, your article does raise valid points. But your sweeping statements and lousy stereotypes do not help you make your case.

  16. Guys have you heart de lima dog is free?? The West is happy knowing they can make money from her and her drug addicted pals for wars. The west was always part of the drug war to male money for wars. That’s why they get mad whenever a leader like Duterte imprisoned drug dogs like de lima. Im fucking livid. Why did BongB


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