Wanted: Super-Janitor for President


After that barrage of “Duterte” articles posted by my fellow contributors, I guess it’s time for a “commercial break.” Comelec, the biggest Job Search service in town, wishes to inform the public that they are looking for a promising applicant to take on a very critical role as President of the Republic of the Philippines.

There is only ONE SKILL needed for the job of the highest post of the land:

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Able to read and write!

And do you know why it’s that simple? Yes, because all we really need at the top office in this third-world medieval shithole called the Philippines is a janitor – a Super-Janitor. We need someone to clean up this freakin mess of a chaotic country created by 400 years of dumbed-down swarming zombies (and maybe, just maybe I can invite some friends from overseas to come visit our little “should-have-been” paradise on earth).

Super-Janitor Job Functions:

  1. Clean up the streets – criminals, addicts, litter, eyesores, squatters, jaywalkers, roaming street children, peddlers, sidewalk vendors, obstructing signboards, reckless smoke-belching “coffin-on-wheels”, walls turned into public dumps/toilets
  2. Clean up the bureaucracy – red tape, inefficient procedures, running to multiple offices for multiple requirements, tons of signatures (each with lagay), long arduous queue lines, weeks of waiting for approval (and I really hate writing in the “birth date” field of the same damn old form I already filled up last time – why do you need it again?!?! You think it’s changed since??? Grrrr!!!)
  3. Clean up the political landscape – oppressive apathetic kleptomaniacs/crooks and scammers (spewing out false motherhood statements) in the guise of decent public servants, incompetent puro dakdak seat-warmers wasting taxpayers money on phoney projects
  4. Clean up media – stupid brain-cell- and time-killing shows filled with pathetically T.H. below-the-belt offensive bozos that bring no added value to the intellectual growth of the youth
  5. Clean up the dysfunctional Pinoy mindset – so much has been said on this (just stay tuned here at GRP)

At your full disposal will be the entire national police and military organizations to empower you in executing extensive mopping up operations; you are expected to deliver positive results within the first 6 months, and if our long-time perpetually venting pissed-off customers are satisfied – you will be regularized to serve the full 6-year term (with a possible extension IF you can clean up the 60/40 oligarchy-favoring constitution). Otherwise, you will be the recipient of the thundering firepower of precision-guided munition (proudly made with classified GRP IP/technology).

Now what we need is a person with proven hands-on EXPERIENCE – as in verifiable output. Don’t worry. We can give a waiver in case you happen to have become “deranged” or “gutter-mouthed” after working long hours to beef up your experience profile under dehumanizing conditions – dredging clogged canals and sewers, breathing in the toxic stench of decaying manure and rotting rat cadavers, and enduring the sight of excrement, pus and blood day-in/day-out. WE DON’T CARE even if you’ve morphed into a sewer rodent yourself! (hmm…where’s that echoing virtual laugh coming from?) – as long as you have PROOF that you can get the job done.

Send in your resume please. Don’t forget to attach sample pictures of the town or city that YOU have turned into a C.O.D. Singapore-class state. Again “able to read and write” is the sole skill requirement. And it doesn’t even specify which language. If you can read microprocessor assembly-language code in binary format like “0100110101101100” to mean whatever you think it is (mov ah, 40h?) – come on down.


The compensation package is a hopefully attractive P120,000 a month (Grade 33 – highest salary in our plantilla). Not enough? Well, don’t let that turn you off. Wait till you hear the perks…

We will ensure top-class accommodations in your very own tax-payer-funded island palace at the heart of the Metro’s Pasig River (Note: it will be your job to make the waters turn crystal clear with your Midas powers). A lot of out-of-town travel is expected to our many exotic islands, but you will be going around first-class on your officially designated military-grade high-performance helicopter (emergency parachutes included; so your clueless wife need not entertain the thought of getting coerced into the necropolitical circus). By descending like a superhero from the sky, YOU as our valued Super-Janitor can take pride in your glorious job – guaranteed “arriving never looked so good!”

Once you’ve proved your mettle, you will have the honor of becoming a bonafide lifetime member of the elite Ebak Liquidating Intergalactic Squad (ELIS), all rights and privileges included till the day you are laid to rest at Libingan ng mga Bayani.

So is anyone up for the challenge in heeding this once-in-a-lifetime filthy (DO-DIRTY) but fulfilling call of duty? MARaming salamat POE sa inyong attention sa pagbasa ng Job Ad na ito – Sponsored by the ever-loyal BINAYaran, overpriced-cake-bribed citizens of Makati.

Footnote: please, someone – pansinin niyo naman si MDS (1% in the latest survey can lead to depression or some psychosomatic disorder!)

57 Replies to “Wanted: Super-Janitor for President”

    1. The laughter you hear is from Thanquol, the lord of the Skaven as he casts the dreaded 13th Spell which transforms people into Skaven or rat-men!

      HAHA – thanks for enlightening me. for a moment I thought it was VV

  1. PHP 120,000 = approx. EUR€ 2,650
    PHP 120,000 = approx. USD$ 2,788

    For Dutch people that is a middle class income. If the amount is before income tax, its even worse. Is it okay, that I reject the offer.

    1. Ironically, the candidates fight tooth and nail to be the lucky one to get this Janitor’s “salary” – a most rewarding ROI:

      TV ads
      For television ads in the 11-month period, Binay spent P595,713,000, according to Nielsen data.
      Poe was in second place, with P448,166,000, followed by Roxas with P424,870,000. Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte came in fourth with P115,423,000.

      Among the vice presidential candidates, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano was the biggest spender with P398,288,000, followed by Sen. Bongbong Marcos with P103,429,000.
      Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo came in third with P91,602,000, followed by Sen. Gregorio Honasan II with P43,580,000.
      At the bottom of the list was Sen. Francis Escudero, having spent only P30,000.

      Inquirer article

      1. Zaxx,
        In other comments (not this article), I remarked that everything that happens in PH also happens in my country.
        Well, now I found an exception.
        My country is not a republic even though we have a vast number of citizens who would like to change the Dutch political system into a republican system.

        In all Dutch media there is not as much news about elections compared to how many articles GRP use/write about regarding individual presidential contenders.

        Who will I vote for?
        It can go 2 ways.
        – Either I vote for the candidate having the best plans for the country now and in the future; OR
        – I vote for the candidate who presents the best plans for my own wallet.

        raising income tax might be good for the country (or is good for the country) when that revenue is spend on infrastructure for intance. But at the same time, it will lower my spendable income.

        I really dont think it matters that much who will win the presidential elections this year in PH. And let me add. I find it ridiculous, that I can vote for who will become YOUR right hand (in case you will become the next president). Your right hand is the VP. Nothing will change anyway.

        What your country needs (from an economy perspective) is a big, wide, vast middle class. Well, that is impossible to achieve.
        Your government wont allow it to happen and your fav church wont allow it to happen. Case closed.

  2. The GRP writers and web-master have all given Boing-Boing Marcos a free pass in not having to explain where the USD $ Billions he is going to inherit from his thieving Momma-san once she departs her life.WHY IS THAT?
    Not a single syllable of what is going to become of the stolen from the Filipino nation wealth that Boing-Boing is going to inherit from his Momma-san very soon, not one syllable. WHY IS THAT? EXACTLY?
    The simple fact is that Benigno is hardly the Man-of-the-people, beg to differ crusader he purports himself to be,NO. Benigno is a FRAUD, a paid political hack that has thrown ethical values under the bus in favor for an oligarchs family pay-off to keep the dirt off the web.It is as plain as the now long nose on his lying paid-off face.
    Why no mention of this anywhere in the entire country? Especially here at GRP ? it is a simple fact that all of the 1% are in cahoots with each other and have the media paid off to preserve the zarzuela ,the them vs. us routine, going on while it is really the people at the top creating from a fertile imagination what it is the people want to hear,fear….. while all the time taking it in the rear and wondering why they get nowhere these last 50 years.
    With the GRP staff paid to look the other way and make no comment about the outrageous wealth transfer that will take place after the Old Hag/thief dies, the elites have found another typical FLIP that will sell his A$$$ for a few bucks to just keep his mouth shut and make no mention of this outrageous wealth transfer of what is rightfully what should be given back to the people but will not be, let alone ever discussed here at the web-site that ‘Begs to differ’,well maybe ‘BEGS’.

    1. Honestly, son, due to your pointless posts here, you’re more of a bigger paid hack and a BIGGER FRAUD since you’re always EMO over Marcos and other emo-inducing nonsense

      Set your priorities for once and take your faggotry to somewhere else, faggot. 🙂

      1. HONESTLY? LOL, you would not know an honest Man if you tripped over one.

        The point is what is stated in the comment, and you are too stupid to comprehend it. That is all there is to it.

        How about a refute of the point being made? OH ,you can’t refute it,can yu? Because its true, and you are just a boot licking A$$$-WIPE that sticks up for ypur wonder-boy BENIGNO, even if he is now reduced himself to a paid hack of the Marcos family.

        1. Unfortunately, you’re missing the point because you’re more of an actual ASS-WIFE due to your red herring and ad-hominem attacks.

          Does THAT make sense? In fact, you’re very dishonest.

        2. Dream on tampon, my point is this:the truth is the facts that GRP backs a candidate that has paid them to not only back him but to remain silent about the BILLIONS of USD$$$ his Momma is going to leave for him.
          FACTS!!! Sonny,FACTS !!! not a syllable here at the ‘Beg to differ’ BS site that sits and watches Boing-Boing BS his way into higher office…with the Filipino people’s stolen money…..what is not accurate about that?

          YOU GOT NOTHING SONNY,NOTHING…including your NO FURURE. BET ON IT ! Loser.

        3. @BENIGNO IS A FRAUD:

          Again, all crap and no substance. The fact is that TROLLS are LOSERS.

          You’re doing this for attention whoring. Or you’re an actual WHORE yourself.

      1. REALLY? Show everyone here where the posts about BOING-BOING’s soon to be inhrerited wealth is,COME ON NOW,SHOW US !!!

        OH, YOU CANT ,CAN YOU? No you cant because it has not been touched upon.

        Face it,your idol is a fraud.

        1. Face it, son. You’re more of an actual FRAUD because you’re focused too much on trivial stuff. And that is what I call idiotic.

          Confirmed for TROLL.

        2. Like the other guy said, you’re an actual TROLL.

          Face it, people who have mental issues and psychopaths are the actual frauds here. Go figure.

        3. TRIVIAL ? BILLIONS OF USD$$$ STOLEN from yur Grandparnets and the rest of the Filipino nation, and you call it trivial?
          Your blind Sonny and a Moron to boot.

        4. TRIVIAL ? BILLIONS OF USD$$$ STOLEN from yur Grandparnets and the rest of the Filipino nation, and you call it trivial?
          Your blind Sonny and a Moron to boot.

          Aw, says the actual blind emo moron who has mental problems.

          In case you don’t notice, as stated by Add

          smuggling alone in the last 5 years is in the trillions. That is totally controlled by one KKK sitting in the Palace. Just a conservative ad valorem of 10%, that is already 100 billion of taxes gone. I am talking very conservatively.

          Actually, there are already estimates that show corruption in the 30 years after 1986 is five times the 20 years prior to 1986. Also estimates that PNoy’s KKK more corrupt than GMA. So Teddy Locsin, Jr. is right about the fact that post-EDSA presidents made Marcos more of an amateur.

          Unfortunately, you’re blinded on your EMOness over the Marcoses. Why don’t you let the courts decide on that matter?

    2. Criticisms towards BBM and the Marcos family are already all over mainstream media. What’s the point of repeating those same criticisms here? If you want a site littered with anti-Marcos propaganda, go to Rappler 🙂

      This site provides another perspective from what the mainstream media has been feeding us. Benigno would just be wasting my time if he merely repeats those same Marcos citicisms that were already shoved down our throats for the past 30 years.

      1. NO, NO ,NO….no one is talking about Boing-Boings inheritance, no one, nowhere! and why is that? Becasue they are paid not too,get your head out of your ass. The Aquino’s Marcos’s ,Estrada’s,Binay’s are all the same, and they are laughing at the Filipino ‘massa’. and the one we’ Beg to differ’ wensite that is the so-called voice of the skeptics is just like the MSM, they are paid not to discuss BOING-BOINGS inheritance…PERIOD….your boy BENIGNO IS A FRAUD.

        1. In case you don’t notice, people with angry mob mindset are much focused on trivial stuff. You’re saying all the Aquinos, Estradas, Binays are all the same but you’re a bumbling idiot who is too much EMO over Marcos.

          Oh yeah, you can go to ABS-CBN or Rappler for that. Face it, the biggest frauds are TROLLS. And I’m sorry, you’re now being one.


        2. The Aquino’s Marcos’s ,Estrada’s,Binay’s are all the same, and they are laughing at the Filipino ‘massa’.

          E bakit palaging nakalagay sa papel mo ay si Marcos? Gago.

        3. NO, NO ,NO….no one is talking about Boing-Boings inheritance, no one, nowhere!

          Okay, yea. This guy really IS a troll alright. Interestingly enough, I was just reading a piece about internet trolls the other day. Apparently trolling behavior are caused by sadism, anti-social behavior, immense insecurity, and psychotic tendencies. Yikes! Sweetie, I think you should worry more about your mental health for now and leave BBM’s inheritance to the court. We ALREADY KNOW about the Marcos cases, so there’s no need for anyone else to repeat it for us.

          Your mental health is more important, dear. Have a check up with a psychiatrist, maybe. BBM won’t leave anytime soon. You’ll have more time to sort out you problems about his inheritance once you get your brain sorted out.

      2. Marcos Family is the biggest FRAUD and the largest Networking business in the Philippines. I pity you Philippines for bringing back the Marcoses in power.

        1. Wrong, son. People like are the actual BIGGEST FRAUDS since what you are posting is utter nonsense and ridiculous claims. I pity people like you for killing the Failippines again for your sheer ignorance and blatant idiocy.

        2. Son, you’re totally clueless, Smuggling alone in the last 5 years is in the trillions. That is totally controlled by one KKK sitting in the Palace. Just a conservative ad valorem of 10%, that is already 100 billion of taxes gone. I am talking very conservatively.

          Actually, there are already estimates that show corruption in the 30 years after 1986 is five times the 20 years prior to 1986. Also estimates that PNoy’s KKK more corrupt than GMA. So Teddy Locsin, Jr. is right about the fact that post-EDSA presidents made Marcos more of an amateur.

          My advice: to save yourself from further embarrassment, please take your FAGGOTRY to somewhere else. Or better yet, seek mental help.

      3. @ RED, LOL, Neither a SADIST,not anti-social (not a criminal,nope) and sure, I can be PSYCHOTIC just like anyone else can be when outraged to the extreme….but your point is moronic.

        Defending your idol is something you can not do because what I have stated is TRUE !

        so along with no counter-argument, you have no brains either and focus on me rather than a rebuttal of the fact that the people who run the country are criminals.Especially the people you noticed I mentioned.

        1. and your idol BENIGNO IS A FRAUD, paid to keep silent on the issue of Boing-Boings inheritance of a STOLEN FORTUNE, stolen fro your families previous generations.You should be mad as hell, but your an idiot that can only think that voting for a thief will someheow do the country some good,despite massive evidence to the contrary…..WOW, your fuckin dense as a brick shitter.

        2. Unfortunately, FAGGOT, every you’ve said is contradictory. Yours is more like an OPINION and bumbling nonsense and the “facts” that you state came from questionable or anonymous sources.

          So yeah, due to the nature of your posts, you’re indeed a SADIST, ANTI-SOCIAL and PSYCHOPATHIC. And what I have stated is TRUE because there is no need for EMOTIONS to put that up.

        3. and your idol BENIGNO IS A FRAUD, paid to keep silent on the issue of Boing-Boings inheritance of a STOLEN FORTUNE, stolen fro your families previous generations.You should be mad as hell, but your an idiot that can only think that voting for a thief will someheow do the country some good,despite massive evidence to the contrary…..WOW, your fuckin dense as a brick shitter.

          Hate to break to you, but everything you’ve said is a contradiction. And of course, everything I’ve said is TRUE because only losers do ad hominem attacks.

          BTW, you’re always pointing on the Marcos yet always jumping for joy when the people after Marcos stole 5 times a lot and it’s all in the trillions. So this proves that you’re the actual PSYCHOPATHIC FRAUD who focuses on ONE FAMILY ONLY rather than everyone else.

          So yeah, you’re a troll. And as obvious as that. You’re actually dense since you didn’t even known how much a hypocrite you are.

        4. Guess I have to add bad reading comprehension to the list of your potential problems. I never said Benigno was my idol. Nor did I defend him, I only said that this site provides another perspective and that repeating the mainstream media’s point of view would be a complete waste of my time. Which is a fact by the way. What’s the point of feeding your brain with the same thing over and over again?

          I also don’t remember saying that the people who run this country are not criminals. In fact, I do agree that our leaders, for the most part, ARE criminals.

          But when you said that no one anywhere is talking about BBM’s inheritance… Come on, dude! Rappler, ABSCBN, Inquirer, and LP talks about it constantly nowadays. So what you said was ignorant, and I interpreted as a trolling behavior.

          As for the list of behaviors I stated (e.g. Sadism, anti social behavior, etc), those are all results of a 2013 study on trolling behavior. These are actual characteristics that trolls posses according to researchers. You can google it if you want. I focused on you because your statements had no substance and just full of accusation towards Benigno. You don’t even have concrete proof that Benigno is being paid, and yet you talk about facts? You call that intelligent? How could I present a counter argument when your initial argument was baseless in the first place?

    3. You are seeing your rant published here, aren’t you? I can assure you benign0’s keyboard is a good one and could easily delete all your rant. Try whining in other sites, and even in the comboxes of the MSM, and I can assure you they would be deleted in a fraction of a second. Yet, there is your rant screaming in this very site. WHY IS THAT???

      “…he is going to inherit”?? There are GLOBAL FREEZE orders on all assets of the Marcoses acquired prior to 1986 not only coming from the PHL and that international Anti-Money Laundering body based in Paris, but also by the US, as they have done on the Shah of Iran, etc etc, or are you ignorant about this?. And those orders have NOT been lifted; so, how can the Marcoses be in control of so called wealth? But, you seem to know some billions the Marcoses are hiding in their garage, this or that warehouse, this or that bank, but you don’t want to spell them out; WHY IS THAT???

      Cory and Jovy Salonga hired some of the best bounty hunters in the world with the suspicion that FM hid his bank accounts under fictitious names, but PCGG has not been open how much these experts recovered and what was the ROI of these projects. WHY IS THAT???

      The PCGG have been hiring many legal experts, and they come and go. Some time in the 90s, there were news coming out that some of these legal minds have suddenly had the financial capacities to build mansions in Alabang and other exclusives enclaves. An investigation was initiated, but soon everybody, including the media, forgot about this. WHY IS THAT???

      Of course, what has been plundered has to returned!! An agency, an ENTIRE agency, has been created SPECIFIC just for the Marcoses, and not for other alleged plunderers. But, where is the performance HISTORY of PCGG? Why have they not been explicit about this? And you want the assets returned to a body that has not been that opened and honest to the public??? WHY IS THAT???

      PCGG claims to have recovered four billion Dollars. Why has not one of Martial Law victims been paid even if the government already has this much money under their control. WHY IS THAT???

      Most of these four billion were recovered in the 90s. The #NeverAgain keep on recycling the stories, as if it was the PNoy admin who did the job. WHY IS THAT???

      They claim six billion Dollars are still to be recovered. What is the basis of this estimate? They must have a basis, and with the global freeze still holding, the whole system is very much stacked AGAINST the Marcoses. So, why have they not recovered them after 30 years, YES AFTER fucking LONG 30 years. It must therefore be a complicated legal matter. And your simple mind think it is a simple matter. WHY IS THAT???

      FM from Hawaii kept sending emissaries, and continuously at that, to Cory. The emissaries had only one message: he was willing to face the accusations in the courts. If Cory agreed we probably would have a clearer picture of what they call the “ill gotten wealth”, or maybe not. But, it would probably have been a better, if not the best, effort, instead of shuffling today through the mountain of papers that a dead person could no longer explain. This is now water under bridge because we now understand Cory operated under fear and hatred of Marcos. But with that mistake, which really shows her lack of responsibility to the people and which made things difficult thereafter, the Yellows would now say: “why are you making things difficult, Marcoses?” But, it is the Yellows who made, and are making, things difficult. So, WHY IS THAT???

      For propaganda purposes??? But with that, the Yellows are instead trumpeting their failures in the last 30 years. So, WHY IS THAT???

      If FM was really that evil as they want to portray him, would he pass on such assets to his family whose members would be the very first ones to be investigated? They better be consistent, is he so evil or not? If FM is really that manipulative, then the wealth must be with cronies, isn’t it? So far, they got some from the Benedictos, Disinis, etc, and Security Bank, Allied Bank, etc., but not much more from Danding, JPE, etc. Why has the effort stopped? Is it because the Yellows are now in bed with these very cronies? Some say there is no way to recover now these wealth because EDSA1 has basically released the cronies from their responsibilities and accountabilities to FM. WHY IS THAT???

      The experts now embedded with the Yellows probably know that people are barking on wrong tree by attacking the Marcoses: “return the money”. Why not also: “CRONIES, return the money!!” ??? WHY IS THAT???

      Marcoses keep on asking why. They keep on saying they have so far complied with ALL final and executory rulings from the courts, but the NeverAgain will not listen. WHY IS THAT???

      Are the Yellows interested in resolving the issue, or not? Is it because once it is resolved, they could no longer have their girly fits, and propaganda?? WHY IS THAT???

      And, you are asking BLOGGERS to write about this so complicated a subject matter?? When no respectable legal mind has even written about this comprehensibly??? And yet, would devour and promote a book written by a crackpot?? WHY IS THAT???

      Is this about covering up a more profound failure in the last 30 years??? So, they can continue with their impunity?? PNoy will leave his successor a debt of USD 130 plus Billion, of which USD about 89 Billion is directly attributable to his decisions in the last five years. ADB has already said that on CCT alone, there has been a leakage of 40%. But never mind 40% for purposes of conservative estimates, let us go just for 10%. 10% of 89 Billion is 8.9 Billion. FM left Cory USD 28 Billion debt. They claim FM got USD 10 big B. How is that possible when he had so many infrastructures in 20 years still very much unmatched in the last 30 years. Where is their estimate coming from? And you ask us to worry about a past which even lawyers and investigators are having a hard time untangling when there is an ON-GOING crime right in our time and our very eyes?? WHY IS THAT???

      1. LOL, do you think anyone read what you just wasted 5 hours writing,LOL, I surely did not, and BENIGNO IS STILL A FRAUD !!!!

        1. Says the actual FRAUD who didn’t even bother reading ADD’s post and just satiate on his insecurities and psychopathic tendencies.

          Unfortunately, this shows how small-minded you are. In reality, you’re butthurt since you are choking on your own tears. Go figure.

        2. Due to your nature of your posts, seems that your narrow-mindedness is showing.

          Congratulations, you just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote.

        3. Thank you anyway for providing me a topic to write about. Here, we just enjoy writing whether we are read or not — honest. I think somebody with a puerile mind will never understand this.

          I can see now why benignO don’t erase your comments. The more you attack, the more you are paying him a compliment, a paean — a kudos to all the writers here. Learn to be honest with yourself so you will see what I mean.

          Please continue attacking and improve on it. I am hoping you could provide another topic, or topics, we could write about. Go, rant now — I would appreciate it.

      2. This newbie guy can really bring out the best in you Add (like a Cayetano is to a BongBong on a national debate).

        Not even one response for a single “WHY IS THAT??” fastball there = simply means “I’m too lazy to do my own research”

        Anyway, keep it up guys – there’s no good plot without a good antagonist.

        But if our Trolly friend here is so interested in BBM’s wealth – the senator is actually very transparent about it (SALN):

        Bongbong Marcos declares P437 million net worth

        “The senator’s assets included real properties totaling to P303.5-million: P10 million in terms of cash on hand and cash on bank; nine vehicles worth P16 million; jewelry worth P15 million; paintings at P16.7 million; shares of stocks at P20 million and investment in a condominium unit at Wack-Wack in Mandaluyong and another unit in Ayala, Makati estimated at P85.6 million.”

        And if you’re hoping shouting loud enough can get even a single dime of that to trickle down to your lap – don’t count on it. You’re just wasting your time pal.

      1. It’s really funny that you want Alan Peter Cayetano who is the opposite of his father, who is actually a gentleman, to be VP?

        Kaya pala e, pareho pala kayong UTAK KANTO.

  3. U.S. $3,000 a month is the common wage of a automobile assembly worker in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

    I would rather be an automobile assembly worker, than take that Super Janitor Job in the Philippines.

    You have to deal with various insurgent groups: from MILF/ISIS to NPA to “tulisans”. There are people who are scammers, like the “Laglag/Tanim Bala” groups of Abaya. There are Hacienda Luisita Swines, who feast on Pork Barrels. There are political opportunists, who will change loyalties, at the drop of a hat.

    We need a Superman to do the job. The pay is not worth the job. Who would like the job? Unless, you are thinking of DAP, PDAF, missing Typhoon Yolanda Relief Fund, pocketing Pork Barrels,etc…and you become corrupt, yourself. If you cannot beat them: Join them!

    1. How much money is $3000 a month in most places in the USA? It is below the poverty line of Detroit. Every president in the USA takes looses money to become president. They do it because they believe in something. You will move to the USA to be poor. This is one of the reason that there is backlash against most immigrants thet come to America take a job that does not allow them to live a normal life in America , because they do not understand how expensive America. It is actually better to try and make changes in your own country and bring jobs to your own country like Singapore, Vietnam , and China is doing than running away from your problems. . http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/city_result.jsp?country=United+States&city=Detroit%2C+MI and https://www.expatistan.com/cost-of-living/detroit

      1. @ WILLIAM JACKSON, the people running for USA President do not do it because they believe in anything but furthering their careers after leaving office. What they do is they enact favorable legislation to corporations and when their term in office is over, they go work for those corporations and earn 100X’s what they made while in office.Your comment is valid except for this one salient point.The Clintons and Tony Blair started the new breed of Presidents, the ones that do not retire but go on the $500,000 per lecture circuit/corporate board of directors to earn mega money for their services while in office. They are clever but traitors at the same time and need the noose tightly around their turkey necks.

  4. Nice article. We need to use our minds in choosing the right person to seat especially the first two highest positions. Still undecided for the top post but now decided for the VP post. Leni Is My VP!

  5. There was a time above … a time before … there were perfect things … diamond absolutes. But things fall … things on Earth. And what falls … is fallen. … In the dream, they took me to the light. A beautiful lie.

    1. Correction: my “chess pawn” in my grand master plan to turn PH into the next Singapore-class success story of this century. “Third world to first” always starts with a good clean-up job. So may the best janitor win 🙂

      After this country gets cleaned up, we can proceed to the next stage: laying the foundation. You cannot become a world power without a good intellect & industrial technology base. Do we have the ability to shape/form materials like plastic & steel? It’s a good sign Du30 wants our steel industry back. We cannot just import everything forever. Better start making these small baby steps now coz I’m telling you we have a long way to go…

      1. @ Zaxx, good luck with the clean up job. its too bad that Filipino’s lack the characteristics of people that can effect such a change. They corrupt to the core and are cowards without the courage to stand up and say ‘NO, NO MORE OF THIS’,it is far to easy to just get in on the corruption than to try to change it……and with FRAUDS like Benigno continuing to support Inheritors of stolen wealth to become heads of the state, LOL, you do not stand a chance…so keep dreaming.

        1. USA RAY, Ok so you’re still looking for that hidden wealth of Marcos eh?

          Let’s say in Chicago there ruled Mafia A led by big boss A. They ran the underground business for years. Then came Mafia B which rose to dethrone Mafia A, with boss A dying of his wounds after the gunbattle. The good intelligent son of boss A was left an inheritance of “dirty money” accumulated by the illegal business of the former Mafia lord (boss A).

          What should the son of boss A do with the inheritance?
          A) use it for legitimate business
          B) return it to the current Mafia in power (boss B) who now operates the illegal business in the city

          So tell me, what makes you think BBM should surrender what’s in the secret banks to the yellow camp? (Note: assuming he does have control of them)

          If you found a thousand pesos dropped by a thief, would you give it to the lost and found corner of the police station manned by corrupt cops?

          Think. You would do the same if you were in BBM’s shoes. You can redeem wealth obtained illegally by putting it to good productive use.

          Any kind of Marcos inheritance is water under the bridge. Don’t hope for any of that lost wealth seeing the light of day. Time to move on and just earn your next peso the hard way like Henry Sy does – I don’t hear him clamoring for Marcos wealth.

          Time to stop all the cry baby shit. The next thing you’ll find yourself doing is demanding a piece of Henry Sy’s empire because he’s too rich.

          Go and start cleaning toilets – at least you’ll start earning something. Wala kang mapapala da pahabol ng kayamanan ng ibang tao. Wala, zero, nil. Or do you prefer to keep dreaming?

        2. Honestly, son, you’re choking on your own tears because you’re just another point-misser.

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