Don’t Breathe: An Interesting Film For Our Troubled Times


Ladies and gentlemen, I have been told not to judge a film by it’s trailer just as one should not judge a book by its cover. However, when our webmaster Benign0 as well as other contributors like Zaxx, Chino F and Vladimir Santos made an example of the country’s current vigilante issues as an intruder entering one’s home and one being forced to decide between considering the intruder’s “human rights” and one’s own right to defend oneself and one’s own property, I couldn’t help but recommend watching the upcoming suspense/thriller/horror film Don’t Breathe which may prove to present some points considering the growing vigilante culture in the Philippines and the threat of unjust killings. Remember though that I just saw the trailer and the nature of the film may change upon release but I’ll still recommend some of our readers to watch it especially if this is their preferred genre.

Don’t Breathe is a film directed by Fede Alvarez and features Jane Levy, Stephen Lang, Dylan Minette and Daniel Zovatto as the main members of its cast. The film is said to have been created by the same crew that brought us Evil Dead (2013) and even some of its cast members such as Jane Levy. In the film proper, Jane Levy plays the role of “Rocky”, an impoverished and desperate young woman seeking a better life with her younger sister away from her irresponsible and possibly abusive parents. Daniel Zovatto, in turn, plays the role of “Money”, Rocky’s apparent boyfriend who seems to have ties with crime. Joining them is Dylan Minette who portrays the role of “Alex”, Rocky’s best friend and possible associate of Money who accompanies them on their intended heist. Stephen Lang, an actor made famous for his role of the ruthless General Quaritch from the film Avatar, is cast in the role of an old, blind man who becomes the target of a burglary.

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The three “protagonists” of the film break into the home of the blind man believing that he has hidden more than enough money to allow them to live the better lives they are seeking. They find the old man’s stash easily enough but are soon confronted by the old man in his home, much to the shock and dismay of Rocky and her accomplices. The old man soon shows them that he is more than he appears to be by immediately subduing and killing Money and searching for anyone that might have been with him.

The tables are quickly turned when Rocky and Alex discover that the blind old man is more dangerous than they ever suspected and they are forced into a deadly cat and mouse game with the lethal and possibly psychotic owner of the house. While there’s not enough conclusive details of the film, I nonetheless would like to recommend it to you, dear readers as this asks the question who are the real victims in the film? Is it the blind old man whom the three burglars are trying to steal from or is the latter who are at the mercy of a possible murderer intent on killing them all in his home?

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