Leni Robredo tries to appeal to emotion instead of responding to BBM’s electoral protest

The more I listen to current Vice President Leni Robredo speak, the more I am convinced that she is not fit for higher office. Take her recent press conference for instance, held a day after Supreme Court summoned her to answer former Senator Bongbong Marcos’s electoral protest. She told reporters that she is not worried about responding to what she thinks are “baseless” allegations that her win was a result of cheating. She said she is more worried about where she will get the money to pay for a lawyer.

“Hindi naman ako nagwo-worry sa pageexplain ng sarili kasi baseless naman. Mas worried ako sa costs…”

It’s funny how a simple statement from Robredo already shows her inconsistency. Since she claims to be not worried about explaining herself, then she should have no problem responding to the petition herself. As political analyst and De La Salle University Professor Antonio Contreras pointed out on his Facebook post, Robredo is a lawyer and can represent herself. Contreras also advised that it would be easy for her to do her own research as he had done it himself when he filed a case against Senator Grace Poe:

Wala daw pera si Mrs. Robredo na pambayad ng abugado niya para dumipensa sa kanya sa PET.

Aba. The last time I checked lawyer siya di ba. Bakit hindi na lang siya ang magsilbing own counsel niya.

Ako nga. Hindi abugado. Pero dahil wala akong pera subalit gusto kong idepensa ang saligang batas, ako mismo ang nag-research, nagsulat at tumayo para sa kasong isinampa ko sa COMELEC laban kay Senadora Grace Poe na nakarating pa sa Korte Suprema.

Kung ako na hindi abugado kinaya ko. E siya pa na abugado at nakataya ang kanyang pag-upo sa posisyon niya ngayon.

Leni Robredo: Why is she addressing the media rather than responding directly to the Electoral Tribunal?

Leni Robredo: Why is she addressing the media rather than responding directly to the Electoral Tribunal?

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One can be forgiven for thinking Robredo was trying to appeal to the public’s emotions when she mentioned she doesn’t know where she will get the funds to pay for a lawyer. Some people have noted that she was wearing her yellow “Cory” dress during the press conference. She came across as someone soliciting funds to pay for a lawyer to represent her against Marcos’s electoral protest. Her critics find it ironic that she is worried about funds now considering she blew 400 million pesos during the campaign. Her lack of foresight is evident once again. She didn’t realise that running for a coveted post like the vice presidency has its risks. She should never have allowed herself to be bullied by her Liberal Party mates into running to begin with.

It seems the Liberal Party has abandoned Robredo. It’s actually disappointing to think that the men from her own party left her to fend for herself. Those who forced her to run for VP, Mar Roxas and BS Aquino, are now enjoying their lives, away from political bickering as private citizens. That’s proof that the Liberal Party was not running on principles all along. After Mar’s defeat, the party disintegrated leaving Robredo alone to answer the cheating allegations.

It is very convenient for Roxas and BS Aquino to hide from the fiasco. They probably want to stay as far away from any cheating allegations as they can lest they be compelled to answer the protest charge. After all, the whistle-blowers alleged that votes were also shaved from other candidates and were given to Roxas. Meaning, Roxas may have benefited from the electoral fraud as well.

It’s not surprising that Roxas is now missing from the picture. Some of us already predicted that he was just using Robredo’s popularity to pull his flagging popularity up. Unfortunately for Roxas, it did not work. The two running mates may have appeared united during their campaign sorties but the truth is, they were just forced to run together by bizarre circumstances. It was like a marriage of convenience for them. Since they did not have anything in common, it was easy to part ways after the elections.

Another thing that the people found outrageous about Robredo’s statement during her press conference is her belief that Marcos Jr’s electoral protest is baseless. According to a news report, the former senator’s petition “includes 20,000 pages of annexes consisting of affidavits and other files. The main petition comprises 1,000 pages.” It would be impossible for Robredo to have read or even just peruse all those pages in such a short time. Therefore, it is her statement saying the electoral protest is baseless that is baseless.

As usual, Robredo is not making any sense. Prior to Marcos Jr’s filing with the Philippine Electoral Tribunal (PET), she kept implying that he was just making things up and using mind conditioning to make the public believe she cheated. But now that Marcos Jr has formalised his complaint and is following procedure, Robredo is still quick to dismiss it as baseless. She should just comply and respond to the petition if she’s not guilty.

A lot of people have observed that Robredo can be irrational at times. It is really scary to think that she is just a heartbeat away from the Presidency. It’s hard to imagine her taking over the helm if something bad happens to President Rodrigo Duterte. She herself said so many times that she doesn’t want to be President. That can only mean she wouldn’t know what to do if she is forced to be in a situation she doesn’t want to be in. Someone who is reluctant to be Vice President and President is someone who does not have a vision for the country. Not only will the Philippines have for a president a puppet who answers to the oligarchy, we’ll have a president who won’t get the respect of the members of the police and military.

Why am I worried that Robredo could take over the Presidency? Because a lot of Liberal Party supporters still can’t accept that the voters chose Duterte and could be cooking up another people power revolt. One thing the incumbent President and his supporters should avoid is be tempted to underestimate the Opposition. They have a lot of money and resources to mount a campaign against anyone they don’t like and it will take a while for an outsider like Duterte to warm up to them.

28 Replies to “Leni Robredo tries to appeal to emotion instead of responding to BBM’s electoral protest”

  1. bongbong might be the vice president or even the president within 6 years. if the comelec can’t produce the last election’s ballots, leni is gone. sounds like she’s protecting her name ‘robredo’ don’t want to get involved in election cheating. she knows now she’s been used.

    now if the pilipinos have learned marcos is right, why not operate the Bataan Nuclear Plant? we’re gonna die anyway why not let the living to have a better life?

  2. Jessie Robredo, the husband of Leni Robredo, was murdered by the Chinese Triad Drug Mafia crime syndicate, in collusion with their partners, inside the Aquino administration. Jessie Robredo was investigating the Shabu Trafficking, inside the Aquino administration. So, he was murdered in the “kindest way”…he ended up , at the bottom of the sea; to make him shut up…

    The Chinese Triad Drug Mafia crime syndicate, had also a hand in the 2016 Philippine election cheating, thru the SMARTMATIC and the COMELEC.

    We are now a NARCO POLITICS country, like Mexico and Columbia… There is a report, that Mar Roxas, received 50 million pesos, for his Presidential campaign, from the Drug Lords, and from the Chinese Triad Drug Mafia crime syndicate…

    Leni Robredo, must answer the complaint of Bongbong Marcos, Jr. Or else, why not just resign from your position , as Vice President.

    The duties of the Presidency now, is very hard. There are :political opportunists; there is the Chinese Triad Drug Mafia crime syndicate; there are many Drug Lords; there are assassins lurking, for hire, who want to blow your head off; there is China invading Philippine territory…there is widespread poverty. Squatters are everywhere. Shabu addiction is proliferating.

    Who would want the job? I, myself, will not want it…it is a 24 hours job, 7 days, a week…with antagonists /critics following your tail !

    Two faced opportunists are also there, for their own agendas…

  3. Iisa likaw ng bituka nio lenilugaw kayung lahat n kultong dilaw lahat ksu sinungaling magnnakaw ng boto humanda kn s karma lenilugaw

  4. If i am in leni’s situation, i will gracefully and graciously tender the posy, for all she should bank on the premises of the governing rule and all the more people will appreciate her gesture and will be vindicated of the circumstances. For all those absurdities, people will understand that we all an offshoots of sins. Let’s pray for everybody’s praceful yearnings.

  5. Leni should have realized by now that she was just being used by the LP for their plan to cling on to power and for them to avoid jailtime but alas, it seems Leni is too dense to figure it out for herself that she is also effectively abandoned by the very people that used her.

    Leni should have agreed to have that recount instead of stubbornly refusing to do so. That decision certainly came back to bite her hard in the ass.

    Leni is now stuck between a rock and a hard place since the evidences of cheating are now crystal clear to the public eye.

    The only way for her to save herself from being outed as a fraud is to agree to that recount if she truly believes that she won fair and square.

  6. Well it appears that “Acting” Vice President Leni Robber Redo is taking the heat for an office she stole and does not deserve. The LP like I said should now be rechristened as “Laglag Party” for they left their puppet to squirm in the sea of protest and the Dastardly Duo of Abnpy and Roxas did not lift a finger to rescue their beleaguered pup. Abandon Ship and Every Man (and Half-man) for himself. The ship is sinking!

  7. All the ballots must be manually recounted in every Precinct…any Precinct that shows fraud; the Precinct votes must be declared: null and void…

    To deny this…is acceptance that election fraud had taken place in 2016 election. Every public official must be transparent in this issue !

    1. … of most likely public funds used in your campaign to hire competent lawyers (since you can’t possibly do it yourself) to dodge this fast ball headed straight at you.

      Eventually it will be the guy who knows how to do his homework who will take the VP seat. Expect to be dethroned before Christmas. Just battling for your life on this court case will render you practically useless for your post. What a waste of taxpayer’s money. Do you know anything else other than burn our people’s cash?

  8. Pot, meet kettle! If it wasn’t so tragic it would be hilarious.

    How about just holding a mass trial in which all the politicians can point fingers at each other and accuse each other of being criminals?

    They’d all be absolutely right and we could throw the whole sorry lot of them in jail afterwards.

  9. “It’s very inspiringly beyond measure to hear or see anyone serve desirably, but to sit in some one’s post not deserving is pretty hilarious”

  10. Personally, I cannot comment or speculate on how Robredo won but I believe she will keep her post in order to satisfy her own self-serving motives and interests in the pursuit of her ambition to become the president. Who knows???

  11. THE poor dear, weak woman that she is, the yellow Malacañang mafia and 14K Triad forced her to play along, or suffer a fate worse than her husbands, that will make anybody do anything for the sake of the children.

  12. Acting kawawa wearing yellow won’t save her. She’ll get what she deserves. The electoral protest case will take 3 years, but Marcos filed a criminal case against Smartmatic, which might take less than a year. If he succeeds in that he’ll be in a good position to topple her.

  13. It’s crystal clear to all of us that she’s been used by her party for their own agenda, but she seemed to be dense, but I think she has seen the light already, I can guess (if I’m right) that somebody from Prez’ camp has told her the truth about her husband’s death……

  14. All the others nagsigpagtago na, takot magsalita ….might be that they will be the next in line on the Prez’ lists of “corruptors”….ito naman kasi si Prez ang daming alam, one will just get surprised what will be next words to come out of his mouth…. he seems to have readied himself for a long time for the position…he knows the problems, have hands-on solutions, knows a lot about many politicians and their activities – past & present, and even the big syndicates on drugs.

    So, I think he knows about Leni too and her situation but he also said he will support BBM. So, there’s no compromise there.

  15. Kumukulo ang dugo ko sa babaing yan. Wala man lang hiya ke babai pa naman ang mga anak niya. Demonyita! Kung talagang may alam siya, dependaran niya ang sarili niya kagaya ni Apo Ferdi Marcos noon – Ganyan ang tunay na abogado! Magluto lang naman kasi ng lugaw ang alam ng demonyitang babae na yan….. Ang sarap isahog ang walang laman na ulo niya sa niluluto niyang lugaw…..at ipakain kay MacaLINTA.

    PUPPET ang babaing yan. Perhaps she does’t even know what i am trying to insinuate.

  16. Wala sigurong pride yang taong yan… Opportunity is again being given her to prove that she was indeed chosen by a slight majority, thru the most legit and proper avenue yet how is she handling it? Kung matino mag isip yan at nakakasiguro na sya nga ang nanalo, then she should just met the challenge head on… Dinadaan nanaman nya sa “appeal to pity” style na sobrang nakakasuka na… If you truly care for the sake of your country, then do the right thing… Wala nang paikot-ikot pa… Prove your claim or vacate your position…

  17. Leni Robredo: Why is she addressing the media rather than responding directly to the Electoral Tribunal?

    She is probably calling on all lovers of freedom and democracy to take to the streets and rally behind her to fight this “oppression campaign” which the “dictator’s son” is launching against her.

    Any takers?
    What if there’s “free yellow T-shit” + snacks?

      1. Free Jollibee for the unwashed masses is always popular. So in my view Zaxx has a point. They might not know or care what it’s all about, but they will show up for free shit-burgers.

    1. Don’t forget “Envelope” that may come in Yellow color containing unsurmountable amount if money from her previous “Lugawan” that earned 400+ milyon.

  18. Huh???! simply put…why worry about anything . If you are not guilty of anything and knows in your heart that you really won the election then no need for these drama on where you will get your legal fees etc or appeal to the people’s emotions etc etc. The truth by the way will eventually speak for itself. Natatakot ka na lang eh….dont make too much drama Leni! You’re busted.

  19. Kung hindi nya kayang depensahan sarili nya at wala syang pera pambayad sa lawyer puede sya lumapit sa PAO..or give up the vp post

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