The Top 5 Achievements Of President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino


Well, here we go again with President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino trumpeting his alleged achievements in the last six years. He even goes as far as to claim that “no one can top his achievements” and both he and his followers continue to believe that he was the “best president the Philippines has ever had”. In that case, let me refresh the memory of our readers regarding President Aquino’s achievements during his disastrous term. Let’s cite President Aquino’s TOP 5 achievements as a last hurrah for the Filipino people before he is finally made to step down from office come this June 30.

So, are you guys ready?

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I don’t know if all of you remember, but there was once a hostage-taking incident that took place in Luneta not long ago. The man’s demands were actually quite simple and it seemed that it could’ve been handled properly if the right people were in charge but, considering the fact that we’re talking about the Philippines here, that was clearly not the case. President Aquino was also there at the scene but what was he doing?

Grinning like an idiot while lives were at stake.

In the end, due to the bungled attempts of police officers on the scene, hostages were killed and the situation unfolded into a terrible tragedy. First thing to blame of course was the media who broadcasted the maltreatment of the hostage-taker’s brother which the latter was able to watch through the bus’ onboard TV. Next of course was the police attempt at raiding the bus by breaking its windows which forced the hostage-taker’s hand. To this day, President Aquino still refuses to apologize for the incident as he clearly won’t take responsibility for the whole incident. He has even gone on to mock the Chinese government and even call them “Nazis” despite the fact that the death of Chinese hostages in the hostage-taking was largely preventable.


Yolanda was quite probably the most devastating disaster of the decade. Unfortunately, members of the current administration didn’t take the threat seriously which resulted in a large number of deaths and further tragedy. Various people lost their homes and lives to the devastating typhoon and, in the end, many countries are beginning to think twice before sending relief goods to the Philippines due to how many officials botched the relief efforts by taking it for themselves.

To this day, many Pinoys in places devastated by Yolanda remain homeless and hopeless.


Another massacre, this time in the jungles of Mamasapano took place in the attempt to capture a terrorist mastermind. In the aftermath of the firefight, 44 brave police officers were butchered like animals by terrorists. The Aquino administration simply called the incident a “misencounter” and, once again, President Aquino has refused to take responsibility for all that had happened and even continues to push the approval of the BBL which will hand over control of territories of Mindanao to terrorist groups in President Aquino’s attempts to net himself the Nobel Prize.

Indeed, President Aquino didn’t even make any move to welcome the body of the slain officers and instead chose to go to some kind of car plant inauguration perhaps so he can gawk at the lovely models that show off the vehicles. He also treated the departed loved ones of the police officers like unwelcome strangers and dismissed them as nobodies who are unworthy of his attention.


Let’s begin with the most obvious:

NAIA or Ninoy Aquino International Airport is ranked as one of the worst airports in the world due to the fact that it has fallen into disrepair and neglect. With its floorboards falling apart and its ceiling caving in, one could be forgiven for thinking that the airport is actually bankrupt. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case considering the fact that it manages to rake in quite a bit of cash thanks to the various scams that it has in place.

Yep, I’m talking about the “laglag bala” or bullet-planting scam that seems to have taken the establishment by storm. More and more people seem to become victims of this scam and many others and is a good reason why tourism is beginning to plummet in the Philippines. Besides, who wants to be accused of being a terrorist by being caught with a bullet in one’s luggage.

Next, we have the MRT:

So we got new train cars, eh? Big deal. That doesn’t change the fact that the stations and railway system remain in a ramshackle condition that could fall apart at any moment. While the train cars may be new, there’s always the possibility that the overhead railways could simply fall apart while in transit, causing a considerable amount of death.

And let’s not forget the traffic that President Aquino claims to be a sign of “progress” in the Philippines. Heck, during the disaster that was the APEC meeting, he showed little to no concern for the many Filipinos forced to walk on that day.


Last but not least, I will put here some of the most heinous killings that have taken place under President Aquino’s term:

  • The Lumads: One of the Philippines many indigent tribes, they were killed by an organization bent on taking their ancestral homes from them in order to lay claim to their valuable natural resources. While sheltered and protected, it seems that the Lumads won’t be able to reclaim their homes so easily now that it has been overtaken by an industrial project of some kind.
  • The Kidapawan Farmers: The killing of the Kidapawan farmers was another preventable tragedy that the LP and, by extension, the Aquino administration failed to prevent. The farmers of Kidapawan simply wanted food for their troubles but were instead fired upon by police officers who were supposed to be protecting them. The reason for all this trouble? The governor of Kidapawan, a staunch member of the LP, simply wouldn’t allow other public officials to give the farmers any relief goods without her approval which subsequently caused the famine in her territory to worsen and make the farmers desperate for food.
  • The Canadian ASG Hostages: Yet another bungled hostage drama is taking place in Mindanao, this time with Canadian nationals who have been taken hostage. A number of them had already been beheaded but it seems that all President Aquino can do for them is say some fancy speeches about “declaring war” on the ASG despite the fact that he had six years to actually do something about the said terrorist group.

[Photo courtesy ABS-CBN News.]

19 Replies to “The Top 5 Achievements Of President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino”

  1. After the Candians were beheaded by the Abu Sayyaf I am not surprised Noynoy Aquino did not release a press statement immediately. He acted … uncaring as usual. DaangManhid.

    You forgot all the infrastructure projects cancelled by Noynoy Aquino for politically motivated reasons like the dredging project in Laguna de Bay by the Belgian dregding company) which Noynoy alleged corruption (actually there was none, it was a soft loan grant by Belgium) who in turn sued the Aquino government for billions of pesos.

    Despite claims of progress, poverty incidence has not changed since he started office. There were approximately 23.92M poor Filipinos in 2010 vs a 92M population. Today you have 26.52M poor Filipinos vs 102M population. SO still the same at about 26%.

    Or possibly the most embarrassing, Noynoy Aquino did nothing about corruption. Aside from DAP and PDAF, Transparency International has shown that the Philippines is doing worse since 2014. [You may also Google: “Ahead of Londons anticorruption-summit corruption around the world in 6 maps and charts]

    1. When I say “Top 5”, I’m talking about the WORST. Thing is, in my book at least, loss of life is far worse than any economic disadvantage. Unfortunately for you Mr. Reyes, myself and the rest of the Filipino people, he seems to excel in both killing his own countrymen and ruining our economy!

  2. I can’t help but laugh whenever some nincompoop proclaimed to all and sundry that Penoy is the best president the Philippines ever had! If mediocrity is the yardstick for proclaiming a bungler as the best president then I have to admit former president Ferdinand Marcos Sr. is the worst. Sir Grimwald and the rest of the GRP writers have time and again mentioned BS Aquino’s missed opportunities for greatness that would have changed the face of his embattled Maladministration to at least the acceptable level. We wasted six years for allowing a know-nothing to destroy this country and may do so again if we allow another non-achiever to grab the totem of power with the help of the Yellows and unseat Pres. Duterte. The Philippines has had enough of such misfortune and can no longer afford another.

  3. One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.

  4. That god damn, %##&*% poofta fuckboy!

    That manipulating dick who does whatever it takes to benefit him, regardless of who he screws over, in this case, the whole Philippine nation!

    1. Jim DiGriz,

      You’ve completely under-estimated Aquino; he’s far more than that: he is a dick, he looks like a dick, and he wants a dick.


  5. Aquino did also some tremendous thievery on the National Treasury by: DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, Typhoon Yolanda Relief Funds missing, the Typhoon Yolanda Relief goods rotting in warehouses, while the victims are starving, etc…

    Aquino is an irresponsible leader. He encouraged patronage politics, cheated and stole the 2010 election and this 2016 election, protected his Hacienda Luisita, etc..

    Aquino is a wicked and evil person. He is corrupted to the marrow of his bones!

  6. at higit sa lahat gayahin din natin siya sa kanyang pag-uugali na mapaghiganti sa kanyang kaaway at intrigero

  7. I know this is a satirical article, having listed Aquino’s Top 5 “Achievements”.

    But I am curious, what DID he seriously do during his term? Surely there’s something he did sometime ago that warrant his bag of air.

    This may not be the best place to ask, as it is quite evident that everyone here has a thing against the yellows, but perhaps you could throw a hint of impartiality just for this inquiry?

      1. in GDP they are only showing numbers saying economic growth but the truth is, we dont need economic growth.. what we need is “ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT”

  8. More of his stench is leaking out in today’s news. Treason with Trillanes for selling Scarborough to China. Then how he withheld money for so long only to spend 85% of this year’s budget during the election season.

    Kawawa si Du30 – he has just 15% left to work on. How will he implement all his changes?

    PNoy has utterly no consideration for the next admin. He must pay for at least one of his massive crimes to his people (if he even considers Pinoys as his people). You can’t blame Du30 for crying out P.I. against this govt.

  9. There are newspaper’s reports that Lumads are being evicted/harassed or even killed due to their lands being grabbed by a certain preacher that is very close to the newly president elect. How true is this? Thanks.

  10. Noynoy Aquino’s “great” legacy is that him being America’s biggest fuckboy in Asia. The PH was just another US puppet state during Aquino’s entire term, that’s why our Asian neighbors laugh at us. His bosses in Washington and Obama must be very happy. Just look at them ugly foreigners back in our country with their ILLEGAL US bases, the fucking shit with these Americans. SHIT!

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