Grace Poe’s energy plan reveals why she is a mere vacuous parrot

Parrot PoeSo Grace Poe-Llamanzares (GPL) has vowed to put a cap on coal in our energy mix should she become President. Of course this vow is all in the name of environmentalism, the fight against Climate Change or Global Warming, and our country’s commitment to the Paris Agreement. While it is important to be mindful of the world’s environment, I think it is ridiculous to put Climate Change or Global Warming on the same priority level for our country as, say, poverty. Limiting what is currently the cheapest and quickest means of energy production while in pursuit of alternative “greener” energy sources (which are more expensive) would be devastating to the plight of the energy consumers because of the cost implications. For someone who is supposedly intelligent I cannot imagine how GPL could be so gullible as to easily jump into the Global Warming bandwagon. Did she really study this thoroughly or is she merely parroting the environmentalist narrative that the carbon emissions by human beings are causing the Climate Change phenomenon we are seeing? I think this is just one of the tell-tale signs that GPL is not really the intelligent person her fans think she is.

Think about it. It is a fact that the earth has gone through several ice ages. This means that from time to time the earth cools down and then warms up on its own. Even before human beings existed this has been the norm. So when climatologists point out trends warming climate with increased carbon emissions this doesn’t mean that increased carbon emissions causes Global Warming. At best it only shows a correlation. But as I mentioned in my previous article, correlation is not necessarily causation. So does GPL really believe that it is indeed carbon emissions that is causing temperatures to rise? If she does then this potential future President may very well be as gullible as a fat man believing he looks good on spandex! (I finally realized the truth after a series of shoot downs from hot babes I tried to pick up.)

So does my skepticism make me a “denier”? Well, not necessarily. I would love to believe that I am just being careful with what I choose to subscribe to. I consider the facts, not the fad. For example, a study by the Global Carbon Project tells:

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Current levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are 380 parts per million (ppm), about 100ppm higher than before the Industrial Revolution 200 years ago. Some computer models predict damaging and irreversible climate change if carbon dioxide levels rise above 450ppm or 500 ppm.

The rate of increase of emissions suggests it may soon be impossible to avoid some of the worst-case scenarios, said Josep Canadell, executive director of the Global Carbon Project. “On our current path, we will find it extremely difficult to rein in carbon emissions enough to stabilise the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration at 450ppm, and even 550ppm will be a challenge,”

Based on current trends, carbon dioxide concentrations are likely to increase to 500ppm this century. The last time the planet experienced levels as high as 500ppm was about 20 or 40 million years ago, when sea levels were 100 metres higher than today.

global warming messageSo who can argue with the climatologists, right? GPL probably has no problem with what these Climate Change scientists say. But wait! Look at what these so-called scientists said. They said that 20 to 40 million years ago the carbon dioxide concentration was 500ppm. We didn’t have human pollution activities back then (e.g. no coal-fired power plants). Heck, even if we go back 200 million years ago, the levels were 4-5 times higher than our present levels. That sure sounds like a lot of dinosaur farts! So GPL is ready to limit the cheapest source of energy for us in exchange for pursuing more expensive green energy so that we can impress the world by showing our commitment to decreasing our carbon footprint, which by the way, is not even conclusively established as the cause of Global Warming?

If decreasing carbon footprint is our goal then let’s get rid of the vehicles in the country! A US EPA study shows that:

The majority of greenhouse gas emissions from transportation are CO2 emissions resulting from the combustion of petroleum-based products, like gasoline, in internal combustion engines. The largest sources of transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions include passenger cars and light-duty trucks, including sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks, and minivans. These sources account for over half of the emissions from the sector. The remainder of greenhouse gas emissions comes from other modes of transportation, including freight trucks, commercial aircraft, ships, boats, and trains…

(Incidentally, yellow activist Carlos Celdran, said that we should be thankful to Mar Roxas for making Filipinos able to afford cars along with their oversized Starbucks drinks. So I guess this just further justifies why we should not vote for Mar Roxas either.)

But why merely focus on the vehicles? Did you know that a medium size dog, according to a study from Victoria University in New Zealand, is twice as large as the carbon footprint of a Toyota Land Cruiser? The average cat has roughly the same carbon footprint as that of a Volkswagen Golf! So I guess instead of those expensive solar panels, let’s eat all the dogs and cats in the country instead! That seems like a cheaper and more realistic option for the Philippines considering how much the cost of alternative sources are without coal and nuclear (who was the dolt who scrapped our Nuclear Power Plant option anyway?). dogvssuv

Okay if you have read this far and if you think I am being serious about my vehicle discarding and pet eating proposals then you are giving me too much credit. . Of course these were all stated in jest. The point is not that we should eat dogs and cats instead of capping coal to decrease our carbon footprint. The point is that we should be smart thinkers and that we should also expect our leaders to be smart and critical thinkers as well! GPL obviously did not think all these through. For her to suggest capping coal just to show our commitment to some international agreement (that is not even legally binding) and to get into more green energy is tantamount to having one’s cake and eating it too!

Our country currently cannot afford to spend so much money on more expensive green energy technology. Even if we had some extra cash stashed there are other things that are far more immediately important to focus on. How about much needed infrastructure? How about livelihood programs? More realistic energy generation? I, for one, feel that such things are far more important to consider than lofty pie in the sky projects that GPL seems to embrace. In contrast to GPL, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte offers a more realistic and sensible take on solving our energy crisis as well as a more concise assessment on the absurdity of this Paris Agreement. Duterte sees nothing wrong with putting up more new coal-fired power plants to address the country’s energy crisis. He said:

“You open the Philippines for all power players, I guarantee you the electricity will become cheaper… “

He even called out the industrialized countries bullying us to reduce our carbon emissions as hypocrites. He noted that the Philippines barely contributes to the carbon footprint of the planet and claimed that it is the industrialized countries that do not comply with the UN pact. He stated:

“Sila ang ayaw. It’s not fair. I’m not saying that coal is right but I’m just saying itong United Nations at (industrialized) countries are really hypocrites … Al Gore came here, talked about environment (and) climate change. Bakit hindi niya makumbinsi ‘yung bansa niya?… Why are they coming here telling us what to do when, as a matter of fact, we need energy to develop. We are just a developing nation… ”

[Trans.: “It is them who won’t deliver on the commitment. It’s not fair. I’m not saying that coal is right but I’m just saying that the United Nations and these (industrialized) countries are really hypocrites … Al Gore came here, talked about environment (and) climate change. Why couldn’t he convince his own country to deliver on their commitment?… Why are they coming here telling us what to do when, as a matter of fact, we need energy to develop. We are just a developing nation… “]

Wow! Firm, plain, simple, sensible and spoken like a true no-nonsense leader. No wonder he has more accomplishments to show for compared to mere parrots like GPL and no wonder why his message resonates better to the people.

Philstar columnist Alex Magno noted that many people have started to sense that GPL is a mere hologram. His column notes:

She has not offered a compelling program of government beyond her regular recitation of the names of people she claims to be her “advisers.” She has no track record of performance to back up any claim of policy remolding. She has no compelling record of public leadership to support her ambition to lead the nation through the thicket of challenges ahead.

In her speeches, Poe speaks about continuing her adoptive father’s “legacy.” What exactly that “legacy” was, no one really knows.

Many are disturbed at Poe’s propensity to poach campaign lines from her rivals. When Binay began scoring points by promising to raise the tax exemption levels and provide free medical care, Poe began repeating the same promises. When Duterte promised to substantially bring down criminality within six months of his assumption of office, Poe began promising a shorter period and even offered to name Duterte her anti-crime czar – even as she had earlier named Ariel Querubin to that role.

Poaching campaign lines and parroting statistics and popular talking points certainly do not make a candidate genuinely intelligent and capable of steering our country away from its current quagmires. GPL’s take on issues such as Climate Change and energy betrays her lack of critical thinking skills and her being out of touch on the realities of the world and the Philippines. Duterte’s message, in contrast, resonates with the people. Simple, direct, no-nonsense, and with a non-pandering genuine feel. Duterte may not be perfect and may not be the most refined candidate, but he certainly has a worthy track record of performance and leadership to offer.

(Images taken from the Manila Bulletin, Zazzle, and the Hoboken Journal)

11 Replies to “Grace Poe’s energy plan reveals why she is a mere vacuous parrot”

  1. I suggest you keep all your coal mines open. But pls never ask the first world countries to help you out when you are again hit by yet another natural disaster.
    At least then and only then you behave like a big boy.

  2. As opposed to journalists, bloggers don’t have the professional obligations to do things like check facts or retract errors. This doesn’t excuse Mr Gamboa from pandering to Duterte supporters by parroting statistics and popular talking points used by the far right wing in America… no less than from a debate they conceded on ten years ago in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence.

  3. I don’t think any of her critics are actually aware why we support GP to call her “a mere vacuous parrot” or “hologram”

    I support Grace Poe because she’s for lowering personal and corporate taxation, getting rid of the foreign ownership restriction (switch to 100% foreign ownership), in other words, increasing competition which will lead to more JOBS and BETTER products and services for the Filipino people. Ultimately, the endless government regulations are what is holding the country back and she’s the only candidate who is very vocal about this. If you’ve ever tried setting up a business permit in the country, you’ll know what I mean.

    What has Duterte said about these issues? His own ex SPEECHWRITER spoke out against him saying he was not responsible for Davao’s progress in this video:

    When Karen Davila asked his stand is on lowering income tax he said, “Neutral. I have to ask the tax people first.” Um hello? Who needs advisers?

    GP does her homework. She doesn’t blindly repeat what certain people want her to say. She has principles she sticks to (been with the same man since she was 14!). And what’s wrong with having advisers? She said and I paraphrase, “I will listen to all sectors of government and all sectors of society. I will listen to you. Then I’ll devise a plan so that no one’s left behind.”

    1. “getting rid of the foreign ownership restriction”

      If she’s in power, that will NEVER happen. Dream on. That is not what the oligarchs want. They want to stay on top and pocket it all.

      “Um hello? Who needs advisers?”

      Every President needs them, or are you actually so naive to you think that Grace Poe is an all knowing genius? Far from it. She is just a mouthpiece. Good in talking, but not in actually doing. Inexperienced and a newcomer in the political game. Hence, zero chance of bringing on a change.

      1. She said in the Inquirer and GoNegosyo interview that she will eliminate the 60/40 restriction on foreign ownership. I don’t know how many times she has stressed Charter Change and the need to lower taxes.

        For your second point, that should be read in context.. “WHO needs advisers?” This was in a speed Q&A with Karen Davila where you only have to say whether you’re for or against a controversial topic.

        When he was asked whether he was for or against lower income tax he said, “Neutral. I have to ask the tax people first.” This was his answer for a very simple question which someone like him, who is running for president, should have extensive knowledge about. I cited that interview in reaction to what I read from this post which said:

        “She has not offered a compelling program of government beyond her regular recitation of the names of people she claims to be her “advisers.”

        You’ve listed accusations that GP is a mouthpiece of the oligarchs but where’s your proof? You think she ran because she wanted money? She’s got her father’s estate and a million dollar house overseas. Why in the world would she want money?

        Here’s what Duterte said when he was trying to explain his rape jokes:

        “I can lose the elections today. Hindi na lang ako maka-atras, kasi marami na ang nagbigay (ng pera) sa akin ngayon nung tumaas na ang rating ko. Kaya kung tumagal pa ang rating ko tumaas [unintelligible] magbibigay pa sila ng pera.” (I can’t withdraw at this point, because many have given me (money or campaign contributions) since my preference ratings started rising. So, if my rating continues to go up (unintelligible) they will give me (more) money.)

        I’m not attacking you, Jim. Calm tf down.

  4. Climate change is caused by the destruction of this Planet Earth solar shields. Carbon Dioxide emission is one of the causes. It caused the “green house effect”. Deforestation; pollution on land and rivers; etc…are some causes.

    It is true that industrialized countries are the worst polluters. But, to join them , as one of the polluters is nonsense.

    We can use : renewable energy, generated by Solar Panels and by Wind Turbine. Necessity is the mother of invention. They are not as expensive, as you think. They can also be locally manufactured. Any technical people, who want to make money? Take the challenge!

    Wind Turbines can have the axis of rotation, on either: horizontal or vertical axis. It must be 40 ft. , above the ground level to have optimum efficiency. It can run a generator. Hybrid Solar and Wind Turbine can also be a good combination.

    I am against the use of coal, as energy source. If you compute the cost and efficiency of coal, as energy source. It will be more expensive. Fossil based energy sources, will become obsolete. There are many alternative energy sources in development.

    Lastly, I request for people to curtail pollution on sea and land. Also, reforestation must be implemented. The Trees/Plants convert Carbon Dioxide to Oxygen. Don’t pollute the ocean and the rivers. This will cause the increase of their temperatures; and will birth Typhoons.

    The Solar Shields on both Poles on this Planet Earth are already being destroyed. We are now at the mercy of the Sun’s Solar storms.

  5. Germany produces 35.5 Gigawatts of Solar Energy annually.

    We have these potential sources of energy
    to develop:

    1. Solar Energy – we are located in the tropics. The sun is mostly shining on us, everyday.

    2. Wind Turbine Energy – we consist mostly of islands. Sea Breeze is always nearby.

    3. Geothermal Energy – we have many volcanoes and hot springs. All you need, is drill the ground near the geothermal sources, and release the Steam Power to rotate the electric generator turbines.

    4. Ocean Wave Energy – the movement of the ocean wave can rotate the electric generator turbines.

    5. HydroElectric Energy – we have been using this source of energy, for so long. Only, please don’t denude the forests, so that we will have enough water for the Dams.

    I am glad that Grace Poe Llamanzares is interested in some of these sources of energy.
    There are some advanced research for other sources of energy. But, I am not in a position to give information.

    I am not endorsing Grace Poe, but her interest for clean energy is laudable…

    We have to move from this fossil fuel based energy civilization; to other more efficient and cheap energy sources; in order that we can advance in our present civilization…

  6. We need people who dive deep, dream and dare do. We need people able to grasp the sublime and, therefore, that which is universally true for all. We need them to reclaim our humanity.

  7. I very seldom find much fault with a writer here. I certainly do not think Poe is qualified to be president, but it is even MORE ridiculous to deny the facts that climate change is real and is being caused by the activity of man.

    What Poe, and any candidate should say, while seeking to limit coal as an electrical generating fuel, is, “We will use our knowledge and the massive amounts of tidal and geothermal energy at our disposal and build tidal generating plants and geothermal energy electrical generating plants. The development of these sources will provide employment for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Filipinos while weaning us off dependence on dirty, expensive fossil fuels.”

    THAT is what the nation needs to hear, not some nitwit claiming climate change is not caused by man and we have more important things to do than worry about the very future of our planet. There is NO REASON UNDER THE SUN why getting off coal has to be detrimental to the economy of the country. Instead od spending money and sending it to other countries by buying foreign coal, keep the money here while building and installing clean energy devices.

    1. >> There is NO REASON UNDER THE SUN why getting off coal has to be detrimental to the economy of the country.

      Exactly Jerry. The subtext behind all denialist essays is ‘… therefore we can keep using coal and fossil fuels and cutting down the trees’. But why on earth would anyone want to?

      Hector seems to fundamentally misunderstand both the economics and physics of solar power and fossil-fuel based generation. These are complicated topics, and you don’t become an expert on them by reading newspaper articles. Whether one is more expensive than the other has little or nothing to do with the cost of coal.

      For example, he doesn’t realise that the cost of electricity delivered by a solar installation depends to a large extent on the nature of the load. If the load is not well-matched to the night-day pattern, the panel will not be working at full capacity (or will require excessive storage), and the equivalent kWh price will be “expensive”.

      If, however, loads are carefully matched, PV-generated electricity is cheaper than fossil fuel generation; in sunny countries like the Philippines, much cheaper.

      As for coal, the problem is twofold: funding the power station, connecting it to a source of coal, and connecting it to the grid (or building one if none exists). In the Philippines, that’s a ridiculous proposition. Filipinos are incapable of doing any such thing properly. Look at the state of the power cabling in any Philippine city. It’s a disgrace. The amount of economic waste involved in this kind of poor planning directly contributes to high energy costs.

      As for environmental management: keeping the ground covered is the basis of all economic success, especially in the tropics where soils are fragile. If you can cover it with something productive, so much the better.

  8. Grace Poe just keeps promising one thing after the other without realizing where the money to fund things will be coming from.

    Or maybe she’ll have a secret channel of cash coming in from the US. She’ll have an American as first gentleman right?

    Reports are coming in that she lied in the last debate about her husband renouncing US citizenship – link

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