Leni Robredo should worry more about victims of drug addicts and drug lords

Current Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo is reportedly lamenting the lack of public outcry versus drug killings. She said that she is worried about the culture of impunity and violence that is going on. First of all, what she’s saying is not true. There are so many social media activists who are condemning the seeming rise in “extra-judicial killings” in the past month. Second, the culture of impunity and violence has been around even before President Rodrigo Duterte was sworn into office. In fact, some of us have long been lamenting the lack of public outcry versus the death and violence in the country as a result of the drug epidemic gripping the nation.

Leni Robredo's silence about human rights abuses during the term of BS Aquino highlights her continued focus on partisan interests.

Leni Robredo’s silence about human rights abuses during the term of BS Aquino highlights her continued focus on partisan interests.

Robredo had either been living under a rock or turning a blind eye to criminality that had risen in the last decade especially during former President BS Aquino’s term. BS Aquino was a model for impunity and abuse of power as evident in the way he protected his friends and allies when they were alleged to have been violating the law and remiss in their duties as public servants.

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Assassins on motorbikes have been around for years. Unfortunately, now that Duterte is in office, people like Robredo connect their activities with what seems to be an across-the-board response to the President’s call to fight drug pushers and peddlers.

In other words, it is not clear to the public now if some of the killings are being done by killers hired by drug lords who could be cleaning up their ranks or by actual vigilantes or even by elements of the police. Only a thorough investigation by the proper authorities can tell us who killed who and why.  A recent tally indicates that out of the 440 cases of drug suspects getting killed so far, 41 percent or 181 were perpetrated by unidentified suspects, while 59 percent or 259 of the cases were during legitimate police operations.

It would be difficult to conclude if there are indeed, vigilantes operating in Manila. The killers do not leave a signature mark. I guess only vigilantes in movies like Batman would. While most victims died from gunshot wounds, there have been a few victims who were found wrapped in duct tape, which some are suggesting were executed in a pattern similar to the signature style of drug cartels from countries such as Mexico. Again, victims found wrapped in duct tape have been reported in previous years as well, which is proof that this phenomenon did not just happen during Duterte’s term. This also supports Duterte’s claim that drug cartels are already operating deep inside Philippine society which, it seems, is close to becoming a narco-state.

I suppose investigators can prove if unidentified suspects behind the deaths are vigilantes or not by checking the bullets lodged in the victim and trace what type of gun was used. They should be able to tell if the guns used were registered or not by making inquiries from gun shops or ammunition suppliers. Or maybe not. Perhaps the proliferation of illegal guns in the country would make it difficult for the police to trace the weapons used by the killers. This highlights the fact that guns are easy to get in the Philippines. No wonder there are so many gun deaths in the country. People like Robedro should also lament the ready availability of guns to anyone who wants them and address that problem as well.

Robredo should get some perspective. Only a proper court can tell her if the killings were extra-judicial or not. If she is going to cite “human rights” and “due process”, she should apply it to everyone consistently. The members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) are also entitled to due process. All police operations should be properly documented and report on how and why the suspects were killed during the operation. I am not saying I trust every cop who says “the suspect was shooting at me and resisting arrest”, but since neither Robredo nor I were around during the shootout, who are we to say if the account of the police was false?

Besides, Robredo should not forget that the human rights record during Aquino’s term was just as appalling. In 2014, the Manila Times even reported that the “US Congress imposed a limit on military aid to the Philippines due to the country’s failure to stop extrajudicial killings and send violators to jail.” The report continues…

In its 2013 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, the US State Department said extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances undertaken by security forces are the most significant human rights problems in the Philippines.

Impunity persists because the government lacks “sufficient mechanisms to investigate and punish abuse and corruption in the Philippine National Police (PNP) and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP),” the report said.

While cases of human rights violations perpetrated by government troops have been investigated, very few ended in convictions because majority of these cases were dismissed, it said.

Limited prosecutions

“The government continued to investigate and prosecute only a limited number of reported human rights abuses, and concerns about impunity persisted,” it added.

“From January to October, the Office of the Ombudsman, an independent agency responsible for investigating and prosecuting charges of public abuse and impropriety, received 306 cases involving military and law enforcement officers accused of committing human rights abuses.

One wonders why Robredo did not lament the lack of outcry against human rights abuses during BS Aquino’s term or in previous years. She’s very vocal now just because she does not agree with and is not part of Duterte’s war against drugs.

There is no denying that Duterte’s policy has yielded some results. So far, there have been 565,806 drug dealers who have surrendered to police. Likewise, two mayors from Lanao del Sur who are alleged to be involved in illegal drugs, have surrendered to police. They are considered “big fish” — something former Department of Justice Secretary — now Senator — Leila de Lima suggested he go after. Even with that, Duterte’s critics are still unimpressed. They say only poor suspects get killed. But the mayors surrendered. There was no shootout. There was no need for the police to kill them.

It could be that people like Robredo and including de Lima are unhappy with the way Duterte is addressing drug epidemic because they are in denial that there is a drug epidemic in the first place. If that is the case, they will not be impressed by any measure at all.

[Photo courtesy Interaksyon.]

16 Replies to “Leni Robredo should worry more about victims of drug addicts and drug lords”

  1. I lost a good cousin, during Aquino’s term ; murdered by Drug Traffickers…until now, his murder is still unresolved.

    Leni Robredo’s husband, Jessie Robredo, ended up at the bottom of the sea. There is a report, that he was investigating the Drug syndicate affiliation of some in the Aquino’s administration; including the Police.

    Instead of lamenting about extrajudicial killings. She should ask for a more thorough investigation of the murder of her husband.

    This stupid woman, allow herself, to be a puppet of Aquino and his Drug syndicate affiliated cahoots.

    There may be killings now, because these Drug Lords, are removing the witnesses, against them!

    Or, you can just kill your enemies,to settle a grudge; and put a sign on them, that they are Drug Traffickers !

    1. Leni Robredo is a nothing, a non-entity. BUT what can you expect her to do? Her husband gets killed/murdered whatever and she has to fend for herself, its a no-brainer…she has to do whatever she has to do to survive and provide for her family. To do what her husand was doing would be suicidal, so she just does what she is told and collects the paycheck.TRUST, the Woman is a nothing, no talent, no brain, good for nothing but poppin out a few children out and certainly has no business being the VP of a country.

      If the votes weren’t rigged, the idiotic Filipno’s asked for her. AND now? Filipino’s get all she has to offer,which not much more than an earful shit.

  2. the people’s war on drugs and corruption bestowed to duterte is being attack by the yellow army. what will happen to Motherland if duterte fails? will the pilipinos just leave him alone?

  3. There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.

  4. Worry about upholding the Law. The so called victims of drugs in general is a fallacy. VICTIMS BE CLEAR, YOUR ALL VOLUNTEERS.

    No one has forced any pot smoker or SHABU addict to take drugs. The people who get robbed by drug addicts are victims,surely. They have the right to arm themselves and well they should.When you are defending yourself, SHOOT FIRST, and sort out the dead later .

    This entire fiasco was created by the new President and he condones it. BUT THE REAL PROBLEMS of the country go unchanged. The REAL CRIMINALS remain to do as they have been doing for decades, and Duterte does NOTHING about it.

    The street level drug dealer is a small fish, and an easy target. The call for their murders by the head of state is nothing but despicable.Throw them in jail if they are breaking the law, try them in a court of law, and convict and sentence as is called for by the countries constitution(ITS THE LAW OF THE LAND REMEMBER? DUH???).To argue otherwise is to ignore that which the society is predicated upon.This delights the Oligarchs, tickles their sphincters I’d imagine.Imagine, the guy that takes the proverbial thrown vowing to change things and he goes after the easiest targets and lets the REAL CRIMINALS go free.

    The PHAILIPPINES IS FUCKED.In 5 years their will be no improvement in the masses lot, and the REAL criminals will be doing business as usual.


    1. You cannot solve a problem by “shouting at them”…the problems will be there, because they will “shout back” at you…be a part of the solution, instead of being a part of the problem !

      The reason we are Blogging, is to help in the discussion and probably help in the solution of our country’s problem.

      We have many problems. And, I’m glad that the Social Media, and some Bloggers in the GRP are giving good insights , views and opinions on our present dire situation !

      1. #HT, was that directed at me? Sorry buddy, I’m not part of the problem. if it were up to me? The entire Congres/President and Judiciary as well as the heads of the GOCC’s and Utility companies would be in fuckin jail for what they have done ,and continue to do.

        The Philippines, as is known by everyone outside the country(and some inside it as well), is run by nothing less than a CRIMINAL SYNDICATE, the largest one in South East Asia….the RICO laws in the USA would remove all of them to their proper accomodations,PRISON.

        1. @Tell it like it:

          My comment is directed: To whom it may concern…

          “Bato bato sa langit ang tamaan, ay huwag magagalit”…

        2. translation.
          If u throw a stone up into the sky, do not get surprised when it falls it hits u.

          Hyden is full of such crazy sterotypical pinoy sayings.
          Just like his is completly full of crap.
          He is a hate fueled keyboard warrior who sees yellow in every hue of the rainbow and would be more at home in a pitch fork wielding mob.
          Ignore him. He is what he is. Hot wind with zero concepts of morailty and zero facts to back up his misguided beliefs.
          In other countries he would be akin to a redneck.

          He has nothing but hate. His whole concept of justice is kill them all and he lies through his teeth.
          Somehow he is always affected by these rumors or so called chinese mafia.
          Either he is related to half the country or he does not live in reality.
          Read through his posts.
          He changes his story like i change my underwear.

  5. I find it very disturbing to have a VP with schadenfreude thinking, That her Hypocritical thinking can’t save a person in danger of being killed. Philippines is now a Narco state, that are run by not only Chinese but also Mexican drug cartels. This is reality and the worst kind of nightmare you can possibly imagine that a country needs to face, aside from corrupt politicians.

  6. Philippines is not run by the chinese mafia or mexican drug lords.
    Its run by the same families that have always run it.
    U honestly do not know much about the philippines if u think the likes of the triad or the cartels could get as much as a foothold here.
    They r just the scapegoats.
    The real criminals will always run this country.
    The cartels and chinese mafia are only here to make cash off drugs.

    You see. Regardless of what you realize they profit no matter where they are because illegaldrugs are a commodity that people want.
    The politicians and law enforement were corrupt long before they came here.

    I say good for Leni.
    She is atleast showing she has a bit of guts. Takes a bit of balls to stand up for what is right when surrounded by a sea of hate.
    She just got a bit of respect from me. Good on her

  7. The only thing Leni Rebredo is worried about is how much money she will lose if her “Yellow” masters do not get what they want.

  8. There is a difference being killed by a private individual and to be killed by the armed or police force of the government. 1. Governments are created to protect the people and their rights, and to perform this function we pay government taxes. It is inconceivable for an institution we as a people create to protect to shoot and kill without ensuring the guilt of that person. On the other hand a private individual has no obligation to protect (I not saying that private individuals should kill other people). 2. When private individuals violates the law he can be punished (that is if he is caught and prosecuted). Theoretically, it is the same when a government commits a crime, but since it controls the police and military forces, and the prosecution – this would be a dilemma. Will the police force conduct the necessary crime investigation? Will the prosecutors file the necessary charges? You can argue that criminals before were also not punished – there were not punished because they were not caught or it could be a result of corruption, if the killings were sanctioned by the government. Its like this, you stole PHP 1 million from the company, but you are the President of the Board, the majority stockholder, The CEO and the one, internal auditor and the one tasked to investigate the incident. Will you conduct the proper investigation? Will you file the necessary charges? You will not, because you have control over the investigation process and the prosecution.

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