3 Reasons Why I Don’t Trust Grace Poe


Okay, I know I’ve already established myself clearly as an opponent against a Mar Roxas presidency but now, it’s time to move on to another candidate to bash. Granted, I really hate Mar Roxas for his association with the Aquino family but Grace Poe has earned quite a bit of suspicion due to a good number of factors which I will discuss here. Truth be told even, I have some suspicion that she could very well be an alternate candidate should Mar Roxas lose the election which is now more than likely considering how much ire he and his party has earned from the people of the Philippines.

Her Disloyalty

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Now before I begin, I’m going to say that I don’t have anything against Americans. I was raised by an American and yes, a lot of my good friends in my gaming community are Americans. However, after telling them about Grace Poe, they tell me not to put my trust in people like Grace Poe.

Her sudden change of citizenship just for the convenience of it should ring some kind of alarm in some people because its telling of what kind of personality she really has. Unlike the many OFWs who are slaving away in other countries, Grace Poe is already the daughter of a rich and famous action star. Her residence in the United States was done out of convenience and comfort rather than necessity.

However now that it seems like she can make a name for herself as a president in the Philippines, she wishes to once again become a true-blue Filipina. Indeed, her claim that her stay in America was a “sacrifice” almost feels like an insult to Filipinos who travel to the United States just to make sure their kids eat three meals a day even if it means having to scrub toilets and worse.

Let me make it clear to you: Grace Poe never sacrificed anything for the Filipino people when she lived in the United States and she will probably return there should she lose this year’s election.

Her Lack Of Substance

Another sad fact about Grace Poe is that her biggest bet in the presidential election is that her father died. Truth be told, while her father did make some memorable movies, I don’t think that’s a qualification for being president. This isn’t all that different from President Aquino’s reason for running (and winning) in the 2010 election or Leni Robredo using her husband’s death to get voted into vice presidency.

Indeed, whenever Grace Poe says “I will continue what my father started!”, I want to ask her what did her father start asides from starring in a film where he was a heroic blacksmith.

Her Naivete

During the presidential debate, I remember Mayor Duterte asking her about how she would handle the troubles of the West Philippine Sea. Like a typical beauty pageant contestant, Grace Poe replied that she would seek out diplomatic solutions among our Southeast Asian neighbors.

The problem here is that, as history has proven over the years, diplomacy can only go so far. While I don’t like the idea of an open war with China, if we continue to just be passive-aggressive in our efforts to regain our lost territories, then we might as well say goodbye to our islands in the West Philippine Sea. Grace Poe has forgotten the reality that not everything is negotiable and not everyone is willing to negotiate.

31 Replies to “3 Reasons Why I Don’t Trust Grace Poe”

  1. Good article, you are right. Trying to negotiate with the Chinese, they will just laugh at her. I reckon she is just the latest in US automatons to be sent over to rule over the colonies

  2. >> The problem here is that, as history has proven over the years, diplomacy can only go so far. While I don’t like the idea of an open war with China, if we continue to just be passive-aggressive in our efforts to regain our lost territories, then we might as well say goodbye to our islands in the West Philippine Sea. Grace Poe has forgotten the reality that not everything is negotiable and not everyone is willing to negotiate.

    Come on Grimwald. What do you suggest is the alternative? Do you honestly think the Philippines would last longer than 24 hours in open warfare with China?

    The Chinese do not laugh at diplomacy. They have a long history of negotiated solutions: the fact that China is even a single nation (as opposed to a gaggle of warring clans) is proof of that. However, they are very full of themselves at the moment. They think they rule the world. Any diplomatic approach would have to recognize the fact that the Philippines is a failed state and China is not. On the other hand, there’s no need to go crawling to the Chinese, cap in hand. Both sides could benefit enormously.

    A negotiated settlement would involve trade deals and investment incentives: occupation by businessmen and technocrats rather than soldiers. And you know what? That’s exactly what the country needs. The Philippines has had 50 years to prove that Filipinos can build a self-sufficient economy. They’ve failed miserably. So let people who know what they’re doing have a try.

  3. Pilipinos has four reasons why they like Grace Poe. first, she will jail all plunderers of peoples money done through DAP-PDAP. second, she will jail all responsible for mamasapano, $81 million heist, and all killings under the present administration. third, she will end the yellow army. four, she will change the yellow constitution to peoples constitution.

    no matter what they say about Grace Poe, the people knows there’s gonna be a change in the hands of Grace Poe.

    1. Are you really serious? Poe is the hidden minions of Yellowtards !! Do you really think she will go after Pnoy et.al once she is the President? Go sleep more so that when you wake up… you are somber enough to think right.

      1. Pnoy put her to political limelight, first, become a chairman of MTRBC ,Because bobotante glorified FPJ, The LP used her to glorified the party Pnoy made her on top [ dump Hontiveros]during 2013 election as part of the plan to expose her in preparation for 2016 presidential election.Because Mar is the masterhoodlum in LP ,she change her to independent so not to conflict with LP

  4. Clearly, Grace Poe has done nothing but to play to the crowd. She has done a marvelous job dodging controversial topics and give neutral answers. She definitely has shown herself to be incompetent from time to time. But she is working this campaign like an expert trapo. And “trapo” is one of words that people have a hard time associating with Poe.

    Changing gears, how can we place a person in the palace knowing she rented her loyalty to a different state for convenience? It’s not like the Americans forced her to swear off her allegiance to the Philippines. We can’t have someone who pledged to protect a different state be our armed forces’ commander-in-chief.

  5. I agree with most of this. But, I don’t know with you, more than naivete, Grace Poe reeks of insincerity. You could just feel it from the way she talks and the way she looks. Yes, this is very subjective, but even judges are allowed to make decisions based on the demeanor of witnesses.

    I just can’t bring myself to trust her.

  6. The Chinese are very hard opponents. As long, as you don’t vote for Mar Roxas. I reserve my comments on the other candidates.

    Filipinos should use their Brains in electing their leaders. Slogans; freebees; promises that can be broken; popularity; etc…will never solve our problems. If we want to solve our problem; elect leaders who can solve problems, leaders with good track records…

  7. Perhaps it would be best to negotiate a bilateral trade pact with China that approximates the free trade already in place during pre-hispanic times. It would indeed be more favorable to a war, which China would most certainly win. However, if a future president realizes that it would be possible to “sell” their soverignity to China the way Spain unrightfully sold what they named the “Philippine Islands” with all natural resources and it’s inhabitants to the Americans to end the revolutionary movement via deception and trickery, it would ensure the continuity of slavery knowing that they could never get their act together as a united archepelago of different dialects, tribes, clans, and politics. Just wait till you guys realize that China can ignore UN rulings because guess who is the biggest contributor…them! FreeDoom!

    1. >> if a future president realizes that it would be possible to “sell” their soverignity to China

      If there’s one thing the Chinese don’t respect, it’s weasels.

      They walk all over the Philippines today because they know the leaders are all traitors: they’d not only sell their own grandmother, they’d sell absolutely anything, including their own honour.

      The Chinese know they may as well take what they want from the Philippines, because if they don’t, it’ll either be stolen or mismanaged by Filipinos anyway.

      I agree that Grace Poe is naive. She’s a nobody from nowhere. Her only saving, um, grace is that she has experienced life outside that hall-of-mirrors known as the Philippines, and therefore has some knowledge of how normal people behave. She probably would be able to talk to the Chinese somewhat better than the current crop of idiots who think they’re clever.

  8. The solution of former President Gloria Arroyo in dealing with China is still the best solution, and adresses the best interests of our country. She was able to clinch 65 bilateral trade & economic agreements in exchange for joint oil explorations in those waters with China. Those agreements would’ve created jobs & opportunities in the country, and overall help improve our economy. Unfortunately, those agreements didn’t sit well with the Americans, and successfully blocked increasing relations between PH & China. That is why now we are at a brawl with China in those disputed waters c/o the United States. Ok na sana eh, pero ang putang inang Amerika sumawsaw, also c/o Asia’s fuckboy Noynoy.

  9. Grace Po is an insincere talker. Talk and talk and do NOTHING. She is as fake as a they come. Zero experience, no power, no understanding of the political game and she is a puppet, to be used so Aquino and his rotten bunch of incompetent and corrupt fuck-heads won’t have to go to prison. I wouldn’t trust that woman to watch my car.

    1. Yeah in that 2nd debate, Du30 (cunning grandmaster that he is) threw Poe a curving fast ball when he asked what she would do if in the middle of the night if she got reports our ships were sunk by the Chinese.

      Her reply was reeking of ZERO experience: wake up even if it’s midnight! Wow – bravo. Call for help. Ha? We don’t need a telephone operator for president.

      What if a Rolando Mendoza hijacks a bus full of Chinese tourists on the first month of her presidency? What if the entire Bangsamoro region declares open war to secede from PH for failure of BBL? can she make tough calculated decisions?

      One thing the next president of this f-d up country must have is this: Experience in CRISIS MANAGEMENT!

  10. I agree with the naivete part, that’s it. Can’t blame her though because she’s too darn young and relatively inexperienced.

    Basing of her disloyalty from the whole american citizenship thing is a bit reaching. I guess “being selfish” is the more appropriate term.The citizenship thing is dumb anyway since it virtually have 0 impact on her leadership skills.

    She definitely has substance though. It might not be as big or as controversial as Duterte’s, but at the very least she has laid out plans and progressive ideas based on her debate performance. I dare say she is a step up from noynoy (though as we know, that’s not saying a lot).

    She’s not really a strong candidate, but i can’t help but feel the bias in this article especially the part where you talk about her “lack of substance”. I hope your next articles are more substantial ( with real substance) and less cynical and edgy for the sake of being cynical and edgy.

  11. Finally, crosshairs on the red dot! Just imagine if we have Grace & Leni running the country – Newbie wonderland!!! A double wammy Cory admin!

    Now, if the Governor of the 51st State does get institutionalized on PH soil, better start memorizing guys…

    “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

    At least it’s much shorter than “Panatang Makabayan…” Maybe that’s what makes Americans more efficient/productive.

    If Poe wins and we don’t get a DU30 Presidency; well all is not lost – being under a first-world nation through Grace may not be all that bad. Our first American president, my goodity (Pinoy nga naman).

    Maybe I can get hired for a job in one of those Aircraft carriers (pressing red buttons to launch cruise missiles shouldn’t be so difficult) – may matching free cruise pa!

    oops, US flag’s only got 50 stars. Maybe we’ll just be called Hawaii-II. I can already feel the beat.

    1. Napaka.balat sibuyas naman na foreigner. Punta syang South Korea, and she’ll get stares like there’s no tomorrow! hahaha

  12. disloyalty! she should have told Erap not to endorse Bongbong in her rally..”walang iwanan, nagsalita lang si Erap, totally nawala ng sa picture si Chiz”…

  13. Answer this question everyone, please. How would handle the troubles of the West Philippine Sea? Stop dreaming and face these three facts.
    1. Diplomacy with China which has not worked for all the smaller countries that China has bullied and built artificial islands from Vietnam to the Philippines. Even the UN has rules against China in many cases brought before it about it claiming other countries rights and borders. 2. China has advanced next generation weapons from stealth airplanes to stealth battleships. Duerte answers of using gun ships against bullet proof battle ships and aircraft carries failed during the World War 2 remember the Japanese had to start using airplane pilots to crash their planes into the ships to damage them. 3. What has made many corporations leave the Philippines and open new factories in korea and Singapore? It is the people of this country. You want major companies to give up ownership in their business. It is the same backward thinking and lack of competition that has brought out two things the Philippines should be ashamed of. The Philippines has the slowest internet service in the world and the highest price service for most countries. Internet here is more expensive than most providers in the USA. Think about that for a second. Corruption is thought to be a normal thing here. Only Grace Poe who has no ties to the corrupt system has tried to pass Freedom of Information acts and tried to track down all this missing tax money that Filipinos pay every year that goes missing. Last year 265 million pesos just disappeared from the countries budget. Think about that for a second. What could that money be used for? The philippines has one of the highest tax rates in the world and has the least to show for it. I am only asking this question to all of you, do you think it is about time you started to vote for someone who is not part of the corrupt system?

  14. Grace Poe thinks that she exudes “action” just because she like to be photographed with her mouth open (like her friend/secret benefactor PNoy)

    I can’t resist the impulse of throwing a ball of garbage on that black space between her two lips

  15. her father didn’t have any chance to prove or to start anything because of what happen pero for sure meron at meron yun kung di nangyari yun. Wag namang masyadong nakabase sa past.

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